Arrow Felicity Paralyzed Angry Oliver

Should Arrow's Felicity Be Angry? How Did Hawkman Forget? Can Emmys Get Young? Nancy Drew Too Old? More Qs!

We’ve got questions, and you’ve (maybe) got answers! With another week of TV gone by, we’re lobbing queries left and right about shows including The Good Wife, New Girl, Arrow and DC’s Legends of Tomorrow!

1 | Did SNL forget Sasheer Zamata is a full-time cast member? And as fun as the Undercover Boss: Kylo Ren send-up was, shouldn’t it have been 20 percent more clever? (Surely Stormtroopers grumble in the galley about pulling duty on an assuredly doomed planet/weapon.)

2 | If The Good Wife‘s Alicia and Lucca take up Cary’s offer and re-team with Lockhart-Agos-Lee, will you celebrate the end of the show’s divided-firms dynamic or throw your hands up at yet another plot point — in this case, Alicia’s determination to start a smaller firm with the types of clients she wants — getting unceremoniously dropped?

3 | As much as we love the amount of vocal talent in the Madam Secretary cast, can the series please stop shoehorning musical numbers — like, Blake’s James Taylor karaoke — into the Beltway drama?Downton Abbey Tom Returns

4 | Didn’t you cringe for Downton Abbey’s Mrs. Hughes when Cora invited her to decline the use of the great hall for the wedding — in front of Carson, Mary et al? And could Tom have stolen the couple’s thunder any more than he did if he’d arrived during the ceremony?

5 | Did Room rugrat Jacob Tremblay’s Critics’ Choice Award acceptance speech alone prove that the Emmys would benefit from a Younger Actor category? (Even more so than adding, say, Best Dramedy?)

6 | Was Supergirl’s Cat mocking Lucy’s glorified “yoga pants” a rather catty quip from someone who typically croons the female empowerment anthem?

7 | Didn’t you expect The Bachelor to keep Lace around waaaaay longer?

8 | Steve Harvey’s misty-eyed reaction to Miss Colombia’s declaration of forgiveness: Genuine emotional response or playing it up for ratings?

9 | Is the biggest leap with CBS’ new Nancy Drew not that she’ll be ethnically diverse, but that she’s in her 30s and an NYPD detective? Wasn’t the whole charm of the character that she was a teenage snoop?

10 | How could The Flash‘s Patty not The Flash Wally Westrealize her boyfriend is the speedster, especially after The Turtle made that comment about how much the hero cares for her and Barry just happened to disappear when The Flash showed up? Also, where’s the green sweater Wally left behind that first night (pictured)? (And why would he have taken it off?)

11 | Wouldn’t New Girl clean freak Schmidt have noticed that Cece is a total slob no matter how happy he is about their engagement?

12 | Did Agent Carter deliver its most far-fetched moment yet by suggesting that any guy would not return Peggy’s phone calls? Also, how did the camera recording the zero matter event not get sucked into the vortex along with the jeeps and soldiers?

13 | Chicago Med fans, why do you think Connor’s mom really killed herself? What did his dad do?The Flash Arrow

14 | On The Shannara Chronicles, did Wil’s brains leak out his half-elf ears? How else to explain him falling for the Rover’s seduction scheme, yet again?!

15 | As eagle-eyed TVLine reader Alex brought to our attention: Is/was The Flash’s Patty sharing an apartment with Arrow’s Diggle/Lyla?!

16 | Do we have this right? The rather unique name of Arrow baddie Damien Darhk’s ruthless wife’s is Ruvé — the same as portrayer Neal McDonough’s real-life missus? Elsewhere, was Felicity too forgiving of Oliver’s absence from the hospital? (At least Donna called him out on it!) And who is your latest Flash-Forward Grave theory: Diggle? Lance? Donna? Thea?

17 | Did Supernatural‘s Lucifer take a dig at Fox’s upcoming Lucifer with that line about moving to L.A. and solving crimes? On that note: Would you totally watch a Supernatural spinoff starring Mark Pellegrino?

Second Chance18 | Does Second Chance‘s Tim DeKay wear the shiniest, brand-newest and most nicely tailored Kevlar vest on TV?

19 | Was Kato Kaelin’s appearance on the Baskets premiere some sort of cross-promotion for FX’s upcoming The People v. O.J. Simpson: American Crime Story?

20 | If, as established during the #Flarrow crossover, Hawkman remembers all of his and Hawkgirl’s past adventures, how on Legends of Tomorrow Legends of Tomorrowdid he not recognize Aldus’ last name, or that he and Chay-Ara so “recently” had a son? Amidst the heavier and flashier firepower wielded by Chronos, Captain Cold, Firestorm and Atom et al, doesn’t Rip’s laser revolver seem a bit pew!-pew!-puny? Finally, who’d like to join us in watching the Sara/Leonard/Mick bar scene on a continuous loop?

21 | Did Heroes Reborn rip off True Detective when Tommy gave that monologue about time being a circle?

22 | Just to be clear: We’re all disturbed byAngel From Hell the Angel From Hell title card, yes?

23 | Won’t it be a great day when we don’t have to write stories like this?

Hit the comments with your answers — and any other Qs you care to share!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Jason says:

    2) As much as I appreciate their willingness to shake things up, I enjoy the show the most when the firm is one cohesive unit and the characters I love aren’t at each other’s throats (this includes Eli). If, as it seems may be the case, this turns out to be the last season, I’d much rather go out that way.
    9) I totally agree about Nancy Drew. I was hoping more Veronica Mars and less of every other cop show on television.
    16) The one person I’m pretty sure (hoping) it’s not is Thea. Didn’t we basically do the same thing with her last year? Even if it didn’t stick, it would seem a little redundant to visit that well two years in a row.

  2. Sasha says:

    #9 Yes! Nancy Drew was my go to at the age of 11. And while we’re apparently closer in age this time around I dont want another proceedural cop show. I’m good with Criminal Minds and Elementary (my go toos).

    Then again I dont want it to be like another CW show.

  3. Shunda1177 says:

    15) That is hilarious!!! They DO look the same.
    16) I’m thinking Diggle but seriously hoping its not him.
    18) Well, they had to give him something new since it looks like he just brought his wardrobe over from White Collar :-)

  4. LADY_in_MD says:

    I got a question cause it’s been bugging me for a few days now…
    How was it that no one but Charles noticed Liza feeding Kelsey her speech on Younger?

    Yes I think the Emmys should start recognizing up and coming young stars

  5. MeJ says:

    6) Yes! And from the same episode where someone is comforted by their sister with “We Danvers women should come with a warning.” SUPERGIRL has really struggled to find its feminism in the small moments.
    10) I was hoping that they’d reveal Patty OBVIOUSLY figured it out because she’s, you know, a detective, and decided to leave because her boyfriend is a giant liar. But the “Thank you, whoever you are!” line kind of undercuts that…

  6. Ryan says:

    10) He showed up before Christmas and the last episode was after New Year’s. Maybe he came to the house again in the intervening week+.

  7. herman1959 says:

    9 – I have absolutely no problem with a show about an “ethnically diverse female NYPD detective, but they should have the nerve to present it honestly. Trying to hook this premise up with the Nancy Drew book series is ridiculous because the ESSENTIAL part of Nancy is that she is an “amateur girl detective”…very sneeky.

  8. VJ says:

    13. – Chicago Med: My first thought was, that he cheated and she found out that night. But than again, with those Chicago shows you never know. (as long as we get an answer to this mistery… I´m still waiting for the whole Jay/Mouse story on CPD that they are teasing since last season).
    16. – Arrow: After this episode, I´m going for Donna. I can see Barry coming over to support Felicity. Also: it would be the easiest way out without killing one of the main characters and would explain her screen time.
    20. – Legends of Tomorrow: I was confused by the Hawkman-thing as well. All I can guess is, that he can´t remember every life. Maybe they´ll explain that later on. And Rip Hunter ist cool enough, he doesn´t need a super-fancy-high-tech gun. :P

    • Preacher Book says:

      Rip doesn’t NEED a fancy gun, but he WANTS one! Certainly more portable and concealable than those cold & heat guns.

  9. johnhelvete says:

    5) Best Dramedy would be a stupid category. Perhaps the Emmys should expand the number of nominees for Best Drama/Best Comedy series. If there is a great youth performance it would be nice if the performance was acknowledge with an Emmy but I cant see having a permanent category with 3-5 nominees each year.

  10. Nicole says:

    16B) Girlfriends/wives/boyfriends/husbands of Superheroes accept that even when they’re in the hospital, superheroes keep on superheroing. And avenging. And what not. If they can’t handle their partner being MIA during tough times, they need to cut bait and move on. One of the many reasons why Bruce Wayne/Bats stays single (with a few dalliances). With him the mission comes first, last, and always.

  11. Stacy says:

    #9: Ugh, yes! Maybe if they were doing a post-Veronica Mars style show, where Nancy Drew returns to a life of sleuthing then I could envision it. But a 30 yr old NY cop? Yawn.

  12. Kate says:

    14. I blame his innocence, and then because the source material is written by a guy, most just figure to get that over with so that they can work as partners more effectively and there will be little more than demon fodder to mess with them and Amberle going forward.

    15. It never crossed my mind, but yeah, looks like with very minor changes in decorations. But then, have you ever been in Avalon apartments? Find the corner loft one in any of them, they are exactly the same.

    16. I thought he said Renee, so I’m not sure. I actually get that Felicity is the one who understands, heck, she would have deemed sitting by her bedside an inefficient waste of time. He’s not a doctor. But if she’d realized how much he was actively avoiding it (he probably thought he was cursed or she’d blame him), she might be more irritated. But, again, what could he do, I don’t imagine she very much enjoyed being in the hospital. I’ve become more focused on the “him” that Oliver and Felicity want dead and I sort of think its Lonnie not Damien or Malcolm as originally thought. I suspect that he tempts Thea more to the dark side and on some crazy adventure, someone gets caught in the crosshairs and Thea also gets hurt ending up in the hospital. Everyone is pissed off and mad and Oliver is actually caught in the middle.

    17. Yes, I snickered.

    20. Hawkman didn’t remember all in the cross over, Kendra remembered the first life herself and he never has. What I wondered, is even with the time rewind, they all still saw the tape of Aldus, they literally should know what to do and would know him from that tape.

  13. ninamags says:

    17. I would totally watch a Lucifer spin-off. Pellegrino has really made it his own. Even watching Quantico, I think, “Lucifer!”

    3. I like the musical moments on Madame Secretary. Sometimes they need light-hearted moments.
    6. Yeah, but they were… yoga pants. Never okay to wear outside of, you know, yoga class.

    10. Patty did seem clueless.

  14. dan says:

    1) Sasheer Zamata got more airtime when she was a featured player on SNL. I like Cecily Strong, but she isn’t the only funny female cast member on SNL. I’m tired of Leslie Jones playing the same character (herself) in every sketch. I want to see more of Aidy Bryant, Vanessa Bayer and Sasheer Zamata.
    3) Madam Secretary needs to do a musical episode with all the Broadway vets they have in that cast!
    6) Calista Flockhart is hysterical on Supergirl. Every line reading is dripping in sarcasm and condescension.
    22) Yes. Disturbing. But the show has started to grow on me.

  15. I’m honestly starting to think it matters less about who is in the grave than Oliver not taking the measures to prevent the person’s death (ie I think Barry’s there not because he knew the person but because Oliver is in such a distraught place). Therefore, I’m thinking Donna. But seriously, am I the only one who doesn’t think Damien Darhk is the guy who killed whoever is inside the grave? They never mention him by name after all.

  16. Drew says:

    23 – If it bothers you, don’t. Or at least do some digging. Find out what Duchovny’s first offer was, compared to what he finally got. Compare that to Gillian Anderson’s. Find out when she got that offer, versus when he got his offer.
    If it bothers you, do some actual reporting on the subject. As it is, you published a one-sided anecdote that may or may not be as clear cut as it seems to be.
    But it riles people up and gets them talking about the new show. No such thing as bad publicity.

    • Drew says:

      16 – Just to comment on Arrow… I think it is a waste of time to try to guess who is in the grave. It would be a fun mystery if the writers had any idea what the plan was. As it is, they went for a big dramatic twist, with no idea how to resolve it. There will be no clues or season-long meaning and purpose. It will probably be someone that we don’t even care about, because at this point they’re just trying to figure out a way to resolve the story and move on. It is the same as when they threw Oliver off of the cliff. Ultimately, it didn’t matter.
      I am disappointed in them. They really should take more time and care, and come up with the plan for the season arcs before they start writing. Maybe this is why the show seems to spin its wheels so much lately.
      Leaving the door open to inspiration is one thing. Having no idea what you’re planning when you do something like the cliff or the grave scene is just lazy.

  17. Gerald says:

    2. HAnds up in the air, but forgivable if they get back to together. Show is 10 x better when they are not splintered.
    5. Yes.
    7. It’s okay they have a new villain in Olivia
    10. Ha the sweater. Good catch.
    14. Makes him a little more endearing how gullible he is.
    15 Wow!!! Nice Catch. But same architech designed two buildings in two different cities??? But that wouldn’t explain the same curtains and lamp.
    17. Go that. Great dig at Lucifer. Love Supernatural.
    20 I kinda feel that same way about the cold and heat guns. Not great at distance shooting.

  18. James says:

    9) I think the decision to change Nancy Drew from white to ethnically diverse is disgusting!!

    How about we have a TV series based on Martin Luther King and make him white.

    Enough of this racial diversity. If the character has always been white, leave the character white.

    They ruined the last Fantastic Four movie by making the Human Torch black even though he is the biological sibling of the white Invisible Woman.

    How about non-white’s develop their own characters and leave the white characters alone!

    • Scream Queen says:

      Martin Luther King is a key figure in the Civil Rights movement. Nancy Drew is an amateur teenage detective. You’re comparing apples and naked mole rats. Meanwhile if you think casting was what ruined the Fantastic Four movie, you might want to widen your lens a bit. It seems to be focused too closely on your own fears and prejudices so much so that you can’t see the bigger, horrifically written picture.

  19. grys says:

    Watched & mostly enjoyed the first episode. The first half was a bit all over the place, which was understandeable – what with trying to introduce & form a 8 person team, creating a backstory & reason for the show.

    Like most posting here I agree:
    1. Sara, Snart & Mick got all the good lines
    2. Ray is really cementing is ‘I’m a genius & a goofy nerd’ at the same time character & it’s working
    3. The Firestorm dynamic is improving, though Stein has the best of it
    4. Dr Who (love him) came AFTER Rip Hunter
    5. Vandal Savage was created a long time before ‘the Master’ etc.
    6. The Hawks; Kendra almost works, but she had the ebenfit of being a introduced character in Flash & at least had some characterization. Carter has had none except ‘gotta kill Vandal’
    7. Once the characters start to find their feet, develop & start to have some fun (ala Sara, Snart & Mick) I think the show be great.

    One question though: Isn’t every action the group takes in the past (even though impercitable to Rip & the Time Masters) make changes to the future(s) & exactly how many alternative futures will result? Ok that’s two…

    • jrex says:

      grys, thanks for the call out that Rip Hunter created in 1959 actually predates the introduction of the more well known Doctor Who created in 1963. I’m old enough to remember both, although I had to look it up on wikepedia to verify. And Vandal Savage dates back to the 1940’s Green Lantern, Flash and Justice Society.

  20. JeffDJ says:

    9) Absolutely! Nancy Drew isn’t supposed to be a 30-something NYPD detective! That’s ridiculous. This show needs to have a major rethinking.

    14) Yeah, kind of embarrassing for Wil. On the other hand, have you SEEN Eretria?

  21. Avery says:

    I love the musical moments. I also love how those talents have helped bring layers to characters like Nadine.

    It matters not to me whether the firms are joined, but I miss the consistent interaction of Alicia with the other characters. I like Lucca, but I love Diane and Cary.

    Aging Nancy Drew totally ruins it for me.

  22. Alex Miley says:

    This is so cool being mentioned on my favorite TV news site!!! Thank you Matt Mitovich for listening :)

  23. Mark says:

    9) Nancy Drew – Absolutely! All they are taking is the name, nothing else about the character mirrors the character in the books AT ALL! And then people wonder why I want no one to come close to touching my beloved teen sleuth, Trixie Belden.

    23) Again, Absolutely! The fact that it was ever an issue is mind blowing. The fact that it is still an issue? I have no words.

  24. Auntie Em says:

    17. That was a dig at Lucifer? D’oh! I though he was referencing Angel with moving to L.A. and solving crimes! Huh. Looks like it’s a trope!

  25. iceblast says:

    I like the idea of Nancy Drew all grown up, and official. It has been to long for me though, I can’t remember her, and the characters around her. But if they bring her personality and maybe her child hood friends along for the ride, it could make a really interesting look into the future of the character Nancy Drew. They have to make her highly intelligent, she’s had a great deal of time to gain experience, and become a even better detective.

    Detective Conan is a great anime, but the characters never grow older, even after 700 episodes. Conan is just a kid, and isn’t taken seriously by adults so he has to find other ways to solve the crime. I would love to see a live action series, with him as a famous adult detective.

    They could do that with Nancy Drew though. But if they dumb it down, and not make it serious, or if she isn’t taken seriously by the other police, then the show will probably fail.

  26. Kim R says:

    2. The Good Wife – I would lean to the “throwing my hands up” end of it. I want Alicia to just do Alicia. No more being who everyone else thinks they need her to be.
    8. Personally, I think what was only a human error has been given WAY too much air time. It never ceases to amaze me what folks make into news.
    9. As a reader of the Nancy Drew Mysteries, I think if you are not going to stay true to the character you should call the show something else.
    16. Arrow – now I’m thinking the grave is Felicity’s mom. Barry would come to support Felicity and Oliver would be bent on taking care of it for Felicity. And Felicity herself was very broken in the limo.
    20. Legends…- Loved the bar scene. I think I’m going to really enjoy this show. :)

  27. John says:

    16. Definitely Donna. Everyone else knows what they’ve gotten themselves into except her. That’s the only circumstance I see Felicity being vengeful over.

  28. Eh says:

    21. Technically, True Detective ripped off that “time is a circle” premise from Slaughter House Five.

  29. TinLV says:

    I could care less what color Nancy Drew is in the new series, but she needs to be a teenager.. They need to stick with the basic premise of the books ( and I read just about all of them when I was young). Color has nothing to do with it. Aging her is what makes it NOT Nancy Drew..

  30. TinLV says:

    I don’t care what color Nancy Drew is in the new series. But aging her and moving the character into the modern day NYPD, well, that is just wrong on so many levels. It doesn’t sound like the series will have anything to do with the books, so what’s the point ? They can make a cop show with any character, they don’t need to ruin a classic one.

  31. KP says:

    #3 – No, I love when they incorporate their special talents! The musical numbers have been so fun. I would be beyond giddy if they could figure out a way to get all the Broadway people to dance, too (although that one seems a lot harder to incorporate).

  32. 16 | …And who is your latest Flash-Forward Grave theory: Diggle? Lance? Donna? Thea?

    I think it’s Oliver’s ex-gf, his son, or both. It could be why we see them pop up on the rare occasion, because TPTB are fixin’ to off them, courtesy of one Damien Darhk and his ghosts.

  33. Kate says:

    #16…Colton Haynes is supposed to come back for at least an episode. My guess is that Roy bites it.

  34. Why did Life in Pieces take advantage of the golden opportunity during the opening scene when Collin Hanks was running during a game of charades? No one called out “run Forrest run”. Really?

  35. Kiki says:

    16- Felicity just ‘gets’ Oliver and she understood / forgave him for how he reacted. But he also knew he was in the wrong and apologised (several times). They are the best couple. Also, Laurel is definitely in the grave (and I couldnt be happier about it)

  36. sc says:

    9: Sounds like they already have one of these, it is called Mysteries of Laura

  37. Larc says:

    2. Alicia’s decision to go it alone was ill-conceived and flawed from the start. Results of many of her undertakings since have proved that point.

    4. Mrs. Hughes clearly appeared grateful for the opportunity to get out of something she never wanted. Cora didn’t like seeing everything getting set up behind the back of the person whose wishes should be considered first. I applaud what she did.

    8. Nothing about Steve Harvey’s actions has ever looked genuine to me.

  38. Weezy says:

    #10 My thoughts exactly. I couldn’t believe her level of denial. It was sooo obvious once Turtle kidnapped her. My guess is that they were going to write her off the show and thought well we can’t let her in on the secret then. Of course learning the secret could have CAUSED her to move away after she was put in harms way thank to the Turtle. But I’m not a TV writer…

    #12 I think you are missing the point. They are alluding to the fact that Peggy can beat the crap out of every single man in her time, and given the history of that time and how men viewed themselves as superior to women (especially in combat), it actually makes complete sense that it would be hard for her to find a man that could keep up with her.

    #14 I think the point was to show how caring Will is and what a good heart he has. He couldn’t imagine even the rover going “that far”. Plus how many guys Will age that are virgins (I think that’s implied) are going to say no in that moment?

    #19 I thought that was weird. But the whole show was weird (and hilarious) so that part barely registered for me.

    #23 I ABSOLUTELY KNEW when I saw that story on the front page, you would have something to say about it. More mind control. I love how everyone can just read everyone’s minds now. Don’t we understand yet how dangerous it is to assume anything? I would say it’s FAR MORE LIKELY (given how debunked the supposed men vs women age gap statistics are now for anyone who bothers to spend 5 minutes doing their own research instead of regurgitating what a teleprompter reader said) that Duchovny was originally going to be paid more BECAUSE HE’S HAD A MUCH MORE SUCCESSFUL CAREER THAN GILLIAN HAS. Don’t you understand how sexist her argument is? Hypocrisy doesn’t seem to be well understood these days. Typically the actor with the more successful career is the bigger draw and gets compensated that way. How long until I have to read a story about how every actor on Deadpool got paid less than Ryan Reynolds because he is a white male? Can we just apply a TINY sliver of common sense and logic…

  39. lrdslvrhnd says:

    9) Yes. I’m not entirely convinced that existing characters need to be race-changed for equality, and while I’m open to it in this case it kind of irks me that it sounds like they’re specifically going non-white, as opposed to “looking for the best actress regardless of race”.
    But making her an NYPD detective in her 30s is just too much. That’s no longer Nancy Drew. That’s like remaking “Fantasy Island” and not having it on an island (OH WAIT…) Or remaking “Murder, She Wrote” and not having Jessica Fletcher as a mystery writer (OH WAIT…)
    At some point, you need to just admit that you’re simply using the name to draw viewership. And when you hit that point, you need to just go ahead and change the name. Feel free to market it as “like Nancy Drew if she grew up and joined the NYPD.” (or “Like ‘Fantasy Island’ except in a San Francisco building” or “Like ‘Murder, She Wrote’, if Jessica Fletcher was a doctor.”) But don’t call her Nancy Drew, because she isn’t.
    20) I’m more concerned that Rip’s laser-revolver looks silly. I figure 150 years of tech advances will easily be able to put a lot of destruction into a tiny weapon. But “laser revolver” is just silly. Also: totally down with a looped bar scene. As for the memory… well, I kinda figure Carter lies. He remembers the highlights of the first life and that’s it.
    22) Yeah, that title card is disturbing as hell.