Shadowhunters Season 1 Preview

Shadowhunters Team Talks Satisfying 'Shippers, How Far Season 1 Will Go

Fans of The Mortal Instruments‘ many couples will be more than pleased with Shadowhunters, ABC Family/Freeform’s upcoming series based on Cassandra Clare’s book franchise (premiering Tuesday at 9/8c).

“Even for the most hardcore ‘shippers, there won’t be any disappointment,” executive producer Ed Decter promised Saturday at the Television Critics Association winter press tour in Pasadena.

In terms of everything those die-hard fans might want, “I like to think there’s at least an element of it in Season 1,” Dominic Sherwood, who plays Shadowhunter Jace Wayland, added. “Whether it happens in its entirety, or it’s alluded to, or it comes and goes in some cases, it’s all there in some way, shape or form. Whether or not we give you everything in Season 1, you’re going to have to watch.”

The series has a wealth of source material to pull from, but the first season is “generally Book 1,” City of Bones, Decter said. “Some of the things that we have in the story come from Book 6,” while published offshoots such as The Bane Chronicles will occasionally offer “solutions to things that we wanted to clarify in the story.

As subsequent seasons, in success, unfold, “We’re not going one-to-one with the books,” Decter said, “because the cast, the amount of money we have… All these different things tell us where we can go with the story.”

One of the novels’ elements that for now has ended up on the cutting room floor — Idris, the capital of the Shadowhunters — “We’re saving that for a second season, if we’re so fortunate,” Decter explained.

Transferring the story to television did have its advantages, though. While the books were told closely from Clary’s perspective, the show “expands out the world” by revealing what other characters are up to during major events, Decter described. “You can’t tell a saga from the point-of-view of one person.”

Shadowhunters will also be “darker” and “sexier” than Freeform’s other dramas, according to the EP. “It’s got some racy content,” and given the cabler’s imminent rebranding, “[The executives] said, ‘Bring it!'”

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  1. Ian says:

    Sexier?! Ok! Just please let there be equal treatment for the gay characters. I dont think Harry and Matthew look good together though, so :(

  2. Casey says:

    How exactly do they take plot points from book 6?! A lot happens in those 5 books!?

  3. chistal Dycre says:

    Ola wen da ce+fa eea la veea ca ella amo vax xes

  4. Alyssa says:

    Wow! I can’t believe that the new show is coming on! I think Harry and Matthew won’t be too good for those gay characters. It wouldn’t fight that much like those days, and it seems, the gay characters will fight for battle for them that much.

  5. S says:

    I don’t watch any shows on ABC Family/Freeform at the moment but I am planning on watching Shadowhunters. I am most interested in Alec and Magnus.

  6. Any ideas if i need to watch The Mortal Instruments first?? Or is it a total reboot starting from fresh? Thanks

  7. gina says:

    Can’t wait for this show!!!! I seriously hope its as good as I have been expecting and that we get quite a few seasons out of it. I think the die hard fans of the series at least deserve that haha. They had messed up so bad on the movie that i’m glad we get are getting a series now. I just hope its not a major let down.

    • Kikka says:

      Gina I’m with you on this!!! For once I think that the hype is just right for what we’re gonna get, & obviously TPTB this time around have been warned about the reasons why the movie had been a fiasco…fingers crossed! ^_^

      Besides 1 of the good things of the old film has been the visual part of the telling, but as far as I’ve seen of the new 1 we won’t be disappointed; & last not least being on telly they’ll have the chance to tell a longer story going deeper into the plot (probably that’s why some elements only explained later on in the saga will make an appearance sooner, to help the storyline).

      Besides I’m also glad that it’ll be sexier & darker, & that so many people are looking forward for *Malec* too (hopefully also LGBTQ characters of the saga will be equal to the others <3)…I find that 1 of the worst things of the film was the cast choice: whereas this time they've been wise! E.g. Magnus has just the same look & especially attitude from the book (PS- why there's someone like Ian that think that he won't look good together with this Alec? I guess they've chemestry together, however 1st it can't be worse than the movie's duo, 2nd if it's because of their different height with some tv trick we won't be too bothered by it I bet ;-P).

  8. Aidan says:

    I thought the TV movie was bad, but after watching the first two episodes of this show I have to soften my opinion of that movie. I don’t think I have ever seen an entire cast of any show so BADLY cast before. Katherine Mcnamara is just awful in her role. She can’t act at all and is so unbelievable in her role it is almost sad. Just watch her move. She looks like she’s about to fall over standing still and OMG, have a look at when she actually runs in the show ! She’s the worst of the cast, but it doesn’t end there. When any show makes such a bad choice for the lead role they’ve pretty much doomed the show from the word go. Seems too obvious they were all chosen for appearance than any acting ability. Just plain awful acting.

  9. Just me says:

    I hate this “serie”. I just wanna ask, did they even read the book before making this “adaptation” or they just put shadow hunter to a random serie? 😂😂 Just asking. Cause i have read the books and i didn’t found any similarities, only that the principal name is Clary haha. I don’t want to offend someone, if you liked the serie, great, i’m just telling mine opinion.