The Voice Recap: Did The Right Artist Win? Plus — Season 9 Finale Awards!

One thing was a near certainty heading into The Voice Season 9 finale: No mention would be made of the NBC reality juggernaut’s prior eight winners — Javier Colon, Jermaine Paul, Cassadee Pope, Danielle Bradbery, Tessanne Chin, Josh Kaufman, Craig Wayne Boyd and Sawyer Fredericks.

OK, OK, maybe I’m being unnecessarily shady. But while Cassadee and Sawyer did, in fact, get chances to perform their latest singles during recent results-show telecasts, let’s keep it Pharrrrrrr-eally real: The one gray cloud that hangs over NBC’s reality competition is its complete disinterest in/commitment to helping launch its champs to Kelly Clarkson/Carrie Underwood levels of stardom.

Heck, even last year’s winning coach Pharrell Williams referenced the conundrum when essentially coronating Jordan Smith at the end of Monday’s Season 9 performance finale: “People are just ready for you to make a record, man. My greatest hope for you is that that dream is realized — but in the proper way. And you go to a label that really understands everything that you need and everything that these people [in the audience] have come to fall in love with out of you. Not becoming something else, not chart-chasing. Just Jordan Smith. That’s what they want.”

The question is, if even Pharrell is in “Free Sawyer!” mode, are the suits at Republic Records willing or able or even cognizant of what it’ll take to launch The Voice‘s latest victor*? And why aren’t NBC brass and exec producer Mark Burnett more invested in using their Emmy-winning series to launch their alumni into the Billboard-charting stratosphere? Because — let’s be clear — at some point, I fear that the show’s 14 million viewers will question the wisdom of giving up every Monday and Tuesday night from September to December — and then again from February through May — if all their Voice app voting and iTunes downloading and whatnot never leads to them hearing their favorites on the radio. (*Not a reference to Viktor Kiraly, but where was he during the finale?)

Anyway, before I dole out Season 9 Finale Awards, let’s cut to the actual results:

Fourth Place
Jeffery Austin (Team Gwen) — HOW WAS THIS AMAZING TALENT NOT AT LEAST THIRD?! #OhRememberWhenKimbelyNicholeFinishedSixth

Third Place
Barrett Baber (Team Blake)

Second Place
Emily Ann Roberts (Team Blake)

Season 9 Winner
Jordan Smith (Team Adam)

No surprise, really. No surprise at all.

Right from the Season 9 premiere — when Adam declared Jordan “the most important person that’s ever been on this show” after he belted a Blind Audition about a party girl and her blackout drinking habit — the narrative has been in place. And by never hitting a single bad note and dazzling viewers with his enviable technique, Jordan managed to “climb ev’ry mountain, ford every stream” of the Voice journey. I’m not sure if I’ve ever really connected emotionally with what he’s been singing, but I’m in the minority, so… so what?

I’ll never quite understand The Voice‘s disinterest in building a little suspense around its proceedings, but whether or not Jordan’s your cup of sauv blanc, you can’t say he doesn’t have talent. Now, whether or not Republic Records follows Pharrell’s edict, perhaps we’ll know by the time Season 10 gets into swing next spring.

And now… my Season 9 Finale Awards!

Tori Kelly and Jeffery Austin’s rousing, ridiculously tone-tastic “Hollow” had me throwing my shoes and my gospel hand every which way but toward the actual TV screen. Seeing how the former singer didn’t even make the Season 9 semifinals of American Idol, here’s hoping the equally terrific Jeffery strides into his post-Voice career with more confidence than Serena Williams playing a qualifier in the first round of a Grand Slam.

I wasn’t sure Barrett Baber had the chops to hang with the awe-inspiring Wynonna Judd, but their joint effort on “No One Else on Earth” was delectably growly — and a great showcase for the third-place finisher’s country-soul aspirations.

Usually, when a reality singing competition puts 10 or more contestants on stage together, the result is nails-in-a-blender terrible. But the Top 24 actually sounded really sweet covering that iTunes ad hit “Lean On.” Bonus points to Jeffery, Zach and Nadjah for getting into the groove/getting their boogie on!

I know that once you’ve been married to Gwyenth “Goop” Paltrow, nothing in the world probably seems all that alarming. But damn, Chris Martin and Coldplay, those gorilla-suited dancers who started out in the coaches’ chairs then got up and shook their moneymakers? Deeeeeeeply disturbing!

Oh, Lord… how I cringed at the coded message of Carson Daly declaring “it’s time for the season’s most soulful vocalists!” before the five black artists who made it to the Live Playoffs (Regina, Celeste, Mark, Darius and Nadjah) delivered a red-hot and very, very fun rendition of “Love Train.” (C’mon now, if the number was simply about being “soulful,” why weren’t milky white Evan McKeel and Jeffery Austin invited, too?) Nevertheless, it was nice to see a quintet of singers who never got to reach their full competitive potential join forces and soar (especially Regina, whose gruff holleration stole the show).

While I’m pretty sure every word of Missy Elliott and Pharrell’s “WTF” was pre-recorded, their funky marionettes and enthusiastic dancers had me dipping it low in my living room. As Deee-Lite once declared, “Damn, that’s my jam!”

Ugh, Justin Bieber could’ve at least held the mic to his lips during “Sorry,” no?

I love Pharrell as a coach, but how nice to see Usher — equally effective in his two seasons of competition — return and slay “Without You” in a duet with Jordan. Sure, the track-heavy mix occasionally threatened to swallow the vocal powerhouses, but overall, this was a rock-solid showing.

“Wait, he’s a successful artist in 2015?! I thought he was some ’80s act trying to make a comeback — and doing it terribly,” exclaimed my better half, listening from the kitchen as Sam Hunt gasped his way through “Breakup in a Small Town.” With country acts like this, Emily and Barrett should be sleeping on mattresses full of money by Memorial Day 2016!

Was the dashing and undeniably talented Viktor Kiraly tied up in a backstage dressing room — or was there some other reason he had less than a nanosecond of screentime tonight?

If I ruled The Voice — and all its votes — we’d have had a Jeffery-vs.-Madi showdown in the finale. Which is why I was a little flummoxed hearing the crazy-talented duo fall out of the pocket and struggle to stay in tune on the verses during their take on “Tears Dry on Their Own.” I still want to hear Jeffery cover Tracy Chapman’s “Fast Car,” however, and may not rest comfortably until that day/performance arrives.

I loved how past seasons’ “Bring Back Performances” found finalists teaming up with three, four, maybe five of their favorite ejected competitors. Oddly, though, Jeffery and Barrett only selected one other artist to join them in their farewell ditties – leaving me to wonder if it was the contestants’ decision not to spread the wealth, or an edict from Mark Burnett & Co. regarding the two lowest guys on the finale totem pole.

Goodness gracious — Jordan Smith’s whopper of a riff on his bring-back rendition of “Any Way You Want It” was as muscular as The Rock lifting a mid=sized vehicle with his bare hands!

OK, your turn. What did you think of The Voice Season 9 finale? Did Jordan deserve to win? And who gave your favorite finale performances? Take our poll below, then sound off in the comments!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Adrian says:

    I really think the result part of the show was the least surprising part. Four of them already knew who was going to win, and with three top ten songs in iTunes, Jordan Smith is guarantee to win. At least he really has the voice, even I think the show over-pimps him. About Republic records, I am more curious if Jordan Smith will have changed label by the finale of season 10. Anyway, tonight’s show was actually great and I can’t wait to read your review.

    • Jill Moy says:

      All 4 stank! Glad I didn’t watch this year.

      • Buzz says:

        You are tone deaf………

        • Another wonderful recap. Thank you, Michael Slezak for all your witty, entertaining articles and articulate, thoughtful critiques. I just hope next season’s “most soulful vocalists” get more love and votes from viewers than this seasons’ did. But, congrats to the top four.

        • Jill Moy says:

          No, you are tone deaf! Especially that horrible female finalist….awful….weak!

      • Mary Caldwell says:

        Get some help Jill

      • Jo Phan says:

        I dare you to watch the video of Jordan’s take on “Somebody to Love” and repeat that statement. I don’t even watch this show but I was captivated by his spectacular performance on that number.

        • fiberlicious says:

          Yep. That’s what carried me through last night, because his rendition of whatever song he warbled from TSOM was just ridiculous, the in-unison duet with Adam was meh, and the xmas song was just ok. I love him to death, but I also wish he’d just come out already. How many ‘just the way I am’ references do we have to hear before we all yell OK. WE GET IT ALREADY. AND WE DON’T CARE WHO YOU’RE ATTRACTED TO.
          I think the lackluster performances by the other three can be summed up in two sentences: “Why bother? We know Jordan’s gonna win.”

          • Lala says:

            Stop trying to act like he is one of you.he has a girlfriend!!!

          • The Beach says:

            Really? Where was she tonight??

          • Lala says:

            Probably there but they just showed his parents instead. Jordan said in interview he had a girlfriend so stop saying he is lying please.

          • I don’t think Jordan is gay. I think he is transgender.

          • Umbolicious says:

            Oh you went there! All season I’ve been thinking about how Jeffrey feels about Jordan and all his success. Plus on Jeffrey’s twitter, he cracks a joke about how Jordan wouldn’t allow himself to be photographed alone with Jeffrey. How telling is that?

          • Polarvortex says:

            She was onstage with him after he won!

          • sunshyne77 says:

            I don’t think it’s mean to insinuate that Jordan is gay. It’s not like being gay is a bad thing. Many people assumed that Clay Aiken and Adam Lambert were gay. Both came out after their American Idol seasons. I don’t believe that coming out hurt their careers. Congratulations to Jordan.

          • Judi Jarvis says:

            Jordan has a GIRLfriend….

        • Temperance says:

          Jill Moy is a troll account that gets used all the time. Just ignore it.

        • Den says:

          Jordan made me sick. he kept rolling up and down on his vocal. Way to much. Wouldn’t mind a little bit of it, but talk about overkill. I don’t care how many times you listen to it. it still wouldn’t sound that great.

        • MC says:

          Jordan and Emily Ann are the ones I’ll be watching going forward. I’m very impressed by Emily Ann’s talent, warmth and charisma. I also think her familiarity with those country classics helped her to maximize her potential in this completion. She has to keep growing her talent going forward, but the sky is the limit for her.

          • MC says:

            Jordan and Emily Ann are the ones I’ll be watching going forward. I’m very impressed by Emily Ann’s talent, warmth and charisma. I also think her familiarity with those country classics helped her to maximize her potential in this competition. She has to keep growing her talent going forward, but the sky is the limit for her.

          • JM1 says:

            Emily’s voice can be pretty but sometimes it goes a little thin (does that even make sense) or whiny for me. I hated when she “played” the banjo or mandolin or whatever with Ricky Skaggs. Like they had to give her something to do b/c Ricky was actually pretty amazing.

            It’s not just her, though . . . I find it annoying when any of the singers come out with a guitar and play one chord and then just hold it. Affectation isn’t cute.

          • MC says:

            @JM1- I agree that Emily Ann’s voice can be too thin at times. She needs to work on that, but overall she shows plenty of promise. This was a down season for The Voice. It was disappointing that Regina and Celeste did not go farther in the competition. Season 8 was awesome imo (and I didn’t even care for Sawyer much), but it seems we have settled into a pattern of every other season being lackluster.

          • DELETED says:


        • DELETED says:


      • Marianne says:

        Our other TV (cable) was out, so my husband watched the recap hour with me. He had never seen even 1 show. He was unimpressed with Brett and Jeffery. He thought Emily Ann has a beautiful voice. He definitely thought Jordan was top shelf, compared to the other 3. Not his style of music, but he felt Jordan was definitely superior.

      • Kim Moores says:

        Please continue you not, it was such a peaceful time without your foul presence.

      • HardyEnough says:

        LOL… Of course they didn’t silly child — and of course, how would you even know they “stank” if you didn’t watch? (I’m guessing you didn’t think that through…..)

        • liame says:

          You don’t need to watch the show, these performances are all over the internet, (youtube, hulu, etc). It only takes seconds to listen and decide if the person can sing or not.

          • rowdyred says:

            That’s how I saw them — clicked on a recap article the next morning and watched every performance in about thirty minutes.

      • D. Dean says:

        If you didn’t watch this year, how do you even know what you’re talking about!

      • D. Dean says:

        If you didn’t watch the show, how the heck do you have a clue what you’re talking about!

      • Deborah Dean says:

        If you didn’t watch the show, how the heck to you have a clue?!

      • liame says:

        On point Jill. Jordan’s singing (imo) isn’t that great, yeah he can hit high notes, but the overall singing isn’t smooth. It’s just not for me.

      • Bill says:

        Seriously, Jill?? If you didn’t watch this year, how do you know they all stank…or did you just surmise that by watching the last show? Idiot.

      • You do not have an ear for music.

      • Margarita says:

        Sadly I think it’s fixed. Mostly I feel your comments were on point. I think it’ll be difficult to “sell” Jordan. Is he only going to do covers? The worst team-up had to be Wyonna & Barrett! She was OBNOXIOUSLY pushy and purposely drowned out any of Barrett’s vocals,IMHO
        Will see what happens…

      • tamson says:

        How do you know they stank if you didn’t watch?

    • Jon says:

      Adrian, I agree that tonight’s show was great! I’m still grinning over that killer performance by Missy Elliott and Pharrell (Missy’s BACK baby!). And that Jordan and Usher duet of “Without You” SLAYED. I always forget that Usher is not just a great performer, but a wonderful singer…and even *he* was loving Jordan’s performance. (Loved him checking his watch as Jordan held the long note–so funny.)

      The Weeknd was also really good, and Emily Ann was so adorably happy singing with Ricky Skaggs that she made me smile. Blake will snap her up and make her into a country star. And I’m so happy for Jordan…he really deserved to win and hopefully Universal will use its partnership with Adele to set up a duet and launch his career!

      (I can hope, can’t I…)

      • Evelyn says:

        Yes, it’s good that Jordan won…& is kind to be fair…Some people just do not see things for what they are…Jordan is just a plain Joe, looks like his mother, very different than most males…but that’s ok, he was accepted for his voice,,I loved Emily she was the full Package, & Blake will see to it that with her Classic/Blue/Grass Style of Country, Emily will be loved for everything that she is.

  2. kevstar says:

    I knew Jordan would win and EmilyAnn would come in second, but how did Barrett beat Jeffrey?

    • Dbrillz says:

      The country vote. Sad but true

      • Marilyn says:

        You’re probably right. If Barrett hadn’t been in the finals, most likely Emily Ann would have won. I do think, however, Emily Ann will go on and, maybe, be bigger than any of the rest.

      • Plus, a little bit of homophobia on the part of certain segments of viewers, perhaps? Not unlike when Adam Lambert lost on American Idol.

        • rowdyred says:

          Jordan was the best contestant on The Voice this season, but THE BEST competition singer I have ever heard (and seen) is Adam Lambert. Being invited by Queen, to tour in the Freddie Mercury slot, surely consoled Adam after coming in second to Kris Allen on AI. That, and having a successful solo career, is called “vindication.”

        • Sillymilly says:

          Could be, but Jeffrey’s singing was uneven at times and also he often seemed aloof or uncomfortable when not singing. This may have hurt him. Jordan always was completely at home in his own skin.

          • JM1 says:

            Jeffrey was my guy but he did mostly look uncomfortable on stage. A little too late, but he looked much better last night when votes were already in . . .comfortable and having a little fun suits him!

      • Jordan may have won but Emily is the one who will be on the radio this time next year.

    • davmon says:

      Whatever sent Jeffery into InstantSaveLand with Madi and Zach last week foreshadowed the final verdict…the Blake following. The real victory was that Jeffery actually beat out Zach, Blake’s other pony in this show. But this was over last week. BB and EAR would edge out JA again. She would edge him because she got better over recent weeks as he got worse. And Jordan would win out (like farmkid Sawyer last time) because a lot of the Blake following also likes any guy from rural America (and the hills of east KY surely qualify). He (and Sawyer) had enough talent to pull in the lion share of the non-Blake vote while getting enough Blake votes to make a Blake win impossible. As it should be–this time and last.

    • Jebby says:

      The revenge of resentful, conservative America. The same people who are supporting Trump/Cruz/Carson don’t let annoying things like “talent” or “artistry” get in the way of their identity politics.

      • Will says:

        LOL…WHAT?! Explain please

        • Jebby says:

          If you need an explanation, please continue to enjoy the rugged, gun-finger-pointing, talent-free stylings of Barrett Baber. Any honest person knows you can’t actually listen to an entire hour of his nasal, whiny anthems of waning identity without the aid of some strong pharmaceuticals. Self-deceivers will waste $10 on a Barrett Baber album and they’ll use the same brains to vote for Trump/Cruz/Carson.

          • Temperance says:

            I thought that you were referring to the closet… ahem, winner that pulled the religion card multiple times. *gags* I enjoyed him until he sold out for votes.

          • MC says:

            I really tried to enjoy Barrett’s “stylings,” but he was truly awful in the last couple of weeks. “Rhinestone Cowboy” is an iconic song for folks from my generation and it’s a touchstone song in country music. Barrett butchered it, but people did not notice it very much because his singing partner (Blake) was in tune and “in the pocket” of the song. I have to say that performance removed any doubt for me. Barrett definitely did not belong in the top four, or anywhere close to it.

    • Temperance says:

      How did anyone beat Jeffrey? Bizarre. The Voice continues it’s long streak of awarding someone that’s not going anywhere.

    • JM1 says:

      The real question: why did Gwen look like a sad clown tonight? That makeup was rough.

      • tvtjw says:

        I’d look sad too if I genuinely had the best artist left in the show and I knew he wouldn’t win.

      • Sillymilly says:

        She clearly has had a great time doing the show and now it’s over for her. So I bet she was sad about that too.

        • davmon says:

          And if she is not lounging seductively in the vicinity, this rebound relationship with Cowboy may die a natural death. I don’t see Barbie-doll living in Oklahoma, altho her 3 boys might have fun playing city slicker ranch hands for a wek at a time….But without the job connection, those two are likely going to be in different places on several levels….OK, I give them a hard time sometimes. But, I wish them well.. They are good people.

      • MC says:

        I have to defend Gwen regarding the make-up and clothes. She looks great most of the time, but occasionally she takes a fashion risk that doesn’t pay off. I sometimes forget that Gwen is 46 because she looks so great.

    • Glen says:

      the same reason Barrett was in the final 4 when superior voices like Shelby, Amy and Madi were sitting on the sidelines: country artists on this show get votes by the bucketload regardless of whether the vocal talent warrants them.

  3. Tammy says:

    Even tho Jordan has an incredible voice…Barrett is the full package!!! Voice, stage presence and looks!! I hope to see more of him in the future!!! He is truly a star…..I see it happening!! Go Barrett!!! ☺️

    • Dale Huhtala says:

      I found Barrett extremely abrasive, egotistical and a very large distance behind the other 3. He should never have gotten to the final!

      • I agree Dale, I couldn’t put my finger on why Barrett rubbed me the wrong way but you hit the nail on the head.

        • Moremerrier says:

          Yep. He never gave Blake any real credit in his interviews–it was always a collaboration, or about Blake’s input. He twisted everything to take the credit for his song choices etc. He’s a fool because Blake is the only coach who stays in touch with his coachees and actually helps them in Nashville. I’m sure Blake will put his weight behind Emily Ann and Barrett will be left behind. And everything he did was over exaggerated. Then he refused to listen when he was told to dial it back. Should have been 4th.

    • Jebby says:

      Different people get different things from music. I prioritize a good voice and talent over whiny, nasally vocal techniques and grandstanding, arm-jerking, finger-pointing meant to distract us from an irritating voice and poor pitch.

      Maybe it’s just me, but I like a little music with my musicians.

      • fiberlicious says:

        HALLELUJAH! (or however that’s spelled). If you can’t carry a tune, you can’t SING.

      • We saw the deficiencies in Barrett’s voice in his duet with Zach. Even though Zach also lasted longer than he should have against better singers, I was reminded last night of what a nice tone he has when he’s on pitch and singing a song that works for his voice. Barrett’s voice sounded nasal, reedy and occasionally pitch-challenged by comparison. And that’s the guy who came in third!

        • Lucie says:

          I don’t ever remember Zach singing a country song. He was really good last night. Too bad his coach didn’t point him in that direction.

    • Riley says:

      His package certainly did look mighty full in some of the tight pants he wore this season.

      • PSCali says:

        No wonder Barrett’s wife was always smiling! But, I agree, Barrett comes off as “cocky.” Plus, Jeffrey was robbed. So glad Gwen single chair turned for him because I have really enjoyed 90% of Jeffrey’s performances.

  4. I was surprised to see Barrett ahead of Jeffery. IMO it should have been (1) Emily Ann, (2) Jordan, (3) Jeffery and then (4) Barrett. Emily Ann is the only one who has any potential at becoming a bankable recording artist. While Jordan has a gorgeous voice, there’s no real place for him on the charts.

    • Marilyn says:

      I agree, although I liked Jefferey’s voice better, but as I said, I think Emily Ann is the most marketable. She’s a cute kid with a killer voice.

    • LMc says:

      Really with 3 songs in the top 20. I think he charts fine…

      • Amy says:

        Charting with cover songs means nothing when it comes to building a commercially successful career once an artist comes off a reality show. There have been a ton of reality show contestants who have charted high on iTunes (and even on Billboard) with the cover songs they perform on Idol, The Voice, etc. But only a very few of them have managed to become commercially successful once they are off the reality show. Some can do it for a brief period, but there are maybe one dozen people who have had long-term commercial success. And most of those people came off Idol in the first few years of that show (I’m not including 1D or Leona Lewis or people like that…I’m only talking about contestants who were on US reality shows).

        So Jordan charting well with his cover songs is nice, but it means nothing in terms of whether he does or doesn’t become commercially successful

        • Jenks says:

          This is so true. Songs from the show soar up the charts during the competition, but fall off dramatically when viewers stop downloading. To have a sustainable career, all the millions who don’t watch this show have to know about the singers and have a reason to buy their music. That’s what promotion is for, and no one is doing that for Voice winners. What Jordan (and other winners) needs is a hard-core agent and an entertainment attorney.

          • Jon says:

            AMEN! And NBC needs to wake up and use its existing news/chat shows (TODAY, The Tonight Show, SNL, Access Hollywood, etc.) to promote Voice winners, the same way ABC uses its shows to promote DWTS, Disney, Marvel, and Lucasiflm. The Today Show does weekly Plaza concerts with singers (not all of whom are A-Level) — why can’t they do a show with the Top 10 Voice contestants? Promote your #1 show, NBC!

        • Roger L Brim says:

          There is only one singer from all the singing shows that really made it and continues to do great is Carrie Underwood.

          • sunshyne77 says:

            Kelli Clarkson has a Christmas special this year. Jennifer Hudson has an Oscar, has had other acting roles and is in a new movie. Chris Daughtery has a pretty strong career. Tori Kelly is doing alright. No one from The Voice, though.

          • sunshyne77 says:

            Also Katherine McPhee has a decent career.

          • Judi Jarvis says:

            The Swon Brothers are doing very well!

          • rowdyred says:

            Idol alumni who are singers with careers: Kelly Clarkson, Chris Daughtry, Scotty McCreery, Phillip Phillips, Kellie Pickler, Adam Lambert, Constantin Maroulis (Broadway) AND…..Jennifer Hudson, who’s already won an Oscar and a Grammy, and is currently playing Shug Avery in the Broadway revival of “The Color Purple.” Perhaps a Tony is next for her…then all she’d need is an Emmy to be an “EGOT.” She is the greatest success story of Idol, in my opinion.

    • Meme says:

      I so disagree that there is no place for Jordan on the charts. Anywhere he wants to go with his career will be just the place I will go to buy his record b/c every time he sings I get goose bumps. The only other artist I would compare to him today would be Adam Lambert. It’s not just about becoming a “bankable recording artist” to me. I look a little deeper for inspiration.

  5. Timmah says:

    Yes! America got it right for once!

  6. Patricia says:

    Emily Ann should have won. We will definitely be hearing more from her. I don’t see Jordan doing much.

    • Jon says:

      I’m sure you’re right. Jordan only has 10 songs currently in the Top 100 on iTunes and a Top 20 album. America doesn’t really like him–it’s all the producers…

      • lil says:

        I agree Jon this will be his fifteen minutes of fame. I’m afraid he already peaked right here in front of everybody. At least the rest of the guys will have longevity!

        • Jon says:

          Sadly my sarcasm didn’t come through…heh. I actually think Jordan has the best shot at a lasting (non-popstar) career of any of the Voice winners. Will he be a Bieber or Selena Gomez or Miley kind of star (believe it or not, he’s their age)? Of course not.

          But anyone who has read the MANY adoring comments on Twitter, YouTube, etc, from his fans can see that Jordan already has a devoted following. He’s hugely talented, IMO, and people are already buying his music. With the right management — NOT Republic Records — he could take that gorgeous voice and put out Adele-like songs that connect with people. Hopefully Adam will step in and do what Blake always does with his team: help him find a lasting place in the industry. Congrats to Jordan!

      • I’m sure you know that just about every winner of this show does that, but yeah, continue on with your lame, sarcastic response.

        Jordan Smith isn’t going anywhere.

    • gg says:

      Jordan may or may not be commercial for radio, but he will be in high demand for Broadway, symphonies, opera and classical programing and recordings.

  7. Michael Mario says:

    I agree. Who and what is Republic Records? And why haven’t we heard anything more from those who won, or came in 2nd, 3rd or 4th place? We have the aforementioned Kelly Clarkson and Carrie Underwood; Chris Daughtry of Daughtry (4th place), and Jennifer Hudson (Oscar winner and using that award for everything it’s worth). Another Simon Cowell/ Project 19 endeavor (just the UK version mind you) created Leona Lewis and Little Mix (X Factor winners); Olly Murs, Ella Henderson and of course, the world dominating One Direction (finished in the Top 5 of XFUK), plus, Fifth Harmony of the X Factor US, finishing 3rd. All mega platinum selling “artists.”

    Where are the Voice winners?

    I think it has to do with the show being on twice a calendar year. There’s no suspense, no true journey for them to go. I’ve only heard Cassadee Pope and Danielle Bradberry sporadically played on iTunes Radio, only because I do switch to a country channel sometimes.

    So now what?

    • Marilyn says:

      I think one of the reasons we hear the country ladies, like Casadee and Danielle, and even the Boyd guy is that Blake gives them help after the final. I know he helped Cassadee, who wasn’t even a country singer, but who is now, and she’s opening for, maybe, Rascal Flats or some name.

    • slowride says:

      The answer is in your comment. The Voice is lacking a Simon Cowell. Like him or not on camera, he’s actually interested in launching careers for the artists that compete on his shows. Noone at The Voice seems to be.

      • slowride says:

        I’ll also add that I don’t think the format is the problem here since we have several Voice winners or contestants from France who have a career now.

      • Mack_attack says:

        I think Blake is genuinely interested, I don’t see that from the other coaches. Blake is the only one helping his people out after the show, that is why the Swon Brothers, CWB, Cassadee and Danielle are still floating around on country tours and radio.

        • slowride says:

          True, Blake is invested. But he’s still an artist first, so even though he helps them a lot, you can’t expect him to do as much as a producer/labelhead would.

    • just a note Republic Records : jesse J, Drake, Nikki Minaj Lorde, Matt McAndrew, Owl City, Psy, Zac Brown Band — to name a few – they definitely have had a few hits…

    • Eurydice says:

      Many of the artists that appear on the show are with Republic, like Ellie Goulding and The Weekend and Ariana Grande and Taylor Swift.

    • JM1 says:

      I agree that having the show on 2x/year is too much. The seasons are too rushed and the show just eats up and spits out singers. I’d be willing to wait if it meant the show took more time developing the singers.

      • Lucie says:

        I’m not sure how much time passes between the battle rounds and the live shows, but Adam had no hair during the battle rounds and a full head when the live shows started (6 months?). I would guess that someone works with the contestants during that time. I doubt the just go home and wait. We just don’t see what goes on.

    • Alphatoda says:

      America needs to bring simon cowell back! They need x-factor back. I mean, the show only lasted for two seasons yet they produce fifth harmony. The voice’s been on the air for 9 friggin season and I haven’t seen anyone on the billboard chart. Temporary itunes chart does not matter that much.

    • Jon says:

      A quick aside, since we’re talking about past Voice contestants: I just bought the newest album from Melanie Martinez (Team Adam, 3rd season), and it’s great! It’s called “Cry Baby,” it’s alt-indie-dance-pop, and I highly recommend it.

      It’s true, though, that no one at Republic seems to care about the Voice the way that Simon cares about his TV projects. And given how many singles Jordan has sold so far (well over 100K each for his top 10 songs) you’d think someone there would see his money-making potential…

      • Thank you for that tip! I will check Melanie out and proudly support a strong Latina woman.

        • Jon says:

          Awesome — I think you’ll love her album!

          Sadly, though, I think too many people on this board and elsewhere constantly complain about Voice contestants not being “stars,” but never make any effort to keep up with them after each season ends.

  8. Beth says:

    I was listening to climb every mountain in a hot tub tonight and still got chills! I cried when he won. He’s someone I would listen to with headphones. Beautiful voice and spirit.

  9. Marchéta says:

    Honestly, didn’t watch it because I’m tired of the true talent of the singer/song writers not making it to the finals.

    • Jebby says:

      I agree. Both Madi Davis and Amy Vachal were far superior to finger-gun-pointer Barrett and training-uninhibited Zach Seabaugh. Oh well. Different standards apply for country singers.

  10. Rose H says:

    I was glad Jordan won but could not believe Jeffery came in fourth! He should have at least beat Barrett. Barrett is too hokey for me but Emily Ann might have a good chance to break out into country music with Blake backing her. I would buy her record and Jeffery’s.

    • Jebby says:

      Agree. Emily Ann has real potential to become a star within country music. Barrett, though, is whole other story. Poor pitch, limited range, and an annoying nasally voice he disguises with vocal ticks, facial contortions and a whole lotta arm jerking. It’s a sick joke that he beat Jeffrey and that he made it farther than amazingly talented people like Madi Davis.

    • Joyce says:

      I agree!

  11. Davey says:

    Climb Every Mountain doesn’t need to be screeched. Give me Audra McDonald singing that song any day. I hope we hear more of Jeffery, Madi, Amy and Shelby in the future. And Evan, too. Not worried about Emily Ann since Blake will take care of her.

  12. dawn says:

    Wonder what the difference was between 1st and 2nd place in votes.

  13. Allie says:

    A year from now people will be like “Jordan WHO?” LOL. He will have no career just like most of the winners before him.

    • Jebby says:

      So what? Jordan had the best voice. There’s a lot of garbage among the bestsellers. It doesn’t mean anything to people who understand music. Country music sells because certain populations are averse to difference and keep purchasing the same factory-churned, jingoistic, whiny “music” instead of daring to listen to, or even like, different types of music made by different types of people. Who gives a gun-finger-pointing rat’s behind about atonal whining about trucks?

      • lil says:

        Per record sales the largest percentage of sales are country artist. Some of the biggest hits in the last 3 years in the pop charts were released by a country artist. Your bigotry is limiting your choice and making your opinion a minority!

        • mamamitzvah says:

          I think Jebby’s problems far outweigh his opinions about music. If he wants to cut his elite, pointy nose off to spite his face, that’s ok. I hope he and his high faultin’ music are very happy together in a dark room with no curtains in Mom’s basement,

        • Moremerrier says:

          Jebby is right about what has happened to country. I think that’s why Blake keeps talking about “vintage country.” Look at the success of Sam Hunt! Incredible. And I’m with Jebby. I don’t care what genre it is if the artist has true talent. Jordan is extremely well trained. He never missed a note. Is he my cup of tea, no, I prefer Jeffrey’s voice. But Jeffrey was uneven. Jordan won fair and square.

  14. dj says:

    I wish Barrett would’ve been 4th instead of Jeffery, but other than that, it went pretty much like I thought it would. I liked a lot of the performances, although some seemed under-rehearsed. I thought it was too long, especially if you factor in the recap of last night’s show.

    Jordan didn’t seem surprised or even excited when he won. I thought it was ridiculous how little time they saved for the actual business of the show–the crowning. It all seemed so rushed, and poor Jordan was fuming with his earpiece and then screeching out Climb Ev’ry Mountain with barely a chance to breathe.

    I think it’s clear that their post-show arrangements for the winners suck and need to be thrown out and replaced completely.

    • JM1 says:

      So true about the rushed ending. I guess it shows how much the bosses actually care about who wins. :-(

      • Timmah says:

        I hate the rushed endings on all of these shows. Why not do something like this: announce the winner with maybe 15 minutes to spare, do a small celebration, then take a commercial break to let them gather themselves, then come back and interview them, and finally now that nerves have settled a bit, have them perform.

    • Seth says:

      Can we PLEASE stop this nonsense of making the winner instantly turn around and perform? I’d much rather see them celebrate with family, coaches & the other contestants. Pipe in their recorded version of the song while that’s going on.

  15. Teddy says:

    Yes! Jordan deserved to win! Well done!

  16. MyTake says:

    I loved the Country Mafia bit. Am I the only one that felt that gathering all the black contestants and having all black dancers on that early number was kind of racist? I can’t explain it exactly, but it was like highlighting the fact that to the voice, black people really are a seperate entity instead of how they should be viewed and that is just regular contestants like anyone else. It was like putting an exclamation point to what many have been saying “blacks are treated differently on the voice”.

    • Allie says:

      What was even more insulting is that most in the “soul” group could sing most of the top 11 under the table and yet america refused to vote for them.

    • davmon says:

      Ditto…always smart to satirize that which is too uncomfortably close to the truth!…and Ditto on the all-black number–See “my take” on that presented, in full, just below (Posted a few minutes ago).

    • Jebby says:

      You are not the only one who felt the all-black gathering was a problem. I’m pretty sure The Voice has lost most of its African American viewers by now because of the history of weird treatment of minority singers.

    • Dan D. Man says:

      You people should cut out the ‘The Voice Is Racist’ whining. It was pretty clear the previous Season that Anthony Riley was the likely winner, but, sadly for him, there was no one to ‘give him free stuff’ and stroke his victimhood so he ‘declined to win’ so as to keep your RACIST righteousness alive for yet another season of ‘The Voice’, even if HE won’t be around to read it.

      • Jebby says:

        You should cut out the “know your place,” eKKKsplaining. We ALL know you’re not a racist Dan D. Man (of course not!) but racists like to cherry-pick extreme details to support their demented views.

    • Sillymilly says:

      Totally agree. It was horrifying right down to the all black dancers! I call it segregation. The dumbass producers probably thought of it as giving a nod to the contributions of black performers. My jaw was on the floor. And certain recappers on various sites didn’t make any mention of it!

    • Sunshyne77 says:

      I agree with you about the black performers Sseparating the black contestants was not a good move, especially in 2015. IMO Evan and Viktor are soulful singers. I wanted to see more of Viktor. It was very uncomfortable watching tthat part of the show. Previous contestants Kimberly Nichole and Marthew Schuler were black but not necessarily soul singers. I don’t want to see anything like that again.

  17. Allie says:

    Barrett also stands no chance at a career. He is the Joshua Davis of the year. Mediocre voice and people vote for them because the camera zooms to their kids every two seconds so they fit the mold of “nice family man.” So predictable.

    • Jebby says:

      Don’t get mad at Slezak. He can’t help having a crush on Jeffery. The rednecks froth (and mentally masturbate) about talentless dudes who jerk their arms and sing with whiny tones, and Slezak gets to be irrational about Jeffery.

  18. maresly says:

    The Voice hasn’t produced a star recording artist yet. Once they’re done with the show you never hear from these artists again. I stopped watching the show…if the the powers that be don’t care enough about the finalists to promote them why should I?!

  19. Adam says:

    ” but whether or not Jordan’s your cup of sauv blanc, you can’t say he doesn’t have talent.”

    Although you’ve been consistently trying to convince everyone who reads your stuff all year that Jordan’s success has been the result of everything but his incredible talent. You’ve chalked it up to the way he’s edited, his placement in the show order, and just about everything but the fact that tons of people absolutely love hearing him sing. It’s ok that he’s not your favorite, but it’s sad that you feel like you need to minimize how remarkable his season performance was this year. You described it as “managing to climb every mountain” by never hitting any wrong notes.

    The show couldn’t build any suspense because he was really that dominant. The number of songs Jordan had charting on iTunes made it unimaginable that anyone else could win. As of right now, he has 5 songs in the top 16 (two of which he sang in previous weeks). In the rest of the top 16, Emily Ann has 2, Barrett has 1, and Jeffery has 1.

    Your article – and your tone for seemingly the entire season – screams of sour grapes because your favorite contestant was getting outclassed every week.

    • Jebby says:

      Don’t get mad at Slezak. He can’t help having a crush on Jeffery. The rednecks froth (and mentally masturbate) about talentless dudes who jerk their arms and sing with whiny tones, and Slezak gets to be irrational about Jeffery.

    • Jon says:

      Adam, preach it! So sick of everyone coming up with conspiracy theories to explain Jordan’s dominance and ignoring his obvious talent…

  20. Puzzled says:

    I loved the beauty and awkwardness of Usher and Jordan! That was one of the best moments of the finale with 2 former gospel choir boys!!! They were fantastic!

  21. davmon says:

    Tonight’s Checklist Number 6…The No Blacks Problem….OMG…How embarrassing….One, that none of the five very talented black artists in the top 24 made the top 11, when each was probably better than half the top ten…Two, to rectify the obvious—Let’s just dump all five of them into one number, so we can quickly get past this!….Three, that even as we enjoy seeing each of them, we feel conflicted to see them treated shabbily yet again….The TV fix—checked off—done that!….Oh, maybe not enough? OK, throw in Missy Elliot in a big number—Usher with Jordan—The Weeknd doing something…Is this the sound of Redemption?….Not really; there is no fixing some things.

    • Caitlyn says:

      I guess if you search far and wide, you can even manufacture racism in a television show. Please … just go away.

      • Jebby says:

        It seems like you’re the one with the problem with facts, Caitlyn. Davmon is just stating reality. Why don’t you go away? Go download some more finger-pointing, chest-thumping, whininess by Barrett Baber. You can fantasize about driving around in his truck while throwing beer cans at non-white people.

        • Caitlyn says:

          And what facts would those be? Perhaps facts for people that lack the intellect and social skills to avoid making puerile statements concerning complete strangers on the internet?

        • LikestoSing says:

          People’s preferences for music most often govern who they like, not their preferences for race, and it is not the show’s fault or a reflection of racism that some people do not win. 2015 is nothing like the civil rights era.

      • Lala says:

        Yes the afro Americans this year just were no good and screamed and jirated instead of sing the damn song.

      • davmon says:

        Actually, TV is a pale imitation, even when it comes to racism. Reality is black-faced minstrel shows for PTA-fundraisers at my all-white southern elementary school in the early 60s. And celebrations by my classmates in junior high the morning after Dr. King’s assassination.…Racism is a not-so-funny thing. It does not go away. It just goes into hiding. Where it eats at the core of what it means to be American. And pops up with jolting regularity. Without searching very far or wide. To stun its victims. Dehumanize all. Inflict pain that lingers….Tonight, if anything, the show’s producers were trying to redeem the “curious” voting pattern of America when the 24 were reduced to 8 and the coaches saved one each to make the final 12. And a sad Pharrell was left in the dubious position of selecting one of his three talented black artists to be the ONLY one of five black artists of the 24 to continue in the 12—only to see him voted off the next week. Then, (black coach) Pharrell was singled out again to lose 11 to 10. Suddenly, he had only Madi left, when the other (white) coaches still had three. This was after he had started, IMO, with the strongest team; 8 of 12 were quite talented—whereas Adam had 6, Gwen only one, and Blake oddly with none. In the end, public voting flipped the strength of teams such that Pharrell eventually ended up with none in the top 4, yet a weak Blake team produced two. This was not the case last season, when Pharrell won with Sawyer; and three talented black ladies made the top 6. What changed? America, this fall, has an ugly undercurrent of nativism—anti-immigrant, anti-Muslim, anti-LGBT, and ant-Black Lives Matter. And I suspect this contributed the outcome on this The Voice the first three weeks of public voting. TV does imitate Reality And we should not kid ourselves; when it involves the voting public, it is not JUST a TV show. It tells us something about who we are.

    • Dan D. Man says:

      Last season, it was pretty clear that Anthony Riley would be the winner as the most impressive and complete performer but, alas, as an American Black Person, he could not handle success and quickly self-extinguished….completely.

      YOU deal with THAT.

    • Sillymilly says:

      As stated above, I was incredulous over the bad decision to do an all black number complete with all black dancers. However, what it did show me, as did all the other numbers where contestants were brought back, is that those who didn’t make it, didn’t make it for appropriate reasons. None of the singers demonstrated superior singing to the people in the final four (IMO) and all them had some significant pitch issues. And I actually felt a kind of relief that America apparently voted the right way. But egads–lumping all the black contestants into one? The only acceptable response to this is if they asked to work together.

  22. ANNE says:

    THANK GOD ! Jordan is an amazing talent. The others could not even get close. CONGRATULATIONS JORDAN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. Raye says:

    To the people who say no one gets anywhere. How about Cassadee Pope, the Swon Brothers, Danielle Bradbery?

    • Because Blake Shelton helped them after the show. He got them connected and got them with the right people. He is the one coach who follows through. Jordan may have won, but I can tell you, if Blake has his way, Emily Ann is the one you will hear on the radio by this time next year.

  24. JosiahBartlet4President says:

    Yay! Here’s hoping Jordan becomes the first Voice winner to have a career on par with some of American Idol’s success stories.

    Anyone know why that’s been such a problem in the past?

  25. Lala says:

    Haters gonna hate. Just jelalos Jordan can sing better thanAdele!!!!!!

  26. Temperance says:

    Jeffery Austin was the winner, like Adam Lambert was the winner his year. Jordan is fine, but he’s never going to get a recording contract in the real world.

  27. Jebby says:

    I guess arrogant, gun-finger-pointing, whiny d-bags with unpleasant tones ARE better than artists with wonderful voices and varied techniques!!! Go Barrett!!! Murica!!!

    • mamamitzvah says:

      What a sad and angry man you are. I am so sorry for you.

      • Mack_attack says:

        Some people are never happy

      • Sillymilly says:

        In Jebby’s defense, IMO he makes quite a lot of valid points, even if he is rabidly anti-Barrett and a bit angry sounding. Furthermore he writes well (the gun-finger pointing riff is funny). Meanwhile, I find you not making too many well-thought out points at all but instead seem only to launch personal attacks. Bless your uncreative heart.

  28. urbusted2 says:

    The four contestants were why we were watching. Why leave the results to a four minute segment at shows end? It should be for the last fifteen minutes at least so we get to set the winner a bit after receiving the award. Maybe an interview or two?

  29. Dan D. Man says:

    The best man won this contest and congratulations to Jordan Smith the AWESOME singing Jordan Smith.
    However, EMILY ANN ROBERTS gave him all the competition she could and was SUCH an impressive performer. She really kept pushing Jordan to the end. It was AMAZING to watch and listen to her performances too.

    • Jebby says:

      Aside from my anti-racism stance, I agree with you that Emily Ann is an amazing talent. She’s in a completely different class from karaoke cowboy poseurs like Barrett Baber or Zach Seabaugh. She really has the potential to become a star (as long as she stays away from the sweaty clutches of uncle Blakey).

  30. abz says:

    I stopped watching last week and just read Slezak’s reviews and watched some performances on YouTube because there was just no more suspense or excitement. That’s how lackluster this season has been. There was just really no point in watching when the outcome was obvious. All season long it was Jordan this and Jordan that. Yeah he has a good voice but I never really cared for it or him. The only good thing about this season really for me was Jeffrey Austin. Loved his voice and his performances.
    I find myself getting tired of The Voice with each and every season. From Carson’s annoying voice and existence, to the inane coach commentaries, to the completely bizarre amount of eliminations in the lives, and finally the lack of suspense and over-hype caused by iTunes ranking, stupid Twitter Save, and those previews of things that will happen in like 5 minutes that pretty much spoil everything. The only reason I’m looking forward to next season is because Christina will be back and I’ve always been an Xtina fan.
    Most of my favorite contestants on this show have been non-winners anyway who should have probably been winners or at least in the finals if they weren’t (e.g., Taylor Phelan, Judith Hill, Jacquie Lee).

  31. lil says:

    Well, once again a failure has won. Before any one jumps down my throat. You can research this. Now days the only way an artist makes money is by filling up concert arenas. Look into yourself. I know because I work for a record label. It is hard for an artist to make money on record sales. Realize the label lays out a lot of money for a record. All that has to be covered long before the artist receives his very small percentage. Now, if he can tour and bring in people then he will make money if he can get backers that will pay for the tour and not want a cut.
    Sorry, but Jordan is not going to get backers nor is he going to fill arenas. Maybe he can be like Clay Aiken and perform in Vegas but that won’ pull in a lot of money or continue his career. Look at Clay.

    • Jebby says:

      You are a true hero for looking out for the interests of those poor multinational media companies. The rest of us are a bunch of idiots for not thinking the correct way about the relationship between consumer capitalism and art. Shame on us.

      • lilP says:

        Thanks Jebb! Pardon me for wanting an artist to make a living so he will stay in the business. So many people have talent that never make it. Somehow you are implying that is my fault. Sorry to disappoint but I don’t make the rules. You can preach from now til the end of time but these companies have to make money and will only invest with they know it will turn a profit. If you want to change it start a record label and give away your time and resources and then you can see if you can get radio to play it or not. You can sit back and say what a voice even if nobody else is listening.

      • mamamitzvah says:

        He is not looking out for anyone’s interests. He is giving us facts, But some people make EVERYTHING political.

    • JM1 says:

      I don’t think you can call anyone who sings like Jordan a failure. I do get a Clay Aiken vibe a little bit but Clay was successful for a while before going too easy listening which (along with those crazy Claymates) killed his career. Given the songs Jordan sang throughout the show, I cannot imagine where he’d fit in on radio (not that it matters – none of them make it on the radio). It seems he’d fit in a pretty small niche area. I hope he is as successful as he cares to be but that depends on how he chooses to proceed. Songs like Climb Ev’ry Mountain aren’t going to do it for him.

    • Umbolicious says:

      He could do a nice small tour in intimate arenas and with orchestras, capped by a Christmas special since he has an anchor song in Mary. Then he can move on to a recording career in Christian music. I think he’d be very happy for this level of success.

  32. danin says:

    Hate to even broach this, but did Baby Sunshine all..or did I happen to be out of the room when he did?

  33. TK says:

    The gorillas was Korin, Amy and two other people #WeirdSquad Also, I feel like (hope) your comment about “Lean On” is sarcasm…

  34. Kim Moores says:

    I loved Jeffery and Madi.
    What was wrong with it cause I heard nada big problems.

  35. cbennett64 says:

    I’m with you and the Pharrell comment. Where are the winners and competitors? Why haven’t the labels, the judges and the producers invested in this talent? Otherwise I can see them falling away like American Idol even though that bad more to do with their choices of judges. I feel there needs to be more support. I would like to buy some of these contestant’s and winner’s records.

  36. Kaba says:

    We all know Jordan will more thank likely amount to nothing…right?

    • Caitlyn says:

      I tend to think the Jordan will have some sort of nice career in music. I’m not the expert that some here are … my claim to music fame is that I spend a good bit of money attending concerts … but Jordan really is somewhat captivating. Watching Adele on Monday, whom I have seen live a few times, makes me think that Jordan could be close to that level of star, if things work in his direction. Adele has the gift of singing very basic songs, and making them dramatic. I see a bit of that in Jordan.

    • Temperance says:


  37. Temperance says:

    ” Jeffery-vs.-Madi showdown” Amen, sister. Both could actually sell an album (unlike the new Susan Boyle).

  38. I was really looking forward to a Viktor Kiraly moment but alas he was missing in action. He was robbed not for the win but at least in the top six or seven. He has a wonderful voice in some ways better than Jordan. I’m glad Jordan won. He has the voice and he is a nice person, very humble. Jeffrey sings my type of music in the tone I like but Jeffrey messed up in the finals and he was a one chair turn. He should have been second or third. Emily Ann will be a star. She has the voice, the looks, and her figure, mama mia, but country is not my cup of tea. I have to say I will return for Xtina. Even though Gwen is OK, IMO, Xtina is the best coach besides Rihanna if they hire her. Ok, put a fork in me, I’m done

    • Sillymilly says:

      Yeah, Viktor was robbed. There was a moment he messed up though I’ve forgotten when. I don’t think him being from overseas (even if he spent some childhood here) helped him. Right Jebby? Ha ha.

      • Sunshyne77 says:

        Viktor was eliminated too soon. He had a beautiful voice and a very marketable look. I will support his music. Hey Voice producers, a person doesn’t have to be black to be soulful (Viktor and Evan).

  39. Fran Menaker says:

    I thought the right person won. However, I didn’t agree with the final four. Thought Madi was better. I like Barrett also. Blake’s other finalist had a nice voice, but boring, as was Jeffery. I think the show’s voting is somewhat unfair because there are so many country music fans who watch and vote straight country. It gives an advantage to country singers that it sometimes annoying, But I don’t know that there is any way around it.

    Also, where were the Chanukkah songs? Just kidding.

  40. Lisa says:

    I knew Jordan was the winner from day 1. His rendition of “Mary have you heard” really blew me away, as did many of his songs.

  41. monica minnick says:

    Im a HUGE VOICE fan since day 1. Live & breath V. Always have a fave 2 fight 4. But this has been my least fave season. I have music in my soul so the 1s i ♡ & connected w were ousted. Like MADI.OMG..THAT GIRL. she ooosed.MAGIC. no 1 in the final 4 really wowed me. Jeff came closest. Em ann also. But Danielle bradbury-ish. But others more worthy fell thru the cracks. What woulda hap if coaches went left instead of right when choosing? Was votin more 4 gwen 2 win than an actual contestant bc i had no connectionw any 1. Jordan has a VOICE but no stage presence. I want MY stars 2 MOVE!! DAZZLE!! HAVE FUN! not b a statue.disappointed this seas but looking 4ward 2 seas 10. I am OBSESSED W VOICE! Blake & adam MAKE the whole show. See u all in spring..meanwhile…keep on rockin.

  42. I have only been faithfully watching The Voice, since Gwen has been a judge. I guess it’s 2 shows. Just yesterday, my niece said she lost interest in past seasons because she never hears from the winner again, and she listens to the radio all of the time. Now I can’t wait until she reads your article regarding Republic Records. She was right. Thanks for the great article. I was thrilled Jordan won.

  43. Helena says:

    Jordan = male Adele, and that is meant in the best way. He can have a huge career if they let him be. Pharrell speaks the truth.

  44. lupe Amado says:

    Jordan Smith,wow!!! What a beautiful voice he was born to sing,his voice is so deep to me i can feel it in my soul,so much so that everytime i hear him tears roll down my face,there hasn’t been a beautiful voice like his since Whitney Houston,and as for previous silly and UNNECESSARY COMMENTS ON PREFERENCES,I SAY TO YOU: DOES IT MATTER? WHY MUST YOU HIDE YOURSELF BEHIND THE NET AND BRING UP STUPIDITY SUCH AS YOURS,I LOVE HIM FOR WHO HE IS ,HE WAS BORN GIFTED ,I KNEW HE WAS SPECIAL FROM THE VERY FIRST TIME I SAW HIM ON THE VOICE….THANK YOU JORDAN SMITH FOR BRINGING OUT MY TRUE SOUL AND MY TEARS TO FEEL IT IN MY HEART EACH AND EVERYTIME I HEAR YOU…GOD BLESS YOU AND ALWAYS BE SAFE…MUCH LOVE..L.A.

  45. dlraetz says:

    Jordan and Emily are very talented, but that results show was so bloated that stopped watching and just flipped back at the very end.

  46. Jet says:

    The problem continues… No one is going to buy this music or go to these peoples concerts… Jordan smith shows well in a singing contest- but who would buy/ follow him,,, not going to be blasting climb every mountain in my daily life! The song choices are lame at best!

    • Exactly. No one, I do think the people saying he will end up in Christian/Gospel are spot on. That’s where he probably needs to go. I think that he could tour the Christian scene and do well. Climb Every Mountain?? Great song but this is 2015. They need original songs for the finalists. I have to believe they have the money to do that.

  47. Joyce says:

    I am happy to see others share my opinion on various sites. The judges were pimping Jordan and intentionally so it seems, drawing public opinion away from the others. They did their best to take attention away from Jeffrey, who clearly was head to head with Jordan. Taking nothing away from Jordan, as he has a beautiful voice and gave wonderful performances. I almost didn’t watch last night because the outcome was so predictable. A true example of how to sway public opinion I believe; but then again if you’re not #1 what does it matter? Wood the results be the same if the judges hadn’t done so….maybe.

  48. D. Dean says:

    Absolutely agree about Sam Hunt. Oh my Lord, if he calls himself a Country singer, then my neighbor’s baying Beagal is an Opera singer.

  49. M Beers says:

    I think both nights of this finale were the worst ever and have me planning to not watch The Voice any longer. Obviously I am in a minority, but the performances of all the finalists were not up to the standard we have seen in past seasons. Song choices were awful and not relevant, and the incessant focus on the judges and their fawning, obviously hyperbolic comments is unwatchable.
    And so I won’t.

  50. Lucie says:

    It sometimes takes awhile to become a star. I like all types of music but the example I’m putting forth involves country. After Carrie Underwood won American Idol I took my 10 year old daughter to see her at a small venue. One of her opening acts was Little Big Town. I’d never heard of them and we mostly talked through their set. 10 years later and LBT is a star, winning all kinds of country music awards and filling arenas. Say what you will about Blake, but he helps his country singers. And because his connections are with country music, it makes sense that is the genre he is most likely to help. I wouldn’t write off any of his country winners as not “making it” for another ten years.
    I can’t think of another singer under any other coach who has made it even as an opening act for an artist.