The Good Wife Season 8

Good Wife Creators Not Returning as Showrunners for Potential Season 8

Court is about to adjourn for Good Wife creators Robert and Michelle King.

Should CBS pick up the legal drama for an eighth season, the Kings — who have long said that they had a seven-season plan for the series — will not be back as showrunners.

“The bottom line is CBS is trying to make deals for an eighth season, so we would be there in a supervisory role, but the storytelling we have will finish in the seventh year,” Robert tells me. “That doesn’t mean we’re putting Alicia in her grave, because you couldn’t do an eighth season after that. But to our minds, we have always written with the idea we could end this season a certain way so that it would make it a satisfactory [conclusion to the] series.

“But we don’t own it,” he adds. “But we understand completely  CBS’ interest in it.”

At the Television Critics Assoc. winter press tour Tuesday in Pasadena, new CBS president Glenn Geller confirmed the Kings’ imminent exit, and noted that the show has a “deep bench” of producers that could fill the showrunner void. Of course, The Good Wife first has to be renewed for a Season 8. “We haven’t made any determination,” the exec said when asked about a pickup. “It’s just January, so we have to determine if there will be another season or not.”

The Kings will remain in business with CBS. The duo’s new political satire BrainDead is set to premiere this summer.

What do you think? Is this a recipe for certain disaster? Or could a little new blood reenergize the show?

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  1. Mr. Tran K says:

    Wonder if next season’s Good Wife is going to be its last.

  2. Antonio Kerty Mota says:

    Well, they have been showing for over a year they CLEARLY don’t know what to do with it anymore, so whatever.

  3. Uh oh. I don’t think anyone but the Kings can run this show. Even they make a misstep every now and then, but they’re the only ones who really understand what their characters would and wouldn’t do. New showrunners almost always change what made a show good in the first place. Whether it’s Community or Castle, it’s really never the same. It’s like Gramma’s apple pie: even if someone has the recipe, it’s just not the same if someone else makes it.

    • Jeri says:

      I think Juliette Marguilles (spelling?) is scaring everyone away. She really messed things up with the Kalinda/Archie exit strategy. I know, old news, but it really soured the show for me. I had been one of the biggest fans prior to that incident.

      • Me too, Jeri. And I’ve lost all respect for the Kings for allowing this situation to happen.
        I’ll be skipping their next show for this reason.
        Personally, I’d love to give The Good Wife another try — I’ve boycotted it since I learned Kalinda was being written off.

  4. aph1976 says:

    It makes sense that the Kings fulfill their promise that they only wanted The Good Wife to run for 7 years.So i’m thinking they have plans to put a definite end to their 7 years in this season’s final episode but leave the door open for whoever runs the show next season to pick up where they left off.So i’m thinking the Kings have known what the final scene of this season will be for a while because they might have thought this season was the last one.

  5. Tom says:

    If the Kings go, the show should go too. I hate when shows stay on TV for far longer than creatively intended. The Kings always said this show was meant to be a seven year show and creatively, I think it’s run its course. Put it out to pasture before we get a disappointing ending.

  6. Steven says:

    The show might actually be better without them. They’re running it into the ground.

  7. They should respect the showrunners’ interests and end the show on their terms. I love this show, but I want it to end on a high-note and with the perfect and intended ending.

  8. ABG says:

    Mmmm. I loved the show, still like it a lot but I don’t want it to end this year. This season doesn’t have any kind of strong final-season-ish plots as far as I can tell.

    • Vaginiqua says:

      I agree. I think it needs one more season to end naturally. If it were to end this season, it would happen too abruptly, as it’s already halfway through and as you said, things don’t seem like they are winding down at the right pace for a series finale just yet. One more season would be perfect. I think if they go for 2 more, season 9 could potentially spoil the show;s legacy.

  9. Gerald says:

    Can I just say I have High Hopes now that the whole election thing has been put to rest. It was a ridiculous concept and ruined a perfectly good legal show. I don’t care about the politics at all. More Lawyering.

  10. Evan says:

    I’m not sure I want to see a “Good Wife” without the Kings behind it. Granted, this current season is nowhere close to where it was at its peak (season five), but I’m not sure it would get any better with someone else at the helm. I’m also curious because I think the cast (specifically Julianna Margulies) respects the hell out of the Kings and I’m not certain they’d stick around without them as well.

  11. So they’re poisoning the well by putting it out there that they’re done and they have a series conclusion that will be filmed and if CBS wants to work around that without them they can? LOL. How nice of them.

  12. Patrícia says:

    Hopefully Alicia will finally divorce Peter, that’s how I imagine they envisioned the finale, I mean, she needs to be happy once and for all!

  13. Lost interest got to far off original storyline, don’t really care who is sleeping with who?

  14. So even they’re done bowing to JM?

    • Mike M says:

      No no no – she’s having them removed lol. “new CBS president Glenn Geller confirmed the Kings’ imminent exit, and noted that the show has a “deep bench” of producers that could fill the showrunner void”. HEADS UP… JM is an EP… I’m joking really, it sounds totally crazy even thinking about it… but she is the one with the most to lose by far when this show ends, because the list of showrunners dying to work with her on another show can be counted on one hand – of a quadruple amputee.

  15. MzTeaze says:

    Please do the kind thing and put this show out of its misery. Sunday’s episode, Iowa, was painful. Don’t let this show end with a Dexter moment.

    • lori says:

      I so agree. I have watched it since the premiere and as far as I am concerned it should have been done at least two years ago. I won’t miss it.

  16. Marilyn says:

    It does need some new thinking, I think. Bringing in Ruth, Eli in a closet. Disjointed Alicia is a lawyer, and that part is good, but she needs to get back to the group – with new lawyer in tow. Peter/Alicia divorce – at some points she’s got to get out of this relationship which gives her little. Let her have a man, who’s helpful. She can still be a work in progress.

  17. Karen says:

    I was done with this show after they let personal issues with actors dictate the writing

  18. JosiahBartlet4President says:

    CBS is going to milk this show for all it is worth until the ratings tank. Count on a season 8.

  19. Shayna says:

    End it then. Look at Gilmore Girls season 7 without ASP and Daniel Palladino. It wasn’t the same.

  20. D. Nolan says:

    I’ve enjoyed the show, but it’s time to end it.

  21. jim says:

    I’m getting a flashback…OMG…it’s
    West Wing all over again.

  22. jeri dickinson says:

    Has CSI Cyber been canceled? It has been moved to Wednesday for two shows

  23. Benjamin says:

    The titles of the season’s episodes indicate they want it to be the last season.

    Season One – One-word titles
    Two – Two-word titles
    Three – Three-word titles
    Four – Four-word titles
    Five – Three-word titles
    Six – Two-word titles
    Seven – One-word titles.

    Let the Kings fulfill their plans for the show. End it.

  24. Gabriel Anthony says:

    The kings have only written the premiere episode. I think it’s pretty clear how much they care about the final season of their show

  25. abz says:

    This could be a good thing or it could be disastrous, if Castle, Gilmore Girls, etc., are any indication.
    On the one hand, I don’t know if it’s a good idea for the show to continue without them. But on the other hand, I’m really not ready for this show to go. It’s still better than a lot of television out there and I still love the show despite the behind-the-scenes drama rumors, flaws and all.

  26. cp1945 says:

    Ridiculous to think the show couldn’t continue without the Kings. Walking Dead has done many terrific seasons without their original showrunner. I’ve been underwhelmed by the Kings’ ideas recently anyway.

  27. Dani says:

    Just end it by Alicia leaving Peter for good right after he wins (or lose) the election. Considering the whole point of the show has been Alicia being the good wife for staying with her cheating husband, leaving Peter will finally make her happy and since both her children will be in college by then, she really doesn’t have to stay and pretend to be his wife anymore. I hope they just end. Julianna can star in another lawyer show in a couple years. She’s a multi Emmy award winner so she can get any show she wants.

  28. Bette says:

    I believe J.M. is now having problems with C.B.(Diane Lockhart). They no longer do scenes together, just like Kalinda, and that’s to bad.

  29. matty says:

    Maybe a new show runner is what this show needs to get back on top creatively.

  30. Barb Wall says:

    I have watched The Good Wife from the beginning. I was bored last season and so far this season is not keeping me interested.

  31. Renee babvolar says:

    I love the show. But Akicia is alarmingly tho thin, skinny ,ill looking in this season’s first episode. Why does hollywood continue think this female thin, Emaciated look is attractive. Same for madime secretary she is also way to thin. Please let the POWERS THAT BE SEE THIS . AMD TELL ALICIA AND THE MADIME TO EAT SOME FOOD !!

  32. Annie says:

    WTF IS THIS?!!!!!

  33. ShowCritique says:

    This show still has so much potential, but if they put out anymore boring episodes this season they’ll ruin the chances of continuing it… all i know is that i binge watched seasons 1-5 took a little break after Will died, and then season 7 has been puting me to sleep.

  34. ShowCritique says:

    Oh also you need to bring Archie and Matthew back even if only for a few episodes, otherwise dont bother with season 8, there arent enough good characters left to make it interesting anymore…

  35. DanielleZ says:

    I lost interest in The Good Wife this season about 5-6 episodes in. I can’t blame the Kings for leaving. It’s more boring than ever.

  36. fiberlicious says:

    As long as they keep JDM, I don’t care who runs it. More JDM!

  37. I think it could rejuvenate the show this season has been a little eh… but it’s still a good show and I love the edition of her new p.i guy (Winchester boys dad on Supernatural and Denny lizzy’s first love on Grey’s) I’d like to see his character stay and grow and see where it heads plus I want Carey Agos to leave abs join Alicia again his leave with her seemed pointless cause he’s right back where he started just with his name on the wall that part was a huge disappointment

  38. KevyB says:

    Seven season plan? LIARS! That would mean crapfests like Alicia running for office and pretty much everything that happened to Kalinda after her husband showed up, including her not ever being on the same set as Alicia, were PART OF THE PLAN! I would NOT admit to having any sort of plan on this show!

  39. Patti says:

    I think the crazy Patriot who we saw in Iowa kills Peter and Alicia finally get to be in charge as a wife filling the shoes of Peter. She looked like Jackie O with those sun glasses and Eli telling Ruth that she had the wrong Florrick. So the new season could be Alicia being Governor or President.

  40. Aroon says:

    The story telling is not good as it was. Bring Josh Charles back from the dead may make a difference also missing Archie Panjabi. I never missed an episode but now it doesn’t matter.

  41. LT says:

    Take the hint CBS and let season 7 be the last.

  42. Vaginiqua says:

    As much as I still enjoy the show, the recent revolving door of characters that haven’t quite fit, and the contrived plots to try to incorporate Agos, Lockhart & Lee, the show is definitely on the artistic decline. I would hate to see such a great show go on for a season or 2 too long (think the original Dallas where the last 2 seasons almost ruined the legacy). This season is still holding my interest, and perhaps if they find a way to incorporate the rest of the main cast back in Alicia’s wheelhouse, one more season might be good to end it on a positive note.

  43. Csquare6 says:

    I thought I would never watch the show after Will” died. I did watch and to my surprise, I forgot about him. I have totally put “Kalinda” to rest. The show is getting ready to change focus. We are in the exposition stage. It needs to be picked up for season 8. It could really be the best thing for the Kings to leave. They don’t seem to care about the show now.

  44. Richard Buono - Conrad says:

    Please DO NOT CANCEL SOMETHINGS GOOD !! The good wife is one of the best shows on tv . KEEP IT GOING!!

  45. Goritzia says:

    This is a very intellectual show. My daughter, who is a law student, enjoys it too. I would personally wish for Alicia to move forward with her life without Peter, to end up with Jason Crouse! There are so many good actors here and really like Eli! Give us more!

  46. Linda Detmers says:

    Please bring back The Good Wife, my favorite series ever!

  47. Linda Bradford says:

    Hope the show will run for many more seasons. One of the best on television!

  48. Susanne Curro says:

    Its so sad to see that the good wife is cancelled. I loved this show, and I watched it since it first aired. I was shocked to hear of its cancellation. It would be nice if a miracle happened, and it stayed on for another season.

  49. DJG says:

    Live this show even though it is not as good without Will or Kalinda. Would like to see where storyline is going with the new investigator. He’s a cutie.

  50. Maggie Ramos says:

    Eight season must come through!!!!!!!