Summer Glau on Castle

Firefly Reunion on Castle: Summer Glau Set to Play New Private Eye

A Firefly reunion is taking flight on Castle.

Summer Glau has signed on to guest-star opposite her onetime Serenity captain Nathan Fillion in a spring episode of the ABC drama, TVLine has learned exclusively.

Glau will play Kendall Frost, a provocative private detective in Los Angeles who who competes with — you guessed it — Castle to solve a deadly mystery. She will appear in this season’s 14th episode.

Con ManFillion recently reteamed with Glau in an episode of fellow Firefly alum Alan Tudyk’s meta-cheeky web series Con Man (see photo, right).

The actress is hardly the first Firefly vet to visit Fillion’s current stomping ground. Adam Baldwin and Gina Torres have also popped up on the show, with the former appearing for the second time this past fall.

Glau’s TV credits include The Sarah Connor Chronicles, Dollhouse, Alphas and, more recently, Arrow, where she recurred as CEO/assassin Isabel Rochev.

Castle resumes its current eighth season on Monday, Feb. 1.

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  1. Ro says:

    Very cool!

  2. Court says:

    Oh great a new private eye who goes toe to toe with castle in a Beckett light episode. 🙄
    Not excited

  3. steven says:

    The show is already on its way out. It’s too late for Poison Glau to kill it.

    • Lysh says:

      She didn’t kill Arrow, so I think her curse is broken! Though the next season was not as great as the one she was in.

  4. Candace says:

    First Jewel on LoT, now Summer on Castle? Loving all this Firefly love in 2016!

    • HAP says:

      Actually, it is amazing how busy virtually all of the Firefly cast has been since then. Just adds fuel to the idea that Firefly was canceled way too soon.

      • Kathie says:

        I loved seeing Adam Baldwin and Gina Torres on Castle. I also love the Firefy references in so many other episodes. I had never even heard of Firefly till Christmas Day of 2011 at a relative’s house, when I walked into the family room and saw Nathan in a cowboy outfit (Firefly Brown coat and suspenders) next to a corral of cattle. I exclaimed, “Castle!”. My nephew said, “Yeah, Nathan Fillion”. I asked what show this was and he told me about Firefly being on Fox as a short-lived sci-fi series and that became wildly popular AFTER it got cancelled. I went home soon after and watched the Science Channel marathon the rest of the evening. It used to be on marathons every 3-4 months till a year go last Aug .I later subscribed to HULU Plus so I could watch it any time I wanted. Now I have a smart TV and Netflix, too. Last fall Ovation Channel had Firefly Friday from late Sept. to late Dec. with an episode every week. i also have recorded the wrap-up movie “Serenity”, which isn’t on very often.
        I haven’t seen Summer Glau in anything else. The only others I’ve seen, besides Gina (Suits) Adam, (The Last Ship and guest spots here and there) are Morena Baccarin (V, The Mentalist, Gotham),and Ron Glass (Major Crimes). I think Firefly deserved a longer run, but at least the wrap-up movie did tie up loose ends, mainly Simon and Kayleigh and Mal and Inarra (implied, which was so much better than explicit). Killing off Wash and the Shepherd was really sad, especially Wash.
        I am trying to be realistic about Castle’s impending doom, but nothing lasts forever and I HAVE survived the cancellation of The Glades, which did not have the luxury of any semblance of closure. :( I just have to go with the flow. There will always be reruns.

  5. D says:

    i hope if this really is the final season of Castle they can get some of the old firefly cast together and do a new show, maybe on Netflix, set it 10+ years in the future have some new people etc.. or at the VERY least a Dr. Horrible sequal

  6. bob says:

    so of course the episode that theres no stana

  7. Annie says:

    So this is the LA episode that we know is going to be Beckett light. Looks like tptb are continuing their efforts to set up a Castle PI spin off with Nathan Fillion and Molly Quinn. If I was the actress who plays Hayley I’d be nervous. Sounds like Summer might be an effort to re-cast that role.

    • At this point, I’d rather see a Castle PI spinoff than the dreck we’re getting now.

      • Just one thing says:

        I’d rather pluck my own eyelashes while someone tattoos my neck than watch the EXISTING “Castle P.I.” spin-off that’s airing now.
        No disrespect to Summer Glau. She seems cool, and what actor would turn down a gig? But this little game of filling the Castle screen with Friends of Fillion is old, tired and lame.
        Then again, the show seems to specialize in lame now.

        • sigh says:

          Thank. You. Yes.

        • Heyyou says:


        • Laura says:

          Yes! Finally someone said it. I’m a Castle fan not a Firefly fan.

        • WB says:

          There was only Adan Baldwin from Firefly till now on Castle, so it seems a little overdramatic, don’t you think?

          • Pey says:

            Adam Baldwin 2 times and Gina Torres

          • Roxie says:

            Disagree/Gina Torres has been on and he paid homage to Alan Tudyk by having a “lookalike ” actor in the episode about space tv show comic con murder.

          • Just one thing says:

            Reading comprehension is your friend. I said “Friends of Fillion,” which includes a host of actor buddies since Season One.
            The “Firefly Friends of Fillion” are just more heavily promoted, for whatever reason.

          • WB says:

            OK, I admit I forgot about Gina because her role was so small it seemed more like a cameo, and had no references to Firefly. But what’s so bad in having “Friends of Fillion” guesting since season 1 as Just One Thing says? Where they bad actors? Is it bad that he is friends with many actors? Was it proven that he was instrumental in a bad way in casting them or did they just happen to be his friends and also cast on Castle? Should they have avoided casting any actors that had previously worked or were friends with Fillion? Too many questions I guess, but I just really don’t understand the rage with which some reference this friend thing here. Besides Baldwin I only remember Dana Delany from season 2 who said that she was invited by Fillion to guest. But it was already after they wrote a part for her, which was pretty awesome I think. Basically, what I mean is — if some (good) actors feel more inclined to work on a show because they’re friends with one of the actors, what is so bad in this? I would think it’d be a good thing.

          • Roxie says:

            Good actors like Dana is not at issue. Taking care of those actors with whom you have worked in the past now that you have a hit show. It’s called karma because some day you might need a job. This is real life and self preservation but what makes Castle fans upset is in Fillion’s mind, it’s ALWAYS about Firefly and Castle holds very little esteem for him. Castle is the show that allows him the lifestyle he enjoys. And really, if we are honest about it, Firefly was not very good and cancellation was the right move. The show got better in people’s minds only over the ensuing years Beer goggles…

          • Dj says:

            Nathan loves both shows. But there is something special about his time on Firefly and that connnection it made to him and to its fans. Nathan feels how passionate The Browncoats are and note I’m not saying Castle fans arent passionate, but for a little show that only lasted 13 episode and a movie that happened only because of the crazy fan love that will always have a place in his heart. Shows like Gilmore Girls and Verionca Mars have the same type of connection between their stars and fans. Maybe once castle is over it will resonnate like that too with him.

          • WB says:

            Roxie, I didn’t understand about homage to Alan Tudyk. The actor who played the captain looked nothing like Alan, at all. And even if he did, how is having an actor who resembles another actor can be seen as an “homage”? Either I don’t know/understand something, or you’re reaching here.

          • Roxie says:

            Nathan said it himself. The blonde haired boyfriend with black glasses was a shoutout to Tudyk. In the episode,his girlfriend inherited the Nebula 9 rights from the girl that was killed and he was the guy who kissed her and made her angry. Just another reference to the show that Didn’t Make Fillion rich.

          • WB says:

            So guess I still don’t get it. ‘Good actors’ is a relative term, it depends on personal tastes. And who was a bad actor that was friends with Fillion and was cast on Castle then? I think both Summer and Baldwin are good, they have their own fans and noteworthy roles behind them. What’s going on in Fillion’s mind concerning Firefly, Castle or anything else, we don’t really know, we can only judge by facts. And you see facts very subjectively, you like Dana Delany for instance but also say that they shouldn’t cast Fillion’s friends, for unspecified reasons. I still don’t get why not and how it harmed the show in your opinion. Maybe you should direct your questions to the writers, not casting people, because ultimately it seems like most people have an issue with the writing, and who’s cast to play what is pretty irrelevant.

          • lindag413 says:

            Dana I read was going to guest star this season,I would love that if she again is agent Shaw.Her two parter I believe was the highest rated yet.
            I have no problem with friends guest starring,every show does this and I am fine with it.People need to work and that’s what friends do in every line of work do they not?

          • Dj says:

            There isnt anything wrong with that. If Stana friends were cast to guest they wouldnt complain.

          • WB says:

            “Nathan said it himself. The blonde haired boyfriend with black glasses was a shoutout to Tudyk.” I neither heard Fillion say it, nor even remember the actor in question. I thought you meant the captain because I remember there were rumors that Tudyk was going to play him but their schedules didn’t work out. Yet I still don’t see the significance of having a blond guy on the show, even if Fillion probably jokingly said that it was an homage. You can’t jump with disgust at the sight of every blond actor on Castle who resembles an actor on Firefly just because you think that the lead of Castle thinks too much about Firefly…. And even count it as one more case in that ‘the show is full of Fillion’s friends’ argument. That’s unreasonable to say the least.

          • Guest47 says:

            Reply to Roxie:
            As I said in a post in this page already… NATHAN FILLION talks a lot of CASTLE, he is almost the only one who does the live tweet everytime he can! But, hey, not look at how Stana doesn’t talk about Castle anymore, or only a few times. No, better hate Nathan Fillion for loving his first show! A show who meant more than what the majority of fandom know! It was his first show, it was his first REAL important role! So, before talking bad about him, think about that! And talk also about Stana not talking about the show or not doing live tweet!

          • lindag413 says:

            Gina Torres was another in S5

          • Roxie says:

            WB, u have thrown this whole thing off track. Ok it was his first love – get over it! Perpetually talking about will not bring back his youth and I think there in lies the problem with Nathan. He is afraid of getting old! As to Stana, SHE was the show’s biggest Shipper and touted it every interview. Of course that was before when it was the original concept of a writer and his muse not once the frat boys took over and couldn’t write good mysteries AND a mature adult love story that had substance to it and to the wonderful evolution of two adult characters. She couldn’t ship the dumbing down of one of televisions strongest female leads, neither could the fans.

          • lindag413 says:

            Roxie I will let you speak for me,we are on the same page and you say it so much better than I do.

          • Dj says:

            Both characters have been dumbed down and I fully blame the writers. But i just dont get the tunnel vision when it comes to SK or NF from their stans. Its like yall think your favorite can do no wrong and is the only one being slated which is not the case as both characters are being affected.

          • WB says:

            Roxie, I didn’t throw anything anywhere. I just asked people here who seemed to be enraged about ‘Fillion’s Friends’ on the show, how many friends was there and what harm did they do to the show exactly? No one actually answered me. We only came up with Adam Baldwin, Dana Delany and Gina Torres. According to you Dana is good, Adam and Gina are bad because Firefly. Oh right, and then there was this blond guy who looked a little like Alan Tudyk so he should be counted as well. I still don’t see how these actors or their friendship with Fillion harmed the show. Judging by your comments, your issues are with the writers and producers of Castle, not guest actors. That’s why I still don’t understand your and others’ rage about ‘friends’.

          • WB says:

            Agreed, DJ. This fannish bias is getting old. We know nothing about the actors’ contracts or reasons for writing this or that on the show. Yet many fans insist that it must all be a fault of one of the two leads. All. I would have thought that with so many issues people seem to have about the writing on the show, they would address most of their complaints to the show’s writers. But no. Even casting decisions for some reason are now actors’ fault. Even if no one can explain what casting has to do with the majority’s complaints about lack of Castle/Beckett dynamic. As if the major problem with the show is and has always been the excess of Firefly actors.

          • Pey says:

            Add Alyssa Milano, another one from Fillion’s friends club

        • CastleRuins says:

          ITA. I don’t care how many Firefly castmates you bring on, it STILL isn’t bringing me back to this once great show that is now just a complete train-wreck. To me, it’s already been cancelled. This season was the final nail in the coffin. >:(

        • Ben says:

          Isn’t that the kind of thing shows have always done when a show has low ratings? Castle has always been popular – that is until they decided to fire one of the main characters.

      • Annie says:

        At least ABC would be honest about what they’re doing. I find it hard to watch what they are calling “Castle” this season. I won’t be watching this episode, anything heavy on Alexis and Hayley is a definite not watch for me.

      • Disappointed says:

        I think TPTB realised that was probably a non starter after the furore at the end of last season when Stana’s re-signing was in doubt which is probably why they closed the deal. A spin off usually only works when it is launched from a successful show drawing on the ratings of the parent until it can carve its own niche and you could hardly claim that Castle is currently in good shape. S8 is pretty much a new show anyway having discarded the original concept of a writer and his muse solving crimes TOGETHER. The creative choices of the new showrunners seem to be sidelining Beckett and I’m certainly not interested in watching a show with just Castle running around with his super sleuth daughter.

        • Anonymous says:

          Disappointed, I certainly agree ,if whomever wanted more time off why come back and ruin a show .I am an avid fan and will occasionally watch when I think that it will be Caskett working together on cases,which seems to be few and far between. I am hopeful that they end the show on a good note but I think that is highly unlikely.

          • Beckstle says:

            More vacation time for Stana seems more like an effect than a cause. The only one on record as saying they wanted a 4 day work week is Nathan a few seasons back. TVLine said she had an “out” in her contract for the Milian event. That’s it. Given that the episode featured Adam Baldwin it seems unlikely she’d have been in much anyway.

            Look at the big picture. TPTB wanted season 7 to be the season of Richard Castle, but then the ratings dropped – so they basically gave Marlowe the second half of the season to wrap up his vision of it. He wrapped 3XK, started giving Beckett and Castle more air time, and gave Beckett a storyline. There was a lame reason for why Castle went missing to get it out of the way. The only other strange episode besides “Sleeper in the second half is “In Plane Sight” which, in retrospect, is the set up for what TPTB had in mind for season 8. (It also tied for the lowest rated episode of the season.) Then Marlowe and Miller wrote a season/series finale that: wrapped up Castle’s past, showed Castle and Beckett to be a happy crime-fighting couple with a bright future by saying Beckett would reach her goal of being a police captain and nodded to the Time Traveler’s idea that someday Beckett would be a U.S. senator and they’d have three kids (with the first possibly on the way.)

            Then we got the news that ABC had renewed the series – without caring if Stana resigned or not. Instead they brought in new showrunners – the day after he signed. Clearly they were prepared to move ahead without her. To the surprise of TPTB Castle fans made a huge uproar about no Stana as Beckett. So they enticed her back with the idea that “Lokstat” was going to be something like the JB murder case (which it is actually nothing like) while commencing to go back to the original idea of rebooting Castle as Castle P.I. – with Alexi as his partner – which really doesn’t leave much room for Kate Beckett. Her having more time off makes total sense. Whether she wanted it or not it fits into the show’s new direction.

            In the quest to really make the show just about Nathan Fillion as Castle they keep bringing in people from Firefly and actors he’s worked with on other shows. The erroneous idea is that Fillion fans will somehow start flocking to see Nathan working with people he likes and boost the ratings. Nathan Fillion’s Firefly fans want to see him again in Firefly, or something like Conman – not in Castle.

            Meanwhile, although Nathan is a comic genius, Castle fans miss the more mature Richard Castle of seasons past, the Kate Beckett that is badass, but who had conquered her past and is not insane, and the Caskett dynamic as a featured player. Trying to change the show’s winning formula so late in the game has completely tanked it. It doesn’t help that the actual story being used to do so makes no sense.

            The BTS rumors about the actors are just rumors, but TPTB season 7 talk about wanting to focus more on the character of Richard Castle – and actually there was talk about more Molly Quinn as well – is a documented fact. Those ideas about what Castle should be about are what have driven season 8. They were totally prepared to move ahead with the show without the character of Kate Beckett. It’s not surprising that they don’t feel the need to use her as much.

          • lurker says:

            +1 and zeros at will. Completely agree with you. I just don’t understand how people cannot see that season 7 and now season 8 have so much in common when it comes to the general direction of the show.

    • brad says:

      well stana wanted more vacation time while nathan wanted his friends to guest star

      • Guest47 says:

        Exactly! Bet if it was Nathan to want more vacation time (like last year he had friday off because he had some problems with his back)… people were going to say he doesn’t care about the show. But hey, Stana can do everything she wants, but he can’t. Of course. that’s fandom……. -.-

      • Heyyou says:

        Read Beckstle’s post above; it was not Stana’s choice to have the series focused on Richard Castle and stories with him at the center of each episode.
        Even her contract talk was not started until Fillion had signed and the network had announced season 8, leaving her in a tight spot. Her answer in an interview months ago was she had never questions her return to the show. I bet with the stupid Beckett storyline (or lack thereof) she may regret coming back and she would be totally justified

        • WB says:

          Beckstle’s post is just another speculation, same as everyone else’s here. No one knows about their contracts and negotiations. No one knows if Stana Katic asked for more time off or if it was what producers intended for her character. Both of those things could be what held up finalizing the talks, if anything did at all. Personally I am more inclined to think that producers of a show would never voluntarily cut one of the leads screen time. It’s just not good for business. Accidentally, more time off is also one of the most often cited demands from actors while negotiating a new contract for a show in its later seasons. Usually producers try to stop it with more money and so on, but definitely not offer it of their own free will. Your guess is as good as mine, because we don’t know any facts to decide this way or that. But no one who comments here does as well, so it’s just speculating.

      • SO says:

        In case anyone hasn’t noticed in some episodes, there may be a good reason Stana needs or wants more time off.

    • Linda Giza says:

      If there is a spin off….good luck I will move on.
      Firefly was 15 years ago and it’s nice he his friends on,all series do this,but Molly him and Hayley together is not what I want to see.
      Last year Molly and his episode was one of the lowest rated and the PI episodes tanked so the ptb feel this year it will be different?I understand they gave Molly a bigger roll this year and it is rumored she did not get a series that she was up for that does not mean spin off with Nathan is a good idea.I Hope these are rumors that are constantly swirling around to the point of I do not read or respond like I used to.
      Give me Castle and Beckett and company and I will be happy.Tie up Locksat,get rid of Hayley and Vikram and give us some real storylines that we have come to love.

      • Anonymous says:

        Linda,I totally agree ,and it is a sad that they have make this show a mockery of what it once was,I’m not sure whose fault it is but ,I will watch till end of season to see what they come up with to clean this mess up if anything.

    • Tammy says:

      Will SOMEBODY please tell me how we know this episode is going to be “Stana-lite” or have her absent althgether?? I have tried to find evidence of this assertion, that I’ve seen several times now, but I haven’t!?!?

      • Just one thing says:

        An honest question, but most fans who frequent TVLine and follow the cast on social media noticed a pattern long ago between cast/crew posts and the release of casting spoilers.
        Basically, those who follow Katic on Twitter know she was out of town at some point, and I think her first post about it preceded TVLine’s scoop about the P.I. Trio making a trip to LA sans Beckett.
        It may be a stretch to assume that Summer Glau is in “To Live and Die In LA, Part D’oh,” but it’s a logical assumption, given the shooting schedule.
        Plus, why would Castle need to go “toe-to-toe” with someone if Beckett is in the episode? (Why does he need to go “toe-to-toe” with anyone at all, really?)

      • FormerCastleFan says:

        Tammy, Stana was out of the country for most of the filming of this episode and Beckett is not listed as one of the characters going to LA with Castle so the assumption is that it will be Beckett-lite (it was the same with Cool Boys).

  8. Lysh says:

    I forgot I subscribed to Con Man. I didn’t really enjoy the episodes I saw.
    This is awesome, though! I love all the little Firefly reunions on Castle.

  9. Maria says:

    Is this show called firefly or Castle

    • Just one thing says:

      It should be called “The Fillion & Friends Mystery/Comedy Hour.”

      • Guest47 says:

        Well… when the two leads can’t stand each other anymore.
        One prefers vacation and village life, the other one prefers to have his friends on his show. He needs to get hate for this? I can’t blame any of them.

          • lindag413 says:

            This crap about them not liking each other has been going on for years now.When does it stop?
            They have all been taking vacations I see their posts on Instagram and Twitter with their vacation pictures,enough it’s getting old.
            They are professionals that make a great deal of money and they have shown in the past that they can be an awesome couple on screen no matter how they feel personally.I for one see her saying nice things about Castle and mentions it and how she appreciates her fans and their support .Nathan on the other hand be honest here does not talk about Castle much and will talk Firefly constantly.I like him but he does not really push Castle.
            Let’s see what happens and I pray it is not more of the same separation and separate storylines that leave me sad and let down.
            I know they have to move forward with the show but going away from everything …..was that the answer?Shaking up a happy couple and whatever else they have waiting for us in three weeks……is this progress?

          • Guest47 says:

            Reply to lindag413:

            It doesn’t stop, because it is evident now!
            They are professionals, yeah, but they are still person, so no making interview, photoshoot, abc not publicing it… the show needs this, especially now that the ratings are that bad!
            Also, I want you to remember something: NATHAN FILLION talks a lot of CASTLE, he is almost the only one who does the live tweet everytime he can! But, hey, not look at how Stana doesn’t talk about Castle anymore, or only a few times. No, better hate Nathan Fillion for loving his first show! A show who meant more than what the majority of fandom know! So, before talking, think about that!

        • Heyyou says:

          That’s a low blow on your part… What one chooses to do on their VACATION (aka personal time away from work) has nothing to do with what the showrunners decide to put on the screen. Why just mention the ‘village life’ and not how other actors spent their winter/holiday vacations????

          • Dj says:

            If the writers are writing episodes to work around a scheduling conflict because of your “vacation time” then it has a huge impact on what the show runners put on screen.

          • Pey says:

            @dj if Stana isn’t written into a Firefly remake episode she can take all the vacation time she wants.

          • Dj says:

            Heyyou they wrote the “firefly” remake because Stana was unavailable. They didn’t tell her to go take time off, because she wasn’t going to be in it. They knew in advance what her schedule was and that she would not be available to film. Her being away is the whole reason the episode was writing.

          • Dj says:

            Sorry this was to pey

          • Pey says:

            And you know that beause…

          • Dj says:

            It was reported here on Tvline and other places how the show runners were working around Stana scheduling conflicts and how Adam was available during Stana vacation.

          • Just one thing says:

            This conversation has been going on for years. I can’t remember if it was Season 5 or 6, but Fillion went on vacation during a Castle-lite episode mid-season, and I remember thinking snarkily, “Of course he did.”
            Now Katic is doing the same, only it seems to be more frequently.
            It’s a chicken-and-egg question that’ll likely never be answered to everyone’s liking. So, best to agree to disagree.
            I would like to note, however, that the way the show was structured pre-Seaaon 7 seemed to make it very difficult for Katic to just take a vacation during the season. For at least two seasons, Beckett was in 90% of every episode, whether she shared all her scenes with Castle or not. In fact, it became quite obvious in Season Six when Castle was conveniently missing from exposition and interrogation scenes.
            That structure has since changed. For whatever reason. Truly, the reason no longer matters. The consequences are the same.

  10. John NYC says:

    Good for her. And Firefly alum Jewel Staite is joining Legends of Timorrow so it’s nice to see people getting work!

  11. TvLover says:

    I never got into Firefly when it was on, but I still think that this is cool. I would have rather have liked to have seen Alan Tudyk on the show. But this is a nice reunion for the two.

    • c-mo says:

      That would have been fantastic but since he’s in London filming the next Star Wars, it’s probably not going to happen.

  12. Kelly says:

    Love Glau and Firefly but can they get rid of Castle as a P.I. and Beckett as a Captain. It’s made for a very boring show. I want to see Castle as a writer and Beckett as a detective working with her team again. That was part of the magic of the show.

    • Annie says:

      Agreed! Hawley and TPW were given a great show with a clear premise and they’ve chosen to throw it out the window. I just wish I could quit caring but I keep hoping to see a glimmer of the show I fell in love with.

  13. Dj says:

    I just squealed with excitement just from reading the headline. I am a huge Summer fan and I’ve always wanted her to guest star. This was the best castle news I’ve ever heard.

  14. annek says:

    Is Stana even in this anymore? Will we have to watch Castle make goo-goo eyes at this new PI like he did at strippers? Is this AH’s idea of making Caskett stronger? Honestly, just horrid.

    • Heyyou says:

      Stana is COMPLETELY sidelined just as Beckett is on the show. But hey, we get Castle acting like the buffoon he is with Hayley, Alexis, Slaughter…. and who knows what other “Fillion friends and family cast” will show up in the remaining episodes…

      • Guest47 says:

        This happens when the two leads can’t stand each other anymore.
        One prefers vacation and village life, the other one prefers to have his friends on his show! So, what? He needs to be hated for this? I can’t blame any of them, tbh.

    • Just one thing says:

      Don’t worry. Castle will probably only look at Glau’s PI like a kid sister. Castle no longer has romantic chemistry with any woman they throw at, on or under him (including their so-called female “lead”) — so a platonic bond will likely be what flies.
      Doesn’t make the scenario any less lame. Nothing will.

  15. Everyone needs to stop putting castle down its a great show

  16. Jeanie moss says:


  17. Nurk says:

    Future replacement for Belgrade Beckett?

  18. …. Trying to hang on till the end of CASTLE….. Not anymore!!!
    ‘Bye to Fillion, Quin and especially Hayley (not a fan) !!!!!

  19. FormerCastleFan says:

    I love all things sci-fi, but will never understand the love affair people have with Firefly. The show was awful and Fox was very smart to cancel it.
    I loved Castle, but season 8 is Castle in name only. I enjoyed watching a writer and his muse solve crimes and fall and be in love. I have ZERO interest in watching a bored writer / PI, his spoiled daughter and a shady “investigator” solve crimes together. Summer Glau was fine in the Sara Connor Chronicles but pointless/annoying in Firefly. Announcing her presence in this episode of Castle does nothing more than provide me with another reason to not watch the episode.

  20. kevb62 says:

    Uh oh.

    Whenever Summer Glau shows up, that’s the end of the show. She’s killed more shows than bad ratings.

  21. lame says:

    Don’t know how the second half of the season will pan out, but this parade of PI’s. Working with RC, plays to the fears of many fans that this is laying the ground work for a Beckettless season nine. Let’s see if she gets a dignified exit.

    • Vanessa says:

      I guarantee you, with the way things have gone for Beckett this season (sexism, bringing her character down and basically throwing her under the bus), they will not give Beckett a good ending. Look for them to kill Kate Beckett in the finale episode, or degrade her in such a way that Castle ends up hating her and Caskett is split up forever. The writers room is a man’s world this season, and they do not like Kate Beckett.

  22. annek says:

    This is the ‘To Live and Die In LA’ redo if Im not mistaken. Maybe Summer will get to do the hotel scene with him but this time he wont be gone when she comes back into the room. Im sure AH and TPW would think thats “fun”. Screw around with the most beloved episode of the series. Very “dynamic”. And would def set it on the new course they r talking about.

    • lindag413 says:

      I agree that they will be screwing around with one of my favorite episodes,though with Alexis and Hayley around not sure they are going to go for the same affect.What a shame we are all thinking the worst this season….maybe it’s because they have given us the worst and we now expect it.

  23. Dj says:

    Pretty weak fight or flight when she could have walked away and not signed up for this season. The question I have is how much of an impact her time off and availability has on the way the writers are writing the show. So what ever problems Castle has she is equally to blame as NF and the show runners.

    • Guest47 says:


    • Beckstle says:

      I disagree. It’s more likely the other way around: Stana has more vacation time because of the direction TPTB decided to take the show. They were trying to use her less in season 7 as well and that’s when Castle P.I. was launched. The setup for the father/daughter P.I. thing was also started in season 7. All ABC cared about was having Nathan back. They probably asked Stana to do season 8 because fans went ballistic when they renewed the show without her. The plan for Castle P.I. was already in place. so they weren’t going to need her much anyway. Offering more vacation time was an easy incentive to give. Then they promised her an “interesting” storyline with Lokstat – which if they hadn’t made it a way to trash the character actually might have been. If Stana had walked away she’d have disappointed her fans – not something she (or any actor) likes to do. What’s killing the show is the Castle P.I./Castle 2.0 idea – and that started before season 8. That’s on choices ABC has made – not Stana.

    • Vanessa says:

      That’s going off the ASSumption that she asked for the time off. Granted, she did for the trip to Milan that she’d already planned, plus her commitment for the Sister Cities movie, and they were more than happy to give her so they could do their FF reunion episode, but to blame her travel for the direction the show has gone is ludicrous. Nathan was the one that asked for more time off and threw a fit when he was told ‘no’. He’s the one that demanded less Beckett stories and more Castle. He’s the star of the show, and he signed first, so it is entirely possible HE asked for, and got, these changes – the focus on the PI thing, and less focus on Beckett. ABC cannot do a show called Castle without NF/Castle, so they HAD to sign him, and no doubt were willing to give him whatever he wanted. It is no secret he wanted more Castle PI. You cannot blame SK for taking vacations when she is not needed on set for filming, or taking advantage of extra time off by travelling.

      • Dj says:

        To say the co lead and one of the producers is blameless when it comes to what ever problems the show is having is a little narrow minded. Which is why I blamed everyone on the show. Only stans think there favorite is innocent. Just reread the part where i said she is equally to blame for what ever going on as NF and the writers because they all are playing a role in this. As for her time off well her availability to film has an impact on what they can do and the direction they take and for her to have outs in her contracts means she asking for time off. She is free to do that, but at the same time you cant fault writers who write episodes to cover her absence.

        • Beckstle says:

          People are reacting because despite your comments about “everyone being to blame” the only person you describe specific reasons for is Stana Katic. The truth is they’ve both had “outs” in their contracts before. Nathan was out on vacation for “In the Belly of The Beast.” Having an “out” doesn’t change the overall direction of a show, and Castle has definitely made a change in overall direction, one that can be marked as starting with 6×23. As such the change has nothing to do with anyone contracts or vacation time and everything to do with decisions being made by the producers. Regardless of what truth there may be to the BTS actors stuff – we know nothing and it very well may be nothing – it’s the producers and the network who greenlight story direction. Someone in the executive suites said Castle P.I. with Alexis as Nancy Drew, the Lokstat mythology, breaking up Caskett and the new overall tone of the show were all fine ideas and allowed those ideas to move forward. Those have been huge changes for the show and nothing changes without their greenlight. Hell, Marlowe had to get approval for Castle to say “I Love You” to Beckett in the season 3 finale.

          • Dj says:

            The specific reasons I describe was in a reply to someone saying SK wasn’t going to be in an episode because it was about NF and his Firefly buddy so she took a vacation because of that. Which was the opposite of what happen. While having an out doesn’t change the direction of the show it does force the writers to come up with ways to cover the absence. What can change direction is availability. If the writers know that an actor has a scheduling conflict which Stana has they plot the show around that. Or if it’s NF not wanting to work certain days they plot around that too. But I said the writers and tptb were to blame too. I didn’t give anyone on the show a free pass. When your two leads are also producers and presumably have some input on direction no one involved is blameless.

  24. Stacy says:

    She was great in Firefly and Sarah Connor Chronicles. I’d love to see her in a full time TV gig again. I don’t typically watch Castle, but I’ll probably check this out.

  25. Joey says:

    Maybe Castle disappearance and memory lost was due to having a affair with Summer Glau and he did not want to tell kate. It would be right up the alley of how these show r=unners think.

  26. Fran says:

    Thank you Karen! Castle is a great show!

  27. Roxie says:

    I know a thing or two about egos. Worked for 25 years with attorneys. Stana has had former co-workers on the show to include Canadian actors, I.e., the crooked DA who was in the Librarian movie with her, the head of the museum with the mummy played in a tv series with her. Ok? She is a far better actor than he is and he recognized that. It’s a shame becoz together they made one terrific acting duo. It’s over. He can fly off to a place where he can surround himself with peeps who tell him how great he is…

  28. Bill says:

    Summer Glau guest starring? Might as well be the final nail in Castles coffin

  29. Roxie says:

    You are spot on with your assessment. Terri Edda was the ONLY one who had any insight with witty couple dialogue when writing with Marlowe in the beginning. Stana was the biggest shipper but then something happened to throw the whole concept off track with Milmar. Then the frat boys took over who don’t believe women can be equals and NEVER saw M/M North movies or any Cary Grant comedy/drama movie. What a shame.

  30. Roxie says:

    They would have to kill him off and give her a love interest befitting not only her good looks but her brain (actually like he was in the early years). But I think SK is off for better things more suitable to her amazing talents – movies, directing and producing major movies. Or having beautiful babies

    • Guest47 says:

      Hope you are a teenager, because if you are an adult I would be ashamed of myself If I was in you, to be really honest. Because talkin like this only because you hate Nathan Fillion is really rude and pathetich!
      Castle without Caskett doesn’t work! And you know who are CASKETT? Richard Castle and Kate Beckett aka Nathan Fillion e Stana Katic! And guess what? Nathan got the role first, then, thanks to THEIR chemistry, she became Kate Beckett! Stana said the story once, or twice, so if Castle exists is because the both of them. Not only Stana.
      They are both talented and if you wanna hate him, hate him… Haters gonna hate. But at least connect the brain before talking. Thanks.

      • Liz says:

        Another fillion stan ewwww

        • Guest47 says:

          Oh, another Stana stan… eewwwww. Grow up, girl, we are not in school anymore.
          I’m a fan of both of them, so I hate reading these kind of sh*t. I only state something real, real facts. I’m NOT the one judge a person because of his look or wanted to get rid of him to give Stana space.

  31. Roxie says:

    I made my argument BEFORE my honest but politically incorrect comment.

  32. worthymagic says:

    Sounds good. If the show has a lot of life in it, then let’s start seeing it.

  33. TrickyGreyArea says:

    So torn about this news. I quit “Castle” a couple seasons ago and have not missed it at all…but always wished after other “Firefly” actors appeared that Summer would do a guest spot. (Mal/River are my fave “Firefly” ship.) I never thought I’d watch “Castle” again, but I’m definitely interested in checking this out…

  34. AJ says:

    Love the Firefly reunion. A word to all the “Stanatics” who are whining again maybe your “queen” only signed her contract by stipulating she didn’t want to be in every episode or only 50% of the time in the show. Get a life and just enjoy the show.

    • Guest47 says:

      God bless you, AJ! People need to understand that Castle is Castle and Beckett not only Beckett… They got 6 seasons Beckett-centric pratically, but… nah, they want more.

      • Roxie says:

        NAH, to the contrary, we want CASKETT, not Hayley, not Alexis showing off her boobs, not Simon and Simon, but CASKETT. If the show still gave us the original concept ,then an offshoot occasionally would work. What’s the use, you just don’t get it!

        • lindag413 says:

          Caskett is what I want,face it there have been Beckett heavy and Castle heavy seasons.
          But in these heavy seasons they STILL worked together,he still flirted with strippers as always….she still was obsessed,they worked together.Now we have this royal mess that is not enjoyable because he is working with every other female on the planet not Beckett.
          They had chances last year to A…. tie up the disappearance,B end on a high note with S7 episode 23.
          I started watching Castle because of Susan Sullivan,I was a fan and I did not know Nathan or Stana,I got hooked by Castle and Beckett and their long road to Caskett.I laughed with them,cried,got super mad,etc.So the big payoff is they split them up through out all kinds of press releases that stir the fans into a rabid frenzy and half of the stuff never happens or not as advertised by them.
          I came close to walking away after S6 the aborted wedding.I came back for S7 to see how it got resolved.They gave us a wedding,not what I visioned but ok and now they are going back to the missing months.Be careful what you search for Mr.Castle.
          I watch for Caskett and company.You may of course go for my throat on these thoughts but it is supposed to be a forum for opinions and comments not attacks,is it not?

    • FormerCastleFan says:

      When it was announced Stana signed the contract it was also announced that she signed for all 22 episodes.

      • lurker says:

        What a bait, huh?

      • Dj says:

        Signed for 22 doesnt mean appearing in all of them. It could mean she is getting paid for all 22. As reported SK has outs in her contract which allows her to miss episodes. At this point in their careers they both should have an episode or two off to work on other things.

  35. DarkDefender says:


  36. carol says:

    If I remember right Fillion took off a lot more time in the last few years since the time he didn’t show up for work because to hear him tell it he wasn’t getting any time off because of the contract he signed that said he couldn’t .Now he’s getting Thursdays and Fridays off all the time while Stana worked all the time and got very little time off until she signed her new contract and had time for vacations written into her contract .I say good for her hope she gets more time off she deserves it . As for Summer Glau being on Castle didn’t like Firefly saw it once and never watched again didn’t care when it got cancelled . To me Castle should get rid of PI plot tends to be very boring . I watch because of Beckett and Castle solving cases together and their love story and if the show doesn’t get back to that for the rest of season 8 it won’t matter who guest stars on the show it will probably be canceled .

  37. racingphan says:

    That girl’s been in a lot of Hallmark Christmas movies!

  38. JImN says:

    So she’s taking Katic’s role in episode 14. Just what the fans want to see, not.

  39. Rob DLC says:


  40. Elliot C Warren says:

    If Stana & Nathan do NOT sign on board for another season of Castle, I think their last episode should be something memorable. Beckett & Castle die in a gunfight protecting each other. Then they are buried together in the SAME coffin with full Honors.

  41. John says:

    I believe that the show should just go back to the basics. Don’t try to reinvent the wheel. Just more interesting cases pulled from the headlines, real life stuff, what people can relate to. But then again that’s just me talking out loud. I hope the show continues.

  42. Louis E. says:

    The Firefly alum who SHOULD be on Castle is Ron Glass…who was on Barney Miller as a 12th Precinct detective who quit to become a writer!

  43. Bob Corsaut says:

    When Are Castle And Beckett Going To Get Back Together And Work Together??? That Was The Magnetism Of The Show… Without That The Show Doesn’t Click… It Seams Like The New Writers Are Trying To Destroy A Great Show… If It Ain’t Broke Don’t Fix It…

  44. I love Summer Glau because we’re both from San Antonio. I never watched Firefly, but I loved her in the Sarah Connor Chronicles.

    • Kathie says:

      If you haven’t see Firefly, get Netflix and start the binge. I had never heard of it till Christmas Day of 2011. I walked into my sis-in-law’s family room after the football games were over and saw Nathan in his brown coat and suspenders herding cattle on an outlying planet. I said, “Castle!” and my nephew said, “Yeah. Nathan Fillion”. I asked what show it was and he told me about Firefly being on Fox in 2001-02 and getting cancelled after 14 episodes and afterward becoming wildly popular. I went home and watched it the rest of the evening and was hooked. Of course, I’d be hooked on almost anything Nathan is in, lol. Love the 2005 Serenity wrap-up movie, too.
      I got a smart TV in Nov. and added Netflix to my Hulu. I can do my own marathon anytime. Last fall Ovation had Firelfy Fridays, which was good, but I hoped they would start over in Jan. Not yet.
      I enjoyed the episodes on Castle with Adam Baldwin and Gina Torres. I think it would be great if eventually all the Serenity crew appeared. I also love the numerous Firefly references found in Castle episodes, especially their favorite word, “Always”.
      BTW–I thought Castle was supposed to start again tonight, Feb. 1. Then I heard an ad on TV which said Feb. 8, but it’s not on the TW guide yet. What gives?

  45. Sue Hoffmannbeck says:

    So there’s talk about a final season. Is this the final season for Castle? I hope not!

  46. Sue Hoffmannbeck says:

    Are we ever going to find out what really happened to him the months he was missing?

  47. KLS says:

    This isn’t really a “Hot Story”. Just click bait for all of the Castle fans. (Guilty as charged!) Things must be slow at TVLine. This story is 2+ weeks old.

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      “Hottest Stories” (as listed on the right rail) are determined by spikes in traffic to any story, new or older.

  48. Mike Blevins says:

    Any time Firefly or anyone from Firefly is involved in something, it’s VERY COOL.