The Amazing Race Season 27 Finale

The Amazing Race Finale Recap: Which Couple Won Season 27?

As The Amazing Race headed into its final leg of Season 27, it seemed that nothing could stop Justin and Diana from winning the whole shebang.

Sure, The Green Team was in last place at the start of Friday’s finale — but considering how the season’s many obstacles (including a record number of U-Turns and last week’s one-hour check-in penalty) barely even fazed them, it seemed Justin and Diana had a lock on the million-dollar prize regardless of what challenges they faced.

So, did Justin and Diana emerge victorious in Friday’s season ender? Well, here’s the answer up front: They did not, and it can all be traced back to a single taxi. Briefly, here are the highlights of the final episode:

* As all Amazing Races do, this one wraps in the United States, where contestants first complete a harrowing FDNY training exercise on Long Island. Justin, Joey and Chris all master the challenge and easily conquer the first memory puzzle, which involves putting the capital of each country they visited in chronological order.

* And here’s the moment that changes the course of the finale: Only one taxi — Kelsey and Joey’s — remains at the FDNY training camp while the duo completes the task. Meanwhile, Justin/Diana and Chris/Logan find themselves stranded on Long Island now that their cabs have prematurely driven off, forcing them to board a bus to Manhattan and hail a taxi once there. (There’s a brief and hilarious moment where Chris and Logan try to commandeer Kelsey and Joey’s cab, but those news reporters are not having it.)

* Although they come close to losing their lead in the final, nerve-wracking minutes — during which contestants need to construct Adirondack chairs and place them in the proper order — Kelsey and Joey ultimately remain in first place throughout the hour, as they fly via helicopter to the Hamptons, drive a Sea-Doo through the ocean, pull up lobster pots from the sea, organize the flags of each country they visited, drive a dune buggy across the beach and, at long last, meet Phil and the already-eliminated Season 27 pairs on the mat.

* Justin and Diana come in second place, just minutes after Kelsey and Joey — my, how the tables have turned! — followed by Chris and Logan in third place… to probably no one’s surprise.

OK, your turn! Were you happy with Kelsey and Joey’s victory? Cast your vote in our poll below, then hit the comments with your thoughts on Season 27!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Will says:

    There is a God. Hated Justin’s smugness.

  2. Babybop says:

    I just came here to spoil to see whether to waste my time watching it or not. Hooray! Kelsey and Joey ran the race right and I think they are adorable.

  3. they all survived worst finale ever

  4. Karen says:

    Justin and Diana were too obnoxious and the paparazzi just argued too much ( made it hard to watch) Good job Reporters!!!

  5. Mike Q says:

    I know I’m alone possibly on planet earth, but I rather liked Justin and Diana. Justin was just a New York boy. It’s kind of like the Russell Hantz season on Survivor. They dominated the entire race. The most satisfying ending was for them to win. Hated the fact they picked a final challenge that made the cabs the deciding factor. There should have been transportation waiting.

  6. AngelWasHere says:

    I kept saying anybody, but Diana and Justin. Didn’t want Logan and Chris either, but I would have threw something at my tv if Justin had won. So happy Kelsey and Joey won instead.

    • sanchopanza says:

      This is me too. There should have been a choice in the poll: “Anybody but Justin and Diana”.

    • Neil says:

      Exactly…I was ready to stop watching the show forever if Justin won.

    • flourchild says:

      Same here. I doubt that, had they won, I would have ever watched Amazing Race again. Maybe if arrogant Justin had helped Diana with the chair building instead of spying on the Reporters and smirking, trying to be all cutesy for the camera, they maybe could have gotten ahead. But SO glad they didn’t.

    • Sue says:

      Amen! Justin was SO obnoxious and arrogant that I had to mute my TV when he was shooting off his big mouth! And the cameras seemed to film everything he said, no matter how useless! He acted like a spoiled brat when something went wrong! He was a loud mouthed. spoiled BRAT and I was hoping that ANYBODY BUT JUSTIN WON! I was shrieking with joy when I realized the crybaby was going to lose! If they do bring the jerk back to TAR, I won’t watch!

  7. triet tran says:

    Hated justin and diana. Way too cocky for their own good. Great finale because kelsey and joey won!!

  8. Lynn savage says:

    I did not care for Justin’s smugness throughout the entire race.

  9. Margaret Hamilton says:

    The other couples were too busy arguing and fighting. Kelsey
    and Joey deserved too win. Way to go

  10. Mindy says:

    So glad Kelsey and Joey won the race! It was so great to see Justin and Diana in second place for once!

    • Colleen Lucas says:

      Couldn’t stand Justin’s cocky attitude and how he talked to Diana!! Felt so sorry for her but she took the abuse so I just prayed they would NOT come in first!!

  11. Terri Lee says:

    Justin and Diana, only because they deserved to win based solely on their performance in it’s entirety, not on their personalities obviously. Also, you could tell it meant everything to Justin (the little creep). LOL :)

  12. cindy says:

    Justin was way to arrogant! glad he lost!

  13. Michelle says:

    Justin and Diana were the strongest most deserving team. Just goes to show that the amazing race is only about the final leg.

    • JOrdan says:

      Yes, unfortunately. The hats and the flags were almost the same task. Silly.

    • I don’t think Justin deserved to win at all! Justin is abusive to whomever is near him whenever things don’t go his way, kinda like a big man-baby in diapers, he is a mean, stingy sob in general, and he gloats and taunts his opponents, a real sore winner. There is nothing about Justin that says “deserving”. He’s an ugly man-baby!

  14. Anita says:

    I am so glad they won!😀😀😀😀Also just as glad cry baby didn’t He was so cocky😩😩😩😩

  15. Victoria Broadhurst says:

    congrats to kelsey and joey! you guys deserved to win. hats off! you finally beat green team and put HIM (Mr. green himself) in his place. kelsey and joey played the game w/ honor and respect for other racers, and for the citizens of the countries they visted without being deemed the ugly american.
    green team karma/fate bad luck whatever you want to call it bit you on the tushy. maybe next time mr. green your attitude/ behavior will be better. great season to all players.

  16. Erica says:

    This is the first finale I didn’t watch – ever – and the only season where I missed episodes and didn’t watch after the fact.
    I honesty didn’t mind that Justin & Diana consistently came in first – they ran a good race – and his cockiness was hard to stomach at times but we’ve had plenty of arrogant people race before. It was how different we behaved when they weren’t in the front. There was a meanness there that I found very uncomfortable to watch.

    I am thrilled this season is over, and hopefully casting is back to their standards for the next one.

    • Scully says:

      I totally agree, Justin’s arrogance was annoying, but for the most part he was able to back up his big talk. The thing that really turned me against the green team was the way he treated the other teams. Taunting and trash talking about other teams is just nasty. Congrats Kelsey and Joey.

  17. JOrdan says:

    Justin and Diana were so good at everything and I wished they had won. I saw Justin as spirited and both as adept and really driven. I admired their game. They were plotted against because they were skillful and I didn’t see that as smugness at all. When everyone else wanted to tear them down, they still held out and got through so much together. Good on em! I think they’ll do better in life because they know what they want. Mama’s boy Joey is going to shack up and pay his parents mortgage, HUH? LOL You waiting for Kelsey to PROVE herself?
    Justin and Diana deserved it, glad they won a bunch of loot along the way.

    • BarbaraBall says:

      You are alone with your mean comments. You and jerky Justin would get along

    • CloudDudette says:

      I concur! People like Justin is essential in this race to educate all of us that sugarcoating stuffs for the sake of everyone is not a healthy way of dealing with challenges. Though there were times he went berserk and hurt people, well, guess what, that is life. Him being natural and blunt is a good example that in the race of your life, there is no time for pettiness and sugarcoating, or else you should not compete in the first place.

    • JOrdan, What you really see is yourself in Justin, a mean, abusive, silly, ugly, arrogant jackass. They’re not going to survive, look how mean and abusive Justin behaves towards Diana, and they’re not even married yet! Poor Diana, what a lousy life, to be married to such a jackass! She’s going to have 3 kids and be divorced in 10 years!

  18. Lola says:

    Worst Amazing Race season ever! And I’m afraid next season will be terrible too with all of the Internet ‘stars’.

  19. Max says:

    I’ve watched every season of the Amazing Race and this is the only one where I ever rooted against a team, The Green Team.

  20. I think that being from New York worked against Justin here. He seemed to forget about the race when he was dealing with the cabbie and tried to bargain instead of just offering all his money (like he should have!).

  21. racefan says:

    Justin, if you’re going to act like an over confident arrogant ass throughout the race…don’t cry like a spoiled baby when things don’t go exactly your way.

  22. Gail says:

    Was a boring season. I didn’t find anyone to route for. Hated when the reporters u turned the Texas boys a few episodes back. Talk about kicking somebody when they are down. The Long Island tasks may have been difficult to do but they were not interesting to watch. Pulling lobster cages and building chairs is not exciting to watch.

    • Gail says:

      Of course that should say “root ” but it is about a race so maybe “route” is better.

    • Joan says:

      I didn’t like it either, but strategically, it made sense (after I thought about it.) The Texans were a strong team, they knew they’d be competition for them in the final four, and most likely the final three. Had they not used that U-Turn, they may not have won.


  24. Larry cocker says:

    Justin was too cocky – it served him right to lose especially the way he treated the last cabbie. He said he studied every aspect of the show but if he was so smart he should remembered how important the cabbie was for the success!

    • Gail says:

      Justin was both cocky and cried a lot when he thought he was in trouble like when he thought he might be eliminated in the first round. Just a very emotional guy.

  25. Aggie says:

    So glad the green team did not win. Diana was ok but Justin was way too obnoxious. They won enough gifts along the way anyway. I really preferred team Texas but already were eliminated .

  26. Gailu says:

    Kelsey and Joey must not have done a lot that caused a lot of drama as you really didn’t see much of them until the final rounds. You would think as TV reporters they would be experienced enough to draw attention to themselves or to be interesting. Certainly of the final 3 they were the least known. People seem happy they won more because they are glad the other teams didn’t win.

  27. Julie says:

    Thanks for spoiling it for me by putting the winners in the headline. I had planned to watch the finale later.

    • Alex Ramirez says:

      No one made you go on line or read this article. I watched the show first then read the article like anyone with common sense. I love the loser Justin comments

  28. t. l. ohlde says:

    So glad they won. So sorry diana and Justin lost but you reap what you sow. that team was VERY arrogant and rude!

  29. Susan says:

    Logan and Chris tried to steal a cab and then cried when they were unsucessful. Justin stiffed the taxi driver of a tip. Why was Justin suprised the cab left? The deserving couple won!

  30. kelley says:

    I kinda wanted Justin and Diana to win. I did mind his personality so much; there have certainly been worse. Take home point: always hold on to the damn cab. And FYI , tvline, Randalls Island and Long Island are two completely different places.

  31. marsha barnett cooke says:

    Kelsey and Joey ran a clean competitive race with integrity. I know nice guys/gals do not always win, but considering the antics if the other couples it was nice to see Kelsey and Joey win!

  32. Patty Balso says:

    I don’t think it’s fair how much influence cabs have. They should just have drivers trained to go where they need to go. The challenges should be in the task and strategies of the race

  33. Cheryl says:

    So glad Kelsey and Joey won. Loved them. I kept saying please don’t let the green team win. Pride come th before the fall. The green team found that out😢

  34. Sarah says:

    Really? Everyone wanted these mild-mannered reporters to win? I rooted for Justin, and even more so, Diana. They were so hated by all the other teams but managed to thrive. Wish they had won.

    • Gail says:

      I don’t think they were hated by the other teams. I think the other teams were frustrated that Justin and Diana were almost always ahead of them. It got to the point where the other teams just assumed they were ahead when they didn’t know where Justin and Diana were. Not sure how much of Justin’s bragging was heard by the other contestants. Seemed it was mostly done for the camera.

    • bill says:

      The other teams hated Justin and Diana for very good reasons! Justin loved laughing at the other teams when they were down–the finale served him so right!!!! Kelsey and Joey won with grace and played the race with integrity, and were always so kind to the people in the countries visited, improving the image of American travelers.

  35. Kay says:

    If anyone hears this from the show … Could you please not have the couples talk throughout the show. It spoil’s it as you can tell who is out or like in tonight’s show who the winners were before the end. We have guess it each time and tonight was so obvious.
    Just a suggestion for the next season.

  36. Jean says:

    Almost didn’t watch so I didn’t have to see that obnoxious jerk win. Couldn’t resist though and was sooo happy to see Kelsey and Joey take it in the end! If Diana marries him… she’s nuts!

  37. Dodettesky says:

    Kelsey and Joey deserve to win. They did their best, perfect teamwork, no fighting, no disrespecting or lashing out at each other, no boasting or ill will against other contestants, humble all the time and clearly kind-hearted people.

  38. jack says:

    Justin most obnoxious contestant ever..stopped watching two weeks ago..couldn’t stand him

  39. Denielle Charron says:

    I couldn’t stand Justin & Diana. I promised I would never watch the show again if those self absorbed egomaniacs jerks won. Thank you Kelsey & Joey for putting those 2 in there place. I actually enjoyed seeing Justin cry.

  40. Lydia says:

    I watch Joey and Kelsey every morning on my local news. I’m so excited that they won. Throughout the entire race they treated each other with such respect, it was such a pleasure to watch. Congrats to them both!

  41. Nikki says:

    Couldn’t stop jumping up and down to see that Justin and Diana didn’t win. I’m sorry but Justin was so smug and abnoxious throughout the whole game. Kelsey and Joey kept it real and deserved to win!!!!!

  42. Our lights went out during the taxi episode so at that point I knew it was all over for Diana and Justin. I really wanted them to win!
    They were truly deserving if it.Great contestants.

  43. Gfg Kthx says:

    Thank goodness Green Team didn’t win! That means I can keep watching the Amazing Race!
    P.S. The paparazzi team are definitely breaking up…I mean he likes men.

  44. Cody says:

    So thrilled that Kelsey and Joey won! They may not have picked up a first place win during the race but the picked the one that mattered! Can’t wait for next season!

  45. spp138 says:

    Was it just me, or did the other teams seem genuinely ecstatic when they realized that it was Kelsey and Joey running toward the mat? I’m very happy with that ending, too

  46. Lorri says:

    So wishing that Justin & Diana wouly have win. They can hold their heads high 7 first places . AMAZING RACERS YOU ARE Great job and be very proud

  47. Patty says:

    I thought Diana and Justin because they were first throughout a good portion of the game but he was an arrogant jerk which ultimately lost the game for him because of the way he treated the cab driver. I’m sooooo glad Logan and Chris didn’t win he was just mean through the whole thing. And I pray to God that she doesn’t stay with him lol.

  48. Maryanne says:

    Hated Justin’s smugness. He was a real jerk!

  49. Carole Karr says:

    love the show. travel vicariously with the guests–have travelled many places but never in the circumstances that the contestants do. I would be out after the first obstacle. My daughter who is a zoo keeper curator would be great. I always ask her to try out but I don’t think she would want to leave the job she loves. Thanks for the entertainment

  50. James Hugo says:

    stupid really use votes kelsey and joey sucks