Blood & Oil Series Finale

Blood & Oil Series Finale Recap: Oil's Well That Ends Well

“It’s about time to get some answers, eh?” Jules quipped at the top of Sunday’s Blood & Oil finale. Well, I hope she was hungry, because those turned out to be some tough words to eat.

Rock Springs’ preeminent bartender/real estate agent/international woman of mystery learned that Wick, not Hap, provided the ingredients for the bun in her oven. But don’t tell that to Carla; Hap’s wife, who believes her husband to be the father, offered Jules a butt load of cash to skip town and stay silent. (Also, don’t tell Wick about Carla’s offer, because he agreed to leave town with Jules and give their child a good life.)

Speaking of the chefs in Jules’ kitchen, Hap finally received the confirmation he needed to tie Wick to the robbery in the pilot. But rather than exacting swift vengeance for sticking a gun in his father’s face, Hap asked Wick to forgive him for driving him to such extreme actions with his bad parenting. (Question for the group: Was anyone else surprised to see the show’s longest-running, and easily most destructive, betrayal settled with a quick hug? I understand the need to tie up every loose end, but this show is called Blood & Oil, not Blood & Hugs.)

Elsewhere during the ABC drama’s final hour…

* A.J. was reunited with his son, much to the chagrin of some guy in a hat.

* Alex offered Billy the mineral rights to the Black Elk reservation, all part of his thinly veiled — and almost immediately exposed — plan to keep Cody from moving back to Laundromat-ville, Florida. After all was said and done, Billy decided to continue the deal with Hap and Cody agreed to stick around. (I know Billy’s kind of the worst, but for $1 trillion, I’d agree to put up with more of his crap, too.)

* The series ended with Hap surveying his new land, Lion King-style, then sighing this oddly meta sentence at Carla: “I guess this place isn’t for everybody, but it’s definitely for you and me.” (Do you think he was referring to Rock Springs… or the show, itself?)

Were you satisfied with Blood & Oil‘s attempt to wrap up every — no, really, every — storyline in its final hour? Grade the episode below, then drop a comment with your full review of the series.

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Samriti Arya says:

    It’s a great show and should stay on the air. Loved Don Johnson as a bad guy. Edgy drama. Great cast. Keep it going. Ratings will go up.

  2. diane says:

    I liked that it ended happily. Glad the baby was Wick’s. He was my favorite character.

    • I thought it was very weird that it ended happily. You could definitely tell that the show was being cut short and cancelled. Every lose end, deep family problem, every backstabbing sour feeling, all were wrapped up nearly instantly with many of the cast acting very out of character in order to quickly wrap it up for us. This isn’t the show we know.

      The show hasn’t been a happy nice everybody loves each other and everybody lives happily ever after type of show – to turn it into it just because it was cancelled was sort of goofy to me.

      Every single last little thing gets quickly and easily wrapped up to have a happy ending, it just wasn’t realistic and not at all what the show was like during the rest of it’s run.

      The only good thing is that I can imagine that it’s just people playing each other as usual and that things aren’t at all as they seem.

      • I totally agree, seems like it a one hit wonder. Is definately no DALLAS..

      • Bob says:

        Have to agree, while it was pretty well done it did jump too many times because of the cancellation. Too bad it didn’t get better ratings as I think it could have gone to season 2. Sounds like the series Daybreak unless that one was planned that way?

        • Bob says:

          I will say again that is was a pretty good show except for the ending, but how can this show take off again when they kind of botched the ending by jamming it all in 1 hours time, don’t know if it would hold my interest. There are a lot of better dramas on to take up my time.

  3. Christopher Kitchens says:

    Liked it and i think it shouldnt been the last

  4. Sara says:

    Looooove Blood and Oil!!!this is the only show my husband and I watch on a regular basis. So sad it’s cancelled.

    • kb says:

      Loved this show, absolutely hate when networks do this, not fair!!! :( really wish you would reconsider.. its a sofisticated dallas.. which is also gone!

  5. Great ending ABC you didn’t leave us hanging like in Wicked City.

  6. Jody Kercheval says:

    I liked the show. Loved seeing Don Johnson again in a great role. I am really sad to see that it has ended. I was really looking forward to another season!

  7. wrstlgirl says:

    Loved it. So glad they gave us a proper ending.

  8. Anita Dewey says:

    I love this show, I’m going to be really sad to see it not come back for more seasons, but yes I’m happy they had endings to all the stories, when they ended the new Dallas it was terrible no closure, I wish both were still on my Grandfather struck oil in Katy Texas so thisstory line is always worth me watching!!

  9. Kathi says:

    So disappointed… Loved this show.. Fast pace, great story and loved the characters.. I think it was the wrong time, opposite established shows..

  10. Cathy says:

    I’ve enjoyed watching the show and hope it doesn’t end. But if it does, I’m glad they wrapped up these storylines.

  11. Jillion says:

    Please don’t cancel !!! My husband and I love Blood and Oil !!!!

  12. Keep it going! we are in the oil business and love watching the show. It is the only show that Rickey and I actually sit down and watch together. The season finale was weak though, no suspense!!!! Hap should have pistol whipped Wick or at least shot the gun of beside his head and scared he daylights out of him, should have held out on Billy and Cody making their meeting until next season and so on. No suspense nothing to look forward to. Don’t end it now!!

    • Don Johnson 4Ever says:


    • I’m sorry to say but the show was canceled. It was the ending that wasn’t supposed to happen. If the show would have went onto a 2nd season, we would have seen a very different ending. It wouldn’t have been so lovey-dovey. At least it warped up their lives and not left us with more questions then answers. Unlike other cancelations.

  13. Becks says:

    I loved this show and am very disappointed it was cancelled. Don Johnson is as handsome and sexy as ever.

  14. Elaina says:

    please don’t cancel this show!!! love love love Don Johnson and entire cast

  15. Ella says:

    Sad it was cancelled great to have don Johnson on a series again

  16. Liana Esanu says:

    Love the show ! Keep it running! Why we can’t watch good shows anymore on tv stations? Don Johnson it’s perfect for this show as the rest of the cast, I did not missed one show!!

  17. Hoyt says:

    Bring back blood and oil! Loves it! Why do they always cancel the good ones?

  18. Diana says:

    Too bad it ended. Liked seeing Don Johnston on a weekly basis. He aged well. Like to to watch the young characters too. Very ‘handsome’ show. It will be missed at our house. Also was glad they tied up the ends. If its really not coming back its good to have a happy ending for a change!

  19. michele says:

    This show kicks ass dont cancel it love don johnson!!!

  20. Val says:

    Keep the series going please. Thoroughly enjoyed it and want more. Please please.

  21. joe says:

    I will admit very emotional ending .Shed a tear or 2 saying goodbye to a great show.Why Abc you cancel every great show!

  22. mona says:

    amazing show. keeps my fingers crossed there will be a season 2

  23. Dave says:

    Loved the show. It reminded me of the old Dallas tv series. It was a fun show. My friends liked to watch it too. Sincerely hopes that it comes back. Maybe one of the cable channels will pick itup.USA is a quality channel. They have other quality shows. That would be a good home for blood and oil.

  24. Anna K says:

    Really liked the show. Give it a chance.

  25. lisa says:

    Don’t cancel’s a good show just needs to get out there more!!

  26. Rich Smith says:

    We watch every week and like the show a lot. Please don’t cancel

  27. splash says:

    I really enjoyed this show and would watch it avidly if it stayed on TV. Don’t let it go by the wayside…has a great cast and story line above my daily life ,

  28. Ilka says:

    Love the show. Please please don’t end Blood and Oil. Great to see Don Jonson back in a new series. Hope to see it back next year.

  29. Constance Garcia says:

    Great show please don’t cancel..looking forward to season 2

  30. Brant & Nancy says:

    Who’s picking up this totally awesome show?

  31. ChrisGa says:

    Hate to see this one go; good old-fashioned soapiness and a highly entertaining central performance from Don Johnson, who’s still got it.

  32. Carm says:

    So sorry to see the show go. Looked forward to watching every Sunday.Don Johnson was so good in his roll. So disappointed.

  33. Don Johnson 4Ever says:

    THEY NEED TO KEEP THIS ON THE AIR!!!!!!!!!Come on, ABC!! DO something right for a change and GIVE US A NEW SEASON!!!!!!!!

  34. Susan says:

    It’s too bad the show didn’t last longer. There wAsnt really time to get more detailed with the story lines they had started.
    The hug was written in only because the show was sDly ending.

  35. Sandy says:

    Shows aren’t given enough time to ‘make it or break it’ anymore! Good show and one even my husband liked. We both love Don Johnson in his past shows and fun to see him play the bad/tough/scheming guy! Everyone on the show did a believable performance.
    Sad to see its cancelled and wasn’t given chance! 😕

  36. Jane white says:

    Love blood and oil please don’t cancel show

  37. danoregon says:

    I appreciate the attempt to wrap things up and not throw in some odd twist for whatever reason.

  38. Cinde says:

    Hoping this show will continue. Love Don Johnson’s character in this one, all business bad boy with a soft heart to family and love. The rest of the cast was fantastic too! This is a great evening soap like the Aaron Spelling days. Please don’t cancel!!!

  39. lee says:

    Don Johnson was awesome!!! I actually liked the show. Can’t believe it was cancelled. Way better than the other crap out there.

  40. Jim says:

    Great show! Don’t cancel it!
    The reason why the Nielsen # s
    are down, is cuz ABC has it in a horrible day & time slot. Sun is a death sentence slot, & should be
    moved to possibly another night,
    Ex – Tuesday, Friday, or Saturday
    night, to have a fighting chance
    for survival. PLEASE DON’T CANCEL that cool, sexy, edgy show!

  41. Connie says:

    I liked the show -,wish it would come back.

  42. “I know Billy’s kind of the worst, but for $1 trillion, I’d agree to put up with more of his crap”

    Billy’s the worst?! HIS crap?! His wife Cody is SO SO SO much worse. I seriously don’t see how you’re viewing him as the one that’s bad when comparing the two and like she’s the one that has to put up with him. She’s the one acting like a child and going all mish mash back and forth with her wild mood swings and emotions.

    She’s so annoying and doesn’t treat him right at all. He so should have said “Okay see you later!” when she threatened to leave for the 5th or so time. But he’s too nice of a guy and puts up with HER crap, definitely NOT the other way around.

    I’d love to discuss and debate it all but this post would get too long. I thought it was fairly obvious she was the flakey, childish and selfish one though.

  43. Kathy says:

    This is the millennium Dallas, please do NOT cancel this show. #keepbloodandoil

  44. Blood and Oil is one the few shows I really look forward to watching. The cast is stellar with Don Johnson, Amber Valetta etc. Given the opportunity, Blood and Oil could easily become as successful a franchise as the original 1978 run of Dallas.

  45. Carol V says:

    Sad to hear no season 2 in the works. I loved the show! And so much future drama available! Bring it back please!

  46. patricia caputo says:

    its a great show love watching it i hope it was not cancelled. we need more show like that. the cast is great and don johnson is the best and OH SO HANDSOME. Pleas bring the show back

  47. Ws says:

    The show had potential but it never quite lived up to it. Too many storylines that kindof wandered off without resolution.. whatever happened to the guy selling drugs on the food cart?

    Maybe if it had lasted longer the final episodes wouldnt have been such a mess and it could have developed some real plots..

  48. Season 2 Please says:

    This had an amazing story line…. Sad to see it go…

  49. Maciah says:

    Blood and oil was the very best show I’ve ever watch my wife and I would plan around 8 Sundays just to watch it.

  50. dan says:

    one of the better new shows,then it goes away to probably some more crime shows.Just about as much fun as the old Dallas