Arrow Oliver Proposes to Felicity

Was Arrow Wrong to Propose? Should Once Leave Henry Home? Did Ringers Make Race Dull? And More TV Qs

We’ve got questions, and you’ve (maybe) got answers! With another week of TV gone by, we’re lobbing queries left and right about shows including Once Upon a Time, Fargo, Bones and The Originals!

1 | Much as we loved seeing America’s Next Top Model‘s dashing, darling Nyle crowned the series’ final winner, is there any denying Mame kinda crushed him in the last runway challenge?

2 | Is there any situation in which Justin and Diana don’t win The Amazing Race? (Even a one-hour penalty couldn’t stop them!) And hasn’t their endless success/luck made this season rather dull?Once Upon a Time

3 | Would Once Upon a Time’s fall finale have been, say, 25 percent more powerful if Rumple had accidentally/begrudgingly been turned back into the Dark One? Also, isn’t the Underworld a sketchy place to bring a teenager?

4 | On Quantico, wasn’t the story behind Vasquez’s fake scar way less salacious than you wanted it to be?

5 | Did Riki Lindhome’s appearance on Brooklyn Nine-Nine confirm she has guest-starred on just about every comedy this year?

6 | Was Noah’s therapy session on The Affair an ode to series co-creator Sarah Treem’s previous show, In Treatment?

7 | If only because she looks, you know, a lot like Supergirl, shouldn’t Kara be a little more prudent in picking public fights defending the Kryptonian’s honor?

8 | Fargo and the whole UFO thing: Part of what gives Season 2 its unique personality, or simply too off-the-wall? And how many times does Cristin Milioti have to play The Dying Mother before it’s considered typecasting?

9 | That grandma on Great Christmas Light Fight really doesn’t know what “twerk” means, does she?

10 | Given The Voice‘s hapless Braiden Sunshine cracking the iTunes Top 10 — and coming thisclose to the Season 9 finals — on the basis of his choosing “Amazing Grace,” where do you stand on contestants singing hymns for votes: Yea or nay?

11 | At U2’s rescheduled HBO concert from Paris, didn’t the fans brought up on stage seem way more composed than you’d be if your favorite band had you sing backup?

12 | Are Flash writers contracted to have a Breaking Bad nod with every Trickster appearance? Speaking of which: Are any Star Wars fans getting concerned that Luke Skywalker will look like this ↓ in The Force Awakens?

the-flash13 | How savvy was iZombie this week to lead out of The Flash with the scene of a masked crimefighter on a rooftop? Rope in those superhero fans!

14 | Is it odd that after going to the trouble of turning Skye into Inhuman Daisy, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. has yet to call her Quake, instead going with “Tremors”? Also, whether you are “used to it” or not, Will, isn’t sand blown into your unprotected eyes still sand blown into your unprotected eyes?Scream Queens Hester

15 | Be honest, Scream Queens fans: How many of you actually called Hester as the killer? And wouldn’t Season 1 have been more exciting if there was actually more, y’know, killing?

16 | After this week’s depressing Mindy Project holiday episode, isn’t it hard to believe that this moment happened just two Christmases ago?

17 | How much did it bother you that Arrow‘s Oliver proposed to Felicity, knowing full well that he was keeping a huge secret from her about his son’s existence? And how weird was it to see typically serious Oliver sporting such a toothy grin in that moment?

18 | Between all of Arrow and Supernatural‘s mentions of darkness and there being another way, do you think the two shows could swap dialogue without anyone noticing?

19 | How come Nashville‘s Rayna didn’t invoke Markus’ contract when begging him to stay at Highway 65?

20 | During You’re the Worst‘s season finale, how badly did you want to pull those French fries out of Jimmy’s mouth before he fell asleep? And is it too early to submit requests for the karaoke song Lindsay will sing in next year’s finale?

21 | What do you have against Bones vs. CastleOutlander‘s Sam Heughan, Hollywood Foreign Press Association?

22 | Who wore it best, pardner?

23 | Dear Vampire Diaries: How do we get more than one minute of flash forwards per episode?

24 | How could The Originals‘ Klaus and Cami fall asleep in the lead-up to having sex?! On a different note, is the show wasting Jason Dohring?

25 | Does The Big Bang Theory exist in a world without apps like Shazam and Sound Hound? How else do you explain why Sheldon didn’t think to download either when trying determine his earworm?

Hit the comments with your answers — and any other Qs you care to share!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Shar says:

    #22 – Castle for the win. Perhaps Conan was not wrong, they are the same show.

  2. English says:

    #3 Once- Adam H tweeted a deleted scene where Regina and Emma tried to make Henry stay home and he made a compelling argument that he is now the Writer and a Hero and when he was 10 he went to find Emma all on his own so he wouldnt stay behind even if they told him too.

    • Kat says:

      They should not have left that scene out. You’re in the fandom so you know the answer. But the GA has no idea. It was a bad move. Henry shouldn’t have gone to the UW and Regina just kidnapped a baby and based the mom and then left it to go to the UW. A+ parenting skills from both Regina and Robin.

      It would have made sense and would have been 100 times more awesome to have rumple become the dark one unwillingly. But hey another character sacrificed on the altar of the great hero hook. They do that to make hook look good and rumple as evil

    • kath says:

      Okay, but he’s still a 13 year old. Mothers should know that it’s not always a good ideal to let a teenager do what he wants.

      • Mandie says:

        It’s because BLONDE Mommy is more preoccupied with finding her pirate. Didn’t you know that? =P

        • jj says:

          And why couldn’t Regina and Robin stay in storybrook with all of their kids. At least Emma has an obvious motivation to go.

          • lordofluck says:

            It felt like everyone went for the sake of everyone going, Snow and Charming have a young child as well and they always go on about missing Emma’s childhood and they seem to be doing the same for Neil.

  3. Gilded Lady says:

    24. I now feel like Dohring was brought on for the purpose of getting us Klamille. Not that I mind, but yeah. Kind of a waste.

    • autumnd23 says:

      Maybe they will do more with him when the show returns! Crossing fingers because I love Jason Dohring and his character has been great so far.

      • Gilded Lady says:

        See, I never got into his character because he lost credibility the second he asked Vincent to bring on Cami. I don’t dislike him, and the scene last night with Klaus was great, but he feels like filler.

    • Daisy says:

      A huge waste.

    • Mak says:

      he’s not really useful to any plot really maybe in this last episode to get Klaus & Cami together but otherwise meh..he should just stay at his sisters’ for good

    • Val M says:

      “Dohring was brought on for the purpose of getting us Klamille.” him and Rebecca Breeds and Andrew Lees and Yusuf Gatewood….too much effort and waste.

      • Gilded Lady says:

        Disagree on the others, because they all have/had storylines that had nothing to do with Cami.

        • Val M says:

          Yes, they have, but also are related to Cami or Klamille. Just look at the Klaurora story, they made us believe it was epic, only to heighten Camille’s importance when Klaus broke up with Aurora. Lucien more than half of his scenes were with Camille same to Vicent.

  4. byron says:

    RE: Question 22 – look at those photos again for a sec…is there really a question here? Nathan looks terrific, and Stana Katic may well be the hottest woman on Earth.

  5. robandco says:

    #25 Considering they are usually pretty smart regarding everything tech-related it was a bit odd. I mean I expected Penny to say something during the whole episode. But hey it was for a sweet cause so I’ll flow with that.

  6. aadams says:

    #22 Bones….definitely

  7. LIly says:

    22. Bones
    but is this really necessary?

  8. Lisa says:

    They cut the Emma/Regina/Henry scene that explains why Henry is going. (Source: Adam’s twitter, script’s page is shared in a reply to a fan)

    1 minute less of captain guyliner and 1 more of SwanMillsFamily and the problem would be solved.

    Henry goes, and the delete scene explains why!

    • Somone says:

      he’s the best one on the show so stop bashing our dude; he’s emmas happy ending and plus he’s good actor, nice to look at, and he has most chemistry with emma

      • anon says:

        You want to know how to get people to stop bashing Hook? Stop acting like everyone loves him and admit that some people don’t. It’s okay if people don’t like what you like! Didn’t you learn that in kindergarten? Also stop referring to him as “our dude” and “has the most chemistry with Emma.” Both those things are very subjective. Or at least frame it as “in my personal opinion.” Have a good weekend!

        • Phil says:

          Don’t know what part of the Internet you inhabit, but whenever I ignore my best judgement and go into a comment section, there’s way more dumb Hook hate than dumb Hook worship. And the majority of that usually comes from SwanQueen shippers, who take turns between vomiting dumb Hook hate and dumb Robin hate. I’m all for constructive criticism, but that’s something I have yet to find when it concerns Hook.

      • Ray Donovan says:

        Colin O’Who couldn’t even get his film distribution. His leading role in “The Rite” was panned. This guy is not exactly an A-star in talent.

        His character is repetitive and embodies rape culture. And it is quite unfortunate that so many other actor’s story lines and screentime had to be pushed to the side to include someone so mediocre.

        The writers really shot themselves in the foot thinking that Hook and that actor was the next McDreamy. Hook has done nothing to ever boost ratings on the show and has been a detriment to OUAT. But you are more than free to enjoy him.

        • Phil says:

          People have shouted “rape culture” so much about Hook that it has lost all meaning. It’s like they believe these are magic words that will instantly convince anyone that Hook is a bad character. They’re not.

          • buttercupscarlett95 says:

            Here, here! Ironically, most of the people screaming “rape culture” are Regina fans, even though Regina kept Graham as a sex slave for 28 years. Apparently they think Hook making a couple of sexual innuendos is worse than Regina taking Graham’s heart and ordering her guards to take him to her bed.

          • Phil says:

            Finally, someone who gets it. And people still cheer Regina for calling out Zelena on what she did. I’m glad someone did call Zelena out, but it being Regina? Zelena committed rape by deception via glamouring as Marian, but Regina went so above and beyond that. She essentially mind-wiped Graham by enacting the curse, and introduced herself as a different person in Storybrooke, robbing him of any form of true consent he could possibly give. That’s rape by deception on a whole other level. I don’t know if Regina got as far as using his heart to command him into having sex with her during the 28 years before Emma though.

  9. Eric says:

    The opening credits showed who the killers were. Hester did a thumbs up when the killer showed up and I think Boone smiled for the camera.

  10. buttercupscarlett95 says:

    #3 Once–I’m glad Rumple chose to become the Dark One and it wasn’t an accident. It was in keeping with his character. He’s always been addicted to power. It’s also interesting that of the prior Dark Ones who we’ve seen become un-Dark One’d on screen, all but Rumple willingly gave it up. Zoso, Killian, and Emma all chose to have the curse removed from them, with Zoso and Killian choosing to die rather than continue living with it. Rumple had it taken from him unwillingly by the Apprentice, and now he chose to take it back. He definitely isn’t ready to let go of the power. I think if he’s going to be redeemed, it has to be by his choice, not because someone else removed the dark curse while he was unconscious.

    Oh, and as for Henry, it doesn’t bother me that he’s tagging along to the Underworld. This is a show about fairy tales, and people are considered adults at a much younger age in the fairy tale world. Plus, Henry’s finally getting older and being given more of a chance to participate in the stories. I’d hate to see him left behind in Storybrooke.

  11. LADY_in_MD says:

    On Quantico question I totally agree the whole story was not as intriguing as I thought it would be

    Also I have another question I rewatched the last two minutes several times and still can’t tell was that Elias who took Simon? I know that’s what it said in the recap but I still can’t tell the guy looked like he had different bone structure than Elias…

  12. Shaun says:

    22.It’s not even fair,give Stana a garbage bag to wear and Emily a high end dress then we can vote.

  13. Shannon says:

    #3 Yes, this endless cycle of Rumple going back and forth with being DO has to stop. It would have been interesting to see him accidentally cursed, though.

    Henry can take care of himself.

    #16 I called it being Hester, although that was my last theory. My first ever theory was Pete, but I wrote that off as too obvious; however, I immediately called Boone and Gigi. Either I’m just that good, or Scream Queens was just that bad.

    #22 I don’t watch either, but definitely Castle.

  14. Linda says:

    Henry is wise for his age besides he is the author & was a hero in the alternate universe. On Rumple I think it would have been better if the whole Emma and Killian become DOs thing had been his plan b plot, after author one failed.

  15. Gerald says:

    1. Yes, but fans loved him for the win.
    2. Yes Dull, No please don’t let them win!!
    3.Yes Don’t bring the whole family
    4.Yes lame scar story
    7. Yes she shouldn’t be defending and speaking like Supergirl when Kara is in disguise
    12, Love the Trickster. But he’ll look better in a Jedi Robe.
    14. Yes. But Will was an alien in a human body, sand in the eyes is irrelevant with his extra sensory abilities…
    15. Hester was a good bet, but the stunt person in the mask for some of the killing could never have been her, body was too big. No just the right amount of killing.
    17. Just Tell her you dummy
    18. Ha. It does overlap in both worlds doesn’t it.
    22. Castle and Beckett by Far
    23. YEs. The past is now irrelevant. It should be all 3 years later with some flashbacks
    25. Presume he tried those, or his humming wouldn’t really have helped the app.

  16. Liz985 says:

    #17 – Well, Felicity didn’t give him much of a choice about proposing, did she? (I know you were going to propose, I would have said ‘yes’, why haven’t you proposed?, when are you going to propose?). Yikes, as a female viewer it was cringe inducing.

    • Yessenia says:

      I don’t think it was and she just wanted to know, I would be curious too if my boyfriend was going to propose to me 3 months ago and hasn’t, and they had a talk they needed to have in which Oliver finally understood that she is all in. If he didn’t propose then that would have been an issue

    • wonderwall says:

      As a female viewer myself, I’m glad the show gave Felicity some agency in this matter. Oliver didn’t make the decision himself, it was Oliver and Felicity who decided to get engaged together. You don’t really see that in a lot of shows nowadays. I didn’t see it as Felicity forcing Oliver or not giving him a choice, I saw it as her telling him her opinion on marriage and letting him know that regardless of what he chooses, she’d have said yes. Oliver proposing was his choice because he didn’t have to propose at the end. But he did.

      • Regina says:


      • Gale says:

        Yep, this. As a female viewer, I was very glad with the way Arrow handled the revelation of the ring and the subsequent discussion regarding marriage. I found her questions quite valid: I saw the ring, I know you were going to propose 3 months ago, why haven’t you proposed? Have to point out, though, that she never asked “When are you going to propose?” because she wasn’t pressuring Oliver. She was legitimately trying to find out why the man she loves backed off the idea. And I love Oliver’s very quick response of “I didn’t change my mind.” And when they got on the same page about what marriage means to them, she assured him of her positive response. I also loved seeing how excited Felicity got with the ring. With a lot of ridiculous claims last year about Felicity not loving Oliver, I really enjoyed seeing her joy at the idea of being partners with him for life.

    • Andrea says:

      I’m a female viewer and I’m glad felicity spoke her mind about this. Why shouldn’t we as female say what we’re thinking? Especially about the one aspect in our life that can change everything.

      In episode one season 4 we saw oliver decided to make her his wife, last episode we saw felicity decided to make oliver his husband. Felicity choose oliver as much as oliver choose her. I love it, arrow gave more voice to a woman when it come to marriage. Usually on TV, we only have to say yes or no.

    • John NYC says:

      Showed they’re real partners and she had a say in the matter.

    • Liz985 says:

      Well, I’ll just have to disagree with the other comments here. I’ve never understood the affinity for Felicity. She lacks maturity and is such a mismatch for the character of Oliver. How everyone sees her as some sort of empowered woman to admire is beyond me.

      • Yessenia says:

        Why do you think she lacks maturity?

      • Gale says:

        Many of the comments here have actually explained quite articulately how viewers see her as an empowered woman.

      • wonderwall says:

        It depends on how you define maturity. In my opinion, being mature means that one can take care of themselves as well as others, is honest, doesn’t compromise their beliefs so easily, is empathetic and self aware, is confident in their abilities etc. Sure Felicity’s babbles and sometimes emotional decisions can make her seem immature, but her character goes far beyond that. Felicity has shown to be an empowered woman by not letting anyone boss her around, by taking care of others before taking care of herself. She’s empowered because she honors herself by not compromising her beliefs (not even for Oliver), and chooses her own fate. But that’s just me

    • To quote Liz985 here.

      “#17 – Well, Felicity didn’t give him much of a choice about proposing, did she? (I know you were going to propose, I would have said ‘yes’, why haven’t you proposed?, when are you going to propose?). Yikes, as a female viewer it was cringe inducing.”

      I just really didn’t understand that comment at all, but what I surmised, turned out being true, as is evidenced by her second comment…

      “Well, I’ll just have to disagree with the other comments here. I’ve never understood the affinity for Felicity. She lacks maturity and is such a mismatch for the character of Oliver. How everyone sees her as some sort of empowered woman to admire is beyond me.”

      If you want to be a hater, save everybody else the time and don’t beat around the bush about it.

      It really is quite simple Liz… Felicity told Oliver how she felt… she didn’t offer him and ultimatum. There was no force of any kind. What probably spurred Oliver into deciding to propose again so suddenly, was almost losing Felicity. Finally understanding that no matter if they are married or living together, the same risks apply and he would rather have it all, than just half way.

  17. Stacy says:

    4: Totally lame scar story. Sure, Quantico’s been farfetched, but this latest episode was all kinds of wonky and unbelievable for me. It’s like watching middle school arguments.

    25: I’m not surprised Sheldon didn’t think of using a smartphone music app. I’m surprised Penny or Leonard didn’t at least try it to shut him up.

    • Katie says:

      24.)Well…they had had one hell of a couple of emotionally fraught weeks so.. I can see it happening. As for Jason Dorhing, I’m sad to say I agree with everyone else that they are wasting his talents a bit. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed the scenes between him, Joseph Morgan and Leah Pipes. I think he should stay at his sister’s for awhile when and if they give him a better story line.
      25.) I’m not surprised by either one. What good is an app if all you have is the melody and not the lyrics? Of course I have no idea how those apps work in the first place. *shrug* Let’s just hypothesize that Sheldon had already tried as had Penny and Leonard. Although, considering, he was using instruments in the middle of the night to try to figure it out I’m more surprised Penny didn’t smack him one or give Sheldon one of her looks.

  18. Athena says:

    About Arrow: Absolutely not! Did you see Oliver’s terror when he thought he was going to lose Felicity in that chamber. Oliver realized in this episode that he cannot take tomorrow for granted. Should he have shared his secret first? Absolutely, but I think the episode made a pretty good case for Oliver deciding spur of the moment to put a ring on Felicity Smoak’s finger. As for this toothy smile, it’s strange but boy does joy look great on Oliver Queen. And Felicity had just made him the “happiest man on the face of the earth.”

    • Clara says:

      Couldn agree more! ;)

    • amb1973 says:

      You realize he IS going to lose her when she finds out he’s a lying sack of crap (AGAIN) right? She’s going to dump him, probably in episode 4.13. (They’ll get back together, but it won’t be the same, bc…lying sack of crap.)

  19. For #17… If, after everything Oliver and Felicity went through in that episode, he shouldn’t have proposed, I’ll eat my hat. Yeah, yeah, he’s got a secret (shocker!) but after nearly dying and losing each other and that amazing conversation they had together, getting married is a no brainer. I love their relationship and I love how honestly they talked about the ring and marriage and what it means. This is why Oliver and Felicity are my favorite pair on TV. They’re incredible. I can’t wait to see what happens when the show returns.

  20. Mr. Tran K says:

    Number 22 – Castle FTW.

  21. Rick Katze says:

    Re 14. Maybe sand would be sand to Will, but to the creature speaking, it does not necessarily have the same sensitivities.

  22. Teri says:

    Beckett wore it better!

  23. DavidJ says:

    12. Thankfully we already got a look at what Hamill looks like in the new Star Wars (thanks to a leaked photo), and it’s nothing like the Trickster.

  24. jerrired says:

    24. I actually wasn’t sure if they had sex, and then fell asleep, or fell asleep before having sex. I thought it was weird that they were still both clothed but that could have just been a choice due to what Klaus found when he woke. That scene would have been akward shirtless. And 100 percent YES! I thought that every since he came on the show. But he definitely had two really great scenes, so the character has potential just not being used. However, didn’t they kind of write his character off? I assumed he wasn’t planning to retun back to New Orleans because of the compulsion and being fired.

  25. Marco says:

    #3 – Yes. And Hell (if you pardon me) yes.
    #4 – Yeah. And Simon was much, much dumber than I gave him credit for.
    #14 – Well, seeing as that wasn’t Will anymore, I don’t see the fault in that.
    #15 – I did. Ever since reading her character breakdown. I even predicted that she’d set up Chanel and get away with it. Also, not more killing in general, only more killing of regulars.

    • Shonda says:

      #4 while I have been enjoying the show for what it is (popcorn entertainment) the secrets have been lame. The writers have missed out on making this show so much more intriguing and drama filled then what it currently is.

  26. #13. iZombie is one of those underappreciated shows–it’s so clever and witty and funny, and both the writing and acting are top notch. McIver in particular has to layer personalities every time she eats a brain and takes on its traits and memories. It’s not only a great plot device, it’s an acting tour de force. And a lot of fans of The Flash came to the CW only because they’re fans of that particular comic-book hero and aren’t interested in the rest of the network. If opening with a superhero teaser gets some of them to give another awesome show a chance, then great! But I doubt that’s why they did it.

    #21 Yeah, what’s up with that, Hollywood Foreign Press? Got something against red hair or kilts?

    #22 Definitely Castle. Not only did they pull off a much wilder and funnier episode, but they did it first and it felt like Bones was copy catting.

    • Benington says:

      I agree with your review and opinions about iZombie. It is incredibly well written and acted especially McIver, with the broad range of characters she plays so brilliantly and effortlessly. In my opinion the issue is that most Sci-Fi/ horror aficionados tend to like the genre darker and less serio-comic. Of course that does not include the absolutely abysmal Z nation…which is terrible in every way yet successful. Go figure!!!

  27. Kate says:

    14. I had that thought too, but it really is just Mack and Bobbi who have called her that, so I almost think that is more of a pet name. Once the Secret Warriors team gets more in play, I’m thinking Mack actually has a conversation similar to Felicity’s points on Arrow that she and Diggle need code names. I can see Lincoln being Sparkplug for long. Um, and the Will we saw in the last episode was dead. I’m thinking he didn’t care.

    15. I actually stopped caring and just was sad it involved Pete (or oddly once he stopped having creepy questions about him, that was actually when he started killing).

    17. It did take me a little out of it (though also with the fact that there were like five minutes left in the episode and even with the secret that would have been an odd cliffhanger) but then I also figure the almost entire point of hurting Felicity here is to take some of the ethical reins off Team Arrow but like especially off of John, and then to focus on Damien the person, because Lance will mention that he has a daughter from their talks, but almost most importantly to keep Donna around because she likely has the clearest, or at least from Samantha’s perspective stance on this).

    23. I know right? I actually had the thought we were getting closer once Damon was stabbed since he does go into some sort of stasis that he planned to stay in until Elena wakes up and I got the impression that it happens soon.

  28. spindae2 says:

    Arrow: Ollie had to propose. No woman likes when a man backs out. I would worry more about the gun wound hitting very low and Fel loosing her ovaries or uterus.

    VD: Yes more flashforwards, much more or at least 2 pro episode.

    TO: Yes they are so wasting Jason. Hope he gets more screen time or a violent death by Vamami* hands.

  29. Angela says:

    #11: Some people are much more calm when meeting celebrities, I suppose :p? But yeah, if that’d been me, I DEFINITELY would’ve been spazzing out :D. That was such a good show.

  30. Lena says:

    I thought it was bad enough Oliver was proposing in such a public moment, let alone with the big secret hanging over them; it felt so showy and fake (even though he meant it), and their relationship has never been about other people. I wish he’d done it in private.

  31. John NYC says:

    17 | How much did it bother you that Arrow‘s Oliver proposed to Felicity, knowing full well that he was keeping a huge secret from her about his son’s existence? And how weird was it to see typically serious Oliver sporting such a toothy grin in that moment?

    Not as much that as it would have been better to invest less money in the rock and MORE in an armored llmo and some security .


  32. Luis says:

    17. I knew the hammer was falling on Felicity the minute Oliver proposed. The show wouldn’t be the show without at least one person making a life-changing decision that they knew would blow up their world if someone else found out.
    22. Castle – OMG Castle

  33. JeffDJ says:

    22. Castle for sure (particularly Beckett, yowza), though I did prefer the role-playing aspect on Bones.
    25. I thought that as well during Sheldon’s attempts to identify the song. A better question would be why, when Penny & Leonard were trying to sleep through Sheldon’s keyboarding & tuba’ing, didn’t they go sleep across the hall in Penny’s apartment??

  34. Bwhit says:

    24) I took that scene as them not needing rush the getting it on part, plus Klaus looked pretty content sleeping next to her. I liked it better that way until ya know…. He found her after his nap. I’m in total agreement about them wasting Jason Dohring, I could deal with less of Aurora and more of him. I have a question of my own… Did anyone notice the crazy good chemistry with Freya and Jackson? I mean yeah she was crazed some of the time but I saw something there.

  35. Kim says:

    No question. Castle and Beckett wore it best. Not even close.

  36. steven says:

    How about a different OUAT question like: Will we go back to Merida and Arthur’s storylines?

  37. Dj says:

    14. I hate they wont call her Quake. 22. Castle

  38. 7. No, I actually think its refreshing to have her defend Supergirl instead of taking an anti-capes stance to throw people off.
    12. I am kind of mad that I didn’t pick up on the Breaking Bad reference this week, but I certainly wouldn’t mind that tradition!
    13. It was definitely smart for iZombie to do that, but I’m sure most of those Flash fans were disappointed with the episode.
    14. That was my first tip off (other than the very obvious tag that we left Will on) that the Beast had possessed his meat suit.
    17. No, because the secret he is keeping has nothing to do with the love he has for Felicity and I enjoy this new Oliver!
    18. You can swap Arrow’s dialogue with Supernatural’s post-Kripke dialogue if you want there to be a homoerotic subtext between Diggle and Oliver.
    22. I would definitely say that Bones win because it feels like Castle was trying too hard with their outfits, which is par for the course with the show.

  39. Drew says:

    17 – I want to know what Felicity has against Oliver taking some time to work things out for himself. Last week, she couldn’t give him a friggin’ day to absorb the fact that he had a child that had been stolen from him. This week, she practically forced him to propose as soon as she found the ring that he keeps hiding in horrible places (seriously, you’d think he would be better at hiding things).
    She has really been coming across as selfish lately.

    • AJ says:

      Agreed! And mama Smoake was a big f***ing idiot for showing Felicity the ring in the first place. Could she not have though for one second that Oliver wanted it to be a romantic surprise. I wanted to falcon punch her in that scene.

    • Yessenia says:

      He has had 3 months, I’m sorry but she had the right to confront him about it and by no means forced him to propose

      • Drew says:

        Confront him about something that he was thinking about before he found out that she was lying to him for months, before they moved back to a war zone and before his entire life got thrown off balance once again?
        He didn’t sleep with someone, he got a ring. There is nothing to confront him about. If he didn’t want to propose, that is his business.
        And she did force him. Once again, she thought about herself first and put him in a position where he either proposed or the whole thing would become a huge issue for them.
        If he was ready, he would have done it without her yelling at him. If she didn’t want to wait, she should have just proposed herself. But she didn’t. She backed him into it.

        • Yessenia says:

          She basically did propose to him when she told him she would have said yes and she definitely didnt yell at him but you have to also take into consideration of their facial expressions which clearly showed joy when Felicity told Oliver she would say yes plus it is an issue if he didn’t want to propose because at that point if Oliver didn’t want to propose then the next step would be to break up, which clearly he didn’t want to do

        • Ron says:

          Awww, tiny blonde woman forced a badass vigilante to marry her? Oliver Queen is a grown man. If he didn’t want to get engaged, he wouldn’t have. God knows this show has shown Oliver being a stubborn as hell when his mind is made up about something. All Felicity did was assuage his concerns. And looking at the goofy smile the boy is sporting in the pic above, plus the skip in his step tells me there’s no “forcing” here. But YMMV

    • Vi says:

      Totally agree, I liked her the first season but can’t stand her now. Hope she’s the one they kill off.

  40. shutuprob says:

    7. Supergirl — Jimmy — excuse me, *James* clearly altered Kara’s appearance on the cover for Catco magazine that’s all over the first few episodes of the series, so I’m not surprised that most people aren’t making the connection. He’s likely doing similar alterations to other photos, too, under the category of “retouching.” On the other hand, since Cat cut her journalist teeth at the Daily Planet under Perry White and with Lois and Clark, I have no doubt that Cat has already figured out that Kara is Supergirl — she probably recognized that Supergirl is Kara the first time Kara wore the S in front of her. It may even be the case that while Cat and James both know that Kara is Supergirl, neither one knows that the other one does, too. (Which I would find hee-larious if it turned out to be true.) Maxwell Lord is likewise smart enough to have probably figured it out for himself, especially after this week’s episode.

    12. The Flash’s Mark Hamill and Star Wars — I’m more worried that Hamill is going to *act* as badly in Star Wars as he does on The Flash than that he’s going to *look* as bad. He’s a *terrible* actor and always has been. Almost as bad in Return of the Jedi as Hayden Christiensen was in Revenge of the Sith. Which is, to say, they’re both Kardashian-level awful in their respective movies.

    14. Agents of SHIELD — Speaking as a comics fan with over 33,000 comics in my collection, I have absolutely no problem with the show being reluctant to associate one of its best characters with her comics counterpart, who is the single most annoying character in the Marvel Universe. The Cousin Oliver from The Brady Bunch/Oliver from The O.C. of Earth-616. Marvel is trying to evolve Quake into being more like Skye, but it’s something that they’re having difficulty massaging into existence because the comics’ Quake is such an unlikable twit.

    15. Scream Queens — I”m half the season behind and my Spidey-sense about Hester being the killer went up the second she ditched the scoliosis harness in the third or fourth episode.

    17. Arrow — In retrospect, yeah, it was kinda bad for Ollie to propose to Felicity while still keeping her in the dark about his son. But on the other hand, after the ring was found, what else was Ollie gonna do but propose when, well, the timing was relatively right-ish aside from the whole Secret Kid thing? Christmas tree lights, a crowd, family, him getting public credit for something that Felicity deserved credit for, too. I don’t think that anyone should begrudge Ollie as long as he doesn’t keep the Secret Kid a secret for too much longer. He should tell her *before* she gets out of the hospital and transferred into hiding.

    22. Who wore it best? I’m splitting the difference — Beckett and Booth. But I think they’d have terrible chemistry together because they’re too similar.

    24. The Originals — Umm, Cami was tired and I think that Klaus wants to wait until he can be the one to tire her out all on his own, ifyouknowhwhatimean.

  41. It's Delovely says:

    Completely agree with #3. Rumple suddenly wanting to be the Dark One again came out of nowhere. There was no indication that the uncursed Rumple wanted that power back. It would’ve been way more interesting to see him have the curse thrust upon him unwillingly, or if he’d reluctantly taken it back for heroic reasons.

    And YES about taking Henry to the Underworld. It’s not just Henry, though–why is anyone other than Emma going to save the guy who just tried to kill them all? Why would Snow/Charming and Robin leave behind their infant children (to go to a dangerous place from which they might not come back)?

  42. Why is everyone so concerned for Henry going to the underworld… dude has battled evil pan, his mom, her mom, arthur off his rocker, ursala, cruella,maleficient and a snow queen. Not to mention he was the one who figured all this crap out along the way really he is the genius of the show… why would you ever leave him behind… age is a number and he is wayyyyy beyond his years!

  43. french5851 says:

    #19 – I’m really hoping this comes up in the next episode…

  44. Geeta Mungal says:

    everyone on TV keeps secrets so no it was beautiful OMG!!!

  45. Lori says:

    21. What more could they require of Sam Heughan? He had to perform some excruciating scenes. Although I’m glad Outlander got nominations, it’s a real kick in the teeth to Sam to leave him out.

  46. MACG says:

    I keep remembering that the grave is 6 months from the premiere and that Felicity getting shot is only three months in so I guess to me it wouldn’t make any sense. It would be weird for them to kill her off cause she is like the glue to the team and to keeping Oliver so chill. Me and my friends believe that it could be Diggle, but not Thea, or Oliver’s son or baby mama.

  47. Im not understanding your issue with Kara on 7 can u explain this better please?

  48. Hannah says:

    14: no, sand blown into his eyes is not still sand blown into his eyes, seeing as he’s a killer Inhuman who created the sandstorm anyway.

  49. A fan of TV says:

    I love love love the Amazing Race and always wind up resenting the dominant teams. Not that viewer opinions matter to the race, but yeah, I never take issue with producer interventions to even the field (like the one that straight up stole the final leg from Amber and Boston Rob, who got onto the first flight to the final destination after dominating the whole race, and even though the doors were closed and plane was good to go, suddenly, miraculously, Uchenna and Joyce got on the same flight and went on to win it all. Was much happier to see the underdogs take it than the cocky and dominant, always. Justin is too cocky.