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Bones Fall Finale Hodgins

Bones Fall Finale: EP Talks [Spoiler]'s Fate, New Threat for Booth and Brennan and Season 12 Prospects

Well, all of your favorite Bones peeps made it out of the fall finale alive. That’s the good news. The bad news? One of ’em can’t feel anything from the waist down.

In the closing minutes of Thursday’s second hour, we learned the explosion that initially left Hodgkins with some minor scrapes actually caused catastrophic, slow-release damage to his spine. Bottom line: he’s paralyzed.

The blast also critically injured Aubrey (he’s fine now), brought about the return of Arastoo (he wants Cam back) and made Hodgins realize that life is too short to stop making babies with Angela (and then that whole paralysis thing set in).

Below, co-showrunner John Collier previews the long, difficult road ahead for Hodgins and Angela, teases the new threat that’s about to bear down on Booth and Brennan, and weighs in on another, increasingly familiar off screen cliffhanger: Are Bones‘ days numbered?

TVLINE | Did you ever consider killing off Aubrey or Hodgins? Or would that have been too much in the wake of Sweets’ murder?
We’re not Game of Thrones. We love them both. What’s best for the show is to have them on the show… Sweets was a very unique situation. John Francis Daley’s directing and writing career just took off. He was no longer available to us, so we dealt with that in a high-impact way.

TVLINE | Talk to me about the decision to embark on this storyline with Hodgins.
This isn’t just about Hodgins. This is about Hodgins and Angela as a couple. We really want to test their relationship, and we figured this would be a good way to do it. It’s going to get really difficult for them. We believe in them as a couple, but we really want to push them… There’s a good chance he will never walk again.

TVLINE | With this specific condition that he has, is it possible for him to walk again?
It’s in the cards, but it’s going to be tough going.

TVLINE | Arastoo returned and stirred up a lot of feelings for poor Cam. Where is her head at right in with regard to possibly taking him back?
She’s a mess right now. She’s used to being in control.

TVLINE | Sara Rue was great as Karen. How much more will we see of her?
As much as possible, but she’s committed to another show [TV Land’s Impastor]. We love her. We’ll see her for at least two more episodes.

TVLINE | It seems like you’re teasing a romance between her and Aubrey.
Let’s just say Aubrey is going to have romantic complications coming up.

TVLINE | What’s in store Booth and Brennan during the second half of the season?
Something from outside is going to happen and it’s going to put them, as a couple, under duress. Last year, we did Booth’s gambling [problem] reawakening and threatening their relationship — that was something that was happening between them. Now it’s an external force that’s going to threaten them.

TVLINE | An external force like Pelant?
It’s not a Pelant thing. But we do want them in harm’s way. They’re strong as a couple, dealing with something that is a real threat.

TVLINE | I imagine you will soon start writing the season finale. How are you approaching it not knowing if there will be a Season 12?
Right now we’re approaching it as if the show is coming back, but… we could turn [the script] either way. Our hope is to keep things going into next year.

TVLINE | Fox hasn’t announced a return date for Bones. Do you have a sense of when it will be back on the air?
This happens every year with us. And even if they give us a date, all sorts of unforeseen factors come up. No date in TV, except for the fall premieres, is a real date. My guess is it will be sometime in March or April.

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  1. anon says:

    Michael Peterson doesn’t have a clue what to do with Booth & Brennan

    They were mainly missing from the mid season finale, they have no storylines….all he cares about is show casing everyone but them

    And stop trying to rewrite Booth past storylines & traits and giving it to Aubrey. Lawd Almighty

    • Rose says:

      You should read TVGuide and Entertainment Weekly he says more about what’s coming up for Booth and Brennan.

    • Really? says:

      Sheesh, give it a freaking rest. Everyone gets it–you have to be first with the negative comments and how you despise it all. You need to get some clues yourself–get a life….

    • I enjoy the show when they focus on the other characters since there really is no where else they can go with Bones and Booth without their supporting cast!

  2. Cheryl says:

    Wow I did not see that coming. Powerful season finale. So sad for Angela. Hope this show comes back.

    • Mr. Tran K says:

      It’s actually a “mid-season” finale for Bones. The series will return at some point in time and it’s not over yet this season and Fox will make a decision on the show’s fate whether or not it’s ending.

      • Murica! says:

        Really, Sherlock?

      • Bones will not return next year. My son just told me as he is always reading which shows, have and haven’t been renewed. I asked him which site he read it on and he couldn’t remember, but said we could certainly Goggle it to find out. I’m very disappointed as Bones is one of the decent shows left on T.V. it will proably be replaced with some crass no nonsense show. Television is NOT what it used too be at all. 😥

    • While not a season finale, it was more powerful than any finale that has aired this past month and I’m excited Hodgins and Angela’s journey!

    • Booth says:

      Of course it has to come back..they cant end it that way. I mean the show epic…they couldn’t possibly think about ending it with hoghins in the hospital. It would be a disaster this is the best show of the century…and most of us fans we are hoping they sought out their lawsuit problems and give us season 12

      I so love Emily Deschanel and I don’t wanna see her go…

    • Kara says:

      Please Bring bones back

  3. heather says:

    Booth & Brennan DO need storylines, if you take away the subplots in each ep…what exactly is their journey this season?!

    We shouldnt have to wait until ep 13 before B&B get a plot about them

    Booth got shot, nearly, killed, his brother died and it doesn’t reasonate on the radar after the third ep….

    Booth & Brennan have a second baby again it barely even features as a narrative.

    IdK…I miss when B&B drove the EPs, in the front seat, now they are just back seat passengers.


    • kmw says:

      Heather I get what you are saying but there are other things involved. First is David and Emily’s availability. She does have two young boys and I am sure David has outs that let him have extra time off, however maybe to me the real issue is what can they really give Booth and Brennan without harming them as a couple which they almost did with Booth’s gambling. Do you really want to see either one of them cheat on one another? No, do you want Brennan to get ill? I doubt it. Their new show runners are doing what they can with the actors availability which to me means that Hodgins and Angela get the spot light more( which is far better than Aubry getting any more spot light, still not completely on board with him). I also get the feeling they are hesitant to go back to Brennan’s back story more because they feel they already did that( also Ryan O’ Neals’ availability is an issue as well) I personally would love to see a real heartfelt story with them( like an illness that would test them) but they aren’t going that way. I would definitely like more romance between them as well but the show is a crime drama and that is the first consideration. And yes their kids need to be shown more but those young ones, especially babies, have limits. Michael Peterson and John Collier have done a much better job of making Bones look and feel like it used to and have treated Booth and Brennan much better than Nathan did. These reasons are some of why I think Bones even if it gets renewed will be coming back with less episodes. And when he mentions episode 13 that just means when the serial killer arc is starting. I think a lot of us want Bones to go back to what it once was but the reality is it cant. I appreciate that Booth and Brennan at least are acting like partners this year and some of their humor between them has come back. Despite lackluster ratings last night, Bones is doing much better this year and I would love one more year of Booth and Brennan

      • heather says:

        Absolutely compared to last season we are getting more B&B scenes and it is appreciated, believe me.

        I guess I just wish that there were more plots where B&B had connections to the cases, or say Aldo came back looking for help or an army case, or case that hit home for Brennan or Parker returns for more than 3mins with a ten storyline…this wouldn’t interfer with their marriage, right?

        I am pretty disgusted with Fox too at the moment, just find Bones a home, a date to return, let them air the remaining eps, I don’t care if it is on Friday tbh…tell them its the final season or renew them for a final season…but get them out of this TV limbo where they have no idea what’s going on -this 11yr cash cow for Fox deserves some respect

        • kmw says:

          I agree about Aldo but I think he has another show but I could be mistaken. I too wish for a lot more from show and Booth and Brennan. One of the reasons the second hour didn’t hold as well is because sometimes Bones shoves too much into the episode and I think they did that with this one with Cam. I also find it amusing( in a bad sort of way) that she supposedly wants a commitment and then doesn’t take when she gets it and silly behavior for a woman her age. And I think most of us can agree we are disgusted with FOX with regards to Bones. Seriously does anyone wonder why Bones tanked last night? FOX didn’t promote it( while NBC did a bang up job promoting Dolly’s movie) and add being off for three weeks( although admittedly they would have trounced as bad against The Wiz) and voila! horrible ratings and series lows. Its amazing how things change at FOX, just last year their top execs biggest wish was for people to watch live and now they don’t care about live ratings. I have said this before it utterly amazes me that this show has stayed on the air this long the way they have been treated and I hope the two biggest reasons it has( David Boreanaz and Emily Deschanel) takes FOX for all their worth.

  4. Helen says:

    Absolutely love this show! All actors are so good. Keep up the good work. B & B don’t have to have the spotlight every time…Maybe get some visiting characters…

    • Jeri says:

      I also love this show. Love B&B but don’t mind if they are not the center of every episode Hodgins & Angela are one of the best love stories ever. He loved her so much he was able to hang in there and wish her the best through her other affairs. He truly earned and proved his love and they deserve happiness ever after if anyone ever did. I have great hope and love for all the cast. Every episode cannot be the best or nothing would standout. I will always be a fan and will hang in there happily for every episode & season.

  5. kmw says:

    First off this was a great night for Bones. The first episode was excellent( and showed plenty of Booth and Brennan doing their thing) And while the second wasn’t as good I certainly didn’t expect Hodgins to be the hurt one I sincerely hope they treat this story carefully. Angela and Hodgins are strong enough to get thru this. Second, their producer not only stated in this article they have a story for them coming, earlier in the season he said Brennan would be challenged more. Think about this time last year, Booth and Brennan had only 4 to 5 episodes where they were doing something. This year they have worked at least 6 to 7 episodes and much more closely than last year. I am very pleased with what the new show runners have done with Bones this season and the show is much more balanced than they were last year. And while I am not a huge fan of Aubry, he wasn’t really with Booth and Brennan in their under cover episode. Yes the last episode didn’t have a lot of Booth and Brennan together but the producers had already stated this episode wasn’t about them. I hope Bones comes back sooner than April or May because I cannot wait to see what they have in store. I couldn’t say that at this time last year. Bones rocks!!!!

  6. LIly says:

    what a shocker! poor Hodgins! i’m excited to see where it goes next, but hate that we have to wait so many months :( but a great midseason finale!

    • John NYC says:

      At least they’ve written themselves a huge out, with a hematoma pressing on his spinal cord he’s got a chance to recover that had they written the explosion had severed his spine would not be available.

      A challenge for the couple either way but perhaps not so long lastingly devastating and that would be nice as there’s more than enough tragedy on this show to my view.

  7. Nela13 says:

    I cannot believe they would do that to Hodgins. After dealing with the heartbreak of losing Sweets, I am super mad about this. (Well as mad as I can be about a tv show.) I have been watching Bones since the beginning and as a huge fan of Angela and Hodgins, they broke my heart with this one. Hopefully his character walks, or at least works, again. Hodgins loves his job and his colleagues. It would be too depressing to see his character crushed.

    • John NYC says:

      With a hematoma rather than a severing they’ve left themselves an out. With the pressure of the pooled blood removed function could very well be restored. It’s been done on television with skull “subdural hematoma’s”: put a hole in the skull to let the blood from some internal bleeding leak out and the result of that is the localized pressure on the brain is removed and the patient get’s better. Some what depends on how long the pressure is there as nerves would die if left pinched for too long but he collapsed and went straight to hospital where they’d pf course drain the pooled blood…

      Here’s hoping.

  8. TL says:

    Please please Bones come back for another season!!!

  9. Debbie says:

    I love bones so much, I am a huge fan please keep it coming. I would love to see at least season20!!!

  10. Ruth Ann Walker says:

    The Writers in Season 11, have been awesome……great mixup on episodes…….These last two episodes were outstanding………I hope & pray Bones will be back after this loooong Haitus & FOX gives them a Season 12 +. If FOX is exploring new shows, with the ones they are advertising……Lucifer……come on you must have reached the bottom………that and others, sure didn’t impress me……….BONES BEST SHOW ON TV.

  11. Nancy says:

    I really enjoyed the undercover episode….very well done.
    I had issues with the season finale. Wow it wasn’t B&B light, they barely were there. That was a huge disappointment.
    But if there is one other character I care about beside B&B it is Hodgins. I’m glad we will get some focus on him.
    I’m way over Cam and her boyfriend issues. The woman is old enough to know what she wants. It’s just filler. I have come to be really annoyed with her and her boyfriends. Nix that and get B&B back on screen with this Hodgins story.
    Love Bones….I sure hope we don’t have to wait until March for it to return. Come one Fox. Those two shows they were advertising to start in January look awful. I want my Bones back!! lol

    • Lyn says:

      Especially since this guy in the robe was so disgusting in appearance and manner. Yuck. She’s better than that. JMO

    • kmw says:

      I agree with you on the Cam story. its too much. However Booth and Brennan have had a lot more air time this season, excluding the first two( because David was ill, they still managed to make those shows feel like Booth and Brennan episodes anyway) and the Sleepy episode and this last one. They have stated that Booth and Brennan are getting a story so we will see them more. Of course if we had a choice of stories would you rather Aubry be front and center like he was last season or see this struggle with Angela and Hodgins. I prefer the latter, these two have had nothing to do for a long time and this should be gut wrenching to watch. And yes bring back BONES sooner rather than later. Bones really has been good this season and should be treated better. Come on FOX treat your longest running show like you care about it( like that will ever happen LOL!!!) cannot wait till it comes back

      • Nancy says:

        B&B need good story. Not sure I’m liking the: Booth is bored stuff. It’s all this man has ever wanted or talked about all the time we’ve seen him. I’d like him appreciating what he has a little more!
        I’d rather see Aubrey story over Cam story any day. I’m very over that character! Last night was ridiculous…she can sleep with a guy, but taking a walk is too personal?? She’s whack! lol

        • Rose says:

          I’m not buying that Booth is bored but I do think that there’s something else going on with him, look at everything he’s been through in the last couple of years every time something good happens in life there’s always something bad that follows it. Could simply be he’s afraid to relax and enjoy the good things that are going on in his life because he thinks that something bad will come and ruin it.

  12. Pcta says:

    Wouldn’t have minded killing off Aubrey. He’s a poor substitute for Sweets and just reminds me what we are missing every time I see him

    • John NYC says:

      I never really warmed to sweets. he was a nice enough minor character but nothing to impact my enjoyment of the show one way or another. Though his scenes with Daisy were some of my least favorite….

      • Castlefan says:

        I agree. I liked the early scenes of him with B&B, as a minor character, but when he became a major character it all just got a bit too much for me. By the time he was killed off I was ready for him to leave (although maybe not in that manner).

    • Syed Shazeb says:

      why the hell would they kill him off? i miss sweets but your an idiot.. aubrey is funny as hell and eats a lot.

  13. kmw says:

    Bones was great last night unfortunately no one was watching, horrible ratings for it last night even without Grey’s it cant move better. Please FOX move it to another night. I hope it adjusts up but not likely Now who knows what it will do whenever it comes back. Very disappointed by their ratings for such good episodes. Oh well job well done great episodes.

  14. This season – I’ve totally lost interest in what used to be a favorite show.

  15. Tracy says:

    I appreciate how they did the slo-mo of the bomb aftermath, and Booth entering the room. It was quieter and more enjoyable than all the really loud noise/music they put on at full volume. I actually did not have to mute or fast forward the show.

  16. Kelly Watts says:

    Absolutely HATE what you did to Hodgins!!! I did like the new love interest for Aubrey, BUT MOST of all I HATE THE SHORT SEASONS! If the network doesn’t want to commit, then go to one that does!

  17. ABC says:

    The actor playing Aubrey is an odd choice. My friend who only occasionally watches ‘Bones’ even said. “What, they added Sweet’s brother to the cast?” You would have thought, in respect to the memory of that beloved character, the producers would have gone in an entirely different direction with that casting choice.

  18. I am so SICK of shows like this going off the air for months at a time in the MIDDLE of the season!!! Seriously!! This is supposed to be one of Fox’s top shows so why do they take it off for 3-4 months to show something else? Other shows I watch go off in December for the holiday and come back in January – just like this one used to…. I love Bones and have watched from the beginning, but if they keep up stuff like this I may just give up!!!!!!!

  19. Kate says:

    March or April?!? Noooo! Also, how about a fan rally for Bones Season 12!!!

  20. Suzy says:

    We have seen these relationships unfold over the years and sort of feel like family. We want our family to be happy but it seems happy people and most happy shows get cut. Why can’t we continue with the shows core crime solving and have side comments about booths socks on the floor and Brennan’s crazy eating habits. Angie’s art taking off or hodgins accountant finding his money. But continue with the crime solving and let the couples be basically happy.

  21. Becci Pankratz says:

    Why cant we have couples happy on tv? Dont tell us it gets boring, it doesnt. I understand problems but not where they break up or divorce.

  22. titnaskers says:

    Okay here is my thoughts about the two hour mid season finale. First of all I loved the western undercover story for the first hour. Also it was fun to see Bones and Booth’s banter when they were Buck and Wanda. I have been missing a good undercover story with the both of them in it. Aubrey’s wanting to go undercover and than getting denied by Booth was very interesting. Now on to the second hour of the two parter, first was suprisied to see Aristu come back. Also loved that Aubrey’s mentorship under Booth gave him the ablity to think just like Booth does on ceratin situations. Now that cliffhanger at the end was not seeing that coming at all. Hope they do the surgery for Jack so than him and Angela can continue on that possiablity of a big family. Will be interested to see the process for Jack of dealing with this situation and how he deals with it at the present time. One more thing FOX stop jerking this great series around. The fans deserve a solid place to come and enjoy this show. So FOX EXECUTIVES LEAVE THIS GREAT SHOW ALONE!

  23. patricia says:

    Hi, just read some of the comments, to Michael Peterson. Bones is about Booth and Brennen so stop doing what you are doing and put them back in more screens. They are bones, the rest of the team are out of this world as well. We watch Bones because they are great as a team that’s how this works. I what to see the rest of season 11 and season 12. so buck your ideas up.

  24. Michael Kaffer says:

    What’s going on with Hodgins. Why paralyzing him

  25. Amanda says:

    Bones continues to be an exceptional program. However, B, D, & R have the right to receive contractually agreed upon compensation. Although I prefer that Bones return in 2016, I completely understand the necessity of a lawsuit, even if it signals the show’s death knell.

  26. This show has definitely won best midseason finale since it was helped by the extra hour to really give viewers different tones!

    • Castlefan says:

      I thought it was great, particularly the first episode, and after a short break it was nice to have a double episode before such a ridiculously long hiatus!

  27. Adrienne says:

    Will Hart Hanson be writing an ep. this season?

  28. Amber says:

    I love all characters but I was honestly glad the stress was not on the Booths in this episode. I think it’s great to give surprise factors to the othe characters here and there. It gives us a brake on saying “Oh my are they in trouble yet again.” If you get what I’m saying. I do hope that Hodgins walks again, as sad as it is to say he will not be as enjoyable to watch if he is slumbered in a wheelchair. So let’s hope they play his characters cards correctly. I can’t wait for the season to pick back up.

  29. Chris says:

    Please bring Bones Season 12. Can not leave us with Hodgins paralyzed and Arastoo return. The greatest entertainment been a fan from the beginning.

  30. Carolyn Arrington says:

    I didn’t get to see the last two shows. Please do a repeat of it.

    • Chris says:

      A bomb explosion and Hodgins becoming paralyzed.
      Please bring back Bones as soon as possible. Miss my favorite TV show.

      • JC says:

        I think Caroline deserves some more attention. She’s a great actress and needs a story line. A senior romance would something this show could pull off. A little funny and a little sad., but with s happy ending.

  31. Hailey says:

    If you kill anyone kill AUBREY NOT HODGINS!!!!!!

  32. Christine says:

    Ok. I’m still reeling from the loss of sweets, leaving a woman widowed and a child without a father. Now Hodgins? Why?!
    Am I the only person who enjoys the bones/anthropological side of this. And not all the drama, killing and threats. Why do we have to put bones and booth in harms way AGAIN can’t we just let them be safe for half a season?

    I enjoy episodes that are not linked to serial killers and high risk dangers but still have suspense.
    I don’t believe the show should be canceled there are still a hundred ways people can die or be killed and a hundred ways to solve it.
    Bring back more episodes like women killed in giant candy bar, girl who killed herself but strategically made it look like murder or another bones room episode. The bones room is full of mysteries and deaths waiting to be solved.
    Hell the bones room could even be a spin off.
    Lots of ideas. Let’s stop going in circles and hurting my favorite characters. Ugh.

  33. Erin Hood says:

    I personally do not want any more main characters to die. Between the walking dead and game of thrones I get my heart broken more than enough. I’d like to keep one of my shows free from constantly having to worry about who’s going to die next. I love the suspense of a good cop drama, and that is one of the many reasons I love Bones. I just don’t want the show to constantly make me cry.

  34. Crystal says:

    I miss Bones. I’m on the edge of my seat each episode. Can’t wait to see what the writers do next. Remember everyone, its just a show, not life & death. Enjoy it! Don’t over analyze it

  35. Dianne says:

    Please dont finish bones. I love this program. I dont need to be sad. Thankyou.

  36. Liliana says:

    Hannah is coming back .?

  37. Dianne Hearn says:

    I have been a dedicated Bones fan; however, with the paralysis of Hodgins, I will terminate watching this program. Knowing people with back injuries makes watching this too painful. Leaving this wonderful character paralyzed is just wrong.

  38. Christa Nolan-Kiel says:

    Bones has to come back or can never end ever. I would go crazy if if did hogins had to walk again and I think as smart as Angela and bones are they will figure a way to help him walk again. Don’t push them to much either couple they work to good together.

  39. Lydia bennett says:


  40. Mary M. Tarke says:

    I believe it’s one of the best shows on tv. It’s a shame that the intellectual and fully engrossing shows are being cancelled for mindless, no thought involving shows.
    I just don’t get it. Yes money matters to the stations, but brains need simulation, not yelling, foul language and ridiculous themes. The whole cast is a fantastic copulation of actors. The show must go on!!

  41. Helen Lutz says:

    Please do not bring the show to an end. So many good shows have been dropped. This is the one I watch every week. Even reruns in the summer.

  42. Katherine Almodovar says:

    I have loved this show since temperance used to say don’t call me bones

  43. Kara says:

    I want more bones