Blood Oil Cancelled Ratings

Ratings: Blood & Oil Ends on Low Note

Leading out of a “Making Of Snow White” special (which did 3.4 mil and a 0.7), ABC’s Blood & Oil wrapped its truncated one-and-done run on Sunday with 3.1 million total viewers and a 0.7 rating, dipping to series lows.

Quantico’s fall finale led out of that with 4.5 mil and a 1.3, ticking up from last week’s lows to match its best numbers since Oct. 25.

Elsewhere in the ratings….

CBS | Pending adjustment due to NFL overrun, Madam Secretary (10.2 mil/1.3) is currently steady, The Good Wife (8.5 mil/1.1) rose 7 percent and two tenths and CSI: Cyber (6.1 mil/0.8) dipped a tenth to tie its series low.

FOX | The Simpsons (6.1 mil/2.4) ticked up, Brooklyn Nine-Nine (3.8 mil/1.7) and Family Guy (3.7 mil/1.7) were flat and Last Man on Earth (3.1 mil/1.3) dipped.

NBC | Sunday Night Football (18.7 mil/6.2) is up 10 percent and two tenths from last week’s fast nationals.

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  1. wrstlgirl says:

    I liked the way they wrapped up Blood and Oil. Nice of them to do that for the loyal viewers :-) Quantico….well, I’ve been meh about the show from the start and last night’s fall finale’ didn’t change that.

    • Dino says:

      What the loyal viewers wanted was a second season, not some rushed ending that made no sense with how the characters were acting towards each other.

      • wrstlgirl says:

        Well I was a loyal viewer and you don’t speak for me so……I enjoyed the wrap up and it didn’t feel rushed to me at all. Would I have liked a second season, of course, but we knew early on it wasn’t going to happened so I saw no reason to whine about it.

        • Dino says:

          We knew nothing early on because they never told us it was cancelled the way they did Wicked City, and I doubt very much that you were an actual fan given how nasty you sound about it all.

          • wrstlgirl says:

            When a network cuts your episode order it’s pretty much a given that it’s over. And I’ve been pretty dang polite to you considering your nasty comment/s to me. I loved B&O but I find no sense in crying about a TV show. Now go find somebody else to pick apart, bye.

          • Patrick says:

            wrstlgril nailed it. There was never going to be a second season of this show. A rushed ending is better than a lot of shows get.

        • DiAnn says:

          Me too! I loved it and I think the length of the series was perfect. Had I known that it would have been only a one season show I would have appreciated it so much better and held onto every word.

          Blood and Oil ended great! I loved it and I think the short series are genius!!

    • Stacey says:

      I too like they way the wrapped up Blood and Oil

  2. Et al. says:

    I find it sort of funny that a ‘making of’ special for a 78 year old movie did better for the network than Blood and Oil’s finale.

  3. Gerri says:

    I liked the finale of Blood and Oil too. I guess they had enough time before the end to write the show off in a satisfying way. Bravo.
    I will miss seeing Chase and Scott each week. Hopefully they get work elsewhere.
    Quantico – still a bunch of unanswered questions. But I did like that the 2nd bomb was at FBI HQ. Who was inside???? and what was Caleb doing at the bank? Another red herring? At least he wasn’t blown up….

  4. Rebekah Mead says:

    This is totally ridiculous, anything good is cancelled! I am soo disappointed to the point that I am ready to just buy a ton of movies and CANCEL tv

  5. Mr. Tran K says:

    What did I say about Blood & Oil. This really was Dallas gone terribly wrong.

    • Dino says:

      Dallas was why many failed to support this show despite Dallas having two incarnations and lasting longer than it should have. Blood and Oil was building nicely toward the end.

      • Mike Gallagher says:

        The last 3 showing of B & O did every bit as good as Quantico. Had B&O been in the timeslot that Quantico – it would have done much better. I must say I do miss Dallas and Revenge. My only other fav is Nashville and that show may not make it much longer either. Then I am thru with all Network TV.

  6. pjschumm says:

    I enjoyed the Making Of special on ABC. My complaint is that other than his brother Roy, who was a genius at financing, none of the very important Disney collaborators on Snow White got mentioned (except one voice talent and one artist) by name. it’s as if they want us to believe that all the technical innovations, like the multi-plane camera, came right out of Walt’s head.

  7. HAP says:

    There’s such a huge gap between total viewers and demo numbers for both Madam Secretary and The Good Wife. They really skew old.

  8. Mandy says:

    I don’t understand why Quantico is considered some big hit. 4.5 million and a 1.3 are fairly dismal numbers for a “hit”.

  9. Jennifer Lauver says:

    I really enjoyed blood and oil…. They always end upn taking the good shows & keep the dumb ones. Bring back B & O!!!!!!!

  10. Carol sigmon says:

    Blood and oil is a great show I hope they are not going to cancel this show bring it back
    It would really suck if they cancel this show

  11. Melissa says:

    I never missed an episode of blood and oil, was a huuugggeeee fan.
    Gonna cry it’s not coming back!!!!

  12. Larry says:

    Blood&oil is a really good show I have been watching it from the beginning. It sucks the network is considering canceling it but they keep dumb shows like. The Bachelor or wife swap or O no not another cop show. UNBELIEVABLE!!!!! Bring back BLOOD&OIL !!!

  13. Sandra says:

    I really enjoyed Blood and Oil. I feel the writers needed to step it up from the beginning so it wouldn’t seem so “Soap Opera-ish”, but the finale was nice and ended on a positive note. I wish the ratings had been higher. Oh well, another good one bites the dust.

  14. Aimer says:

    BLOOD&OIL Really good show I liked the actors and the characters on the show. It’s a shame the network isn’t giving it a real chance.
    I think the problem is the time of year. There’s to much going on that time of year between football and the holidays. Maybe if it would of started in January it would of got better ratings.

  15. jaca says:

    Blood and Oil had 3.1 million viewers, I don’t call that a low number. It deserves a second chance

  16. Sherry M says:

    I really like both shows and I’m very disappointed about the cancellation of B&O and I’m hoping the same thing don’t happen to Quantico.

  17. Ben Anderson says:

    Blood and Oil has so much potential. I really don’t understand how they can put together a show like this and not take a chance and roll it into a second season. There have been other shows without half this shows eye power and with a worse ratings that have made it to a second season. I personally believe if there is a second season maybe change the day or night its viewed and the rating will go up. Blood and Oil is full of what viewers like to watch. I think if they cancel this show they should find a new way they rate or chart new programs.

  18. Joan palilunas says:

    I can’t believe that this is the last episode, its one of the best shows on TV since Dallas..why would they cancel.. Makes no sense.. Finally a great show and they cancel.. Very sad and upset, I sure hope they get enough good feedback and reconsider airing.. True fa of the show. Joanie palilunas ..Chicago Il

  19. Terry Conway says:

    B&O Great show and again they take it off , but every three month they air DWTS and totally sick of that taking up air time if people love it so much than take dance lessons . Always the good shows get pulled ABC DISSAPPOINTMENT AGAIN!

  20. tracey1675 says:

    Please ABC bring back Blood and Oil.

  21. S. Anderson says:

    Blood & Oil is the first show in years that keeps my attention and I did not change channels at commercials just in case I missed when starting up. Don Johnson is like Larry Hagman in Dallas

  22. mewp12 says:

    My husband loved blood and oil even though it was a soap. He will be sorely disappointed, however, he says they know nothing about oil.

  23. Billy says:

    Blood and Oil was a great show. Hope they bring it back. Maybe if it was on a different night the ratings would be better and they would keep it on.

  24. Diane Fidanza says:

    Just disappointed that Blood&Oil is being cancelled . Thought it was fun …
    So did a lot of friends :(
    It’s interesting what stays on and what gets cancelled…

    Oh well ~

  25. DiAnn says:

    Blood and Oil ended great! I loved it and I think the short series are genius!!

  26. Diane Cobb says:

    Don’t cancel bloodandoil. It is a great show. Love it

  27. shelly says:

    Please renew golan the insatiable for a season 3 and with the same voices rob rigggle and abury plaza do they work out better for me it is the best show ever

  28. paul says:

    Golan the insatiable should get renewed for a season 3 it’s funny and I want to know what happens next I don’t want to keep seeing the same episodes all the time I see every episode already

  29. Peggy mills says:

    I am really upset about this cancelation!! Not sure why,,, I REALLY liked it!!!

  30. bdbaby says:

    When will blood & oil return to TV I really enjoyed the show please bring it back
    Thank you and I will be looking for blood & oil to return