New Girl Season 5

New Girl Stars Tease 'Weird' Wedding Plans, New Energy, a Big Shift and More

This may come as a shock to longtime New Girl viewers, but it seems Jess, Schmidt et al. are actually growing up. (Kinda.)

When the Fox comedy returns for Season 5 (on Tuesday, Jan. 5, now at 8/7c), the loftmates will be contending with all sorts of adult problems, from wedding planning to jury duty to the addition of a new-but-temporary apartment dweller (Megan Fox’s Reagan, who will briefly replace Jess while Zooey Deschanel is on maternity leave).

According to Jake Johnson, Fox’s arrival will not only fill the void left by Deschanel, but bring an interesting and fun dynamic to the series that fans might not expect.

“We were in an interesting spot as an ensemble, when we lost one of our lead characters for five episodes,” Johnson tells TVLine. “We replaced Jess’ energy with a different energy in the loft. Everyone acts differently, there’s a slightly different feeling to everything — but the show, at its core, was the same, which was a neat experiment to be part of.”

We chatted with the New Girl cast (including newbie Fox) about what else to expect in Season 5, from Schmidt’s ambitious wedding ideas to the odds that Nick and Jess will give romance another shot. (Hint: Chances are low.)

HERE COMES THE GROOM-ZILLA | If you think you’ve seen Schmidt at his most dramatic, just wait until he tries to arrange his own nuptials. Max Greenfield says the wedding planning will go “terribly” when Schmidt attempts to take control, adding that “he’s got a lot of vision and not enough money.”

And even though Schmidt and Cece’s Will They/Won’t They saga has finally come to an end, Greenfield and Hannah Simone agree that their characters’ engagement might be the most entertaining storyline yet.

New Girl Season 5“Being single is often explored in comedy, but when I look at my friends and their relationships, lots of funny, weird stuff happens to couples,” Simone explains. “I’m glad the New Girl audience gets to see that with Schmidt and Cece. We’re actually finding our funniest material now. Their weirdness together is great.”

THE MYSTERIOUS CASE OF WINSTON BISHOP | Of course, now that Schmidt and Cece are paired up (and Jess is “away” on jury duty), where does that leave Winston in the wake of Coach’s departure? According to Lamorne Morris, he’ll have his eye on Reagan when she moves in… though that endeavor won’t go exactly as he might hope.

“Winston is interested in Megan’s character, [but] the problem is she lets him realize something else about his life,” Morris teases cryptically. “There’s a shift in where Winston thought his love would lie.”

THE POWER OF LOVE | Speaking of the L-word, Reagan’s own sights will be set on Nick as she makes herself comfortable in the loft, slimming the chances of a Nick/Jess reunion as the season progresses.

“A lot of the fans that like Nick and Jess are saying, ‘Bring it back’ — but they were also the same people that said, ‘Stop doing this, you’re ruining the show,'” Johnson says with a laugh. “I have no say, but from what I understand, if they’re going to come back together, it’s going to be at the end of the series.”

Then again, if the New Girl writers are looking for suggestions on where to take Nick and Jess’ chemistry, Fox has a storyline she’d like to pitch.

“I think [Nick and Jess] are going to hook up, then Reagan is going to come back,” Fox predicts. “And Nick will be like, ‘What do I do?’ I love this one, but I like that one and could love that one. What do I do?‘”

New Girl fans, your thoughts on the Nick/Jess situation (and our other Season 5 intel)? Drop ’em in the comments section below.

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  1. Joey Padron says:

    Good preview of new season from the cast. Can’t wait to watch new episodes next month!

  2. K says:

    Is winston coming out of the closet? That’s how it sounded. Like “Oh, I am not actually attracted to this person, I’m gay”

    • nick miller is a stone cold killer says:

      Honestly i feel like it’s going to be work related. Winston’s been attracted to girls for like ever, it would be kinda a weird development to have him suddenly attracted to guys. They should have been dropping hints at if they wanted to eventually head in that direction. I hope it has something to do with his police officer partner Ally (if anyone remembers her from season 4). I think Winston and Ally could have made a really nice couple! I’m intrigued to see what Reagan could possibly make Winston realize!

      • Audrey WB says:

        I agree! I love Winston so much I want him to be happy and to shine :D I love Ally. I also loved KC but with Ally there is more potential I think. And she would understand him better since she is a cop too. (TBH I also liked Ally for Nick too because they both drink to much and they came head to head at the beginning, it made me chuckle thinking about them romantically lolol)

    • Audrey WB says:

      It sounded like that right? I mean it was the first thing that came to my mind too but I hope it is not the case. I want him to find love with a nice woman like Coach found May <3 I love Ally too and KC as well.

  3. Megan says:

    The show doesn’t necessarily needs to bring Nick and Jess back together as a couple, just brin their complicated dynamic back, stop avoiding it and ignoring it. It’s so unrealistic, there’s a huge elephant in the room there most of the time. Their relationship were the emotional center of the show and made it special, as a couple or not. What the show has or special now? Nothing. They were its magic. And honestly, only the minority says “please don’t put these two back together again.”

    • Tk says:

      The writers seem SO lost about Nick and Jess. I admit seeing them as a couple wasn’t what I expected, but I’ve always LOVED their dynamic. Always running to each other for help, involved in each other’s relationships, they used to be best friends with something more under the surface, now I feel like they’re just… Roommates. Besides… Okay, they didn’t work well the first time, but neither did Schmece. They never last more than 3 episodes together without breaking up. Schmidt CHEATED, he once didn’t love Cece enough to pick just her, and still the writers managed to fix this and now tons of people think they’re the most perfect couple ever, so why can’t they fix Nick and Jess too? I feel like they’re not even trying.

      • trav says:

        To be honest, if they “fixed” Nick and Jess the way they “fixed” Schmidt and Cece, I’d be disappointed. Just ignore the issue long enough, have Schmidt not be terrible (although they skirted pretty close to that when he felt the need to weigh in on her breast reduction surgery last year), have him date a councilwoman then, boom!, presto engagement! I want something earned for Nick and Jess, not something, as sweet as it was, just squeezed in for the sake of a finale.

        • Audrey WB says:

          I think your POV is so skewed… I don’t wanna sound rude but I find some NJ fans’ comments just “delightful” really and generally lack in seeing the whole picture and what writers are doing… First of all when will you stop comparing them and acting like this is a triangle? Second of all, they didn’t ignore anything imo, it is not like they swept the whole thing under the carpets??!! It was a slow burn and I immensely enjoyed it. Season 4 was amazeballs as a whole, versus sucky Season 3 which writers also accepted it sucked, and even apologized for (good for them learning their lessons). I really wonder, what more did you want them to do? They even portrayed Schmidt like he is the most evil person. They basically ruined him, so the show. But they also gave Cece her space, SC became close friends again slowly, it was a slow burn, they built trust between them, Schmidt became selfless, he was there for her as a friend, Schmidt didn’t push her in anything, he wanted her happiness (I just want you to be happy), he made amends! He tried to help her whatever she needs as a friend… He couldn’t even go 3 days without seeing her, talking to her. He was always at the bar talking to her. Even tho he was with someone else he was all about Cece not Fawn, he thought she would never love him again, because she said she wants to be his friend, so he tried to move on, but he was ALWAYS about Cece… If he knew there was a little chance with her before, he wouldn’t be with Fawn at all. He chose love and broke up with Fawn by himself for that very reason, otherwise he could have other things he wanted to have for a long time (being rich for instance) but NO, he chose love and he was always in love with Cece, he always wanted to be with her since the very moment he MET her (and, I can have million dollars someday, maybe tomorrow, but if I don’t have Cece what do I have?). Cece did not push him to do anything as well, she supported him, so there is no bad karma on their reunion at all. People make mistakes and it doesn’t mean you stop loving them. And when you build trust and understanding again, if you believe the person has changed and made amends of course you would want to be with the person you love. And about the breast reduction SL, I really thought it would come up way worse than it, and it made me worried too but I actually ended up liking it because Schmidt still (ofc) have Schmidty in him which I also love. And Cece knows it, she knows him very well (oh I forgot who I was talking to, you will do/say something stupid now aren’t you, you will make something weird now won’t you… so on so on) But she loves him with his Schmidty parts too (vice versa), and we got the cutest scene at the end. It was like he was talking to his kids, making peekaboos. LOL. I LOVED Season 4 and I am sure I will enjoy Season 5 soooooooooooo much too <3

      • Hannah says:

        I agree!

    • Tereza says:

      I don’t need them back together as soon as possible, I’d just really like to see their relationship being treated more realistically and not ignored. You’re right, seems like the writers are leaving a huge elephant in the room. Even when they do touch the subject, like on Clean Break (and only on Clean Break), it still feels like they’re avoiding to write about something. Feelings maybe?

    • Hannah says:

      I agree with you so much, girl! I don’t think they should try to ignore their obvious past relationship or undying chemistry. They are the main dynamic of the show and they have been since the pilot episode. I don’t necessarily think that they should get back together right away, but I feel like they should have more classic Nick & Jess moments (if that makes sense), and I think that they should definitely revisit that in Season 5! Especially now that Schmidt & Cece are getting married…maybe that will make them think of each other more. Honestly, in my opinion, I think they are still madly in love with each other. I just think that they think their timing was off when the dated the first time.

  4. Newgirl78 says:

    I’ve never been LESS excited for this show, and I used to live and breathe for new episodes. This all sounds…..awful. Why do they keep trying to reinvent everything all the time? Nick already rarely acted like himself last season and now Jake is actually saying they are TRYING to act differently? I don’t know what is going through these writers’ heads, except that maybe they actually WANT to sink the show so they can move on to other projects. I’m sad that such a great show has been reduced to such hollow trash.

  5. Tereza says:

    I don’t even know why I still think I might read good news about Nick and Jess. I’m such a fool.

  6. JDH says:

    Does that mean Megan Fox’s Reagan is going to have scenes with Zooey Deschanel’s Jess? Or are they going to just be ships in the night, with Megan Fox appearing in episode 9 & Jess being back episode 10?

  7. nick miller is a stone cold killer says:

    I was annoyed by Nick and Jess’s relationship in season 3, not because I just hate them, but because I feel like their characters became annoying when they were dating. I LOVED them when they were chemistry-filled, flirting, and in that will-they-won’t-they stage in season 2. I want them to have that tension again! So, I hope they take time to rebuild their romance in a way like that, and if/when they get back together, I want that chemistry effect to remain instead of them being all mushy and annoying all the time, as season 3 often made them. I think that’s why many people didn’t ship them when they got together. Even though I’m not excited for Reagan to come in and be a love interest for Winston and Nick, I think she may be more than just that, so I’m not too disappointed by her. I really hope she doesn’t become the next Ryan/Kai and actually has a purpose besides being a love interest. I’m super excited to find out her history with Cece, though! Honestly, I thought Schmidt was going to find it so hot that Cece and Reagan hooked up, so I think it’s great he’s not taking it well. That’s going to stir up stuff– I can imagine really great Cece and Schmidt moments where she explains that she loves him and the Reagan thing was in the past. I’m kind of happy that the focus isn’t so Nick and Jess, and it’s now Cece and Schmidt and their engagement. Super excited to see Schmidt and Cece engaged this season! I love them together!

    • Audrey WB says:

      I AM WITH YOU THERE!! SO EXCITED! I adore Schmece and couldn’t care less about NJ. I don’t like them as a couple but as you explained their flirtous fun dynamic is their best imo :D

      • Megan says:

        In my case I couldn’t care less about Schmece, but I agree Nick and Jess work better when they’re just flirting with each other, but that’s exactly most people’s point: Where the hell did the flirting go? And they used to be best friends, above all, now I feel like Jess had a closer connection with Coach than with Nick on season 4, which is weird since Nick and Jess have so much history. Where is the history? That’s what I want to see. A show can’t just erase 3 entire seasons and pretend it didn’t happen. Let their reunion for the series finale, okay, but don’t ignore their dynamic.

        • trav says:

          I think ignoring the past is the name of the game, sadly. There was barely any trace of the Nick and Jess we knew for 2+ seasons last year. And I also don’t anticipate Schmidt’s adultery being referenced again, either. It’s just not very good writing, and I never would have guessed that would be an issue try seasons ago.

  8. Audrey WB says:

    CANNOT WAIT!!!! I love them all so much but especially Schmidt and Cece! I am so happyyyyyyyyyyy <333 I want Winnie to find love too. So much to look forward to yay!

  9. Elaine says:

    I was so disappointed with the direction the writers took Nick last season — he seemed to turn into a complete idiot — not just quirky, but stupid. It was hard to watch. I don’t believe it was Jake’s fault — I believe he played the part the way he was directed. The lack of interaction between Nick and Jess seemed so unrealistic for two people who meant so much to each other. The chemistry before was palpable. Last season, when they did interact, Nick looked rather dead in his eyes. Jess had a look that said he was just another roommate — they had no history. If the writers think they have good material for Cece and Schmidt, why couldn’t they write good material for Nick and Jess in season 3. There was so much they could have done with them as a couple who were still the same people they were before they got together. It was like they completely lost their original personalities which so many of us loved.

    Since the writers seem determined to make them a non-story, I just really want to see some life in Nick’s eyes again, for him to behave more realistically as a 30-something, and for him and Jess to interact on a level more true to their past. Then I might get back the interest I used to have in the show.

    I imagine I’ll still watch it, but I’ll probably record it and watch when convenient. In the past, you would have found me in front of my TV on Tuesday nights.

  10. Cas says:

    So I stopped watching a few years ago because I just didn’t have the time. But I am stoked to learn Cece and Schmidt are engaged :) I loved them together!

  11. trav says:

    Schmidt and Cece are fine, I guess. In that obvious, textbook sitcom kind of way. They took a misstep when he cheated on her and made his friends lie to her about it, but since the show clearly wants to act like that never happened, so why should we care to remember? I just wish they weren’t so poorly written for so long because the actors are both quite good. The chemistry pales to what Nick and Jess had for 2.5 seasons, but I guess they don’t know how to make a show where the lead is in a successful relationship. It’s easier for the supporting characters. Less stakes and all.

    • Siqueira says:

      They took a misstep but fixed it later (fix it = ignored it and engaged them), and some people also think the writers took a misstep when Nick and Jess were together, but I feel like they’re not even TRYING to fix it, they just keep on blaming the past. Okay, we get it. Now think forward, let it go of season 3.

  12. tooterina says:

    Schmidt and Cece! Love those two together.. They make for the most perfect, heartfelt and comedic moments. Their love is truly adorable.. & original!

  13. tooterina says:

    Schmidt and Cece! Love those two together.. They make for the most perfect, heartfelt and comedic moments. Their love is truly adorable. :)

    • Rebecca says:

      Really!?!? Which part? When Schmidt only obsessed over her body and talks to her boobs as if he has a say in her reduction surgery? Or, what about the time where he didn’t even really choose her and was sleeping with two great women at the same time? Wait, it must be when he decided to propose to her after being broken up with someone else for all of 5 seconds.

      They are so toxic and it’s frustrating to see a woman degraded so much by a man who supposedly cares for her. Is this what woman really find endearing and attractive in 2015? All I can think is that I hope IRL women have more respect for themselves than that.

      • Lilypad says:

        you do realize your standing up for the butt drinking slut right? like seriously how intelligent are you to say thats better then Schmidt let alone you hope women treat themselves like that. like you should be proud to sleep with anyone n everyone, drink alcohol out your a**, use your best friend while hitting on the guy she likes as a good women. you need to go read a book on joan of arc, and stop praising the marie Antoinette hahaha

      • Audrey WB says:

        I wrote a full respond about this above if you care to read. You skipped most of the show I guess…

        • R says:

          I’ve just never been one that was interested in the cliche shallow, lust-only TV relationships. If that’s your thing, then yes, Schmece fits every column of that checklist. I just never saw the appeal in their “relationship” (although I cringe to even use that word to describe them). Agree to disagree I guess. I only hope their plots are minimal this year, because of all the pairings (friend or otherwise), theirs is the least appealing to me.

  14. tellithowitis says:

    When did the show divert all the decisions to the male writers in their mid40s going through their mid life crisis and trying to live out all their juvenile fantasies? Remember when Schmidt was a little bit of a douche and the other guys were actually pretty awesome at calling him out on it? Remember when the female characters weren’t just obsessed with finding a man and didn’t take crap from men like what these make characters have turned into? THAT was a show I was willing to stay home for so I could watch live every Tuesday. But this S5 preview we’re getting? I’m not sure it will be worth saving space on the DVR. It’s a real shame, because 2 seasons ago, it was the best show on TV.

  15. Carolyn says:

    I do like the chase of Nick and Jess but please don’t let this be another Ross and Rachel on Friends when the series comes down to the last show and they get together! That is way too long and drawn out. I did not like last season that much to be honest where as the season before I could not wait for the show to come on. I was even the fan of the week one time! Last year there were weeks I even forgot it was on and would catch it later on DVR. It ws such a let down that after they got them together they broke them up over stupid stuff after a few months and they were supposed to be so in love?!?! I am not one of the fans who thought that relationship was running the show I thought it made it so much better!!! Even the singer Prince felt that way so much so he was in an episode helping them get together! PLEASE get Nick and Jess back together!!!!!

  16. Ember says:

    Even if Nick and Jess don’t start a relationship again (which I personally think is a huge mistake) there NEEDS to be not only remnants of their old characters – which have been almost completely lost – but also an acknowledgment of their past. It’s so incredibly unrealistic that two people who shared so so so much together would just become roommates. And it’s just human nature to at least feel nostalgia sometimes and I just seriously think their relationship needs to be addressed again. Honestly I’ve always thought Schmidt is pretty disrespectful to women and that hasn’t really changed (and I’m just in general not a fan of their relationship, although it makes sense) and so I’m not excited for this season. I’m scared for this show for the first time.

  17. Rachel says:

    Bring jess and nick back together I loved them!!!!

  18. Kassie says:

    I love Nick and Jess together. But I found the writers were over exploring the weirdness of the match and Nick became incredibly odd and difficult. Sleeping with dirty feet and Jess’ room suddenly became super weirdly vintage when before it was just cute. Personally for me they over did the differences between them and focused on it too much when they were just really good friends for each other and were each others confidants. They should have focuses more on that part of it. Because that is the Jess and Nick we love together!

  19. M says:

    I hate Megan Fox and I’m disappointed she is coming on the show. I will be doubly disappointed if she hooks up with Nick. The only bright side is she is only temporarily on the show. They better not wait til the series end to reunite Jess and Nick.

  20. Casey H says:

    Honestly, I loved nick and Jess up until last season. Ever since the broke up in season three, their entire dynamic and connection seemed to have disappeared which is a mistake because their relationship was a huge part of the show. They always had this flirty and heated love hate relationship before they got together and that’s what kept the show interesting but now that all they seem to be doing is occasionally acknowledging each other’s existence. They did have a little spark in Clean Break, but I have a feeling that won’t be carried on into season 5 due to Zooey’s 5 episode break and the introduction of Megan Fox who we all know is going to get together with Nick. I just wish the show could go back to the first 2 seasons where the captivating chemistry between Jess and Nick kept me eager to watch each episode. The two of them meant way too much to each other to just completely lose their interests all together in season 4, which was very disappointing to watch. Not pushing for them to get back together again any time soon, but just to rejuvenate the old energy that we all know is their but the writers are mistakenly covering up. As for Schmidt and Cece, couldn’t be happier that they aren’t dragging their off and on relationship anymore and have finally got them together for good, at least I hope.

  21. JC says:

    Am I the only one who likes this article? Good teasers from a great cast. Everyone’s pissed at what Jake has to say about Nick and Jess but it’s realistic – I can only see them having a Ross/Rachel “I got off the plane” type of reunion in the very end. I DO miss their season-2 feeling though. They were so flirty and cute and the TENSION.

    Excited to see Bridezilla Schmidt – he’s the truest talent on that show and one of the best characters. He and Cece make a nice couple too and I’m excited to see the writers approach them in a different way.

    As for Winston; my fave! I’ve been predicting he and Aly get together for awhile now. That whole foreshadowing of “Don’t go falling in love with me” we got in s4. Nasim Pedrad fits into the show nicely and I really hope it’s Aly Reagan helps Winston realizes he could potentially be with.

    Don’t know how I feel about Reagan but we’ll see…

  22. D says:

    This is how I see season five’s finale playing out… Schmidt’s and Cece on there wedding day, they get married and Jess and Nick romance rekindle. Although I predict this there is a lot riding on the writers and they must make everyone happy if they don’t the show may not be able to continue. Personally I love Nick and Jess together although they did do them justice in season 3. If they try and bring any type of relationship back with Nick and Jess they have to bring back the Tension with they characters even if it doesn’t lead anywhere for a while. This is a relationship that cannot be skewed up. If it does then the show may not survive, but if they do not bring this relationship or some sort of relationship back then they may lose a lot of viewers and maybe even the show. Bring back the Tension then bring back Nick and Jess as a couple.

  23. taylorlenz57 says:

    Nick and Jess are the cutest on screen couple ever in history. They have amazing chemistry, and both has what the other lacks. The surprise birthday party Nick planned for Jess was literally the sweetest thing ever. Their breakup was just a bump in the road, they deserve another shot. BRING THEM BACK TOGETHER!

  24. Audrey WB says:

    Unfortunately Nick and Jess will end up together :/

  25. Hannah says:

    I don’t why people keep saying Nick & Jess sucked as a couple. They didn’t suck, they were just…different. I think that’s why a lot of people said that they sucked because they weren’t like what they expected…I’m not really sure though…but I didn’t think they sucked! I just feel like their relationship still has a lot more potential. P.S. I wonder if Nick still keeps the coin he had in his pocket the first night they kissed…because he did say, “and I ALWAYS have it.”

  26. Sylvia says:

    I love Jess and Nick but it’s just too much like “Friends.” Although the best part of Friends was when Rachel and Ross ended up together. So yeah go head and do it. My favorite character is Schmidt, he deserves his own show. I like how you left it open for Coach to come back he adds so much. Winston gets better every season. I’m glad it will focus a lil more on him the next season. Great show.

  27. Lilia says:

    I love Nick and Jess and I don’t get why people hated them together because I really enjoyed it! I hope they get back together! I honestly hate that Megan Fox is coming on the show, but maybe she’ll surprise me. I just think it’s stupid that they left that cliff-hanger at the end of last season with the mug, where they clearly both have feelings for each other, and act like nothing happened. Nick and Jess are CLEARLY soulmates. Anytime Jess is in trouble or struggling, Nick always saves the day and usually gets the rest of the gang to help too.

  28. Allie Haffely says:

    OMG!!! yes Nick and Jess should get back together because it is super sweet, so cute, and funny(their relationship).

  29. Gabrielle Eash says:

    I think you should get nick and jess back together. Nick and Reagan date. Jess gets jealous and tries to ruin the relationship throughout the season, then have nick and jess have a heart to heart. Jess reveals she’s still in love with him, Nick knows he is still in love with her. Have him do the what do I do bit for a couple episodes. Do a reminisce episode of their relationship, and have nick decide.

  30. Chiara says:

    I love Nick and Jess and they broke up for a very stupid reason i mean who brakes up because they “only” love each other?? I have to admit I almost didn’t watch season 4, i loved this show because of them, their chemistry their love and their friendship, now what’s the point? I want them back!!
    Sorry for the english

  31. willa says:

    i definitely think that nick an jess should get back togather! there chemistry was really perfect.

  32. Will Fair says:

    As long as Nick and Jess end up together in the end as well as Schmitt and CeCe I’ll be happy, I’ll keep watching and crossing my fingers for it.

  33. Deborah Garcia says:

    Love, love, love Nick and Jess together!!! The chemistry between the two is something I could watch forever!!! Please Get them back together 😅 You say the two together take away from the other characters, not at all, only makes everything else that happens that much greater…Please let the show have Jess and Nick love

  34. Carmen says:

    Would love to see nick and jess get married. They are perfect for each other!!!

  35. sandra says:

    in a episode nick sayd to jess you are the kind of girl a boy will come back for

  36. LOVE says:

    I say bring back Nick and Jess. They were the best couple on the show and if they do get together again I believe the vast majority would be pleased. They were everyone’s favorite couple and it crushed me when they broke up. They were so good together and now it’s just weird. And if they do get together (crossing my fingers!) it should not mean the end of the show it should lead to a whole other season. :)

  37. Bgent says:

    I just started watching the show and caught all 4 seasons on Netflix then had to find the 1st 9 episodes before this week’s new episode I’m completely obsessed and still heart broken over nick and Jess’ break up!! I really loved them together and am in denial that they broke up! My favorite episodes are when there is any kind of chemistry between them! I really want them to still be in love.

  38. Meredith says:

    I need nick and Jess to get back together they made such a cute couple

  39. : ) says:

    I think it would be a little bit dull if you fixed Jess and Nick the way you did to Schmit and Cece. But at the same time I sad that this season they (Jess and Nick) haven’t had barely enough interactions like they had in the prior seasons… I really hope you bring them back toget her they were polar opposites which made them a perfect couple.

  40. Steph says:

    I love Nick and Jess and I really do hope they get back together. It is killing me watching them dance around each other never doing anything about their feelings. It is obvious that they love each other and I believe they belong together. I loved it when they dated the first time and it sad when they broke up but I do believe it was necessary and I just really hope that in the future they can get back together and stay together. They have so much chemistry and they are so cute together.