Teen Wolf Crystal Reed Returning

Teen Wolf: Crystal Reed Returning — But She's Not Playing Allison

Following JR Bourne’s return to Beacon Hills this week, Teen Wolf is welcoming back another fan-favorite actor in Season 5B — but this one comes with a big twist.

Crystal Reed — who portrayed Allison Argent, before the character’s untimely death in Season 3 — will return to the MTV drama in the coming weeks, though she won’t be playing the former love of Scott McCall’s life.

BuzzFeed reports that Reed will guest-star in the Feb. 23 episode, “The Maid of Gévaudan,” which takes viewers back to 1700s France. There, we’ll meet Marie-Jeanne Valet, one of the earliest members of the Argent family line — played by Reed.

Reed tweeted her excitement about getting back to her roots, along with a photo of her new character:

Are you excited for Reed’s big return? Have you fully accepted that we’ve seen the last of Allison? Drop a comment with all of your thoughts below.

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  1. Steven says:

    Ugh, why can’t she just come back full time and we’ll just pretend all of this never happened. Scott can wake up, find her in the shower and the last 2 seasons were all just a bad dream.

  2. Ian says:

    Cool. Havent watched TW in years but I’ll check this out. Im surprised Crystal hasnt found any kind of steady acting work after leaving. But this is probably bound to get some attention, so I wonder how they might try and bring her back on a more regular basis. Her death was pretty definite.

  3. shutuprob says:

    Well, considering that Tyler Posey and Arden Cho have not even one iota of romantic chemistry and considering that 1) what the show has needed is both Allison and her father and 2) the writers seem to be reluctant to pull the trigger on either a much-teased Lydia-Scott pairing or a Malia-Scott pairing, I think they’re playing with fire bringing Reed back even for a great flashback idea like this one. It just begs the idea that, if they’re going to insist on Allison staying dead, they should bringing this character forward via time travel. Like, hey, French Outlander In Reverse!
    But, really, the Nemeton should be used to bring Allison back to life.

    • John036 says:

      Where are you getting this “much teased” Lydia-Scott pairing from? Are we watching the same show? The only “much teased” relationship I see Lydia being a part of is with Stiles.

      • Goldenvibefan says:

        There has been hardly any teasing except for one kiss to stop stiles’ panic attack. She doesn’t even like him like that. Anyway, great to see Crystal come back, even if its just for a flashback :)

        • Lois says:

          I mean if you think that kiss was the only hint of Stiles and Lydia then you haven’t been watching the show. They’ve been built up as a slow burn couple and if Jeff isn’t constantly baiting the fans then it’s gonna happen sooner or later. Holland has also confirmed that she’s been playing subtle jealousy in regards to a couple of Stiles and Malia moments.

      • Destiny says:

        Completely agree with you, John! I was like, “where the heck did, lydia-Scott come from???” The writers should definitely never make that a thing. Now lydia-stiles on the other hand… that I’m all for!

      • Totally agree with the styles and Lydia tease. I’ve been rooting for those two since season 1 but since I’m probably behind in the show I’m really liking Milia and styles they’re kinda fun n funny together. I have to admit though I’m liking the Kira character. But if there was any choice what’s so ever I would vote bring back Allison. I just started season four and they brought Kate back so why not Allison? And am I the only one that thinks its weird that there was no funeral or real morning for her passing in the show? And what the heck happened to her dad and Issac? The show needs them and the Argient family. I was really loving how Allison’s dad was becoming a teen player with Derek and Scott and everyone. Surely he has to come back cuz his sister is back and freaking nutso werewolf leave it to Peter to make another mess. Lol gotta love this show ;)

  4. Ari says:

    Lol I guess her career didn’t blossom the way she thought it would when she asked to be let out of her contract.

  5. Z says:

    I stopped watching the show when she left… wish they’d just bring her character back somehow.

  6. Lisa says:

    I’m excited to see her back and to see her story line

  7. Annie says:

    OH that’s fun! The death of Allison was the final nail in the coffin for me and I stopped watching.

  8. J says:

    Teen Wolf has been surprisingly good even in its 5th season. I’m all about Crystal Reed coming back even if it is only for 1 episode. On another note, is Arden Cho still on the show? I don’t even remember any of her storyline. She’s the one character I wish they would kill off(if she hasn’t already been).

  9. I’m so excited that Crystal Reed is coming back even if it isn’t as Allison Argent. See, I can’t really imagine any way that Allison could be brought back permanently without screwing things up. Crystal is back, even if it’s only for one episode, and I couldn’t be happier with it.

    • Ray says:

      You are ok with werewolves, banshees, hell hounds, death doctors, and a guy with a big hole in his head but you cant imagine a world where they bring someone back from the dead. Okay. We are talking about a show where last season they turned Derek in to a teenage boy.

    • John036 says:

      Allison could easily be one of the hallucinations Lydia experiences while in Eichen, which they should’ve done originally instead of using Aiden

  10. Brett Hicks says:

    Ok I am an avid fan of the early seasons of Teen Wolf int he aspect of they should never never have stopped the Scott and Alison (Modern version Romeo/ Juliet) type pair… they were electric from the very first ep!! When I picked up the first season I was hooked! They were more then just teen drama! Teen Wolf Can weather having Crystal back for one ep but i think Jeff Davis must have big balls to take such a risk! It is stirring up all the fans as we can see lol… perhaps that is a way of free promotion …. I am sure they get why they do it… I just think she was selfish… I will not Bash Cho.. I think the Kaira/ Scott is not bad… I did honestly think Scott x Malia was more of a chemical thing to me personally. I am 29 lol so I honestly stopped looking at relationships of actors as something real and real relationships as something you can define in anyway. I like most of the story thus far wish they had a bit more to the action with Scott being a True Alpha… kinda tired f him never using strength much and then haveing it suddenly… He is strong… i am kinda tired of him getting written like it is season 1… anyway that about it sorry for this spam of a post!!

    • Jo says:

      I agree I think he should be stronger. I thought he didn’t gain all of his true alpha strength until the end of season 4 when he was fighting Peter so I thought in this season he would be stronger. I mean he is strong but I feel like he should be stronger then just any normal alpha because he is the True Alpha and all.

  11. CK says:

    Cool. The Beast of Gévaudan was initially killed by a Argent ancestor so given Teen Wolf’s penchant for flashbacks, it does make sense that they get one of the Argent actors to play them.

  12. Alvida Night says:


  13. Michelle says:

    I refuse to give up hope that Allison will be resurrected. They did her dirty the last time. With everything going on its plausible The Dread Doctors have her. We need her back. She belongs with Scott, and quite frankly the show suffers without her. I’m sure they can think of a storyline (ie-the bathtub limbo) that can bring us Allison back. I’m glad Crystal is back even if its another character. But I’m still rooting for Allison.

  14. Lena says:

    i guess now sharman’s gone, she feels comfortable returning, but i’m still sad she hasn’t found more interesting work, she could definitely do better.

  15. Emmy says:

    I’m pretty sure this is meant to misdirect fans to make them think she isn’t returning as Allison. Yes she will be playing this new character in the flashback but I bet by the end of the season she will be back as Allison….

  16. nadialus says:

    I know Crystal has said before that she wouldn’t want come back onto the show but I really hope she changes her mind and they resurrect Allison. It wouldn’t be out of the realm of possibilities in Teen Wolf and it would really help the show. The show hasn’t been the same since her departure, it lost something special when she left. I miss her so much and Scott could really use her right now. With Lydia discovering more of her abilities, there are ways that they could bring her back that would be awesome story telling and would add so much to the show.

  17. Sergio Q says:

    The Gevaudan incident was used in the awesome Brotherhood of the Wolf, would be great if they could use some of the same actors for the episode

  18. Giovanni Zarza says:

    I am beyond happy that Crystal Reed is returning. She said in an interview that there is talk of creating a spin-off show of her new character. That would be so exciting!! Fingers crossed that the show is made!

  19. Jordan says:

    I do really miss Allison as a character but I have accepted that she is gone. I miss her and Scott together but I also really love Kira. I don’t think they should bring Allison back because they have already brought so many back from the dead but I also really want to reunite Mr. Argent with his daughter because he also lost his wife so if they could find a way to bring her back from the dead then that would be cool, even if she came back and then Mr. Argent could take her away to ‘protect’ her so she isn’t fully in the show but she is still alive. I really don’t know but I do love Allison and I also miss Isaac. Like please come back. I love him and miss him being in the show so much. I wish he would return soon. But anyways I love Teen Wolf, it is my all time favorite TV show and I can’t wait to see what Jeff Davis has in store for us for the rest of season 5 and the next seasons they they will provide for us.

  20. Irv says:

    Is that the only time well see her

  21. Kate says:

    Bring the real Alison argent back Maybe as a were wolf or witch but bring her back as if she had healed like what happened to Peter

  22. Maria says:

    Teen wolf used to be my favourite show and since Allison s death it’s not the same..she was my favourite character and she inspired me so much… I just hope they’ll bring her back somehow..I mean there are so many people that came back from the dead..why not Allison can’t be back too?! Just let Lydia do something in the nemeton and that’s it!!!

  23. Destiny says:

    I seriously can’t believe they haven’t brought her back already! Scott’s new girl is no where near as likable! They don’t even have to bring Allison’s character back but they should definitely find a way of making Crystal Reed a regular on the show again.

  24. Jeph17 says:

    Kate Freaking Agent! Peter Hale, those resurrections the show pulled off (okay, the former not so successfully) but, it isn’t out of the realm of the show, the literally stood on the proverbial death’s door and came back okay (okayish)

  25. Nathan roman says:

    Allison argent needs to come back! The show is just not the same without her. I think it would be amazing if Jeff would bring her back!! It would certainly bring back previous lost fans.

  26. Caleb says:

    Excited for the return of Crystal deviated it’s not as Allison though.

  27. Jade says:

    Did anyone get the feeling after this last episode that Allison is going to HAVE TO be resurrected in order to save them all from the beast? I mean “a simple spear thrown by the hand of an Argent girl”… a bit lame, but it does appear to be a way back for her. That said I’m really not bothered if she comes back, I prefer the new female costars.

  28. Arreola says:

    Yes it will cause seriose attention between her and Kira

  29. Abby says:

    Why can’t they use the stuff Theo used to bring back the chimeras, and bring back the old pack?!? Allison, Erica, Boyd. There should be just one reunion episode where the old pack meets the new pack. Maybe the new pack will travel back in time for something. Where the old pack sees’ how much things will change and how much they will go through.

  30. Alexandra says:

    Teen Wolf just isn’t the same without Alison so since you are bringing Crystal back as Marie Jeanne why don’t you find a way to bring her back from the dead in Alison’s body I mean like what you have done with Parrish and the beast

  31. Angelica Magante says:

    No I haven’t let go of alison I belive that she will return somtime but ik really exited for the next episode my brother also watches the show and is always telling me that she’s not coming back I love alison.

  32. Drea says:

    I am not to fond how Teen Wolf is turning very Teeny Bopper! Now granted the name Teen Wolf the first few seasons still focused on the older characters like Derick, Peter, and Kate. This season seems to cheesy! Hope that changes! It’s getting boring to me!

  33. Rastigo says:

    i want allison to be back alive…. the was my favourite character and together with scott my favourite couple….. PLLLSSSSS COME BACK!! :( i miss her

  34. Andrew says:

    They should keep her perminatly I miss her. She’s one of my favorites and Scott and her was the main reason I got hooked on the show.

  35. AliScottFan says:

    No i still miss Alison she was awesome and Scott and her made a mean team.

  36. Booni al teris says:

    Its a supernatural tv show why the bloody heck can they not bring her back to life as alison, they just spoilt the tv show know by getting her back as a new character!!!!!!
    Who ever thought of this is f***** in the head

  37. Joanina Daphnis says:

    I would like Alyson back but I liked the twist on the episode on Monday February 23

  38. Oluwatosin says:

    Please! You have to bring her back and not just for one or two episodes but to stay cos she’s awesome and she know’s how to do her thing…she’s really good and viewers will agree with me that the pack’s not complete without the leader of Argent(allison). this is not the first time someone coming back from the dead and the symbol is a promise to reunite scott pack so PLEASE include allison………………………..WE NEED THE FULL PACK.

  39. Katy Ghere says:

    Is crystal staying on the show from now on or just for that episode????????

  40. Ellyanna Velador says:

    I wish she will be back for the 6th season! Hopefully she does come back cause she was my favorite Character on the show well I love the others too..❤️But ya so that’s al I have to say for now..

  41. Mai says:

    I do want she back

  42. It’s awesome she will be back but why did she have to leave in the first place? I bballed.n balled

  43. Please ❤ says:

    Why can’t she come back ? I understand she wanted to leave but it shows she wants to be back as she wanted to take part in season 6 , you could have Lydia bring her back or bring her back as a were… it could be anything , ever since she died in realised I had slightly less interest you don’t realise how much you like a character until they go, please ask her to come back.

  44. The Beta says:

    yes it sucks but it is for the better

  45. The Beta says:

    It would be awesome though if Jeff could also convince
    Crystal to come back to!!!!

  46. The Beta says:

    Or if another Argent came into play

  47. The Beta says:

    So R.I.P Al lison we are really going to miss u love call me
    Crystal In homer Alaska

  48. Lex187 says:

    I’m just relieved it’s not Lydia they did in😋Absolutely love ❤️ her😘😍❤️❤️❤️

  49. Lex187 says:

    I’m just relieved it wasn’t Lydia they killed off😋Absolutely love ❤️ her my dream babe😘😍😍❤️❤️❤️💏👙🐺