Golden Globe Nominations 2016

Golden Globe Nominations 2016: My Snappy Judgments

The 2016 Golden Globe nominations were, as per usual, a mixed bag. For every inspired nod (congrats, Rachel Bloom!) there was one that had be scratching the skin off my scalp (no The Leftovers?!). So without further adieu, I give you the good, the bad and the downright ugly from this year’s list.

I’m Super-Ecstatic About:
* Penny Dreadful‘s Eva Green finally getting some love!
* All the Outlander love.
* Mr. Robot‘s Rami Malek and Christian Slater getting some love. Also, the show getting recognized.
* Nods for Empire and leading lady Taraji P. Henson. (Take that, SAG Awards!)
* All the love for FX’s Fargo and ABC’s American Crime.
* Hulu’s Casual scoring a best comedy nod!
* Because it bears repeating, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend‘s Rachel Bloom sneaking into the best actress race.
* Bloodline breakout Ben Mendelsohn snagging a supporting actor nod.
* Master of None‘s Aziz Ansari making the cut in the crowded lead actor/comedy field.

I’m Rolling My Eyes About:
* The Globes’ infuriating tradition of lumping every single genre in the supporting acting races. Enough. (Yes, I copied and pasted this directly from last year’s Snappy Js. And I will continue to do so until something changes.)

I’m Super-Pissed About:
* No love for Justified. Ditto Broad City. Ditto You’re the Worst. Ditto UnREAL. Ditto black-ish.
* The absence of The Americans‘ Matthew Rhys and Keri Russell in the drama actor and actress categories.
* The omission of Bates Motel‘s Vera Farmiga and Freddie Highmore.
The Leftovers getting completely and inexplicably shut out.
* Jane the Virgin‘s hilarious Jaime Camil getting the shaft.
* Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt getting bupkis.
* No love for Inside Amy Schumer or its titular star (perhaps the HFPA thought her nod for Trainwreck was enough?)
* No Allison Janney for Mom?!
* Nada for Fox’s underrated Last Man on Earth and star Will Forte.

Okay, that’s my two cents’ worth. Now it’s your turn. Post your own snappy judgments below. And click here to view a list of all the major nominees.

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Nicole says:

    Super excited for Outlander, but no love for Sam Heughan? WHAT?

  2. CBK says:

    The Supporting Actor/Actress bloodbath was painful. I though Janney would survive the reaping of comedic roles, but like the stellar ladies of Fargo (Jean Smart and Kirsten Dunst) she fell by the wayside as well.

    • dan says:

      I’ve never understood why the Globes lump all the supporting actors/actresses into one tv category. I realize that separating them into drama, comedy and movie/miniseries opens up four more categories (if I’ve done the math right) and that makes the show longer, but with the increase of streaming shows being judged against broadcast and cable shows there are just too many great performances to put them all together. This is just one reason why I can’t take the Globes too seriously.

    • CBK says:

      Edit: I guess Kirsten submitted in lead and got in. Woo! It’d be a shame if her portrayal of Peggy was ignored.

  3. Gabriel Anthony says:

    No Leftovers. I’m done

  4. Megan says:

    No Will Forte.

  5. D. says:

    Happy for Outlander and Eva Green. The Leftovers should have been included and The Americans actors as well.

  6. Judy Greene says:

    I just can’t get over my Disappointment that Sam Heughan was not nominated. I can only smh. Unreal

  7. Bridget says:

    No nomination for Sam Heughen is disgraceful. His work in the final 2 eps was some of the finest work seen in TV.

  8. Ingmar says:

    Personally I don’t take these kind of shows serious anymore. There are some shows that have been on the air for several years…while winning nothing lately, while they deserve it more (imo) than some shows nominated every year. At least the Golden Globe nominated some fresh stuff this year, so yay for that.

    I’m still missing Ellen Pompeo. Grey’s Anatomy as a show…I get that it’s not good enough for a nomination, but EP nails every scene she’s in (not just this year), but she keeps being overlooked, because yeah, people consider it a soap, or don’t even consider it at all, since the show has been on for ages.

    Other things I would have liked to see? More love for The Good Wife (even though this wasn’t their strongest season), or even Person of Interest. Where is The big Bang Theory? At least Game of Thrones has an easy win this way I’d say..

    • Lauren says:

      Ellen Pompeo has got to be one of the most underrated tv actresses. She is trucking along, working hard and selling the crap out of her material year after year. I guess it’s just expected of her now.

    • David4 says:

      These are ‘award’ shows that never even gave Martin Sheen and credit for his amazing The West Wing role, so I don’t really understand why they are still popular.

  9. laura says:

    I hope now we’ll get a S02 for crazy ex-girlfriend!

  10. Christy Connois says:

    I quit watching the Golden globes And the Sag awards a long time ago. They nominate weirdly. Leaving out Justified, Arrow, The Flash, Daredevil, D’Onofrio, The Blacklist, Spader?? I don’t know what they think is good but we have wildly different taste apparently.

    • dan says:

      I don’t mean to be offensive, but I was wondering out loud and got to ask: why would you EVER include Arrow or The Flash in any awards ceremony? Worst dialogue? Clunkiest solution? Most melodramatic storyline? Least horrible acting? The Flash could maybe get some recognition in the special effects department, but that would be about it. And yes, I watch both and also lots of much better TV.

  11. Lauren says:

    Here’s what I’m always curious about with the “no love for…” lists: Are there people/shows that were nominated that you would remove in order to make room for who you want to be nominated? Or are you just saying that in a perfect world, all of these people would make the cut? Some years it’s harder than others. I think pretty much everyone on Fargo should be nominated. Jean Smart particularly. But that Damon best supporting actress list is so tight, I don’t know who I would kick off to add her.

  12. Allison says:

    I’m really happy for Maura Tierney, but I thought The Affair would get a lot more love than that.

  13. D. says:

    Moreover, i think Homeland should have had some recognition, i’ve loved this season. Also Miranda Otto. And Jonathan Tucker is killing it on Kingdom.

  14. pltfc says:

    No Shiri Appleby.

  15. Luk says:

    best yesses: the recognition of ‘minor’ shows with respect to juggernauts; Mr.Robot and Outlander sweeps; Eva Green.

    worst nos: lack of The Americans, lack of Parks, Mad Men not nominated in the Drama series; Gaga (useless nomination).

    • dan says:

      Ha… Gaga… They often get stuff wrong in the GGs, but it’s rare that they get it this wrong. You just gotta laugh out loud at it.

  16. Umas says:

    The Leftovers and the wonderful cast should have been nominated. Easily one of the best shows on TV.

  17. CBK says:

    Well, I’m not really surprised by any of the snubs. We’ve reached a point where there are fewer and fewer shoo-ins for nominations. There’s just so many good series/performances out there.

    • Luk says:

      yes exactly, this is why the “this award is a scam because it hasn’t nominates XXX or YYY” is quite stupid. There are so many talented peoples and great shows and the nominees can be only 5.
      For the Globes even more considering they put all together in the supporting race.

      • zac says:

        It has been known that insiders dont really think that it’s a “serious” award body but since it’s smack in the middle of Oscars campaign as well as it attracts a lot of A-listers coz of the booze.

  18. zac says:

    Hey Michael, Kirsten Dunst got nominated. Zero love for UnREal is unreal

  19. Sims says:

    Ummmm Kirsten Dunst did get nominated for Fargo. Best Performance by an Actress in a Mini-Series or a Motion Picture Made for Television. At least on IMDB / EW / Variety she was nominated?

  20. Getting ON? not evening single nod this show is completely over looked

  21. ninergrl6 says:

    SAM HEIGHAN. A particularly egregious snub since the show, lead actress, and supporting actor were all nominated. IMO Sam is the most deserving of all of them! I’m thrilled for the Outlander noms though. I’m also super excited about Rachel Bloom. I love that ridiculous show.

  22. glinda says:

    I agree completely about Justified. Best TV Series ever! All the actors were incredible.

  23. Nikki Adlington says:

    Also pissed about most of your pissed about list, although I’d add Lady bloody Gaga being nominated?! What on earth is that about?? Makes no sense to me but hey.

  24. Ange says:


  25. Ames says:

    Wasn’t Kirsten Dunst nominated for Supporting Actress? At least that’s what it says on your other article. I’m confused.

  26. Peegee says:

    Jean Smart and KD superb in fargo

  27. Susan Dietz says:

    No love for William Petersen’s performance in Season 2 of ‘Manhattan’. His demented Col Darrow stole the show from everyone.

  28. Tracie says:

    No nomination for Colin Farrell , True Detective S2 ?!?! The series might have been weak this season but CF gave a nominated , worthy, performance

  29. lee says:

    You’re The Worst has been excellent in tackling Depression this season! I’M SO BUMMED NOT A SINGLE NOMINATION WAS GIVEN

  30. Diane says:

    Thrilled about Outlander nominations, but no nomination for Sam Heughan makes no sense. His performance was on my top 5 of all time list. He is the glue that holds Outlander together, not taking away anything from the rest of the Amazing people from Outlander who did get nominations.

  31. Guest says:

    Happy about Maura Tierney, Rachel Bloom, Eva Green, Gina Rodriguez, no more Modern Family, TBBT and Downton Abbey.

    Some more actors I think should have been nominated: Jaime Camil, Niecy Nash, Lea Michele and Glen Powell, Miranda Otto and Claire Danes, Matthew Rhys and Keri Russell, Sam Heughan, Justin Theroux. Many of them could have had a chance if the GG wouldn’t put all supporting actors in the same category. It makes no sense.
    Shows I think should have been nominated: Jane the Virgin, The Americans, The Leftovers, The Affair, Getting On.

    It’s true that every year there are better shows/performances and there is no way all of them could be nominated but still there are some that are nominated that, in my opinion, are much less award worthy than others (for example Empire vs any of the drama shows I list above).

    Interesting how television is changing. Almost no shows from broadcast tv nominated (only 1 in 10) and not only because there is more love for cable, look at how much recognition for shows on Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime.

    Also, GG, America Ferrara and Gina Rodriguez are NOT the same person… unbelievable!

    Finally, and so sorry about this Michael but it’s a pet peeve, it’s without further ado, not adieu :)

  32. Lara says:

    No Tatiana Maslany (Orphan Black) love again!!!! But psyched about Flesh & Bone being recognized.


  34. Liz says:

    So weird, some other sites are switching out Gael García Bernal in place of Will Forte – wishful thinking I guess (I was so confused when I saw Forte as a snub on here)

  35. KCC says:

    I guess the only way to make everyone happy is to give participation awards like youth sports or science fairs. Anyone that was part of a TV production gets a Golden Globe and an Emmy trophy! I’ve never seen the Arts as a competition.

  36. Julia says:

    I’m most surprised/disappointed in shutting out the Leftovers. The show really deserved it (and needed it) to gain momentum for a season 3 renewal…

  37. Gerald says:

    Eye Rolling for the Good Wife and Alan Cuimmings

  38. lululime says:

    I love the nomination for Jamie Lee Curtis. I only watched a few episodes of Scream Queens, but she was spectacular all the time. I like how the HFP always recognizes newer shows like Outlander, Penny Dreadful and Mozart in the Jungle. I am surprised that there was nothing for the actors in Game of Thrones, especially Kit Harington but out with the old I guess.

  39. ME says:

    Boo on no Leftover or Americans nods. Kind of surprised they didn’t nominate By the Sea lol Globes are kinda weird this year

  40. Kathleen Richardson says:

    Sam Heughan’s performance in all of Outlander but especially the last 2 episodes was ground breaking TV at it’s very finest. His snub is an outrage to fans and his talent!!!

  41. M says:

    Where the heck did Mozart in the Jungle come from? I watched it all the way through hoping it would get better. As a classical musician that’s spent their life in a symphony I thought it would be great. It missed its mark horribly. It wasn’t even because it was not realistic in certain ways. The story was just lacking. And please, PLEASE get better training for the actors on how to fake playing instruments.

    • Adam says:

      I’m partially convinced that there’s some rule within HFPA nomination process that one show in the Comedy/Musical nominee list must be a Musical. With the options being Glee, Galavant, and Crazy Ex-Girlfriend (may be deemed too ‘niche’), they may have defaulted to Mozart in the Jungle because it presents itself as smart and classy, even if its lacking.

  42. Adam says:

    I like Master of None a lot, but I think the acting performances were the weakest element of the show. It’s worthy of nomination in basically every other category, so Aziz’s nom for acting feels like an odd choice made out of obligation.

  43. Karen says:

    No Hannibal nominations…booooo!!

  44. Spence says:

    The second I saw Gaga on he noms, I knew it was a joke. The Golden Globes are nonsensical and a charicature of an awards show. I’ll save my anticipation and enthusiasm for the Emmy’s.

  45. Flyin_Bryan says:

    My snarky judgement “Joy for comedy? Yeah, that movie looks hysterical” #quitcallingdramascomedys

  46. skrable2 says:

    Whenever someone writes a “snubs” list, they should be obligated to say which nominees they would remove in order to make room for the one they thought was snubbed.

    Writers don’t do that, though, at the risk of alienating those they cover. But without doing so, it makes lists such as these easy to compile … and essentially meaningless.

  47. Jooshua says:

    Marvel seems like the new CW. Awards shows just don’t want to acknowledge them. The Vincent D’Onofrio for Daredevil snubs have been hard to watch.

  48. Roberta says:

    No Leftovers, no Justin Theroux, Orphan Black, no Tatiana Maslany?
    I wil not be watching. .

  49. Mary says:

    Whenever heard of any of these. What happened to ones WE see? How to get away with Murder? Castle? The Black List? Last Man Standing? NCIS..(3 of them)? On and on…most of ones listed here aren’t even available!

  50. ssmuggle says:

    No love for Hannibal… That show was one of the best on TV. Still sad it’s gone and no one shows it any love… I am happy Eva Green was nominated for Penny Dreadful!