Mike and Molly Cancelled

Mike & Molly Cancelled, Says Co-Star

Mike & Molly‘s upcoming season apparently will be its last.

Echoing conventional wisdom born of the news that Season 6 had been trimmed to 13 episodes, actress Rondi Reed — who plays Mike’s mother Peggy on the CBS sitcom — says the cast has known “for a few weeks” that this is the end.

“[T]his is the final and sixth season of Mike & Molly on CBS…. We are done taping as of January 27th,” Reed shared in a Facebook post this week. “Other venues were explored by [Warner Bros. TV] and [Chuck Lorre’s] Bonanza Productions after CBS announced their intentions, but did not turn up a future for our show.”

A CBS spokesperson did not immediately respond to TVLine’s request on Sunday afternoon for comment.

News of Mike & Molly‘s truncated season emerged when CBS’ midseason schedule showed the sitcom — which stars Emmy winner-turned-Oscar-nominated film star Melissa McCarthy opposite Billy Gardell — forming a new Wednesday comedy block with 2 Broke Girls for just six weeks, starting Jan. 6. After that, Season 6’s remaining episodes will be scheduled opportunistically.

Mike & Molly averaged north of 11 million weekly viewers and a 3.4 demo rating during its freshman run. Season 5 averaged 7.4 mil and a 2.0.

Are you prepared to bid Mike & Molly adieu? Anything you hope to see happen before the series ends?

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  1. Mr. Tran K says:

    Mike & Molly deserves to end. Looks like Melissa McCarthy is now moving forward to her amazing movie career.

    • Robyn says:

      Melissa sound she would stay with the show as long as it would be on the air.

    • James F. Smith says:

      Melissa McCarthy’s amazing film career as you put it came as a result of Mike and Molly….. nothing that she did before or since but Mike and Molly totally. To be quite honest I would much prefer to see her on Mike & Molly as opposed to movies because most of the movies I’ve seen her in she plays pretty much the same obnoxious gross nasty character and really does not have near the appeal or humor that she does on Mike & Molly.

      • Connie B says:

        Very true post. To much cussing.

        • patsy bryant says:

          Have u looked at other movies and TV programs lately. I am 71 years of age and I don’t care to watch anyone like tosh.o
          Its not to many programs that doesn’t have cursing and get real vulgar

      • sonia loya says:

        I agree thanks for saying it out loud.

      • tsevca says:

        Exactly! And it isn´t even funny. It was such a let down for me, when season 4 started with something between Molly and turning her into that character, and then I saw video interview with the showrunner, who talked about how Melissa is so famous with that kind of comedy in her movies and it´s stupid of them not to make her do that on Mike and Molly. I gave it few episodes, but they were everything but funny and Mike and Molly turned into Molly making dumb comedy and everyone else just being there not to have it one woman show. I left even before fall finale and never looked back. Even if they got better eventually, I lost all the respect for the show and Melissa. If she wants to spend the rest of her life making idiot out of herself in the scenes that are one just like the other, her choice, but I´m not watching it. At least I hoped she´d have enough sense to show her gratitude during the GG revival, those movies made her star, but she wouldn´t get any of the opportunities without playing Sookie, but her behaviour…

      • Dawn C. says:

        No matter what you watch there will be something with killing, stabbing, and cussing or anything that is nasty and gross so if you don’t want anything like that to look at or here or move watch best thing is to do is get a coloring book and color or read your Bible wait there’s nasty stuff and there is stabbing or whipping someone or you can get finding the word book to keep u busy. So don’t sit there and say Mike and Molly’s gross or they do gross things because there’s other stuff out there that is worse so no matter what you see you where you go lately there is something that is gross or bad or could be worse than what you see.

    • Darlene says:

      Mike and Molly became my favorite comedy show. Every one of the characters on this show were hilarious. Sad to see this one go. I own every Season on DVD and watch them constantly. They make my day.
      Can’t believed they pulled this one.

      • Ken mcguire says:

        I agree 100 %!

      • Colleen says:

        One of my favorite shows !! Sad to see it end !

      • R kaun says:

        Keep Mike and Molly. My favorite sit com along with Mom. Peggy is so real…brings nightmares.

      • Why is it ending? I have not seen any reason being given anywhere. I think this decision stinks and only solidifies my thoughts and decisions not to get overly excited or enthusiastic by any sitcom, EVER AGAIN!

        • patsy bryant says:

          They had rather put nauseating programs on

        • I heard the reason it is ending was because Molly lost so much weight she didn’t fit the character anymore. I say bs. She is one of the funniest actresses since Carol Burnett. Give the show a break. Resume Mike and Molly and keep us laughing. Today’s world needs more humor.

          • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

            So false.

          • Katie says:


      • Sitting Doll says:

        Mike and Molly really was my favorite sitcom. Everyone was so funny especially Melissa M. The characters played very well off of each other. Hate to see it end. Congrats to Melissa M. for her weight loss. You look GREAT!

      • Virginia Brown says:

        I agree! I’m increasingly disenchanted with the quality of sitcoms and this was one i could always count on to be entertaining. While i also like her movies, I really enjoyed all the characters on this show. Im very disappointed it’s been cancelled.

        • LINDA BRUCE says:

          whos ignorant decision was it to cancel a top show?? how IGNORANT AND STUPID!!just because a woman character lost wt!! that shouLd have NO BEARING ON ANYTHING!!! REALLY BAD MOVE!! bet it wouldn’t have been canceled if it was a man that lost wt!!!!!! there are VERY FEW GOOD SITCOMS ON TV!! now there one less!! somebody is brain dead to do this!!!! they were trying to get pregnant and their dr should have told them it might be easier if molly lost weight!!!! her wt loss has NOTHING TO DO ABOUT THE SHOW!!! seem tho its always a stupid man that makes these wrong decisions!!!!! just because they don’t like certain shows..soaps included!!! they shouldn’t have so much power especially when it comes to ruining top shows!! OPEN YOUR EYES TO SEE WHAT A GREAT SHOW IT IS AND WILL BE!!! WAKE THE HE— UP!!

      • Gary says:


      • judie says:

        I am with you Darlene. When I watch TV I want something that makes me smile and laugh outloud not something that gives me nightmares

    • marcul says:

      the reason it stopped it cause she is not the same complection anymore and well it didnt fit with the show so it has to go but i hope she goes back

  2. abz says:

    Sad news. I really enjoyed this show. Hopefully this might give Melissa McCarthy some extra time to appear in a cameo at least for the Gilmore Girls revival, but who knows.

  3. Kate says:

    I loved M&M when they found their rhythm in season 1, but when they tried to shift the dynamics a couple of seasons in the show lost its charm.

    • Matt Smith says:

      Once Molly quit her job and got ‘crazier’, I didn’t like it as much. But I still like the ensemble and the show is still one of the few sitcoms that makes me laugh out loud every single episode.

      • Diane says:

        I too loved every aspect of this show. Didn’t like, and wrote them about it, when they went to slap stick, and Susan Sarandon. They must have gotten a lot of slack on it, they seemed to change back. I watch the re-runs and still laugh out loud. WHY cancel? I won’t watch the lewd Broke Girls. Going to miss it, what a shame.

    • Brenda says:

      So true, seems like mike and Molly was not as funny as they use to be but the rest of the cast was a hoot. Loved Peggy and will miss her and Vince.

  4. No surprise here. Rumor had it Melissa wanted out, so she could focus more on her film career. People also need to keep in mind that CBS doesn’t own Mike & Molly, Warner Bros. does. A network is more likely to renew shows owned by its sister studio over outside productions, because they make money off of syndication deals, international sales, etc. For CBS in particular, it’s never just about the ratings. Case in point: Stalker. So many fans were upset it was cancelled, because the ratings weren’t terrible. They failed to take into account the fact that it was not owned by CBS, which is a big disadvantage. While Mike & Molly had great ratings, they suffer the same problem. CBS has no financial incentive to renew a show it doesn’t own, because it’s not benefiting from syndication packages or the like. But if the network owns a show and it’s making them a profit, when it comes down to a ratings tie (or even just renewal decisions in general), they will usually go with that show over one they are simply agreeing to air on their network.

    • Jim J. says:

      About this “program ownership” issue, I think vertical integration sucks. If that’s true, then I really hope CBS gets a good “owned” sitcom in the next couple of years.

      I am also keeping in mind that only the top-tier shows like “The Big Bang Theory” (a Warner Bros.-owned show), “NCIS” (owned by CBS’s in-house studio), and “Criminal Minds” (which CBS Studios actually co-owns with ABC Studios) can have big ratings and run for as many seasons as possible, while the lower-tier shows (like “The Good Wife” and “Elementary”, which are owned by CBS Studios, and “Person of Interest”, owned by WB) only have respectable ratings and are unlikely to get past seven or eight seasons. I think “Mike & Molly” is a second-tier show, and as such, I thought it was unlikely that it could get past season 6.

      • Before she stepped down as chairman, Nina Tassler said “program ownership” was key to CBS’ decisions. She outright admitted that determined renewal for them, because they take into account revenue they earn from streaming deals, syndication packages, international sales, etc. She said they monetize different shows different ways and try to determine how to monetize across the board, so program ownership is usually a deciding factor. When the new president Glenn Geller took over, he said they’d continue that trend. Both execs admitted that for something like TBBT, which isn’t owned by CBS but gets monster ratings, that’s an exception. And, they are still looking for that kind of a show – one that has that level of success.

        • Amy says:

          It stinks that CBS doesn’t own Person of Interest. It is an amazing show, and deserves more love from CBS. I am still pissed that it was renewed for an abbreviated 5th season, but CBS failed to add it to their mid-season schedule. They spent money on filming the episodes, so they better find a timeslot soon to air them.

      • SWS says:

        Veronica and Jim:

        This is one of the reasons Congress moved to prohibit co-ownership of movie studios and TV networks in the mid-1950s. (CBS and Paramount were trying to merge as early as 1952.) Another reason is that networks would give sweetheart deals to their own affiliates when their shows went into syndication, while charging higher fees to other stations. (Viacom started as an outdoor billboard company. It entered the TV business when Congress mandated that companies independent of the networks syndicate their programs. Viacom was selected to syndicate CBS-produced series.)

        When the vertical integration restrictions were lifted in the 1980s, many of the old fears came true, although they were not usually noticed by the public. Fox-owned “M*A*S*H”, which had been popular with the CBS affiliates that had originally carried it, was yanked out of general syndication and offered exclusively to Fox affiliates. And CBS, Paramount and Viacom moved incredibly fast to merge together.

        BTW, the only reason that there are so many Warner Brothers series on CBS is because the two companies co-own The CW. They have a tacit agreement that any series aimed at families and older viewers go to CBS while their more “youth-oriented” series go to The CW.

        • Mike M says:

          All good points made by all three of you. In addition to the ownership issue and the possible film desires of the bigger star is the longevity factor. I’m not sure exactly when these contracts were last renewed or due, but by year seven things are also getting a lot more expensive to roll over as well whether you own it or not. With 100 in the can for syndication during season 5, the writing was on the wall as soon as it didn’t come back with 2 Broke and Mom.

    • Too many TV stars had delusions of grandeur of becoming a movie star after hitting it big on their TV series, and once they get the taste of making a movie and having it becom a hit then that’s it. Funny thing though, once they end the show and turn to the movie theaters they become distant and fade away into the sunset, some you never see again but maybe once in a while. I am very unhappy about M&M ending the show.

  5. Jennifer says:

    Never watched the show but this is giving me hope that we’ll see Sookie on the Gilmore Girls revival!!!

  6. Brandy says:

    Just gonna believe that this is so she can be on Gilmore Girls. :)

    • dj says:

      Gilmore Girls is small potatoes for her now. Maybe a small appearance, but I doubt she’ll be a regular in each episode. She’s moved on to bigger things.

  7. dj says:

    Sorry to hear this. I really enjoy the show. Peggy, we’ll miss ya! (and Jim, too)

    • misery chick says:

      Yup, Peggy (and Jim of course!!!) were def favorite. Before my mom passed away, we would laugh like CRAZY while we watched (and then recapped to each other) Rondi Reed’s every expression, voice tone, voice volume, grunts, snorts etc. My mom’s been gone four years; M&M’s cancellation is a sad goodbye to a link with my mom 😢

  8. Not surprising given CBS has been actively trying to kill the show the past two years with scheduling. Case of a network of taking a perfectly funny little sitcom, yank it around the schedule to knock off it’s viewers, then cancel it because it’s ratings are down.

  9. Liberi says:

    This isn’t surprising. Last seasons episodes I saw weren’t very good and you could tell the show had lost it’s spark. Hopefully this last shortened season will wrap things up well and the episodes will be better.

    • Robbie says:

      I really enjoyed Mike and Molly. The writing was outstanding, and the characters delivered their lines well. I couldn’t tell you that I had one favorite character because I liked them all. Each one made the show funny. The WB is making a big mistake and should reconsider one more year. If any show should be cancelled it is Two Broke Girls. That show is so stupid. I will be watching Mike and Molly on Wednesday, but not Two Broke Girls because writing and the characters are awful.

  10. I so enjoyed this show! Why does a show with respectable ratings gets dropped and these new silly comedies without substance or ratings remain? Great cast….hate to see them go.

    • Joyce says:

      I love Mike and Molly they always cancel the good shows and leave on the shows that are stupid they are a great comedy that we all love our family will miss Mike and molly

  11. Paul says:

    Not Surprised. The show lost it’s charm when they tweaked it in Season 4 and tried to change the character of Molly to that of the bafoonish characters played by Melissa McCarthy in her movies. Once again if it ain’t broke don’t fix it.

    • Exactly. I thought I was the only one who noticed it. It went from Molly being the smart responsible one to Mike being the buffoon to a total role reversal. It really annoyed me how they made her the same way she is in her movies for the show. I think in only the later part of last season they cut down on her buffoonery. I had almost gave up on the show when they made that switch.

      Sad to see it go though but I figured sooner or later she would rather do movies than a sitcom. I honestly feel or the rest of the cast more or less.

    • MJ says:

      I agree. I stopped watching the show when they changed the format and had her acting like characters in her movies. I feel she is funny without all of the over the top antics. In most of her movies it seems like they are trying to make her as unattractive as possible and somehow that is supposed to be funny. I wish she would change it up and do a movie where she can be funny and pretty.

    • Mr. Smith says:

      Very much agree!

  12. keith says:

    They were supose to have a baby. The baby announcement ending aired in Canada not the US. The baby was scraped. I think that would have helped.

  13. ed says:

    This is kinda dumb to me. The show still does well so what cbs should have done was put the show on fridays. If last man standing can survive so can this shows.

  14. Boiler says:

    Unfortunately probably doesn’t bode well for 2 Broke Girls either unless Angels from Hell bombs, which it should.Way things going next year I won’t need to watch TV.

    • Mike M says:

      Trust me Angels from Hell is going right back there, it’s awful. CBS can monetize all their own content all they like – good damn luck when all they’ve got is worth $4.86. 2BG is pretty safe, but then again once the stupidity droplets start there can often be a downpour.

  15. Betsy says:

    Unbelievably derivative, simplistic and stupid “Gilmore” is coming back and “Mike and Molly” is over? Simply more proof that glossy, slim and gorgeous but sickeningly facile will always trump realism (a stab at it, at least) in TVland. A crying shame.

    • wgsecretary says:

      Of course, everyone is entitled to her opinion. But, I can’t believe that anyone who has ever seen Gilmore Girls would call it any of those things, especially not simplistic. I also enjoyed Mike & Molly. But, word on the street is also that Melissa McCarthy wanted out to focus more on her film career. If that’s the case, it wasn’t all in the hands of the network.

  16. anon 49 says:

    i didn’t know it was still on.

  17. Margie Blaylock says:

    I’m so sad that my favorite show ever will be cancelled. The cast is brilliant! Best show since “Will and Grace”! Why do All the really good things have to end?

  18. JosiahBartlet4President says:

    I liked Melissa on “Samantha Who,” but I didn’t think “Mike and Molly” was that funny. I hope that now she will be free for the “Gilmore Girls” reunion!

  19. Pat says:

    I am so sorry to hear this. By far for myself and my husband, this was one of the funniest shows that we ever watched. Everyone of the characters on this show made us laugh. We continue to watch the reruns and still continue to laugh even after seeing them over and over.

  20. prish says:

    This is a real loss for our household. When I told him the bad news about Mike & Molly’s cancellation, the husband said, “OMG! That is the hardest thing for me to comment on. That was a very good show. Each year was funnier, never a lull with every joke funny. It’s one of the few shows I can see, over and over. Every one of the cast is hilarious.” Hopefully, the genius who started, developed and produced M&M will come up with more series for CBS, directly.

  21. prish says:

    I bless the cast, crew, directors, producers, Warner Bros. TV and CBS for giving us Mike & Molly, all these years, filling our house with the laughter of happy people. It was a true gift in these struggling times.

  22. Rusty says:

    It returns Wed Jan 6. The article says Jan 7, but that is the wrong date.

  23. peterwdawson says:

    Not a shock, but six seasons is a pretty decent run. Plus Melissa McCarthy might be able to do more quality movies now.

  24. Sonnie says:

    I thought the show was so funny; however, I did not watch if for Mike or Molly, I liked the sister, the drunk mom (she was a scene stealer, in a great way) Peggy and Carl and Carls grandmother and Samuel made that show. I loved it when Peggy went out with the captain that was classic. It would be nice if someone else were to pick the show up, with or without Molly.

    • Sonnie says:

      BTW, if any of the shows need to go on CBS take a look at 2 broke girl, the laughs are forced and n right stooopid (yep, I meant to spell it that way)

      • abz says:

        I still enjoy 2 Broke Girls, but I agree about how forced somethings are. I absolutely detest this running bit where Jennifer Coolidge’s character Sophie has to get an applause every single episode and enters each episode the same way (“Hey everybody!…..waits for applause…insert random comment. Sits down.) It’s always the same. It’s been so annoying for four seasons now.
        And honestly even though I get a chuckle every now and then, some of the jokes have become so repetitive like the ones about Han’s height or the implications that he’s gay or Oleg’s typical comments. After five seasons they need to try to change things up a little. And yes the premise of the show is seeing the lives of two broke girls and how they navigate but at least have a little bit of maybe a seasonal storyline going. Make their lives improve a bit. What happened to the second job at the bakery place with the Sandra Bernhard character? And why are they always making them lose money and have their balance be so low? At least in the early seasons they were working toward getting their own place, but we’re not seeing much of an outcome with this current place now.
        I still adore Max and Caroline has her moments so I’ll probably still stick with it, but it definitely does need some improvement.

        • chadcronin says:

          I look forward to the “Hey Everybody” and say it with her, so I get sad if she changes how she says it. I do agree they need to work on advancing the show a little. They had a few 2nd jobs that quickly went away.

    • RubieAnn says:

      If this is the last season, I hope they put Peggy back with the Captain! I loved their romance! I don’t know what happened to the romance after the tornado. They kind of ruined a good thing when they didn’t follow through with that!!!

    • Patricia Williams says:

      Really I could do a spin off! Make Mike a widower with a toddler and all of them are trying to help him raise it. Put Carl and the sister back together and them living in Mike’s basement. If Melissa really did decide to ditch the show well I’d be fine without her. I’m sure we can find a new love interest for Mike in a year or so.

  25. Josh says:

    Melissa McCarthy is breathing a sigh of relief.

    Now, onto a full time movie career and an appearance in the Gilmore Girls reunion.

  26. TV Gord says:

    The season two shift in focus to Molly was a blow to the dynamic of the ensemble. I hope she diversifies in film, because it seems she’s just playing variations of the same character on the so-called big screen.

  27. kay says:

    Thank goodness. Never saw what the attraction was. Not funny at all.I don’t care for Melissa McCarthy’s movies either. Vulgarity is not humorous.

  28. Lee says:

    I love Mike and Molly will miss it terribly. Very few good comedies on. Great cast goes so well together – what a shame.

  29. Quinn says:

    I’m not surprised by this. CBS has a history of canceling shows still with good ratings. Like rating wise it does better then 2 Broke Girls which it followed last season but I expect the main reason is Melissa McCarthy is to big of a star now and she wants to focus on her film career

  30. Kelly tomlin says:

    Who’s the idiot that decided this? Mike & Molly is my favorite show. I can’t believe it’s over already.
    They should give Nana a spin off. She’s hilarious.

  31. chadcronin says:

    Absolutely not. I am not ready for this to end. They could have done the full season as they agreed and gave it a farewell season. I didn’t think it should go off the air til at least 7 – 10 seasons were done. Trimming back the order and then a random airing is a slap in the face. Not happy at all. I feel bad for Jane Lynch as now fans aren’t gonna want to watch Angel from Hell as they don’t want to give CBS more reason to cancel shows in an unkind way

  32. Kevin Garren says:

    I take this with a grain of salt, the season hasn’t aired yet so for all she’s concerned, it IS the end… until it airs and CBS decides to pick it up again. If it does go, I will miss it for the most part but it definitely hasn’t been as good since they got married, and then randomly retconed the pregnancy storyline.

  33. tim says:

    wow they are cancelling a show with a rating of 2.0. what hope is there for person of interest

  34. DJ Doena says:

    I loved the show until season 3. But then with season 4 it became all slapstick-y Melissa and I quickly lost interest. No loss for me.

  35. Huh says:

    I’ve always thought that Mike and Molly was beneath Melissa McCarthy. I hope this means that she’s got less scheduling conflicts for the Gilmore Girls.

  36. Bonnie Rae says:

    This is one of the best shows on t.v these days. 2 Broke girls should go instead of mike and Molly at least I can watch that show with my kids. I am sad to see such a great show leave now the only thing left to watch on cbs is Criminal Minds, Big Bang and Mom. Very sad

  37. Mr. Smith says:

    I’m sure it has more to do with increasing contracts with McCarthy, but CBS should have ditched Two Broke Girls instead.

  38. Finally, so to the fans who liked this show. It was poorly written and nothing about it was original. It was way below Melissa’a talent and she phoned in her lines all the time . Hey it was a hefty steady check. no pun intended so do not comment please.

  39. aph1976 says:

    I’m not surprised by this news but i think Mike & Molly had a great run.However i think the show might have been known this was coming since CBS cut their episodes.So the show has had time to make sure everything is wrapped up.

  40. Lillian says:

    I very much enjoy Mike and Molly! They totally crack me up! Humor without vulgar! Please reconsider!!! I am so sick to death of all the reality shows!

  41. Ferdinand says:

    As much as I like the show and Melissa McCarthy, I never thought she was the strongest draw. Billy Gardell had far more heart and funny lines. But she’ll be fine without the show.

  42. J says:

    NOOOooooo! I love M&M. So sad. It has been my favorite show for years.

  43. Janet says:

    Why is it that every time there is a great funny sitcom , it is cancelled ? Mike and Molly deserve to have another chance! Please don’t cancel them! We love our Mike and Molly ,

  44. TRD says:

    I think the show should go on. The show was doing fine while Molly was away so take it in another direction with everyone and add more of Carl’s grandmother. Lets just say to be honest about it most star’s hit a point and tend to forget where and when and how they got started. I wish cast the best. You will be missed!

  45. Sue says:

    Great show, intelligent humor and FUNNY. Take off some of the crap that is on but nooooo…its all about the money. Bye Vince…I love you!

  46. Della says:

    I can’t believe CBS finally gets a really good sitcom and their cancelling it! What’s up with that?

  47. Mark says:

    I really think that’s awful! I will really wish they would keep this show on and cancel one of those other dumb shows on cbs! Like that super girl show that’s one cbs could cancel!

  48. Lucy Jaure Demonbreun says:

    What idiot decided to drop Mike & Molly, the only comedy sitcom worth seeing. 2 broke girls, could care less about-won’t watch them. Bring back Mike & Molly.!!!!!!

  49. Rosemarie Brower says:

    I can’t believe your canceling Mike and Molly And leaving life in pieces on and Supergirl come on people.

  50. Sherry says:

    I love this show CBS sucks