Madam Secretary Season 2 Spoilers Winter Finale

Madam Secretary EPs Tease Russia as Powder Keg in Explosive Fall Finale

If you’re worried that Madam Secretary might wind down the suspense as the first half of its season draws to a close, we’ve got one word for you: nyet.

Because Sunday’s fall finale (CBS, 8/7c) finds Elizabeth and President Dalton traveling to Switzerland to try to find a solution to their Russia problem — easier said than done, considering Russian ruler Maria Ostrov is gunning for World War III.

“We’re leading into everybody trying to get together and figure out how to deal with this radical leader in a way that can help everybody avoid world conflict,” executive producer Barbara Hall tells TVLine.

Meanwhile, tension grows between the secretary of state and her spy husband, given that they’re sworn not to discuss certain aspects of their jobs with each other, executive producer Lori McCreary adds.

“Not only are their interests not aligned at all, but because of the importance of their positions, the stakes just get higher and higher,” she says.

One of those stakes — Dmitri, the very freaked-out rookie spy Henry is handling — spends much of the episode pleading with Henry to extract him from Russia.

The conflicted Henry is “a passionate, caring human, so he cares about Dmitri,” Hall says. “But he also has to keep the bigger picture in mind — something that’s much easier to do when you’re not staring into the face of this person.”

In the end, McCreary says, Henry’s integrity may be his undoing.

“We’ve made him into this character, and I think Tim [Daly] has taken it even further, whose word is his bond,” she says. “This is going to be one of the first times when we see that he might not have control over that.”

In short: No one is getting out of the Russia situation easily, especially not after the episode ends in a cliffhanger that won’t be resolved until Madam Secretary returns on Jan. 10.

As for Russia? The EPs say it was an easy choice to pit against the fictional Dalton administration.

“We always look at where the most interesting points of world conflict are or could be, the countries that we have issues with,” Hall says. “We look at, ‘What are situations that could suddenly turn ugly, even though they’re under control right now? Where do we have tenuous relationships?’ We turned our attention to Russia because it’s always a fraught relationship, even when it’s under control. There’s history there.”

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  1. Hazel says:

    Henry is employed by the NSA, which falls under the Department of Defense not the State Department.

    • Scream Queen says:

      Random fact of the day?

    • Daniel says:

      Henry is employed by the DIA actually.

      • Gia says:

        Henry was actually originally employed by the NSA. The whole thing with the guy last season was NSA but this season they switched to DIA, which honestly doesn’t make a lot of sense. Still all under the DOD though.

        • amaryllis says:

          It makes sense because NSA doesn’t do that type of work. Maybe someone from the real world let them in on the secret. :)

    • amaryllis says:

      Henry’s boss is DIA (Defense Intelligence Agency) which is a separate agency under the Department of Defense. NSA doesn’t get involved in Humint to any large degree. That is the job of CIA and DIA. In the real world the Secretary of Defense’s husband would never be an operative.

  2. ami says:

    I can’t wait for this, wonder what the next half of the season has in store! No idea how they’ll solve the Russia situation, what’s even left to do?

  3. Becky Erwin says:

    Please don’t cancel this show. Madame Secretary is one of the few intellectually stimulating shows on TV.

  4. Susan Childs says:

    Great season finale! We plan our week around this show. Hope they save Dmitri.

  5. Mary Sehmer says:

    Glad I found this site. Was worried that it was the end.

  6. Mike says:

    One of the best shows in recent times, thank you CBS making us all think how fragile world peace is when in held in the hands of dishonest people. Great show tonight see you January 10.

  7. suspense – January 10th is like a year awayt when we don’t know who was taken out!

  8. Kevin Joward says:

    My Direct TV signal dropped right at the end when the RPG was getting armed. Did the episode end there, or was there more. Ben

    • KeithH says:

      You didn’t miss anything.

    • stoyachiy says:

      yeah… both presidents dead, but, of course, the good madam alive and almost (if not to count amputated by shrapnel pinkie toe) scratch-less!

    • TigerMoon2 says:

      Ignore the other jokers. We saw the shooter pull the trigger, but we don’t know who or if anyone was hit. There were no previews of the next show. I thought it was all over till I saw this sight and found it will resume Jan. 10. That was a really bad time to loose your signal. Maybe you can see it on your computer or something.

  9. Kelly Crouch says:

    This is one show my husband & I agree on. Well done in light of world events. We usually watch it twice. Love the McCords marriage & we just wish we were cool like that. Please don’t cancel.

  10. Katryn says:

    Yes one of the most intelligent shows on TV. I must admit I was not happy with the sequence where Dimitri gets captured by the Russians. I was as upset as Henry.

    • Marg says:

      I agree if they won’t save a Russian, who betrayed his country to become an American spy to save his sister, what does it say for the rest of us! Great show we thoroughly enjoy watching Madam Secretary.

    • Alex says:

      US SNATCHED Dimitri and Leaked info on Russian President murdering her husband. Now let’s keep guessing about who was killed

  11. J.C. Frazier says:

    My favorite show. Going to be a long wait til it returns in January.

  12. Loyce Mason says:

    Best show on TV! Love Tea Leoni and Tim Daly. Their characters are so believable.

  13. Paige says:

    Personally I found it unbelievable that they wouldn’t simply expose the psycho Russian leader for killing her husband. If she’s capable of that, she’s capable of anything and can’t be trusted. They strained all credulity with bargaining with her.

    • stoyachiy says:

      unless… imagine the writers have prepared the following turn of events… russians dig out compromising materials exposing the american president and all the subsequent presidential in-line-successors up to, but excluding (the good madam) secretary of state, as (for variety of reasons) wife-killers, and, as the credulous statesmen all of those are, they commit mass suicide, and the good madam becomes the next president. and the show goes on till it runs its course after the real-life madam ex-secretary (and mrs ex-president) becomes the president…

  14. Love this show. Hopefully they don’t cancel this show like NBC did to American Odyssey.

  15. Garry Natale says:

    The rocket has to aimed at the Russian President lady, “someone” tipped off the her dead husbands best General she killed him in good faith he returns Dimitri to the US handlers.
    Thats how I would write

  16. Joyce says:

    So glad the Dec. 13 show is not the end! I love this show!

  17. James Davison says:

    My wife and I watch it twice too, just to be sure we hear and see everything…Love it and constantly have to figure out what time it will start and adjust the DVR stop time because of football games. Totally agree with the most believable and challenging shows to keep from falling off the edge of our chairs. Tea is the best! Love the children too, and wish I was as smart and brave as the husband.

  18. Judith says:

    The writing and the actors make this show a riveting and intense “gotta pay attention” drama. You miss too much with even the briefest interruption.

  19. Okaey says:

    I could not agree more with all the previous comments. One of the best shows on TV. Holding my breath until Jan. 10th (which now seems so far away)

    • delia says:

      Wonderful, talented and goodlooking cast, even the background people sitting around the conference table are terrific.
      Very timely and clever repartee. Best show on episodic network tv.

  20. Tuka says:

    Just finished watching the show that I have been enjoying since the beginning of the first season. But what a disappointment with this one. I hope they come out with a twist . Since when is an American President so weak ? Oh! I forgot Obama! I was liking Madam Secretary but with this last episode I’m convinced she is an other Hillary… How sad… You lost me as a viewer.

    • stoyachiy says:

      just you?

    • DJR says:

      I agree that this episode was terrible. Nothing on either side (US or Russia) made sense…just a lot of posturing. And the “cliffhanger” was totally unbelievable. The US Secret Service would have had a man stationed on that rooftop. Also, Tea Leoni is the star, so she’s not going anywhere. Why can’t writers come up with plausible storylines? Finally, upon careful review, it’s clear the RPG was aimed at the Russian President’s car.

    • TigerMoon2 says:

      You ARE sad. Happy I don’t know you.

  21. jim strey says:

    absolutely great show but the cliff hanger you left us with in the last episode until Jan 10th. was a little to much to handle.

  22. Linda L. McCallum says:

    My husband and I love the show, the actors and the “suspense”. People, it’s an entertaining show too. Don’t nit-pick.

  23. Marion says:

    I am in heaven on Sunday night — first, Madam Secretary followed by Good Wife and soon Downton Abby returns. If only the rest of the nights were as exciting. Oh well, there is
    always politics on MSNBC.

  24. Jamie says:

    Giving up D’mitri to the Russians was not necessary. The threat of being exposed as the murderer of the Russians beloved leader would have forced crazy Russian wife to sign anything. The president blew it and Elizabeth backed down when she should have been more forceful with the crazy one!

    • stoyachiy says:

      wow… quit ur day job immediately! they just freed-up an analyst position at CIA for you!

      • TLB says:

        Stoyachiy, dude! You really need to get a life. You are not the end-all when it comes to opinions. Everyone here has a right to their opinion without your smart comments! They are just expressing their thoughts about this show, just like you did, and are not looking for a debate! Lighten up or just get off the page.

        • stoyachiy says:

          uh… i see… you grant “Everyone here” “a right to their opinion”, but forbid my “smart comments”… another lil’ delusional hegemon, aren’t we?

          • mary says:

            You seem to dislike the show. So why are you commenting on others opinions just because they like this show? You’re being nothing more than an a$$. For what reason? Like the world’s not a big enough sh$$hole you need to add your crap all over people?

        • TigerMoon2 says:

          Glad to hear I’m not the only one sick of this kid.

  25. linda moore says:

    this show is one my husband and I watch together, wonderful show and thanks CBS you have all the best shows and this one is second best after NCIS of course

  26. mike says:

    Madam secretary is totally implausable but a lot of fun. The rocket grenade will either miss,or..its an entirely different scenario. Dimitri will survive and I for one am looking forrward to him giving the professor a good tongue lashing.Ostrov will get her due,perhaps Dimitri will have the evidence to give to her generals.Any other scenarios out there?

  27. Trevor says:

    By the end of season two she will most definitely become President. Not sure how they will pull it off but it’s going to happen

    • DJR says:

      Technically, she’s already been the “President,” so I doubt your scenario will come to be. Also, the title of the show is “Madam Secretary,” not “Madam President.”

  28. jean says:

    Love the show!

  29. Katharine says:

    What a great show! And wow, what a cliffhanger. I am hoping that Bess is somehow spared, even if badly hurt from the blast. Of course, I cherish the thought brought up by another viewer that perhaps Ostrava was instead the target, however it did appear pretty clearly that Dalton & Bess were the target. Please please please let this be twisted somehow into the following: Dmitri is somehow spared (and without undue harm in the meantime), Maria Ostrov is brought to justice, and nuclear war is averted. Until January, all I can do in the meantime is play in my mind an alternate outcome, of showing Dmitri being rescued safely by Henry moments before Maria’s pointed question, and Dalton saying “We no longer have an asset in your ranks. He has been intercepted and is on his way home.”

    Apart from that, I wonder if Dalton is beginning to be set up as morally compromised, with his very aggressive decisions of late, and in the very tight and cold way he is portrayed artistically.

  30. Gary E Hirsch says:

    Im Not happy at all that the young russian was not rescued, i wanna see him rescued and have a relationship with another guy. the gun was pointed at Madams sec,s car I thought, I hope not, this is my favorite show ever

  31. David says:

    Madam Secretary is a great show. I really look forward to each episode. The mid-season cliffhanger was a great one and like others here, I’m really looking forward to the next episode in January. Can’t wait!

  32. Alex says:

    D’mitri will come back in revenge mood. Thats my guess

  33. donna says:

    i LOVE this show keep writing and add more suspense. i love the way she stands up to the men in power. Tea is awesome. great cast !