Meredith Vieira Show Cancelled

Report: Meredith Vieira Show on Verge of Cancellation After 2 Seasons

Perhaps The View is looking for yet another new co-host…?

The syndicated daytime talker The Meredith Vieira Show will come to an end early next year after two low-rated seasons, according to a report by Page Six.

Despite efforts to bolster the program’s viewership by tinkering with its format, reps for celebrity guests have been informed that the show will be cancelled in March, a source tells the site.

Season 2 of the former View co-host’s solo effort opened this past September to a 0.8 household rating, down 50 percent from its very first installment.

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  1. Amber says:

    Well, I guess soap opera ratings aren’t looking so anemic now.

    • Damian says:

      Soaps would have to perform way better than this (and they don’t) in order to make the cost worth it. These shows cost peanuts compared.

      • But there are different advantages that a soap does bring.

        1) You don’t need any additional advertising or promotion, they come with a loyal following.
        2) You can sell the shows to air internationally. No one in Dubai is watching The Meredith Vieira Show.
        3) There’s a lot less fluctuation in the ratings. They will obviously have good and bad weeks, but you’ll see a huge difference in the ratings for talk shows like this when Justin Timberlake and Chris Pratt are on compared to some author or random reality show person.

  2. Amanda says:

    I didn’t know it had a second season because it was not on any channel I get.

    • Carla Krae says:

      You don’t get NBC? It aired this season after The Today Show.

      • Zerb says:

        That’s when it airs in your area, but it differs from place to place. In some areas it airs on at a different time during the day on NBC, in others a different network from NBC, and in others it doesn’t air til the middle of the night, if at all, regardless of the network.

        In my area we get local news airs after the Today Show, followed by Days Of Our Lives, then the Meredith Viera show is at 1 P.M.

      • Joel Felan says:

        The show airs @ 2a.m. on my NBC station. They pulled it from the daytime lineup. Now I know why.

  3. Jimmy says:

    Outside of Ellen, do people even watch these Oprah clones anymore? Apparently not.

  4. jakis says:

    It comes on after General Hospital where I live and I’ve watched it a few times just because it’s there and I’m too lazy to turn it off, but… It’s not very good. Not really any worse than the others, but it’s still not very good.

  5. Hedy S. says:

    It’s a complete bore. Yawn.

  6. Joyce Smith says:

    I have tried to watch it and never get past 10 minutes. Boring

  7. iHeart says:

    wow newer talk shows can’t seem to stay on the air these days

  8. BrightLight says:

    Anderson Cooper’s daytime talk show tried the same tactic for their second season (make every show air live instead of taped a day or more in advance) and it didn’t work, so I’m not shocked it didn’t work for Meredith’s show either. Of course for me neither show aired live because they both came on at 2PM ET in my area and then repeats at 3AM after the Hoda/Kathie Lee today show repeat at 2AM.

  9. GraceM says:

    That’s too bad. I guess she’s not like Ellen or Oparah. I hope Meredith can find something else.

  10. Cathy says:

    Surprised it had a second season – it is dreadful dribble.

    • TV Gord says:

      Most of these syndicated daytime talk shows are two-year deals, so it’s more economical to let the two seasons play out, no matter how poor the ratings are.

  11. Lynn Morris says:

    I like the Meredith show. It’s much better than The View and The Talk, neither of which I like or watch. I’m sorry her show is cancelled.

  12. Sandy Duncan's Eye on Network TV says:

    I love Meredith Vieira but her talk show is really bad. It is a cheaply produced snoozefest. I think Meredith should return to The View or go to 60 Minutes or 20/20.

  13. Cathy says:

    No one wants to see good news talk shows. The ones that survive are the shows that exploit people and their problems or promote anger and discontent among family members, bad relationships, paternity issues, or even legal conflicts. Hate mongering is very profitable these days.

  14. David4 says:

    I love her but she is so boring on her show. It’s just dull and more dull.

  15. dancmh says:

    Then it’s lasted about season and a half too long. This crap is just cursedly awful. The co-hosts are ridiculous and Vieira has the energy of Nyquil. It’s just dreck.

  16. A says:

    I think they should just let Liliana and Lance take over the show. They are great!

  17. Alma says:

    I am sorry to hear about the cancellation. However, I had tuned in yesterday for the first time and one of the women on the show was asked if she ever shared her toothbrush. She said she had and saw nothing wrong with that and defended it. After hearing that I would have no respect for any of her opinions as she showed ignorance for a basic health issue. Guests to this show should be vetted before speaking.

  18. Peggy says:

    The show is so improved with the new panel. It brings out the best in Meridith. I think you should give it a chance. Panel is excellent!

  19. Mitchell says:

    What the heck was she thinking. She gave up a Wheel of Fortune type job and money to do this. We all knew it wouldn’t work.

  20. William Huggins says:

    You should be cancelled. What boredom

  21. Janet says:

    Too bad her show was getting much better with her new panel!!

  22. Carol says:

    My favorite talk shows. I love the “What’s Hot Now” segment each day…except for the black woman, she is loud, obnoxious and very unfunny. Other than that I love the show and hate to see it be cancelled.

  23. Mahlon Krautwurst says:

    Typical NBC (sadly)—Get a truly GOOD show—not with “whoever’s” liking—CANCEL it. Forget “public opinion”!! Happens over and over and OVER again—really sad—! Suggestion–how about getting rid of some of your so-called corporate executives who are getting paid mega-bucks for making these “decisions”. I truly question their intelligence and, perhaps more important, their integrity.

  24. Cindy says:

    I’m not surprised its being cancelled, I can’t watch it anymore because of the black lady who is so angry and obnoxiously monopolizes every topic with HER opinion that of course is right because she’s black!

  25. Ingrid Eichenbaum says:

    Hi, your show is actually not bad but I wonder if you want to better things at the talk shows to actually make long lasting changes that benefit the show but also the public? Make the viewer get involved in future decision making on still taboo subjects and take long term credit in betterment of all our lives! I am happy to pass on some of my thoughts to you!
    I am a retired active world traveller
    with a modern and environmental focused outlook in my 60’s!
    I would be happy to hear from your team in the New Year!
    Best regards,

  26. Lee says:

    NBC should cancel the show. Some of the segments are very boring. New panel doesn’t look friendly and very loud .

  27. Recorded an episode .. the John Edwards one. How very annoying. Whoever the black woman was, could not, would not, shut up. Other panelists had to talk over her when it was their turn. Made the whole show feel stressed .. like everyone was fighting.
    His “readings” .. too general to convince me of anything.

  28. Meredith.. come back to Millionairre. Now that their host is busy with Bachelorette fluff!

  29. Linda Blevins says:

    I love Meredith’s show and the new panel format segment. Meredith seems like she could be everyone’s best friend. She’s smart, funny, warm and sincere. What a shame if she’s canceled. My daughter and I watch her every day!

  30. Marguerite. Walsh says:

    I am sorry to see Meridith Vierra
    Has been Cancelled , I’d much rather watch her interesting show than inside edition .

  31. Hazel says:

    Why are you cancelling this Meredith Viera show pretty soon I’m not watching anything on NBC In the morning. I’m just getting sick of tired of your network does.

  32. Lynne Carter says:


  33. Wanda says:

    I liked her show from the start because it was a daytime ‘tonight showesk’ format and very funny. Season 2 format added the round table which is fine but the show never returned to the games and fun I so liked to see. Don’t cancel it…bring back the fun and games and you should keep Yamaneeka, she’s a riot!

  34. Joe says:

    Well no matter where She goes’??? I’ll watch her. I hope to see her on the still got it Merrdeth!! you’re the BEST!! Hope to see on the news or the EW…..

  35. Sherry Hornung says:

    I love this show ! Please keep it on the air. Giving her another chance.

  36. Gayle Shelton says:

    I love the positive growth of the show. It has become more upbeat along with being able to handle difficult subjects. Meredith Viera is intelligent, warm and an all-around lovely human being. I am disappointed it is not up for renewal.

  37. Tabitha says:

    I’ve always been a fan of Meridith, until this show. In my opinion everything seemed very forced, not natural. “What’s Hot Now” was a nice addition (and started to make it interesting). But yet again, the personalities seemed extreme, and not genuine.

    Yamaneika is funny, but always negative regarding the topics.

    Lilliana is smart, unfortunately her opinions came across as very 1940’s conservative.

    Different personalities add a nice diversity but in my opinion the show was trying too hard.

  38. Missy says:

    I watch Meredith Viera Everyday. I Love Her & Her Show..Its so much better with “What’s Hot
    Now” please don’t cancel her show . Meredith is so Down to Earth . I Lost my leg and I sit here and watch her show Everyday . . I will be sadly Disappointed . I Love Yamanika she makes me laugh so hard with me being as depressed as I am losing my leg to a Horrific injury .

  39. d says:

    I really don’t care for segment..Whas Hot or the panel….its annoying!