Prison Break Returns

Prison Break Revival Is Officially a Go: Updates on Cast, International Setting

Five months after getting a pilot script order, Fox’s Prison Break revival has been officially ordered to series — and the cast is starting to be fleshed out.

Both Wentworth Miller and Dominic Purcell have signed on to reprise their lead roles, as brothers Michael Scofield and Lincoln Burrows, while TVLine hears that talks thus far are underway with both Sarah Wayne Callies (now starring on USA Network’s Colony) and Robert Knepper, to return as Sara and T-Bag.

Miller and Purcell currently co-star on The CW’s Legends of Tomorrow, which the actors said earlier this week will dictate their window of availability for the Prison Break revival, which is tentatively set to start filming this spring. Originally eyed as a 10-episode event series, Fox is now thinking closer to nine episodes, to begin filming as soon as late March.

“The story unravels on an international landscape — it’s not a domestic [plot],” Fox co-chariman/CEO Dana Walden said. “We open on a very international contemporary-feeling story.”

Walden said that Fox’s Prison Break continuation will take place during a period of time preceding “address” the events of the straight-to-DVD epilogue, The Final Break, in which a major character met his demise. Noting how many times the characters have broken out of prison, “It’s not a documentary!” she laughed.

The Fox drama’s original producing team, including series creator Paul T. Scheuring, Neal Moritz, Marty Adelstein and Dawn Olmstead, will executive-produce the new series, with Scheuring serving as showrunner.

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  1. JC says:

    I thought it was reported that its take place a few years later, which was said last summer.

    • Dysturbed says:

      Ausiello’s article from the other day quotes the Fox Ceo saying, ““It picks up the characters several years after we left them in the last season of the show.”

      “Prison Break:The Final Break” took place shortly after season 4, so in order to be several years it would have to take place after the death supposedly happened, as opposed to before. I guess we’ll find out.

  2. Mik says:

    Preceding? Well that’s a surprise, although I guess that explains how they’ll bring Michael back. I hope they get Callies, and I personally would be happy if they’d be able to get Jodi O’Keefe back as well.

  3. MelindaB says:

    It would be great for Fox to make the whole series available to watch on their site, so those of us who forget what happened (or who skipped the last season due to burnout…just sayin’) can refresh our memories and be invested in the new episodes.

    • Bwhit says:

      I’m not sure if you have Netflix but they have the whole series on there.

    • Laxmom12 says:

      I repeat he’d the entire series as well as the two hour finale movie in advance of this beginning in the spring – all episodes are on Netflix.

    • Melissa says:

      I agree with you 100%, it’s been so long since the series ended n would also like to have it available as a recap to refresh everyone’s memories. If you have further information on when it will be starting up again on TV or is this going to be on a DVD to purchase. Please lmk. Thank you

  4. Jaz says:

    I really hope they are able to secure Sarah for the show. I don’t think I could handle a season of Michael’s angst without her.

    Also I really want to know: Did Linc take Sophia to Paris after all! I’m serious I’ve been wondering about it ever since the show ended.

  5. Kim says:

    Bring Sofia back! I loved her scenes with Lincoln. Hopefully they’d still be together.

  6. Gerri says:

    LJ get put in prison in Europe somewhere and they have to break him out.

  7. JenRar says:

    Oh, I feel SO MUCH BETTER after the clarification. Thank you! Whew!

    • misery chuck says:

      O.M.G. I LOVE YOUR PIC 💕💕💕💕💕

      Would you mind if I used your pic as my profile pic on Facebook?

      I realize I’m asking for a LOT; I really appreciate you thinking about it and I’ll understand if you tell me no 😉

  8. Bwhit says:

    I don’t really care how they resurrect Michael, I’m just so happy this is happening!!! Sara and Sucre are a must have in my opinion ;)

  9. ann says:

    You ‘d better back Alex back !!

  10. Francisco says:

    Excelente serie la sperare con ansiedad

  11. kimjaxn says:

    This is awesome! I loved Prison Break. They have to bring back Sucre and definitely Alex Mahone and what would the show be without T-Bag? Gotta bring that twisted freak into the show somehow. Can’t wait!

  12. JB Smooove says:

    I love the brothers, but if they don’t have tbag….forget it

  13. Danny says:

    Bring everybody back

  14. Deborah Malko says:

    Bring Debra Jean back onto the show….

  15. Deborah Malko says:

    I definitely think Debra Jean Belle should make an appearance…

  16. angel says:

    How when michael is dead I’m confused

  17. Waage says:

    Excited to hear it’s coming back!! Yah. Same characters is great.

  18. I am so happy to hear this can’t wait!!!

  19. I want all of the characters back, best tv show ever created & I am HOOKED!!!! I am on edge & hope the saga continues each episode with a thrill.

  20. Phoenix5634 says:

    Interesting, cool, looking forward to hearing more.

    Can’t wait for their première in LoT next week !

  21. Jordan Jones says:

    The first was beyond the best out of all the seasons. But still excited to see how the story will go.

  22. John says:

    I think u should look at history channels cajun pawn stars ,Fox would b a big hit with them on their channel

  23. Jean D says:

    I have watched this show 3 times and i love it. Glad to here that it is coming back.

  24. like all the cast of prison break

  25. i have all the complete cd of prison break like all the cast

  26. misery chick says:

    🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌 T-BAG 🙌🙌🙌🙌,🙌

    OK, sorry, I’ll stop now!

  27. Odette van Heerden says:

    When does the new 1st episode start and on which channel

  28. Karri says:

    Omg I hope its more than just the 9or 10 episodes make it more and seasons please don’t tease n take it a way after just these few.

  29. Melissa says:

    I just don’t understand why it was taken off or why end it if you have so many viewers that love this series. It had me hooked on the 3rd episode once things fell into place then it was addictive to watch. Plus went out n bought the set to keep watching over night’s one of those shows you never get board of. Just the way it ended was really hurtful to watch without crying. Just hope this time the plot is much better than the last series, it just seemed like it was a quick writing off for the show. Let’s see what is in store for us this time

  30. Olg says:

    Umm…didn’t one die?? Can’t wait to see what the writers will do.

  31. Dan Noel Odaba says:

    Looking forward to the return of the Prison Break

  32. Hammad Javed says:

    How on the earth is possible that michael Scofield becomes alive?

    • Phoenix5634 says:

      This is Earth2 prison break lol that’s how. Haha Jkin
      But seriously tho, I wonder how their going to address that.

      • drhenning says:

        Reminds me of when they re-booted Dallas on TNT, everything that was on the Dallas TV movies after the series was finished was ignored. Could easily say the same thing about the extra Prison Break…

  33. mzei deogratias posh says:

    T-bag missing out is like kiefer Sutherland not reappearing in 24

  34. Shafee Anwar says:

    T-bag is the best character amongst all. The show is nothing without him.

  35. Andre' says:

    it wl be great awesom to see brothers return i canf wait!!!

  36. woinshet habte says:

    I Love it

  37. salim Ramadhan says:

    I think it will be good

  38. Diane says:

    I loved Prison Break but found the character of Sara to be extremely boring and lacking chemistry with Michael! Sign me up! Lol

  39. Don Droga says:

    No gay tough guys this time.

  40. Don Droga says:

    Wentworth Miller is no longer a convincing Prison Break tough guy.

  41. Apari Patrick whenayon says:

    The interesting thing is to see T-bag and killerman. Also another breaking will be for LJ. maybe Sucre or mahone will have to do team work.

  42. Ibrahim Abubakari says:

    Hohohoo..can’t wait to see how Scofield the magician will be back. But without the wicked comedian (T-bag), the movie will not be as entertaining as it was. Sucre,Sara and Mahone must definitely feature.

  43. Sara ashlaw says:

    Would like to know when it comes back on day and time love this show so much

  44. Teresa says:

    Yes bring back T-Bag on Prison Break…..

  45. All these revivals smack of desperation can’t they come up with a truly original story line, it’s either super heroes or re threads of this genre, big yawn.

  46. Donna says:

    I loved that show.looking forward to it coming back on… And 24 too !!! Oh boy TV is getting back up there….

  47. Carol colvin says:

    I love the series I couldn’t stop watching it I told everybody I talk to that it was really good .ihope they do more.i love the people who play in it I hated to see it end

  48. KC says:

    um.. Didn´t Michael die? :S