Supergirl Bizarro

Supergirl to Battle Bizarro-Girl 

CBS’ Supergirl will battle her extremely evil “twin” before Season 1 has come to a close.

Exec producer Andrew Kreisberg mentioned in passing during a recent installment of Kevin Smith’s Fatman on Batman podcast that in addition to going up against Toyman — aka Winn Schott’s incarcerated father Winslow Sr., to be played by Revenge patriarch Henry Czerny — the freshman drama will also introduce a Bizarro character.

Kreisberg did not specify which “Bizarro” he was speaking of, but the smart money is on it being Bizarro-Girl, a denizen of Htrae/Bizarro World who boasts many of the same powers as Supergirl, though sometimes in reverse (e.g. freeze vs. heat vision).

The website HeroicHollywood first picked up on Kreisberg’s hint.

Supergirl is currently on holiday hiatus, having left us with the cliffhanger of Kara about to clash with Non, and will resume Season 1 on Jan. 4.

Lrig-orrazib teem ot deticxe uoy era?

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  1. Digital says:

    Very good can’t wait to see a Bizarro creature in the series. Also hope to see SG and Martian Manhunter team up in an episode.

  2. Phun says:

    I wonder if Melissa will be playing Bizarro-Girl. That would be interesting. She’d be playing ‘three’ different characters (Kara, Supergirl and Bizarro-Girl) in one show. Can’t wait until Jan 4 when the show starts up again! :)

    • I can’t wait to see Melissa playing three differ character(Kara,Supergirl.Bizarro GIrl) in one show. Good luck to the future and in 2016.

    • David says:

      Four if Bizarro-SuperGirl for some reason puts on glasses and becomes a normal citizen for a joke.

    • KC says:

      I do not want a Bizarro Superman on the show, I think Melissa would do a fantastic job in the dual role and really hope and look forward to seeing her to just that.

    • KET says:

      David Rapaport Casting had been looking for a Melissa Benoist lookalike not too long ago. This is likely so there can be too similar looking bodies tussling with each other during the close or surround shots this show often employs. However, I strongly suspect that it’ll be Melissa characterizing Bizarro-Girl, since there’s a certain humorous dimension to her acting that we haven’t seen much of yet.

  3. Dean says:

    Not surprising Oliver and Barry fought their evil doubles in their respective first years.

    • tyranthraxus says:

      Oliver fought an evil double? If you are referring to the Dark ARcher aka Malcolm.. hes not really a double of Oliver.

      • BBussey says:

        When the Arrow was infected with Vertigo in last season’s premiere episode, he fought Oliver Queen.

      • peterwdawson says:

        In terms of ability it is. Guy who primarily uses arrows versus guy who primarily uses arrows. Plus they’re both rich dudes that want to save the city. Plenty of parallels, though granted not perfect double if that’s what you’re looking for.

    • twinghost27 says:

      oliver never fought his double and neither has barry xD there are so many people with the speedforce, they are not barrys double just because they have that ability lol

  4. It is an accepted literary fact that heroes are defined by their villains. The fact that Supergirl keeps fighting foes developed and defined to fight Superman only continues to accentuate and remark her lack of worth as a character.

    As stated before, she has no Joker of her own, no Luthor of her own, no Zoom of her own, not even a Merlyn of her own. She’s a feminized Superman, nothing more and nothing less. All this does is continue to prove that to be true.

    It would be as if instead of Bruce Wayne Gotham focused on Dick Grayson, but instead of being the son of circus performers HE was the orphan boy millionaire who grows up to become Batman.

    • Go away fool, if u have nothing to contribute like ever why bother?

      • Phun says:

        Yes, i see the president if the Supergirl Haters Club is at it again! I find it hilarious that someone has nothing better to do than to constantly b*tch about Supergirl all the time. Oh well. To each their own. Can’t wait until Jan 4 when new eps begin.

      • twinghost27 says:

        “Go away fool”

        but he is right… are you a moron? what on Earth did his honest description of whats wrong with the show do to offend you? seriously get some help.

    • KET says:

      It’s only an ASSUMED ‘fact’, and usually by the lazy and uninformed. Supergirl has always proven to be very popular as a individual character over several decades in spite of the fact that she normally outshines her rogues gallery. She’s been imitated by many created derivations by comics publishers and creators, but rarely duplicated in her unique archetype. The idea that a hero is defined by their super-villains is merely a modern day comic nerd myth.

      • Yet when DC put together a video showing five of the best Supergirl stories, three were of the version that wasn’t Kara and of the two that were about Kara one was the one in which she died and the other was one in which she was a ghost after she died. So nah, the Kara version hasn’t been that popular for decades. In fact she spent most of the last 30 years dead.

        • Really? says:

          Seriously, you suck the air out of the cosmic comic universe. We all get it, slow hand clap to you, your disdain for Supergirl is legendary. Guess what? Some people are like music, some speak the truth….others are just noise. Congratulations, you reached the last category–again.

          • twinghost27 says:

            “your disdain for Supergirl is legendary”

            except he was simply pointing out the differences between what made the comics great to what the tv show is missing, then you went on to insult him for having his opinion, what on Earth is wrong with you? seriously you want to seek professional help if this is how you spend your time online.

        • Phun says:

          Dude, you have too much hate in your heart for SUPERGIRL. Here’s a BIG HUG just for you! Chill a bit! It’s the holidays! Peace on earth and all that good stuff!

        • You’re arguments and moot, invalid and do nothing to add and contribute to the peaceful conversations many of us wish to have with one another. Stop proving how much of a life you don’t have so u can come stir the pot! None of us like you, TVLIne has made it known that they don’t like you. Be Gone out of our lives, we’re getting irritated with your presence. it does nothing for us and for the conversation at large! Whatever route they decide to go with Supergirl is always gonna be debated amongst it’s fans, it’s our right, but what you are doing, is trolling at it’s worst!! We get it, you hate Supergirl. stop shoving and subjecting your opinion upon us, we dont care for you!! Matt, please, something needs to be done regarding trolls, we are growing tired of Michael!

          • Argumentum ad hominem, You can’t argue the facts, so you opt to argue the person. That only shows the weakness of your position on the subject.

          • I can’t wait to how and why bizarro girl came into being. I still hope that Kara will encounter Bizarro next year. I am surprised that I still love the series. When I first read about Supergirl was getting her own TV series. I thought it would be a Superman ripoff but I am glad that I am wrong. I can’t wait to read that CBS renewal the series for the second season.

          • Well, there are a number of options. A Phantom Wraith, like in Smallville. An imperfect clone created from studying Supergirl. Or just her being zapped by a duplicating ray. Those are the three origins of Bizarro I’m aware of from the comics and TV shows like Superboy and Smallville.

          • TVLine, really you’re going to allow a user to resort to name calling and bullying, when I’m one of the few not afraid to call someone out for their behavior?! I owe nothing to you, or to anyone, I have the power to walk away!! By the way, one last thing, Supergirl is a form of entertainment, it is NOT a way of life, the sooner you can accept that, the better!!

          • twinghost27 says:

            “Stop proving how much of a life you don’t have so u can come stir the pot! None of us like you”

            people are allowed their opinions, who is this “we” you speak of? you sound like you are in some fictional fangirl club that only exists within your own head, arguing with people for having their own opinions and then trying to tell them they have no life? wow, hypocritical and deluded, i think ill leave you to enjoy this fictional bubble uve created for yourself where you ignore the things you do and say and project them onto other people as you just did with him.

          • twinghost27 says:

            “TVLine, really you’re going to allow a user to resort to name calling and bullying”

            you are bullying him, just dont reply, end of, that simple.

            “when I’m one of the few not afraid to call someone out for their behavior”

            no you are a troll and a bully who cannot see what they are doing, grow up

            “I owe nothing to you, or to anyone, I have the power to walk away”

            you said that in one of your last messages yet STILL came back to reply again, proving no, no you dont seem to have the ability to walk because your head and attitude wont let you

            “Supergirl is a form of entertainment, it is NOT a way of life, the sooner you can accept that, the better”

            indeed, and the sooner you accept that and stop defending it like its life or death, the better also.

        • KET says:

          “Yet when DC…” doesn’t mean anything, Sherlock.The reason is that DC Comics’ own publishing history for DECADES has consistently proven that the publisher normally didn’t know what to do with the character. Part of that reason stems from the rise of the Direct Market, which mostly cut off whole swaths of potential customers, and basically reduced access to comics to merely a limited demographic niche. You’re so stuck in your mom’s basement that you need to come up for air. What you don’t understand about what makes Supergirl an iconic superhero archetype is that she TRANSCENDED her comic book origins a long time ago, and her publisher has never caught up with her influence, not only with comics readers, but the public at large. Her very name is part of the worldwide pop culture vernacular.

      • twinghost27 says:

        “The idea that a hero is defined by their super-villains is merely a modern day comic nerd myth”

        you literally just showed us your none nerd colours, im sorry but the villains very much so make the hero, so far the show has been lackluster because of it, maxwell lord would be great if they bothered to actually use him better and more often, supergirl isnt defined by her villains in the comics, but in the comics she has an interesting personality and life and makes for an interesting character, in the TV show on the other hand she is a whiny typical 20-something 9to5 working girl in the city who always ends her nights eating ice cream under a blanket watching TV, so im afraid the villains are the only thing that are going to make her character worth watching, ive perservered but its hard to watch, so much pointless filler none related to the main characters, cat grant is boring as all hell, but problem like i said being theyve not used her comic book persona so she is just another character that needs good villains to keep it going, just like the flash, the flash would be extremely boring if it wasnt for his villains, you think people would still be watching if zoom and reverse flash were not in it? hardly, theyve done well with that show, shame this one needs a serious boost, it even had to pay critics to help boost its rating on rotten tomatoes, now thats an all time low.

    • BBussey says:

      —> yawn <—

    • Ashley says:

      I love the show and really couldn’t care less where/how the villains got their start in the comics. Same with Arrow. Some folks complain that they’ve borrowed too much from Batman, but it doesn’t bother me.

      I have nothing against comics, but I’ve never regularly read them. I just care about good TV, and both Supergirl and Arrow fit the bill for me.

    • What’s the deal with “Bizarro Girl”? He’s not “Bizarro Man”. So stupid.

      • KET says:

        Hey troll, why are you not allowing replies to your lies and BS? Must be afraid that the truth has eluded you. Here’s some more wisdom that you’ll conveniently ignore just to keep arguing your useless and disruptive comments.

        “Her name may be, the character is not.” PROVE IT, because so far you haven’t even started yet.

        “And her movie bombed, badly” Wrong answer. So did Superman III and IV. Means nothing in regards to today.

        “You need to forget about aesthetics and focus on concept.” You DON’T KNOW the Supergirl concept, and that’s been completely obvious from the beginning. Get back to us when you finally figure it out, but you’ll have to go through over 50 years of character history and evolution in various media and character licensing to do so. You’ve got a LOT of catching up to do.

        • I have absolutely no control whatsoever to what you can or can’t reply to.

          The Kara Supergirl concept is pretty clear, a blatant knock off of Superman with zero originality. If it had any, then they wouldn’t have turned her into a knock off of Clark Kent, which they did. The Supergirl on this show is a gender bent Superman, not the Supergirl from the comics, for the simple reason that the Supergirl from the comics is too weak to carry a TV show on her own. She could barely carry her own comic, given that all her series before the Crisis were cancelled before their 25th issue.

        • twinghost27 says:

          wow, you realise he has no control over who can or cannot reply to him, right? infact anyone can reply to him, so uve just lied, then want to convince others that he is lying when… he isnt, its bizzaro, not bizzaro man.. or girl… but now you seem to be ranting some completely other utter nonsense, by saying her movie didnt bomb but then comparing it to two superman movies that bombed xD destroying your point in the process, but heres a little news for you, supergirl did bomb when it came out, i mean plenty of us liked it as an almost made for TV sunday movie but in the cinema it did terribly, worse than superman 3 and 4 despite how horrible they both where, but it doesnt defeat the fact it was a bad film and did bomb. its pretty obvious from your comment you are a phoney who doesnt know the supergirl character from the comics at all, because this show has nothing in common with the comics none of them, incase you hadnt realised she is a huge character these days in the DC universe, more so since the 90s but her character has NEVER been like it is in the TV show, it is nowhere close to the style of character that sold well and readers wanted where interested in which is where they should have gone for really, but why are you die hard fans of the show trying to troll anyone with some basic background knowledge on her comics giving their opinion and pointing out a few facts that would seriously help the writers steer it in a direction that isnt going to lead them into a corner? you seriously need help.

    • KC says:

      Then apparently you missed the comics where Supergirl has fought at one time or another all of the villains that we have seen on the show. If you dislike the show, that is fine, but seriously why waste your time here? You don’t like the show, own it and move on.

      • What does it matter if she fought them in the comics or TV? The medium isn’t the issue, the issue is that she is fighting ANOTHER hero’s villains rather than HER own.

        • Wrong!!! It’s an issue to you, you’re not a TV Writer(thank goodness). Once again, you’re argument has fallen flat on deaf ears!!

          • Being a TV writer has no bearing on the issue at hand. This is true of ALL forms of writing, not just one. This show is Superman in a dress, nothing more and nothing less, and this proves it. They can’t have Supergirl fight her own villains because she has none, they’re all stolen from the Superman comics. Why do you applaud that? Why are you blind to it?

          • that’s just your POV, you claim this and that are facts, when I know they’re not, they’re facts according to you! In the world of comic books and their counterparts, they’re gonna twist and turn around the FACTS!! Again I say, Supergirl is a form of entertainment and now a way of life. the FACT that we’re arguing this is pathetic… with that said, I have the power to end this, we’re done!!

          • twinghost27 says:

            “Wrong!!! It’s an issue to you, you’re not a TV Writer(thank goodness)”

            you seriously need to also seek help, what is wrong with some of you people? trying to insult those having their own opinion, why? what do you gain from it? seriously its not fallen on flat ears, because there have been so many complaints about the show and he is pretty spot on with most of it so far, just because you enjoy it doesnt mean an awful lot of people are not utterly disappointed at how this joke of a show has turned out, supergirl is a GREAT character… ruined by this pointless TV show that has not grasped who she is or what made her stories so great, it certainly wasnt because she was fighting old superman villain rejects like in the show thats for sure.

          • twinghost27 says:

            “the FACT that we’re arguing this is pathetic… with that said, I have the power to end this, we’re done!!”

            you realise YOU where arguing with him, you didnt have to reply to his comment in the first place, then to act like you are taking some kind of moral high ground after starting the argument xD well thats just hilarious.

        • KET says:

          Wrong again, troll. Bizarro-girl is one of HER OWN. Superman never fights her. Barking up the wrong tree, as usual with you.

        • KET says:

          “Being a TV writer has no bearing on the issue at hand….” Actually, it totally DOES, since this is a surprising successful and popular TV show we’re talking about, and not the insular, mostly male fanboy world of comics in the Direct Market. So stick to your static print needs that fewer people than ever these days even bother to read. You keep proving that you don’t have any point to this discussion, except to insult and derail the comments thread.

          • Heroes being defined by their villains is not limited to TV, dumb dumb. It’s an aspect of ALL forms of storytelling. It matters not one iota what medium that story appears in. Try to look beyond the fog in your head and pay attention to what is being discussed, which is Supergirl’s inadequacies as a character, which are filled by using characters derived from other comics not her own.

      • KC says:

        And to add another aspect, this show has a good number of people that no nothing about the comics, who fought what villain, etc, so really the argument is moot. A villain is a villain no matter who fought them first. You either enjoy the show or you don’t, if you don’t then find a show that you do and enjoy your time on the internet talking about that one. It is so bizarre to me that people spend so much time on message boards, forums and the like talking about series and movies they hate. Sad life I guess…

    • I must agree with your statement about Supergirl and her lacks of her own rogue gallery. Bizarro Girl is the female version of Bizarro. The TV version decide to give her real mother a evil sister and Non is married to the evil twin. I still hope that the show will started developed her own rogue gallery that will have fan will be talking the next day.

      • Thus far the only Supergirl villain has been Reactron, yet they unnecessarily linked him to Superman and then, again unnecessarily, had her defeating him make Superman look bad. Absurd. And the twin thing is so ridiculous.

    • twinghost27 says:

      agreed 100% its a shame that these so called fans have no clue as to this, that the villains are lackluster and its bringing the show to a grinding halt for any real comic book fan, leaving me assuming most the people hating on your for your honest comment are hardly comic book fans at all, it started badly anyway, oh kryptonian prison ship crashes…. but superman is nowhere to be seen for no real reason whatsoever, so his cousin is just gona… become supergirl in 5 seconds flat and do it alone and even when she cant do it she just sits back and lets superman do what he needs to xD using superman to try and boost her character is what makes me laugh the most though, in the comics she was MORE interesting than superman, in the TV show she is boring generic clark copy, cat grant played by flockhart is just dreary and boring also the casting seriously needed a rethink on this show, its not an episode of supergirl unless

      1. her sister trys to correct innocent comments as if theyre sexist
      2. cat grant has to chew or fiddle with her glasses and says you bore me
      3. cuts to the none nerdy now big black hunk jimmy olsen for no real reason at all
      4. supergirl cant do something, then can do something, because she believed in herself
      5. repeat all 5 every episode and call it a TV show

      • “because she believed in herself” oy, lol. Yeah, the whole “untrained superheroine suddenly has the skills to defeat a prison full of trained Kryptonian warriors” is crap.

        Man of Steel showed what Superman was like untrained and did it far more honestly.

        If at least this Supergirl had spent a decade training in the use of her powers like Superman did in Donner’s movie then it would be more credible.

      • The people who fail to grasp what is being said about how Supergirl the show fails to be a proper adaptation of the Supergirl comic book remind me of the people on this board who also failed to grasp that Sleepy Hollow could continue on without Abbie but not without Crane because she’s not in the source material while he is.

        It’s the same kind of ignorance, really.

  5. Me am very bored by this news! (Get it?! Because it’s Bizarro! :D)

  6. Every Superhero needs a friendly rival, I would like to see Mary Marvel guest star as her rival! They were both created by Otter Binder.

  7. Danny says:

    Supergirl will battle her evil twin for taken over National City, but she is clone from Maxwell Lord.

  8. Jason says:

    I don’t know why but in that picture Melissa looks a lot like Jill Wagner.

  9. Howard says:

    Me am looking backward to it. It be bad thing.

  10. Rootintootin says:

    Will they both bang apes after ?

  11. shaun says:

    have to be honest, i always found the female versions of supermans villains lame, almost like they couldnt be bothered creating their own, so far maxwell lord is the only villain that really fits into the series well, there is still so much wrong with it that i find myself only enjoying about 5minutes of the show overall, so much pointless filler, weve already started a drinking game, when cat grant takes off her glasses drink when she puts them back on drink when she puts them between her teeth drink, youre basically wasted before the shows even underway xD