American Idol Recap: Rolling in the Deeee-eeeep Bench

American Idol promised to bring the special guests for its farewell season, and on Thursday’s audition episode, the Holy Ghost himself came down from heaven, inhabited the soul of a single mother named La’Porsha Renae, and delivered a rendition of Radiohead’s “Creep” so explosive that Kim Jong-un was like, “OK, girl, I surrender.”

Oh, did I mention La’Porsha wasn’t even the Season 15 hopeful who moved Keith Urban to tears? Or the one who somehow managed to score four “yes” votes from a three-judge panel? Or the one whose gut-punch of a closing audition had just about every person on the Idol set reaching for the Kleenex?

Crazy, I know.

But that’s good news, ultimately, for fans hoping that The House Currently Occupied by Nick Fradiani will manage to churn out one more genuine chart-topper by the time Fox wraps it in clear plastic and carries it to the curb in early April. (Ugh… as if cancellation isn’t painful enough, we have to suffer a shortened season, too? I blame Randy Jackson.)

If Night Two’s impressive talent pool is any indication, Season 15 shouldn’t be an easy march to victory for even the most otherwordly vocalist — and that’s exactly how it should be. For behind every Kelly is a Tamyra, behind every Candice is a Kree, behind every David is another David, a Syesha, a Jason, a Brooke, a Carly and a Michael. (You get the picture.)

Anyhow, let me run down the 14 Golden Ticket recipients we got to see from the verrrrry strong Little Rock, Ark. and San Francisco auditions (to misquote Montell Jordan, thiiiis is how they should do iiiit) in order from least- to most-promising:

14. Kyrsti Jewel, “Mama Knows Best” | If this 15-year-old’s parents weren’t such maniacal Idol superfans, no way would she have scored a Golden Ticket on the basis of her her muscular but undeniably strident pipes.

13. Cameron Richard, “Give Me Love” | Bayou kid who was born with a cleft palate brought the passion — but not nearly enough polish — to his Ed Sheeran cover.

12. Jessica Clark, “Come Together” | Received the dreaded montage treatment, but didn’t make enough of an impression with her limited screen time to make me think said treatment was undeserved.

11. Kayla Mickelsen, “Broadripple Is Burning” | Mad props for zigging in the song choice department, but producers didn’t let us hear enough of her performance to allow for any kind of informed opinion about her vocal ability.

10. Malie Delgado, “Chariot” | Erstwhile Ms. Alaska was as “on” as fluorescent bulbs in a 24-hour gas station — which (fair or not) made her Gretchen Wilson cover come off as more hammy than heartfelt. Oh, and why pick a jam with an extended rap breakdown for an audition situation? Feh!

9. Dalton Rapattoni, “The Phantom of the Opera” | Handsome Goth kid impressed Harry by turning a Broadway standard into an emo acoustic jam. And yet while I concur that his cover showed the kind of creativity you want to see in an Idol finalist, I need more evidence that his voice is strong/distinctive enough to survive the voting rounds.

8. Brooke Sample, “Cold Day in July” | Apologetic Arizona waitress showcased a gorgeously smoky tone, but the way she strained for a few big notes — and her shtick-heavy persona — give her the look of a Hollywood-week evictee.

7. Ameet Kanon, “Mercy” | Shown in snippet alongside Jessica and Kayla, but Ameet’s Duffy cover had a sass and a swing to it that left me wondering if she might be some sort of stealth missile sneaking up on her more heralded Season 15 rivals.

6. Daniel Farmer, “How Does It Feel” | Came off like a joke-reel contestant with his “hot for J.Lo” interview package, but to my great shock, the goofy-sexy singer delivered D’Angelo’s intricate slow jam with a winking sensuality and pitch perfection. Can he dial back his horndog swagger and make voters take him seriously? A single Jared Cotter “palm swipe” in the live shows, and dude is outta here!

5a. Whoops! Forgot to add Brandyn Burnette’s “Lost” to my countdown. Even with Harry mugging and hugging him from behind, the teenager delivered his original song with breathtaking intimacy and emotion so deep you could feel his voice begin to crumble beneath its weight.

5. Melanie Tierce, “Rise Up” | Hippie chick whose eyes mesmerized the judges gets an A+ for her choice of Andra Day’s inspiring ballad. And while her phrasing and tone matched the emotion of the lyric, there were a few moments at the top of Melanie’s range that got a tad bit hinky for you for me (yes that was a Randy Jackson reference… sorry!)

4. Tristan McIntosh, “Why Baby Why?” | 15-year-old with an otherworldly maturity and composure proved gloriously restrained on her Mickey Guyton cover, falling away to a whisper in spots, rumbling to life in others, while delivering a lyric about a dead relationship that continues to haunt. I might’ve dabbed my eyes a little even if Tristan’s stationed-overseas Army mom hadn’t made a surprise appearance at the end.

3. Olivia Rox, “When I Was Your Man” | Yes, yes, there are far too many 15- and 16-year-olds in Season 15 — many of whom will travel the tragic paths of crash-and-burn young’uns like Daniel Seavy and Thia Megia before them. But while Olivia’s intro package proved uncomfortable “stage kid!” to me, it was hard to deny the ache and lilt with which she infused Bruno Mars’ lost-love ballad. She’ll need to quash the affected enunciation that mucks up her authenticity, but as Harry noted, she’s an extraordinarily talented kid.

2. Trent Harmon, “Unaware” | Mississippi teenager who lives and works on a farm (complete with farm-to-table restaurant) came across like he’d be a twang-y, surface-level performer, which is why — much like the judges — I got a crisp slap (in the best possible way) when he opened his mouth and delivered a level so buttery and soulful you just want to get a knife and slather it over a biscuit. Trent might want to sing into a mirror and work on reining in his face-pulling, but if that’s what it takes to achieve his spectacular falsetto, then I’ll just close my eyes and enjoy.

1. La’Porhsa Renae, “Creep” | I described La’Porsha’s next-level vocals at the top of this recap, but again, can we gather ’round and give her a slow clap for her ferocious dismantling of Radiohead’s ode to haunted outsider-ism? With less swaang than Haley Reinhart’s Postmodern Jukebox cover and less thee-a-tuhh than Kimberly Nicole’s Voice rendition, La’Porsha let her lower register rip on phrases like “perfect soul,” proving herself to be (in the words of Harry) an “assassin with runs.”

On that note, I pass the mic to you! What did you think of Night 2 of the American Idol Season 15 tryouts? Hit the comments with your thoughts — and check back on Monday (or thereabouts) for the season premiere of Reality Check — starring yours truly and the incomparable Melinda Doolittle!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Ginger Snap says:

    4. Tristan McIntosh, “Why Baby Why?”
    3. Olivia Rox, “When I Was Your Man”
    2. Trent Harmon, “Unaware”
    1. La’Porhsa Renae, “Creep”

    Agree with the ranking. Although not a fan of Olivia.

    Looks like TPTB want to finish with a girl winning this season. Coming out of HW, the numbers are heavily in favor of the females

    • Florence+TheMachineRules!!! #MariahSlays says:

      However, there is still emily brooke. Anyways, your top 4 were my favorites along with dalton. WOW, I dont want to jinx anything, but if they end this season like this, idol will forever be talked about for years and years to come. Also, Tristan is just INCREDIBLE!!! her tone is just MAGICAL!!! Laporsha was also giving me some life with THAT VOICE, HOLY COW!!! Olivia was very understated and gave me hints of Kelly Clarkson a bit. Finally, Trent . . . Was not expecting that at all. lol

    • Timmah says:

      Doesn’t matter what they do, as soon as the voters take over you know some mildly-talented good-looking WGWG will win.

  2. Kim Moores says:

    Tristan top.
    LaPorsha 2nd
    Trent 3rd
    Olivia 4th

    This is the real rating.

  3. Jss0058 says:

    Trent Harmon was my favorite. Amazing and surprising

  4. marie says:

    Trent. Harmon.



    La’Porsha – also terrific and likely to stick around for quite a while. (Which means dealing with typing that apostrophe, but I’ll deal.)

    Liked Tristan and Olivia, too, and I could look at beautiful Daniel all day.

    But TRENT… whoa.

    • marie says:

      Beautiful Daniel Rappatoni, that is; I already don’t remember another Daniel. Guess he didn’t make much of an impression on me.

      • Becca says:

        Yes, one of my favorites tonight! But his name Is Dalton Rappatoni, Michael Slezak has his name listed as Daniel, so I double checked, I’m watching him right now (west coast airing now) any way, I love someone who’s different. loved him. Yeah, its Dalton to

        • Alan Dvorkis says:

          Could not agree more. I would never dream of Phantom sung in that manner, but it totally worked and he delivered it in tune and beautifully.

    • Becca says:

      I just watched and his name is Dalton Rappatoni, not Daniel, which is good cause, I remember a Daniel from last year……….. anyway Slezak will probably fix his name in a while. Beautiful eyes, for sure.

      • marie says:

        Thanks for the correction – yes, I was referring to Dalton, whom Harry called “pretty”; eye candy for sure. Not terribly impressed with his singing, but not bad.

        • Becca says:

          Oh, I loved Daytons’ singing, if you closed your eyes, and listened he sounded just like Michael Stipes from REM. He should do Everybody hurts,or Losing My Religion for one of his numbers. Losing My Religion would be great to hear him sing.

        • Dalton was creative and I love his take on the song, but his voice was a bit weak in parts. We shall see….I love the other girl with the beautiful eyes.

  5. Betsy says:

    If you’ve ever seen Haley Reinharts video of Creep you know where that girl came up with it.

    • LIzzie says:

      I try to forget most everything about Haley Reinhart, yet another forced singer who the producers tried to shove down our throats as the winner, because they wanted what they wanted. The attitude was just off-putting, along the lines of the borderline-awful Gina/Jeena/whatever, and the truly off-putting Jax that the record producer wanted to sleep with.

      • MichelleR says:

        This just goes to different perceptions. I think the show through Haley under the bus at every opportunity, and JLo loved to show her disdain. And every single time I hear another cover of Gaga’s You and I, or head Gaga sing it, I remember how they acted like Haley covering it was just this crazy thing, because no one had heard of the song then.

        Anyhow, I never got the feeling that they saw her as anything other than a girl who stuck around too long in a season heavily weighted to crown their little county boy or their little country girl.

      • ChellemaBelle says:

        Respectfully disagree. That was the year of the pre-ordained country win. There was little chance for Haley to win. Whenever her spotlight began to shine, a certain judge was always there to pull the plug. Very indicative of the entire season and seasons thereafter… the focus shifted from the contestants with background packages to more time and shots of the judges.

        I typically judge the talent of a contestant by the version of the song that they sing. How many have inspired you to buy the song on itunes? Or come to mind in AI history when you mention the song name?

        It’s a Man’s World
        Bennie and the Jets
        Mad World
        My Funny Valentine
        Bohemian Rhapsody
        Ring of Fire

        Maybe Michael and Melinda can do a “Who Sung It Best?” fan poll vote and compile clips of the songs most (over) done.

        Long rant, done now.

      • Jo March says:

        Seriously, what show were you watching? JoLo trashed this talented singer at every turn and Haley had to fight for any recognition. If you didn’t like her, fine, but don’t try to rewrite history.

      • Terry says:

        LOL! TPTB didn’t want Haley to win, quite the opposite in fact. Nice try on the revisionist history though. LOL!

        • LIzzie says:

          The one they wanted to win that season was Lauren Alaina, and then she had a cold or whatever and her voice wasn’t up to it, and JLo tried to throw Scotty under the bus, too. . I did like Haley whenever she sang with Casey, and the two of them together had some real ability. The last performance night that the producers gave Haley the black dress moment and full on spotlight from the ceiling in the darkened theater, with whatever song it was, that seemed like an effort to push her ahead. What I didn’t like was Haley’s attitude, and the list is long of the really annoying women contestants who thought they had the thing wrapped up and then didn’t advance past the 3 or 4 slot. I suppose I liked Haley better than Jeena/Gina, and some of the other chosen few girls who didn’t cut it. Worst bias from J-Lo was for Jessica Sanchez over Phillip Phillips.

          • Macy says:

            What in the world was there to dislike about Haley’s attitude? She was pleasant, sweet, friendly, and actually quite humble. I never saw even the tiniest hint of an attitude…??

          • HTGR says:

            What attitude? And you do realize they script and cut stuff to give some people angle edits and some b*** edits too right? Don’t be so naive. Heck, watch the new JAX video to see what the contestants learn about how much reality is in reality TV (and note that many other contestants helped take part).

            After like 9 weeks of busing when they finally drove her to tears she showed a little attitude, but come on, and they were purposely trying egg her over the edge into a meltdown to get some dramatic ratings and precisely to get people like you going “ooooh she has a bad attitude, i won’t vote for her”.

      • HTGR says:

        LOL?! What?? They show did everything they could to bus her and get rid of her.
        Even one of their own vocal coaches said she was getting disgusted by the way the show was busing her! They got the entire Greyhound fleet out for her. They didn’t even bother to film certain later scenes for her since they were sure they were dumping her. They re-edit stuff and faked stuff up. etc. etc.

        She was the single most ANTIforced singer they ever had. Of all the people they have bused, they never bused any as badly as her (and that is saying something).

        Heck even the runner up complained that she didn’t understand what the show was doing to Haley.

    • HTGR says:

      Hmm not so sure about that. I loved the Haley/PMJB version but I could barely tell what song this even was and did not care for it at all. Runs jammed in all over, phrasing and timing all messed u and choppy.

      If it’s the same thing I’ve never been more split in my life at 100 for one and near 0 for the other, not sure how that can be if these were the same thing.

  6. Riana says:

    Are you trying to say Candice Glover was successful?

    • Florence+TheMachineRules!!! #MariahSlays says:

      In a world were things are right, then I hope.

    • SZ says:

      Why isn’t Candice Glover successful? Her voice and performance always amazed me. What Happened?

      • HTGR says:

        Too many runs and bad phrasing is what happened. She sang the national anthem at I think it was the All-Star game and people were commenting that they didn’t even what countries anthem was being sung. The first few notes were awesome (As her voice is great) but then it was so over the top with runs and embellishments to a degree I’ve never remotely heard before (and that is saying something with how nuts and over the top so many go with our anthem). I literally had no clue what the melody was beyond the opening bar! None!

        IMO she has a truly fantastic voice killed by no artist sense of how to use it. I know the completely run gaga will disagree but I think maybe that is why someone with that sick of a voice didn’t go anywhere. (of course part of it is also it’s a cruel business, somewhat random too so you can’t really even judge talent by whether someone makes it or not and that stuff may have had even more to do with it)

  7. danin says:

    It’s Daniel Farmer for me for taking on D’Angelo and How Does It Feel and he commanded that beautiful song and he was funny! And Trent Harmon for not only singing that song so beautifully but even more so playing that guitar and getting feeling out of it that was captivating..he commanded that guitar! La Porsha..I didn’t like the unrecognizableness of her deconstruction. Yeah super powerful voice but overwrought. And I really did not appreciate the lack of people of color

    • Angie_Overrated says:

      I was laughing when Keith called the arrangement of Creep so original. Well, original in the sense that she borrowed Postmodern Jukebox (featuring Haley Reinhart)’s original arrangement that Kimberly Nichole also borrowed on The Voice from two seasons ago. Pretty voice though.

      • Jo March says:

        Do you think Keith gets his head out of his country behind long enough to listen to any of the people you mentioned?

    • Timmah says:

      Overwrought doesn’t even begin to describe that performance. I don’t mind some embellishments but when you do it to the point where it’s all about you and the song becomes nearly unrecognizable, that’s when I lose interest.

      • danin says:

        I said the same thing, that it was unrecognizable

      • LIzzie says:

        I just wanted it to be over. I think she can sing, but there was barely any straight up singing in her performance to get a chance to hear.

        • LG says:

          I’m glad there are some people who didn’t like La’Porsha’s version of “Creep.” The judges should have asked her to sing another song. Didn’t Harry used to always talk about not veering too much from the melody? I do think La’Porsha has a nice voice, but would like to hear something a little more straight on to see if she can sing a melody without multiple runs.

        • Meg says:

          I agree. I wanted her to stop…not pleasant to my ears.

      • HTGR says:

        Wow, I was getting scared I might be the only one. Even after reading now, many times, that she sang “Creep” I still can’t put 2 and 2 together. And I don’t see what that had to do with the PMJB arrangement. Maybe somewhere deep underneath it was the same, but the phrasing was so chopped up and the runs so beyond all madness I either couldn’t or didn’t even care to try to tell. I barely feel like I even know what her voice is like.

        And after reading all the #1 and this and that, I just felt shocked and let down. It was one of the lowest ranked of the night for me. Maybe she does have a great voice. I don’t even know.

        This might have been more unrecognizable than the Candice All-Star American National Anthem rendition. At least with that one I was still sure there was an awesome voice hidden underneath whatever countries song was being sung. In this case I’m not even sure if her base voice is even all that or not. I almost feel like not since I think Candice was a lot smoother toned, richer and stronger. But who knows.

      • HTGR says:

        This was so beyond over the top with runs, runs here, run everywhere not making any sense, not adding feeling to the song, just taking away. And the phrasing was poor. Stop and start, no feeling, just setting up for the next out of place run.

        • HTGR says:

          One of my least favorite auditions of the entire night. This girl make Candice seem like she never heard what a run is!

        • HTGR says:

          This girl makes Candice seem like she never heard what a run is.

          I had it ranked towards the bottom for tonight.

        • HTGR says:

          You can change a song up, Haley did it differently, but I still knew, easily, right away what song she was singing.

          In this case, even after being told what she had sung, I was still struggling to put what I had had and the song name together.

          All I know is I was no. And then I flipped to youtube and popped on Haley and within seconds all felt right in the world, so smooth and silky and natural. And then I popped on the original and things still felt right in the world, although I think I actually like the original less.

          I don’t think it’s a good sign when you feel like you need to cleanse your palette after hearing a song and this time I felt I had to. Kind of disappointing since the Michael and other praise had me expecting magic.

          Anyway, lots here obviously disagree, what can I say.

  8. Angie_Overrated says:

    They need to fix the production end of this. The scenes with the judges and their “chemistry” are truly and utterly painful. I was physically wincing during a few of them. I know they’re going for the charming thing that works for The Voice, but it ain’t working for Idol.

    • Michael H. says:

      The singing was absolutely fantastic, no?

      • Angie_Overrated says:

        A few of them.were pretty good, and two of them I thought were excellent. But in a show where actual singing makes up a small percentage of the two hour time slot, the production really matters.

        • Michael H. says:

          Too true. I just hope that we don’t get a bunch of Jess Lambs or Tara Hondas who get unfairly cut before Hollywood Week even ends, because the major girl power is super nice on this show.

        • danin says:

          Who did you think were good& who did you think were excellent?

    • Morisot says:

      On the production end—what was that scene with Ryan Seacrest and those girls besotted with him? It wasn’t “funny” or “cute”. What were the producers thinking?!

    • Alan Dvorkis says:

      The only thing I do enjoy is that Keith knows all the words to the old tv theme songs while J Lo searches on paper.

  9. DarkDefender says:

    La’Porsha <– sing Heffa!

  10. Eric says:

    It’s Dalton Rapattoni who sang the phantom of the Opera .

  11. Brianne says:

    What about Brandyn Burnette, “Lost (Original Song)”?

  12. Aeol says:

    Melanie Tierce can wipe the floor with Olivia Rox. I mean, Olivia ROX…no. Just no.

  13. Izzy says:

    When I become a judge looking all beautiful ,with beautiful make-up and clothes on please don’t give me your baby to hold or bring a chicken anywhere near me. Lol My fave was Michael’s #9 pick.p

  14. Smokey says:

    I just hope that they will actually put a real talented top 24 together this time, rather than throwing-in a number of contestants that the producers think are just good side-stories for TV, and “likeable” guys that can’t really sing but can stir-up the crowd with a good ‘ol rock or country song where they mumble the words , or girls that over-reach into Diva songs way outside their wheelhouse, along with a couple screamers holding notes till the family dog runs for cover in the basement.

    If they stick to talent and voice, it could be a great season. The last girl tonight, the 15 year-old — she has talent, voice, doesn’t try to scream a song – nice. A couple of the guys were good to listen to as well, smooth and good voices.

  15. Jake Harper says:

    1. Dalton
    2. Trent

    Wasn’t impressed with anyone else. Those are the only two that have a chance of winning.

  16. Dave tizzler says:

    1) Dalton
    2) Trent

    Wasn’t impressed with anyone else. Those are the only ones with a chance of winning.

  17. Michael H. says:

    I hate to be that guy who mentions it… But has Jill Moy been here since last season of Idol?

  18. Michael Mario says:

    I can listen to his album all day

  19. kevstar says:

    What’s with all the apologies? I felt like Sam Jackson in Pulp Fiction. “Say sorry one more ‘gain!”

  20. Lois Benton says:

    Yes! Great show! The premiere left me thinking the show was going to be horrible, but the second show was great. How many people refused to watch anymore after the premiere? They should have started out with this.

  21. Simon says:

    Ameet Kanon went to my high school! I remember seeing her at our talent show 5 years ago and being blown away. Keep an eye on her!

  22. SaraNotSarah says:

    I love Michael and i realize this may be very premature but i fear that unless another diva belter with a backstory ripe for the Lifetime treatment doesn’t appear in other cities, Michael may well board the La’Porsha express and then it’s heaping helpings of heffa love for months!

  23. vicky says:

    So good to have you both back for the last AI go round! Thought both locations last nite were strong.

  24. It really drives me up a wall when the judges are shocked by a strong voice coming out of a less than model-perfect body and mouth. Most singers don’t look like Beyonce.

  25. John says:

    This episode was SO much better than Wednesday’s. I would flip Trent and La’Porsha, but that’s a minor difference. I also think despite his absolute cheesiness, Daniel is going to be one to watch. Seriously…if he can get out of that J-Lo shtick, he’s a serious contender. I also thought Dalton was stronger than the review gave him credit for being.

  26. Tiffany says:

    Just wanted to point out that both Trent (24) and Brandyn (25) are not teenagers 😉

  27. JayNC says:

    We have been through this before. Singers awe us and bring us to tears and we get all excited about their prospects and the seasons prospects and then they turn out to be one hit wonders and crash and burn. Let’s rein in our enthusiasm and wait until the final 24 to start prognosticating.

  28. DonB says:

    Everyone knows the top 24 have already been revealed, yes? Perhaps the discussion should be about why someone of great appeal to Michael didn’t make the top 24.

    • Terry says:

      This is a spoiler free zone, if you wanna talk spoilers, you’ll have to go elsewhere, thank you very much.

    • Puchinsmom says:

      That was not nice. I do not want to hear what happens in the future from this website. Asking nicely not to do that again. It’s unfair to most of us that like it to unfold in it’s own time.

    • Michael H. says:

      Please no, I watch this show for the talent that every round shows. Plus, it wouldn’t be Idol if there weren’t some outrageous cuts, and I would like to keep this a secret.

    • Lois Benton says:

      Except you’re wrong. No doubt many amazing people (and some of my–already–favorites) will crack and some will thrill and not go forward anyway (which we may not even see, being as this show is so manipulative). Spoilers can be wrong. But I don’t know what spoilers you’re reading.

  29. Allison says:

    So many fantastic female singers with similar vocal styles. Thinking ahead… Idol needs to eliminate gender quotas (12 guys, 12 girls) and just choose the best singers.

    The judges must also stop selecting contestants based on genre. When we get to the top 12, it’s often the R&B singer versus the country singer versus the rock singer. People should be voting on the performer and not their own music preference.

    I know the producers want variety, but wouldn’t Idol increase its chances of finding another Kelly Clarkson if each finalist was a real potential winner instead of just the best singer of a particular gender or genre?

  30. E Rodgers says:

    American Idol is THE musicians’ show. AI does a great job of developing/training the contestants, which is why I enjoy this show so much. It’s a joy to see the artists grow. With that in mind, my tops from this episode are:

    1. Tristan McIntosh – WOW!!! As soon as she started singing, I had the same reaction as Jennifer did: Here’s Alicia Keys II. Yes, she’s young and already so incredibly good. Stage presence — check. Strong, clear voice — check, check. Looks — check. Personality — check. Expressiveness & musicianship — check, check. I can’t wait to see how much better she’s going to be by the finals.

    2. La’Porsha Renae – a wonderful singer who already has her own style. There are two things that could potentially trip her up throughout the course of the competition: lack of versatility, and lack of 24/7 childcare. She’s wonderful in her style (which is what it takes to be a successful performer), but to do well in this competition, she also has to be versatile (which she might not be). My gut says that she won’t win (I’ll be surprised if she gets past the top 5); but like Adam Lambert and Jennifer Hudson, she doesn’t need to in order for American Idol to launch her.

    3. Olivia Rox – should go far. Talent, great attitude, intelligence, and plenty of room to grow. She’ll get a lot out of this competition.

  31. I only tweeted about La’Porsha, Trent and Tristan …. but as we know, they all have to get past the dreaded group round … and if these three survive that … I think, no matter who’s to come, they’re on the live shows.

  32. E Rodgers says:

    I just saw the profiles of the top 24 and watched some of their videos. Holy chain saw, Batman! This is — HANDS DOWN — the most competitive season by far. It’s going to blow season 5 out of the water. Goosies!
    I left a comment with my top 3 contestants from episode 2 (in order): Tristan McIntosh, La’Porhsa Renae, and Olivia Rox. Shame on me for not expanding the list to include TRENT HARMON. Mr. Slezak, you were completely right about Trent. Pure butter.

  33. darcy's evil twin says:

    I have been visiting family and haven’t had the opportunity to watch the shows yet. Hopefully my DVR cooperated and the recordings will be waiting for me when I get home! Sounds intriguing and I can hardly wait to join in on the discussions again.

  34. HTGR says:

    LOL. Good grief. Just spotted JLO pausing mid-critique to look down to here TYPED script before being able to continue on with one of the audition critiques. Such a fake show. Man, they even have the scripts running even for those they don’t even give a golden ticket too LOL.

    It’s actually sad though, since I say it’s the number one reason the show is ending this year instead of a few more years down the line. They just don’t get it and are set on riding the judges play acting and scripting and other nonsense right to the end.

    Kinda thankful for that new JAX song, maybe more will finally realize the whole thing is a scripted farce in many ways as many of us have claimed (and known for sure) for years. Can’t take anything at face value. Enjoy what you can out of it but just realize it’s a bit of a faked up scripted farce underneath it all and lots of stuff the show/judges/producers show/tell you is all faked up.