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Quantico Elias Dead Dies

Quantico EP on the Bomber's Identity, Ryan's Sad Love Song and the Reveal That [Spoiler] 'Definitely Is a Terrorist'

This post contains spoilers for Sunday’s fall finale of Quantico.

After weeks of Quantico‘s mystery and misdirection, we can happily report that at least one pressing question is resolved this week: Agent Vasquez’s first name is spelled Natalie (as some of you suggested), not Nathalie (the way TVLine has been spelling it).

We’d been writing her name that way because that’s how it was in all the press materials when the show started, but then the show made a change and… oh wait, that‘s not the giant revelation from the fall finale you want to hear about?

Kidding! We talked to executive producer Joshua Safran about the events of Sunday’s episode, including:

* Elias trying to frame Simon as the bomber — but when Alex & Co. figured out that the lawyer was involved in the attack, Elias confessed that he’d been blackmailed into kidnapping Alex on the morning of the bombing and leaving her at the hotel. And with that admission made, Elias ended his own life by flinging himself out a window.

* The FBI realizing that a second bomb had been planted in the hotel’s boiler room. That device was defused with seconds to spare… but then another bomb detonated underneath the bank that had been converted into the bureau’s command center near Grand Central.

* Caleb visiting that same location (in his Mark Raymond persona) weeks before the first bombing and remarking that the building was so close to Grand Central…

Meanwhile, in the Quantico timeline, we met Caleb’s senator mom Claire (played by Marcia Cross) and Ryan’s ex-wife/current FBI partner Hannah (played by Eliza Coupe) at a fancy New Year’s Eve party at the Haas estate.

All caught up? Cool. Read on to hear what Safran has to say about what’s next for the NATs (and for some fun intel on Ryan’s turn as a lovelorn troubadour).

Quantico Elias Dies DeadTVLINE | The promos for this episode promised that we’d learn the identity of the bomber. This may make me sound like an idiot, but are we supposed to come away from the episode thinking Caleb is the bomber?

I cannot answer that, but of course, it is an interesting development that the bank that Mark Raymond is depositing his money in is the same bank that would come to be the emergency command center at a later date.

TVLINE | You’ve got to admit, that is not as clear-cut as it might be.
Well, I mean, Elias definitely is a terrorist, but whether he is a pawn of a larger mastermind or whether he acted alone is going to form sort of an arc of episodes moving forward. But he still did enact at least part of a plan — if not the plan that ended up killing many, many people. So you have definitely learned the identity of a terrorist. The question of whether he’s the only one remains to be seen, and it comes down to whether you believe what Elias was saying in the hotel room as the truth, or if you believe it was purely him biding time to get everybody in place in the emergency command center.

TVLINE | Alex’s sentencing was scheduled to happen in a few hours. Will that get put off by everyone dealing with the second bombing?
The sentencing is off the table with the events of the episode, I would say.

TVLINE | They were pretty high up in that hotel room, so I assume Elias is no longer with us?
Yes. Unfortunately for time, I had to cut the shot of his body on the ground… because we felt like it was fairly clear that they are high up, and he is dead.

Quantico Elias Dies DeadTVLINE | In the past, we meet Claire Haas and Hannah Wyland. Let’s deal with Hannah first. Is she really working in Ryan’s best interests?
Well, she is working in what she believes are Ryan’s best interests… One of the most fun things about that character is that she really lays everything out the way she sees it, and how you choose to take those is up to you… She is not a Machiavellian character.

TVLINE | Will we ever hear the song that Ryan wrote for Alex?
[Laughs] As a funny joke, Josh Hopkins said, “Oh my god, you have to write the song. Don’t tell Jake [McLaughlin],” so Hunter [Ellis], my assistant, who is a composer, wrote a song, but like on purpose bad, and attached it to the back of the script for release with the production draft. I didn’t tell Jake, so when he was reading the script and he got to the song, it was really funny.

TVLINE | Shelby and Senator Haas have two very different interactions in this episode, in the past and in the present. Will we see them interact more in the future? Maybe will Clayton get a scene with the two ladies?
I cannot answer what happens to any of those characters in the future, as they are all in the bank when the bomb goes off.

TVLINE | We see Charlie returned to Miranda’s house in pretty bad shape. Will he be able to tell them anything about what’s happened to him?
He would be able to. Whether it feels safe to is the question that’s answered in Episode 12.

TVLINE | My last question — and this is a pressing one, so please pay attention — is: How did Shelby and the ladies know to have all these ball gowns in their closets at Quantico?
[Laughs] You know, we talked about this way, way back in Episode 5, when they went undercover at the cocktail party. Samantha Rattner, the costume designer, and I talked about this: the idea that when they went out to get those dresses… that they were going to need, these were the dresses they didn’t wear that evening. [Laughs]

What did you think of the episode? Grade the fall finale via the poll below, then hit the comments to elaborate on your pick!

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  1. Legalbeagle says:

    In your third * I think you mean Caleb, not Simon!

    • Michael Ausiello says:


      • Bigdede says:

        Hello, can anyone help me with the timeline. The bomb supposedly happened 6 months after they initially started Quantico. So Shelby met Caleb’s mom and somehow ended up on assignment and fell her Caleb’s dad? So did that happen in a month? Natalie and Alex are supposedly friends wi th Natalie even encouraging Alex to call Ryan yet she gets with Ryan. All this happened in 6 months? How long does it take to finish Quantico? Why didn’t they show flashbacks of where Elias went after flunking out? Where did Simon go and who got him back in the FBI? Why couldn’t we get those flashbacks?

  2. Shawn says:

    That’s bull! Seriously u promised we’d find out the bomber and Elias doesn’t count.

    But wow way to screw with your gay characters.

    • Patrick says:

      Take it as a compliment. Gay is so accepted now that it is OK to make them the villians. Not because they are gay, but because Gay is just another thing like tall, short, thin, fat, whatever.

    • Nats says:

      So because he’s gay he should be treated as a special delicate flower? No.. he’s just another character, if it fits their story, let them do whatever the hell they want with him..

      • Rook says:

        Yes but now they’ve killed the only gay character off.

        • Leilani says:

          So he should receive special treatment and not be killed off because he’s gay?

          • Rook says:

            That’s not what even said or meant. It’s more my frustration with them killing off the only gay character.

            If you click on my name and read the article I think it does a better job of explaining.

        • John NYC says:

          The only one revealed up to this point….

        • Olivia says:

          Honestly, was he ever relevant as far as representation goes (except the small pseudo arc with Simon)? As a gay woman I’m pretty intransigent when it comes to gay characters and what shows do with/to them, but this time I have to admit that I completely agree with what Patrick and JJ said.
          I would have felt differently if the character was written as a fully developed gay man, for two reasons: 1) because it would have killed a representative character and the only one at that; 2) because they would have made a cheap “plot twist” at the expense of lgbt representation, contenting the brain-challenged in the process (you know, the type always using “agenda” in their comments and probably also thinking “of course he was a terrorist! I bet the jew & the arab sisters are in on it as well!”).

    • Delirious says:

      I call BS on the whole “the bomber will be revealed in the midseason finale”. The way I see it, Caleb said he didn’t plant/set the bomb off. Neither did Simon. And Caleb/Raymond visiting the vaults right before it’s revealed it goes off, saying it’s really close to GC, and right after him and Shelby talk about the planned bombing by his (former?) cult – if that doesn’t mean he’s the bomber, or that he’s part of the bombers, it’s simply that: A LOAD OF BS.

      And yes, I’m pissed off because I love the show, my fave (by far) of the “Class of Fall 2015”, and being promised the bomber, but Safran saying it’s open, or whatever… Are you serious, bro? The main complaint the show gets is the absurd amount of swerves it has (“it looks like him! but it’s not! now it’s her! wait, not her either!”), and you throw THAT in the interview?

  3. kate says:

    I’m presuming that Alex will be assumed dead since she was being held there. I just wonder who else might have been. It might have been the end of the twins. I sort of wonder if Caleb was supposed to be there too and just hid. I get confused about when the Mark Reynolds is taking place.

    • Bigdede says:

      How can Alex be dead? We saw her running toward the bombed building! Did you watch? Natalie, Alex and Nimah went with Elias to find Simon. The only people we know that was in the building was able Shelby when we saw her run into Caleb’s mom

      • Katherine215 says:

        Presumed dead by the world, since she was in the bank’s basement as far as they knew. Only a handful of people knew she was out and about. And we don’t actually know who was in the building – Shelby could have gone for a cup of coffee.

  4. Still_Pissed says:

    Feel ripped off by being told we’re going to get some answers, and yes, we found out about Elias, but there was no BIG reveal. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr Oh I know they’ll say “we never promised we’d reveal everything”, but I’m still pissed. But I’ll keep watching it. But I’m still pissed.

    • Jim says:

      Question: After Liam and the boss lady told Alex she has to stay in the basement, and suddenly she’s out in public chasing down terrorists? I don’t get it.

      • Danielle says:

        Alex goes with some team members to find Simon and he ends up revealing Elias.

      • shutuprob says:

        When the evidence planted at Simon’s house pointed to him being the terrorist, that instantly cleared Alex. And there’s no doubt that Miranda and Liam both had the appropriate judges to clear Alex on speed dial when that house was being searched, if not sooner.
        Of the members of Team Alex, it was Alex herself that both knows Simon the best and is also willing to give him the benefit of the doubt — that’s why she went with the others to check out Simon’s house again. Since she had already been to Simon’s house and that very room, she was also familiar enough with Simon, with his bomb-expert friend and other details to at least guide them through everything that was different in the room between the time she was last there and the search now. It might have been legally dodgy to bring Alex along if she were only a material witness, but she’s an agent and her being a suspect was literally a formality in order to try to flush the lead terrorist out (whether the leader is Caleb or not), so the second she’s cleared, she’s the investigator on the case who has the best working knowledge of both the suspect (Simon) and the overall case. Plus, once Simon is cleared, she’s also the one best suited to work with him to try to figure out how the lead terrorist has modified his plan.

    • Sandy Scott says:

      you don’t think Elias being the bomber is a reveal?? I was surprised.. but yes we do not know the whole story.. Maybe Caleb is part of it or maybe not.. still think he is but.. that will get you to keep watching.. we know Alex is safe.. Simon made the plan and could go to jail.. Elias set up Alex.. BUT we do not know who set up the bombs for sure.. but we still know a whole lot more now.. I thought it was good.

  5. SUSO says:

    So frustrating. I know that it was the network that was promoting the episode that way, but Safran had to have had some input… or at least told them that this means a boatful of angry people might not come back in the spring.

    As for me, I’m exhausted by this show. I really, really tried to give it a shot, but the characters don’t make any sense and the wheels have been spinning for far too long. I think I’m done.

  6. Allison says:

    Also, it’s Caleb’s senator mom Claire, not Mark’s. Mark is his alterego.

  7. Danielle says:

    Why does Rick Cosnet always have to die :/

    • shutuprob says:

      In another life (or hundred), his name is Kenny and he lives in a strange little place called South Park.

    • Patrick says:

      I am sure he’s fine with it. He’s had two good roles in two successful rookie shows. He was good, and played two fairly diverse characters. Him dying this early in the season will make him one of the more sought after actors during the next pilot season. He’s about to have a great winter and spring. Don’t cry for him, Argentina.

    • Delirious says:

      Is he related in any way to Sean Bean?

  8. Nita says:

    Didn’t Elias say that he didn’t kidnap Alex?

    • Alichat says:

      Yes. He said that it wasn’t him…..that he was “gone by then.” Not sure where he had gone, but perhaps we’ll find out when the show comes back.

  9. Midnight says:

    So the FBI didn’t sweep the bank that they used as their emergency command center?

  10. So FakeGay (because straight guys have it sooooo bad they have to pretend to be gay to get a head in life, right?) is a hero but RealGay is a cowardly terrorist who border-lined on creepy stalker all season long? Lovely. Excuse me while I change the channel for good.

  11. pAloma says:

    March! How cruel.

  12. Alichat says:

    I’m still kinda suspicious of Simon. He turned everything around onto Elias pretty quick. We never found out who was blackmailing him. And frankly, I wouldn’t have let go of that trigger until they’d removed the bomb or dismantled it. He was quick to take his hand off of it.

    • Stacy says:

      The bomb was “dismantled”, essentially. And that wouldn’t have mattered, because it detonated a different bomb entirely. I, too, would have been too paranoid to release immediately, but either way that bomb was going off.

      • Alichat says:

        Yeah I know the trigger detonated the bomb in the bank, but that’s my point. He was just too quick to release it once they said the bomb in the hotel was secure. I think I’d have held onto that thing for awhile. And did anyone check his chair? He said he didn’t get up because he wasn’t sure if there was a bomb in his chair. So they dismantle the one in the basement, but don’t check his chair? What if the bomb tied to Simon was in his chair and the goal was to kill them? It was just a little suspect.

  13. missing answers says:

    The show gives a few answers which keep you coming back hoping to get more answers in the next episode but labs you wondering so much. It’s like a gigantic puzzle that you think you are going to get close to finishing only to find our near the end you are missing so many pieces. A little confusing

  14. Scott says:

    Claire mentioned that her husband wanted to be introduced to Ben Carson at their party, but why would he have been there if they are Democrats?

  15. dan says:

    Windows on “modern” high rises in NYC don’t open. Unless the DNC was using an old hotel built in the 50s or 60s, there is no way Elias would’ve been in front of a window with an open latch like that. And the first 20 minutes of the show with the NATs getting ready for New Years weekend and the girls getting drunk was laughable (in a bad way). It was painful to watch this episode.

    • john NYC says:

      50’s or 60’s “old”?

      The Plaza was opened in 1907! Dozens of high end hotels in that city no doubt pre-date the invention of building air conditioning.

  16. mika02 says:

    Great episode. So we found out the bomber but not who framed Alex and Simon. I do believe Elias for two reasons he was not at Quantico from Day one to frame Alex nor was he at Quantico to steal the Grand Central Plans. Also the person who Kidnapped Alex had to be in the FBI which Elias was not. Plus if he was planting the Bomb someone else was framing Alex shooting Booth and setting up the apartment because Elias said he was out of the country before the bombing.

  17. jj says:

    It was a weak winter finale. And the answers in the interview don’t inspire confidence. The two together make it doubtful I will keep watching.

  18. jsmith79 says:

    How can someone be in the final list to be a VP candidate on New year’s eve, before the first caucuses or primaries are even held?

    • Patrick says:

      Behind the scenes power brokers in the various parties have a short list, and huge sway over these decisions. Such power brokers are not at all known by the media or public. You would have to spend MONTHS vetting a potential candidate, not the mere days or weeks once a candidate has secured the nomination for his party.
      A much better question is why the Senator would even be considered if she were engaged in a sham marriage, with a son who’d been part of cult with plans that included domestic terrorism. All that would come out in a campaign, and would ruin the ticket. That is the real question.

      • John NYC says:

        Short lists include favors as well: why piss off a Senator? go through the motions, get what’s needed from her, then “go in a different direction”….

        Because yeah, the public long term sham marriage would, in this era of opposition research, get dragged out into the daylight right quick.

      • Shaun says:

        Maybe the VP died or resigned.Also Caleb was a minor when he did that stuff so it might have been expunged.

  19. Patrick says:

    Am I the only one getting fed up with Shelby? She doesn’t like that Caleb tells the truth, and forces people to confront that truth. He doesn’t always turn out to be correct, but he forces people to confront the truth. If Shelby is comfortable with lies, either to others or to herself, then she needs to rethink her life. It is also possible that Shelby doesn’t want to be around a guy who so aggressively pursues the truth, for whatever reason.

    • Anna says:

      “She doesn’t like that Caleb tells the truth, and forces people to confront that truth.[…] It is also possible that Shelby doesn’t want to be around a guy who so aggressively pursues the truth, for whatever reason.” Then, why getting fed up with her, at least because of that? If there were a reason for me to become annoyed by Shelby, it’d be her constant whining which masquerades as apologies. She slept with her ex’s married dad with her eyes wide open and now, she keeps apologizing to the people hurt by her actions, as if she didn’t know what she was doing.

    • Stacy says:

      Oh, I’m soooo over Shelby. She claims to love Caleb, but she shows his lying, manipulative family more compassion than she shows him. He pursued the truth of her being lied to by her “sister” in order to protect her, and comforted her when he turned out to be right. He’s shown respect and loyalty by exposing his parents lies to each other, even if they choose to continue the sad cycle.
      For an agent in training, even if she faces denial in her own life, shouldn’t she be attempting to see beneath the surface? Wouldn’t a halfway normal person feel compassion for a significant other who grew up surrounded by ulterior motives and political plotting?

  20. Anna says:

    I might have to watch the episode again. I’m not sure Caleb is THE or A terrorist, although he’d be a really interesting unsuspected pick. Sure there were tiny itsy bitsy breadcrumbs left here and there: the fake FB profile, the meeting in a hotel room after he confessed to Shelby and the huge hint/pun in tonight’s episode (someone ready to blow things up to make people see his truth, just like he did with the mormon guy). Yet, I still don’t think it’s Caleb. He definitely had an easy access to Simon’s backpack in the lockers, just like the elusive Brandon. Anyway, the winter finale was a little bit blah. The 2/3 of it with the girls’ boring slumber party and Alex’s moping about Ryan was too 90210 for me. Don’t even start me with Ryan’s ex running interference because she was the first to break his heart so she now knows what’s best for him! I just hope this show is not gonna end up like Revenge: promising start then too many convoluted plots and ludicrous twists. What kind of EVIDENCE can be faked by a defence lawyer so that he’d always win his cases, including the ones against the FBI? Are talking false testimonies by fake witnesses? Even that, at some point, they have to be checked. Was Elias that smart?

    • Stacy says:

      Like Simon and Charlie and partly Elias, Caleb will be just another link in a long, long chain of events. Just as Simon created plans he didn’t execute, I suspect a similar plot will be used with Caleb. At least, that’s my suspicion.
      Making Caleb the terrorist by season’s end (presumably), would eliminate a lot of plots related to the Haas clan, the only family that’s been introduced much thus far.

  21. Carla Krae says:

    Best episode of the season so far, probably.

  22. DK says:

    Feels like an episode of PLL

  23. Boiler says:

    Perhaps the bomber not totally clear as the season was extended to a longer number than expected. That would mean adding stuff not planned. I guess it doesn’t explain the promos but things like that don’t bug me, except networks that announce a series finale as season.

    • dan says:

      I thought ABC gave them a total of 19 episodes which is shorter than a regular season of 22 episodes. That’s why it isn’t coming back until March. Was it originally scheduled as a limited season (like HTGAWM)?

  24. herman1959 says:

    Something told me to pass on this show after my bad experience with The Blacklist, and I’m glad I did if it’s STILL not clear who “the bomber” is. The upside for me is that Rick Cosnett is now available to play Eddie Thawne, again, in The Flash – flashback, Earth 2, whatever!

  25. wrstlgirl says:

    Maybe if they didn’t spend so much time on Alex perfect hair they could have had a better plot. Honestly does that girl ever have a strand out of place. Even when she was on the run she looked like she just came out of a beauty parlor. The story just gets more and more ridiculous as time goes on. Not sure I’ll bother next March either. It’s really gonna depend on the time slot competition.

    • MiaB says:

      It’s so funny you say that. I was just thinking last night. All these women in FBI caps with this perfect hair. Who does their hair when they’re going to wear a cap? lol Just a random thing to notice.

  26. Jim McBennett says:

    A promising engaging 2-3 episodes followed by boring, boring, soap operatic viewing. Won’t be roped into the sequel. Have deleted from my weekly TVO list

  27. Luis says:

    I seriously hope Rick Cosnett is not going to get typecast as “the guy who, sooner or later, offs himself”

  28. Suse says:

    Any ideas why they keep changing the time in the intro? Last episode it was 7 months ago, this week was 6 months ago.

    • because time at Quantico is not static – they are a class and time passes in training!

    • LIzzie says:

      To mess with your head – this sort of a varied and shifting backstory timeline is something we had to deal with in How to Get Away With Murder. Makes it tough to watch these shows and drink wine at the same time.

    • John NYC says:

      They’re moving forward with the story in the Quantico training timeline, just at a faster pace than in present day. What takes place later in the training is happening closer to present day: so the time displayed would be shorter to show that it’s closer.

  29. LIzzie says:

    Clearly we do not have the identify of the bombers – 3 bombs, one token participant in Elias being blackmailed to participate, Simon holding the detonator for Bomb #2 – none of this has given us the identities of the people who created and placed the bombs.

    • John NYC says:

      Well to be fair we definitely have the identity of one of the Quantico attendees that was “A” bomber, conspirator, though not the only one…..

  30. Leila says:

    I knew, from the second Shelby said Caleb would blow something (can’t remember exactly what) up to prove his point, that all suspicions would go to Caleb.

  31. Mcgee says:

    What kind of hotel has big open windows like that?