The Voice Season 9 Performance Finale Recap: Crossing Jordan

All season long, the outcome of The Voice‘s ninth season has seemed as obvious as the ick factor in a love duet between 39-year-old Blake Shelton and his 17-year-old protégé.

You could practically imagine Jan Brady-esque huffing from backstage — “Jordan! Jordan! Jordan!” — every time Jordan Smith got a standing ovation from the judges or a fawning intro package from Mark Burnett & Co. or a No. 1 slot on the iTunes Top 200 from Voice voters both crazed and casual.

But while Jordan slayed his closing Christmas hymn tonight and didn’t make any glaring mistakes — unless, of course, you count the overembellishment on his Sound of Music soundtrack cut — the night was (to my ears) a bit reminiscent of the 1998 Olympic Women’s Figure-Skating Championship, where upstart Tara Lipinski snatched the gold away from favored Michelle Kwan with a dazzling long program.

Yep, my heart (and my votes) will never stray from Jeffery Austin. But after recapping hundreds of Voice episodes, I’m smart enough to understand how performance order, coaches’ comments and editing choices tell the tale. And Emily Ann’s haunting, show-closing rendition of “Burning House” — while not technically perfect — will be the one that garners the bulk of the post-show buzz, and perhaps even the upset victory Blake so deftly referenced.

I could be overthinking things, of course. (Spoiler alert: I’m always overthinking things.) And yeah, I might be a little bitter that my own personal fave couldn’t get all four coaches out of their chairs even after setting the stage ablaze with a soulful flip of a country jam. But on a show where Craig Wayne Boyd can surge past Matt McAndrew, where Kimberly Nichole can finish sixth (it still burns!!!), and where there is apparently a law against more than one female coach occupying the red spinny chairs in a given season, stranger things could happen than Emily Ann trumping Jordan.

While you ponder whether I’m onto something or need to grab a Q-tip for my ears and a Sauv Blanc for my disposition, let’s cut to my letter grades and reviews for this week’s performances:

Round 1
The Voice - Season 9Team Adam: Jordan Smith, “Climb Ev’ry Mountain” — Grade: B | What happened to the dude who burst onto the Voice scene via Sia’s “Chandelier” and Beyoncé’s “Halo”? No disrespect to Julie Andrews’ oeuvre, but on a night where Jordan was also tackling a Christmas hymn, he really could’ve used a balancing note of something current, or at least a tune that would indicate some fleeting interest in seeing his name on the Billboard charts after the New Year. Sure it was mostly in tune, but dude infused the final third with a ton of unnecessary runs — several of which highlighted the screechiest parts of his register.

Team Blake: Emily Ann Roberts, “Blue Christmas” — Grade: C+ | Look, I wouldn’t have been happy having to stand on a giant blue snowflake in a weird lace dress from the Oksana Baiul Collection Circa 2004, but Emily’s glum approach to an old holiday classic lacked even the slightest hint of ache — or anything resembling a palpable emotion. Yeah, I have to give credit for those sweet riffs on the melody in the track’s final 30 seconds, but ultimately, they were just sprinkles on a cake that got left out in the rain.

Team Blake: Barrett Baber (duet with Blake Shelton), “Rhinestone Cowboy” — Grade: B- | As a kid who grew up on a.m. radio in the ’70s, I won’t deny the surge of nostalgia I felt as Barrett and his coach reached the rousing chorus of Glen Campbell’s country crossover hit. Ultimately, though, the tune isn’t much of a vocal showcase, and while Barrett put in a solid effort, I have to admit my attention drifted to the contestant’s awkward shuffle-y dancing during Blake’s solos.

Team Gwen: Jeffery Austin, “O Holy Night” — Grade: C- | In Jeffery’s defense, the random jingle bells and Team Enya backing vocals that percolated through his track’s sparse piano arrangement may have thrown him off the tempo. Then again, how hard is it to figure out the timing on a song as deliberate and familiar as “O Holy Night”? Making matters worse, the red-headed underdog hit more dubious notes during this single number than he in all his prior performances combined. And — poof! — just like that, he’d erased the momentum of last week’s mind-blowing “Make It Rain” during the Twitter Save. [Insert all the sad emojis here.]

Round 2
Team Adam: Jordan Smith (duet with Adam Levine), “God Only Knows” — Grade: B- | Call me crazy, but I’d bet at least the amount of money I’ve spent on Voice contestants’ downloads in the past nine seasons (Grace Askew! Jamie Lono! Rebecca Loebe! #NeverForget) that Jordan’s mic was turned down for the opening verse of this duet. Granted, he and Adam were in complete unison for at least half the number, which made it hard to separate their individual contributions, but then the bridge arrived and somebody bumbled their lyrics or their cue (the camera shot was too wide to figure out what exactly went awry). Even without that slipup, though, Jordan and Adam’s delivery felt a little rote, with the dreamy romanticism of the lyrics getting lost in the shuffle. (In other words, it was better when Matt McAndrew did it back in Season 7).

The Voice - Season 9Team Blake: Barrett Baber, “Die a Happy Man” — Grade: B | Aside from the fact that Barrett sounded a little winded by the last verse, this simple, stripped-down love song was hands down the highlight of the country crooner’s performance finale. It probably helped having his wife in the audience, but there’s no denying he’s believable when he’s at his most believable when he’s shouting out his love and appreciation for the woman in his life. If he steers in that direction — and away from the Beer and Trucks genre — maybe there’ll be room for him on the country charts after all?

Team Blake: Emily Ann Roberts (duet with Blake Shelton), “Islands in the Stream” — Grade: B+ | First, a special shoutout to whatever Voice producer tweaked the lyric from “making love with each other” to “’cause we love one another” — turning down the horror level from “I’m hiding under the couch” to “I’m watching this through my fingers.” Despite a song choice portraying her as the love interest to a man who’d be arrested in real life for dating her, however, Emily’s only hint of nervousness was her peculiar leg twitch during the opening verse. After that, the kid’s honeycrisp-apple tone brought some sweetness and light to a fairly somber episode — and I didn’t mind it one bit.



Team Gwen: Jeffery Austin, Sugarland’s “Stay” — Grade: A | Wait — how did the performance of the night get stuck in the middle of the episode? Ohhhh, yes, I forgot… Jeffery got the “It’s an Honor Just to Be Here” treatment — right down to the muted feedback from every coach except for Gwen. (Snap poll: Do the producers dictate to the coaches which performances they’re supposed to love the most — or does it just feel that way?) Whatever the case, Jeffery’s performance as The Other Man begging for his lover to put him first for a change felt raw and vital and desperately real. Granted, the director spent a little too much time focused on that dropped curtain, but the gruff angst Jeffery brought to the bridge combined with his soaring glory notes put an exclamation point on the success story that transformed him from one-chair turn to a potential pop star in the vein of Sam Smith, Adele and Bruno Mars.

Round 3
Team Blake: Barrett Baber, “Silent Night” — Grade: C+ | As an homage to the title of the song, I’m just going to stay silent about Barrett’s baffling, guitared-up, weirdly un-tender reworking of the simplest religious lullaby ever, OK?

Team Gwen: Jeffery Austin (duet with Gwen Stefani), “Leather and Lace” — Grade: A- | OK, so Gwen’s verse was flatter than a crêpe under the tire of an 18-wheeler. But this recap isn’t critiquing the No Doubt front-woman and “What You Waiting For?” genius. Jeffery’s gentle harmonies on the chorus actually buoyed his coach’s own grasp on pitch — and his solo portions of the song were as exquisitely phrased and emotionally potent as anything we heard during the two-hour telecast.

Team Adam: Jordan Smith, “Mary Did You Know” — Grade: A- | I appreciated the deep restraint Jordan brought to the opening verses — which made his amped-up bridge (complete with feather-light falsetto) all the more enthralling. The arrangement — simple strings and a Spanish guitar — was pretty hypnotizing, too, not the kind of accompaniment you’d expect in a religious Christmas tune. By opting not to break out the full band or a complete gospel chorus, Jordan was able to make an intimate connection with the lyrics — perhaps moreso than at any point in the competition. I’m not sure what Pharrell was getting at with his comment about hoping Jordan winds up on a record label that doesn’t try to turn him into something he’s not, but given that he’s tackled everything from Jessie J to Leonard Cohen to Adele to traditional hymns, maybe he’s more versatile than the “Happy” singer would have us believe.

The Voice - Season 9Team Blake: Emily Ann Roberts, “Burning House” — Grade: A- | There was a hint of nervousness in Emily’s demeanor as she belted out the opening bars of this current country hit — and as a result, it felt almost like she was throwing away the ends of phrases on the first verse. Moments later, though, something seemed to click for the Tennessee teenager — a burning desire to win? a deeper connection to the lyrics? a haunting by an older soul? — and her bright, lilting tone went in a darker, more haunting direction as it intertwined with this gorgeous yarn about relationship regrets. The more Emily played around with the melody, the more engrossed I became with what she was cooking up. Whether or not she upsets the Natural Order of Mark Burnett’s Whims, she definitely sent up a flare that she’s ready for country radio.

Should Be the Order of Finish: Jeffery (winner), Emily Ann (2nd), Jordan (3rd), Barrett (4th)

Will Be the Order of Finish: Emily Ann (winner — oh yes, I went there!), Jordan (2nd), Jeffery (3rd), Barrett (4th)

What did you think of The Voice performance finale? What were your favorite performances this episode? And who should win it all? Take our polls below, then expand on your thoughts in the comments!

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  1. Allie says:

    Notice the judges refused to ever stand up for poor Jeffrey aside from his own coach. Everyone stood up for all of Jordan’s. Guess they were forced by the producers. Lol

    • scott says:

      Yes! Preach it girl. Been saying this all season among other things.

    • MPop says:

      Not sure what is up with that…very strange and must be super frustrating to be a performer observing that over and over. Pharrell is also disappointing, his behavior where he will not stand up for certain performers…and his comments are so disjointed and obscure…hope they do not allow him to return as a coach he is valueless.

      • davmon says:

        My reading is at variance. Pharrell seems the nicest, most genuine, most caring, most helpful of coaches. He is just bummed that he started the season with such promise–and now this. IMO, 8 of his initial 12 were strong, Adam had 6, Gwen one, Blake none. And now, the inverse in finale, where Pharrell has none in final 4, while Blake somehow has two. Surreal comes to mind. My head would be somewhere else, too, when called on to feed pablum niceties to the remaining contestants. Anyway, I like him and his boho style and the quirky talents he puts on his team.

      • Tyler says:

        Do you really blame the judges not standing up and saying something nice after he sang “O Holy Night”?! I thought he sang it way too fast. And it was pitchy throughout the song.

        • Marianne says:

          Yes. I noticed pitch issues , too. I also thought he tried to “make it his own” a bit..not the best idea with such a standard.

        • DBogo says:

          So pitchy, did not like it at all..He has to go first…

        • fiberlicious says:

          I will never forgive Randy Jackson for starting the “pitchy” trend. The first – maybe only – requirement to call yourself a singer is to be able to carry a tune! There’s no such thing as “pitchy” – it’s OFF KEY aka lousy singing.

        • Jebby says:

          It was definitely far from perfect. Jeffrey blew a great opportunity, but Slezak’s crush on Jeffrey prevents him from accepting this simple truth.

          • Rae says:

            Totally agree about Slezak—his heart is so obvious in his consistent, effusive promotion of Jeffrey. Jeffrey is good, as were many of the other contestants. But Jordan’s gift and talent is what won him rave reviews from coaches, media and viewers—not that this season was “fixed” as Slezak intimates. What is not to love about Jordan–a fine, humble, deserving young man. I wish him only the best in life. Can’t wait for his first release.

      • Diana Gallagher says:

        What accurate observations! I’ve often wondered why the coaches gush over a mediocre performance and if people really vote for the contestants based on the coach comments…

        • Richard Hotchkiss says:

          I could see in Gwen’s face the disappointment after “O Holy Night.” Seems like the judges were trying hard for something positive to say.

      • Diana Gallagher says:

        Pharrell claps “funny” and I have a hard time with he and Gwen repeating the same thing with each contestant, doesn’t feel genuine….

    • JT says:

      Usually the coaches’ duets are just throwaway snoozers but tonite I thought they were some of the best songs on the show. But most of the Christmas songs (except Jordan’s) fell flat…

      • davmon says:

        I kept looking for Gwen to perform with Jeffery, then they sent out Barbie instead. Of course a doll can’t sing, but they could have chosen a much better voice to dub…And what was with that billowy micro-dress–very unattractive even on a plastic teenager.

        • suz says:

          Yeah, I really like Gwen, but her voice didn’t seem right for that song.

          • Lizzie says:

            Gwen can’t sing.

          • Unfortunately – that was as good as it gets for Gwen. She’s no virtuoso vocalist – but she is a great entertainer. Big difference though.

          • Jebby says:

            Gwen has a grating voice with limited range and poor pitch control. You’ll notice she relies heavily on a small set of vocal ticks and flourishes to distract us from this fact. I’d rather listen to poor Pharrell warbling – earnestly and honestly – than listen to her flat yelping and hollering.

        • Jebby says:

          LOL. Completely right. It’s sad to see Barbie attempt to sing, but end up emitting a series of pitch-challenged warbles, yelps, and hollers – the same gimmicks she’s relied on throughout her career.

      • Tom22 says:

        I loved Emily Ann’s “Blue Christmas” . I’m no country fan but there is a certain country sound that uses “yodels” that just hits my heartstrings. Something about the yodel and the human spirit connecting with purer loves of life just gets me. (I know it’s sort of a minority taste). I thought Haley Reinhart’s “Blue” on AI was amazing too (while others found it snoozy) so, at least I’m consistent.

        I thought Islands in the Stream was really enjoyable. I’m also glad they changed the most glaring part of the chorus but I seem far more able than most here not to be bothered by younger singers taking on songs that have aspects not really fit for them. I played all sorts of rolls at Shakespeare f festivals in high school and that material was both adult and foreign to my life experience. I was well read enough at the time to “ACT” the parts and singing is like acting. There is better acting and worse acting but some young singers can pull off roles different from their life experience.
        As for Jeffrey , I know he has a strong voice and connects himself well to the songs but somehow he doesn’t connect with me the way he interprets with world through his renditions. That is no criticism of his abilities, just speaks more to my percent lens on the world – I respect that different people like different things. Some people love the persona Gene Hackman plays while I never feel like watching a film with him in it.
        The staging and arrangements were again beautiful tonight. Great Job NBC

    • Jon says:

      Enough with the Jeffery vs. Jordan conspiracy theories. Jeffery whiffed “O Holy Night” and Gwen was terrible on their duet, which dragged him down. “Stay” was very good but IMO not his best. I like him but I wouldn’t have stood for him either.

      Besides, both J’s were sabotaged by their coaches and Emily Ann will probably win…

      • Allie says:

        Climb was one of the worst of the night but they jumped to their feet anyway. Hmmm wonder why?

        • Jon says:

          “Climb” is currently the #3 song on iTunes. His “Mary Did You Know” is #1. I thought CEM was a terrible choice for Jordan, but MANY people were raving about it all night on Twitter, saying it brought them to tears, etc. So it’s not surprising that people in the studio stood for it, regardless of what I thought.

          • Allie says:

            There is no doubting his popularity but that was obviously not standing o worthy on a vocal basis so that is what I and others find sketchy. If the other judges actually cared if their singers won why on earth would they stand for a mediocre Jordan perfomance? The ONLY thing that makes sense is that they were instructed to.

          • NotVirgin Mary says:

            No emotion in that rendition. People rave about him sending them into fits of emotion but I can not see it.

          • Tyler says:

            @ Allie: It was hardly mediocre. And that’s YOUR opinion.

          • Alan Dvorkis says:

            I think they were brought to tears more from the emotional punch the music carries, not from Jordan’s rendition which was boring, lacked emotion and at times out of tune. An awful performance of a very powerful song.

          • Diana Gallagher says:

            Jordan’s “Somebody to Love” and Jeffreys “Make it rain” were so much better than the finale performances… I was blown away…last night, I was yawning… Emily Ann and Barrett both have pitch issues and should not even be considered if you look at the whole body of their songs and not just the finale performances.

          • Richard Hotchkiss says:

            Jordan’s earlier song choices (“Somebody to Love”) were spot on. He could have picked some other show-stopper for the finale. I think the song choices make such a difference in how people respond. No surprise that Jordan won though.

          • Jebby says:

            “The ONLY thing that makes sense is that they were instructed to.”

            That’s some powerful deductive reasoning you’re using, Allie.

        • Lucie says:

          It was awful.

        • Isabel Brett says:

          Totally Agree! Butchered some parts.

      • Megan Calder says:

        Odds are the game, match, and the very point to the Voice, your point “Besides, both J’s were sabotaged by their coaches and Emily Ann will probably win…” I agree, if past seasons play out once again. Me? Waiting on “WHO?” picked ‘Climb Every Mountain.” What part of the ITunes machine does Coach & Contestant forget? So, Sad. Cheers to Jordan and Jeffery’s TALENT. I will recognize their voices & buy their songs IF I like their song/choice ‘n creative tunes!

      • The Beach says:

        I have been a Jeffery fan for most of the season but “O Holy NIght” was cringe-worthy…so many off notes. And Baber’s “Silent Night” was the most self-indulgent mess imaginable. You could barely recognize the tune, much less the message, with all the runs and flourishes and vocal acrobatics. It is a song with a very beautiful melody best sung simply.

        • jenja says:

          I LOVED “O Holy NIght”!!!! Loved it! I’ll admit, I am a sucker for his gorgeous voice and his totally unique persona on the stage. He is darling, and I will buy his music without a doubt.

          • MPop says:

            I agree. O Holy Night was by and far a more challenging piece to take on than any of his competitors Holiday pieces. He gets credit for being an artist who attempted something which may have been outside of his bailiwick, certainly far beyond ALL of his competitors. He did mention it was his Grandparents favorite Holiday piece, I thought that was a sweet thought.

        • Richard Hotchkiss says:

          “Mary Did You know?” was a good song choice for Jordan. Friends were hoping someone would sing it. It is fast becoming a favorite Christmas classic. His voice fits the song so well compared to Jeffery and Barrett and their choices. I was personally moved.

      • Jebby says:

        Poor coaching and poor accompaniment by Gwen “Yelpy” Steffani.

    • Mary says:

      He DESERVED those standing ovations and no way was anyone forced to do it!

      • MPop says:

        Mary, YOU are FOOLISH or NAIVE…it is the MACHINE called the SOCIAL MEDIA engine…as more and more viewers (who I feel have ZERO taste in quality musicianship) jumped on the Jordan bandwagon The Voice Producers saw an Opportunity to Capitalize on….if you do not think they are scripting the Coaches to all stand for Jordan so that each week you all continue to tune in and ride this party train…I have a bridge to sell you…. The Voice has lost over a Half a Million Viewers since last season’s(season 7 premier) premier and Jordan has been the answer to THEIR PRAYERS–not yours. What really stinks is that true talents like Jeffery get lost in this CHARADE, It is unfortunate he had to have a off night at the Finale, O Holy Night is by and far a considerably more challenging Musical Vocal piece to sing than the 3 Holiday Pop songs combined. I expect most do not have a clue or really even care to know this musical detail. But again a TRUE artist who pushes themselves to REACH their potential and beyond would be willing to take on something like this at a point in their career SO critical…others would cop out and take on an easier composition just so they could win and bank the cash and cheat America!

        • Jefferey is not going to win The Voice but he will get a recording contract out of it. He might be in better shape not winning and being in ;charge of his career. I will most definitely buy his music.

        • Rae says:

          Oh, my—isn’t it great that some among us have superhuman, insider information and intuition about how things “really are.” The reality is that Jeffrey and the others happened to land in Season 9, which is where Jordan, predictably the greatest talent in nine seasons, rightly won. (By the way, most of us learned “O Holy Night” at about age seven or eight—)

          I don’t involve myself with social media—just happened to run across this site while voting. So, I’ve not been influenced by that. I am able to make my own decisions about talent, etc. all by myself—don’t rely on the coaches comments and, in fact, find them very counter-productive and boring. (I usually mute them.) Might I suggest: if The Voice is such a ‘MACHINE”, why would you work yourself into such a lather by watching it how many hours each season? Me thinks only a “FOOLISH” or “NAIVE” person would do that. (I hope you don’t have a dog, because you probably kicked the poor thing when Jordon received the honor.) Anything less than Jordan would have been “cheating America”.

          Now, calm thyself; go fix yourself a nice hot chocolate; put a marshmallow on top for me, and have a good night.

    • Joy says:

      I always wonder when these types of edits and obvious favoritism occur with contestants on “talent” shows if there is something behind the scenes that we aren’t aware of that is perpetuating these things. Like perhaps Jeffrey is a complete douche-baggy @ss behind the scenes and that’s why they don’t like him, or why he doesn’t get the same edit as Jordan.

      • taters says:

        Interesting take and maybe…. But, my guess is the producers found Jordan and decided they wanted to sign him- then wrapped the production around this aim (as well as Sawyer last season). They downplayed Jeffrey by giving him the one chair turn treatment (scripted)….Who says the iTunes purchases are pure? Couldn’t the investors be sewing those results as well? Just wondering. Pharrell doesn’t seem to be playing along as well this season. I think he may be questioning his participation in some of the farce.

    • I really want to see Jeff to win. Qwen needs to win. The lady should win. Everybody talking Jordan. They’re all winners. But I’m for Jeff

    • Yeah that sucked for him. It was so obvious.

    • jazz tazz says:

      those same judges helped to keep him in the show, poor Jeffrey.

  2. TC says:

    An A- for “Leather and Lace”? Are you kidding me? What were you listening to? While Jeffrey held his own ( he wasn’t great), Gwen was cringeworthy. It was abyssmal

  3. analythinker says:

    I’m excited about Tori Kelly tomorrow!

    I missed Emily Ann’s last performance so idk, but Jordan’s three songs are already in the Top 10 while Emily Ann got two. Barrett’s at #14 and Jeffery’s at #17. Jeffery could end up #4.

    • sonyafun says:

      Well her last one was the best and obviously that’s why she was put last to sing it. Wanting everyone to remember that performance. Sorry she’ll never come up to Jordan on any song. In my opinion every song he sang tonight was spot on but she had issues with all but her last one. She shouldn’t win because she had one good song that wasn’t even as good as any of his three.

      • 100%. One song doesn’t win a competition. Blue Christmas was pretty terrible but she made up for it on Burning House. Jordan solidified his win with “Somebody to Love”. The finale was just icing on the cake for him, even though his songs were pretty subdued. Mary Did You Know was the best Christmas song out of all 4.

      • Jeff says:

        Only one song wasn’t spot on. That’s the Christmas Tune. Everything else was as good as any Sang.

  4. Spycig says:

    Can anyone but Jordan win, due to the cumulative votes thing?

    • scott says:

      Only if the fix is in. Uhhh, well…

    • Ain’t no sunshine since he’s gone
      Only darkness every day
      Ain’t no sunshine since he’s gone
      And The Voice just ain’t fair

    • MPop says:

      I hope so, Jordan will be a waste of the 100K and the contract he has no specific Genre and zero stage presence not to mention an entire image issue to over come, no lower register in his vocal range, the list goes on. I find him difficult to watch and when I listen to his recorded songs they are flat out strange in parts….his voters were all voting too early tonight so maybe many of his votes wont count.

      • Linda says:

        I agree. I did not really want to say it out loud but he has zero charisma. His voice does not move me though I acknowledge he can sing. No soul and not at all the image of a star..

        • JC says:

          “Image of a star?” His performance was so stunning I barely noticed the judges when they started commenting. You are right about one thing though, don’t say anything.

      • Carrie says:

        Ummmm excuse me. Image issue to overcome? This is the voice. His looks have nothing to do with it (not supposed to anyway, but once lives come into play people never vote for those who can truly sing & sell records, they base it on everything else,sad!!!!)

        • Phylly5 says:

          Gotta agree with you there.. I’m a huge Emily fan but you can’t argue with Jordan’s talent and no clue what ‘image’ issues he’s supposed to have… frankly every star is unique in some manor and that’s why they stand out. Jordan is perfectly fine the way he is!

        • giantbuckeye says:

          I’d like to see Jordan lose the Fred MacMurray sweaters. They age him terribly, and I’m shocked that none of the stylists was able to break that “uniform” of his. But, I’m giving the stylists mixed marks this season. I thought the pink evening gown that Shelby wore on her last performance looked like a prom dress. You would never see anyone in a show wearing that, so Shelby, who needed some styling help too, didn’t get a lot of love from the team.

          • Allie says:

            No offense to Jordan but when you are THAT morbidly obese the fashion choices are limited. He was so stiff moving he likely was wearing some kind of male corset under all the layers

          • Phylly5 says:

            Lol… yes the Fred MacMurray sweaters should definitely get the boot! :)

          • Gregk says:

            Just the mention of Fred MacMurray ages all of those can even remember him, even me unfortunately. However, just to be alive and to be able to spell his name is a master stroke in life.

          • Diana Gallagher says:

            I think the sweaters are his “signature” like the glasses that lady wore last year…..

          • Jack says:

            Guys, He has some physical issues that are not his fault and he sings his heart out anyway. Would you be so crass if his disability were more obvious? He is making the best of the cards he has been dealt.

          • Rae says:

            All you folks in this string have some morbid affinity for cruelty. Really low-class humanoids. I bet none of you has any friends—lucky them—or they’re all like you. As with racism, etc. ridicule of a person because they don’t fit YOUR stereotypical needs shows the color of your hearts—black and dead—and has no place in a discussion of talent. (Didn’t your mama’s teach you better, kids?) A pox on you all. Have a fun life.

          • jazz tazz says:

            The meanness in this thread is so disheartening. So very sad.

            I love this show, It allows people who have no contacts in life to actually make their dreams come true who otherwise might not be able to do so,

            I liked the show and although my fave did not win, Jordan deserved to win. None of them are entertainers YET but they all have extrememly high potential. No one who is an entertainer today, made it without help from SOMEONE, voice lessons, expert advice, etc, etc.

            People in this thread act like high school football fans, aggressive and critical. No one playing high school football is getting paid. Booing kids who play and being critical of them speaks volumes about who you are,

            NONE of these contestants were receiving a salary. If you were not entertained, you should have tuned out. If you did not like a certain entertainer, mute your tv….your choice. They were all really good and the ratigs for this show prove that the majority who watch it GET IT. It is an entertainment show that has some already, great entertainers in it, as judges, and some who have not made it yet. No one is perfect and they have surely made it further than any of us have. I am not in the running to be receive a major contract? How about you?

            I am happy that we have one reality show that truely is about the reality of life and happy I can watch it.

            Have a Merry Christmas all. PEACE.

        • Yes, much like in the real world. Jordan will not be causing a commotion once he’s out of The Voice bubble and in the real world.

        • Rae says:

          Agree completely, Carrie. I believe that most of the negative comments about Jordan have to do with his “image”. (Sad commentary on what’s important today, huh?) I, for one, do not notice ANYTHING unattractive about him—he has an absolutely beautiful voice with remarkable range, he’s clean-cut, has nice features and is a sweet, unassuming personality. What’s not to love? After all, it is called “The Voice”—not “He Who Shakes His Booty Best”. We need more people like Jordan. His music says it all—His “critics” are merely shallow people!

      • danin says:

        MPOP..THIS..exactly.No lower stage presence..the no lower register turns me away..I need that part of a voice,depth of range to keep me attracted.He’s like a Neil Sedaka w/more clarity.

      • Agree on your opinion of Jordon. Where is the performance, where will he fit in the music world.

      • Amy says:

        You must be on crack… Jordan is the best singer “The Voice” has ever had.

      • LindaLee says:

        Totally Agree!

      • Marianne says:

        No stage presence? You must have missed his Queen song performance. You’d have Jordan running, frantically around the stage like poor Evan McKeel? I guess you probably don’t think Adele has much stage presence either.

        • dlraetz says:

          I thought his voice was amazing, but on more than one occasion the gospel choir swallowed him up on stage

        • Angelica says:

          This. Or Whitney Houston when she would just sit or stand in one place and sing. You can captivate with the Voice alone, it’s just harder to do.

      • I puffy-heart this entire comment. I cannot believe the number of people losing their minds over him. I attribute it to an overdose of Glee during the developmental years. There’s no future there. He’s a reality show has-been walking.

      • Alan Dvorkis says:

        Agree with all points. I do not get him at all. I have seen better on street corners for years. His voice is good but it does not penetrate, it totally lacks emotion. He does not light and shade his songs, He manipulates more than resonates.

      • JT says:

        Totally agree,about Jordan. He has a good voice but doesn’t seem to have a genre, And you can’t say….”anything”,that doesn’t work. Maybe he’ll have a career as a cover band singer. He’s too predictable for my taste. Everything sounds the same. He sings spot on, then inevitably has to throw in his kick me in the balls note followed with a run. Every single song is the exact same!

      • Clay Cassin says:

        Everyone keeps going on and on about how “humble” Jordan is. Unfortunately, I am just not feeling that at all. The way he comes across on TV is very arrogant and condescending, and it is not a good look at all. Please understand I am not actually accusing him of that, because I have never met the man. But although he is a crazy great vocalist, I have been turned off by his persona since very early in the competition. He will probably win- I will be underwhelmed. But if he does not win… well that would mean there are a lot of people who are sensing the same thing I am.

        • The only person that comes across as arrogant is Barrett. I’ve never seen anything Jordan has done to make him condescending or arrogant at all.

        • P says:

          I went to college with this kid. He is without a doubt one of the most humble people I have ever seen perform.

          • Kbella says:

            Thank you for posting that. I was at a complete loss as to how anyone could think Jordan isn’t humble or has a big ego. Maybe because he smiles all the time? Some people might think that’s not genuine. He seems to me to be so grateful to be up there on that stage singing for all of those admiring fans. That must feel amazing!

          • Richard Hotchkiss says:

            Two things about Jordan stand out to me: His humility seems genuine, not contrived. And for me, he strikes an emotional chord…sort of draws me in. I think he does that for a lot of people. This is his stage presence that people are talking about. He resonates with the average person because of his personal background. He’s authentic. Best wishes to him and his future.

        • Jebby says:

          There is seriously something wrong with a person who interprets shyness and humility as arrogant and condescending. Get your eyes checked.

          The most arrogant and condescending is Barrett Baber. He took the easiest, most beloved Christmas carol and ‘Baberized’ it into an irritating, sacrilegious mess, and he delivered it with his usual smarmy arrogance.

          If you don’t see this, it’s probably because you identify with him. Go jerk your gun-finger around while listening to Barrett’s singles.

      • Diana Gallagher says:

        Have any of the Voice winners done anything remarkable? I don’t think they use the momentum of a win to get songs out right away…. I hoped for Matt to win last year and Christina Grimmie, but I haven’t heard them on the radio….and they had more talent than most of the contestants….

        • Read a piece that said it would be better for Jordan NOT to win because the company promoting the winner does such a poor job. That’s why previous winners have not fared well in their careers. Pharrell even mentioned openly during the finale that he hoped Jordan could find a label that would let him be the person he wanted to be and not chase numbers on the music charts. IMO, in the hands of the right promoter, each of the finalists could have a bright future.

    • Linda says:

      I think he will win but I would never buy a record of his..there is no soul in his music and no identity. he just does not have the X factor.

      • Carrie says:

        This isn’t the x-factor…….it’s the voice!!!!!!

        • The Beach says:

          Yes, the TV show is The Voice and he certainly has that. However, as unfair and perhaps callous as it may be, the record industry is an entirely different ballgame and image is a huge part. It seems Jordan’s heart lies in christian music which, all things considered, would be an ideal venue for him.

          • Marianne says:

            When has the voice EVER…ever produced a pop star??? Well….?
            I think a singer who has had some success (Broadway) is Chris Mann. I think his style of singing could be compared to Jordan. And all of you speaking so meanly about Jordan’s weight (morbidly obese?!) and his clothes ( Fred McMurray sweaters), are so critical. I saw Jordan in a tux last night and jackets. I guess on some medical chart he is considered obese, but “morbidly”? You perfect people are mean-spirited

      • Tyler says:

        Susan Boyle seems to be doing just fine without the X factor. And do you really think Adele has the X factor too?!

      • JC says:

        Don’t worry, Jordan will do just fine without your support. You seem pretty shallow so I doubt you could recognize depth or soul.

    • Phylly5 says:

      Yep! Barret last week is a perfect example… Emily Ann stands a far better chance of taking the whole thing because she succeeds in BOTH areas… the iTunes charting AND in getting lots of votes from country fans. Jordan is fantastic but he doesn’t seal up any particular market the way Emily does… Emily for the win!

    • Kristine miller says:

      Anyone can win the voice. All everybody talking about Jordan. I like to see a different coach to win. Blake won already Adam and Pharrell . Usher won to . I want team,qwen to win. Jeffrey is a gd singer. I love is voice

  5. bill says:

    Jeffery butchered Holy Night but recovered nicely. Emily good, but again singing songs too emotionally old for her. But the night, and the competition, is Jordan’s.

  6. scott says:

    I stick by my guns of the show being fixed and or helped here and there. Don’t even feel like getting into the details. Either way, this show is not as good nor has the overall talent been as good as it was the first few seasons. Jordan wins, woopty friggin doo

  7. Plus10 says:

    I’ve always thought Emily Ann was going to win. But this is bca of the Blake factor, not bca she killed in her last performance. She’s got a nice pure sound — very clean and if she could manage some depth, she could be pretty good. I was not moved by her final performance at all. (Sorry Slezak). I was, however, surprised by how much I loved Jordan’s xmas song. No fake warbling and he held those notes with beautiful tone and conviction. My fav remains Jeffrey–rich, warm tone that is superior to the rest. He’ll never win–he flubbed O Holy Night. But he was again sabotaged by the production. (The camera focusing on the red curtain, cutting off his face.) I couldn’t understand why Pharrell seemed so pointedly underimpressed with Jeffrey tonight. Jeffrey’s Stay was wonderful.

    • JM says:

      The smartest thing Jordan did was to override Adam’s Christmas song choice. Jordan’s song was beautiful and the best holiday song of the night.

      • Cagney says:

        Agree it was the best Christmas song. Did not think the first half of MDYK was that strong but he took off on the second half.

      • Jon says:

        ALL of Adam’s song choices were terrible. Jordan slays Sia, Beyonce, Adele and Queen throughout the season and Adam gives him CEM for his finale song? Then arranges “God Only Knows” in his own key so you can barely hear Jordan? It wasn’t until Jordan stood up and chose his own Xmas song that he shone–and THAT’S the #1 song currently on iTunes. (And the only one tonight that I bought.)

        Also Slezak, Jordan really deserved an “A” on “Mary Did You Know” IMO. And when he loses to Emily Ann tomorrow it’s purely Adam’s fault.

      • The Beach says:

        I would have bet money that Jordan was going to sing Ave Maria for his Christmas song because it’s so dramatic and tonight was the finals. I was really surprised when he picked a very simple, quiet song…kudos. I wonder what song Adam had picked for him?

    • Phylly5 says:

      Pharrell was just checked out for the entire season. I have always loved him and he was always so inspiring and energetic but this season he just took up space in his chair. Very disappointing. Emily Ann for the WIN!!

      • pdamico says:

        The show couldn’t let Adam not win. It was beginning to get embarrassing how few were opting for him as coach in multiple chair turns, Blake winning four times, and then Pharrell wins with one of the most popular contestants. I firmly believe this season was not necessarily scripted but definitely molded around an Adam win.

      • Leila says:

        Pharrell was so weird, it was as if he wasn’t there at all. And that happened contestants were all eliminated.

    • Pharrell was unimpressed because Jeffery was flat and off-pitch almost from the top on “O Holy Night.” Two glaring mistakes that were very obvious. Several folks on here have noted this. I’m sure Pharrell noticed too. Pitch shouldn’t be that bad during a finale. Even Gwen had a disappointed look at the end. And no one even said he gave a good performance. It was very telling. I like his voice and his emotion, but he didn’t bring his A-game to the finale.

  8. JM says:

    I have no illusions that my fav, Jeffery will win. But to not give him a standing ‘O’ on ‘Stay’ yet Jordan gets one for an overwrought ‘Climb Every Mountain’??? That’s just insulting.

    • Plus10 says:


    • Angie'sBiggestFan says:

      I thought ‘Stay’ was just okay, and Jeffery was underwhelming about having perhaps the best performance of the season with ‘Make it Rain’ last week.

    • guest says:

      If you want to hear “Climb Every Mountain” from someone other than Julie Andrews, listen to Sissel Kyrkjebo sing it and hear someone not oversing but deliver a spectacular performance. She’s from Norway. Most people know the movie “Titanic.” She sang in the musical score for “Titanic,” not the song Celine Dion did as a single. I’m already getting tired of Jordan’s singing. Each song is performed with the same strategy and is very predictable.

    • scott says:

      It’s because he was deemed the fav by the top brass from the get go.

    • Allie says:

      I love Stay. And I LOVE Jeffrey. I was super excited to hear he’d be singing it and so disappointed by the performance. Like so many tonight, it was over sung and the emotion was wrung out. Stay is subtle Painful. Heartbreaking. Jeffrey has a gorgeous voice but this arrangement of that song did him no favors.

      • Allie says:

        This is not the same Allie who likes Jeffrey. Lol

        • Allie says:

          I guess there are multiple Allie’s… since this is my name, lol. But I stand by what i said – I would love to see Jeffrey win but tonight was not his strongest(or anyone else’s).

      • Davey says:

        I don’t agree. Stay was my favorite of the night. I liked Jordan’s Christmas song even though he tried to turn it into a pop song — that started getting weird.

    • I want Jeff to win. He has a great voice

  9. Normandy says:

    Jordan has this in the bag. This is the most lopsided win since…. last season.

  10. Angel says:

    I will literally puke if Emily Ann wins over Jordan! She is cookie cutter compared to Jordan and she was flat in some of her vocals tonight! Jordan has been more constant and never misses a note. He may overembelish some but he is unique and should win. I have heard Girls that sound like Emily Ann over and over again, and whoever compared her to Carrie Underwood is a moron! Carrie is a powerhouse compared to Emily Ann, who is mediocre at best. I think it should be Jordan, Jeffery, Emily Ann and then Barrett, who was not as good as he normally is tonight. If people recognize what the voice is supposed to be, then they would pick Jordan, who is the most unique one out of the bunch. This isn’t American Idol, Emily Ann would win that, she should win the voice!

    • angel says:

      She shouldn’t win is what I meant to say

    • Normandy says:

      If a TV show with no relevance to your life can cause such a reaction, I think you should check yourself into the ER immediately.

      • Angel says:

        I am sorry but I get tired of the same type of people winning these things. Sawyer sucked last year too. I am a trained vocalist myself, and it would be nice to see someone who is a little different from today’s normal crap win for once.

    • guest says:

      If loud is unique, then Jordan’s got it.

      • PSCali says:

        Lol, I agree! However, Jordan would have been even louder and vocally theatrical if Xtina had been his coach! I am not looking forward to Xtina’s return, because she “teaches” her to to scream.

        • Angel says:

          Jordan hits some of his notes loud yes,but he doesn’t miss them like a couple of the other finalist. Jeffery changed O holy Night for the worse but he is the only other one who has been technically good vocally the whole competition besides
          Jordan. Christina would have been a good coach for him if he wanted to be more of a powerhouse like she is, but he doesn’t, and that is ok. No matter if he goes mainstream or is just labeled adult contemporary he will be successful no matter if he wins or not.

          • pdamico says:

            He will not be successful in anything but Christian music. He has a technically fine voice but conveys very little emotion or life experience when he sings. I’m sure he’s a nice guy and deserves to share his gift, but he is so not going to be a mainstream star.

    • scott says:

      Get your barf bag ready. It could happen. But it’s Adams turn. You should be good

    • MPop says:

      Angel Jordan has no Genre, no lower register and no image…he will have a difficult time selling records over the long haul…his voice is unique but I tend to find his voice freakish and uncomfortable to listen to, especially to watch him and listen. Not sure where this would leave him as an artist if beyond The Voice fan base he found more people like me. Tonight he just stood there in each performance and beyond singing did nothing…during his performance with Adam, Adam did all the work in that song, maybe Adam was allowing him to rest his voice for his final song but his performance in the duet was just OK…Climb Every Mountain, not terribly moved, poor/strange song choice in my opinion , his Christmas song was nice…but one of 3 does not a winner make.

      • Angel says:

        He would be labeled adult contemporary for genre. He may lack stage presence at times but so does Susan Boyle, who did well in that genre after winning a comptettion. He may not go long haul but who has who has won this show or American Idol for that matter. Kelly Clarkson and Carrie Underwood are the most successful off that show. I couldn’t tell you who has won the voice and has stayed consistent in the mainstream, the only one I hear about is Cassidy Pope. The show is called the voice for a reason, his voice should be all that matters, not his stage presence.

        • lil says:

          Wrong! This show has to produce a real entertainer or it won’t last. How can you be called The Voice and then have no success. All the current country stars are performing. Danielle Bradberry is currently opening for two of the hottest country guys out there now.

          • Reports are that the winner gets a contract with a record label. Unfortunately, the label does a horrible job of promoting the winner. That’s the problem!! Emily Anne will do well because Blake will promote her himself. Slam dunk!

      • Amy says:

        He won’t sell records, huh ??? I’m sorry, can you remind me who’s the only singer ever on “The Voice” to be in the top 10 every single week, with multiple number ones, outdoing Adele? Oh yeah, it’s Jordan.

        • The Beach says:

          Sorry but I can’t buy that argument. The Voice is an anomaly and we have seen many instances over the seasons when contestants crack the Top 10, never to be heard from again once the show ends. Let’s see what has happens a year from now.

        • Phylly5 says:

          Well he’said not the only one but that aside, unfortunately they are ALL on a current reality show that is paying for their production and performance costs and when you take that away the reality of the real world is going to smack them in the face. If they don’t have all the tools of stage and performande presence ready to go then most will fail… sad but true. Whether you want to admit it or not, Emily is far better equipped to move right out into main stream music and whether she wins or not, she and a few others that didn’t even make the top four, are likely to be the only ones to have a real shot. Jordan, if he makes the right genre career choice should do well but I don’t see ‘stardom’ there for him.. I wish him the best, he IS very talented… time will tell…

        • Jack says:

          This is NOT rocket science. A year from now Jordan will be a big hit on the county fair and shopping mall circuit. Emily Ann will be big on the country charts with Danielle Bradbury and the Swon Brothers. Wait for it!

    • Phylly5 says:

      Welp.. get ready to puke! Lol. Cause I believe she stands a VERY strong chance of doing just that! She was fabulous!

      • Angel says:

        Are you deaf? She was flat on her first song, just did ok with Blake. He last song was probably good, her best song I heard her do all season was the Judd’s classic. She is not as fabulous as everyone thinks she is, not to this finely tuned ear for sure. I am no Barbara Streisand, I was trained by an opera singer though, and I know when someone doesn’t hit their notes well. She has her moments, but she is young and unpolished and there is much room for her to grow.

        • Phylly5 says:

          Geez louiz… rudeness is totally unnecessary. To each his own… and in answer to your question.. NOPE! Not deaf and have an equally trained ear for music but I’m also generous enough to understand that music styles and preferences are highly selective. You might try that on for size rather than slamming others who may not agree with your choices or opinions. ..

    • Jeff says:

      Emily Ann cookie cutter? Come on now!

  11. I will say that Country fans VOTE and are loyal to Blake Shelton, so Emily Ann coming in second is very likely. Also it will pull Brett up. My favorite is Jefferey and his is the music I will buy in the future. I don’t think anything will stop Jordan as the winner. I am kind of afraid Jefferey will be 4th. That’s okay, I just want him to make his own music and get it out there. I do not see Jordan making it as a mainstream artist. I have enjoyed all of your re-caps.

    • Angel says:

      Jordan may or may not make it mainstream. He is more of an adult contemporary artist, but if you at Susan Boyle, she did well in that area, as does Josh Groban. I will buy his record no matter if it is mainstream or not.

    • Jasper says:

      I agree with everything that you’ve just said. Jordan is fantastic, but I think that Jeffery and Emily Ann are much more commercial. I would go to Jeffery’s concert tomorrow.

      If there’s one change I would make, it would be the coaches. With the exception of Gwen, they all seem tired and uninterested in the proceedings, ESPECIALLY Adam. Let’s get Rihanna to get in one of those chairs. We need people who are actually going to critique and support these people after the show is over.

      I can’t argue with Jordan winning, but I want Jeffery to win. My favorite performance was a toss-up between Jordan’s “Mary Did You Know?”, Jeffery’s “Stay”, and Emily Ann’s “Burning House”. It’s been a pleasure, Slezak. Looking forward to American Idol.

      • barb says:

        Yes — change the judges!! Get some honest people, not people who just want to be liked. Their blather is meaningless and does a disservice to the contestants. W/out a DVR, I could not watch this show.

    • kevstar says:

      Whoever thought Sam Smith would be a mainstream artist. So sick of folks saying Jordan won’t be a mainstream artist. He is the only one this season sho had a top 40 song on Billboard Hot 100! THE ONLY ONE THIS SEASON!

      • The charts are anomalies for singers on the voice. Once they make it out of the show, they hardly ever chart extremely well. There’s a very slim chance that Jordan will get a good recording label contract; I would be surprised if he did.

        I also laugh at those who say he would be good on broadway, or even *puke* opera.

  12. dobiemom says:

    Jeffrey butchered ‘Stay’ it was horrible. Hope Jordan doesn’t win. Yuck. Jeffrey and Jordan both belong on broadway, not recording albums. I hope Emily will pull off this upset.

    • Allie says:

      Lay off the crack pipe. That vocal was as good as anything else we heard tonight.

    • Phylly5 says:

      While I don’t agree that Jeffrey butchered Stay.. I thought it was great…although he did seem ‘off’ a bit tonight, even wondered if he was sick. But I whole heartedly agree that while Jordan is anot amazing singer he is just not commercial enough to do anything much beyond this.. Emily has been my favorite from the beginning and I definitely see a lot of the early Carrie Underwood in her. I hope she wins for sure. Barret I need the otherhand… I just don’t get it.. frankly I get irritated just watching him perform. Lol. Best of luck to them all!

      • Phylly5 says:

        I meant Jordan is an amazing singer.. just not commercial enough, unfortunately in the end that will measure in his success… Emily has that in bucket loads…

      • The Beach says:

        I actually could see Emily having a viable career in country music, especially if Blake mentors her. Not only is she beautiful, she is only 17 so her voice should only get better with age and she seems to have found a niche in the genre that harkens back to Dolly and her style of singing which is rare in today’s country music.

      • Jeff says:

        Agree on Barrett. Amy would have been a much better 4th Finalist.

    • Jon says:

      First of all, it drives me crazy when people use “belongs on Broadway” as a insult. Do you have any idea how much talent it takes to be a top performer on Broadway (not to mention the A-level film and music stars that appear there these days)?

      Secondly, if Sam Smith, Josh Groban, Jason Mraz, Alicia Keys, Buble and yes, Adele can have flourishing careers and sell millions of records (without sexy dancing, twerking, etc.), why can’t Jordan and Jeffery, with their gorgeous voices? It just takes a label and producers willing to work on promoting them and finding them good writing teams.

      • kevstar says:

        Thank you! A lot of what is commercial now is CRAP! It might take someone who does not sing highly suggestive lyrics, electronic dance music, or have rappers on a verse to shake up the music industry. Adele has done very well for herself without bowing to what’s currently being played on the radio.

        • Kiki says:

          It’s much harder to sing on Broadway than in a studio, where you can be auto-tuned to “perfection.” Broadway singers are *the real deal.*

  13. davmon says:

    Oh Holy Cow! (Apologies to Harry Caray)…there were some very exquisite numbers tonight. Jeffery’s O Holy Night, Jordan’s Mary Do You Know, Emily Ann’s surprising Burning House. Even so, my heart and vote goes to a fourth, easily the best of the night, song after song—Adele!….What?….Did I get confused?….Barrett was the fourth?….No, I am not confused! He was forgettable! I have already forgotten the worst Silent Night since pre-school. His first was a good song, but he flubbed it; and he did not help Blake much with that tired Rhinestone Cowboy….The other three, however, were in great form. I can see any of them winning this! I believe Jordan and Jeffery both have had a full season worthy of winning it all. Emily Ann did have a great night, though….So, I am sticking with Adele for first!–Jordan second, Jeffery third, Emily fourth….Barret? Oh…19th!

    • Angie'sBiggestFan says:

      ‘O Holy Night’ was terrible (even Slezak could see that). Barrett’s “Silent Night” was the only song close to that bad.

      • davmon says:

        Yeah, I notice you and Slezak agree…which reminds me that the toaster oven sounded off during OHN. So, what I heard was great–and some of what I missed, less than scintillating I presume. Oh well, JA has had a good run this season, but needing the instant save last time likely means he will stay fourth. Ridiculous, since BB has not had a good outing in weeks. And EAR has only risen above mediocrity maybe four times; but, in fairness, all were recent. If there really IS a cumulative vote, how could JA not be second? No one but he and Jordan have been consistent all season.

  14. guest says:

    In past years, there were always comments about contestants screaming, usually female singers. This year IMO Jordan uses volume that I consider screaming. Loud does not mean best. After a while, I lose interest in the song even if he shows a good range and is in tune. I like Emily Ann even if “Blue Christmas” seemed tame. It is not a song that requires a lot of loud singing. It’s about someone who is wanting to be home, is missing someone, and is sad. All of the contestants in the finals have good voices. I just think Emily Ann did the best. I did think Barrett hit a couple of sour notes on “Silent Night.” From the look on his face, so did he. Jeffrey’s performances were good, but did not stand out. Jordan’s strategy of starting out soft and leading up to ear splitting is too predictable. Go Emily Ann!

    • Allie says:

      Black female singers specifically are always accused of “screaming” but the same sound is “going to change the world” coming from the mouth of a white mama’s boy with a Krispy Kreme fetish.

      • davmon says:

        You’re right AND wrong! Right, black singers got short shrift this season, period! No females made it from 24 to 12, the only male was out 12 to 11. Last season, 3 very talented gals got to top 6, but the top 3 ended up to be pale like me –Koryn and Kimberly deserved to be 2nd and 3rd…Wrong! To verbally bully about extra weight. Besides, he IS talented. And at this point, he is probably the best remaining. Jeffery has chosen some blase’ songs to showcase his lovely vocals….I still pine for Madi and Amy–and for Koryn and Mia Z from last time.

      • ICanChangeMyUsernameToo says:

        Your prejudice is showing.

  15. Russ N says:

    I hate to agree with Slezak, but I think we have an Emily Ann upset tomorrow.

  16. JoanieBlu says:

    An aside to Slezak: Tara Lipinski should NOT have won the gold! Yes, she was flawless when executing the trip (quadruple?) axle, but as she skated around the rink, she moved like a little gnat. Michelle Kwan’s performance was pure poetry. Just sayin’….

  17. Angie'sBiggestFan says:

    So Jordan gets better grades from Slezak than Emily Ann but says Jordan should be third? Jordan is going to win and that is pretty freakin’ obvious. Also confused how he penalizes Jordan for ‘God Only Knows’ while acknowledging the mixing was terrible-Jordan’s vocals were drowned in the mix until they adjusted it near the end of the song.

  18. Linda says:

    OMG, I thought I was the only one who thought Ewwwww with the duet of Emily Ann and Blake singing that ‘love’ song.

    I really enjoyed Jordan and Jeffrey.

  19. I think you need them Q-tips, Mike!

  20. Mike says:

    Not sure what “sound mix issues” you heard on God Only Knows. I just heard a flawless rendition of a beautiful song. I understand everyone is entitled to their own tastes, but grading someone on a curve due to producer hype (of which Jordan has no control over) is frustrating.

    • Angie'sBiggestFan says:

      His vocals were buried behind Adam’s for at least the first 1/2 of the song, but I thought Jordan sounded pretty damn good near the end when they fixed the issues.

  21. glen says:

    If cumulative votes and I-Tunes sales mean anything, then there is no way on earth Jordan should lose. And honestly, shouldn’t the winner of a season-long contest be decided by the full body of work, not who got to sing the last sing on the finale? But since we all know that country is king on this show now, it wouldn’t surprise me in the least to see Emily Ann win. But to me she is just a bluegrass version of Danielle Bradbury- very limited range and not really fully developed vocally.

  22. bighug says:

    Why didn’t Jeffery sing SAMSMITH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m MAD

  23. Treg says:

    Barrett Baber is the only one I heard tonight, and if the all the rest of them could not beat that it was a sad night…

  24. randatitus says:

    I want team Gwen to win

  25. Katy K says:

    Unimpressive finale. The judging should be based on the entire season. Jordan is the only performer who consistently had standing ovations. Emily Ann has been set up to be the one who could be the dark horse winner. If that happens, I will never watch The Voice again. This show is becoming insulting to the viewers.

    • Jeff says:

      Ummmm…There are whole lot of people who think Emily Ann should win, including me! As I’ve stated before. Vocally Jordan is head and shoulders above the rest. But he doesn’t pull me in.
      Emily Ann is 17, has yet to fully develop, but she is more engaging and sings the song with her whole self. Jordyn sings from the shoulders up. I’m not sure why Jeffrey has this huge following, maybe its just his style that doesn’t work for me. I’m bias of course, i prefer the singer song writer type of artists. So I’m captivated by Emily Ann, she changes a song and you don’t fully realize shes doing a cover song. This is why shes my fav!

  26. Cheryl says:

    Emily Ann can’t sing! She just butchered an awesome song ! How did she even get in the finals? And the coaches give her high praises when she can’t even stay on the note or keep the same rhythm as the music ! If she does win its only because she’s a cute young blond who wears short skirts and not because of her voice ! Oh wait I thought this was called THE voice!

    • Cheryl says:

      Oh yeah I almost forgot to mention what era are the judges choosing songs from? Try songs from the 21st century!!!!! Maybe something we actually want to download !

  27. Mike says:

    An A for Jeffrey’s botch job on Stay? Are you kidding me? Have you even heard Jennifer Nettles sing Stay? I normally like Jeffrey, but this was not good.

  28. JT says:

    Jordan should lose for singing : “Climb Every Mountain.” What a big hunk of cheese that was…

  29. Allie says:

    It was very hard to rank a top 3 tonight. What a hot mess! EVERYONE over-sung – it was terrible. And the duets… OMG – all I could think was the judges picked terrible crap so they wouldn’t look so bad. I can’t. It’s all SO BAD. I need to pretend tonight never happened so Jordan is in 1st, Jeffrey in 2nd and Emily in 3rd but honestly… ugh

  30. K Rodgers says:

    Mr. Slezak, I love how loyal you are to your favorites. Truly, I do. And thank you for always writing a disclaimer stating who your favorite is.

    Like you, my favorite American Idol contestant last year was Quentin. Sure, Quentin sang out of tune, but he had artistry, charisma and stage presence . . . a natural performer. Jeffery Austin is somewhat like Quentin. Jeffery’s a better singer, sometimes sings out of tune (not too much, but there are a few notes that are noticeable), but lacks Quentin’s deep-in-the-bone pizazz. Anyway, Jeffery isn’t going to win. It’s definitely going to be Jordan, who had the night’s best performance with “Mary Did You Know.” For a holiday/religious song, it was surprisingly interesting and hip.

    I’m okay with Jordan winning. The best one this season BY FAR was Viktor Kiraly. Ever since Viktor got the boot, I really haven’t cared who wins this season. Why, oh why, doesn’t mainstream texting America have a greater love of soul? Can a soul singer ever win? Victor was soooo gooooooood!

    Vote for Viktor Kiraly!

  31. Awaxy says:

    Clearly it is Jordan. This from an Amy fan…

    • edbdesignssb says:

      I was an Amy fan too. Loved watching her perform and could listen to her music. My favorite was her cover of blank Space. That said, I’m voting for Jordan. Loved Chandelier, Halo and Somone to Love.

  32. JJ says:

    Jordan Smith is too good to win this show. I would hate to see him go nowhere, since that seems to be what happens with most winners of these shows. He is really to good for the music industry, some radio play and itunes. This kid should be on Broadway, doing big numbers and shows. I could see him as a Tony winner for many years.

    • lil says:

      Yeah but never in a concert setting. Let’s face it if you can’t tour and bring in numbers you won’t make it. Unless, you get a Broadway gig! Jordan puts me to sleep. We already have a Sam Smith and don’t need another one. I truly hope Jordan doesn’t win but do hope he gets something along the lines he would excel at. It’s not a mainstream recording contract.

    • Allie says:

      He could play Edna Turnblad in Hairspray.

  33. brian says:

    Your heart and votes may not stray from Jeffrey Austin, but apparently your ears have, or perhaps you should be writing on another topic. He’s forever pitchy. And worse, shouting and straining to reach big notes and sounds more than delivering in song. There has never been a less competitive season, Jordan sings so far beyond the rest it’s not really fair.

    • Brian, I don’t agree that Jeffery is forever pitchy or that he always strains for big notes. However, last night he had major pitch issues and did sound strained quite often. I wondered if he was nervous or even feeling unwell. In any case, I’ve loved him all season and am sorry he struggled last night. On the other hand, Jordan has not been as outstanding, at least to my ears and eyes, as you say. He’s going to win, but if we look at the season’s work, not just last night’s, I would have picked Jeffery for the win.

  34. Amy says:

    From what I understand, the iTunes sales from this season all carry over to the finals. You have to figure Jordan had a fairly large lead on the other three in terms of iTunes numbers going into tonight. So I don’t see any way he will loase, unless one of the other three has a fanatical fanbase that will vote vote vote their fingers off. I doubt any of them have that fanatical a fanbase.

    My preferred order of finish would be: Jeffery, Emily Ann, Jordan, Barrett

    My predicted order of finish will be: Jordan, Emily Ann, Barrett, Jeffery

    My other prediction is that Emily Ann will have the best chance at mainstream commercial success.

  35. Edith says:

    You are an idiot with a complete lack of taste. This note is for the critic on voting for Jordan Smith. I take it that you the only taste you have is in your mouth.

  36. Polarvortex says:

    I’m not sure why Jeffrey picked a country song to sing but he sang it well!I’m okay with him not wining but I will officially stop watching the show if Barrett wins

  37. Davey says:

    O Holy Night was only C- by Jeffery standards. Otherwise it was better than Rhinestone Cowboy, Blue Christmas, Climb Every Mountain.

  38. Davey says:

    I love how Adam admitted he liked Barrett more than the other two on his team Amy and Shelby.

  39. DDD says:

    Just a few comments/opinions from tonight:

    First, it was almost painful to see Jeffery have, perhaps, his worse night if the season. His furst song was off pitch and off tempo in the beginning – I even wondered if his earpiece might be malfunctioning. The look on his face appeared to show he was struggling, too. I felt badly for him, because he has such a great set of pipes.

    Second, the vocals on “God Only Knows” were as good as you’ll hear. The Beach Boys couldn’t even keep the unison parts in tune, but Jordan and Adam did a nice job of holding it together.

    Third, Emily Ann improved so much throughout the season (as did Jeffery) to the point where she became one of the fina, four. I don’t think most of us saw that coming early on. She also was one of the few who was willing to sing some up-tempo stuff while everyone else was laying drippy ballads on us. If she wins, I’d be pleased.

    Fourth, while I’m not impressed with the range in the choice of songs Jordan sang, every time he opened his mouth, he knocked it out of the park. Producers’ biases aside, I think he would have won the competition just because he has the best voice – by far.

    Finally, in my mind, the real winner wad Adam who appeared to be a wonderful coach this season. Last spring, he was little more than an annoying pimple on the show. This season, he was really solid with his team.

    I’m guessing Jordan, Emily Ann, Jeffery, Barret.

    • angie'sgreat says:

      “The Beach Boys couldn’t even keep the unison parts in tune”

      Beach Boys’ version is mostly harmonies and few unison parts I can think of. This arrangement pretty much had all the parts in unison, and I’m not sure how you could tell how in unison their vocals were when Jordan’s mic was way too low.

  40. Rose H says:

    I would absolutely not be surprised if Emily Ann wins. I too believe Jeffery deserves to win because of his past performances. Could not understand how Barrett made it into top 4 (should have been Madi). I have also liked Jordan but Climb Every Mountain was over embellished. Yes also to “ick” factor to Blake and Emily Ann’s duet. Good luck to whoever wins!

  41. sonyafun says:

    If Jordan doesn’t win this there is something seriously wrong with many people’s ears or it’s obvious the whoever people at this Voice show are crazy.

  42. gg says:

    Worst final performance night ever! Mediocre at best, except for Jordan. I agree, Victor was great but Jordan beat him out. So many weeks spent listening to mostly untalented teenagers.

  43. tvtjw says:

    Everyone please… If you have any ounce of belief in the underdog, the guy who hasn’t been hyped at all, the guy who is making his way through this competition without the help of a “favorited” coach and/or the producers… Cast some votes for Jeffery tonight. It breaks my heart to know he has the most passion and talent and can’t win.

  44. Dan Ealy says:

    Slezak must be tone deaf. Austion was off key on two of his three songs and dialed back some notes that should have been higher.

    I’ve suspected for several weeks that slezak has a mancrush on Austin because he obviously missed flubs.

    • angie'sgreat says:

      Not sure what a “mancrush” is, but I definitely think Slezak lets his bias towards JA show through. That said, I was surprised he actually gave him a low grade for a song that deserved one.

  45. dj says:

    I hope Emily Ann doesn’t win. I think Jordan is better than she is. But as long as Barrett doesn’t win, I’ll be ok. Although I like an occasional performance of his, some of them have been just plain bad. I’m still kind of in shock that he was able to get into the finals when he didn’t have the iTunes sales the others had. I think he’s got some powerful people getting out the vote in his neck of the woods.

    It was too bad Jeffery’s performance of Holy Night wasn’t better. Then I would still believe he had a shot at winning. I hope he’s able to make a career out of singing. It seems like most contestants pass into obscurity once the season is done.

    Am I delusional, or didn’t Adam have another Beach Boys song in a group number earlier in the season? It seemed like a recurring nightmare when it started up again. I don’t know if he’s decided he’s the second coming of Brian Wilson or what.

  46. Tammy says:

    And the Winner is….Jordan Smith!!!every performance he did this season was an A++++++. And Gwen’s duet was great I love that song they did wonderful!!

    • Lizzie says:

      Gwen hogged the performance, as in was not generous in any way during the duet towards the person actually competing. Jeffrey was the calmest in his performance with her, and actually helped her to get better as the song went on. Gwen and her nonsense about style and her perception of stage performance are not helpful to anyone on the show.

  47. Cindy says:

    I don’t understand all the positive hype about Barrett, or how he made it this far. His Silent Night was bad. Not surprising he is in last place in the poll above. I feel watching him perform he is a little full of himself. The other 3 are all good, each in their own way. Good luck to them!

  48. Cheri says:

    The Voice is losing credibility IMHO because none of the judges ever really judge. They tell everyone they are great; there is rarely a ny critiquing going on. It is extremely mundane listening to them say, that they’ve run out of things to say because everyone is so good. I love Jeffrey but he was very pitchy and sung flat on ‘O Holy Night’ for much of the song. I also love Adam but he obviously didn’t want to be out sung by Jordan, thus the arrangement of their duet mostly being sung in unison. Worst performance of the night. Emily Ann certainly peaked at the right time, however Jordan should still win it.

    • Karen says:

      They aren’t judges, they are coaches.

    • Robert Sands says:

      They are there to coach, not judge. If you noticed, they struggled to give any negative feedback last night, as they did not want to come off as influencing the vote. Since the judges have no say in who advances, they really can’t be manipulating the vote (cough, cough Idol) to support their own team by downplaying others. Blake made it very clear that The Voice exposure/fame is the goal that all of these artists need to strive to achieve on their own once they are off the show – meaning it is up to them, not the show, to garner success. The Voice is still looking for vocalists, not headliners, although I am sure they would not complain if they could finally generate a Kelly/Carrie…

    • D. Dean says:

      If you’re looking for “snark,” you’ll have to watch American Idol. Oh Wait! Idol’s going off the air. Can’t imagine why.

      • Cheri says:

        Okay, so they are coaches, not judges. Whatever. Are they not there to coach then? Are they just there to tell
        each singer how fantastic they are? Are they not there to give some constructive criticism, especially when a performance is obviously flawed. It makes for a boring show and we have begun fast forwarding through the judges comments because there is nothing new to see there. I did not always agree with Simon, or even Harry Connick, Jr. on Idol. However, many times there is truth in what they said (say). Where I come from coaches coach and cheerleaders cheer. Perhaps they should change the coaches titles 😜

        • Their coaching is done behind the scenes, not up when they’re giving their feedback after the performances are done. The coaches rarely make any negative remarks, because that’s not what the show is about. It could be seen as trying to sway the votes (it’s happened before) and one coach giving a negative feedback that people didn’t like could hinder their own teams chances of advancing, which is why they keep it to the minimum. Because truthfully, any time anyone has made any solid critique, they’ve been deemed an jerk who is only trying to bring others down (especially Christina and Adam – they’re the only ones who have ever really given solid, truthfully critiques).

          • Cheri says:

            I was more talking about any of the coaches critiquing any of the contestants. Why don’t opposing coaches critique the other coach’s contestants? I guess you are saying the coaches would be afraid of another coach retaliating (if they make too harsh of comments against a contestant that is not their own) Still, it makes for a sterilized show where everyone is told they are great. I don’t understand why they have the coaches even commenting after the performances if it is against the rules to give an honest assessment of the performances.

          • Tyler says:

            When the coaches don’t say anything about the vocal performance–that’s their criticism! I noticed they didn’t say anything about Jeffery’s vocal performance of O Holy Night. Adam talked about the sweet spot in his voice. Pharrell talked about his growth on the show. When the coaches talk about these things–then you know they’re being critical. The Voice follows the saying, “If you have nothing nice to say then don’t say anything at all.”

  49. gwen’s was sooff key it was bad jeffrey was good

  50. Cindy says:

    I don’t understand all the positive hype about Barrett, or how he made it this far. His Silent Night was bad. Not surprising he is in last place in the poll above. I feel watching him perform he is a little full of himself. The other 3 are all good, each in their own way. I want Emily Ann to win. She has the best stage presence, and I think she could have a great career ahead of her. Good luck to them!