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Teachers: Did TV Land's New Comedy Make the Grade?

Somewhere between the first day of kindergarten and the college commencement ceremony, we’ve all racked up a list of teachers we’ve found memorable — for reasons both good and bad.

And now, thanks to TV Land’s Teachers, we’re not sure we can look at those educators the same way again.

The freshman comedy, which debuted Wednesday night, follows six elementary-school instructors as they navigate both their professional and personal lives — and I, for one, will now always wonder whether my second-grade teacher was hooking up with a drug dealer in her free time.

Although the series premiere does have a central plot — in which the teachers try to solve their school’s bullying problem… by making it way worse — the half-hour episode also introduces us to each woman’s quirks, both positive and negative. (But mostly negative.)

Ms. Snap, for example (played by Katy Colloton) is obsessed with her appearance, so much so that she forces a student to draw three separate pictures of her, to ensure her cheekbones are on proper display even when they’re depicted in crayon. Ms. Watson (Kate Lambert) is still emotionally unstable after a break-up… that happened 14 months ago. And Ms. Adler (Kathryn Renée Thomas) won’t rest until she gets revenge on her high school bullies (including a particularly cruel former classmate, played by executive producer/Community alum Alison Brie, who guest-stars in the pilot).

If Teachers has one flaw, it’s that each scene ends too briefly, just as the six leading ladies are finding their rhythm — a problem, I suspect, that stems from Teachers‘ original web-series format. That aside, the rookie comedy is clever, entertaining and another strong rebranding effort from the network that houses it.

But what did you think? Now that you’ve seen the show, make like one of TV Land’s Teachers and grade the series premiere! 

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Stacy says:

    Nope. It’s not doing it for me.

  2. Reba42 says:

    I had it on as filler since the rest of my night was packed with awesome MoL and Criminal Minds. I was waiting for the re-show of Younger. Pretty meh, except for the fist fight with the “Bully Goat”.

  3. Sara says:

    Really? They took Soul Man off and put this on?

  4. aha says:

    Couldn’t catch the show but the web series was really funny. Teachers can’t be any less funny than the preview for Lopez.

  5. What a horrible horrible show.. I actually had to turn it off after 20 min. Truth is funny and there was nothing relatable to anyone here.. none of these people seemed real, but more like dumb caricatures.

  6. Komper says:

    Teachers. Now that was 30 minutes of my life I will never get back. Nothing about the episode was funny. From crude sexual jokes, to teachers attacking each other in front of their own students, to shouting at their students and being mean to them. The episode was supposed to be about anti-bullying and yet you have teachers bullying their students? How this series ever made it to production beats the hell out of me.

  7. Tine says:

    The show was hilarious, very funny!

  8. matty says:

    I’ll be watching it again. I watched the whole web series in one sitting!

  9. Kim says:

    What an abysmal disgrace! Cannot believe TVLand would air such a base, vulgar, crude show…will NOT watch again!

  10. HAP says:

    Didn’t watch because who the Hell schedules a scripted comedy show premiere at 11PM?

  11. AM says:

    I wouldn’t call it a good show by any means but it did get a few laughs out of me. Makes sense that it’s based on a web series, because it comes off as such. The Katydids are quite funny so I’ll be tuning in for their performances regardless of the material.

  12. april says:

    Its horrible. Inappropriate…. vulgar. The worst show I have ever watched. Take it off…….

  13. Patsy says:

    Shame on you !!! Children spend more time with their teachers than their parents these days. WHY would you make them look non-professional ?

  14. Mare says:

    That was horrible. So stupid. And not funny stupid. Bad bad bad

  15. solowillmom says:

    Instead of making fun of hard-working teachers, why not show what the job really entails? We are facing a teacher shortage in many states & your show won’t help entice the best & brightest to this profession.

  16. vannabbott says:

    Just from the preview I knew this was a fail to me. No teachers of color. Refuse to give my time and energy to places and people that chooses not to include me. Does not engage in any way with people or tooics that is a reflection of me. I will read Instead. And, yes I am a teacher

  17. Steve Saullo says:

    Another outlet where America’s teachers can be bashed? C’mon folks, if not for those teachers you wouldn’t have the skills for those fancy TV jobs…

  18. Kimberly DeHart says:

    This show is degrading to people who do the work of bettering our nation. If this show were about a black family, promoting terrible stereotypes you wouldn’t air it. This show and the false assumptions it makes and stereotypes it promotes is wrong!

  19. Sethredge says:

    No other profession would stand for this kind of degrading, immature, nonsensical version of what they do. We should mount the same type of protest the nurses did after “The View” did this to them. I’m furious over this.

  20. Kim McMurray says:

    I was offended by it. So over the top , and not funny. Vulgarity that is meant for humor? Just sooooo bad, don’t waste your time.

  21. Dawn says:

    Degrading to every teacher that spends their days (nights and weekends) working group their asses off for children. You You couldn’t pay me to watch this garbage again.

  22. gI says:

    Children’s Hospital. Reno 911.

    Lighten up.

  23. Karen Beth says:

    I couldn’t believe how they portrayed teachers in such a negative light. Any teacher watching this would be offended. Educators spend years of their lives getting degrees in order to teach. You would never find a teacher just sitting at her desk taking selfies! Even if it was supposed to be funny, it wasn’t.

  24. Allie says:

    Its a terrible example with them teaching the kids, Stab, Stab, Stab! What is wrong with America today is we need some good examples and even for adults. I don’t like it at all. What is wrong with them, showing a kid cursing Jesus Christ at the teachers? I hate it

  25. Phyllis says:

    This would be rated xxx a few years ago. I never imagined we would resort to this volgur series for entertainment. I’m sure your money is wasted.

  26. Susan says:

    I think this is a horrible type of so called comedy! Telling kids to stab,, stab, stab . Is this what your writers can come up with? Boy are we in trouble!!

  27. Becky Heathcock says:

    I HATE it! Worst TV show ever!! Taught school for 40 years! You could have had every teacher in America watching if it weren’t so stupid!! Visit some schools and you would see that there is plenty of material that’s funny and realistic at the same time!! This show is disgusting!!

  28. Cora Matthews says:

    These writers have to be the stupidest people – ignorant – out there. Absolutely can’t believe the garbage & low life attitude of them. Hope this show does a quick death!!!!

  29. Sandee says:

    HATE IT! Degrading and Stupid. It disgusts me and I turn the channel every time I see a trailer. Certainly not a comedy.

    • Cee Ter says:

      Amen!!! My sentiments EXACTLY!! It’s tv shows like this that make me wonder why I continue to spend money on cable service they brings this trashy stupid tasteless entertainment into my home!

  30. katanya231 says:

    Why not make a comedy more pro teachers, but more about what we really have to deal with without making teachers look like ding bats. Community is funny but does a better job. I challenge you to that TV land! There is a lot of things we go through that could be comedic but don’t throw us teachers under the bus! I have no problem laughing at myself but this is just offensive. Even the Brit show “Teachers,” does better!

  31. katanya231 says:

    They should pull this show back in and retool it and show a funny show with teachers that are not clowns. The issues are real, the acting is awful and just so much parody but terrible parody. How about showing what we really have to go through daily???

  32. AJ says:

    Very rarely do i say that i dont like a show because it needs to be censored BUT jokes about sexual organs and sex etc are not funny when said to or by 2nd graders.

    The humor would be ok if it involved college or maybe high school students but this is the most TASTELESS and inappropriate ahow on tv.

  33. Laurie says:

    In my opinion, and it is just that, this television show should be canceled. It’s repulsive and disgusting. I am the parent of three grown children and it still upsets me to see how the writers and producers of this show, actually think it’s entertaining. We are a country who’s youths are forced to deal with things that 30 years ago would have freaked out an adult. Our children need role models at home as well as at school. I can’t believe that this should ever made it on the air.

  34. Cee Tee says:

    “Teachers” responsible for educating young children?! Oh friggin NO!! This show is stupid! NOT funny! HATE IT!!!

  35. Therlo says:

    Never watch the show, but can’t stop seeing the never-ending commercial promos, which if I have the remote control, I click to another channel. What I have seen in the commercials, however, I find revolting, disgusting and insulting. Show needs to go off the air, or over to netflix where people who want to watch it can. It is inappropriate, children are doing and saying inappropriate things, and it is just a trash show. Hate it, and shame on you. Maybe you can do a funny show about nuns and priests next – your show Impastor was equally revolting.

  36. Jan says:

    Just the commercials are sick!!! We have enough junk going on in schools without a stupid sitcom degrading teachers!!!!

  37. Loretta says:

    Only caught the promo’s and they usually but the funniest clips on the promo’s. This was ful even for TVLand standards.