So You Think You Can Dance: Fox Anticipates Renewal, With 'Changes'

So You Think You Can Dance may still have some pep in its step.

Despite coming off a low-rated, critically derided Season 12, Fox execs anticipate that the show will go on, in some form.

“We hope [that it’s going to return],” Fox co-chairman/CEO Dana Walden said on Friday at the Television Critics Association winter press tour in Pasadena. “We’re not finished in our conversations with the producers, but we love the show and hope and anticipate that it will be coming back.”

As for whether STYTCD producers have been tasked to fix what some felt got broken in recent seasons, Walden said, “We would see some changes — how significant you perceive them to be is up to you. It won’t fundamentally change the show, it will just give it a little bit of spin.”

SYTYCD‘s most recent cycle — featuring new judges Paula Abdul and Jason Derulo — premiered to 4 million total viewers and a 1.3 rating, but by its finale was pulling just 2.4 mil and a 0.8.

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  1. Troy says:

    Get rid of Derulo and don’t do the whole Street vs Stage again. It was a horrible concept and made no sense. Get Travis Wall as a judge!

    • Jenks says:

      Agree 100%. Also, go back to the original format of pairing up dancers. That was a great way to get to know the dancers, see how their chemistry did (or didn’t) work, and see them trying different genres. With the trios and foursomes last season were, it was really hard to get a good look at each dancer.

    • Temperance says:

      I don’t want Wall as a judge (choreo though, please!), but I completely agree with the rest. More real dancing, less half-baked dancing (street).

    • JR says:

      I don’t think it was even a concept. They never really explained what stage vs street meant, there was no real “vs” going on, they still danced in randomly chosen styles, nothing about it make any sense. It me it seemed like a way to stack the deck in favor of “street” dancers because they had been overwhelmed by contemporary dancers recently.

      I miss the days when the amateurs where actually amateurs.

      • Rafael says:

        The situation of broadening the latin-ballroom dancing was too fastly increased and that’s why they had to use that street vs. stage dancing situation and forced Mary Murphy to take off season 12 only. Mary will return to season 13 and replace only Jason Derulo. Nigel and Paula will return for season 13 more likely, no doubt about it.

    • Lyn says:

      Totally agree 20000%!!! HATE S & S!!! And I don’t like P & D as judges. I’m sure they are very nice people, but too boring as judges.

  2. mooshki says:

    Nigel Lythgoe said a few months ago that the show might continue without him as a judge. Whatever happens, they’d sure better not bring back Derulo! Having Travis as a judge would be great, but I’d miss his choreography!

    • csb says:

      I would come back to watch it again if Nigel stopped judging. His manipulation of results and clear favoritism drove me away a couple of seasons ago.

      • Troy says:

        Agreed. Sometimes he does make remarks that come across as homophobic. I know he’s probably not but he seems grossed out by the idea of two men dancing together and he’s always stressing that the male dancers be more “masculine” but he has no problem ogling girls and commenting on how they’re sexy.

        • Temperance says:

          He quit doing that two seasons ago.

        • KevyB says:

          He never seemed grossed out by the men dancing together. That’s ridiculous. And, honestly, many of the contemporary dancers didn’t dance masculinely enough, at least in dances that required a belief that said male dancers were supposed to act believably in love with a female dancer. Hey, I always rooted for the gay dancers, but dancing is more than just moving to the music sometimes.

      • TJ says:

        I usually fast forward through the remarks. Paula, Jason and Nigel were worthless to listen to anyway. DVRs are wonderful things. :) BTW – if you have hulu, they will post just the dances so you can just see the dances that way.

      • The Beach says:

        Exactly, he is so manipulative (just as he was on Idol) that it takes much of the fun/suspense away. Plus he’s just irksome. The Street vs Stage concept was a complete failure. Quit trying to be so ultra-hip (hop). Bring back some of the original ballroom dances that made the show in the first place and some judges that are expert in those fields (Mary, Mia, etc)

      • Taylor says:

        completely agree

    • lechatnoir says:

      I too think they should lose this point he is too corny .they can keep derulo, bring mary back and replace the tall British lass.

  3. Vi says:

    Let Abdul and Derulo go. Go back to the old format with Mary and guest judge. Paula has no sparkle. She and Derulo bring the energy down. It isn’t fun anymore..

  4. BrookeB says:

    I agree with everyone – get rid of Derulo! He brought nothing to the table.

  5. CC says:

    Finally some news! I check this site everyday for hope that this is returning. I think they need to go back to the original format and no Derulo. I missed the guest judges last season.

  6. Chuck says:

    Bring Mary Murphy back and get rid of Nigel.

    • This x 1000! Get rid of creepy Nigel and bring a fresh producer in to reinvigorate an otherwise good show.

    • Rafael says:

      Nigel is good, but Mary and Paula should come back. Paula is getting facts correct but her talking style should polish now. Mary absent from season 12 should slow down the fast broadened increasing number of teen Latin ballroom dancers in order not to rush entering DWTS. We promised there will not be a street vs. stage dance coming in season 13 since Mary Murphy is returning.

  7. Debbi says:

    I think the show was not as good last year. I did not like the Street vs. Stage at all! I agree with the person who said bring back the couples. Also, bring back Mary Murphy! She is the “Bruno” of SYTYCD! I love this show and love the dancing. Fix it so it can stay on TV!!!

    • Mona says:

      I agree with everything said. Need to go back to basics. Didn’t care for stage vs street. I miss Mary Murphy. Paula and Jason need to go. Miss all the different choreography contributers and the ability for fans to be more involved. Please bring it back. My favorite show on TV.

  8. Go back to the basics!! And let the stellar guest judges (Applegate, Jesse Tyler Ferguson, Debbie Allen, etc) return! Don’t bring the silly ones with no input.

  9. They need to get rid of Nigel, He destroys any show he is involved with. put on Maks from DWTS as a judge, Get rid of Paula, Bring back Screaming Mary, Don’t bring back Kenny Ortega he is a snoozefest or jesse Tyler ferguson.

  10. TJ says:

    Get rid of Paula and Jason! Do not, I repeat, do not bring back MARY!!!! I liked the rotating guest judge when it was people who know something about dance vs some celebs who are just a fan of the show. I do like the All-Stars coming back once we have a Top 10 established. I think that just brings about better routines.

  11. Ray says:

    Shouldn’t auditions have started already if the show were coming back for summer 2016? In any case, if changes are to be made getting rid of the inane stage vs. street format, restoring Mary Murphy to her position as judge and having her oust the insufferable and ultimately worthless Jason Derulo would be a good start.

  12. Haley2020 says:

    If those changes involve getting rid of Jason derulo, bringing back Mary Murphy & bringing back the old couples format then I’m in

    • m says:

      I agree Mary Murphy needs to come back.
      She doesn’t argue with the other judges
      Bring back vote by phone.
      I missed the guest judges
      And return to the two night format

  13. says:

    The only changes needed are to undo every tweak made last season.

  14. Mike says:

    I would be so sad if this show didn’t come back. But I want Mary back and Jason gone, gone, gone! I like Nygel so I hope he stays a judge. And I would be happy if they ditched stage vs. street. That being said, they need to keep Travis and Twitch in whatever capacity they can.

  15. Jason Paul says:

    I’ll be happy if it comes back in any capacity really.

  16. JR says:

    I have a radical suggestion. Go back to the original format that worked well the first few seasons before all the tweaks. No stunt judges, no fancy stage, no all-stars, just the bare-bones show that we all liked.

  17. flowerduh says:

    Yes stage vs. street really sucked! Bring back more choreography from Wade Robson! I love their choreography! Yes, I think Travis Wahl should be a judge.

  18. Love the show. Would watch in any format, but didn’t care for stage vs street. Loved the fact that a tapper won this last season. Would like to see Mary Murphy back and other guest judges who are/have been dancers.

  19. Tennah Watters says:

    Bring back Mary Murphy and get soooo get rid of Paula Abdule. Please retire her voice from all video voice sound.

  20. MJ says:

    I love this show. Changes or no changes, I’d be delighted to have another season.

  21. Mary Kennard says:

    I always thought that the judging, with real constructively critical comments, was what made this show particularly great (and the dancing and choreography, of course!). Get rid of Derulo and Abdul (How many shows is she going to be allowed to destroy, anyway?), bring back Mary Murphy and knowledgeable guest judges.

  22. Patricia says:

    They should dump DeRulo – he was awful as a judge. Just piggy-backed on the other comments and added nothing to the show. I’d dump the Stage vs Street too – that whole thing was a hot mess. If you want a celebrity as a judge, hire someone who knows what they’re talking about like Christina Applegate or Jenna Dewan Tatum, even Jesse Tyler Ferguson.

  23. Rafael says:

    Keep Paula and Nigel, bring back Mary, get rid of Jason and format the age range from 18-30 to 20-30.

    • JR says:

      I’m not sure I see what eliminating 18 and 19 year old contestants would do to improve things.

      • Rafael says:

        This show was included as part of the FOX Teen entertainment marketing system (along with American Idol, Glee, New Girl and The Mindy Project), which was created in poor technique and cause each of these shows’ ratings to plummet down too quick. That system also had not choice to create that Street vs. Stage season 12, which is also bad, to lower down the increase of teen latin-ballroom dancing and forced Mary Murphy to take season 12 off. Fortunately this system was officially shut down back in May 2015.

        So in order for this show 1.) for making its ratings to increase more and 2.) prove that this show is no longer a teen type, the age range will switch from 18-30 to 20-30 permanently to continue.

        Mary is coming back in season 13 and will replace Jason Derulo only. Paula and Nigel are coming back also for these reasons. Paula will polish her talking style, since her facts, reviews and suggestions are more clear than Jason’s. Nigel, is officially permanent head judge of this show, but we should not get rid of him at all, but should lower down his ridiculous habits along the way.

        I know you might think this doesn’t make sense completely, but it does not right now, so we don’t have time to argue right at this moment!

  24. Terri says:

    I have watched the show from the beginning but last season was bad. They need to lose Paula and DeRulo and get back to having guest choreographers, like they used to. I really don’t like listening to either of their comments. They need to get Mary Murphy back too. And they also need to lose the Street versus Stage..that was horrible.

    • Rafael says:

      Paula will return because her facts and reviews are so far alright, but her talking style needs to be polished for improvement. Jason needs to be replaced by Mary’s return, that I can predict.

  25. Raeann says:

    I would watch it again if they didn’t do the street stage thing, boring snore snore. I also want Mary Murphy back and her Hot tamale train!!

  26. KevyB says:

    Stopped watching because last season was proof of what this show had become: making a “street” dancer win every year. Twitch is easily the biggest breakout “star” from this show, so they keep trying to replicate that year after year after year, much to the detriment of the contemporary dancers. Level the playing field and I might come back.

  27. Rafael says:

    I agree that the Street vs Stage should come back, but the reason why is because the growing number of latin-ballroom dancing talents 1.) has increased too fast and 2.) then sent to Dancing With The Stars too quick. That resulted why Mary Murphy also took season 12 off, but more she’ll be back in season 13 and replaced ONLY that Jason Derulo, nothing else.

    Paula Abdul knows her facts, reviews and suggestions well enough in this show and she will return to season 13, but all Paula needs to do is try to polish her talking style well along the way. Although, Paula is not going to officially leave this show yet, so please do not remove her right now and give Paula another chance to be a returning judge in this show, you’ll never know.

    Please do not get rid of Nigel Lythgoe at all either because he’s the permanent head judge of this show.

    Finally, I think this show needs to change the age range from 18-30 to 20-30 and that should help increase this show’s ratings and its continued survival. Even if you think this show’s ratings is going down in steady motion, then that does not mean it will get cancelled right away, we just don’t give up watching this show at all, period!

    • Anonymous says:

      I don’t understand why you are suggesting the age range to be 20-30 — 18 to 30 is basically the same. A dancer is at their prime at 18 if they have previous years traing and experience. I would rather see a 18 year old dance rather than a 30 year old that’s for sure. Also, the show should go back to the way it was when it began. No street versus stage. That was not a good idea and that is why the ratings suffered.

      • Rafael says:

        The reason why the 18-30 age range let this show’s ratings go badly down is because it was part of that FOX teen entertainment marketing system (along with New Girl, The Mindy Project, Glee and American Idol), which was created in poor technique and got badly affected by the FOX financial crash incident during FOX’s 2013-2014 season. The Street vs. Stage system will never return, as agreed, but the reason why it occurred because of that poorly created technique system and the broadened version of latin-ballroom dancing approaching on this show’s 11th Season. That’s also the reason why Mary Murphy took Season 12 off, but she will return for Season 13 and replace ONLY Jason Derulo, nothing else.

  28. Mz Lock says:

    I agree that I miss Mary Murphy and her expertise, also the way that she was let go was a travesty. I agree that Nigel say some inappropriate remarks to the female dancers….. As mentioned previously its obvious who his favorites are and they usually make it too the finals… On the same token when he doesn’t like someone regardless how talented they are… they are voted off, because of his critiques.

  29. gale1001 says:

    Please don’t cancel this show! Yes, tweaks are much needed. Dump the stage vs. street format, along with Jason Derulo – his inarticulate comments were uncomfortable to watch.
    I liked rotating the choreographers on the judges’ panel. I don’t like having guest judges who
    are not dancers!

  30. Cindy says:

    Keep Nigel, then bring back Mary and Adam. That was the greatest panel of judges. They were VERY entertaining together, along with being the best judges!!!

  31. nevanna says:

    honestly i prefered the fact that they were couples until the top 10. they learned so much from each other and we really saw how much they grew from that. the guest judges were great and as much as i hate marys voice her comments helped the dancers grow. i do think too many times some of the comments over the seasons didnt seem to be helping us decide but trying to tell us who to vote for. i do prefer that people who know dancing be the judges. not people who only know what they are told to do. i really hope that it comes back and i know my roommate wants it back as he is who got me hooked on the show.

  32. What No Renewal For This You People Are Very Lazy. Dana has not came back no Decision This Week About This Show And Time Is Running Out. If Does Not Come Back If It’s Cancelled There Will Be 97.1 BOB FM On The Radio Instead.

  33. This is my favorite show ever! please fix it so it stays on for many years. I loved the guest judges , Applegate, Ferguson and yes get Maks from DWTS and some other professional dancers. I love how talented the street dancers are but not to watch for half the show. bring back the old format and create another show for them! seriously if Fox doesn’t keep this show find another network and let us know! it is too good to let go! oh and can Cat not be so gushing all the time? its a little much. she beautiful and happy but its feeling a little less authentic.
    love the talent, love the dances, love the choreographers, love the costumes, Love Nigel and Mary and guest judges.

  34. Adele S says:

    Yes, hated stage vs street! It wasn’t broke, so why fix it! Bring back Mary, Mia. I like Nigel, and Paula is a god critic.

  35. Kerry says:

    I loved how it was in the beginning with the rotating 3rd judge. Jason and Paula were ok but Adam, Little D, and all the others had so much more to give.

  36. Judi saleh says:

    Didn’t like the new concept at all! Bring Mary Murphy back please
    Bring back the old format! Guest judges and just dancing. These kids are incredible and a lot of great dancers have amazing careers because of the show. Where is Mia Michaels?
    Jason and Paula just didn’t work! We need choreographers as judges, former contestants
    Bring back the heart!

  37. Shelly Boss says:

    Agree with most of comments. Lose the street v stage…need to have Travis as choreographer and twitch as an all star. Dump Paula and jason. Bring back Mary, please and the guest judges. Keep original format and let the choreographers know they need to toughen up the dances. Not very challenging in past season. This is an awesome show…better than dancing with stars. FOX…DO THE RIGHT THING

    • Rafael says:

      They are bringing back Mary Murphy to replace ONLY Jason Derulo. They are bringing back Paula Abdul because her facts are more clearer than Jason’s, but Paula needs to polish her talking style along the way in this upcoming 13th season.

      I agree that the street vs. stage should NOT return, but it is only applied to season 12, nothing else. Although, you all should now know that there is a current US west coast port breakdown incident going on right now and it badly affected everything in entire US west coast area, which includes also both the FOX network and this dance reality show.

  38. Karen says:

    I agree with these comments. Don’t do the street thing again. It was boring. The variety of the first 11 series was amazing. Bring Mary Murphy back along with another decent judge. Guest judges such as Jessie Tyler and Christina Applegate were such a wonderful addition to the show. Don’t cancel this show. The first 11 seasons were amazing. I have never missed a show and still watch them over and over again.

  39. Robert Richman says:

    SYTYCD just came off the worst season of its history, and in order to return some of the integrity it once had, it’s imperative that the ill conceived, gimmicky “Street v. Stage” experiment be eliminated, and the show restored to its earlier format. If only it were so, that the ratings could support it – and obviously it can’t after last season’s abysmal numbers – the best thing SYTYCD could do, is devote an entirely separate show for Street Dancing, however we know that isn’t possible, unfortunately. Secondly, it is imperative that Jason Derulo be dismissed from his position as judge. He barely has command of the English language, to say nothing of his extremely poor Dance vocabulary. Rotate Tyce, Adam Shankman, along with whomever else may be available from the dance world who can critique performances with a well trained eye and ability to better articulate their PROFESSIONAL observations. Bringing Mary back would of course upgrade and create a much needed boost to the panel. Her dynamics with Nigel are legend + we all know Paula, sweet though she may be, is also as exciting as an after dinner mint. IT’S TIME TO FIX THIS MESS!

  40. DarionOsbey says:

    I think season 12 didnt succeed because of how they changed the format and made it one winner.
    It just ridiculous to see so many talented dancers, and only one wins?
    Why not 2? One Boy, One Girl, that simple. As long as people dont argue about Sexes too much.
    And People also like to see Actual Stories Unfold.
    We know when a dancer has been on a stage before.
    We’ve seen them dance with their acadamy’s on youtube.
    Why not stop taking Dancers who already have a career
    and Start Changing Lives (Again) Like You Did So Much In Season
    4,8, and 9.
    We understand TV meets stupid typical Standards.
    “such as everyone having to look “Pretty” or w.e.
    butseriously. You Guys have a WorldWide Platform where You can change
    Lives. Yet, you stay choosing Top 20 Dancers who already Have Dance Careers.

  41. Janie Belter says:

    The season was down in ratings because of Paula and Jason. I won’t watch it if they are back.

  42. Janie Belter says:

    The season was down on ratings because of Paula and Jason. I won’t watch it if they are back.

    • Rafael says:

      The season was down and it has to do with US west coast port financial crash that forced changed everything there and that also includes this show. I agree that the Street vs. Stage would never repeat officially, but this show is never going to get cancelled even if is trying to recover from the that US west coast post financial crash incident along the way. Paula is coming back, but Jason more likely will get replaced by the return of Mary, nothing else. Paula will be given a another chance for this upcoming season since her facts are maturely clear enough than Jason’s. But this time, Paula may need to polish her talking style technique without creating more problems.

  43. Lyn says:

    I hated the Stage & Street format. HATED it! And please, bring MARY MURPHY BACK! OMG! She’s the BEST judge! LOVE her compassion. Her humor. Her sensitivity. And that LAUGH! She is (was) a HUGE asset to the show. Sorry to say, PAULA and DERULO are boring as heck! There’s NO personality there at all. Bring MARY back, please! And yes, get a former SYTYCD winner, runner up, or SOMEONE other than what you have now. Twitch? Travis? ANY of the past dancers would be a great addition along with BRINGING MARY BACK!!!

  44. RoyAnne Donnelly says:

    Street vs stage did not work and as much as I love modern takes on dance there was a complete departure from more ballroom dance styles and I wish there was more of a mix again. I loved seeing dancers pair with each other as true amateurs. I love Travis Wall but if he’s a judge we lose his choreography. I didn’t like Paula on American idol and I don’t want her on SYTYCD either as a judge (nothing personal). I would miss Nigel but whatever happens, I hope this show does not go away – what a great format and I love all the movies and stage productions with the dancers that competed on the show.

  45. Cia says:

    The show is fixed!! B

  46. Kim says:

    I lost interest last year with the format, and I hate to say Paul Abdul didn’t help. I’m sure she is a very nice person; I just don’t care for her as a judge. I missed the lack of trained ballerinas, I’m tired of modern dancers sticking their legs always up in the same position. I hope it comes back, and yes, back to the old format. Plus more trained judges. Street vs stages had me snoozing.

    • Rafael says:

      Paula did help with her own facts as a judge, but she’ll be given another chance and improve her talking technique style for season 13. They need conserve finances on that latin-ballroom choreography, due to the way it was broadened too fast than the other dance choreographies involved. That’s the reason why there was stage vs. street situation involved in season 12. But I agree about no repeats on that stage vs. street situation coming back, but it has to do with conserving finances.

  47. Linda Hogg says:

    SHOW EVER! OUR WHOLE GROUP MISSING IT! Creates jobs for future dancers.

  48. Peggy Granbery says:

    Please bring back the original format & the original judges & you will receive the original audience support & original fantastic ratings. Kids’ shows are great but exposing them to criticism & elimination at such young ages can be very damaging. Give it one more try by taking it back to what was an extremely successful format & I think you will see a huge resurgence of the show. Start by getting rid of incomprehensible Paula & uninformed Derulo. I’ve watched every show since its inception & will again when it is restored. Please.

    • Rafael says:

      Paula is improving better and she’ll polish comprehensive next season, so she’ll be kept a little longer. I think they need to get rid Jason because he’s too immaturely edgy.

      • Smullins7979 says:

        It needs to go back to its original method for judging. Paula and derulo arent cutting it and honestly the show is getting boring, there is no excitement anymore.

  49. AshleyBrooke says:

    I miss the original formate of SYTYCD. This season I turned on the first episode and watch it for 5 mins before I turned it off. I’m not interested in watching children compete on a reality show. Using children to boost ratings is self-serving and desperate. Plus who wants to watch a female child dance with an adult man?? AND who wants to watch child after child in tears from rejection? Don’t get me started on Street vs. Stage.
    Bring back Mary Murphay. Do one last farewell season. Use people 16+. And please, please use the original formate and possibly some of the original choreographers too? Oh, and less time on judges, these shows become more about the judges then the dancers I don’t want to look at Nigel for 2 hours or listen to him. Lots of love for the pros they keep the show alive.

  50. Jeannette says:

    Yeah get rid of Jason Durelo he just no good!