Supernatural Season 12: CW Boss 'Hopeful' About Renewal

Stop us if you’ve heard this before: Supernatural is destined to outlive us all.

At the Television Critics Assoc. winter press tour in Pasadena on Sunday, CW president Mark Pedowitz reaffirmed his support for its longest-running scripted series. That said, he stopped short of announcing a formal Season 12 pickup.

“Both Jared and Jensen are having a blast,” noted the exec. “As long as they’re having a blast, it’s a great thing. The show is performing better than it did last year, better than you could ever hope. I’m very hopeful that we’ll see it again.”

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  1. Drew says:

    Great news. I would like to see them scale way back on the season-long villain though. Make it less earth shattering and more personal… Back when the guys were being hunted by the FBI, that was great tension. Same with having them hunted by hunters. They don’t always need to go bigger and bigger.
    Less angels. Less demons. Less god sibling things. More monsters, hunters and human issues.

    • Gary says:

      Feel the same way, maybe we need to go back to the “Monster-of-the-week” format and not focus so much on earth shattering villains.

      • Arthur says:

        The “monster of the week” formula gets so redundant, though. But I agree with Kathy that Cas and Crowley should be kept in the mix, too – they add so much to the show and I love seeing those four guys interact.

        • Kayla says:

          Love where you are going with the series continue on, love it all, have every season!

        • maethir says:

          What i really like about the early years was that they were self contained episodes for the most part yet still had strong underlying theme as well. Season had the search for their father and Azazel. Season 2 dealth with the special kids and opening of the hellgate. They stuck with that format mostly through season 4 and only finally altered it in season 5 when dealing the apocalypse and even then it was not as often as it is now.

        • lechatnoir says:

          i’m over the monster of the week. I think they needed to expand the season with the Leviathans , this was one of the best , it was cut too short. ugh !

        • Harshal says:

          I find that really interesting.

        • Mary Hester says:

          Yes, please leave Cas & Crowley, they are great!! Show wouldn’t be the same without them. Although loved Bobby too!!

      • Trevor12100 says:

        I want to see another episode with Wendigo’s

        • Lathan says:

          i totally agree with you. we need to see more of the original monsters

          • Nathan says:

            Season 12 finally should have something with a giant army of demons, vs the wincesters and Angels. One last glorified fight.

    • Kathy Wolfe says:

      I agree Drew. I want to see them back hunting. We’ve had some great “super” villains but I’d love to see them getting back to the urban legends and “normal” monsters. Nothing wrong with keeping Cas and Crowley in the mix but I’d be even more happier to see them going back to the monsters from the first 4 seasons. The boys have renewed their dedication to themselves so lets see them getting back to what they do the best.

      With all those books in the bunker there have got to be quite a few baddies the boys haven’t seen yet. Let’s get back to the basics!

      From the way it sounds the renewal is resting solely on Jensen’s and Jared’s shoulders. If they want to keep going, Supernatural will keep going.

    • ninergrl6 says:

      Agreed 100%

    • NM says:

      This X1000. As well as pushing Castiel to recurring or just getting rid of him altogether. Just focus on the brothers.

      • Mike says:

        Sorry, NM, I totally disagree. Castiel is family and he’s not going anywhere. The showrunners know how beloved he is, and it’d be great if armchair whiners (few though you may be) would stop running him down. He’s a great character and Misha does a fantastic job with him.

        • Kris says:

          He’s not family. He’s a freaking angel who tried to kill Sam. Gimme a break. Bobby was family. Ellen and Jo were family. The writers had to manufacture a storyline with a kid just to give Castiel something to do.

          • I wouldn’t mind Cas so much if they would just develop him. He’s basically the same character he’s been for the last 5 seasons at least. Is there no way to give him more than his inability to wrap his head around the human mind-set? SPN wanted a spin-off series. Why not Cas and Crowley? Cas working to learn how to be human, Crowley (after coming so close to being saved by Sam in season 8) to possibly search for a means of salvation for him. I don’t know just a thought. Anyway, I don’t foresee them getting rid of Cas, but would actually like to see his character become something more if that’s the case. Time to move forward with him.

          • Claudette says:

            Agree Cas should go.

          • Kimi says:

            Cass needs to stay. He is a great great character and yes he is family so he tried to kill Sam so what who hasn’t. Ellen and Jo and Bobby have too so are they not family?

          • Robingayle says:

            Actually, they didn’t really know joe and Ellen. If you notice they had just met them a cpl years before they died. Don’t get me wrong, I loved them both but seriously, Cass has been around much longer and def earned a family title.

        • hhyy says:

          You know, all of that described Bobby too. Family, beloved, great character, actor doing a great job with the character. I wouldn’t want to see Castiel gone but I didn’t want Bobby gone either and that happened. Anyone can die on Supernatural and anyone can come back from death but sometimes really valuable supporting characters end up mostly staying dead. That’s part of the show. It is sort of promising for Castiel, though, that Jared said recently that he didn’t think Spn would ever go on without Misha, but Jared has also said plenty of times that the actors are given little information about future story directions.

          • ClarieWinchester says:

            Logically speaking, Jared and Jensen need holiday days and breaks. And Crowley and Castiel are great characters andvloved. Not to mention big Dean Cas fandom. So I dont think show runners would not make them to leave the show any time soon unless they found replacements :P. And if Angel and King of hell is helping Winchesters, other hunters or nornal monsters or FBI will not give tension or threatening or chilling for the fans as in Season 1-3.

        • Phoenix5634 says:

          Cas is family to the brothers, that’s been proven multiple times. He needs to stay, he’s basically all they have left, and the brothers are basically all Cas has left. He’s a great actor and character, he needs to stay.

      • NO…I love Castiel….I would hate it if they got rid of him.

    • Dan says:

      Well said. I’ve been saying forever now that Supernatural needs to take a “less is more” approach and go back to the MotW format. There’s only so many times you can retread the Heaven and Hell’s politics storylines. Get the boys back out on the road hunting monsters again. Bring back the classic rock while they’re at it.

      • Oh, yeah! The classic rock. I’m sooo missing that. And I agree on the angels and demons story lines. Let’s not kick the dead horses any more. But I can see Crowley and Cas if they just developed them. Having them stay as they are is boring and if that’s the case, then for the sake of the show, with all due respect to the Cas and Crowley fans, they need to, maybe not kill them off, but write them out until needed. My main peeve with many long-term shows is the lack of creativity that occurs; sometimes the writers just get drained dry of ideas. They need to go on some retreats for brainstorming. Also, to echo what another said, the season-long villain arcs are too much. Make them 2-3, even possibly 4 part story lines, but would love to see more seasons where the boys are not left hanging on those overused cliffs.

    • Michelle D says:

      Completely agree, I miss the monster du jour format, instead of the monstrous plot of saving the world.

      • Frank says:

        The Last 2 or 3 episodes have been about regular old monsters with the occasional big bad being brought up.

    • JannaB says:

      Agreed 100%! I hope TPTB are reading this. What makes this show stand out is that it’s a story about human beings fighting the good fight. That is lessened tremendously when you shift the focus to angels and demons and the Ultimate Good and Evil.

    • Phoenix5634 says:

      @ Drew
      I kind of agree, but I kind of disagree…I actually really like this season. And I just think if they scale back that much on the “greater story” at this point it’ll not only ruin this season and make next kind of lame

      They just need to start running into more hunters and like FBI interactions, while still hunting something big… Maybe they could do the storyline with Purgatory, and Mother of All coming back again. They could bring back the vampire alpha, Jefferson starships lol, and then they could still have angels and demons ( Cas and Crowley ) still.

      I wonder what a Leviathan would do up against Amara lol.

    • Frank says:

      I kind of agree with the less angels and more monsters. Demons are monsters, if they were just regular old demons yeah. All these Knights and other stuff. More monsters for the Winchester’s to tackle. However this is the only god sibling in the show so. If there’s only one god sibling why does there need to be less?

    • Lo says:

      I think having an overall story and theme each season to carry it along is very important! They still include many “monster of the week” episodes, but I somewhat consider those, as I call them “fluffisodes” (lols)(as they are somewhat “fluff” compared to the main issue of the season)… But Having an overall theme and story line that also goes with and links the rest of the preceding seasons is what makes it so great! Having a balance of both “monster of the week” episodes, and episodes dealing with the overall “crisis” and story line of the season…I honestly didn’t care for season one… And every time I try and watch the episodes over, I somehow find myself not even paying attention… If it leans too much on the “monster of the week” format, it ruins the whole makeup of the show. Every show (or good show) needs to have a defining factor, issue and story line that brings that season in as a whole. Other wise it would just be a bunch of random non sense, and we wouldn’t have such beloved characters as Castiel or Crowley! But those are just my thoughts on it… But I agree the overall issue doesn’t have to be bigger and badder than the last season(though as a viewer do like to see), but I feel having to try and always one up the season befores main issue could be cause for the shows demise, as the writers may inevitable run out of story lines and issues that are more “earth shattering” than the last… And as said, inevitably kill the show… I have faith in the writers, but there is only so much bigger and badder something can get, before there is nowhere else can go with it. So they shouldn’t feel each seasons “big bad” needs to be bigger than the previous. As it is setting the show up for failure I fee, as saidl…And I don’t ever want this show to end!

      • Patty Cunningham says:

        I agree with most of what you said. But I don’t think the writers will run out of ideas. I am, and always have been a Supernatural fan. I just watched seasons 1 through 10 on Netflix last month. Watching them all in a row marathon style was great. Seeing the overall storieline without a break made it better than when I first watched the episodes on cable TV. Because no matter what I would miss some episodes because life sometimes gets in the way.

  2. matrix2k3 says:

    Supernatural still has legs. Make it happen CW.

  3. Suz says:

    Supernatural is still an amazing show and as long as J&J are interested in continuing then I’m going to continue to watch. I would like to not have a “big bad” next season and focus on the boys dealing with everything they’ve been through all these years with a case a week to deal with.

  4. Mr. Tran K says:

    I’m always tired of prime time TV shows that has been on the air for over a decade. There’s an old saying: when you snooze you lose.

  5. Susan says:

    I sure hope it’s renewed!!! Love the show and actors!!!

  6. Alana says:

    Yay, Supernatural!

    I still love Sam and Dean so much!

  7. callmealice says:

    I agree with Drew….need to scale back on the big baddie story lines…go back to the monster of the week. As fun as Castiel and Crowley have been, I think they’re reaching the end of their lives. Their side stories aren’t that interesting. If we had to keep one, I would keep Crowley.

    • Kathy says:

      Wait, I love castiel. And the monster of the week is a great idea. Loved the old episodes like the Jin with the blue eyes, and the one where they burned the tree to save the girl. Oh, and the old west chasing after the colt! Miss Bobby, too, idgits!

    • Chris says:

      I completely disagree, callmealice. The side stories add and underline the main plot, and both characters still have value. However, I would absolutely keep Castiel over Crowley. Castiel has an emotional connection with so many people I know, and he’s family. Also, as Jared so brilliantly said a few months ago, he doesn’t think we will ever see a day where SPN goes on without Misha. Straight from the moose’s mouth, as it were.

      • Drew says:

        It should be noted that Jared and Jensen don’t write or produce the show. They don’t make such calls.

        • Joe says:

          They don’t but I bet their word does carry a good amount of weight after all these years. And I get it, they like Misha and Mark and even more than that they like the time off having those guys around affords them. But at the same time having unkillable characters around takes all the suspense right out of it for us. As much as it sucked when they killed Ellen, Jo, Rufus, Bobby, Kevin and Charlie off, it just reinforced how dangerous the landscape is that these guys operate in. No one should be untouchable and that includes Castiel and Crowley. Of course that would require even more world building to replace them and they seem to have fallen into a comfortable rut with those characters so they don’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon.

          • Ashley says:

            I doubt they will kill castiel! how will the boys manage? If he dies then they are finally all alone without any friends!!

          • Raven says:

            Cas has died, and come back just like Sam and Dean, so he is not unkillable.

    • No I love them both but I LOVE Castiel.

  8. Amy says:

    Ditto on hoping the next season is less ‘saving the world’. It could even be a running gag all season, about how things are -too- quiet and expecting each monster of the week to be the next harbringer of doom. But either way – hope they do season 12.

  9. tsss says:

    it’s a little baffling to see comments how they need to go /back/ to monster-of-the-week episodes, since at least half the episodes per season are motw (for the last three seasons especially). they do include some kind of brief moment of introspection or symbolism that is vaguely related to the season-long arch in most episodes, but otherwise monster-of-the-week cases have been a pretty big part of the show for years now.

    • B says:

      Agreed! Generally, the one-off episodes are the least interesting to me, and I find myself frustrated that they aren’t going deeper into the longer story. It might be sacrilege to say, but a shorter season could help. Many episodes feel like filler, and the main focus gets too spread out and watered down. They don’t have to go full-cable mode, but maybe 15-18 episodes would allow for tighter storytelling. Just a thought. Or else, somehow reorganize the season so that the bigger story isn’t so diluted.

    • Indeed! I am not sure what season these people are watching now but most recent 11 season has a lot of episodes with just monster of the week. So I do not even know what else these people need. I always thought that besides all these motw episodes to have main theme is always better for the any show, not only SPN, it makes the show more serious, more memorable and makes it to have real point in it. Moreover Supernatural always has this main theme besides episode with arc for just one week and I am grateful for that

    • Chris says:

      Yeah, the monster-of-the-week episodes just aren’t very interesting – not to sustain an entire season, at least. They get repetitive quickly and they don’t emotionally resonate with me. I definitely prefer big season-long plots that involve Sam, Dean, and Cas.

    • Drew says:

      Most people aren’t saying that there can’t be a season-long villain. Just that the scale of it should be cut back and made a little more personal and relatable. They don’t need to keep going bigger and bigger. As it stands, Amara is rehashing elements of Lilith and Mother. But she hasn’t really become a great character of her own.
      Still better than the leviathans though.

    • K says:

      Early in the show the monster-of-the-week episodes were treated with much more importance. They were higher quality with better actors and many of them were like watching mini horror films. They were nearly always connected to the main arc story and/or they reflected aspects of the brothers’ relationship. A good example is Season 4’s Metamorphosis where the monster reflected Sam and Dean’s fears that Sam was transforming into a monster himself. The brothers’ arguments about how to deal with the man turning into a creature mirrored how they might deal with Sam and Sam’s fears of how Dean and other hunters might view him.

      Since Season 8 or 9 the monster-of-the-weeks shows have been low quality fillers that don’t have much connection to the arc and don’t clearly parallel the brothers’ experiences.

      The best example of getting back to the monster-of-the-week with quality has been with Baby which has fast become a favorite episode for many of us. I’m all for more of these high quality creature episodes but I’ll pass on the phone-it-in fillers.

  10. Chuck says:

    WHAT THE F@€K DO YOU MEAN “HOPEFUL?!?! YOU’D BETTER SAY “season twelve is going to be the greatest yet. 13 will be even better!”!!!!!!

  11. Erik says:

    Love this show just recently started to watch on Netflix and I started on season one last month now I’m all caught up! Truly love this show!!! I hope they get another season and hopefully they bring back there dad he was only in 12 epesodes but let’s go out with a Bang and he would be the best ending

  12. Anne says:

    Awesome! Great news for SPN and for the fans. I am really enjoying season 11 and definitely want to see more Dean and Sam (and Cas and Crowley too!) in future. :)

  13. Tony says:

    My team age kids turned my wife and I onto this series on Netflix over Christmas break. I have to say we are hooked. Watched the first three seasons in two days. Now on season 6.
    I was an X Files fan years ago but this show, in my opinion, is better in many ways starting with the chemistry between Ackles and Padalecki.
    The show is well written, creative and for us middle age folks I appreciate the many witty and subtle references to movies, music and pop culture from my youth.
    Hope you decide to keep it going.
    From one of your newest fans.

    PS. It has made out kids much more curious and engaged in their bible studies too as they look to fact check details.

    • sare670 says:

      You realize three seasons in two days would literally take up every minute of those two days. I actually did the math out of curiosity, that is literally 47+ hours of television.

  14. Amara Winchester says:

    I want them to bring back Gabriel since he’s the only archangel left that’s roaming the world/ heaven, and chuck. Besides I think I read it somewhere that amara’s story is nowhere near finished so it might run into the next season. I defo want to Dean to become one with amara since there forever bound

    • Chris says:

      Uh… you’re not SUPPOSED to want Dean to become “one” with Amara. That would mean her eating his soul/absorbing him. She’s the villain, and he’s very obviously going to kill her in the end. Something will break the bond and he will run fast and far away from her – after the midseason finale, it was clear that he wants nothing to do with her but she’s got him brainwashed.

  15. ninamags says:

    I get what you are saying about the season-long story arcs, Drew. The stand-alone episodes have been somewhat better than the myth episodes, especially during certain seasons.

    I hope they do at least one more season of the show. Everybody has to move on eventually, look at Michael Weatherly.

    • ninamags says:

      Forgot to add: the last season (whenever that is) should be about the boys only. No. One. Else.

    • Drew says:

      I think that Jensen and Jared get more from this show than Weatherly does. I mean, the money helps, but the atmosphere on set means a lot, and the ability to interact with fans. The guys know that they have an incredibly good thing going here. The downside for them is that their families aren’t with them most of the time. I think Jared’s wife and kids are in Austin. I could see them wanting to be closer to their families.
      Maybe shorter seasons will happen at some point, or the introduction of new hunters who can take on some of the burden. But they haven’t been focusing on human recurring characters lately, so that option could be tricky. If they’d kept Ellen and Jo around, they could be half of the show by now. But I don’t think it works with the only other series regulars being an angel and a demon. They need humans.
      Cole, maybe?

  16. Daniel2577 says:

    I miss the days when the brothers were pulling pranks on each other and would eventually call each other bitch and jerk! You know,when the brothers would actually have fun again.Made the show feel more personal.

  17. Love love the show!! Keep it coming!

  18. Mo says:

    It’s so refreshing to see all these familiar names posting about “no more angels/demons” and “I want more brothers only episodes” and “less myth arc, more motw”! It’s been a while since I ventured into the comments on a Supernatural article, so it’s nice to see some things never change….

    • Katie says:

      Haha, Mo, I agree. Wouldn’t be a Supernatural article comment thread if ninamags wasn’t on here begging the show to regress 7 years.

    • tyler says:

      And why do you think that is? They’ve been hoping the show will make Sam and Dean kiss since season 1 and they think killing off everyone else will make it happen. Of course the names are familiar they troll the comments of every article with this bull. They’ve been doing it for 11 years. Lots of practice and nothing better to do. It’s f****** annoying. But what do you expect from a bunch of nutjob women that get off on in-cest? I’ve mostly stopped looking in the comments of anything Supernatural because they just become overrun with transparent comments like those that come from the same few people every time. You can set a clock by them by now.

      • Joe says:

        Speak for yourselves. I can set a clock by you “Destiel” fangirls, too. Any time anyone ever says anything about wanting the show to get back to its roots you lot show up and spam the comment section talking about “Team Free Will” when you know damn well you really just mean Dean and Castiel. I have news for you, there are a LOT of us out there who aren’t shippers who think the show’s quality is being sucked down by the angel storyline and that Castiel’s best days are behind him. And for what it’s worth, as sick as I think “Wincest” is, I have yet to come across any shippers from that camp demanding that the showrunner change Dean or Sam’s sexuality and make the relationship canon. They keep their crazy confined to their fanfiction unlike you lot.

        • Mo says:

          Haha, no they just demand to have Cas killed/Misha fired. And harass the wives online because they are also convinced of their real life relationship. (I’m speaking of the “crazy” shippers here, not average shippers.) And one doesn’t need to ship Destiel to notice the same comments on every Supernatural thread. I’m no shipper (except for my otp Dean/pie) but apparently the fact that I like having Misha/Cas on the show means I’m forever accused of shipping Destiel. *shrugs*

        • Jo says:

          Well said, I totally agree.

        • Maison says:

          This comment made my breakfast rise in my throat. I’m sorry, but… No. Just. No. Look- I’m a destiel shipper. Hardcore. I’ve seen the signs, written the fics, drawn the fanart. I think they’d be amazing together. But, I love Sam. When I say ‘Team Free Will’, I freaking mean Team Free Will. Sam, Dean, and Cas. And plus- Castiel’s storyline is ever-changing. Always changing. Never the same thing. It’s gone from him being confused and emotionless, to learning, to making a mistake and learning from that mistake, to FINALLY finding a family he should’ve had from the beginning, and… Losing that family. To losing everything, and getting back up on his feet instead of feeling sorry for himself because, like the Winchesters, he was trained to be a soldier. Well, created to be. Every season, there’s something different. And… Let me get something straight, here. Castiel’s storyline isn’t finished. There will be no ‘the end’, unless everyone’s storyline is wrapped up- whether it be in a nice, shiny little bow, or not. Castiel hasn’t had his ‘the end’. And it won’t happen unless he dies, or gets a family of his own. He needs a family. And he had one, once. The Winchesters. Hell, he might still have them. But, he hasn’t made amends with them yet. They haven’t talked about what all went down these past few seasons. They haven’t had a chance to. Once they sit down and HAVE that talk, then Castiel gets what he deserves. Him being adressed. His PROBLEMS being ADRESSED. For SO long, Cas and his issues have been overlooked. You can’t just expect the writers to kill him off when there’s so much potential, so many THINGS THAT HAVEN’T BEEN DISCUSSED. So no, killing him off all of a sudden isn’t a flipping option. Killing him off isn’t an option. He. Needs. To. Be. Addressed. As soon as possible, please. And stop hating on him. He’s a lovable character with a kind heart and a selfless soul, and is played by an equally kind, awesome actor who needs a fudging award. And sweety, oh, sweety, apparently… You haven’t seen ALL of the Wincest fandom. Nor ALL of the destiel fandom. Don’t make assumptions. Please. We dont f****** harass anyone, demand anyone to change the characters’ sexuality. Maybe a few of us, but… Be respectful. Some of us are mature enough. We’re not all twelve. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m finished ranting. *drops the mic*

  19. Crystal says:

    they need to go back to the shows premis and stop the season long case of one of them dying. they are hunters and it seems like the barely hunt anything any more. or the writing for those parts are an after thought to the “whose dying this season” question.

  20. natalie says:


  21. maermae says:

    I really think SPN needs to reel it in & re-center the focus on the brothers – as brothers, as hunters, as heroes. Something that I feel we have really lost over the past few seasons.

    I’m over the angel & demon politics. Neither are scary or threatening or even amusing anymore. I’m bored. Not to mention, both have almost become caricatures of what they once were.

    I miss the days when SPN felt gritty & real.

    • Chris says:

      Eh, I respectfully disagree. The angels and demons are like nothing else on tv, and they add a whole new dimension to the show that fascinates me and many others. Even if the “angel and demon politics” went away, Castiel and Crowley will still be there. They’re woven tightly into the fabric of the show and it would suffer without them. Not to mention, Jared himself said recently that he didn’t think there would ever be a day that SPN goes on without Misha. Which was rather brilliant and kind of him, in my opinion.

    • ninamags says:

      I agree completely, maermae. The angels, and the demons, used to be pretty bad-ass, dangerous, scary creatures. They are now whiny, boring and completely without purpose. Seriously, can’t even fathom a world where angels and demons meet to get drinks and commiserate about their current situation, I mean, WTF??? Demons used to fear angels and even being in the same general vicinity scared them witless.

      “Gritty and real” excellent description of the first few years of this show.

      • Drew says:

        Agreed. So many scenes with angels and demons these days are simply filler, to give Jensen and Jared some more free time. So we get mustache twirling bad guys talking about how bad they are in their poorly lit lairs, while not really doing much of anything. All say, no do.
        If they took that time and used it to develop some new human characters, Jensen and Jared could get their free time and the show wouldn’t feel like it was spinning its wheels so much.
        The show is still great when they’re not trying to fill time.




  23. Chris says:

    Dear Mr. Pedowitz, I will happily watch another eleven seasons as long as Jared, Jensen, and Misha remain on the show. They are wonderful to watch, and their talent and chemistry astounds me. J2 are absolutely fantastic, and per Eric Kripke himself, Misha is “lightning in a bottle”. Those three guys are the reason I watch the show.

  24. LeAnn says:

    Hope that means a renewal is coming soon – I know it won’t last forever, but I’d love to see one final season of Dean, Sam, and Castiel. They’re my favorites. :-)

  25. mike S says:

    it is so time for this show to end…enough already

  26. mika says:

    come on, season 12!!!!! i can’t imagine not having sam, dean, and cas on my tv every week. <3

  27. mike S says:

    I grown so tired of the push between Dean and Sam , Dean’s incessant ranting has gotten so tired… first there good then there evil again and again get a new idea will yeah.

  28. Brad says:

    Hi my name is brad oneal and I love this show keep up the good work.keep fighting

  29. Rick says:

    Ah, always the same few people whining about Cas and how it should be “just the brothers”. We recognize your screen names every time you complain, and the repetition is getting annoying. Sam, Dean AND Cas are all important to the show and I have no doubt they’ll all be around until the end. So either accept that or just.. move on, if it bothers you so much. The show hasn’t been *just* the brothers for eight years. The majority of us love and support all the characters, so just let it go, seriously. You’ll be a happier person for it.

    • Kris says:

      We recognize you TFWers and “Castiel is the bestest” spammers too. ;)

    • maermae says:

      Cas/Misha will never be on the same level of importance of Sam & Dean/Jared & Jensen.

      As the two leads, Jared & Jensen carry SPN – SPN lives & dies on their participation. No one else. Pedowitz recognizes that.

      While Cas/Misha has hardcore fans, however, SPN can continue without him. Just like it continued without Bobby and Ellen and Charlie and Kevin and John and every single other character in SPN history.

      I enjoy Cas/Misha, but to constantly insist that Cas/Misha is on the same level as Jared & Jensen is kinda laughable & insulting to Jared & Jensen. Misha devotes half the time/effort to the show that Jared & Jensen do. Misha simply does not carry the same weight as Jared & Jensen.

      • I was sad when they killed off their dad. If Castiel got killed off permanently, I don’t know if I would still watch. There has to be more than just the brothers. It isn’t a graph of the characters, it is circle with each one bringing something to the other’s performance.

      • Mo says:

        I wouldn’t say the show can’t survive without Misha/Cas, but I do think he’s there until the end at this point. Now if either Jared or Jensen decided not to continue, I can’t imagine the other would want to keep doing the show without them. So yeah, SPN lives or dies on their participation.

  30. Melissa says:

    Please keep the seasons coming. I’ll always watch them. More monsters of the week would be good, urban legends, keep Dean, Sam, Castiel, & Crowley. They make a great team.

  31. SW says:

    I’ve said this so many times over the years: The CW will never cancel Supernatural without making a big deal out of it. When they are ready to cancel it, they’ll announce the final season very early on and then promote it as such like crazy beforehand. Like the article says, it’s their longest running series, with a huge fanbase, and they know that, and they know they’ll be able to get a lot of new viewers, or older fans who may have stopped watching to come back, by announcing a final season before it begins. I would be shocked if they ever cancelled it without giving it a final season.

  32. Dakota says:

    If Supernatural goes another season it should do a clean sweep with the story and current characters at the end of the season and start fresh in 12. It’s what the best shows with longevity do to stay fresh. I keep watching and the some of the decisions this show makes are the strangest of any show I’ve watched that hasn’t been canceled. Castiel literally hangs around pointlessly like a cartoon character. Angels and demons have lost their impact on the story and now elicit eye rolls, yawns and loss of interest. The angel mythology requires constant retconing to facilitate its continued involvement and it’s clear that its falling apart, it’s terrible writing and incredibly redundant. I’ve been a fan for ten years but I’ve lost interest in the boring one note characters and endlessly repetitive and shallow b-plots. Where are the urban legends and other myths and lore? Look at the what Sleepy Hollow did with just one urban legend, supernatural could do the same. Or go back to being a solid horror show. The only problem the show has is endlessly dragging out cretin elements (angels & demons & bible lore) that’ve stagnated the story.

  33. shadester says:

    i love supernatural but this season has been boring.

  34. Katie says:

    I adore Supernatural, I always have. Personally, I think the midseason finale this year was the best one in years. What I think they need to do is just make Cas a human full time, and drop the angels completely (even though I thought the angel/demon friendship between those two random ‘minions’ was AWESOME). They really don’t seem to serve any purpose other than keeping Cas relevant, and they never seem to do anything other than exact revenge on this one wayward angel. I feel like the show is just scared of offending the “I JUST WAANT THE BROTHERRRRSSSSSS” fans, and that’s why they haven’t already done this, but I really feel like it’s time to just do it. Let him live in the bunker, assist on cases, be mysteriously watching Netflix or something when they can’t work Misha in. It would make perfect sense for this character, who is “in love… with humanity” to fall completely and train to hunt, and be an encyclopedia of knowledge, like Bobby.
    Also, I really think they need to ditch Crowley. Wanna talk about characters that have outlived their usefulness? This guy killed Sarah Blake (sorry, but I LOVED her, she was my favorite girl for Sam, and I always sort of hoped they’d cycle back around to the two of them), he sent Dean out on Demon missions when he was Demon!Dean, and for some reason he’s still kicking? I don’t understand it at all. Get rid of Crowley. And resurrect perfect, wonderful Charlie, while you’re at it.

  35. Linda says:

    “Both Jared and Jensen are having a blast,” — He has it right, no mention of Mark or Misha so they don’t matter if the show goes on, only Jared and Jensen aka SAM AND DEAN!

  36. Danielle says:

    That’s great! I’ve watched the Winchester from the first episode & even through the not-so-stellar seasons, I’ve remained remained a huge fan. In my opinion, this season (10) has been the best in awhile. I really like the getting back to basics. I’d like to see them continue on!

  37. gabriel says:

    I’d love to see some characters return specifically gabriel, the way he put it when he left heaven he hid away so it’s safe to say that he faked his death agaist lucifer and hid again (as it was confirmed that he is still alive) and have the whole apocalypse happen, but if he comes back they could give him a an important role in the show

  38. Jim J. says:

    A 12th season for “Supernatural”, huh? “Supernatural” must be the “The Simpsons” of the CW. I think it is the “Anti-Simpsons”.

  39. 49erfaithfulSexy#7 says:

    AWESOME, It would be phenomenal if Supernatural continues on with Season 12. I love Jenson, and Jared. Love Dean and Sam. Whatever comes our way, whether its the “Big Bad”, OR just a Monster of the Week. Huge Fan of Supernatual, Rock On!

  40. Chelsea says:


    This is my favorite show, and I’m so glad it looks like a renewal is coming. Sam and Dean have been working through so many issues in the last few seasons, and it will be interesting to see how they change and grow and rework their relationship after things have quieted down on the Amara front. I also can’t wait to see more of Castiel! His character and journey over the seasons has been so dynamic and interesting. I would love to see him become a human for good– which it seems like the show has been hinting that he wants, what with the fact that they’ve been lobbing the question of identity at him on a pretty consistent basis since he became one the first time– and live in the bunker, helping Sam and Dean on cases like he did in “Baby” earlier this season. The relationship between him and Dean has really become part of the bedrock of the show, along with the brothers’ relationship with each other, and I can’t wait to see what directions it takes in the future. It would be great if they also developed his relationship with Sam more– that season nine episode where they worked together was such a great taste of their dynamic! I just can’t get enough of these three guys.

    I hope the show also keeps around awesome side characters like Rowena, Jody, Donna, and Claire, and introduces some more. Having a diverse range of characters for the boys to play off of on a semi-consistent basis always seems to be a really good way of letting us see facets of their personalities, thoughts, and emotions that they don’t necessarily always display with each other (in fact, I think Jared made a similar point when talking about how much he enjoyed the episode that featured Sam’s old imaginary friend, and how he hoped the character would come back), which, imo, helps me love and appreciate these rich characters and the world they inhabit even more!

  41. Dawn says:

    Love the show! Can’t wait for a season 12. I’d also like to see a season 13 focusing on different superstitions each episode! Sort of going back to the energy the show started with. Anyways, I look forward to the show every year!

  42. Hikari says:

    Just gotta say…
    “The show is performing better than it did last year”
    REALLY? According to WHOSE numbers? Because the ratings tell a different story.

    • I actually just started watching it a few weeks ago on Netflix. I have gone up to just starting season 10. It is funny that it was on for so long and I never heard of it. I know I don’t watch much TV but this is something I would have been interested in. I love the show and hope it does have another season

  43. taracornett says:

    It’s wonderful to hear they are backing up the program. It went through some difficult seasons that had me wondering if it should go. And I’m not just talking post season five. But the last two seasons have been getting better rather than declining. It’s back to being a show I want to watch and rewatch. I’d call ten and eleven especially fantastic seasons with hardly a bump. Do I have issues, yup, but it’s a tv show, not rocket science. Love me some Supernatural.

  44. seth says:

    Who doesn’t love Cas. Do some more with heaven, like bring Elijah or some old testament profit back to help the boys out. There is so much you can do with the show, have the darkness do some creation of her own. Like make her own angels or something.

    • Phoenix5634 says:

      That’s a good idea, it’d be cool to see Amara start her own creations. and you’re right there’s so much they could do right now with everything going on. I’d like to see Cas made a new archangel by God, it feels like Gods’ being testing Cas for seasons now. And don’t forget the larger than normal angel sword that Cas’ “daughter” has right now.

      • Kevin says:

        Completely agree! I’ve been wanting him to become/thinking he will become an archangel for the last 2 or 3 seasons. There’s got to be a reason God keeps bringing him back no matter what stupid thing he does to get himself (and others) killed. And just an added point about Seth’s comment that the darkness should create her own angels or something of the sort, well I don’t really think she can. I believe she has more than enough power and potential to do it, but like Lucifer said in 11×09, she has none of the experience or strategy that God has. So even if she did create, I believe it would end up being more of a werewolf or vamp, or maybe demon at the most, level of power versus God’s creation of the archangel’s. It’s not often that something, or someone, so set in their ways of destruction can create as well as they destroy. However she is God’s sister.. so what the hell do I know.

  45. ange says:

    Bring back Meg!

  46. Phoenix5634 says:

    Showrunners, please do not listen to the fans asking to scale back to only Monster of the Week episodes. Supernatural has ALWAYS had a “big bad” main storyline, and many episodes throughout season that are ALREADY Monster of the Week episodes. Most people I know call those episodes “fillers”, becuz yes we watch them, they’ve always been part of the show and are enjoyable, and are usually best for character development, but what we really want to see is more of the main “big bad” storyline. If you listen to these delusional fans who want to change that, you’ll ruin an awesome show.

    Just keep going like this season, this season is amazing, it has a big bad that makes sense with the previous seasons, and it does the monster of the week episodes great too, the brothers’ together too.

    It’s an awesome show, keep going the way it has been. Don’t bend to the opinions of these fans asking to change the very concept of the show. That’s how shows are ruined. Right now this show is awesome and I could see it going on for years yet.

    • And keep Castiel….it kills me to see comments wanting just the brothers. That would get stale. And keep bringing back old ones…Meg, Bobby & their dad (somehow…y’all can do it) Ruby, Kevin, Sheriff Mills, Garth, Krissy, Charlie…..BTW No spoilers please, I have not watched the last 2 seasons yet. I only started watching the show a few weeks ago and have been bingeing on it every since :)

  47. Claudette says:

    Would love to see them back hunting things…. They are going to dark and deep with God.. Me being a Christian feels like the are mokking God and makes me feel uneasy, and wants me to stop watching, and i lobe supernatural big fan. Old school hunting was more fun. Just the two boys killing monster and having fun. Dont see Dean chatting up girls anymore and Sam being Sam.

    • Phoenix5634 says:

      Haha metatron had it right when he said “if bible thumpers knew the truth it’d make their head explode.” Lol yep. I’m technically a catholic, but very open minded, and I like history and science, and like cmon its not the 16th century anymore, smarten up, and open your mind and then maybe you’d see.

      • DEAM says:

        Your response was very dismissive and rude. BTW, I am a Catholic and clearly your poor opinion of believing Christians means you are not a believer yourself. You may have been raised superficially as a Catholic and so you consider yourself “technically” one but I bet that your “open mind” is just a misnomer for your own lack of faith. So stop with the sick and uncharitable sarcasm and get yourself to Confession and Holy Mass and after that pick up the Bible and Catechism if you want to call yourself any type of Catholic at all.

    • Ashley says:

      well the boys have changed a lot thru the years all the pain and darkness has made them loose some of the happiness and hope.

  48. Mary says:

    I would be lost if you cancel Supernatural please renew it

  49. John says:

    Not bad for a show that peaked in Season 4.

  50. Renee says:

    I love supernatural!! Best show ever I like the monster of the week thing, hated those Leviathans what’s going on right now is pretty cool though. I still miss Bobby wish he could come back. But I will be watching this show as long as it’s on and in reruns after. Love Sam and Dean