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Shameless Boss Talks Fiona's New Romance, Debbie's Baby Bombshell, Ian/Mickey's Future and More

Warning: The following contains spoilers from Sunday’s season premiere of Shameless

The Gallagher house may be taking in another occupant after Shameless‘ Season 6 opener.

Yes, Debbie is officially preggers — a fact she lies about to Fiona, who is relieved to learn her sister isn’t expecting. The pregnant truth comes out when the parents of Debs’ baby daddy come knocking, wanting to know what the eldest Gallagher is going to do. (Carl could not have picked a juicier time to come home from juvie!)

When not worrying about Debbie, Fiona is making out with Sean. But not everyone is in the mood for love. Ian initially refuses to see Mickey in jail and then (falsely?) promises his ex that he’ll wait for him.

Below, executive producer Nancy Pimental previews Fiona’s struggle with Debbie, Ian’s confusing feelings and Lip’s “intense” romance.

TVLINE | Last season, Fiona spent a lot of time with Gus while, unbeknownst to her, huge things were happening back home. And now she’s in a relationship with Sean. Is she repeating the same mistake all over again?
I don’t think she is, because she’s taking her time more. This relationship isn’t as impulsive. Gus got swept away with Fiona, so she got swept away with him. I don’t think Sean allows that to really happen with her. He has other priorities, like his son and his sobriety, so he’s not going to just let them each get swept away. The relationship is more mature, more thoughtful.

TVLINE | How is Fiona balancing her personal life with her home life and doing things differently compared to last year?
The main thing that Fiona is struggling with now is that the kids are grown up or growing up, and [Debbie and Carl are] making their own choices — [which] might not be the choices that she wants for their lives. She’s struggling with how much does she stay at home and still be their parent, and how much does she have to say, “OK, you’re teenagers about to become adults, very soon. Do I let them just go and make their choices”? She’s more thoughtful and concerned, but she also knows that she has to live her own life.

TVLINE | What is Fiona’s response to Debbie’s situation going forward?
They’re going to be at odds pretty much the whole season. What we really wanted to do with Debbie — this storyline is so great [and] is already causing so much talk — was to show teenage pregnancy in a different way than we’ve seen it, where her choice actually kind of make sense and she has thought about this and she is mature in her own way. This a good a choice for a girl like Debbie, [considering] how she was raised, that she wants to create a family in a different way, and she has a lot of love and a lot to offer. We wanted to show it as a positive and proactive thing as opposed to like, “Oh my God, it’s now a burden and her life is ruined.” She doesn’t feel like it’s ruined, and she wishes everybody else would see that.

shameless-season-6-spoilers (2)TVLINE | Lip lost it when he thought that Helene might be seeing someone else. Is that a sign that he’s falling for her in a much deeper way than he even realizes?
Absolutely. That relationship definitely gets bigger and more intense. He’s very shocked at how he feels.

TVLINE | Will Ian actually wait for Mickey? How much of his statement, in that scene, was a lie?
I don’t know how much I’m supposed to say about that. [Laughs] I’ll leave everybody with what they saw. They have to keep staying tuned in to see more.

TVLINE | And how much of that is the medication affecting Ian’s feelings versus this being what he genuinely wants?
I don’t think that he necessarily knows. He’s confused about his own feelings and his own medicated influences. So what he said last year — he doesn’t want anybody worrying about him, and he broke up with Mickey — is something that people can hold onto.

Shameless fans, what did you think of the season opener? Grade it via the poll below, then hit the comments to back up your pick!

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  1. Shameless Sucks says:

    Literally the worst. I don’t know how they expect most of the viewers to want to watch this pile of trash that’s crawled out of the sewer.

  2. almostgeddon says:

    I hated basically everything about that episode. I’m so sad my favorite show has fallen so far.

  3. emi says:

    the show used to be so good and now….this. So disappointed

  4. dogoogogo says:

    i really enjoyed the episode, i’ll love to see where the rest of the season goes!

  5. shamelesscankissmyass says:


  6. Extremely Disappointed says:

    Women and girls on this show are constantly reduced to baby-making machines or they’re thrown into relationships over and over again. Relationships between older adults and young people are glamorized, and young people watching think it’s okay. Abuse survivors get stuck in prison for an indefinite amount of time until this show has use for them, and the people who write this show couldn’t write mentally ill people to save their lives. This is what happens when you’re so desperate for awards that you shift Shameless to a comedy. It becomes shameful not shameless.

    • Poppy Fields says:

      I find myself fascinated with the pathos between sisters, one of whom is in a position of authority over the other. We have Debbie who we have always known as nurturing with babies: as Liam’s big sister as operator of summer daycare before she was in middle school. Remember when she STOLE a baby? Her delight when Jimmy/Steve bought her a doll an stroller? At 15 she chooses maternity, chooses to create her own family. While Fiona stuggles to keep a home and put out the fires – financial, emotional, and the process of letting go of total authority over her maturing family. I cannot wait to see how these two work through it. And you know they will.

  7. Melody says:

    Do not care for the Debbie Pregnancy Arc. I pray she has the sense to put the baby up for adoption at the end.

  8. Greg says:

    Horrible premiere, all of the storylines are awful. I have zero interest in seeing Fionas next relationship, Debbies ridiculous pregnancy, Franks mourning or Lips chasing a cougar. It was a good run, but the time has come to end it.

    • Squirrel says:

      I actually agree. I don’t really like the storylines either. The one I was most interested in was Ian and Mickey; now we get angry/chip on shoulder Ian.

  9. Shameless Is Gross says:

    Ms. Pimental should really stop baiting fans about Ian/Mickey, it’s kind of gross at this point. Then again not too surprising from someone who thought Mandy’s father raping her was funny and suggested that Mandy might even enjoy it and laughed about it in interviews. Unfortunately for her, some of her cast are not willing to lie to fans. Isidora Goreshter, who plays Svetlana, posted a pic on her instagram of herself, Noel Fisher (Mickey) and Cameron Monaghan (Ian) that said “N.I.C. for the last time” on it. So that’s that. Noel will not be returning and Mickey is gone for good. They threw away one of their best characters that they spent five seasons developing in the most disrespectful way possible. And in the process they completely assassinated Ian’s character, making him appear cold and heartless.

    The rest of the show has taken a dive as well, with nonsensical, over the top plots, and humor that has veered too far towards the disgusting side. Fiona barely cares about her family anymore, who the hell knows what Lip’s story is supposed to be about, and Debbie is creepy.

  10. nothingtoseehere says:

    Silly repetitive arcs for the Gallaghers. Yet another baby? This is worse than a soap opera. Terrible attempt at humor, it’s just shock value and boobs. What happened to this show? It used to be raunchy and icky at times, just tolerable for the sake of crudeness, but now it’s just plain disgusting. Its as if in their quest to be shameless they completely lost touch with their characters. I can’t watch a show that continuously glorifies rape and homophobia for comedic relief. It was good while it lasted.

    Also, something I don’t understand is how Frank is still mourning a person he barely spent any time with while Ian dumps and humiliates the person he spent years pushing and chasing to finally open up. When Mickey finally came through, Ian just dumped him like that and is suddenly done with that part of his life? They were just getting started. All that amazing development Mickey went through just to have Ian toss him like he was nothing? Just to get him back to square zero. I frankly don’t get this one.

  11. TeeshaWills says:

    I didn’t care too much for the season opener. I thought Debs “rejoicing” about being knocked up was stupid and her behavior kind of creeps me out. Lip (who used to be my favorite) is barely recognizable. He’s a stalker now?! Come on!! Fiona and Sean, I would rather see Fiona working on herself instead of getting another man (isn’t she still married btw). As for Ian, Mickey made him interesting. So w/o him… Ian’s back to being boring. Could care less bout Frank.

    • I agree with some of what you said, but if anything, Lip was the same as ever. He’s always had that way-too-passionate obsessive side to him when he’s in a relationship. Remember back in the early seasons with Karen? It’ll get old fast, but there is a lot of scope for growth, so there is potential there. As for Debbie, I don’t think the show really needed to go here, but she was very much a nurture type as a kid and wanted something to look after and nurture. Remember when she told Ethel she was lucky to have a baby? Most of us know girls who were super nurturing when they were young and became mothers themselves at young ages. It really isn’t that surprising.

      • TeeshaWills says:

        Agree to disagree because I may be one of the very few Lip/Karen fans out there Lol. But he was never like this with Karen and she was his first love. He didn’t stalk and obsess over Karen like he’s doing with Helene. Remember when Karen would joke about the other guys she was fooling round with while with him? Lip never went psycho and attacked Jody. So to me, it’s not making sense and Lip is acting out of character. And I can’t help but feel like he’s separated from his family. IMHO Gus and Fiona (another favorite of mine). I too was hoping for Gus and Fiona making it work because I just don’t see the chemistry between Fiona and Sean. And don’t get me started on Chuckie? Where’s the sympathy for this innocent kid who’s locked up w/o any concern for his well-being. While Carl who’s a little Eminem wanna be is walking around free?!

        • Watch it again says:

          What episodes were you watching? He did obsess over Karen. Prettt much stalked Jody. You must not have been paying very much attention.

          • TeeshaWills says:

            U respond to a topic that was from the beginning of the year! Ur so-called snippy comment was uncalled for and pointless. MOVE ON!

  12. Katie says:

    I was terrified last season that Fiona and Sean were going to happen. I am sad that instead of having her work on her marriage with Gus and grow up and make adult decisions and compromises she is yet again starting over with a new dude. Fiona is getting way too old for that. Literally nothing about this season is drawing me in. I hate Frank’s stuff. I’m not a Gallavich shipper, nothing is going on for Kev and V…. seriously all of these storylines suck.

  13. Ginger says:

    It appears the showrunners didn’t learn anything from the disaster that was season 5. Every single character is absolutely unrecognisable now. I really don’t want to see Fiona and Lip in relationships with people so much older than them- both dynamics simply exist to ensure the show can include as many hetero sex scenes as possible. The Debbie pregnancy storyline is unbelievable, but I guess not unsurprising considering how terribly her character was assassinated in season 5 (namely, raping Matty and failing to understand why that was wrong). Carl is blatantly racist (to his little brother, no less!) and any development regarding his character that occurred in season 4 has been completely forgotten about. No one cares about Frank’s repetitive and pointless storylines, which aren’t ‘shameless’ or ‘radical’ or ‘edgy’ as the writers seem to think, but instead are boring and predictable and more often than not offensive. Ian comes across as completely heartless and borderline evil considering his callous dismissal of Mickey despite the latter never having done anything to warrant such appalling treatment from the man he loves (and who, up until late season 5, always appeared to love him back). It’s so disappointing and frustrating to see the writers continue to sacrifice the integrity of their characters in their desperate attempt to win awards for their “”””hilarious comedy””””. Their ‘comedy’ is outdated by at least ten years. Offensive comedy isn’t funny anymore- it’s 2016 and the writers should take note of the comedies that ARE winning awards and recognise that viewers want to see character-based plotlines that make sense and have purpose. It feels like those five seasons of Mickey Milkovich growing to become comfortable with who he really is were for nothing, and the same goes for many of the other characters. I hope this show is cancelled, and I sure hope the writers and show runners (and even cast members) can start to take credit for how badly they’ve messed up.

  14. shamelessjumpedtheshark says:

    Too many of last season’s plot lines jumped ahead…Sean & Fiona are now couple but she’s still married…while other plot lines make no sense…Mickey’s in jail for being shot at? Chuckie is still locked upwhile an unrepentant Carl is out? Woulda been nice to see Gus & Sammi to at least explain what happened & how.

    • Nicole says:

      Mickey is in jail for attempted murder of Sami he discussed it with Ian on the phone in jail. What happened to her though..are we just supposed to guess?!

      • William says:

        If you watched the show Sammy is in jail for shooting at Mickey. Not that I care. Went from my favourite show to I don’t care if I ever see it again. Obviously hetero writers with no clue about love. Ian suddenly goes from kind to a jerk and breaks up with with a guy hrs lived since he was 13 ya right. Hated it. Good luck lousy writers

  15. Gallavich Shipper says:

    It was horrible, just ghastly on all levels. None of the characters are likeable any more, there was too much misogynistic language the plotlines were dreary and dumb (Frank is so unbelievable). In particular, I wish TV Line had asked the Shameless boss why the Gallagher household needed two non-speaking black males now. How insulting is that? Enough with this ‘seen but not heard’ crap.

  16. Nicole says:

    I am not a fan how in the interview they said that debbie made a good decision getting herself a family by getting pregnant?! While teen pregnancy is certainly not the end of someone’s life, it is certainly not somehong that wad a good decision for a very immature girl to make. they can salvage the story wih a positive spin to show the realities of a teen pregnancy (hardships, a boy who is not involved) but then show how dhe can make the best out of it by keeping in school, working hard and planning for a good future for her and the baby.

    I already miss the most interesting character who had grown the most in the entire series….Mickey! He made Ian such a better character and brought both crazy antica but also responsibility and love to the household.

    I know the characters cannot just turn their lives completely around, or else it wouldn’t be the Gallaghers but a bit of character growth would be nice!!

  17. Lauren says:

    Done with you Shameless. Buh-bye. You were my favourite show for many years, but it’s time we break up. Couldn’t even make it through that episode it was so boring. The characters I loved have disappeared.

  18. N says:

    Why are any of you people watching the show if all you do is complain about how terrible it is? There’s the door.

    • Ginger says:

      Because it was a show we once loved, with characters we could relate to on a personal level (whether that be because we’re poor, or gay, or abuse survivors, or we live with mental illness, etc), and now we have to watch as these characters are completely assassinated. The stories they’re choosing to create are hurtful for a lot of us, and it’s so disappointing to see a show that once had so much potential go down the drain, and to see characters we loved and have seen grow over many seasons be completely disregarded or become unrecognisable. I sure won’t be watching from here on out, but people have every right to be upset! It’s not just ‘complaining’, it’s rightfully critiquing a show and calling the show runners out on their disappointing (and quite frankly, disgusting) content.

    • Riko the Realest says:

      I think they are mad because the show started off as a good family just on hard times but the writers exposed the irish white trash image of them more as the seasons went by. Still a great show, I love it. I’m tired of fake shows, I like the realness and the honesty of it.

      • William says:

        Then you must live in a miserable world if that’s your reality. Feeling awful for you thinking relationships end even though you’ve lived the person since the age of 13. It’s cool for a 13 year old to have and keep a baby and rape a dude no doubt. Could go on but I have a life.

  19. Lotte says:

    I disagree about the idea Debbie having a baby is a good choice. She is still a teenager and even a girl with the best resources possible, shouldn’t have a kid of their own. So I sincerely I don’t get the explanation, when I already agree without argument that Debbie wouldn’t like to abort and her story is sadly a very realistic portrayal.

    I hope they kill the lip and Helene part soon. I really do not need to see them sincerely falling in love. But isn’t the actress not busy with her other show show, so I suspect she won’t be there for long. The picture will most likely become important.

    Overall I still thought it was a good premiere and a good start. Especially because season 5 was bad, so I am optimistic for the future episodes.

    However the fandom really is one of the worst. I understand and get hate-watching and sincerely being disappointed in a show you once loved, but the entitlement really is reaching. There are still many fans out there, so I would already appreciate it if people would stop claiming everyone hates shameless nowadays and wants to see it cancelled. Be angry and mad, that totally is your right!, but don’t get mad at those who still enjoy the show. It really is reaching immature levels tbh.

  20. Lisa says:

    I really loved this show and hoped Fiona would change. Same old pattern – get a decent guy then throw him away. I wanted to see her and Gus work things out – Sean is just yuck. The whole professor storyline is also a big yawn. Thinking it needs to end before it gets worse.

  21. Adele Carne says:

    As a person with a mental illness I find the way Ian has been written as very disrespectful. Please remember Bipolar Disorder is a MOOD disorder not a PERSONALITY disorder so to completely change Ian’s personality and to write him as cold and unfeeling is so completely wrong, it makes me angry.

  22. RSB says:

    I loved the episode and thought it was great. I think people got way too involved in certain aspects of this show (Ian and Mickey, especially) when this show is notorious for always changing. Karen in. Karen out. Karen back in. Karen back out. Mandy in. Mandy out. Sheila in. Sheila out. Jimmy in, out, in, out, in, out, etc.. People come, people go. It happens. I found myself laughing once again. I’m curious to see where Lip’s storyline will go. People say his character has been assassinated and that he would never be an obsessive stalker – yes he would. And not only that, but he used to have a family to go home to at the end of the day. He used to be able to rely on Fiona and Ian. Now he’s all alone. His brain will only take him so far. His ghetto instincts are still there and he’s lived a life where if he wants something, he takes it at any cost. This is following that perfectly. He’s in a more sophisticated environment and his true colors are showing and being used. Seeing as how they do nothing with Liam, I don’t really want ANOTHER kid on this show, so I hope Debbie’s pregnancy storyline gets aborted – pun intended. I do agree with everyone about Ian. The writers apparently think a mood disorder is being tired and apathetic all the time with zero trace of the person’s former self. I’ve got a few friends who have what he has. They take their meds and they’re fine. So I don’t know what’s going on with Ian. Frank, for the first time in a long time, made me laugh. I thought his antics were classic Shameless. And lately, I don’t care about another romance for Fiona, but I’ve learned from my Facebook alone that trashy people loooooove being in trashy relationships and will do anything to make their lives more chaotic and messy. So even though I don’t like it – doesn’t make it unrealistic. If anything, it’s too realistic.

    • almostgeddon says:

      “I think people got way too involved in certain aspects of this show” (Says the person posting online about a show?…O.K… People can watch a show however they want to? And Debbie IS having the baby – the article makes this very clear, I doubt FIONA will keep her baby though. Women on this show are only good for two things it seems boobs and babies.

  23. Pat says:

    The character assassination continues, first it was Debbie (rapist), then Fiona(doesn’t care about the family she fought so hard to keep together. She should have just let them be adopted in s3. I don’t think they would have been worse off. At least Liam and Carl had a chance,) now it’s Ian and to an extent Mickey. Since when does Ian not care about Mickey at all? They’ve been on and off for 5 seasons (3 years in Shameless timeline but really who knows. Ian’s been 17 forever. And the writers can’t even keep what year it is straight) So they’ve reduced Ian to pos and Mickey to an obsessed ex. Nice.

    I understand that Noel was done or the writers were done with him, but really this was the worst way to end things for them. It screams BTS drama. It’s actually painful to watch the ian x mickey scene because it makes the writers seem spiteful.

    Carl was my last hope. But nope. I’m not even going to bother, it was horrible.

    All other characters get so little screen time that it’s not worth it. I hope they don’t ruin Svetlana and Vee. Don’t care about Lip unless he’s with his family. Kev is gross and so is Frank.

    Seeing as all my favorite characters are unrecognizable I’m saying goodbye to Shameless. Call me if you ever stop trying for that Emmy and go back to who you used to be.

  24. whatverethis says:

    Season 5 was bad but season 6 will be awful. All the characters have been assassinated. None of the storylines are interesting. And why is Helene still on this show? I thought she would have been gone by now. If she sticks around I am gone. She is not interesting and the actress is awful. Lip needs a better story. And don’t get me started on Ian/Mickey. The only thing worth watching on this show and they killed it. I guess trying for an Emmy has made them not see that they ruined the show.

  25. Amy says:

    Well if I had any thoughts about coming back to watching Shameless, these reviews have defeinitely dissuaded me.

  26. Audrey says:

    The opening episode kept me focused as usual. Always wanting more. I love that Fiona’s going to Sean for parenting advice considering he’s very laid back when it comes to most things. Lip has to fall for a married swinger of course, and I think Mickey and Ian will end up back together. Can’t wait for the next show.

  27. HAP says:

    Surprising how bad this episode was inasmuch as John Well wrote it. They just appeared to be cramming too many stories into one hour.

    And, they probably set the series record for the most women baring their boobs in a single episode.

  28. carsland says:

    I think Ian was not lying to Mickey when he said he’d wait for him because that was the one thing he said while actually looking at Mickey, and he was looking him in the eye and you don’t lie to someone while looking them in the eye. Plus the Shameless writers make so much money off Gallavich, they are not gonna lose all the viewers who LOVE Gallavich.

    • Ginger says:

      Hate to break it to you, but he’s not going to wait. Within a few episodes he’ll fall in love with a firefighter named Caleb, who (according to pictures taken by cast members during filming the last few episodes) he will still be with by the end of the season. Give up on Ian/Mickey, the writers don’t care about them enough to give them the story they deserve

  29. Arlene says:

    Frank is the best!!his storyline last season was great and the opener with him at his lost loves grave goin at it with her bra and undies was so hysterical! !

  30. Riko the Realest says:

    Most people like real life and whoever wants a fairy tale show should just stop watching. Its a great show with great writing. Keep up the good work.

  31. renita says:

    just started watching shameless on sunday for the first time loved it I’m hooked watched all of season 5 in one day had to back track it’s my new fav. show thanks

  32. Mari says:

    Sorry Sheila is gone! i hope she returns!!
    I don’t like Fiona’s choices.. Bring Mickey and Jimmy/Steve/Jack back!

  33. Kathy says:

    Bring back Jimmy!

    • Jamie says:

      I agree, bring him back to help Fiona get this family back together. I hate the lip/ Helene storyline. The show is losing many fans!

  34. Lou says:

    I don’t like how they keep this family down. Debbie being pregnant and then Fiona and especially them losing their house and not being able to buy it at an auction. These people never get a break and it is terrible and there is no reason for it because they are not drug Addicts and they are trying to live the American dream

  35. toya says:

    This whole Debbie being pregnant is ridiculous.

    • Jeaneen says:

      I agree .. 15 years old and preggie and her father ewwww FREAKING FRANK pushes for it smh so very very very sad .. FRANK IS SCUM … I do Hope that they remove him from the show … and quick like

  36. suleyka says:

    um i lvoe shameless only mostly because of ian and mickey and now i’m sad cuz i don’t see mickey :'(

  37. Jeaneen says:

    KILL FRANK OFF !!! Geeezz if I had a dad like him I would run and go totally out of the US ughh!!!

  38. William says:

    If you don’t renew Ian and Mick relationship you’re sending through typical Medusa depiction if how you think relationships work. They’ve been in love since childhood. Just like that they fall out of love to unreal. Actually all of season 6 was poorly written. And doesn’t allow for many more episodes. The UK version has 15 seasons lol. I won’t watch next year without mickey and Ian and my friends feel the same. Cheers!

  39. Antoinette says:

    I liked the season seeing everyone grow and a different side to Carl instead of just this hard a** Southside thug and Debbie trying grow up way to fast but finds help and comfort through her family also how Fiona and lip are figuring out they’re love life and especially ian coping with his disease while still trying to find himself but, I think I would love it if mickey and Mandy came back to see how they’re characters grow and intertwine in the Gallagher’s family

  40. Chrissy says:

    It’s good. But season 7 is going to go way down hill, losing a lot of fans. If there is no Mickey there is no show. He needs brought back. I know it’s Noel who wanted to move on but, really? Please don’t let us fans down like this. In my opinion lots of people have grown on Mickey Milkovich. He deserves better! Maybe him and Ian grew up through six and retaliated they love each other and work it out. You can still have the wild Gallagher life, Ian n Mickey could have issues but still be together? Shameless is a hard show yes, but Mickey n Ian could learn to be together it could happen and Still have the wild crazy show!. Sorry I went on about Mickey but I love him!!