24 Renewal

24 Vet Kiefer Sutherland Expects 'Extraordinary' Things From Jack-Less Relaunch, Also Hopes for Closure

Can 24 keep on ticking without Jack Bauer? Should it?

Kiefer Sutherland believes that the real-time premise is innately compelling enough to support a Jack-less revival, as Fox is planning with the recently announced 24: Legacy.

“I have said from the beginning that the real star of 24 is the idea, and I mean that wholeheartedly,” Sutherland said at the tail end of his recent Q&A with TIFF Artistic Director Cameron Bailey (embedded and handily cued up below). Having structured the series, which ran for an original eight seasons followed by 2014’s Live Another Day revival, around the same character, Sutherland anticipates “pretty extraordinary” things to be born out of the freedom the writers and producers now have.

As reported by TVLine, 24: Legacy will revolve around a yet-to-be-cast military hero who upon his return to the States reaches out to CTU to save his life as well as help thwart a massive terrorist attack. Sutherland is in talks to serve as an executive producer on the project.

“Whether we end up working together on it or not, I’ll be one of the first people who can’t wait to see it,” Sutherland said. “I have every faith they’ll do something cool and clever.”

That said, the actor does hope to some day, some way offer closure for Jack Bauer, who at the end of Live Another Day surrendered himself to a Russian prison.

“I have no idea if the [24] movie will ever happen, or Jack Bauer might end up finding his way into an episode one day and clarifying all of that, or ending all of that,” he says at the 1:21:30 mark. Sutherland was recently tapped to play POTUS in the ABC pilot Designated Survivor.

Shortly after 24: Legacy was announced, TVLine asked Howard Gordon about the idea to “start from scratch” by not using, yet possibly referencing, familiar characters in the 24-verse. “We’ve been thinking about this forever: Is 24 Jack Bauer? And for the longest time it was,” he answered, “until we all felt, after Live Another Day, that really that story has been told.”

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  1. JC says:

    Hi Matt. What did Howard tell you about no Kate Morgan? Thanks a lot as always.

    • Lambsilencer says:

      It need not be Kate Morgan, but I would have liked to have a woman as the lead this time around. Yvonne Strahovski certainly would have been great, though. Missed opportunity, maybe, but then again, if you want to go new, it’s best to really start from scratch in terms of casting.

      • Kevin says:

        Having a woman as a lead is a horrendous idea. 24 is unbelievable enough sometimes without having a chick trying to save the world.

    • ? says:

      They say they had a specific idea for a new iteration of 24, and Kate wasn’t part of it. Not that they were sitting around brainstorming ideas for a new 24 and decided not to include Kate, but that this idea that came to them was built around a specific, new character. Which, honestly, I can believe. But Jack’s story having “been told?” No. There’s no closure there yet. He deserves better than to rot in a Russian prison for the rest of his life. I mean, does anyone honesty think a prison can hold JACK BAUER?

  2. wrstlgirl says:

    Way to go Kiefer. “I have every faith they’ll do something cool and clever.” Me too and I’ll be right there watching!!

  3. Mr. Tran K says:

    Is 24: Legacy really a spin-off of 24 or something? Wasn’t aware of that.

  4. Tank says:

    24 is awesome, from day one to nine it was great to watch and one of the best shows on TV. I get not using people from the old show in the new version but jack,Tony and chloe have to be mentioned as it is them that made old ctu what it will be now.

  5. Pat says:

    Been told my fanny. It would have been told if they had the balls to have a beginning middle and end, but oh no, had to leave it open and then screw fans by starting over while not giving closure. That and the whole Solitary thing that they sound like they will do nothing with, stupid.

    But then again season 4 was said to have all new characters besides Jack and Chloe and by the end of that you can see what happened. So we shall see.

  6. No I don’t think so absolutely not damn you bring jack Bauer NOW or else I going get strike AHHH that’s what I’m not happy with you all you we want keifer Sutherland back right now and then we want 24 episode on Fox now NOW or I’ll scream that it AHHH

  7. James D says:

    It shouldn’t be Jack. seriously how many bad days can one guy have? I think Keifer has a point the idea was the spark of the show Jack just made it better, still I think they could do it. I’m sad it won’t be Yvonne though she is pretty awesome and Kate Morgan was an interesting successor to Jack.

  8. kmw says:

    Good luck to this reboot but I wont be watching. That’s nice that Kiefer says it can be cool and all but he was the main attraction and his story was the compelling part. I am sure whoever FOX casts will be fine but it wont be the same

  9. Mary says:

    Cleaver, maybe at some point Jack will return from Russia with love. Kiefer you are a brilliant actor and you make Jack Bauer honest, real and believable.

  10. Oh shut up anyone and everybody bring jack Bauer NOW or else I going to angry at me I want keifer Sutherland back right now he is good and plan to escape from Russian prison on 24 and we want 24 episode on Fox now I don’t care about stupid rule and order I’m so mad at me ahhhhhhh go tell dana Walden or else I’ll scream AHHH

    • lechatnoir says:

      I’m ok with him not being on there. 24had Iits ups and downs. Frankly it lost me when jack spent a whole season looking for a doggone usb key . ugh I thought it’d never end . enough with them revivals.we need something fresh

  11. mac says:

    Is there any chance for Tony Almeida to lead the new spin-off? He’s not a brand new character and already beloved

  12. Doris Thomas says:

    Oh, wow!! I love “24” and Jack Bauer. I have lost him for awhile and sure have missed him…and yes, to me, “24” is Jack! But that is just me and my thoughts. So, whatever you do, Keifer, I know it will be right for you..so, best wishes to you and yours.

  13. Ellinaras78 says:

    Nope, won’t even bother with a pilot. 24 is Jack Bauer.

  14. Malissa R. says:

    Oh….sorry. 24 without Jack and Chloe just won’t do. There is nobody cooler than Kiefer/Jack!

  15. Walkie says:

    Just a horrendous idea.

    How many episodes into the reboot will there be a leak within CTU?

  16. carrabus says:

    24 did get away from the strict 24 hour clock, though — I mean seriously, travel time was ridiculous

  17. Jack says:

    I have no problem with a new main character, as long as we get a conclusion to Jacks story. Him being in a Russian prison is not a good way to end his story. Give him a happy ending, finally, and then move on with a new protagonist…

  18. Griswold says:

    I’d be disappointed if Kiefer Sutherland didn’t have a regular presence as Jack Bauer, and doubt that I’d watch. He wouldn’t have to be the same Jack as before – everyone realizes that characters mature. In fact, I’m sure that the role took a physical toll on Kiefer over the years. However, he could mature into a mentor to an up-and-coming actor, who does the more physical things.

  19. nikscissy3 says:

    I LOVE KIEFER and will watch whatever he does but I CAN’T watch 24 that DOESN’T have JACK BAUER and CHLOE because to me THEY make the show!

  20. nikscissy3 says:

    I LOVE KIEFER and WILL CONTINUE to see ANYTHING HE does BUT as a LOYAL DIE HARD JACK BAUER 24 FAN I CANNOT in GOOD CONSCIENCE watch a reboot of 24 with an entire different cast of characters!JACK & CHLOE to me MADE the show!! BEST WISHES TO KIEFER in ALL HE CHOOSES to DO

  21. NOT impressed in the least. No Jack and no Chloe- not bothering. Their interaction made the show for me.

  22. TinLV says:

    Sorry, Kiefer, but this new show isn’t going to fly. With no Jack or Chloe or Tony or Kate…..well, you’re just wrong, it wasn’t the “idea”. that made the show, it was the characters that viewers came to care about and loved watching.

  23. BarbarA says:

    Jack Bauer is 24 and Kiefer Sutherland is Jack Bauer. Have no interest in new shoe. Love Mr. Sutherland in his new show.

  24. Kevin says:

    24 without Kiefer Sutherland/Jack Bauer will fail miserably. And what will they say then? Since his replacement is black, viewers will be labeled as racist because the show failed. And of course Donald Trump will be dragged in there to blame somehow too. I will not watch 30 seconds of the new show.