Grimm Trubel Bike Motorcycle Season 5

Grimm: Is Trubel Hadrian's Wall's Answer to James Bond?

The name’s Rubel… Theresa Rubel.

The return of Ms. Rubel, aka “Trubel,” in Grimm‘s fall finale introduced viewers to a changed version of the baby Grimm, someone who’d spent her time away from Portland training to be a weapon of Wesen extinction in the coming uprising.

Oh yeah, and she has some pretty cool toys now, too.

When TVLine chatted with series creators James Kouf and David Greenwalt, we wondered whether Trubel’s souped-up motorcycle was the first indication that Trubel was going to have an arsenal of sophisticated technology, courtesy of the mysterious collective known as Hadrian’s Wall.

“Don’t we wish,” Greenwalt said, laughing as he cited budgetary constraints. “It’s expensive and cumbersome, the things that we want to do with that sleek bike. There’ll be a little bit of it, but there won’t be the big, James Bond-like action sequences that we envisioned when we created it.”

Grimm Season 5 Bailey Chase

The EPs gave up few details about what the upcoming Wesen war would look like, offering only that “there’s a lot of complicated things… that intertwine before direct confrontation,” Kouf said. But we did get them to give us a quick sketch of Lucien Petrovich, the Wesen revolutionary played by Longmire‘s Bailey Chase, who debuts in the NBC series’ midseason premiere.

“He’s a pure believer, but he’s got a streak of deviousness in him and he can’t really be trusted, even by his own people,” Greenwalt said, adding that Petrovich might not be above sacrificing some of his own soldiers if needed. “He’ll be around a little bit.”

Grimm returns on Friday, Jan. 29 at 9/8c.

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  1. Beckers says:

    Love this show!!! Glad for any info on it.

  2. Alison says:

    I’m looking forward to the return of Grimm and more about Hadriends Wall. I like the direction the show is taking this season.

  3. Troy says:

    I was enjoying a lot with the new series Grimm. The first 5 episodes of Season 5 were amazing. Free of Juliette and all the Grimm ´s representation of past was like a broken and fresh season, was promissing, until they again followed the easy path: resurrectiong dead people, losing a lot of credibility ( since the death is too part of life, how much supernatural show that you can write, always will left one part of credibility in grimm).
    The Haddrian´s Wall is gonna to be a distraction and the hero Burkhardt will have to share his main role with a lot of new people. This Grimm is losing his unique essence, now Nick is not a warrior strange, now will be a lot of Grimms and a lot of news characters fighthing a war in both places, the good and bad side.
    this season 5 smells to last one season, to season finale. maybe will be a season 6, but the apocaliptic path that is following with the resurrection of dead, the Great War Wesen remembers to me a lot of to “Angel” that just ended after 5 seasons.
    Nick is losing its essence.

    • tvjunkie says:

      What dead person did they resurrect? Are you referring to the NOT Juliette clone?

      • d282 says:

        I don’t think that was a clone of Juliet. I could be wrong of course. I think she was brought back from the dead. If you remember in last season’s finale. After Trubel threw an arrow into Juliette and after she died in Detective Burkhardt’s arms, the special group from the FBI, they removed Juliette, and Trubel. The new season started and Juliette’s body was no where to be found. In the winter finale, we see a woman with blonde hair (probably a wig) coming out of a room and she is told I think, it’s time to go. Then they show Detective Burkhardt fighting I think a Wesen and he almost loses the fight until Juliette saving his life. When the show starts again on Jan. 29, 2016, we will probably find out if she is a clone or if it is really Juliette. Remember in the show they mentioned that some horrible creature (demon) is coming.

  4. Morer says:

    This is so messed up,Julia being killed so so wrong.Could’ve written different elements in story using that character.I don’t get the baby thingy yet.

  5. KayCeeCee says:

    Although I am glad to have Trubel back, I wish that they would tie up some more storylines before introducing new ones.

  6. d282 says:

    I can’t wait for Grimm to start again next month. I am so looking forward to it. I have been watching it since it first started.

  7. NDFan says:

    This may keep me watching. It could have been foretold like this since the beginning and I just didn’t notice it…. But the soap opera romances and baby storylines are really turning me off. I just didn’t see this show turning out this way. I’m trying to hang in there but its getting increasingly difficult… Hadrian’s wall is keeping me somewhat interested so hopefully it can bring some fresh new scenes into the mix. I miss the Grimm I fell in love with.

  8. kirads09 says:

    Well, Grimm seems to be focusing on exactly the opposite of what would win me back. Truble and the sooo forced and awkward Adalind/Nick hook up. No thanks.

  9. BudO81b4 says:

    Great to see Trubel back !

  10. Mattheo says:

    What is the mark of the trubel’s bike on Grimm in “THE RAT KING” season 5.05 ???