Kiefer Sutherland Designated Survivor

Kiefer Sutherland Cast as POTUS in New ABC Thriller Designated Survivor

That’s President Jack Bauer to you.

Kiefer Sutherland is returning to TV in Designated Survivor, a new ABC conspiracy thriller that finds the 24 vet playing a very reluctant President of the United States, Deadline reports.

The project, which has received a straight-to-series order, centers on a lower level United States Cabinet member (Sutherland) who is suddenly handed the presidency after a catastrophic attack during the State of the Union address kills everyone above him in the Presidential line of succession.

David Guggenheim (Safe House) penned the script and will serve as an EP alongside Simon Kinberg (The Martian) and Mark Gordon (Grey’s Anatomy).

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  1. Mr. Tran K says:

    Very happy about the news that Kiefer Sutherland is back on TV this time on ABC. I’m always a huge 24 fan since the beginning and I’ll always be a fan of the real time thriller forever.

  2. justsomeguy says:

    Sign me up for more Kiefer in anything. Would have loved to see another season of 24 after the one from last year. But, this will do.

  3. ScrubsGuy says:

    I don’t see why this couldn’t be a plot line in a new season of 24.

    • SonOfCoul says:

      President Bauer? Come on. 24 has done some ridicculous things, but that’s a stretch.

      • Will says:

        It could be like a “Dave” type situation, with Sutherland in the Kline role and instead of a comedy, it’s a political thriller that involves a scene in which Bauer, under the guise of the president, tortures a congressman he suspects of being a terrorist live on CSPAN.

  4. Vicki says:

    the mega talented Kiefer Sutherland back on TV? best news ever!!

  5. MissEllys says:

    Finally, something interesting.

  6. EJ says:

    I wonder where this will be shot. LA? NY?

  7. Mike says:

    If this were another season of 24 then the answer would be a maybe. Otherwise i think I’m passing.

  8. dj says:

    Well, it’s not 24, but it will be great to see him in another series.

  9. Scott Holmes says:

    This sounds like the plot of a Jack Ryan novel.

    • It IS very close to the plot of a Jack Ryan novel. He becomes vice president first, but only for a few minutes and then is sworn in as president when the Capitol is hit by a plane piloted by a man out for revenge on the U.S. I’d still be interested in this, though, since I enjoyed Sutherland in 24.

  10. Melisa says:

    I will watch he is a very talented actor

  11. Boiler says:

    Just because he is a good actor doesn’t make this series good. How is this sustainable for more than a dozen episodes?? I have yet to see anything particularly decent in new programming

  12. James D says:

    Don’t even need to know what the show is I’m going to watch it faithfully Keifer is awesome super stoked that he’s back on TV, good crew though I like Guggenheim’s work and Kinbergs. It sounds like an interesting idea for a Drama.

  13. Every TV season that goes by without a new season of 24 is another year Jack Bauer spends imprisoned in a Russian Gulag. Come on, the story can’t end like that.

  14. Carlos Lee says:

    We want Jack Bauer back!

  15. Kris says:

    So Excited! Love Kiefer! Big Fan!

  16. Becky says:

    Kiefer Sutherland is a very good actor, he will do a splendid job on any movie project, look forward to seeing it.

  17. JM says:

    Wow. “Debt of Honor” much?

  18. Karen says:

    When will it begin?

  19. Joe says:

    I hope they will learn from what happened during Ronald Regan’s time when the president was shot the VP was out of the country, and the then Secretary of State thought he was the next in line for the job of acting Potus…which he wasn’t, since that goes to the leader of the house if I recall correctly…that situation caused a huge public halbalu lol.

  20. Joe says:

    It will be interesting if he is VP or even better it turns out he is actually the Speaker of the house (I believe that is held by the majority Senate leader) because the Secretary of State is 4th in line not third as most people think. There was a premise many years ago like that I remember I was a kid at the time (don’t remember if it was a tv show or a movie) the Majority leader (speaker of the house I think) is suddenly forced to be sworn in (he this African American dude) I remember thinking interesting concept…I mean he was not even from the presidents party but from the opposition.

    These days people would immediately shout Conspiracy…lol

    • Presidential history buff says:

      Lower level cabinet member. The VP and the Speaker of the House are always at the State of the Union (the VP to the president’s left on camera, and the Speaker of the House to the president’s right) and aren’t designated survivors, as those come from the president’s cabinet.

      The TV movie you’re thinking of was “The Man” in 1972, starring James Earl Jones as the President pro tempore of the Senate sworn in as president, making him controversial simply for being black. Sound familiar?

      And yes, the Secretary of State is 4th in line. True.

  21. Stevie says:

    had the pleasure to meet him once. he’s such a nice guy.
    glad he’s back on tv!

  22. pem says:

    Hmmm. sounds interesting. looking forward to it.

  23. says:

    After a catastrophic attack during the State of the Union address kills everyone above him in the Presidential line,He remembers he’s Jack Bauer,And thus the new season of “24” starts.

  24. midwestguy says:

    this reminds me of the ending of a Tom Clancy Book

  25. herman1959 says:

    This is one of those things that would work better as a movie – Kiefer Sutherland as the POTUS every week…nope.

  26. kirads09 says:

    Heck yeah. A POTUS we probably can all agree on.

  27. Ednamode says:

    This sounds like Laura Roslin’s story in Battlestar Galatica. How disappointing that Jack Bauer (and Chloe and Tony) will never get a proper resolution to their storylines.

  28. Shaun says:

    They did this for a short time on Madame Secretary this season.

  29. Diz says:

    LOL oh Jack. I find it ridiculous but I’m still in!

  30. Rene says:

    Finally a reason for me to forgive abc for cancelling Miracles! Obviously, we want Jack back but until then I’ll be watching President Sutherland and laughing at FOX! Just please ABC don’t put it on Mondays @8pm!

  31. Joel says:

    Very similar to how Jack Ryan became President in Tom Clancy’s world…. hmmmmm

  32. Jim says:

    And then he remembers he’s Jack,there it starts a new “24”

  33. This wonderful Keifer Sutherland is back great actor I Defenetly will watchit

  34. 24 won’t be the same Kiefer Sutherland so don’t waste your money making new series.

  35. pedro019 says:

    Awesome, can’t wait to see this.

  36. Kate says:

    Love Kiefer in anything, but this sounds like a great story line. I defintely will give it a shot!

  37. Now this sounds good…when??????

  38. ColoMom says:

    I’ll definitely give this a chance. I love Keiffer. I’d rather he was coming back in 24, but understand that won’t happen.

  39. Bill says:

    Well if you read around, you will see they are planning on making a new 24, but with a black Jack Bauer. Don’t think I’ll be watching that one.

  40. Rodney Hirsh says:

    It is so stupid to replace jack Bauer actor with a black man

  41. mildred says:

    Hi am so happy with the series, it’s one which you can watch with the entire family. I just love the series and i cant wait to see episode 6. Kiefer is an amazing actor and brings life to this series.Bravo to the directors and hope you make it as long/longer as 24