Yvonne Strahovski 24 Returns

A New 24 Minus Yvonne Strahovski? Writers Wanted to 'Start From Scratch'

A new 24 without Jack Bauer? That we can kind of understand — Kiefer Sutherland after all has run and gunned through many a very bad day.

But given how the show’s most recent incarnation, 24: Live Another Day, positioned Yvonne Strahovski‘s CIA agent Kate Morgan as an heir apparent, it had to be asked: Why will Fox’s newly announced revival, 24: Legacy, be headlined by an all-new character surrounded by not one familiar face?

The answer: in short, this is a full-on 24 reboot.

According to Fox, Legacy will center on a military hero who encounters a troubled return to the U.S., compelling him to ask CTU for help in saving his life and stopping what potentially could be one of the largest-scale terror attacks on American soil. There are nods in the pilot to prior CTU agents, but no ongoing characters.

Agreeing that Strahovski did “a fantastic job” in 24: LAD, Fox co-chair/CEO Dana Walden said that having Kate Morgan lead the next charge “is just not the story that the executive producers came in to pitch us.

“We didn’t go them to say, ‘We want a reboot.’ They came in to us  to say, ‘We have a fantastic idea,'” Walden explained.

Seeing as how 24: Legacy will — as Live Another Day first did — abandon the real-time, 24-episode format, the producers said, “‘Now we want to start from scratch,'” Walden related. “They really didn’t want to revisit what we’ve already explored.”

As for announcing a time of death on the aforementioned 24-episode structure, Walden said that the idea to “jump a little bit and [cover a day] over 12 hours” is something that Fox brass have long wanted to do. In today’s ultra-competitive TV climate, “I don’t think any of us believes [24 episodes] would be a smart way to go.”

Will you give 24: Legacy a chance, pending casting of its new day-saver?

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  1. Bring back Tony. They have to resolve the cliffhanger from the short episode.

  2. Shaun says:

    So abandon the format and abandon the leads?WTH!!!

    • Mary says:

      Not in the least. Give them a better story and just pretend they aren’t coming back for awhile. This is like the beginning of 24 when we were told that it was just Jack and Chloe coming back. (There was also Keeler, too, but no one really cared about him.) They talk about rebooting and new central characters– which they have to do periodically because they kill an average of 10 characters an episode on this (my favorite) show.

      They’ll bench Jack for a little while to build back around to his story. In the meantime, it’ll still be in real time and CTU (a character in and of itself) is coming back plus there’s definitely Tony and at least two others who are highly likely if you think about it.

      You also might recall that Live Another Day was talked about as being a fresh start for the series and that we shouldn’t count on any returning characters. Five characters came back… and that was the one they set overseas. Legacy is set in the U.S.. This’ll all look different in a couple of months.

  3. wrstlgirl says:

    I would love to see Tony again. I just don’t get all the negativity surrounding this. If they get the right cast it could work but people are dismissing it without giving it a chance which to me is unfortunate for them.

    • Mary says:

      Agreed. It’s going to be awesome.

      Plus, give me a break… Jack’ll be back eventually. The plot that results as of the end of Day 9 is too good to pass up and besides if you’ve seen Solitary? It seems likely that “Jack” made an important phone call in it. So, I wouldn’t worry about never seeing Jack again.

  4. erica says:

    Disappointing, Yvonne Strahovski killed in the last 24 installment. I was looking forward to seeing her really lead the charge in the next installment.

    • Mary says:

      She’ll likely be back. This article is trying to stir up something where there’s nothing– nothing was said in the TCAs about her not coming back, just that the lead is a new character. That’s actually better because protagonists are usually more simplistic overall and Kate’s a complicated lady ;)

      • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

        Um, wrong. But really, what do I know?

        • Mary says:

          So they officially said she wouldn’t be back? In that way that you guys also said that Tony would never come back but then turned out to be the bonus feature of the DVD? :b I’m just saying– this article seems like you’re just trying to get traffic to your site instead of reporting on what they actually said. Nowhere else is reporting that Yvonne Strahovski won’t be returning.

          • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

            So… I made up Ms. Walden’s quotes? As well as the quotes I just got from 24 producer Howard Gordon saying same…?

          • Jg says:

            Matt said:
            “So… I made up Ms. Walden’s quotes? As well as the quotes I just got from 24 producer Howard Gordon saying same…”

            Matt, saying you just got quotes, implies that the story was revised/edited. You can’t blame peole for continuing to post on a story without rereading the story every time before they post, especially when you NEVER add a comment st the start of any story that it has been edited or revised.

            This has been s problem of yours since you started this site, is it that hard to add Recised st the start of the article?

      • Mac says:

        They said she wasn’t going to be part of it so that pretty much says it all…no

    • Patrick says:

      IDGAF what the last plot set up. Fox was probably never going to make an action show with a female lead.

    • Nick Hayden says:

      me to i was really hoping she would be in this new 24 she was my favorite character from LAD

  5. JC says:

    Very disappointing news.

  6. Steven says:

    This isn’t even 24 anymore. I’m out.

  7. JeffDJ says:

    At this early stage, I’m not that enthusiastic about this project. Damn, Kate Morgan can’t even be the new guy’s planned female co-lead?

  8. Et al. says:

    So this show has nothing to do with 24 aside from the two numerals in the title? They might as well call it Empire: Legacy and get some ratings out of the mess.

  9. Lisa says:

    What a horrible decision. Not only was kate the perfect replacement for jack but to abandon the 24 format is just nonsense. Why even do it? Its not even 24. Im out

    • Mary says:

      She’ll be back. You actually don’t want her to replace Jack– that’s a less complicated role. The protagonist is always the least complex character. Kate was built for more than that.

      • Lisa says:

        Im just going off the article stating that no previous players will be a part of it. If shell be playing a supporting role im all for it but they should announce that some characters from previous days will be showing up

  10. Drew says:

    24 never should have been about one character and one type of situation. The thing that killed the show (for me) was that the writers obviously had no idea where they were going from one episode to the next. They certainly never had an end in mind. So, they kept treading water and repeating themselves over and over.
    Had the show changed casts and tightened their stories way more, it could have been a really cool concept for a show. It’s the type of show that needs to be planned all the way to the end before they write the first script.
    Season 2 could have been a natural disaster instead of anther terrorist. There was no reason to keep repeating. I doubt that I will watch any 24 at this point, but if I knew that they were going about it differently, I might give it a shot.

  11. Joanne says:

    It makes no sense to spend a season developing her character and then starting from scratch.

  12. Luis says:

    Borrow the name “24” but abandon the format? Its called cheating

  13. ceebee says:

    No Bueno….. :-( Very Disappointing!!!

  14. I watched “Live Another Day” because of Yvonne, I doubt if I will watch “Legacy” without her.

  15. MissEllys says:

    Yvonne, you’re too awesome for today’s TV I’m afraid.

  16. JC says:

    Rubbish decision. Yvonne was great in the last 24.

  17. Mary says:

    The last time the producers wanted to start from scratch, we got Day 4… in which damn near everyone comes back. It’s already said-without-being-said that Tony’s in Legacy. (Google 24: Solitary if you haven’t seen it, since it’s awesome.)

    Where there is Tony, there is eventual Jack Bauer.

    This article is nonsensical, since they also said “never say never” to returning characters and didn’t discount Kate Morgan. Plus, that “female former head of CTU” character they won’t give a name to almost has to be Nadia Yassir and the time jump based off of Solitary leaves it highly likely Ethan Kanin could be the President.

    There is no such thing as a full 24 reboot– it’s impossible to do and no one will want to watch it. They’ll bench Jack Bauer for a few hours, introduces us to the new squad so Tony has someone to play with, then bring Jack in right when Tony is trying to take a nap, dammit. Jack doesn’t need to be a regular character– it’s actually better if he’s not. Then, they can do that cool Russian mole plot that’s bubbling up with him.

  18. opus says:

    Ridiculous!!! It isn’t 24 anymore. It is a whole new show. So don’t steal the name. And give us more Yvonne as Kate Morgan in a real 24 update.

  19. Dave Patel says:

    Man! I was looking forward to Kate Morgan kicking some butt in a new 24. She was excellent, badass and sexy as all get-out. Kinda disappointed. Been a loyal fan since the beginning. Now? Not so sure.

  20. Mr. Tran K says:

    Fox better hope that the upcoming 24 reboot will end now that Kiefer Sutherland is done for good.

  21. Pat says:

    It would be great if they didn’t screw us around with a stupid ending last time and then give us solitary and d*ck us around with that. Why bother leaving an open ending and even doing solitary if they weren’t ever going to do anything with it? Stupid.

  22. acurat says:

    I liked Yvonne from her Chuck days and doing her own stunts. They used her for that very ability in the last 24. I understand they want the full reboot, but she is very strong in an action series. There is also the thing that she likes doing different things as well and with her athleticism she may just get them.

  23. Mr. Tran K says:

    What if they should cast Ramon Rodriguez for the lead role?

  24. AJ says:

    A reboot is a reboot. Star Trek is doing okay without Shatner, last I checked. An action drama with a focus on domestic terrorism is more relevant today than when 24 originally aired, so I think it will do well, depending on the cast *cough*Oded Fehr*cough* I’m sure 24 will benefit from a polish and fresh approach. I won’t miss anyone. That said, I think what everyone’s really saying is, Yvonne is awesome and we’d like to see her as the central character in SOMEthing spy-oriented. You can take the girl out of the Orange Orange, but…

  25. LynnH says:

    It’s not 24 without Kiefer. Full stop. Not interested.

  26. kmw says:

    Nope no Kiefer no me. FOX just keeps on getting stupider by the day

  27. Jerri says:

    Will they be rebooting Bones next but minus DB & ED?

  28. Ray says:

    What a stupid idea. The fans loved the characters more than the format of the show. No Jack, No Chloe, No Kate. No chance I watch.

  29. BillyBobJohnson says:

    What’s that smell? Oh, it’s failure. Count me out.

  30. Kari says:


  31. Kevin says:

    Honestly, is it too difficult for networks to come up with original ideas for TV shows so we don’t have to succumb to constant reboots? This is ludicrous. Original ideas and concepts tv execs!!!

  32. Babygate says:

    No Jack, no Chloe and no Kate, no thanks.

  33. prish says:

    Wow! If even 24 cannot get a 24-episode order, times must be tough. The suits need to produce for all ages, not just the younger demo. In the summer of 1996 in Portland Oregon, I got a phone call from a survey, wanting to ask questions about JAG. I told them I was a more mature age than anybody wanted these days, and they told me they wanted to hear opinions and get questions answered from all ages, this time. They kept me on the phone for 45 minutes, asking all kinds of detailed questions about how I felt about character interactions, backgrounds, etc. And I think I had only seen one episode of the show. Then JAG showed up on CBS, and I recognized some changes I had wanted from our talk. JAG became very successful for 9 years and spawned NCIS. The upshot is they need to produce for all ages of viewers to keep TV watching as a cultural center and an entertainment everyone can count on.

  34. Bark Star says:

    The realtime concept never worked.

  35. DT says:

    I find the far majority of reboots to be uncreative and unimaginitive. They are simply lazy. Let classic shows and movies be and come up with something new! Sheesh. I avoid reboots, let alone ones done on my all-time favorite show (24), so I will not be watching.

  36. technuttz says:

    I would like to see more of yvonne Strahovski, Kiefer Sutherland and Mary Lynn Rajskub…. If there is new character to be added , then him a new name….

  37. Mac says:

    I especially love when the Fox exec announced that they only want a non-white lead. When did this become a tend or okay? How about you find the lead that best fits the part regardless of race.

  38. Paul says:

    So, no characters, and no using the distinctive “24 hours a season” hook. This isn’t so much a “reboot” as it is a “completely new show”. They’re wrapping it in the tattler remnants of the original show to gull the stupid. My guess is, it won’t work.

  39. partisan says:

    In other words, “We don’t want a female lead.”

  40. MD says:

    The reboot should start with Jack dying helping the new guy escaping the russian prison. This gives long time fans closure with Jack and a new chapter begins.

  41. drhenning says:

    Before everyone complains that it won’t be 24 without Jack, let’s see what they come up with… It’s not as if it costs us anything… I tend to enjoy most of these types of shows… In my mind, Homeland is the new 24 these days anyway and that’s got Howard Gordon involved as well. Difference is Homeland is on Pay TV.

  42. Bruce Wayne says:

    No Jack Bauer or Kate Morgan equals no interest on my part.

    24 with a Millennial star is a snore from the get go.

  43. I don’t think so absolutely not damn you bring jack Bauer NOW or else I going get strike AHHH that’s what I’m not happy with you the fan will upset this is dana Walden fault she one for unfit and we want 24 episode on Fox now not replace them it will be too late and we want keifer Sutherland back and gang too hurry up you moron

  44. Bring jack Bauer NOW or else I’ll scream AHHH I don’t care just do it it was just a rumors

  45. Evan says:

    I’m not at all interested in watch a “24” that does not include Kiefer Sutherland or any of the cast. Not interested in Heath from “Walking Dead” or Miranda Otto. I disagree with the producer who says the idea is the star. Kiefer Sutherland is the star.

  46. Jason Reece says:

    24 without Chloe would be like Criminal Minds without Penelope…..it just won’t work! =(

  47. Steven Bartolotta says:

    Will not watch without agent Morgan and at least a cameo by jack

  48. Risith says:

    Bros seriously, 2 awesome stars and you give it up just like that? Pls guys bring at least ONE old character

  49. Mike Wilson-Barrett says:

    I am a bit confused in the direction Gordon and Fox are taking with 24. Yes Legacy is a spin off but they are so many unsolved cliffhangers such as the plot they set up in Solitary with Tony. Kate Morgan’s story after being reinistated. And Jack being freed from Russia. Not to mention Chloe and her dealing with the Deaths of her son and Morris.

    I understand the need for a spin off but it should be followed up with Day 10 with the main cast (No matter what Keifer says Jack’s story is NOT done – Especially so many lose ends eg. Reconnecting with Kim)

    Also I am afraid Fox the 12 episode time jump doesnt work. The time jump is what spoilt LAD IMO. You cannot leave it how LAD finished and not follow up it. I am seriously considering skipping the spin off. Legacy’s trailer looks awful compared to what I expected. You cannot completely fundamentally change everything to do with 24 and expect fans to be onboard and not upset about it.

    24 has always been about family and always about a very close bond between longstanding characters. Completely redesigning the show after a formula that worked and was working for 12+ years is completely the wrong play and shows that they were really out of ideas.

    Here is a plot idea. From me that could of set the basis for Day 10. Carry on from Solitary. Tony states he wants to put right what he says consumed him. He is somehow released from Jail. He hooks up with Chloe who tells him what happened to Jack in London. Kate Morgon who has returned to the U.S is now the lead agent in the reinstated CTU L.A branch gets a call from Chloe explaining their plan to storm Russia and get Jack back. Chloe is brought back into CTU. Kate and Tony set out to free Jack

    Meanwhile Jack who is being held in solitary himself has gone mad and is having hallucinations and believes he is having conversions with the likes of President David Palmer, Teri Bauer. Nina Myers. Michelle Delssier. George Mason. Bill Bucannon ect (This will allow former stars to appear who have been killed off)

    It’s all about getting Jack back on home turf, reuniting with Kim and giving him and Keifer closure to the character plus fleshing out or closing other character story archs as well. Giving Tony a chance at redemption and closure with him letting go of Michelle. Chloe dealing with the loss of her loved ones and moving on. Kate on her development into lead agent for the future.

    Then you can run with the spin off. Once these stories have been concluded or fleshed out.

    Thats my full opinion on it. I will probably write up Day 10 myself in a fanfic when Ive finished re-watching the entire show. I Just think they jumped the gun with the spin off all because Kiefer said he was probably done with it. Which was hugely disappointing still alot more he can give to 24.

  50. David Curnow says:

    Fox you really stuffed up. Y. Syrahovski / Kate Morgan was awesome, both the portrayal & the character. I will be boycotting this, I can’t help feeling that u fear having a female lead. Shame on you cowards. Bring back Kate