Days of Our Lives Renewal

Days of Our Lives Renewal Ahead? NBC 'Optimistic' About Soaping Back Up

It’s looking good that the sands in Days of Our Lives‘ iconic hourglass will continue to flow.

NBC is hopeful that it will successfully renew its contract with surviving soap, which celebrated its 50th anniversary last November.

“We’re happy with where Days was this year,” NBC entertainment chairman Robert Greenblatt tells TVLine. “We have a negotiating period that starts in February. Stay tuned.”

Although the show’s current deal doesn’t expire until September, Days famously tapes many months in advance — as such, it will actually fulfill production of episodes under the current deal as early as March. The good news is that NBC entertainment president Jennifer Salke is “optimistic” a successful re-negotiation will take place.

“We’ve been really happy with the show,” Salke says. “I’ve been over there seeing Ken [Corday, executive producer] and the team and the new writers. They’re an incredible group and we love the show. They got a [ratings] bump in the fall for their 50th anniversary. There’s a creative resurgence and exciting storytelling going on right now.”

Days also experienced a jump in ratings the week of January 4, when the big storylines were Maggie deciding whether Brady or Eric would receive the heart of her brain-dead son Daniel, and Hope angrily shooting Stefano over the death of her beloved Bo. The show enjoyed its highest rating in the 18-49 demo (0.6) since July 14-18, 2014. Season-to-date, Days has grown 3 percent versus last season in total viewers.

“I’m optimistic,” Salke adds. “We need to negotiate with Sony [Pictures Televi- sion], but I’m optimistic. We would like the show back.” — By Michael Maloney

Do you hope there are more Days to come? Have you seen a resurgence?

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  1. Eric7740 says:

    They would be crazy not to renew!!! Days is on fire right now!!! You’ve got the veteran actors back on the front line and show is better than is has been in a while!!! Now just bring back Eileen Davidson!!!

    • alistaircrane says:

      I would love to see Eileen Davidson return as Susan Banks.

    • Renew, but NO THANK YOU to ED. I had more than enough of her and Sami long ago! Higley writing appears to almost be over, hopefully this time for good. Greg Vaughan, isn’t even gone yet and I want them to bring him back, NOT FOR NICOLE…but for someone new. I think the story that lead into his exit will be well worth my time. Surprise are in store, I’m betting on it. If days doesn’t screw it up by painting Daniel as the saint he is NOT, This Belle does nothing for me…but I was glad to see Brandon back.Hope is worthless IMO anymore. Rafe on the other had…Bring back Carrie Brady with the romance they started to play before the show went all ejami GAGA

      • Erik says:

        You’re saying that the current headwriter’s work is nearly over? YEAH! Who’s taking over and when does that material begin airing? Thanks in advance!

      • Izzy Mac says:

        Wow I couldn’t disagree more with your assessment. Eileen Davidson is beloved for very good reason, she is one of the best actresses Days has ever had, and so is Alison Sweeney. Eileen makes us love Kristen no matter how much evil she does. And you think Hope is worthless?! Bull! This show is nothing without Hope! And Daniel may not be a saint, but he was an amazing guy and pretty close to one. He is a bona-fide hero. Greg Vaughn, however….snoozefest. Mooring and he won’t be missed. Maybe if Jensen still played him he would be more interesting, but I would rather have Dean Winchester than Eric Brady. Sounds like you prefer the show to be all sweet and happy, which makes for boring and uninteresting viewing.

        • wrstlgirl says:

          Nope, not all of us love Kristen, I can’t stand that character. And right now yes, the writing for Hope is beyond awful and don’t even get me started on Saint Daniel. Can you say sanctimonious, ugh. A “bona-fide hero”, LOL…thanks for the laugh.

        • alistaircrane says:

          Kristen is the best villainess in the history of Days, but I wouldn’t say anyone loves her. She’s evil. I prefer Eileen’s other character, Susan Banks. She is hoot!!! And EJ’s mama!!

        • Steven says:

          I never wrote on hear before, but I have to say I totally agree with your opinions! As someone who has watched this show since I was a little kid in the 80’s

    • Mr. Tran K says:

      Eileen Davidson is still juggling both daytime soaps: DAYS and Y&R.

  2. leana says:

    Yessss! Please renew DAYS. I’ve been watching since I was a little girl, and I’m now 25!! Just don’t re-hire Dena Higley (or whoever wrote this current stuff)

  3. wrstlgirl says:

    Last summer Days was awful, then with the new writers the 50th anniversary was great, now it’s back to awful, unfortunately. Way to much death and they completely obliterated Sonny and Will. Paul is nowhere to be found. Sami stealing the DiMera’s fortune is completely ridiculous, Hope is unwatchable and Ava, no words. But I’m still watching and hanging in there hoping that it will turn around again. So having said all that if it didn’t renew it I wouldn’t cry about it but I’d prefer that they do.

    • Chloe says:

      Well said. The new writers have killed way too many legacy characters [think Will & Stefano], destroyed the gay storyline & ruined Hope. There was no need to kill off Daniel, who could have been written out since Shawn Christian apparently wanted to leave. There have been waaaay too many deaths since they’ve come back – some, such as Bo’s, are understandable, since Peter didn’t want to come back for good & they didn’t want to recast. Some most of us didn’t give a flying fig about [Serena, Paige]. But so much death – especially when Josh Griffith kept promising “romance” – has been depressing to watch and frustrating & maddening. But I’ve watched since 1968 & will continue to watch [but I’m doing a lot of complaining on Twitter every day. LOL]

      • Eileen Hargis says:

        Peter wanted to stay, they didnt want him permanently. Dont believe the crap ur reading.

        • wrstlgirl says:

          I’d like to see where you’re reading that he wanted to stay because every interview I read said that he wanted to come back and finish Bo’s story to provide closure for the fans.

        • aph1976 says:

          Peter Reckell has said in interviews that he was okay with the show killing off Bo and he only came back to give the fans a more fitting end to the character of Bo than what they had before with Bo deserting his family,.

    • Keep posting negative remarkes and dsys will not be renewed

    • mooshki says:

      I heard Paul is getting a new love interest, so I’m looking forward to that. I still don’t understand why they didn’t re-cast Will instead of killing him off.

      • wrstlgirl says:

        Yeah, killing off Will Horton was really stupid.

        • AJ says:

          I was a long time Days viewer, but stopped watching in the Fall. I have to say that I loved the Will/Sonny storyline, but when Chandler Massey left, they completely destroyed Will’s character. I can’t blame it all on the actor (although he was not great), but following Chandler, he couldn’t have been anything but a let down. But the writing for Will was so terrible. First he cheats on Sonny, then all the lying and deception. It was like they were trying to make him the new Sammy, after Allison Sweeney left, but it just didn’t work. But when I heard he was killed off I was shocked. He was such an important character. And all the other deaths I have heard about recently are shocking too. Since I am not watching, I can’t say, but it seems to be headed in a bad direction. I think Days was the best it had been in a long time, a few years ago when Sonny and Will first got together, and Kristin came back and that whole storyline with Brady was awesome. Eilieen Davidson is amazing, and if she came back I might considering watching again. Oh how could I forgot the thing I was most shocked about that I heard. Brady is now in love with Teresa!!! That is absolutely the most ridiculous thing. That really pissed me off when I heard that.

          • wrstlgirl says:

            I agree 100% with everything you’ve said. As far as the Theresa part though since she has become a mother she has gotten off the booze and drugs and is no longer wreaking havoc in everyone’s lives. She’s creating her own fashion line working with Kate and Nicole at Basic Black. I’m still not a big Theresa fan but I like her more now than I ever did before. But that’s not to say that she won’t revert back to her old ways if anything should threaten her relationship w/Brady, lol.

          • AJ says:

            wrstlgirl, for some reason I couldn’t reply directly to you. I am glad theresa has changed for the better, I always though I saw some good in her sometimes, but I still think it is crazy that Brady would love her after all she did. She almost killed John and let Brady think for weeks that he was the one who did it. That’s not something you get over. And when I stopped watching Melanie had recently left and he was so heart broken, and she left BECAUSE Theresa threatened to keep the baby from Brady if she stayed. And now he is just with Theresa. I know I didn’t see it develop, but it just seems so far fetched.

          • AJ says:

            I will also say that my all time favorites were Carrie and Austin (I prefer Austin Peck, because when I started watching he had take over for Muldoon, so I always preferred Peck). Their original love story, although it took SOOOOOOO long for them to get together and Sami always had the upper hand, but when they finally did get together and Sami got her slap she so rightly deserved, that was amazing. I think I still have that episode taped on VHS somewhere. I believe this was all the same time as the original Kristin goes whacky storyline, when she locked Marlena in the basement of the DiMera mansion and then Susan turned the tables and locked Kristin down there with Marlena and almost married John herself. Amazing stuff. And before that was the whole Aremid storyline which I absolutely loved. With the lady in white who turned out to be Kristin and Peter’s mother. And John was almost put to death for Tony’s “murder”. All such great storylines. And I’m saying in recent years it seemed to get to that level of great storytelling, but now I feel it has lost that again.

          • wrstlgirl says:

            Oh yes, All that soapy goodness. I remember when Lucas and Sami conceived Will and she pawned him off as Austins.

  4. I stopped watching when Sami left for the first time (and they killed EJ). I tried a couple times to watch but I just couldn’t get back into it. The only good US soap is General Hospital anymore. I tend to go to HULU and watch Hollyoaks and Coronation Street. They are 30 minutes and have more “real to life stories”

  5. Finna says:

    Soaps operas are long over due. The networks should take them off the air. Many soaps are already off the air.

  6. soaplover says:

    Finna…..I hope something you love and enjoy is “long over due” soon and is cancelled. Just because YOU like or dislike something doesn’t mean others don’t!

  7. anita says:

    Way too much death and needless killing on this soap. Very depressing to watch. Also, I am tired and disgusted of women on this soap constantly being called B—-. it must be a favorite of the writers. Can’t anyone wear some color besides black? Get some life and SOMETHING positive to this show please!!

    • alistaircrane says:

      You must be new to soaps. Evil women on soaps are often called “b!tch”. It’s who/what they are. I love it!

      • Dandylions says:

        Oh….so your okay with Victor K. calling women ‘b*tches’ and women he forced into prostitution or he just doesn’t like because they are dating his grandson ‘sl*ts’ and wh*res’? How very 1950’s of you.

  8. Olivia says:

    Great. So now we have the network execs endorsing the homophobic ending of Will and Sonny, the disappearance/neutering of Paul, and the nonsensical trashing of Aiden and the Hope/Aiden pairing as good television that they are excited about. I guess NBC/Universal’s support of LGBTQ causes takes a back seat to ratings and money.

    • alistaircrane says:

      Aiden was a nothing character. Hope’s soulmate is Bo Brady and always will be. :-)

      • Eileen Hargis says:

        Yes thats why Hope is falling for Rafe, cause she is so in love with Bo. She was marrying Aiden. She will marry Rafe. Bo is dead and is nothing but a memory now.

        • wrstlgirl says:

          Some people just can’t help but live in the past. Yes Bo was Hope’s soulmate but that doesn’t mean she can’t move on with her life and fall in love again. Happens all the time.

          • Olivia says:

            Yes, but soaps don’t usually fire a talented actor in a popular pairing to prop up the head writer’s favorite not-so-talented actor with whom the leading lady has no chemistry. However, all that to me is the sideshow to the homophobia, which was the main point of my post.

        • . Bierman, says:

          I think it was and is a stupid thing to do was to cancel the character of go. I have watched him a long time and everyone knows
          That hope and go are the best together. I have just about ready to form a club to boycott days until go is brought back. Why

          Son,t you listen to your fans and then again why should you care what we think.j

    • Steve says:

      I agree the gay storyline ended because the execs were hoping the ratings would go back up and they have. Is it because the gay characters are more or less gone, who knows. Days was courageous with Will and Sonny. etc. Hopefully Sonny will be re-cast and Paul can be seen again or another new gay character. Don’t give up on showcasing gay characters, Days!

      • wrstlgirl says:

        It’s rumored that Paul finds someone new in an upcoming story line :-)

      • honeyinyourtea says:

        They choked their gay legacy character and desecrated his corpse. They showed the death, which was shot with maximum pain and agony over and over again. They had his husband sit in the second row of his funeral and abandon their daughter. These hateful, disgusting homophobes don’t deserve to tell a gay story. If any other group was treated with such obvious hatred, the show would have been pulled by now. Remember, Will’s relatives – some of which grieved a homophobe, would-be rapist, blackmailer and murderer for months, were dancing around with joy with male strippers the day after Will was buried. Yes, the ratings went up slightly, at the cost revealing themselves to be panderers, bigots and self-haters. If NBC was as gay friendly as they say they were, they would cancel this monstrosity.

  9. alistaircrane says:

    Once upon a time, Days was my favourite soap. But over the years, they’ve fired all my favourite actors and written boring, dreadful stories. The show hasn’t been truly must-see tv since the Salem Stalker serial killer story in 2003-06. Now I would only watch Days again if they brought back Matthew Ashford, Christie Clark, and Patrick Muldoon (or Austin Peck…I want Austin Reed back!).

  10. Dandylions says:

    I stopped watching when Will was murdered and Sonny asked Paul to ‘wait’ for him while they stood next to Will’s grave. Cheap shot that totally ruined Sonny and Paul’s characters for me. The only sl I was emotionally invested in was Will and Sonny. Since they are gone there is nothing left for this new viewer to watch. Oh yeah, having Will’s mother care more about EJ than her own son was completely tasteless.

    • wrstlgirl says:

      Sonny did not ask Paul to “wait” for him. Sonny said he would return to Salem someday and Paul said he will be there.

      • Olivia says:

        And those lines imply a promise that they have a chance some day. He made cow eyes at his ex-lover while standing on top of his husband’s grave. Classy. What a way to dishonor and devalue WilSon’s relationship. And that was after he was seated in the second row of his own husband’s funeral. And then the picture of their little girl with her two daddies was made to blow away. The anti-gay messaging came through loud and clear.

      • honeyinyourtea says:

        This show murdered Sonny worse than they murdered Will. They retconned the beautiful Wilson love story which was a landmark in daytime to a story where the older Sonny used an 18 year old Will to get over his rich and famous ex, pushed him into a marriage he wasn’t ready for, bankrupted the family, continuously sought out his ex and then blamed Will for being too immature to handle it and cheating (something most soap characters including heroines like Belle and Marlena have done) and then promised to never leave his daughter. Then, he left Will, left their daughter once, twice and three times…even after one of her fathers was gruesomely murdered. Sonny never expressed any interest in finding out who killed his husband and stood on his grave making goo-goo eyes at his ex. The message was clear. Gay families are not real, and Sonny was never a father to Arianna and go ahead and cheer. They could have had Sonny raising Arianna with Gabi – even offscreen as they did with Chloe and Parker, but that would have implied that gay men have a right to be fathers and they would never do that on this sick, bigoted show. Instead, they tweeted out messages that we were all supposed to “celebrate” as the life was being choked from Will. This was truly hateful and disgusting stuff, and I’m ashamed for NBC, Sony and especially GLAAD for not calling out the sick people who cooked it up.

        But that’s not all! Nobody that the writers hated got a happy ending. Anyone who loved any of the characters the bully writers hated was treated with contempt. Many of us love this genre because it at least gives the promise of a happy ending. But not for Will…not for his daughter. Unless you are an anti-gay bigot, then it was a very happy ending indeed and that was the point wasn’t it? Was it worth an anemic bump in ratings in a demographic that advertisers don’t value?

        • wrstlgirl says:

          Reading your posts I’m confident that you are an expert on the subject of hate.

        • mooshki says:

          I agree. They also ruined Will and Marlena’s relationship, which was one of my all-time favorites on the show. And the statements they were making at the time had a very clear “we don’t think our viewers like ‘the gays'” subtext. I’m hoping the rumored new Paul relationship signals a post-Higley turnaround.

  11. We went from years ago watching everyone stealing each other’s husbands/wives to now watching every lovable character getting killed off the show. Our favorites like Hope are going off the deep end in a ridiculous way, and the storyline is getting pretty predictable. I can’t wait each day for the show to start but am finding more and more that I turn to my phone to play games rather than watching the crazy storylines. We have so much negative in our world, why can’t we tune into the “soaps” to watch some fantasy where everything turns out okay in the end? I’ve had enough of the killing, kidnapping, getting hit over the head, hospital scenes every day and the teenage storylines that are going nowhere. So disappointed :(

    • Olivia says:

      I couldn’t agree more.

    • Diana says:

      Total agreement with Debbie. Also, very tired of death, funerals and tears on this show. What a downer it has been lately. Would love to see Matthew Ashford back as Jack. Not as a ghost, but a miraculous “back from the dead” return. :) also, how could Hope go so quickly from Aiden to Bo to most likely a relationship with Rafe? (although Rafe and Hope have good chemistry).

  12. Barbara says:

    Love watching Days. I’ve bee watching for 50 years. Please don’t take it off the air. Thanks.

  13. Donna Payne says:

    Days is the most entertaining & Intriguing Soap since Guiding Light It keeps You on the edge of Your sit wondering what’s coming around the corner The Writers & Producers Keep the EXCITEMENT coming. Also My Sister is The Shows Biggest Fan

    • wrstlgirl says:

      Yeah, edge of your seat screaming at the television because the story is absurd, lol. There’s absolutely nothing on the show that isn’t predictable right now. So Jennifer is suffering from back pain now, guess what she’s gonna get addicted to pain killers…I promise.

      • alistaircrane says:

        Hopefully Jenn will get her husband Jack back. I stopped watching in 2012 when Jack, Carrie and Austin were fired. Way to alienate your viewers, Days! I started paying attention to Days news towards the 50th only to be disappointed yet again that they were continuing to keep my faves off the show, especially at their anniversary time. :-/

  14. Emmy says:

    Hey for everyone who hates them, speak for yourself. I love Soap Operas. Sure they are corny and the storylines can be bad but they are classic. My mom watched them as she took care of her kids as babies and now I’m in university watching them (more of a General Hospital fan myself in terms of American soap operas). We have talks over them all the time since so many characters are still around. You can ask anyone ages 60-40, where they were when Luke and Laura got married, they will know! People you would never even guess watched Soap Operas.

  15. Jmn3 says:

    Thank goodness. This is the news I’ve been patiently waiting for. They’ve been on a roll since August and it would be an enormous shame to see it all end now.

  16. Robin L says:

    I began watching with my Momma @ 5 yrs old. 1967ish. My brother, cousin & I still watch. I love these characters as much or more than some of my family. I would be so disappointed for it not to continue.

  17. Maria says:

    I started watching in 1986, when I was 16. I watch for John and Marlena. As long as they’re on Days, I’m there. It’s been such a journey watching his story, her story, and their story unfold for 30 years.

  18. Beverly kelly says:

    Plz keep days on I’ve watched all my life

  19. Pristine says:

    Losing Sonny and Will from the show was devastating. Need EJ back and must keep Billy Flynn. Glad to see Ava back though. Love Vivian as Ciarra. She is amazing.

    • Eileen Hargis says:

      Vivian is,a real amateur when it comes to acting. She needs a lot more acting classes before she comes before a camera. Stop talking thru her nose and actually connect with another character. Shes the worst of an entire bunch of newbies.

      • mooshki says:

        Vivian is an appallingly bad actress. I can’t figure why they didn’t do an immediate re-cast like they did that one time with Belle. It had to be obvious to them that she drags down every scene she’s in.

  20. Mr. Tran K says:

    Really hope they should keep all four daytime soaps (DAYS, Y&R, B&B and GH) depending on how many more years they have left respectively.

  21. Melinda says:

    Please don’t take Days off the air. I have been watching for 34 years. I don’t always like what the writers are giving us to watch. At least the show is still on. I know sometimes you have to take the good with the bad. I know the writes will give us something to enjoy, and love or there wouldn’t be all these people still watching. I do miss some of the cast, but I know and understand they want to move on with there career. Please don’t end days, I know the story lines will pull though and have the fans on the edge of our seats again.

  22. Cathy Fannin says:

    Please renew Days I’ve been watching it for over 20 yrs there is still a lot more to all these stories lines with John finding out about his past way to many stories please keep Days on. Thank you

  23. Myrna Childress says:

    Renew please!! I came back when Patch and Kayla did. I was a fan of this couple in the 80’s but when they both left so did I. Glad they’re back. I watch everyday, but not that crazy about some story lines. I am willing to wait because Days changes everyday.

  24. Sandy says:

    I would like EJ and Sami

  25. Bet says:

    I am still trying to figure out how Phillip “grew” a new leg.

  26. Susan says:

    Yes! NBC & Sony need work together to keep Days of our Lives on network TV! We’ve been overwhelmed with afternoon talk shows, faux courtroom bits and 24/7 news channels. The daytime soap drama/comedy combo is appreciated daytime, afternoon entertainment. A break in reality & mock reality, as well as talk show fodder of mediocre interesting content!

  27. Ola Atkins says:

    I love Days. I’ve watched it since the first episode 50 years ago.

  28. crmzntd says:

    As a 50 yr viewer, I would love for Days to continue.
    However, we fans are savvy & there are a lot of flaws in the storylines that we catch. Keep it correct & we will have nothing but 💜💜💜

  29. Sunshine Raine says:

    I use to enjoy watching Days of our lives. Not anymore, the current writers are ridiculous. Why cant anyone be happy in a relationship on the show.Daniel and Nicole deserved to be happy. Chad and Abby deserve to be happy.Eric needs to be locked up, driving under the influence should be high lighted and bought to viewers attention

    • Dandylions says:

      Will and Sonny deserved to be happy too. Will’s murder served no purpose other than to pander to those who still think being gay is wrong. Ken Corday promised that his death would shake Salem to it’s foundation and that didn’t happen. Sami mourned for an afternoon, Sonny for a an hour longer than that. Justin, Victor, Adrienne none of them gave a crap Will was gone, he was still their in-law after all and deserved their respect. No sl came from Will Horton’s murder, Will’s own cousin, Abigail, even referred to him as ‘one of those murdered people’. If the ptb’s wanted to get the gays off screen they could have given him and Will Sonny a happy ending and sent them off to Paris together with Ari visiting them when not with Gabi. This show was happy to collect the GLAAD awards and with it the possitive publicity but then didn’t have the spine to stand up to those who didn’t like the gay sl by saying the show practices equal rights. This show has lost me as a viewer for good.

  30. Suz says:

    Days is pretty good right now there were times I stopped watching because some of the storylines were boring and honestly I didn’t care for them killing off some great characters although I hated Ben I know they are suppose to bring him back sometime this year but I guess I can deal with it.

  31. pam perberg says:

    Yes I think the show is changing. Do not agree with all of them, but as a longtime fan, I still want to see it renewed .

  32. Andrea Meyer dembski says:

    I love Days of our Lives! It’s the only show that I look forward to seeing. I hope the do a recast for Abby, I want her and Chad to be happy together, forever!

  33. Dana Brown says:

    Yes I want Days to continue it would be weird without it. Just getting good

  34. Barb says:

    Please don’t take Days of our Lives off air. I have watched it since I was a little girl with my mom. This show is something we enjoy together. I love days of our lives. I can hardly wait till the next day to see what’s next. Everyday watching days is one of my most relaxing and enjoyable part of my day. Please keep days going please

  35. I will never watch days of our lives again been watching it since 1965,,,,I EVEN HAVE BOOKS ON IT….KEEP YOUR STORIES GOING….NEW WRITERS SUCK,,,O MANY ARE DONE WITH IT

  36. Wilma Hill says:

    They Should renew it would crazy not to Day’s is on fire with great story lines and great characters, I hope they will let Nicole finally really fall in love. She deserves to be happy. I can’t wait to see where her character goes in the coming months. I have been a fan for forty years as I’m sure there are millions who have watched it that long as well.

  37. anne says:

    Wish days would stop with bringing back the old, move on with this show & create some new stories lines & Pleaseeeess stop with killing someone off & bringing them back “how” unreal is that ?unless it’s EJ with or without Sammy .The show has not been the same without EJ.

    • alistaircrane says:

      Speak for yourself. I want Jack back from the dead, and I want my favourite couple Carrie and Austin back. Long-time fans want to see these characters, not newbies.

      • wrstlgirl says:

        You speak for yourself. I’ve been watching Days for many years and I don’t have a problem with the newbies as long as they have a good story.

  38. NaNa says:

    Yayy I hope it renews!!

  39. DENISE JONES says:

    I like to see EJ Demira reappear, he made the show.

  40. Blake says:

    It looks like Days will stay on, and I hope at least for the actors and crew that it does for many years to come.

  41. Kelly says:

    We have 4 generations of fans that are begging to keep it going forever It had been a 1pm constant for as long as I can remember and I’m 52 Both my mom and grandmother watched and my kids and husband enjoy it when he is home from work Thank God for DVRs we never miss a minute of Days Thank you for many wonderful moments in our lifetime

  42. Shayne says:

    Yes, please please please renew Days!! I’m 22 years old and I’ve practically been watching since I was in the womb. My Gran (Dad’s mom) got my Mom hooked on it while she was pregnant with me. We’ve all been watching ever since. Only soap we’ve ever watched!

  43. Michelle Pritchard says:

    They have to give writers a chance! I think it’s getting good! Also, have to keep in mind that these young people between 18-29, I guess, is getting hula & netflix instead of reg cable anymore. I hope you figure out the rating from there too and add that into consideration.

  44. Yes! The quick moving storyline makes a HUGE difference! Stories drug out. ..lose viewers! When there is a huge drama line building up and then unfolding, I watch daily! I don’t want to miss a scene! Otherwise, I know I can watch 2 weeks later, and not miss much at all! Please keep things changing, relationships mold more, and mysteries beginning! Bo and Hope were a famous couple because of romance! Where did the soap opera romance go? ????There are so many new twists and turns that can happen!!!! Stay away from the obvious! Quessing….. keeps viewers attention! I have watched since freshmen year of high school! 1990! Love the characters! Please don’t end the show! Please stop killing off all my favorite characters also! !!!!! Please GET MORE CREATIVE! !!!! 50 YEARS PLUS!

  45. Char zimmerman says:

    Please keep Days on for many more years to come. I have watched it since day one and am just not ready to say good bye to this show. Please. We love you Days!

  46. Christopher J Baker says:

    Love the show ! Been a fan since 1999 when the princess Gina storyline got me hooked! I must say I miss Sonny and Will storylines but hopefully in the future Days can have another love Gay storyline!!

  47. Tabitha C.Walker says:

    It’s my favorite and it’s the only thing I watch on TV please I love watching it. Ever sense I was a little girl

  48. Melissa says:

    DOOL is a part of my life!!!! It must be renewed!!!! I never imagined it would even be questioned!!! I have grown up with these characters and would be devastated if taking it off the air would be complete considered. I have watched this show with my grandmother and my mother. Please find a way to generate whatever is needed that DOOL can be watched by the future generations to come.

  49. Martha Rac says:

    I realize that the soap opera era is almost over. Being an avid fan of the show I have watched Days of Our Lives since the beginning. NBC started with the show then added The Doctors, and continued adding shows. Really enjoyed all of them. Watching the characters grow, storylines changes. Will sorely miss it. Sorry to see it end.

  50. Kimberly Dotson says:

    Love love love days…..been watching for 40+ yrs….love it…..please keep Abby and Chad happy!!!! Days needs a happy super couple!!! Nicole needs to find happiness….come on writers!!!! Someone take Kate down!!! I know Teresa and Brady can they are awesome together!!!!! Everyone else you writters can screw with!!!! Lol…..love my days!!!