Homeland Finale Recap

Homeland Season 5 Finale Recap: Auf Wiedersehen

The following story contains major spoilers about Homeland‘s Season 5 finale. Stop reading if the episode is still sitting on your DVR.

Homeland ended its fifth season Sunday with the presumed death of Rupert Friend’s Quinn.

His already-bleak condition took a turn for the worse when the super-sniper suffered a brain hemorrhage. Even if he was to recover, he would’ve been left with severe brain damage, his doc explained to Carrie. That prompted Carrie to remove his pulse monitor before — presumably — pulling the plug (or smothering him?) in the episode’s closing minutes. (Or did Quinn stop breathing on his own, as one reader noted in the comments below?) Earlier, Dar handed her the letter Quinn had written her at the end of last season on the off chance he didn’t survive that covert Syrian mission.

Here’s the full text of his heartbreaking farewell note:

Carrie. I guess I’m done. And we never happened. I’m not one for words, but they’re coming now. I don’t believe in fate, or destiny, or horoscopes, but I can’t say I’m surprised things turned out this way. I always thought there was something kind of pulling me back to darkness. But I wasn’t allowed a real life. Or a real love. That was for normal people. With you I thought maybe just maybe. But I know now that was a false glimmer. I’m used to… they happen all of the time in the desert, but this one got to me. And here’s the thing, this death, this end of me is exactly what should’ve happened. I wanted the darkness. I f—ing asked for it. And it has me now. So don’t put a star on the wall for me. Don’t say some dumb speech. Just think of me as a light on the heavens. A beacon. Steering you clear of the wrongs. I loved you. —Yours, for always now, Quinn.

Homeland(Quick sidebar: While it’s true we didn’t actually see Carrie pull the plug, given the extent of Quinn’s brain injury, Homeland would risk mass ridicule if it returned in Season 6 with Quinn still alive; he’s dead, people.)

Other highlights from Season 5’s final hour:

* The chemical weapons attack in the Berlin subway station was averted, thanks to Carrie and good samaritan Qasim (may he R.I.P.).

* Saul cut a deal with Ivan — witness protection in the U.S. in exchange for delivering the duplicitous Allison to him. He came through with his end of the bargain, pinpointing Allison’s whereabouts as she was being smuggled across the border in the trunk of a black sedan. The second the vehicle was in his sights, Saul ordered it fired upon; Allison was killed instantly.

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* Laura and Numan were arrested by the BND for the role they played in stealing those sensitive documents. Astrid then floated a deal by Laura — publicly throw the late Marwan under the bus and, in return, her hacker buddy Numan won’t be deported. Laura reluctantly accepted it. (I’m gonna miss that scowl of hers.)

* Carrie and Jonas had makeup sex and then he promptly dumped her.

* Carrie — via Saul — was offered by the CIA a chance to “pick her next mission, design your own team” — a gig she flatly declined. “I’m not that person anymore,” she explained to Saul. Otto later made his own, far creepier job offer to Carrie — be his partner in work and life. She agreed to sleep on it.

What did you think of the finale? Got theories about the setting and conceit of Season 6? Grade the episode below and then hit the comments!

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  1. niloofar22 says:

    I’m Done with Homeland

    • Jay says:

      Agreed. This show is no longer smart tv. It’s full of cliches and easy to guess outcomes.

      • Arc says:

        Could barely watch since Brody got written off and Quinn was the only character worth watching. This sappy Carrie is even worse than pedophile carrie

    • Ryan says:

      Ditto. I was in it for Quinn. Killing him off killed me off. I love Mandy Patinkin, but I just can’t stick it out for him. Not anymore.

    • Ben Sand says:

      Of course you are, because awesome people never die and leave their lives unfinished. Watch Disney instead. Oh, wait. Bambi’s mom!

      • niloofar22 says:

        wasting Quinn for a one season villian was the worst part of the season, if he went out with a better story it wouldn’t be this sad.

        • marie parker says:

          I so agree. His death was worse because it seemed pointless. Carrie risks his life to get information that he may or may not have and ends up getting nothing. It makes her character more cold-hearted than ever. After several episodes where Quinn is either shot, beaten or gassed, he just goes on to die with no relief or closure for him or the viewer. Then Dar has to get sentimental about how they have been using him since he was 16. No wonder he doesn’t have a real life. Weren’t things sad enough already? He doesn’t even get to die on his own, but is at the mercy of cold fish Carrie. I can’t stand the person that they have made her. She showed what a user she was in the episode where she seduces the boy. She hardly sheds a tear for getting her friend, the cab driver, killed. I found his death totally unnecessary. After a short time, she’s ready to pull the plug on Quinn. What’s the rush. Given time, many people have recovered from brain injury.

          Since Quinn wanted to be remembered as a light in the heavens, the bright light that comes through the hospital window probably means he is dead. If Quinn is gone, no more Homeland for me. As much as I will miss him, I am glad if he gets away from this declining program and gets a chance to play a better character.

          I’m sick of the sacrifice anything for the cause attitude this show hammers in. It leads morality down a slippery slope. This show’s writers must think that making everything ugly and hopeless is being realistic. In reality, the majority of life is good and most people can be trusted. B

          • niloofar says:

            looks like he’s coming back but i’m with you on the problematic season 5. those sadistic writers were like how to make Quinn extra sad orphan, foster home, 16…
            Carrie’s only remaining likeable quality was her connection with Quinn. she showed same amount of emotion about the cab driver as she did with Quinn and those 9 days.

          • Lee says:

            Quinn was not on life support only was being moinitored with oxygen, that is why Carrie put blocked th door and put the oxygen device on her finger so it wouldn’t show up at nurse stations. Due to the Drs highly negavtive outlook Carrie wanted to put Quinn at a better place in her mind. But as she went to smother Quinn with the pillow the light came through the window and that stopped her, therefore Quinn is not dead. I agree with you how they made Carrie put Quinn’s life at risk to maybe get answers, and not shed a tear for her friend cab driver, also the dismal outlook the Drs said regarding Quinn and the fact he will live will be hard to accept. If Quinn was dead Rupert Friend would of been many many popular talk shows following his exit like most actors. They all do interviews to discuss their longtime or highly popular beloved character or vixen….and Rupert was did not do one publicly televised interview regarding his exit or his past season. Quinn is Alive

    • HQ says:

      Totally agree with you! These last couple of episodes have been a preview of homeland without Quinn and I’m just not interested. He is an awesome character and the main draw of the show for me. I hate what the writers did to him this season. It’s lazy and a cheap way to get people talking about the show. Looking back on how he ended up with the terrorists to begin with highlights how ridiculous this outcome is for him. Part of me would like to believe that the light was him waking up and if it had ended with just Carrie, I could talk myself into believing it. Quinn made Carrie tolerable for me so without him, I just can’t watch her! This was a mistake for the show and I really hope S6 is the end. Without Quinn, it will be without a lot of viewers! Bad move, Homeland.

    • Tam says:

      They killed off Brody and now Quinn, the most interesting characters. I’m done with Homeland too.

      • carl says:

        The producers read these posts. Realize, in numbers, the “Quinn dead?…I’m done with Homeland!” comments can have a Lazarus-like effect. He can be brought back from the dead with just a few key strokes from sufficiently motivated writers in the Season 6 scripting.

  2. kkrr55 says:

    I’m so confused…I didn’t think she actually killed him…at least they didn’t show it. She just removed the pulse monitor thingy. I really thought when the light came through the room, she changed her mind.

    • tbyrdmedia says:

      She didn’t change her mind, he just dies…naturally, not by her hand.

    • muslimadness says:

      I think you are right. Now, is his light within Carrie as her guiding”angel:
      Or with her in body?

    • Lee says:

      Exactly !!! She didn’t pull the plug!

    • Lee says:

      Exactly !!! She didn’t pull the plug!
      This is letting us wait till next year. To kill off Brody then Quinn… To do this would be insane. This is a cliff hanger. A finale. Making us wait.

      • silverleaf says:

        Idiot. What possible reason could Quinn be alive? He is massively brain damaged what purpose does he serve next season? Get over it the use of lighting was to express what he said to Carrie in the letter to her about being the beacon of light to her.

      • Mamma Mia says:

        I’m confused about “pulling the plug” on Quinn. Usually if you pull the plug on someone they are hooked up to breathing tubes that are mechanically keeping the patient alive. This does not appear to be the case with Quinn. He was alive and breathing on his own. If Carrie’s goal was to end his prolonged “vegetative(?)” condition she would have to physically kill him (pinch or cover his nostrils). Since this might take awhile she put the pulse taker on her finger so no one would come running while the he was still alive. Don’t know if she did it.

        • alicates says:

          Finally someone with common sense! Quinn is not connected to any assisting breathing machine, which means he breathes on his own. The cable that is connected to his finger just records his heart rate and his levels of oxigen. So as you say, the only way of killing him would be doing it physically and that doesnt happen. So we still don’t know if he is alive or dead.

          • Lee says:

            Exactly , and if you do not see any fairwell interviews on any talk shows with main beloved character, (Peter Quinn) Rupert Friend then you can bet he’s alive. Never does a popular character die in any way expected or shocking from such a hit show such as Homeland will they not have him on as a guest to popular tv talk shows discussing the past season or his playing Quinn on Homeland and his departure. . This is a fact.

        • ahmed says:

          best review i’ve read.

  3. Johnny says:

    This episode could have been cut down to ~20 minutes and we wouldn’t have missed anything. They’re setting up Season 6 but are too afraid to commit to anything. Why bother?

    • Amber says:

      Johnny, I have to agree with your comments. I think that there comes a point in any show or book where writers/producers need to end the run in a way that makes us want more of the series and not just drag it out so long that the viewers get bored. I’m not sure myself when the point happened to Homeland but its sometime between the last season and this one, IMHO.

  4. Chuck says:

    The series gets better each season. Great anticipation for next season.

    • The Beach says:

      Disagree. Season One was one of the best shows on TV in years. Sad to say, it’s never been as good since.

      • Mr. Tran K says:

        Season 3 was a huge letdown for the series. Really hope next season won’t be the last but the season after (seven) should.

      • Liesl Forbes says:

        I agree! When did Carrie fall for Brody? Once it was clear that the attraction wasn’t just a play on her part, I started to drift. I need to be able to believe the plot is at least possible. Her attraction to Quinn made sense. I am feeling very uncertain that they never explored that and that they had the bad sense to kill off the best character

  5. Jeanne Paul says:

    I very much enjoy this series of any other on TV. Silly might sound I cried for Quinn, sorry to end his life. Hoping that Carrie would have realized that he was the only one who really loved her and she never did realize this. Who wants a vegetable so they killed him off, sorry for that!
    Carrie again faces another grief in her life with losing her first lover. Do not kill off this series, continue the thoughtful and sometimes touching.

    • Michele says:

      I only started watching Homeland this year, but as I watched all 60 episodes, it became clear that Quinn was her true match. This show works best with them as a team, they were a true partnership, I don’t really her see her with Otto. I believe both Jonas and Brody were wrong for her, the show should have given her a chance with Quinn.

      • Vania says:

        Totally agreed. Best comment! I hope to see Quinn alive and well next season. He is the one who really loved Carrie, being even willing to die to save her, so it doesn’t make any sense to see her willing to kill him. Instead, it would be great if she fight to save him as he did for her. About Brody: I think his death was pretty accecptable cos he wore a bomb vest, he was willing to kill hundreds of people. Since he was turned into a terrorist, he could never be trustworthy. I don’t know why the writers consider the idea of killing Quinn, and maybe any other guy who really falls for Carrie. Maybe to make her the only star in the series and keep the story going on for many more seasons? Come on…really? You writers don’t know how to deal with a so rich character like Quinn and have to kill him? I don’t thik so. So, don’t do it, please.

      • Mary Maguire says:

        Totally agree, they were good together, I couldn’t watch her with Otto,Carrie’s character has become completely self centred and become very tiresome when she is not doing what she does best, her CIA work.
        The final episode was awful, especially Quinn being an orphan etc, being recruited at 16, Dar so condescending, the show killed of the less previlaged guy for the super wealthy Otto.
        Really dissappointed, won’t be watching season 6.

      • LinMar says:

        Well said Michelle! Bravo!

  6. Amy says:

    I don’t think it’s a fact that carrie went through with it. I think we will find out next year.

    • A.E. says:

      oh she went through with it. no question.

      • tbyrdmedia says:

        How is that possible, he wasn’t on life support? No ventilator?

        • Cheryl says:

          That’s what I was thinking. That was just a pulse oximeter she removed from his finger. That won’t kill him. He was weaned from the ventilator so the only way she could’ve killed him was by smothering him or injecting him with something. Somebody didn’t do their research! I liked Quinn. He got a raw deal this season and I don’t know how they will fill the void next season.

          • A.E. says:

            yeah, the question I have is, if he as breathing on his own, isn’t that a good thing? But, she did something, just the way they did it, why shoot it that way and not have him slip away and die, as she is sitting there or something. It was odd.

        • The Beach says:

          Carrie was/is CIA. There are a million ways to kill someone.

        • Lee says:

          I agree with you tbyrdmedia, what did Carrie do except put the oxygen on her finger? He wasn’t hooked up to life support? Had she smother him with a pillow something like that …then Carrie would of done something! She put that on her finger so obviously to make sure nurses Drs run in. The light was shown through the window and it ended….until you see actor Rupert Friend discussing his character of Peter Quinn and how much he will miss the character he played on popular tv talk shows , we won’t know until next year if Quinn lives or died. It is a finale !

      • Cheryl says:

        On another thread, someone pointed out that she took the monitor off his finger and onto hers so that when Quinn died naturally, they wouldn’t come in to save him since her pulse would still be registering. The sunlight can mean him passing on, an external explosion maybe. But there is no way Carrie can kill Quinn unless she does something drastic like smother him or shoot him. Either way, I don’t like the ending. Too confusing and I want Quinn back. Hate that they turned him into a vegetable.

        • HQ says:

          I just keep thinking about something Astrid said to Carrie last season about how Quinn thought she (Carrie) would have more faith in him. The only thing I think we know for sure is that she was there to end him and got distracted by the light. For me, the light could have two meanings. Firstly, like everyone is assuming that the light meant he passed on naturally and is dead. Or what if it was just a sign for Carrie to have faith in him and he is going to wake up. Everyone assumes he would be a vegetable but the doctor only said the prognosis was grim, not absolute. Doctors don’t make promises one way or the other, they can’t.
          Either way, I kind of feel like we are almost in a no win situation. Leaving us with this question for months is almost as cruel as Quinn’s life has been. Most likely he is dead and they have left us with this false hope for months or he will wake up and they have led us to believe he is dead for months. I hope he gets his miracle and comes back. Maybe this is just what Carrie needed to make her realize she wants to be with him. I am mad that the writers jerked us around like this and whatever the outcome, it has damaged my opinion of the show.

        • LinMar says:

          So do I Cheryl. Quinn is the only man who knew the worst about her and loved her in spite of herself. Whether she killed him or not, they stated emphatically he is a vegtable, period. Unless every doctor lied about his condition, he is over and so is the show. The writers are tirning Carrie into a character no pne is interested in watching anymore. Also, there are no episodes of lightness, or humor, the show is so depressing now that it is even boring. I was hoping .quinn would come back and there would be some happiness and or humor. Upcoming scenes look worse, Carrie once again crying and screeching.

  7. Jessica says:

    Don’t know if I’ll come back next year. Love Carrie but Quinn was the heart of the show for me because of all he went through and kept coming back.

  8. Angir says:

    How could you kill off Quinn ~ I’m devastated! So glad Allison was killed ~hated her

  9. Amy says:

    All she did was take off the pulse-ox monitor. She might change her mind.

  10. Alichat says:

    Damn. Just…..damn. I thought that was where they were going once he had his hemorrhage, but man I was hoping she wouldn’t do it. Are we absolutely sure she went through with it??? Has Gansa confirmed it conclusively? (she asks….still hoping…) On another note, I’m not a huge fan of Jonas. And am I the only one that thought Otto’s offer was more personal than business? He said ‘someone to share my life with’. That threw me a bit.

  11. niloofar22 says:

    I knew she was gonna unplug him.

    • Cheryl says:

      There was nothing to ‘un-plug’. He wasn’t on life support at all. Just an IV and pulse ox monitor. None of which is life support.

  12. Mr. Tran K says:

    I’m NOT giving up on Homeland but I can’t wait what the series has in store for Season 6 and I don’t know if it’s going to end maybe after next season or the season after (seven).

  13. Bwhit says:

    I’m confused how this definitely confirms he’s dead? Taking his pulse ox off just reads her o2 levels and not his, but that doesn’t do anything to him physically. I’m not saying he’s not, but Carrie did not do anything that I saw to actually kill him. That letter was heart wrenching. If he’s gone, I don’t really care enough about Saul and Carrie to return next year I’m afraid.

    • Jessica says:

      With you! Not 100% sure she did anything and it could be a massive plot twist for next season. I’ll probably watch the first episode unless something is confirmed before then. But if Quinn is really gone…don’t think I’ll come back.

      • Jay says:

        If visuala count for anything, he was breathing prior to her removing the sensor and the sun shining through the window. Once she turned from the window and looked back @ Quinn, his chest stopped heaving, which I think confirms he’s dead.

    • Jason says:

      Because Quinn is not dead.

  14. Sl says:

    I think it’s a 50/50 shot – she just removed his pulse oximeter –he didn’t appear to be on any life support so was Carrie going to smother him?Quinn staying probably depends more on contract negotiations than anything else.

  15. nuisance says:

    Quinn isn’t dead and neither was Glenn.

    • A.E. says:

      yo u misunderstand. Same thing. Fake u out, to go “oh thank God” then kill them later for impact. Quinn lived once already this season, like Glenn— only to die later, like Glenn will. Shock and awe.

  16. Marti says:

    Why do all these men keep falling in love with crazy Carrie? lol, I like the show and always thought Quinn was her match since he first appeared but…..let’s see.

  17. Ann Davis says:

    Love Homeland but not ending of season 5. Quinn can’t die. He should be with Carrie.

  18. Dan says:

    Quinn,we want you back,heal up,thanks for being quite the standup..

  19. Quinn is the best part of the show. I don’t believe she went through with it.

  20. AbsoluteQuinn says:

    I’m done with the show. Quinn was the heart, the soul and the badass action of Homeland.

  21. Tara says:

    He wasn’t asking her to be his partner at During. He was asking her to be HIS partner. He said “someone to share my life with”, and grabbed her hand.

  22. mollytanner says:

    I didn’t want Quinn to die before I watched this episode, but I think the final moments made me okay with it. That was one of the more poetic/eloquent things Homeland did with Quinn’s speech/letter closing the show. And with him saying that “he wanted the darkness”, and then saying he could be the “beacon” for Carrie, and then the light in the window at the end, ok yeah I’m a sucker for that. “A False Glimmer” indeed. Anyways, now that Carrie can pick her own team I hope it includes Astrid.

  23. An other major let down just like the end of Season 4. You can’t imitate GOT by killing the main characters for no reason just to create emotional reaction from us. All you get is: i am done with the show. You heard what your viewers want: more stories about terrorists,spies etc. Quinn, Saul, Dar , not Jonas,Otto etc people who are just plainly boring. JOHN SNOW WAS BAD.
    Why end the season with this ambiguous scene? Get some new writers guys, some who have at least a half brain and better open your show next year with Rupert Fiend on the credits. Man i am pissed.

  24. Quandary says:

    I liked the finale – great season overall. Not sure what to make of Quinn. It sure doesn’t sound like they left him room for any positive outcome, but in that case, why be cute with whether he met his demise or not.. it’s something we’ll find out when next season’s casting rolls round, not on the screen. That’s no fun. Or was his death supposed to be obvious and I’m just slow :)

  25. steve says:

    Saul did Allison a favor by killing her rather than taking her back to the US to rot in prison. Still in love.

    • carl says:

      I am not too happy about that. I wanted to see her face when Saul opens the trunk. I was waiting for that all 55 minutes of the episode

  26. MJL says:

    I think you misinterpreted the scene when you write “Otto later made his own job offer to Carrie — be his partner at the Düring Foundation. Was it just me, or did his seductive pitch carry with it a subtle sex component?” He was professing his attraction for Carrie and invited her to be his “partner” in all parts of his life, not just the business.

  27. tbyrdmedia says:

    Carrie didn’t pull the plug, she unhooked his Oximeter (measures oxygen in blood), he wasn’t on a ventilator or any other form of life support…that is why the bright light came through…he just happened to pass at that moment…a little cheesy, but that’s my take and I’m sticking with it…

  28. carl says:

    I don’t think the writter and producer of the show understand that no one cares about any other cast in the show but Quinn. Killing him is killing the show. Not that I think he’s dead. I only believe what I see and I didn’t see her kill him.

  29. christinadowling says:

    If he’s not on a ventilator and she only took off this pulse monitor then they cut before she smothered him with a pillow or something which is way worse.

  30. If quinn dies, I will never watch that show again.

  31. jahphotogal says:

    I heard it as “steer clear of the rocks” not “wrongs. A beacon is a lighthouse.
    Also prett sure Otto was proposing marriage as well as partnership. He’s had the hots for her all season -that’s why he trash-talked her to Jonas.

  32. Art Cooper says:

    a main character cut off again come on guys let’s get with it this is a good series bring back Brody’s family.with some plot of revenge for what Brody did and I hope you guys didn’t really get rid of Quinn there’s so much more to the storyline get peoples comments and go from there

  33. Mary Maguire says:

    Hav’nt seen it but reading the comments won’t bother, didnt want to see Qinn die, he was one of the best characters, then Carrie having makeup sex with Jonas, yuck, then considering sn offer from slimy During.
    Come to think of it he’s better out of it

  34. amy says:

    Mass ridicule if Quinn lives? – While i’ll admit it stretches credulity in the real world….but this is Homeland and the very same episode where one woman without backup who first saw a picture of a terrorist about an hour earlier, tracked him to the train station, found him amongst thousands of people based on a photograph, and saved the day. If THAT is our standard, then Quinn can live.

  35. Para says:

    I kinda wished that this will be the series finale and Quinn woke up with some minnor cognitive issue and then Carrie rolled him out of the hospital and walked into the sunset(before telling Saul to F*** off) happily ever after.

    Guess I am too much of a romantic.

    I really thought though Quinn and Carrie are a good pair, they are both so broken but they may find normal together… Plus I like Rupert Friend so… very very sad.

    • MP says:

      Agreed!!!! “Mass ridicule”? No. Reviewer should stop trying to affect the plot. No ridicule here- let Quinn live- and recover! Quickly. (Within 2/3 episodes)! If Friend is off doing a movie, wait for him. Asking for raise? Give it to him! Also, the reviewer was a tad slow on the Otto scene…it wasn’t that subtle. Otto wants Carrie, herself.

    • Map says:

      Reviewer should stop trying to affect the plot. No ridicule here- let Quinn live- and recover! Quickly. (Within 2/3 episodes)! If Friend is off doing a movie, wait for him. Asking for raise? Give it to him! Also, the reviewer was a tad slow on the Otto scene…it wasn’t that subtle. Otto wants Carrie, herself.

    • Lee says:

      PARA, That is a beautiful ending to Homeland …only I I wish Carrie would say F*** off to Dar!!! This would of been great if Homeland wasn’t renewed for season 6, I love it. My wish for 6th season premier starting six months later., this season started two years later . It would be great to see Quinn went through as you said maybe a cognitive issue and Carrie and Quinn tell Dar ..you’re time is done, you can leave now F*** Off! Time and time again Dar has taken Alison’s side instead of Saul’s, plus Dar was seen in the back seat with with harquini last season! I don’t think he can be trusted!

  36. Lydia says:

    I too am done with HOMELAND. First Brody, now Quinn. I, too cried when Quinn died.
    It was so sad. I’m not coming back next season.

  37. AJ says:

    She didn’t unplug him. He wasn’t plugged into anything other than the pulse/ox. They said if he doesn’t improve SOON then he would be brain dead. They did leave the window of recovery open, if only a tiny crack.

  38. niloofar22 says:

    Alex Gansa is a cruel & sadistic man.

  39. Lydia says:

    I am done with HOMELAND also. Get new writers. First they kill of Brody, now Quinn
    in a terribly sad ending that I cried. I have had enough.

  40. Chelsea says:

    Quinn is dead. As in the letter he wanted to be “a light on the heavens” as signified by the light shining on the window. Carrie did not have to kill him, he was waiting for her to go. Dar forshadowed this by telling of his bleak existance when they found him. Quinn was a tortured man who never had the chance to have love and he was desperate for death.
    The show took a MAJOR dive three fouths of the way through this season. This finale failed me miserably. Despite the fact that Im very sad of quinns death I still cant help but say every episode that I miss brody.

    • Trisha says:

      I miss Brody Too! I really love the chemistry between Brody and Carrie. Can’t understand why they were so sadic with Brody :(

  41. muslimadness says:

    Peter, peter,peter, our beacon of light.
    If you are done with homeland, #wakeupamerica .homeland More accurate with issues of radical islamic terror than msm.
    Fiction? Hardly

  42. Ashlie says:

    So angry that Peter Quinn is dead. One character death was enough for a season finale (Allison- thank Christ). Thumbs down!

  43. Ben Sand says:

    Oh my goodness! Stop whining people. I love that shows are now willing to kill off important characters, just like real life. Homeland is and has been one of the best there is. So happy they had the guts to take Quinn out. Sure he was awesome. But awesome people die all the time doing what he was doing.

    • Ray says:

      If people wanted realism they would watch the news or listen to you complain. People watch shows to unplug from reality for a while. Its ok to become invested in actors or characters. If you have a complaint about the show I’m all ears, but to complain about other fans is very troll like.

      • Quandary says:

        Speak for yourself Ray. A show where no character can die because the fans might get upset is a boring show indeed! There are plenty of those on networks. Homeland is an example of a show for people looking for more than that

  44. The sun coming in through the hospital window is a sign that Quinn lives for next season. The best and amazing things happen !!! Just when we thought it was all over… Quinn gets a blessing! The truth is out he loves her. Let’s hope that’s the way season 6 goes!!

    • MP says:

      Agreed! Just like she saw the light in the chapel ….just think it represents that her prayers (and Quinn’s) are being answered with the light, not that he’s gone.

      • Chris says:

        Maybe he’ll come back as a cyborg super spy!

        …or not

        Am I the only one who saw Carrie block the door with a chair after she went into to Quinn’s room? It was pretty obvious what her intent was… Putting him down

        With Quinn gone I’m yet another fan who’s got little left to be excited about. His monologue on “the strategy” of jihadis in the seasons first episode was one of the best parts of ANY of episode they’ve done.

  45. Ld123 says:

    Pull the plug on what? Didn’t look like he was on life support

  46. Ws says:

    Last season was so good but this year was dull… lacked the dramatic intensity of previous seasons.

  47. M McBride says:

    Fine. Short and sweet…if Quinn dies the show dies with him!

  48. Ray says:

    First I want to say Quinn carried the show this season. His storyline was what made the show keep pace. Second, I trying to figure the last scene. Was the sun supposed to stop her from killing him or was the sun to show the darkness he wrote about was finally gone from him now that he has died. I hope he lives, Quinn and Carrie never got a fair shot. Who knows maybe he will get his own Showtime show like Damien/Brody did.

  49. Cheryl says:

    Not pleased, whatsoever, that Quinn was killed off. Not pleased at all.

  50. Marie says:

    Alison got what she deserved. I’m not so sure Quinn died, although it seems he did. Carrie will never find peace. The CIA is in her blood. The whole scene in the train station happened too quickly, making it less believable. I wish they had put more into thwarting that operation.

    • Cheryl says:

      I agree! That storyline deserved a better ending than that. I didn’t like this finale. I don’t wan Quinn to die either, but it would be highly ridiculous at this point for him to survive and recover from being a near vegetable next season. I’m also disappointed that Carrie didn’t confess her love to Quinn after reading that letter. Her supposedly deciding to end his life is in itself an act of love, but it would’ve been nice to hear her say it. And again, since he wasn’t on life support anymore, there was no way for her to kill him without a gun, a pillow or a lethal injection. The writers messed up on that one.

      • niloofar22 says:

        would it kill her to atleast say goodbye outloud.

      • funnibone says:

        That’s because she didn’t love him. Never did. It was evident, she wanted Jonas back. Quinn was an afterthought.

        • pasquale iannitti says:

          she is Bipolar, you need to understand the disease, and homeland does it to perfection, A bipolar woman often does not realize who they really love until they are faced with a tragic event. she realized that she loved him when she saw what had happened when he was missing from the hospital room. they often have sex with strangers and on occasion have affairs with people to project control over their lives and very often are manipulative, as you saw how upset she got at the rejection, she tried to manipulate him with tears and then asked why can we do this or that, than into negotiations, when she saw it was futile she stormed out in anger, she never loved that guy, she was living in a fantasy world with a fantasy family. Google symptoms of bipolar in women, Clair Danes should win the First academy award for a TV show on how she portray a Bipolar woman.