Castle Nick Tarabay

Castle: Spartacus' Nick Tarabay Brings Heat — Plus, Meet Beckett's Mentee

As revealed in TVLine’s Winter Preview special, ABC’s Castle this winter/spring will be butting heads with a Russian as well as paying a visit to the police academy where Beckett trained. And now we have two faces to put to those episodes.

TVLine has confirmed that Spartacus vet Nick E. Tarabay will guest-star in an upcoming episode as Vasily Zhirov, an agent with the Russian Diplomatic Security Service.

“We get a little Red Heat action,” co-showrunner Alex Hawley told TVLine, referring to the 1988 culture-clash comedy that paired Jim Belushi with Arnold Schwarzenegger. “We have a diplomatic security agent from Russia who comes, because there is the death of a Russian national. He’s a big character.”

Californication alum Ellen Woglom Ellen Woglommeanwhile will appear in Episode 15, which is directed by Rob Bowman and takes us to “the police academy where Beckett was a star, back before she became a cop,” Hawley says. Woglom plays a cadet with whom Kate forms “a bit of a mentor relationship.”

Since his run on Starz’ two Spartacus series, Tarabay’s recent TV credits include Longmire, Person of Interest and Arrow (as Captain Boomerang). Woglom most recently guested on Chicago Fire/P.D. as Shay’s sister Maggie.

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  1. Zianna says:

    Beckett can mentor someone else except her step-daughter … who’s being mentored by a criminal. Ooooookaaaaaaaay!

  2. ... says:

    A spoiler related to Beckett ??? 😲

  3. JImN says:

    The powers that be at Castle are pressing very hard with announcement after announcement concerning upcoming episodes. However, they have yet to stress the one thing that would get fans flocking back to the show – Fillion and Katic working face to face solving a case with some great dialogue. Misdirection.

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      How does one exactly “announce” such a thing, “JimN”…? And even if I had the producers here saying, “Fillion and Katic will be working face to face solving a case with some great dialogue,” would people believe them or would the comments be full of cut-n-paste snark?

      • Jay says:

        Well said Matt — thank you!

      • Just one thing says:

        All due respect Matt, but you say that as if (a) the snark hasn’t been warranted since last spring (hello, random break-up following contract shenanigans), and (b) your own headlines don’t INVITE said snark half the time.
        I don’t think it’s unreasonable for a spoiler to say, “Castle and Beckett do X during Y” – unless of course it’s a lie. So, in some ways, I don’t mind the opaque transparency.

        • DarkDefender says:

          The snark for now, is not warranted. They just announced more Caskett canoodling given their new “not really broken up” status. I’m pretty sure in order for them to be sneaking time together and “making up for lost time” in the bedroom as reported, they would have to be in scenes together.
          So yeah, snark not warranted at this point.

          • Just one thing says:

            If you say so.

          • Annie says:

            A few minutes together at the beginning and ending of the episode doesn’t equate to “working together to solve cases”. The showrunners have been feeding viewers bs all season. Don’t blame the viewers because the don’t believe them any more.

          • lurker says:

            So, canoodling for those two lovebirds is the only “meaningful” thing the writers can deliver from now on? Great. Yes, it’s snark.

      • CastleBuzz says:

        It’s a bit disingenuous for a journalist to say he wouldn’t know how to “announce such a thing,” when said thing might not be met with total belief. Still, I will refrain from snark at this time and thank you for all the tidbits of Castle “news” you do pass along.

      • Joey says:

        like everyone else telling us what episode the separation stops. we can all be told about court dates, a baby and new folks showing up. o why can’t they tells us that you carry the water for them tell us.

      • Joey says:

        Matt if you are honest with the fans and told them when and what episode the biggest rating killer is going to stop, the separation of Rick and Kate. I feel all the fans that voted Rick and Kate the PCA would flock back. I think you know the answer to that, like you really knew the answer to the question you at tvline posted on 11/21. Did Rick and Kate make a baby at the end of episode 7? And on 11/24 question was shot down by Hawley with a big NO, but you already knew that. I feel CBS cares a little more about the fans of there shows.They just cancelled People of Interest, with the last 13 episode starting in May. That let the fans know way out in front. I think you know that one of the two Fillion or Katic is not going to renew there contract and the show is over. Spin off just will not work. So can we just stop playing games with the folks and be more honest. And if Fillion and Katic sign new contracts that would be a blessing, and the ratings would start going back up, right now they are going down with the ship.

      • JImN says:

        The show runners on Castle are writers getting paid an obscene amount of money. They should have written it as soon as they thought up the lame idea of the separation. That is if they had the wit to realize that they might be somehow have made a mistake.

      • KLS says:

        I think the showrunners are over exposed this year. They are new both to their jobs and how to handle the media amidst the “fan-storm” that they created. There may have been a lot of pressure on them to comment on their story lines, but I don’t think they handled it very well. Every word they utter, fans repeat over and over again and use as ammo. I don’t blame the media, they are just doing their jobs and in some cases trying to control the negativeness while also trying to keep the fans engaged to continue reading and watching the show.

        • And one of the showrunners has already been given a new show by ABC for next fall. Why should he care what mess he leaves in his wake for Castle?

        • jahoney1 says:

          Terrance Paul Winters is an Emmy Award winning writer and Executive producer (show runner) during the show The Soprano’s. Alexi Hawley is a talented writer, but as a show runner he has run his last three shows into the ground. He already has a new show being given to him by ABC which is a bit of a head scratcher, but realistically I suspect that he does not really care about what happens to Castle in the long run because he has a job secured. (Alex’s new show is being produced in conjunction with Mark Gordon which gives this show a chance.) They were new to their jobs on Castle, but as show runners, producers, and writers they have defiantly been in the game a while. Syndication money is the only thing saving Castle right now.

  4. Pey says:

    Thanks for the scoop on Beckett. It’ll be nice to revisit how it all began for her.

    • KLS says:

      Yes. This ep seems to be quite creative (from what we can tell). It will be nice to see more background on Beckett other then her mom’s murder. And I wouldn’t mind a few more eps with limited Castle scenes, especially how he’s been written/portrayed so far in S8.

  5. Teri says:

    Matt, I respect your coverage of Castle and you want it to succeed as much as we do. I think the fandom is really in the WHY MODE. WHY would the ShowRunners choose this arc knowing how much the fans would dislike it…no, hate it? Why in Season 8 would they deliberately alienate the fans? Why no more Stana/Nathan interviews? Why no new promotional cast photos? Why not more Caskett moments? Why can’t Castle and Beckett have more communication? Why not more love scenes? Why, why? Castle fans are so passionate and have had the rug pulled out a few times. They want what they want because they love Castle the Show so much. Funny, but all these could be easily remedied by those who write the written word.

    • AJ says:

      Sorry Teri. But the obnoxious posts on this site and the constant barrage of hate filled comments are going to be the downfall of this fandom. Give it a rest. No one cares about the negative fans comments because it’s all the same thing. It’s like you’re copying and pasting… not you. But the ills like you

    • FormerCastleFan says:

      Why not a writer and his muse solving crimes?

  6. DarkDefender says:

    I’m going to go out on a limb here and say.. Breaking Caskett up (regardless of the crap reason – no need, really, to keep beating that dead horse) and “rebooting” the relationship may just be the mechanism to fix the problems whiny fans have been complaining about (lack of chemistry, actors “obviously” not getting along and awkward affection between Rick and Kate).
    How about seeing it in that light and giving them a chance? This may very well be the last season, so why continue to bash what “seems to be ruined”..
    Just stop watching and wait for the “Castle has been cancelled” article and then give me a big fat “I told you so.” I can take it.
    But if you are so dissatisfied with the current showrunners and believe this is the end of the road. Stop watching and commenting… It isn’t going to change Season 8 and if you are right there will be no season 9.

    • CastleBuzz says:

      DD, you’re out on a very weak limb as far as I’m concerned. I and I believe many others continue to want the show to return to its former glory — witty dialogue, sophisticated humor, characters we’ve grown to love rather than ones we hardly recognize, interesting COTWs, etc. We are not whining or simply bashing. Nor do we wish to stop watching or commenting, however useless that may be. Most remaining unhappy fans are still hopeful that this arc and separation story will come to some conclusion that is somewhat satisfying and that there will be time for the show to move on to what even the showrunners have referred to as the more typical Castle stories.
      I was patient at the start of this season. I didn’t like the LokSat issue coming up so early and I certainly didn’t like eps 3, 4, and 6 that did little to drive that story along. But I was willing to wait and see. My patience is now running thin as time after time these showrunners talk in circles about fun and treats that are not fun. The two eps described in this item sound promising. I hope they’re good not just on their own but as part of the season arc the showrunners introduced that has taken over the main characters’ lives.

      • AJ says:

        Ah yes CastleBuzz. Let’s bash your fellow fan. You are whiny, demanding and think you know what’s best. See what I did there? You are complaining. It’s embarrassing to call myself a fan if the show with the likes if you running around. You don’t like the storyline? Fine. But know at some point your repeated complaint posts are going to get annoying and tiresome. No one cares what you think anymore because you’re a one note song and dance fan! You only know one thing: how to complain. How about taking a breather.

        • CastleBuzz says:

          AJ, it’s been a long, long time since I felt like returning a nasty taunt by saying the old childhood retort of “takes one to know one,” but I can’t since I don’t think I am one. But you certainly are. You’re an excellent example of a basher who is “whiny, demanding, and think you know best.” My post that you responded to talked about fans, myself included, being hopeful and somewhat patient. You don’t like my posts? Avoid them in the future.

    • NDFan says:

      I don’t want to bash anyone that has problems with the show… Because I understand a lot of them and it hasn’t been my favorite season. But so many of the comments seem cut and pasted on every single Castle article, no matter what the article is about. Like this one- it seemed totally innocent to me and something to actually look forward to, but here are the same comments yet again. Honestly the show can’t ever win. I remember hearing so much crap about how Marlowe was ruining the show…then he left and now suddenly people want him back? There wasn’t enough focus on Rick…so they shifted to that and now Beckett is being ruined and has no focus? All these spoilers are being released and people are upset that its all about Rick and Kate isn’t being talked about…now she is but its still not good because “Caskett” hasnt been mentioned. The show runners will never, ever please everyone. And honestly they shouldn’t even try. People watch for different reasons and I completely get still watching a show you no longer like in the hopes that it will get better…but I think there comes a time where you just need to decide whether it’s still worth it for you. That’s just my opinion. Like I said, not trying to bash anyone but the endless negativity is exhausting. Sorry.

      • CastleBuzz says:

        Absolutely agree with you, NDFan, that “the show runners will never, ever please everyone. And honestly they shouldn’t even try.” Also agree with you that some of the negative comments are way over the top. But there are gradations of what you, DarkDefender and AJ are lumping together as negativity. Many of them bring up justifiable points and resemble excellent critical analysis of a creative work.
        I think one problem is that many of the so-called nay-sayers (myself included) truly loved the program in the early days, stuck with it as it wavered a bit in quality during the mid-seasons, and then even came back after the wedding that wasn’t and the disappearance left unresolved only to get yet another disruptive plotline causing angst without obvious justification. The showrunners rubbed salt in the wound when they talk about it being “fun.” Such long-term fans would likely be more accepting of plot changes if the characters stayed true and the follow-up to dramatic events came more quickly.
        Finally, it’s easy enough to identify the posters who disturb you for whatever reason and avoid reading their comments.

        • NDFan says:

          Hi CastleBuzz, I can’t really argue with you about the quality of the show. Sometimes I just get frustrated with some of the super excessive negativity. Mainly the ones that aren’t open to any sort of change at all. I still enjoy many aspects of the show. But I do enjoy your posts because they’re always interesting and insightful :)

          • CastleBuzz says:

            Thanks. Nice of you to say so. I can say the same about yours. I’m with you on being frustrated by over-the-top negative comments, especially ones from people who admit they no longer watch the show. On the other hand, I also find the blindly positive “it’s Castle, it’s wonderful” posts to be equally annoying. Can’t say Castle fans don’t run the gamut! Always entertaining…

      • KLS says:

        Um, should you guys (NDFan & CastleBuzz) get a room?

  7. AJ says:

    I think fans of Castle never gave this season a chance. The past two seasons has been all about how the previous showrunner(s) messed up the show. It’s the same thing this season. I can’t be the only person turned off by the constant stream of negativity. It’s alright to have an opinion, but honestly? Why would anyone who has anything good to say about the show in general want to come here? No everything has to be positive. But my god! Don’t you negative posters sleep???

    • lame says:

      Nawh….a little sleep deprivation NE Dr hurt anyone . So it dulls the senses and slows
      mechanical reflexes. A little hallucinating and loss of depth p reception can be exciting
      If not down right hair raising. I would continue but I lost my train of thought………………..

    • KLS says:

      Thanks AJ! I agree. A lot of cut-n-paste negativity. I am looking forward to the next few episodes. They show some creativity and breaking out of the normal flow of the show along with some interesting guest stars (which is what Feb and sweeps are all about).

      • CastleBuzz says:

        I always look forward to the next ep, although I don’t always look fondly back these days. Still aspects of the upcoming shows sound promising.

  8. JImN says:

    The Castle show runners talk about bringing the LokSat story to an “organic” end. In writing organic means that whatever is going on does not take the reader/viewer out of the world of the story. If anything the separation of Castle and Beckett under the lame construct of LokSat/VikRam has taken the fans completely out of the Castle story and has continued to do so in every episode. The entire thing is “IN-organic.” They brought it in “Inorganically.” They could have taken it out the same way, but they chose not to. It kills the show episode by episode.

  9. lame says:

    From what I understand Castle will return Feb 8th, one week later than originally planned. I think it has to do with the Iowa caucuses .

    • jahoney1 says:

      That is true. Mostly because of the caucuses. It will be interesting to see where the ratings go without things that Hawley blamed for the low ratings. (no Monday Night Football, etc.

  10. Captain crossover says:

    Here’s what I want to see. Castle and SHIELD crossover. Episode named Castle agent of shield. If they can do it with bones and sleepy hollow which are similar differences. One grounded the other syfy why not these two. Fillion is already in guardians anyway. Come on abc do it

  11. Carol says:

    Loving the reconciliation and hoping for a Caskette baby to add more enjoyment and warm fuzzy moments to this wonderful show that I just love. Martha actually hinted at this in the episode where she plans to start looking for a place of her own.