Girls Ending Season 6

Girls Ending After Season 6: Read HBO's Official Statement

Are you ready to say goodbye to Hannah Horvath and her Girls?

Well, don’t worry, because you don’t have to be ready — at least not for another year. As star Lena Dunham has said in multiple interviews, the HBO comedy will be ending after Season 6, a source confirms to TVLine.

UPDATE (Jan. 6): HBO has confirmed Girls‘ renewal for a sixth and final season.

“Lena Dunham and her brilliant collaborators, including Judd Apatow and Jenni Konner, have given HBO a signature series of rare wit and intelligence,” HBO president Michael Lombardo says. “They are exceptional talents, and I can’t wait to see what Lena, Jenni and Judd have in store for the final seasons of this unique show, and look forward to working with them on future projects.”

Season 5 premieres Feb. 21 at 10/9c.

Your thoughts on Girls ending after Season 6? Drop ’em in a comment below.

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  1. David H says:

    I said goodbye to them after the first episode of the first season.

    • Elissa says:

      And yet here you are still commenting on stories about the show 5 years later. Seems you lead an incredibly interesting life, sir.

      • Steven says:

        I also only watched the first episode and couldn’t stomach the whining and amateur behavior. I just happen to like to keep up to date on TV news and it only takes 30 seconds to comment on an article. It doesn’t mean the commenter has no life.

        • Rook says:

          Because it’s a negative comment that provides no use. While it’s not as bad as the one below, it still contributes nothing. The shows is not your cup of tea that’s totally fine, but posting a hateful comment might encourage other to do the same. Then the page is nothing but hate.

          • Lucifer says:

            Please, tell me where exactly does saying “I said goodbye to them after the first episode of the first season” equal “hateful” to you? I’m guessing you are one of those people who believes in “cyber violence” as well?

          • Rook says:

            That’s just my opinion dude. It wasn’t a nice happy comment, I thought it was rude. I did also say that it was not as bad as the ones below.

      • Elissa says:

        To continue, I actually have an interesting life. I like to throw rocks at old people and walk around town wearing my undergarments on top of my clothes. Then, I sit down to watch the bestest show ever, Girls. It representation of who I am. Sir, I living an interesting life.

    • kristen t says:

      agreed. i hated this show with a passion. i tried to get into it but, it sucked.

    • Rook says:

      I drink pee

  2. Mr. Tran K says:

    It deserves to end but why wait until next year as in 2017.

  3. Steve F. says:

    And not a moment too soon!

  4. Dan G. says:

    A decent show … but WILL NOT MISS Miss Dunham (OR her blatant NUDITY — YUCK !!)

  5. Mak says:

    YIPEEEEEEEEEE! Drinks are on me ya’ll

  6. NotHardly says:

    A very sad day for its dozens of viewers……

  7. Pete says:

    As article states Lena has been saying this for a while so not a big surprise. I think the show is still very funny so will go out while still creative and entertaining (I think I’ll miss Elijah most of all). On a side note – I love this site (happy 5th birthday!) so it’s a shame that no matter what tv show an artcile is about the comments seem 90% negative, and not in an intelligent constructive criticism way but in a hateful way.

  8. ABG says:

    I like the show but I’m ok with this. It peaked with season 1 tbh.

  9. ImperatoreFormaggio says:

    Spoiler alert:

    The season finale will involve the character going to jail for molesting her younger sister.

  10. Jason Paul says:

    The show will be better with an end date in sight.

  11. jenni lennox says:

    The show was/is brilliant & something really different in a sea of mucky sameness. Kudos to Lena and her gang for evolving their characters in the most profound ways over the past five years. Compared to most sitcom characters (who are excruciatingly annoying) Lena’s bunch are very real. An actual star was born in at least one case…congrats to Adam Driver. I told my sister who had never watched the show, and wondered if she’d like it, to watch the very last episode of Season Five. It was a terrific study of all the major characters and pretty much said it all about where they are in their lives at this point. I think one could figure out whether or not they would like the series and its characters based on that one episode alone. I hope more people will venture out and watch it.

  12. fairmont1955 says:

    Thank goodness.

  13. mistri says:

    That’s good news.

  14. webly3 says:

    Dunham always stated that she wanted the show to end after season 6 so it makes sense. And honestly, last season was a very strong season so I’m looking forward to the future.

  15. Eh says:

    I never said hello. I couldn’t even get through episode one and just can’t understand that show’s appeal.

  16. Alex says:

    HBO porn show to end after six seasons. :)

  17. Me says:

    After reading these comments all I can think of is a line from Monty Python and the Search for the Holy Grail, just after the narrator says that they where forced to eat Robin’s minstrels: “and there was much rejoicing”

  18. cc says:

    About time.

  19. Lizzie says:

    This news a happy belated Christmas present. Now it would be amazing if Dunham would “retire” permanently. She is overrated and a horrible example of the generation she claim to be a voice for. Lena, you and your creepy and weird exploits do not represent me, my friends or, actually, anyone I know. I’m 25 and will now enjoy no longer hearing from this obnoxious and overpaid spaz.

  20. Will says:

    Came here for the headline – finally thank God!!

  21. Johnny Styles says:

    Our long national nightmare is over.

  22. I do not want it to end at Season 6 Girls is one of my favorite HBO series. I can not wait until 10pm on Sunday , I’m so tuned in to the show. Great show… Season 5 finale was Great!!!!! Can’t wait for Season 6 to come on …. Great show Lena Dunham!!!!

  23. tanderson says:

    I think the show brilliant. Lena Dunham is a very talented writer. I will dearly miss the show. I am no hipster at 47. But the show has made me laugh, cry, get uncomfortable, and feel embarrassed. What kind of show makes you experience a wide rage of emotions like that?

  24. I think the show is very good and I think Lena Dunham is very talented. Your negative comments are really rude. I admire her nudity, for one it takes guts to look unconventional and still do nude scenes. The show is very real and I know many people like the characters. If you are offended why even watch it? And I think if people kept an open mind it would impact you. It’s very deep and silly at the same time, just like life. and she didn’t molest her sister. Read the book before you say stuff like that out in the open. Great work Lena, can’t wait to see what you do next!