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Big Bang Theory: EP Talks Sheldon and Amy's Sexy Milestone, 'Lost' Waxing Scene, Prescient Star Wars Subplot

So, was it good for you?

As promised and (heavily) promoted, Sheldon and Amy went all the way to Sexy Town in Thursday’s sweet, funny, satisfying Big Bang Theory — and now showrunner Steve Molaro is kissing and telling all about the couple’s long-awaited coitus date.

Also in the below Q&A, the EP weighs in on Amy’s ‘lost’ waxing scene, shares a timetable on the big engagement-ring reveal, looks ahead (somewhat reluctantly) to the show’s big 200th episode, and comes clean about a certain Force Awakens “spoiler.”

TVLINE | First up, the big question: How did you get the rights to the Star Wars theme?
[Laughs] Once we decided we wanted to do that scroll at the very beginning, it became very important [to acquire the music]. We’ve had a great working relationship over the years with everyone at Star Wars. We asked, they looked at what we were doing and they said yes. Thankfully, it resolved itself quickly and easily. We were lucky.

TVLINE | What was the most hotly debated aspect of this episode in the writers room?
For a while it was just, “Are we really going to do this?” Sheldon and Amy being intimate has been floating around in the air for the five and a half years that they’ve been dating now. As we were winding down this little breakup arc, it seemed like the perfect ending place. And we knew that the Star Wars premiere was coming. And we knew there was a possibility the opening might coincide with our [fall finale]. So, as those planets started to align the more and more we got excited about it.

TVLINE | So when you conceived the breakup storyline, you didn’t know that it would ultimately lead to them having sex?
No. I think we knew at some point that they would reunite, but this was an added step that was surprising to even us.

TVLINE |  You only have 20 or so minutes to tell this story. Was there anything you had to cut? I was surprised we didn’t see Amy getting waxed.
Is that something you really wanted to see, Michael? [Laughs]

TVLINE | Kind of.
I’m going to keep that in the back of my mind. [Laughs] I’m sure she’ll have it done again and [perhaps] we will follow her on that adventure.

TVLINE | Was there anything you had to cut, either from the script or the telecast?
No. We’re really happy with how it turned out. We did the best to handle it in a way that honored the characters and was as close to honest — in a sitcom — that you can be. We were also really happy with how the Star Wars [B-story] allowed us to take some [comic] pressure off the Sheldon-Amy moments, and let those scenes play more real. We had this other storyline to [cut] to that was, hopefully, going to be funny.

TVLINE | Where do Sheldon and Amy go from here? Is the fact that they’re now sexually active touched on later in the season? Or are you just sort of moving on from this subject?
I think we will move on until the next time we talk about it. Sheldon in that moment has a very clear plan in mind at the end of the episode. It’s a chance for us to take a little breather from the weightiness of the Sheldon-Amy relationship and put the spotlight on some of the other amazing relationships and characters that we have on our show.

TVLINE | The guys loved Force Awakens, yet this episode was shot almost a month ago. Did you have some inside intel that it was going to be good?
I have a lot of faith in [director] J.J. Abrams [Laughs]

TVLINE | When might Amy find out that Sheldon has an engagement ring?
I don’t know. But I promise you that we haven’t forgotten about it. It will come back up again this season.

TVLINE | Your 200th episode is right around the corner. Are you planning anything special?
I don’t know. I know it’s a milestone for us, but how much does that really resonate with viewers? Is that a thing?

TVLINE | Yes, it is. Confirmed.
Well, maybe that waxing episode… If we do it I’m going to put you in the waiting room.

TVLINE | Have you started talking about doing something special?
We’re just starting to talk about it now. And, yes, there is an expectation to [do something special].

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  1. leigh says:

    They really did a great job with this episode. So fitting for these two characters.

  2. I really enjoyed this episode, and it felt like a fitting evolution for Sheldon’s character and for the Sheldon/Amy relationship. And the B story with the Star Wars premiere was also hilarious, particularly Wil Wheaton’s role. :) :)

  3. Suzanne Howorth says:

    Just made a classic!

  4. BarryFlash says:

    Best episode of the season!

  5. Mari says:

    Excellent!!! LOVED LOVED LOVED !!!!

  6. A. D. says:

    Awesome Episode!

  7. Manda says:

    I loved it the only thing I wanted to see and didn’t was Leonard’s reaction but maybe close to the end of the season we will get that. But other than that it was everything I wanted it to be and I’m so excited about the rest of the season.

    • AtlLady says:

      Leonard’s reaction was the same goofy grin he wears on his face after coitus with Penny and the same as Amy’s expression after coitus with Sheldon.

  8. James D says:

    very sweet and true to the characters. Bringing in Bob Newheart made it all the more enjoyable. Biggest laugh of the night for me was Will Wheaton walking into the theater in full Trek gear i got a kick out of that.

  9. CathyMae says:

    Wish I coukd give it a grade. I would if I had seen it but the local station decided a football game was more important to air.

  10. Mike Q says:

    I’m going to be a minority here: I didn’t laugh once. I used to watch that show to howl with laughter twice or more a night. But recently the only laughs have been Howard and Bernadette. And tonight the were absent. We got the “heartfelt” episode that damaged it’s characters — Sheldon would never in a million a years have told Amy “we’ll find out together” or whatever it was — for the “awwwwww” moment. All I want from a sitcom is that it make me laugh. That’s damn near impossible to find on TV these days. It’s a pity the show has another season left because it needs to be put out to pasture.

    • John NYC says:

      When you change the channel any show is put out to pasture for YOU.

      Easy answer.

    • Really? says:

      I always love when certain people decide they don’t care for a show anymore and declare the show “needs to be put out to pasture”, because THEY don’t like it. Use your brain and figure out which button changes the channel and watch something else. Keep your sour grapes to yourself, it was a fantastic and well done episode.

      • Mike Q says:

        I actually am going to use that button after tonight. My question is why are opinions only allowed to be expressed by people who like it? If you don’t like something, you certainly can’t say that. Very American.

        • dlraetz says:

          I completely agree with you about being able to express your dissatisfaction. I happen to have enjoyed last nights episode but I too thought Sheldon acted out of character. When Amy was nervous I half expected him to pull out a phone app that showed the mechanics of missionary position

          And you should be able to express your honest feeling about the show. If you were a bully talking about Amy’s being fat (she isn’t) or something like that I’d get why people would put you down, but not for feeling the show has lost its funny bone

        • suzi says:

          I have no problem with anyone expressing an opinion different from mine, but stating that a show should be put out to pasture because YOU don’t find it funny, ignoring the opinions of quite a few other people, is wrong. .

          • Guest says:

            But that’s part of his opinion. Either accept the whole opinion or accept the fact that you can’t handle it.

          • jj says:

            Guest, yes he is allowed his opinions but it’s the self centeredness of his opinion that people are reacting too. He admits in his first sentence that his opinion is in the minority. Yet because he doesn’t like the show anymore, he thinks the show should be cancelled despite knowing the majority of people still like it.

          • dlraetz says:

            I thought he was pretty respectful. Sure he could have written I feel like this show needs to be put out to pasture. But I’ve seen people say things like ‘only morons could like this show’ call actors untalented/fat/ugly etc. compared to much of the Internet he’s a gentleman

        • Ed Rhodes says:

          I can appreciate that you didn’t like the episode, it’s the opinion that BECAUSE you didn’t like it, the show is past its prime and needs to be cancelled that has everyone in a twist.

    • AtlLady says:

      Actually, we have been seeing Sheldon’s softer side for some time. In the episode where Howard’s mom died, it was Sheldon who told Howard that, unlike Sheldon when his father died, Howard had his friends to help him through this. Amy was shaking with nerves and Sheldon wanted to let her know that he was new to this as well. Sorry this show is no longer your “cup of tea” but feel free to grouse about it all you wish.

    • Ed Rhodes says:

      I disagree. Any show worth its salt (pause while Sheldon tells us where that phrase came from) will show growth in its characters. Sheldon today does not behave as Sheldon from Season 1 (or from the flashback episode where he couldn’t look people in the eyes). As Leonard would say; “Believe it or not, personal growth!”

  11. michael says:

    Good for them! Even though it is TV…it was done in a classy sense…not all that lovey dovey stunt other shows pull (ie; the wasted air space of the bachelor, bachelorette, and the Kardashians). TV needs more shows like the big bang theory and 2 broke girls. Now that idol is going away…FILL THE SPOTS with good tv again! So many are venturing away from the reality tv era.

  12. bg says:

    200th episode bet we learn Amy is pregnant!

  13. Kody McGrath says:

    I enjoyed this more than I thought I would.

  14. Sandy says:

    Best episode sweet and funny
    Couldn’t stop laughing. .

  15. John NYC says:

    That opening was perfect for the setup.

  16. hbeachman says:

    Michael, you should play Amy’s waxer! You know, since you might not get to play “Stars Hollow Inn Guest” in the GG revival.

  17. Carol C says:

    Even better than I expected!

  18. Bobo says:

    Best episode ever!!!! Love Sheldon & Amy. Long awaited for them.

  19. Malissa R. says:

    I loved it!

  20. Eva L says:

    Always had hope I’d have sex before Sheldon Cooper because he’s Sheldon! He doesn’t do that! I know they’re fictional characters, but this just depresses me. Thanks for nothing with that storyline. Loved the guys and the star wars stuff though.

    • Ed Rhodes says:

      I remember Raj’s line when Amy came into Sheldon’s life; “No matter what else happens, I’ll still be the guy who got a girlfriends AFTER Sheldon Cooper!”

    • Joyce says:

      even in sitcoms characters have to either grow or they stay flat and become boring. I’d bet you’re a big Seinfeld fan because though it was humorous, every character got predictable after the first season. I don’t watch reruns, didn’t even see all seasons because of the cardboard characters.

  21. Pat says:

    Funny and beautifully done episode. Bob Newhart was used at just the right moments with Sheldon and I loved it. So kudos to the BBT writer’s and producer’s and of course to all the actors on this show for giving me an awesome episode.

  22. Ann says:

    I laught during 98% of the episode. It was excellent. Best of the season. Hands down

  23. mike says:

    Wills role would have been a smidge better if he had been wearing his Next Gen outfit but it still worked just as well. I would have thought though that there would have been more awkwardness with Shamy. Neither had done it before, and really. Sheldon probably really had no idea of the mechanics involved.

    • I would think that Sheldon being who he is, he researched the mechanics. This is not rocket science… and as scientists, each of them has had exposure to biology, anatomy and physiology.

    • Myra says:

      I think the thing here is that they’re not teenagers. Even though they might not have done it before, they know enough by now in theory to know what and how to do it. I think there’s a different level of maturity and approach when one loses their virginity in their late 20s-30s than as a teenager. And they had some tips and help from Penny and Bernadette. Also, we didn’t really see the act itself (as this is not HBO!), so I’m sure there have been some awkward moments in there that we didn’t get to see.

    • AtlLady says:

      Wil was dressed up as Spock complete with the blue shirt and the ears. That is why his response to being heckled was so funny.

  24. Jake says:

    I really enjoyed the episode. Wonderful, funny, sweet and even poignant in some moments. I was worried how they would handle this moment between them, either making it too unrealistic or cheapening it with bad virginity jokes, but they did a fantastic job. I’m really looking forward to see how this will affect their relationship moving forward. I don’t expect them to turn into horndogs, especially Sheldon, but I expect that there’s going to be at least a bit of a shift in a new direction for them. I know it’s not a popular opinion with some, but I think it would be interesting for Sheldon to blossom a sexuality of his own after this. Not your typical heterosexual drive, but something new that isn’t his usual indifference on the matter, yet not taking over his life completely. They could have some fun with that through the rest of the show. In any case, A+ episode for me.

  25. Donna says:

    I must say that Sheldon and Amy are the main reason my mom has finally gotten into the show. She was the one reminding me that this was the week Sheldon was going “to give it to her.” Not in those terms, of course, but in her mind she just couldn’t fathom how they’d figure it out and so, had to watch! LOL! It was a perfect complement to last week’s episode. Sweet and very funny.

  26. Kim R says:

    Loved it! Could not have been handled better. :)

  27. robandco says:

    The episode was really funny. The parallel between the guys watching Star Wars and Sheldon and Amy was really well thought.
    And I was surprised how much sense it made for Sheldon as a character. Very well done.

  28. rick millman says:

    I thought the episode was outstanding. And I do like the way that Sheldon seems to be growing before our eyes. The fact he now can appreciate others feelings. And he did admit to his own failings. Just a terrific piece of writing and acting

  29. All I have to say is I LOVED LOVED LOVED this episode. Laughed so much that my cheeks hurt.

  30. D. says:

    Best episode of the season, it reminded me the first, great, seasons.

  31. Invincable4ever says:

    this episode has us all needing that ‘after cigarette’ ..Ahhhhhhhhhh

  32. rawley says:

    I actually felt the breakup storyline was sloppy and their makeup and devirginization was a little rushed. However, how they played it in the moment was excellent. Just looking at the story arc overall they could’ve paced it out better. Additionally, I really wish they hadn’t told us Sheldon and Amy were getting back together AND having sex before they actually got back together on the show. I know it’s a silly sitcom, but c’mon. Part of why last year’s season finale was so great was because the engagement ring was such a shock. I would’ve enjoyed the emotional journey of them getting back together much more if I didn’t already know it was going to happen. Same with last night’s episode.

  33. demographically insignificant says:

    Bob Newhart and Wil Wheaton segments on the episode are what save the show for me. The rest was ridiculous!

  34. Jeri says:

    It was handled very well. Believable and the back & forth cuts to the movie were very good. Really enjoyed this episode. Was it worth the wait? Maybee…… Amy sure seemed to think so.

  35. flowerduh says:

    The only character that made me really laugh was Professor Proton (Bob Newhart) He was hilarious! Especially when he tried to kill himself with a light saber. Classic!

  36. Mark Plus says:

    One, it mischaracterizes most male virgins’ situations, because Amy wanted sex with Sheldon all along – the show had a running gag about that. By contrast, most male virgins wind up that way through cumulative sexual eviction by all the women they know.

    And two, men didn’t evolve to become sexually active for the first time in their lives well into their 30’s. A man who has had to live physically isolated from women’s bodies for 20+ years since puberty probably won’t have the conditioned responses to get an erection with a naked woman on short notice, even if he has nothing wrong with his boy parts medically. The show’s portrayal of a satisfactory sexual encounter between a male virgin in his 30’s and a no longer youthful adult woman simply doesn’t match what would happen in the real world. I found this out from my own experience back in my 30’s.