Pretty Little Liars Emily Sick

Pretty Little Liars Recap: Guilty Party

I might be exaggerating, but I’m pretty sure Tuesday’s Pretty Little Liars dropped more secrets about its core characters than the past five seasons combined.

Let’s hit rewind on this week’s info dump of an episode, breaking it down secret by secret, shall we?

Secret No. 1: Spencer and Caleb totally boned. OK, this secret — which was previously alluded to in a Season 6B promo — wasn’t technically confirmed, but if you read between the lines of Spencer’s story about bumping into Caleb in Madrid, you’d see “…and then we had sex” written in fine print. I suspect she’s pretty glad to hear he’ll be sticking around to “help with the campaign.” (You can’t see me right now, but I’m doing this.)

Secret No. 2: Emily has something cancer-y. Here’s what we do know: Emily has been receiving “treatments,” both in California and in Rosewood. Now, here’s what we don’t know: …anything else. The new lady running Ezra’s café — who I kind of feel like Emily will end up dating — dropped the C-word at one point, but Emily didn’t confirm that to be her mystery illness. And by the time Emily eventually bumped into Sara in the cemetery, I was too gasped-out to even react.

Secret No. 3: Aria and Ezra were together the night Charlotte died. Aria looked guilty as hell with each new piece of information revealed this week, which means she obviously killed Charlotte. Or she didn’t. (Oh, who am I kidding? Charlotte’s probably not even dead.) Either way, Aria met up with Ezra around the same time Ali’s sister was murked — and unless that awkward prayer or subsequent intervention weren’t obvious enough for you, the girls are getting suspicious of both “Ezria” halves. But hey, at least she can lean on co-worker/boyfriend Liam’s shoulder lips for support, right?

(Theory time! If we’re going by PLL logic, I honestly think a not-dead Mrs. DiLaurentis killed Charlotte. Just think about it: We thought Ali was dead, but she wasn’t. We also originally thought Mona killed her, but then Mona had her own death faked by Charlotte… who was also falsely classified as dead. This show is just a vicious cycle of presumed-dead people “not” killing each other!)

Secret No. 4: Hanna still has feelings for her ex. I love “Haleb,” but they’re going to need to drop a major reveal about Jordan if they want us not to like him. (And it’s not enough that he pronounces Caleb’s name as “Callub.” I won’t change my mind unless he’s found guilty of murdering pregnant puppies.) Maybe his major shift will occur once Hanna inevitably leaves him for the altar for Caleb!

Your thoughts on this week’s revealing PLL? Any new theories? Drop ’em all in a comment below.

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. E says:

    I thought Spencer and Caleb had sex too but why is he still sleeping on the couch? They said it was 3 yrs ago. I guess they could have hooked up and now they want to again. I want Hanna and Caleb to get back together though. I hate them being apart. The whole Aria/Ezra being the killer came out way too quick. You can’t trust anything you see on this show. Also I really hope Emily isn’t dying. I’m confused about her saying she was trying to make things right. I guess time will tell

    • Anna says:

      Maybe Emily was/is a donor for someone who’s sick?

    • Eva says:

      I don’t like Caleb’s hair even last season when they cut it. I don’t want to see him and Spencer together. I agree the Aria/Ezra thing was too quick to be true. I wonder if Emily is helping with experimental drugs for a disease

    • wgsecretary says:

      He is staying at her family’s home. Perhaps the fact that he is one Spencer’s best friend’s ex-boyfriend makes her not want to have any awkward moments with her friends or her family.

  2. Rachel says:

    Caleb and Spencer please!!!

    • Leigh says:

      Yeah, they’d be good together except for one thing: Caleb and Hanna hadn’t broken up when he and Spencer hooked up in Spain. Hanna told him that she wasn’t looking for a new relationship when he left for Europe. Friends don’t do that. They weren’t in high school anymore; in fact, Hanna and Caleb were living together. In my books that’s betrayal.

      • Sweet says:

        In Girl Code that’s betrayal

      • thetvwife says:

        I didn’t take Hanna’s statement of not looking for a new relationship as a hint that they hadn’t broken up. If anything, that to me meant that they had broken up or at the very least had taken a break to figure themselves out separately. Either way, that’d mean that no one cheated. Plus the fact that they’re still friends means that things didn’t end badly… and cheating definitely would cause problems.

        If anything sure, Girl Code betrayal, but I don’t think it’s anything worse than that. I’m actually not entirely convinced that they hooked up back then, but they definitely are heading that way now.

        • Leigh says:

          I felt the total opposite. There seemed to be a distinct subtext as they reminisced about Madrid, especially the sunrise. As a former wild child teenager, I know what usually precedes experiencing a sunrise, lol. And there’s no reason why Hanna and Caleb shouldn’t still be friends; no one knows. Yet. I’m interested to see how Toby will react to the news that his ex-boyfriend bro slept/is sleeping with the girl he loved. Not to mention the girls. Wonder who will take whose side.

          • thetvwife says:

            Yeah, my first impression was that something had happened and that they were already seeing each other, but I think the fact that by the end of the second episode the writers are still teasing that thread has got me second guessing how much might have happened in Madrid and is going on in the present.

            Before writing this, I went back and rewatched the two scenes between Hanna & Caleb and Spencer & Caleb. The impression I got from the former scene was that Hanna and Caleb broke up before he went to Europe and that part of the reason may have been Hanna being so focused on her career. My thoughts are that they were spending less time together and things may have fizzled out. Which would also explain why they could still be friends. As for the latter scene, I’m still undecided on how much, but agree that the sunrise and the “best night” comments are hinting at something.

            And yes I too am interested in everyone’s reactions to the Spencer/Caleb revelation.

  3. Piper says:

    I really dont mind Spencer and Caleb together. Time to let the ships go people.

    • Karen says:

      Agree. High school ‘relationships’ are just that – high school relationships, and generally don’t last! I like Caleb and Spencer too.

    • NM says:

      This. I am so for them being together. I can just see Hanna/Toby making a big deal of it. These characters (like shippers) just need to let go off the past and move forward. #SpenceLeb

  4. Eric7740 says:

    Caleb who??? Hanna’s new MAN, is super hot!!! Let Spencer and those awful bangs have Caleb!!! Hanna upgraded!!!

  5. Nini says:

    I don’t understand how anyone could be okay with Spencer and Caleb being together.
    I want to hate Jordan, I really do but I cant. He is so sweet.
    Im patiently waiting for the day when Hanna finally realizes that she’s still in love with Caleb and she ditches Jordan. Sorry…
    I think Em has diabetes. -shrug-
    I don’t think Ezria did it but Ezra is suspicious.

    • Sally says:

      Agree! Spencer and Caleb is just Wrong!!!!

    • D says:

      Right?!? Caleb with Spencer?!? That is so dumb!!!!!! I HATE HATE HATE HATE that the Aria will not be with Ezra, Spencer will not be with Toby, and Hanna will not be with Caleb!!!! I get so emotionally attached to movies and characters…so this is a complete heartache for me. They were such gratifying and pleasurable couples for us viewers. The guy(characters) obviously loved them and risked their lives for them several times, they were great guys. The couples were one of the best things about PLL! I think they should have ended it already and left the fans on a pleasing note. The breakup of the couples is enough to make me not watch the rest of season 6.
      Ugh I hope they all end up with them at the end.

    • Eva says:

      Jordan is hot and love the accent! Hate Spencer’s bang too!

    • Johanna says:

      I hate the fact they are trying to put Caleb and Spencer together that’s is so wrong in many ways, I will not watch it any more if that happens, besides Hanna and Caleb were so good together smh I’m hurt

  6. Beatriz says:

    I dont like the way things are happening between Caleb and Spencer. How can your bff sleep with the love of your life? We all know Haleb is end game. I liked Jordan though.

    • D says:

      Right?!? Caleb with Spencer?!? That is so dumb!!!!!! I HATE HATE HATE HATE that the Aria will not be with Ezra, Spencer will not be with Toby, and Hanna will not be with Caleb!!!! I get so emotionally attached to movies and characters…so this is a complete heartache for me. They were such gratifying and pleasurable couples for us viewers. The guy(characters) obviously loved them and risked their lives for them several times, they were great guys. The couples were one of the best things about PLL! I think they should have ended it already and left the fans on a pleasing note. The breakup of the couples is enough to make me not watch the rest of season 6.

      Ugh I hope they all end up with them at the end.

    • NM says:

      Love of their life? LOL. They got together at 16 and lasted (from what anyone would guess) until just after highschool. They’ve all moved on and have new lives. Also, NEWSFLASH. Hanna is engaged and with someone new. Caleb is not. Besides, they’re adults who made an adult decision. If Hanna and Toby are true friends to Spencer and Caleb, they won’t judge the situation.

      • Beatriz says:

        Well, I would not like if my best friend started to date my ex. There is a girl code, you do not date your ex’s friends, even if she is engaged now. Considering it’s a tv show, we all know Hanna still has feelings for Caleb. So, the situation gets worse.

        • NM says:

          In this day and age, ‘girl code’ ain’t a thing.
          Also, who cares if they dated? It was 5 years ago when they were in highschool. It’s adult world now. These girls are adults. Why shouldn’t they be happy but Hanna gets to?
          Besides, Spencer and Caleb have always had tension. I encourage that they follow it through.

          • Sweet says:

            Girl Code will always be a thing…It’s a matter of respect,but it also goes both ways.They have the right to be happy with someone else.Seeing how Spencer talked to Hannah before telling Caleb how she really feels,that’s how it should be done.At least she wasn’t sneaky about it.That’s how it is in the grown up world,or at least that’s how it should be.

      • JJ says:

        I feel like all this anti Spencer-Caleb commenters are still in high school..

  7. D says:

    I HATE HATE HATE HATE that the Aria will not be with Ezra, Spencer will not be with Toby, and Hanna will not be with Caleb!!!! I get so emotionally attached to movies and characters…so this is a complete heartache for me. They were such gratifying and pleasurable couples for us viewers. The guy(characters) obviously loved them and risked their lives for them several times, they were great guys. The couples were one of the best things about PLL! I think they should have ended it already and left the fans on a pleasing note. The breakup of the couples is enough to make me not watch the rest of season 6.

    Ugh I hope they all end up with them at the end.

  8. Ronnie says:

    I think Aria will be accused of killing Charlotte, and will think she did it, but blacked out. After all, her and all the other girls were drinking pretty heavily the night of her death. Also, I love that Spencer and Caleb hooked up because we know they bonded over their Rosewood breakups. It’s what happens when you are away in college. Plus it will lead to an ugly cat fight when it’s revealed!!

  9. ML says:

    what about Charlottes brother being the killer! we haven’t heard any updates on him, unless I’m missing something.

  10. Scott21 says:

    Sara is so ugly and annoying!!!!!!!! WORST ACTRESS EVER!!!

  11. Carrie says:

    I don’t think Emily has cancer. What’s ever going on now is likely related to when she completely went of the deep end after dad died and she left school. So my top choices are she’s blew all her inheritance and getting ready to donate eggs or something or getting treatment for the HIV/hepatitis she got from doing drugs. Either way, puts extra complications into future relationships ..

    • Leigh says:

      What inheritance? Emily’s dad was a (Marine?) officer, her mom had to take a job at the police department, and Emily went to college on scholarship. What would make anyone think she received an inheritance? And while I also hope she doesn’t die, which as one of the clearly unkillable stars she won’t, one illness that can almost certainly be ruled out – as mentioned in an earlier comment – is diabetes. Unless PLL is now inventing medicine, there’s no “treatment” for diabetes as depicted and implied.

      • thetvwife says:

        You don’t have to be rich to get an inheritance. Insurance money counts, as well as investments and property. I’m not 100% sure how insurance policies work for people in the military, but depending on his position at the time of his death he might not have been facing as much danger which might affect things too. In fact, he was supposed to have been in the National Guard reserves in Texas… so I’m curious how he was supposed to have died. Still, since Lieutenant Colonel’s receive around $100,000 a year (give or take depending on years of service) the insurance policy would for sure pay out enough to cover Emily’s schooling. In regards to Pam’s job, I think that had more to do with her wanting something to do with her time than “needing” the money.

        • Leigh says:

          Sorry, yes, that makes sense. But if she inherited any real money, I don’t think she’d keep mentioning, especially when talking to her dead father, that she lost her scholarship. I’m not sure how it works. At Pepperdine, but if failing two classes caused that, and because the scholarship paid for all classes, an inheritance might have paid for makeup classes so she’d requalify for her scholarship. Plus, even if not, the money would have come at that time, so she wouldn’t have needed to resort to bar tending. Either way, I don’t recall anyone mentioning in the episode that there was any inheritance.

          • thetvwife says:

            Her mom mentions the money her dad left (not the word “inheritance”) as a way to pay for her supposed graduate school (when Emily lies about the appointment at the medical center). And failing two courses would make a person lose their scholarship, but it seems like Emily actively chose to drop out of uni after that (because of “nothing making sense” and that she “couldn’t go back”. Plus as she said to Toby in the previous episode, she didn’t see the point… in anything). In the scene at the gravesite, she mentions losing the scholarship as something he already knows. Also, I think it’s the first time her losing her scholarship is mentioned… so it’s exposition for what lead to whatever behavior (like her dropping out and probably whatever she’s dealing with at the medical center) and its consequences that she’s now trying to fix.

            So like Carrie above said, I too think Emily also could have already spent all the money and be doing something to make money. My guess is that it’s so she can, in all likelihood, afford going back to school.

          • Leigh says:

            OK, thanks. I need to stop multi-tasking. I’m not as good at it as I used to be. So much TV, so little time.

          • thetvwife says:

            Haha I feel you. The only reason I notice things a bit more with this show is because I watch with a friend of mine who’s in another country and we message each other while watching with jokes and analyze almost every scene.

            Plus, in this particular instance my dad passed away a few months ago, (as if I needed more reasons to relate to Emily) so I have personal experience with the topic regarding both dropping everything and knowing how “inheritance” works.

          • Leigh says:

            I’m so sorry for your loss.

    • Tori says:

      This is what I was thinking …
      infectious disease as she commented in the last episode

  12. Essie says:

    I have to admit, I would like Spencer and Caleb together. And I don’t think Ezra killed Charlotte, that would be too obvious now wouldn’t it?

  13. Daniel Chris says:


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  15. BB says:

    OMG when I watched 6×12 an I felt the vibe between Spencer and Caleb…I freaked! Because finding out that Hannah is engaged to someone that isn’t Caleb made me die in side! I am a Haleb die hard and a Spoby fan too. Plus how is Hannah going to feel… She kept that table because that was like her keeping Caleb also from the preview of 6×13 we know that Hanna doesn’t look happy about Spencer having “feelings” for Caleb. Let alone Toby… In 6×11 we saw Toby building a house… I’m pretty sure that we all know he is building it for Spencer. So personally by the end of season six Hannah needs to realise Caleb is the only one for her and for Spencer to look into to Toby’s eyes and fall in love all over agian.
    Ps I think Emily had a break down or somethings and now she needs to be monitored and have medication.

  16. dan says:

    Who did Ali’s makeup? It looked like she rolled in dirt before each scene. And where are Ali’s dad and brother? No appearance or mention of either one of them even after Charlotte’s death. They want us to believe Aria and/or Ezra killed Charlotte, but this is just the second episode after the time jump. Clearly we’ll have new suspects next week (and the week after that and the week after that).

  17. Rachel says:

    I think Allison killed her.. Think about it! Charlie ruined her life and caused her mom to die and brake up her family. Allie could of easily tricked Charlie and got him/her free so she could kill him/her.

  18. I totally agree I cannot see Caleb and Spencer together…its just not right! And Emily better not have some kind of random incurable disease. I’m going to have a major problem with that. Spencer let the bangs go honey just let it go!

    Ezria killing Charlotte??? I know PLL a little better than that they aren’t just going to give that away. Hell they had me losing my mind guessing who A was! Everyone was a suspect in my book. Can’t wait till next Tuesday!

  19. Cas says:

    Listen I am a Haleb fan but I can’t deny that I want to see a Spencer/Caleb hookup. I feel that their chemistry came about so naturally and it’s refreshing to see a new relationship.

  20. Guest says:

    My 2 choices for the killer right now are Jason or his and Ali’s dad! That scene might not have meant anything but the very last thing we see is someone getting into a car at the funeral and the driver says “I’m sorry for your loss sir” or something along those lines. Instantly thought of those 2 men but then again that shot might have been one of them yes but nothing sinister about it. That long with the 5 years forward bit we got at the midseason finale (IF) they are related, the girls ran into Ali’s classroom saying “he’s coming for you, he’s already here etc”. So if this “he” and whoever killed Charlotte are one in the same then the killer, I’m thinking, is a guy.

  21. Ali says:

    I really just need Ezra to die a horrible death. He’s awful!!
    (I love the actor but the character needs to go gruesomely)

  22. Chanel says:

    I want Caleb and Spencer to get together, that would be so cute. They could reminisce on how they never knew they would be together and how Caleb thought he and Hanna would be together forever. I can’t what for the next episode!

  23. DH says:

    The girls got rid of the only proof they had that they didn’t do it (the lobby security video). When the police come to check it, they’ll look pretty guilty

  24. DH says:

    Did anyone else notice the seating arrangement. Hannah was at the head of the table with Caleb and Jordan on either side of her…It could have easily been Emily at the head and Hannah next to Jordan. Future love Triangle?

  25. CMW says:

    This show has lost its edge. Its still entertaining but the season 1-3 was the best.The end of every episode had me on the edge of my seat. I still enjoy the show, i keep watching to see how this all plays out.

  26. Clare says:

    Okay honestly, I’m a huge shipper of Haleb and Spoby but I wouldn’t mind seeing the show explore other relationships. I think it’d be really interesting to see Caleb and Spencer get together and see how Hanna and Toby react but obviously Spoby and Haleb are endgame

    • same here…….i don’t ship spaleb togather but it would be fun to see the reaction of Hanna and Toby…….especially that of Hanna’s as how much this news would effect her…….bdw hanna’s fiance is hot and sophisticated ……

  27. Y Alison appear so less in the episodes? she is basically the centre point but always seem cut off from the girls gang……

  28. Hmm but what is Sarah Harvey doing so very mysteriously ? She seems to just lurk around and when she sees the girls looks at them with this massive glare in her eye! She is so creepy!!
    And that very last season a man dropped flowers on Charlottes grave – it’s got to be Jason or the dad!! Im team Haleb they have got to get back together!!!! And of course neither Ezra nor aria killed Charlotte. There’s got be atleast 10 episodes left on This series and if we know anything out PLL we know that the suspect changes every 3-4 episodes!! And I don’t think emily is unwell they have made it look that way however I think we will be also suprised! Maybe she’s thinking about following her fathers footsteps in the army or something which requires tests and jabs… She did say at the cemetery she wants to make things right maybe that’s how she thinks she can make things right.

  29. Chloe says:

    Remember when Emily mentioned working on cures for diseases at school or something like that. Maybe after her father died she wasn’t in the right head space and accidentally infected herself with some sort of virus.

  30. Kayla Smith says:

    I honestly think that Hannah and Caleb will be back together Aria and Ezra they have something suspicious going on but they didn’t kill Charlotte Emily she probably don’t have any major diseases

  31. Dianna says:

    I honestly think Emily has HIV. And when she said she needs to make it right, she means she has to get better because she did something risky to get sick. I don’t think Ezra or Aria killed anyone. The show is famous for accusing people in the beginning and it’s never the right person. Caleb and Spenser totally had sex and are trying to fight off feelings. And I love Jordan!

  32. Carly says:

    The girl running The Brew isn’t new. She’s the same girl who came on last season who sold Spencer weed cookies.

  33. Cara says:

    I don’t think Aria killed Charlottle but maybe Ezra even though, I agree It did come out way too quick. I do not and will not want to see Spencer and Caleb together especially because it’s suppose to be #HALEB forever – You can tell they want to get together and Hanna still has some form of feelings for Caleb even if it quite minute

  34. Leigh says:

    So my working theory, AS OF NOW (guaranteed to change, of course, tho with all the twists and turns it’s very possible that it could be true as a quintuple bluff) is that the shrink is the new A. Still no real clue as to the murderer, unless he did it because he was somehow betrayed or threatened by Charlotte?? I got the feeling he was familiar with the restaurant name.