Bones Season 12

Bones Renewal in Doubt, Fox Boss Promises 'Meaningful' Series Finale

Bones may be nearing the finish line.

Asked about the show’s Season 12 renewal prospects Friday at the Television Critics Association winter press tour in Pasadena, Fox co-chairman and CEO Dana Walden said she’s “really not sure” about a pickup, adding, “It’s top of next-week business to start talking with the producers about whether this will be the end of its run or if it will go another season.”

If it is the final season, Walden promises series creator Hart Hanson and Co. “will be given plenty of time to start writing a meaningful ending to the show. They have such a loyal fanbase, and those fans deserve a satisfying ending.”

Regarding the ongoing legal battle between series leads David Boreanaz and Emily Deschanel and 20th Century Fox over Bones profits, Walden said the dispute has “not resolved quite yet,” but noted its outcome would have no impact on the show’s renewal chances.

Walden ruled out the idea of continuing the series without Boreanaz and Deschanel. “We wouldn’t do the show without [both] David and Emily,” she maintained. “This is a conversation [about] continuing the series and announcing it as a final season in the 12th season, or whether we wrap it in the 11th.”

Bones is slated to resume its current 11th season in the spring (exact return date TBA).

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    • Z says:

      I hope Boreanaz, Deshanel & Co. win and Fox has to pay every cent they asked for. What a dishonest way to repaythose who made you so much $$$ over 11 years.
      Goodbye Bones :'(

      • Lyn says:

        I watch for the rest of the cast [got over B&B long ago] so, I’d be fine with Boreanaz and Deschanel being replaced.

      • Sandra Holl says:

        I hope that there will be at least season 12!! But at least there will be an end to season 11 David and Emily deserve to get what is coming to them bc of their contract!!! I love Bones and hat
        e to see it end!!!

        • Leona says:

          Yes. I AGREE get. On with the ENDof season 11!!! At Least- No wonder show is slipping Away! Idc about hearing season 12–FINISH 11. Stupid. Fox

      • anon says:

        The best thing that Dana said was no Bones without David & Emily, good to see a network value the leads who put in 11 years of sweat & dedication , take note ABC.

        No David & Emily, NO Bones

        • Derp says:

          yup…they were so invaluable that Fox decided to cheat them off of millions via some shady bookkeeping.

        • “11 years of sweat..”
          Sorry but acting is not a job of labor, nor ‘causing “sweat.”
          The shows may be entertaining, but these people are paid far to much for pretending to be things they are not… Actors are paid more than Doctors, which Save lives in the real world.

          • Kathy says:

            You’ve never been on a TV or movie set, have you? Yes, these people, actors and crew, DO work hard.

      • TV Shows don’t make money; they cost money to make… It’s the Commercials that bring in the money.

        • Kathy says:

          Not entirely correct. Licensing fees for tie-ins, syndication fees, and DVD sales are a few ways shows make money. And the commercials make money for the stations that run them — no shows, no commercials. So yeah, TV shows DO make money.

  1. I’m not really surprised, but kind of sad because it’s my all time favorite show.

  2. MissEllys says:

    Last season’s finale would have been a meaningful series finale, but I’m kind of glad they had another season because I started watching it for the first time. Now I can go back and watch all the previous seasons

  3. LIly says:

    At least they realize the show needs a meaningful ending, so hopefully they’ll decide soon. But seriously, still no return date?!

  4. Dean says:

    Probably for the best at this point what more can they do Bones and Booth are a family now so they got a happy ending everything since has just felt as a way to keep the shoe going. If they’re going to go down in flames then they should go out in a blaze.

  5. Jake says:

    Thank God, I can think of a dozen more that have been on way to long past their prime!

  6. heather says:

    Why do you have to be so chicken little with Bones headlines?

    There hasn’t been a decision made yet

    They are discussing it next week, which could easily have a positive outcome

  7. Jim Murray says:

    Temperance has always been uppity and sort of snotty but this past season she gotten really worse. Although I would hate to see the series be canceled becuse the secondary cast in my opinion is wonderful.

    • dragons3 says:

      RIght. She’s always been rude and blunt and outspoken, but now she’s just mean. She keeps taunting Booth with his gambling lapse, she’s nasty to her squinterns, she’s even mean to her co-workers, and she’s teaching Christine to be a superior, snotty little prig. I’ve always been a “Bones” fan and will watch to the bitter end, but it’s no longer a priority for me.

      • tannerose5 says:

        I agree with both Jim Murray and dragons3. Brennen has become unwatchable. She; rude and a terrible mother, teaching her daughter that she is better than every other child. As much as I’ve loved Booth, his wife . . .not so much.

        • kmw says:

          You guys aren’t watching the same Brennan as I have been. Booth just recently majorly lied to his wife not just once, with gambling, but twice with his behavior with his brother. Seriously you are remembering her from first few seasons and not last three where she has been a pretty good wife and good mother as well. Most women wouldn’t take kindly to being lied to a lot like Booth has been doing and the old Brennan would have left him high and dry. Also for the record she eventually came around to getting married ( and was willing to get married in his church) and just recently gave him a tv in their bedroom. Yes Brennan can still be arrogant especially with her interns( of course she isn’t supposed to be their friend) but she has been much better with Booth since they got together.

          • Nancy says:

            I totally agree KMW. Just because Brennan has a back bone, she’s rude and terrible. Brennan is a smart and confident scientist, and a warm and caring wife and mother. She’s tough professionally. I love and admire that.

          • Amber Gallagher says:

            i Agree, she always tries to understand what she has avoided her whole life. also she is tough on her interns but she loves everyone she works with. She is a good mother she just wants her daughter to b the image of her in life. even tho she does what booth always suggest end the end she always comes around. i love this show soo much

    • Jasmine says:

      I started watching after a crossover episode with Sleepy Hollow. I liked it and I have started watching from the beginning. I like Temperance & Booth, but really LOVE the supporting cast. I am much more interested in Angela & Jack’s relationship than Bones & Booth. I also Love Cam!

  8. eviloverlore says:

    “…but noted its outcome would have no impact on the show’s renewal chances” – My Big Butt.

  9. Audrey E. says:

    Is no one else going to call BS on this. It’s pretty obvious what Fox is doing- basically holding Bones hostage because the company got caught swindling everybody, it’s getting sued for the money, and being embarrassed in the process.
    First, Fox is preventing the current season from continuing. Now, it’s “let’s see” about a next one. Really? Cause we’re all just that dumb, we’ll fall for that?
    If Fox truly wanted to give Bones it’s deserved farewell, it’d give notice the season before the final season, not in the middle of it. At least have the decency to do that, Fox.

    • heather says:

      Yeah – when exactly is Bones returning to finish if the season?!

      What a way to treat their longest running drama – red headed step child to the end.. UGH

      • kmw says:

        Yep red headed step child to the end. About the only thing they got right is at least they are smart enough not to go on without David and Emily. Just FYI FOX really how hard is it to say Bones RETURN date is April 14th, its pretty obvious that’s when its coming back, unless your precious new shows tank so you can miraculously put Bones where they laid an egg. One more thing I took from it is that apparently everyone at Bones has until next week to say if they want to come back. Idiots at FOX I will never watch a thing on their network ever again

    • Kathy says:

      Nailed it, Audrey,

    • Kathy Bergeron says:

      Right on Audrey!! Well said!

    • Joy Darby says:

      as far as Fox swindling the cast – some of Fox’s shows are great – but we all have to remember that this is Fox and shouldn’t expect them to be upright or forthright.

  10. aph1976 says:

    I’m not surprised by this news but the show Bones has had a great run no matter what and may have lasted longer than some people thought it would.Plus just like Fox has decide whether to renew David Boreanaz and Emily Deschanel may have to decide to if they want to come back for another season.So Fox may talk to both of them to see what they may want. Plus the show’s producers might already be planning a series finale and not be caught unaware if Bones gets cancelled.However they might also be planning for next season too just in case and so they might have 2 different endings in mind for how this season ends

  11. KC says:

    Should have ended long ago.

  12. Barry says:

    Good God — the picture above — why don’t they copy Castle’s honeymoon on an Arizona dude ranch? Based upon that alone, it’s stick a fork in it for me.

    • LIly says:

      *rolls eyes* why don’t you go troll somewhere else?

    • Z says:

      The two shows are codependent, they borrow from each other’s storylines all the time. Bones’ season 11 premiere was inspiegabile by Castle’s last season’s, Castle’s season 8 premiere from Bones’ season 9.

  13. Boiler says:

    Just another example of FOX going down just like CW and TNT. One of their most watched shows even after 11 years and they rarely, Empire excluded, come up with anything better. After reading the CBS dude’s comments they may be following soon.

  14. Nancy says:

    LOL – like I believe the lawsuit has nothing to do with renewal?
    Walden needs to write for one of the Fox comedies! She’s funny!!

  15. FOX had left Bones off the mid-season schedule, so we don’t know if or when it will return

  16. Jan says:

    Lol. Renewal is ALWAYS about money; so, yes, any ‘ongoing legal battle’ will have an impact in the decision. That being said, it’s time to retire the show. Last year’s finale could have easily been a satisfying end.
    I doubt FOX will ever have another show with the longevity of Bones. I suspect they are well aware of this, so the BS/damage control will continue till an announcement is finally made.

  17. MzTeaze says:

    Its about time. This is yet another show that is showing signs that it’s past its prime. I’ve always enjoyed the show but the last few seasons haven’t been all that entertaining.

  18. Mattw says:

    Did we ever get an answer about what Pelant did to the clock? If this is the final season, they better answer that.

  19. 1mars says:

    Thankfully, no Bones without David and Emily. Ever since they turned them into supporting characters and the supporting character into leads, the show hasn’t been worth watching.

  20. anon says:

    “We wouldn’t do the show without [both] David and Emily,” she maintained. “This is a conversation [about] continuing the series and announcing it as a final season in the 12th season, or whether we wrap it in the 11th.”

    I think DOES Bones deserves a final season to say goodbye…a swan song…

  21. chuckfanforever says:

    Have not watched the show for 3+ seasons. I tried to but the show just lost something. .

  22. Zoe says:

    Honestly, it’s time. Bones lost me several seasons ago when they completely botched the resolution to B&B’s will they/won’t they.

  23. Em says:

    I’m not sure how to handle this… this has been, and still is, may fave show. I’m glad they’re not considering continuing without David and Emily, despite the strong supporting cast, they make the show and it wouldn’t be the same without. I’d love the Bones team to know at the start of a final season it was the last (even if they got a truncated final season a la Fringe) so they could wrap everything up and give us a good end to a long, good story.

  24. Nancy says:

    I still love Bones. One of the few shows I will watch live. But I agree, no show without Emily and David. I’m glad they aren’t talking about moving forward without them.

  25. Mary Pearl says:

    Please let it be a Season 12, we love this show so much, Emily and David is the Best please bring it back!! 😇

  26. Maria says:

    They won’t continue the show without BOTH leads.
    Castle producers…are you taking notes on this???

  27. Ruth Ann Walker says:

    Well, my take is…..BONES IS BEST SHOW ON FOX & TV PERIOD……..This is a good and decent show…..That has made FOX a lot of money……And (1) FOX, held back money due B&B,R &P…….Those in lawsuit……..(2) FOX….never promoted the Show…..Or showed any interest……(3)Put Bones on long Haitus, then talked about low ratings, what do you expect(4) Didn’t send them to Comic Con…..(5) No pictures or video’s…….Bummer……..No without B&B in the show, I would not watch….Ms Deschanel & Mr Boreanez have been loyal & dedicated to Bones………They spent long & hard hours away from their family to make Bones the BEST. B&B are outstanding actors…….And for 11 long years……..have been snubbed by People’s Choice Awards (I know PCA is fans voting, but I really question the process/long story), or an Emmy……..I personally hate to see BONES end…..I LOVE BONES……Never miss a new episode & due my very best to watch re-runs on TNT & Weekends CW/Great 38 TV………I can see why B&B might be tired of constant threats for last few years of cancellation, contract disputes & long Haitus…….I am not happy with FOX…..NBC has had Law & Order/SUV on now for [17] years and going strong……I ADMIRE & APPLAUD THEM……….Again, BONES IS BEST SHOW FOX HAS ON THEIR NETWORK & TV…..Sorry this is so long, but I am disgusted with FOX.

    • PCAs aren’t fair period. My show has been nominated every single season it’s been on. It’s always lost to Castle, and this year it lost to Person of Interest that is going out too. Why can’t a show that still has staying power win for once? And an actor better than Fillion…

      But in response to your topic, I am slightly disgusted in Fox. I did like Bones, but a few things started to turn me away from the series. And I think the latest development with one of my favorite characters did it for me. That may be the straw that broke the camel’s back.

  28. thank you I wish all the best to a wonderful show no matter what

  29. Finally a network exec makes sense. Time to bury that “Bones” show…Castle is Next!

  30. Gloria Shoemaker says:

    Best show ever hope it doesn’t get cancelled

  31. Alison Rae says:

    I hope it gets another season, cause if Idol can get a full farewell season than its longest running show deserves a proper send off. Also I’m already losing Rizzoli &isles & Mike & Molly.

  32. Laura C says:

    As much as I like Booth & Brennan & will miss the show, I will REALLY miss some of the others even more; Angela & Hodgens, Wendell, and Max, the DA lady, then Cam & Aristoo. Bones has a great cast that worked well together. I hope they give their final farewell in FINE fashion.

  33. Carol Marts says:

    I want BONES to come back

  34. kmw says:

    So this is the outcome I expected today. FOX running around in circles about their LONGEST running drama. Not only a run around but STILL no return date. What is so hard about giving Bones an end date or even in this case a return date? I really hope Boreanaz and Deschanel stick to their lawsuit and get what they deserve. Really with a months notice they will craft a goodbye that respects this show? Since when has FOX respected this show or its fans. Never. FOX renews the terrible Scream Queens, is rebooting two shows( one of which, 24, is going on without its star) and has no programming sense whatsoever. Bones going out with any dignity from FOX is not going to happen I just hope that WHATEVER end we the fans and every cast member gets will be true to show and characters. Booth and Brennan are the best and so are David and Emily, I hope both never work for FOX ever again

  35. vp44 says:

    I hope they get what they deserve and keep the show going. I watch all the eweuns on TNT, love the show and hope it stays on.

  36. vp44 says:

    I meant reruns. Sorry!!

  37. Linda says:

    Why do they keep taking all of the good shows off and just keep the stupid ones on.

  38. Charlie says:

    There is still so much that can be dealt with. And a handful of episodes will not cut it. At least give the fans a 12th season.

  39. BillyBobJohnson says:

    Yeah, sure, the lawsuit will have nothing to do with the show’s cancellation. Do Fox executives still think we’re all that dumb?

  40. Temperance says:

    Bones was effectively over several seasons ago. Put a fork in it.

  41. Jackie says:

    That’s just crap!! The only reason they’re iffy on doing more is because they don’t want to give Emily and David the money that they owe them…how stupid!!!! This show has an amazing fan base…you end it and you will have A LOT of pissed off people!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  42. Pat says:

    I am very sad after reading this. I have watched Bones from day one and I still watch all there reruns over and over, so yes I am a very loyal fan. As far as a series finale, I am not sure if we will be getting the happily ever afters that I so want for all of the characters on this show to have. I just hope that I am wrong.

  43. kmw says:

    Also another thing that amazed me that came out of Walden’s mouth was their blaming the delay of the season on Emily and her baby when apparently she forgot that David was ill. Also she states ” its top of next week business” for talking to show runners when in fact those same show runners stated quite clearly earlier this year they wanted more years. FOX stop treating viewers like were a bunch of morons and give David and Emily a raise to come back for a shortened final season. instead of saying they can still wrap things up properly right now which the show runners would have to change story plans for. What a bunch of idiots running FOX.

    • anon says:

      From another site

      “They were getting through the beginning of the season: they got a bit of a delayed start on the show because of Emily’s pregnancy, and some other complications. We started a bit later. I think we’re on production of episode 11 or 12”

      I think the other complications was a nod to David’s health issues.

      But she is wrong on the ep count, Bones is shooting ep 14 currently, so they really do need to decide this week or so if they are writing series or season end, time is ticking, and like you said the writers did want another season as stated before but ultimately I think it will be down to David & Emily, if they have enough gas in their tank to do another season? 11 years being the leads, carrying the bulk of the scenes I am surprised they aren’t burnt out. Also the law suit is a factor no matter what Dana says in my book, we aren’t naive, but then again they kept Duchnovy/Xfiles after he sued

      So maybe Fox will act mature & graciously offer Bones cast & crew fans a 12th season swan song.

      • anon says:

        For a more positive note from Tvline’s sister site Deadline , said stars David Boreanaz and Emily Deschanel need to resign up again to which Deadline heard there have been some preliminary steps in that direction, which in their view was a promising sign on efforts to extend Bones.

      • kmw says:

        As I later saw on Deadline, they indeed, like Anon said the preliminary steps are in the right direction and you are right she did say other complications but to me she is trying to deflect the lack of a renewal on David and Emily when its really on them. To me its pretty easy to give a pay raise( after they have been cheating them out of their earnings) to it stars of its ” cash cow”. All I can say is I hope for the best

  44. CaraM says:

    I too love Bones. I tell myself everyday I won’t watch the reruns on TNT but I can’t help myself. This to me is the sign of a classic; when you can keep watching the same episodes again and again. Just watched the 9/11 – homeless man episode again yesterday and I was crying all over again.
    The nuances, the humanity, the truth, the reality, the characters, the oddball-ness.
    One of my favorite shows EVER and I will miss it, whenever it’s gone!

  45. Jeri says:

    I would watch “The Jeffersonian.” I like all the characters so much, they would keep my attention. Definitely better than Major Crimes, Brendas’ loss is noticed on every episode.

  46. kathleen hall says:

    JUST LIKE EVERYTHING IT’S ALL ABOUT $$$$. My favourite show is no different. Guess I was duped all along. Will definitely miss it. Everyone seemed to fit together like a puzzle that was solved every week. CLASS LOSES AGAIN. a shame

  47. teresa says:

    this is such a good show i love the cast wish it would stay on

  48. Marie says:

    Bones is the best series I’ve seen on t.v. forever My granddaughter n I enjoy watching it together and thanks to dish network watching the shows I tape when I’m not home at note I sit n enjoy cause there are very few shows as well put together as bones. Please don’t stop.

  49. Mary S says:

    IF the ratings for Bones have dropped, it’s because the writers, showrunners, WHOMEVER is responsible for the horrible storylines this year, fell down on the job, taking the rest of us with them.
    I LOVE the show. Always have, always will, but paralyzing Hodgins is the stupidest thing I have ever seen! Before that, they wrote out Cam’s sweetheart, gave her a new one, then brought back the original. And they killed off Booth’s brother, making us think it was Booth himself…it was a terrible convoluted storyline with ridiculous plotlines. What we fell in love with was the relationship of the characters and how they solve crimes together.
    Have the new writers never learned how to write that kind of story?
    Just give us back the original writers – or the original attitudes of the characters – let them do what they do best, and quit trying to “fix” something that wasn’t broken until the writing staff changed!

    • Laura C says:

      Amen Mary S, and a hundred thumbs UP. The writers have forgotten what made the show great to BEGIN with, they need to go back and watch the first few seasons. The cast ensemble was great, their comraderie working together solving crimes, each using their unique talents and bringing them to the table. The writers the last few seasons have messed up BIG TIME. I’m still mad that they killed off Sweets and put in some look alike doofus. We didn’t NEED another FBI guy, Sweets was the shrink/profiler that provided a good balance to their work.

    • heather says:

      I like THIS season of Bones a hell of lot more than S10

      At least these showrunners have focused more on B&B partnership (unlike Stephen Nathan did) and brought a little fun to their relationship

      We have got a really great Thanksgiving ep, Parker’s return, date nights with B&B and Hodgela, Betty White, BETTY WHITE, I have no problem with Cam & Arastoo breaking up, he is so angry boy with her, remember dragging her away from his parents, who where really supportive of them, grow up dude.. Cam deserves some fun, I agree Aubrey is a useless addition, so if they need to cut costs for S12, cut him out pleaaaase, he can join senate.

      We will have to see how Hodgins being paralysed works out long term, it won’t be permanent given the cause of it, IMO, people go through life changing experiences all the time, why not Hodgin’s too?

      • kmw says:

        Yes this season has been much better. Booth and Brennan are being utilized better( to an extent) and it is just balanced better as opposed to last season when Aubry was shoved down our throats and Booth and Brennan as partners especially were completely sidelined. I agree about waiting to see about Hodgins, the show runners seemed like they intend to keep him in wheelchair. I really find it amusing that Walden says Bones wont go on without David and Emily, because if FOX has a big enough say so in approving stories why would they allow Booth and Brennan to be sidelined so badly last year(I know Emily was pregnant but the lack of scenes between her and David was so glaring that I know it was more than that) And I definitely respect these show runners more because they seem to have an ACTUAL series finale in place just in case and if its not they can still use it as a springboard to a next season if they should get one. I still don’t get how last years finale was ever going to be a satisfying finale when your lead actors only had three scenes together. You know FOX at least seemingly wants Bones back because if they didn’t they would have said this was their last season from the beginning of this year. The show runners have both stated they want another year, it appears( according to Deadline and Collier and Peterson themselves) that David and Emily are open to one more year, so we know what it comes down to; money!! and not just the lawsuit money. Not only does FOX treat this show like a piece of trash but it has been cheating them for several years now. It amazes me that David and Emily( professionals that they are in all) would even consider negotiating with them anymore. Memo to FOX; give them a pay raise and a fitting final season( with possibly some ACTUAL promotion) and then you can let your ” cash cow” go and hope that all of your other dramas can get to syndication or last as long or do what Bones did for you and that’s hop all over the schedule being the networks” team player”. Over the years I have often wondered why FOX picked up Bones seeing is how they don’t seem to like it except for their money. I am sorry for rambling but at this point I am just a frustrated fan whos disgusted by the treatment Bones has received over the years and want a return date which is something FOX is incapable of doing

        • DG19 says:

          I used to be a die-hard Bones fan, until they ruined the award winning formula that drew most of their fans in – Booth and Bones. Emily and David were on the front of magazine covers with articles that praised their chemistry. Booth and Brennan were not only work partners, but there was definitely a romantic spark between them that had fans begging for more. We enjoyed all of their fun little bickering sessions, the hilarious sessions with their shrink, and the sweet moments at the end of every show that usually had them giving each other steamy, meaningful looks. We waited for six LONG years for that big pay-off moment (that most shows give fans the courtesy of getting to see), and suffered through ¾ of a season watching Booth pretend to be in love with that blonde re-call model! Then, they conveniently skipped right over our BIG moment without so much as a kiss, and went straight to “I’m pregnant!” We never got to witness a meaningful talk between them – they skipped (or skimmed) over most of the “heart” scenes from that time on. Writers did a horrible job with the whole marriage proposal/Pelant ending – it seemed half-hearted and rushed. After everything that they had been through with Pelant, it seemed really dry and meaningless. They have done a horrible job over the years keeping Brennan in character; she used to be super cool – she kicked bad guys around and she was not quite as robotic and clueless when the show first started! She actually knew some of those “modern day” phrases, and was even witty at times! Seriously, some people (writers) need to watch season 1 again and compare her character to later seasons. Booth and Brennan got married, (again seemed rushed having to fit a murder into the episode) and after that, it was as if the writers/show-runners were done with them. Even the “honeymoon” episode had almost zero romance! The show started focusing on the secondary characters and leaving Booth and Bones out of the equation. Season 10 was a DISASTER because of the disappearance of Booth and Brennan, and many of us still hate Aubrey because he is a scene thief who adds nothing to the show! People have lost interest in the Booth and Brennan relationship because we don’t get to see much of a relationship anymore! They are no longer work partners – Aubrey seems to be the head FBI guy now, and he has to be in at least half the scenes (which makes many of us wish he would have been killed off in the fall finale). When I have to fast forward through most of the show to get to a Booth and Brennan scene, something is wrong! When we see B&B together in a domestic scene, they are usually sitting across the table from each other or simply talking; there has been literally no romance between them for a very long time! The only kisses we see are in the opening credits!! There was more intimacy between them before they became a couple, and that stinks! This is very discouraging for many of us, and it has taken the heart (and spark) out of the show! For many of us, that is what we used to tune in to see – the sparks fly between our two beloved LEAD characters! I am quite certain that this is the reason for the ratings decline, since I have seen many other fans saying the same things. Give us back the Booth and Brennan dynamic, or Bones (and FOX) may as well come to an end!! It is maddening to see such a great show ruined!

          • JOANNE FAUST says: