Grimm Season 5 Spoilers Eve Bitsie Tulloch

All About Eve: Grimm's Bitsie Tulloch Talks Her Intriguing New Alter Ego

Yes, the woman who showed up in the final moments of last week’s Grimm‘s looks like the believed-dead Juliette. She sounds like Juliette. And she knows everything Juliette knew. But series star Bitsie Tulloch wants this, if nothing else, to be crystal clear:

“Juliette’s flesh and blood, her DNA, is still alive,” the actress says. “But this is not Juliette.”

But who, exactly, is the woman known as Eve? After all, the sum total of what we know about her is that she stopped Nick’s beat-down with a flick of her wrist and she’s fond of dramatic entrances and exits.

Good thing Tulloch is a bit more forthcoming about her new alter ego. Below, the actress clues us in about what to expect from Eve.

HEXENBUFF | As soon as Juliette went the way of the dinosaur, Tulloch says, she started working out with a trainer in order to nail Eve’s warrior-like physicality. “I started training really hard five or six days a week,” she says. “I was eating a ton of protein, just getting myself really in fighting shape.”

NO WARM FUZZIES | Remember how Juliette was an animal-loving, tagine-cooking, friendly almost-fiancée? Yeah, Eve’s none of those things. The new character “is a weapon,” Tulloch says. “She is very badass, and she’s almost robotic… It’s not so much that she’s ruthless, it’s that she’s very calculated and all she’s focused on is getting the job done.”

A LITTLE HELP FROM HER FRIEND | That job — assisting Hadrian’s Wall — means Eve and Meisner have spent a considerable amount of time together. “She’s laser-focused as far as her mission, and Meisner has played a really instrumental role in training her and getting her ready for this.” Most of Eve’s learning curve, Tulloch adds, involved getting a handle on Juliette’s uncontrolled Hexenbiest skills. (Oh yeah, Eve’s still a ‘biest.) “The new character is all about reining it in in and utilizing this in the best possible way, not wasting an ounce of this incredible power that she has.”

GANG RELATIONS | As you can imagine, the Scoobies are likely to have huge issues with seeing someone who looks exactly like their dead friend running around town. “There is a pretty pivotal scene with Nick at some point after the new year, where they sit down and try to discuss what the hell is going on, because he’s obviously confused,” Tulloch previews.

On set last night shooting @nbcgrimm 😊 #BTS photo: @bltkey

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PREPARE, INSTAGRAM FOLLOWERS | Just because Tulloch hasn’t been posting pics from the set doesn’t mean she doesn’t have ’em — and in the weeks to come, expect her backlog to hit her social media accounts. “I love our fans so much, and one of the things I used to always do was tweet behind the scenes,” she says. “So I’m excited to get back into the swing of things… I have a store of cool behind-the-scenes photos, stories and videos that I can finally start releasing.”

What else are you wondering about this new Eve? How do you think she’ll affect the rest of the season? Hit the comments with your thoughts!

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  1. So, basically she became Darth Vader and there’s a chance of turning her back into Anakin…

    • Wordsmith says:

      Or maybe more like when Fred died and became badass Illyria, but Illyria could still pretend to be Fred if she felt like it.

      • S says:

        That’s exactly the comparison I thought of too.

      • Illyria was a unique and separate individual that killed Fred from the inside. For the comparison to work, Eve would need to be its own entity that does something similar to Juliette as opposed to an alternate identity that merely manifested on a psychological level.

        • SophieJ says:

          Fun fact: Fred wasn’t dead and Joss planned to bring her back in season six. Unfortunately the death of the CW is what killed Angel (and one of my other favorite shows even though both still had good ratings) and prevented what sounded like a great season from coming to fruition.

          • SophieJ says:

            I changed CW to WB and it changed it back :/

          • Based on everything that appeared on screen, Illyria consumed Fred from the inside, leaving only the shell, so to say she wasn’t dead and bring her back like that didn’t happen would have been hacky.

          • John NYC says:

            That’s contrary to some lines Illyria delivered to Wesley. She directly stated Fred didn’t exist anymore. Iirc

          • All memories wear there it was clear they wear fusing the two charictors ..Fred greatest human mind Illyria greatest Ex demon God.. Fred and her together would become new Greater Power that be. Fred was not gone it was clear Illyria lied and was scared to admit Fred was to much and was infecting her from inside the same way she had her. She was even having tears at the End.

      • AnnieM says:

        Seems that David Greenwalt is copying from himself, since he worked on Angel as well as Grimm.

      • John NYC says:

        Juliette was simply tranquilized and then taken off somewhere and re-programmed. Fred was just dead. Grimm is stretching it.

      • tvjunkie says:

        From the way this article is written, “her DNA, is still alive,” it actually sounds like Eve is a clone of Juliette, but with Juliette’s memories somehow transferred to the clone.

    • tvjunkie says:

      Darth Vader wasn’t a clone of Anakin. It sounds like Eve is a clone of Juliette with a memory transfer.

  2. Mare says:

    Good for her! I hated that they tried to ruin and then kill off a good female character, just to facilitate a romance between an evil female character and the hero.

    • Thanh says:

      @Mare – This is exactly how I felt, and prevented me from watching the first few episodes of this season, save for the premiere, which I did watch. The gross Nick and Adalind “connection” scenes, from the later episodes from last season and the premiere for this one, are not something I want to watch.
      I just hope the writers will make this non-Juliette-Hexenbiest-combo person a cool character, which I’ve always felt she had the potential to be, especially after getting powers. I also hope she and the rest of the gang will start interacting more, in later episodes.

      • dryedmangoez says:

        @Thanh Yeah! I actually haven’t watched any of this season yet because I was really turned off by what they did with Juliette and even Mama Burkhardt at the end of last season. It seemed like desperate moves by a writing team who have run out of ideas in the midst of falling ratings. =( Hopefully they pick it up with this new character.

    • dryedmangoez says:

      I absolutely agree! Just when they finally gave Juliette (and Bitsie of course) much more interesting and badass things to do, they do a complete 180 and come up with some dumb, contrived way to destroy the character. And I definitely agree it seemed like they wanted to push a Nick-Adalind endgame when there’s nothing in the story to suggest that was even possible. (In the fanfics, maybe.) So I’m happy Bitsie is back (never left? hehe) and hopefully Eve will be a much better character that what they did to Juliette.

  3. gail says:

    i agree just like Fred in Angel

  4. monieet says:

    I almost quit watching when I though Juliette was killed off. Yes, she is back and a bad ass at that.

    • j Sturm says:

      It’s funny, I thought Grimm was better since she left.

    • tvjunkie says:

      Except as they’ve said repeatedly Eve is not Juliette. Same actress, different character. Juliette is gone and she’s not coming back from what they’re saying.

    • Norm says:

      I’m loving this. I still remember everything that Adelind did to Juliette and to Nick. Building a romance between these two at the expense of Juliette always rubbed me the wrong way.

  5. pam says:

    I remember alot of people posting that they didn’t like the juliette character. Seems like the shows producers and writers payed attention. This new version will be awesome.

    • lilibetp says:

      I think the writers and producers may have misunderstood what we were saying. It wasn’t the concept of the Juliette character we disliked; it was the actress’s portrayal we disliked.

  6. The one who notices says:

    Hadrian’s Wall, not Hadrian’s Way.

  7. KayCeeCee says:

    I hope that they play Eve off the Captain as Bitsie and Sasha have so much chemistry.

    • prish says:

      But they looked cute, doing their hexinbeast thing. I thought that chemistry worked better than her with the Grimm, Nick. Also, I am so torn because I like Meisner and Adalind, together. Every time, he calls her or helps her or whatever, my heart stops with anticipation. Their chemistry is deep, imho. Who knows? Maybe, it will the the Grimm’s destiny to walk alone, after the series ends. So poetical, fitting to the Grimm Brothers’ tales.

      • prish says:

        I see you were saying they do have chemistry, Misread it, but the answer works.

      • Bill says:

        Actually, I’m for Juliette hooking up with the Capt., but I’d prefer Adalind be with Nick. They already have more chemistry than Nick and Juliette did in two full seasons.

        • Paige says:

          The reason Adalind & Nick have more chemistry is because Claire is a fabulous actor, and Bitsie is not. It’s fitting that Bitsie’s now a robot because it suits her lack of acting talent.

      • Tamim says:

        Grimm’s mom and aunt ended up walking alone once they became Grimms. And Nick has an “heir” now, so he has no need to have a functional relationship ever again. It is sad though, but maybe that is the fate every Grimm has. And we don’t really know the relationship between his mom, aunt and their dad, but I have the feeling it wasn’t the most positive, happy experience. And Truble, too, had that guy who could have led to a potentially happy relationship (the adopted son of a Grimm), but he’s nowhere to be found, so she ended up leaving him.

      • Janette Reget says:

        I agree, I love Meisner and am so excited to see him return. There is something between Adalind and him–she stood really close to him when they were face-to-face.

  8. Shaun says:

    This is gonna be BS.Characters should stay dead unless they are the lead.

    • John NYC says:

      Except she never was dead, simply tranquilized and captured.

    • Morisot says:

      Shaun, I’m with you. When characters are dead they should STAY dead. (Don’t like it when shows toy with my suspension-of-disbelief !)

      • John NYC says:

        But they didn’t kill her. Somebody dead for sure and I’d agree: in this case they just ranked her, carted her off and messed with her head. Per the storyline, VERY messed with her head. I’m not seeing Hadrian’s Wall as very nice people at the moment. A bit concerned Truble has so bought into them…

      • tvjunkie says:

        Eve is a clone

        • John NYC says:

          Why bother when all they had to do was a bit of brainwashing to reprogram her? Grow an entire human being with the same memories in a few months? Too much bother and without the mind tech a clone wouldn’t have Juliette’s memories as Eve has.

    • tvjunkie says:

      She is dead. The wording of the article makes Eve sound like a clone with a memory transfer.

  9. Herbert Ivan says:

    I stopped watching when that piece of BS plot happened. Bitsy was always the weakest character. The showis now done and dead. Ratings down from this point onward.

  10. Aimee-Michelle Gower says:

    The minute I saw her show up last week I took Grimm off my DVR! Turlock may be dating the lead, but she has zero chemistry on the show with him.

    • justsomeguy says:

      The entire article is about how Eve is NOT Juliette. She has no relationship with Nick. I’m not sure why everyone is jumping to the conclusion that since the actress is back, the only way she can be on the show is to be dating the main character. They’ve already said the character she’s playing now is completely different. I don’t understand the confusion so many people have at this point, especially since absolutely NOTHING has happened yet to make you think that’s where the story is going.

      In fact, everything they’ve said since the reveal of Eve/Juliette has been that it won’t change anything about the relationship developing between Nick and Adalind. I get that people disliked characters and their actions, which is great, but.. take it down a notch.

      • Nic says:

        People lie..or that is what they are saying for now for the people who hate the character..Soon we will see where she starts to regain and slowly be back to her being Boring Stiff face Juliette-Who by the way..We never see working as a can talk all want and say whatever right now..But we will see what happens through actions and what happens in the show from then on..If your going to kill off a so..Just do not go a 360 and try to alter and get people to buy BS!

  11. D says:

    I just want to know why Nick sometimes turns Blueish/Gray and he seems to get more powerful and all of a sudden has super hearing is he some kind of Super Grimm? just fraking tell me!!!

    • Longmire4ever says:

      This!!! Been waiting on an answer to this ? for a long while.

      • Shaun says:

        It was a side effect from when Nick was captured by Papa Midnight(?).Anyways,after that he’s been juiced.

        • Shaun says:

          Oops,it was Baron Samedi….season 3 premiere begins the transformation.

          • Jake says:

            Yes, when Nick came out of being Zombiefied he got super Grimm powers, one of which is super hearing. The turning grey is just a side effect/indicator of the powers kicking in.

    • From what I’ve seen it appears that in dire circumstances Grimm’s have the ability to learn new powers, ie life or death type situations.

      He lost his eyesight and was about to die and developed super hearing. That’s not connected to the Zombie strength he sometimes exhibits. He always has the hearing just doesn’t always need to use it.

      Zombie power levels appear to still be something the show doesn’t want to let us know about yet. One annoying thing about this shows writing is how they drag one simple thing along for 18+ episodes before explaining it. Or 3+ seasons as far as the keys are concerned.

  12. Melinda says:

    Sigh. Juliette Silverton: The Winter Soldier.

    I’m not a Juliette hater, and I love Marvel….but this is kind of ridiculous. I wish Grimm had some more creative ideas instead of just ripping things off other shows, movies, etc.

  13. As soon as I realized she was back and how the writers were spinning it, I thought how it sounded like the “dolls” from Dollhouse. Caroline’s personality was wiped away and Echo was born. Juliette’s personality is gone and Eve is born. SMH. What happened to originality?

    • John NYC says:

      Closer than other descriptions. The one difference (?) is she’s retained all Juliette’s memories etc., more an emotional wipe than total replacement.

      Echo retained some things from each implant but I can’t recall if it was everything….

      • With Echo (and the other dolls), it started out as a complete wipe, but they began to remember things. Alpha, for instance, had all of his personalities uploaded at the same time and it made him insane. I believe he did that to himself and then decided he needed to do it with the others as well.

  14. JC1 says:

    I am still not sure what to think about this. I am a Juliette fan, and I haven’t watched the show since last season (in fact I didn’t watch the last two episodes of last season). But I’ve been following what’s been going on. But I’m not so sure that just having her back is enough to get me to start watching again, especially since she’s supposed to be this “Eve” character now.
    I really feel like the show jumped the shark last season in the second half when they made Adalind pregnant with Nick’s baby, and I don’t use that phrase lightly. I know the actress was pregnant but there were better ways to deal with that (how about sending her out of town for a while to look for her missing daughter?). Then we had sudden evil Juliette, and she was involved in Nick’s mom’s murder (assuming that too wasn’t a trick of some sort) and now this season from everything I’m reading the writers have been setting up Nick and Adalind to be together, which for me is just a huge Hell No. And now Juliette is alive, but she’s not Juliette, she’s “Eve”, and the commenter above me hit the nail on the head when she said it’s Winter Soldier Juliette. Even if I could be 100% assured of no Nick/Adalind whatsoever, I’m not sure the show can crawl back up that cliff it ran off of in the second half of season four, and judging by the falling ratings, I’m not sure it’s going to have the time.
    Btw, I don’t hate Adalind. I hate Nick/Adalind with a passion, but Adalind can be an interesting character, when the writers aren’t inventing crazy storylines for her just to keep her relevant. (Claire Coffee is a talented actress, but surely I was not the only one tired of her long rambling “getting my powers back” storyline in season three. It was about as bad as Arrow flashbacks…..ok, maybe not this year’s Arrow flashbacks.) And if they had written Juliette off in season one and started a redemption storyline for Adalind back then, I might be on board with a Nick/Adalind romance. But they didn’t, and there’s far far too much history between them now for me to ever accept that relationship. Adalind as reluctant ally but ultimately always out for herself? That I could accept. Adalind in a relationship with Renard or Meisner? Fine. Adalind in an actual romantic relationship with Nick? So much hell to the no.

    • JC1 says:

      I guess I have a lot of feelings about this. :) Sorry for the long comment.

      • Silver_89 says:

        I completely agree. There is absolutely no getting around the fact that Adalind raped Nick, so having them get cozy with each other is making me ill. The show completely dropped the ball with that plotline – having Juliette get angry with Nick, never allowing him to process what Adalind did to him because ‘Surprise! She’s pregnant!’ The whole thing is just a really gross mess.

        I also didn’t care at all for what they did with Juliette last season especially when it “ended” with her getting killed. Having her come back gives me a little hope, but not much.

    • whatuthought says:

      It’s not too long since you’re writing for two. Me & You

    • I agree so much. Nick and Adalind are nauseating together and i honestly don’t know if I can stomach much more. She raped him for god’s sakes. Also everything she did is what led up to Juliette becoming a hexenbeist and going dark side and having to be killed (although we now know she wasn’t).

      That said, I don’t hate Adalind either. I’ve liked what they’ve done with showing her as an ally to Nick, and I think the fact that she’s not a hexenbeist any longer means she’s not the same wicked person she used to be is kind of interesting. But I don’t believe that someone in Nick’s position would be able to so totally forgive her for all the terrible things she did to Juliette and himself that he’d even be able to entertain the idea of having a romantic relationship with her. It boggles the mind.

    • prish says:

      But remember her most funny line ever, “I used to be a lawyer!” It sounds like the ramble is over. It would be fun to have court scenes and law cases, ongoing.

  15. I figured she’d be back but I kinda liked her being dead.

  16. Helen says:

    I see this as coming back like Gandalf the White.

  17. ChickenMcChaser says:

    *sigh* I really like that she is dead and off the show. She really is getting annoying. I’m gonna lose interest in Grimm after she shows up.

  18. LS says:

    Sometimes, I wonder whether or not I’m the only sane human being that watches all of these shows. There are definitely shows/EPs that have pissed me off with their constant need to screw everything up. This show isn’t one of them, and frankly, I’m a bit tired of always seeing everyone complain about one thing or another. Can’t you all just, I don’t know, watch a show and see where it goes? Do you have to be obsessive to the point where you’re calling out storylines and EPs and cast/characters for doing something that VAGUELY resembles a storyline from another show?

    • Marian Houchin says:

      I like to be carried along, as well. Why spoil it by thinking it should go somewhere else? Either watch it for its own sake–or don’t. There’s a reason Nick & Juliette haven’t married. There’s also a redemption quality to un-evil-ing Juliette. Adalind? Who knows. She’s been w/the Capt., but whatever. And where is Diana. I’m gonna keep watching to see what happens.

  19. spdavid says:

    So is she keeping that awful wig?

    • John NYC says:

      One of a collection: somewhere else I read from Bitsie that they’re looking at ALIAS, using outlandish getups so “Juliette’s” former acquaintances and customers etc. in town won’t mistake Eve for her.

  20. Sucka-fool says:

    Wish they would get a little more consistent with Nick’s character. They go through the trouble to “soup up” his Grimm powers by giving him the super hearing, then the times when made him appear almost “dead” with the super slow heart rate, lowered body, changes to his eyes, etc, but then other writers never return to that and its like they ignore it ever happened. Need a little continuity.

    • TVPeong says:

      It would also be nice to see Nick fight like a Grimm. I feel like recently others have been doing a lot of the fighting for him. Even in the last episode he needed Eve to save him.

      • Grimm fan says:

        I totally agree! I thought the Grimm’s were supposed to be more powerful than the vesen, which is why they are so feared.

  21. Susan K Smith says:

    I am excited about the new character, Eve.

  22. florence henderson says:

    I want a relationship between Trubel and Nick. both cops, both Grimms. Anybody with me here?

  23. retsim says:

    I only hope she comes back with a bit more of a hard image as she was a bit to ! Oh why me for to long .Still one of my favourite shows.

  24. Chris says:

    NOT intriguing. Lame writing. The show has jumped the shark.

  25. MammaQ says:

    Ok, so anyone else feel Eve is Diana in Juliette’s body? The little peek at her powers where very similar to when Diana made the toy keys levitate, in the truck when Nick’s mom left with her.

  26. A, McCartney says:

    This show has jumped the shark!

  27. Vee H says:

    kind of cheesy to bring back her character in any form because Nick will always be thinking of her as Juliette, just like all of us will be too. We were all glad to see her go. We don’t want to get hurt again, he needs a real love interest and Adalind could do that.

  28. AW says:

    I think Trubel and Meisner would be a great couple! Dump Nick and Adalind, and get Nick back with Juliette/Eve already!

  29. Fatiya says:

    I love grimm is the best movie to on Friday after having a bad day and my favorite things is that your all nice to each other. My favorite person is trouble because she is beautiful an her on way and I can’t wait to see it tonight

  30. sally landers says:

    Too cartoon like. Reminds me of “Storm”. I didnt like Bitsie as Julliette and still can’t see her fitting in with the rest of the characters.

  31. Amy says:

    Ii miss the old Grimm, before things got weird!

  32. Diane Clancy says:

    I am glad her character isn’t totally gone, just different now.

  33. Tom Bloom says:

    I want to congratulate you on the TWIST…I did think Juliette character was becoming stale……but WOW….my wife and I had to watch the show twice to make sure we didn’t miss anything….Great curveball….We never saw it coming…Is there a possibility that the first child from Adaline..may be needed to combat the Vesen???????

  34. Brandy says:

    Eve is not a clone. Juliette, the ordinary human, died when she became a hexenbeist. The resistance taught her to control her powers, and trained her to be a weapon. Now she is ‘reborn’ as Eve, the hexenbeist.

  35. Ann says:

    Blah is the word that first comes to mind. I hope her screen time is limited and Nick lets her go for good. I don’t want another season 2 repeat.

  36. Will Harde says:

    I’m betting the relationship with Nick is not over, and some form of it will come back around in time. (My hope). In the mean time strand Nick and Meisner in a Turkish bathhouse and let them work things out with some good old prison sex!

  37. Mary Gelfond says:

    I’ve read most of the comments. There have been highs and some lows with the show. However, I must say I do like the show A LOT!!! I’m getting used to the Adalind/Nick relationship. Without her “powers” she’s a pretty neat person. I like the basic premise of fighting different kinds of “beasts”. This new premise will take some adjustment of acceptance on my part. As long as they don’t go WAY over the top, it should be fine. As for Juliette, I never disliked her. On the other hand, I could have lived without her. We shall see.

  38. ajac71 says:

    I adore this idea…but DAMN that wig is Cheap and nasty! I hope they explain/show that it is a wig and dont try to convince us its her hair.

    If so we finally have another contender for worst hair in the series…Nicks season 1 ‘Lego’ hair has been the winner for years!

    • John NYC says:

      It’s an homage to Alias from an interview with Bitsie and in previews of her not “in the field” she’s a brunette. The costumes etc. were explained as disguises so people in Portland who knew Juliette don’t mistake Eve for her.

  39. Will Nick and Bitsie character become romantically involved? Will she approach the Detectives or just drop in during trouble?
    Also will Trubl remain a character on the show?

  40. Now, Juliette who? Ahh, the amazing wonders of cloning! Are we have an Attack of THE CLONE? Will there be a symphony of Star Wars soundtracks in GRIMM when Juliette, the clone, get’s ‘er done, lol. OK, I won’t bore you because IDK what my daughter-in-laws or my sisters-in-laws make. Hopefully, clone Juliette make a ton of cash and has a good benefit plan for what she is doing for the world.

  41. Mary Dickey says:

    I’m so happy to see Bitsie ‘ s back and can’t wait to see what happens next. Pretty clever how they did this…..

  42. kimmie Kay says:

    I think she is going to be bad ass. You do not want to mess with Eve. Juliette was too much of a wuss to be with a Grimm

  43. I expect to see nick doing many double takes ! this will be good TV!

  44. Anj Miranda says:

    ever notice how in movies and TV shows badass superpowered female characters are called “Eve”?

  45. I’m stoked Bitsie is back.

  46. Virginia Sierra says:

    Kinda sad that sweet, warm hearted Juliette is gone but Im sure Bitsy will create a fabulous new character to entertain us.

  47. I am just glad she is back!!!!! Still hoping that Nick and Juliette will get back together, and he can finally put that ring on her finger!!! That’s the storyline between these two, and those of us who enjoy the romance part of this show and like these two together will be very, very happy if this happens!!!!

  48. Donna says:

    BITSIE I’m sooo happy to see you back… I almost lost interest in the show with your exit. I’m glad I took the time to get caught up. THANK YOU NBC let keep GRIMM alive LOVE THIS SHOW.

  49. laura tracy says:

    We love this show grimm.we dont miss it.

    • Fred Beondo says:

      I’d love not to miss and episode too but the long hiatuses make it difficult to maintain an interest. I’m afraid these long spans of preemption by other “more important” programming will do more to kill the show than any perceived missteps in character development. When you set aside time to watch a show and really get into it, it really sucks to tune in week after week only to be disappointed. Eventually folks find something else to do with their dedicated time slot and drift away from the show. At least for me the wait has been a real drag on my enthusiasm for the show. I love the ensemble cast and am not too critical of the details as, after all, it IS fantasy (or is it?).

  50. cindy says:

    Didn’t find Juliette believable the first time round, this just seems as ridiculous as a reincarnation of nick’s mother, which would be preferable.