The Originals Klaus Cami

The Originals' Leah Pipes Teases 'Great Klaus and Cami Episode,' Analyzes Her Character's Killer Instinct

Has The Originals entered the era of Cami the Vampire Slayer?

Not quite, star Leah Pipes tells TVLine. In fact, despite her character’s newly illuminated penchant for violence, Pipes doesn’t think Cami meant to kill Aurora’s minion in last week’s episode.

“I honestly think she was just trying to use that broomstick as a ‘Don’t come any closer’ kind of thing, but then he fell on it and killed himself,” Pipes suggests. “She’s more Annie Hall Vampire Slayer than Buffy.”

And while we’re on the subject of violent confrontations, Pipes assures us that even though Klaus made it clear to Aurora that he couldn’t be less interested in rekindling their old flame, his crazy ex is “definitely not done with Cami.”

As for why the show has yet to deliver the Klaus/Cami kiss we’ve been teased with for the past two-and-a-half seasons, Pipes believes there’s a method to the build-up.

“I think there’s a soulmate element with the two of them, and you don’t take that lightly,” she says. “Sometimes, when you really like a guy, you think that if you ever kiss him, that’ll be it for you. Your life will be over, because you’ll be admitting to everything.”

That said, we might not have to wait too much longer, given that Pipes refers to this week’s installment as a “great Klaus and Cami episode. A lot happens. You get to see the side of Klaus we all love to see, that soft side.”

And what better time for Klaus’ soft side to emerge than Christmas?

“The Mikaelsons do a lot of decorating this week,” Pipes warns says. “Apparently, Klaus really loves Christmas. He goes all out. And with all those decorations, there’s probably some mistletoe somewhere.”

Originals fans, what’s your Christmas wish for Klaus and Cami? And for the rest of the crew? Drop a comment with your thoughts below.

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  1. Maren says:

    I am crying over the great character Klaus was. S4 TVD’s christmas episode was the best for him and now he is going to kiss/hook up under a mistletoe. Just kill him off!

    • Ella says:

      Did you conveniently forget that he showed his soft side to both Caroline and Stefan in that tvd episode before he went on his awesome massacre. He even painted a snowflake lol. Just doesn’t make sense how a certain fandom always has to hate

    • Yeah, because all Klaus is supposed to be is a murdering psychopath. It’s not like over a thousand years he was normal for a holiday. That’s just complete and utter madness.

    • Z says:

      So Rebeka comes back for finales and midseason finales only, it’s getting pathetic. If she doesn’t want to stay on the show, why not kill her?

  2. Belle says:

    Awww how sweet, I love to see Klaus murdeous on minute like he will be if Tristian goes after Freya and soft the next.

  3. Sarah says:

    Just kiss already, bloody hell!!!!!

  4. Lily M. says:

    “The side of Klaus we all love to see, that soft side.” Leah is acknowledging Caroline? Because, that soft side began with our CareBear

  5. Penn says:


  6. claire says:

    THIS IS HONESTLY SO UGLY WHY THEY KEEP PUSHING KLAUS WITH HER WHEN THEY HAVE NO CHEMISTRY AT ALL??? AND THEIR WHOLE STORYLINE ARE COPIED KLAROLINE SCENES?!?! WHY NOT GIVE US THE ORIGINAL ONE THAT WE ALL LOVE AND KNOW IT’S EPIC?!?! Ugh,I’m honestly so tired of the writers pushing this down our throats,we just don’t feel it! Even Klaus and Aurora had more chemistry,hell Klaus and Katherine had more chemistry and that’s saying something. This makes me so mad because all i see is less and less of the Klaus that i used to love and now he is honestly one of the characters i hate the most in all the TV shows watch- and that’s saying something for me. I don’t usually hate on characters,not really,but this is grating me in all the wrong ways. Klaus’ case is hopeless,and i stopped watching the show a long time ago because i just couldn’t bear seeing one of my favorite characters being beaten down to this cheapened and unappealing version. I’m sorry,but now it’s only painful and laughable really.

    • emily says:

      I love how you say “we don’t feel it”. don’t you mean YOU? move on already. klaroline are’t even on the same show. klamille is nothing like klaroline. klaroline was a one sided obsession. klamille is real love.

    • Elodie says:

      Klarocrap is not happening, get over it. Who cares if u dont see Klamille’s chemistry. Most ppl do

      • I don’t understand how you can tell someone to get over a ship that is not happening. You like what you like. I’m all for letting it play out, and just recently JP did a quick Q&A and told everyone not to give up on any of her ships. Which means the writers still don’t know what they want as endgame. I’m all for respecting each others choices. But I’m not for you telling someone to get over something they like. Ship what you like regardless but telling someone to get over it, is not only hateful but also, unrealistic giving this is a T.V show, and things change all the time.

    • Kristine says:

      I think you are both right. Cami has fallen for Klaus in the typical good girls falls for bad boy trope, and I think Klaus is touched that Cami is devoted to him despite all that’s he’s done. However, I don’t feel like Klaus seems to have any chemistry with Cami or passion for her. In terms of klaroline, I agree that it was one-sided and different from Klamille because it was the reverse scenario. Klaus was the one chasing and Caroline didn’t want to have anything to do with him. Over time though, she did seem to be thawing towards him and I think if they had stayed on the same show he probably would have won her over eventually.

    • Maryann says:

      My absolute least favorite pairing in this universe (just below Caroline and Stefan) was Caroline and Klaus. It felt absolutely lethal. Caroline was like a moth to a flame in terms of the soulless serial killer we saw in Klaus at that time. In terms of Klaus and Cami, I think there is some real respect and affection there, on borh sides. Whether that ever turns romantic is another issue, but I love the fact that Klaus stuck up for Cami and put Aurora in her place.

      • LOL. There’s some “real respect.” Are you kidding me? The first half of the season Klaus was just using Cami for his plans against Marcel and compelled her to be his spy and do whatever he said. Making someone do something against their own will is not showing respect.

        • “The first half of the season…”. Just pointing out that you are referring to the first half of the first season. We are now 3 seasons in and these characters have grown and evolved. The respect is very real and has been earned.

      • Tila says:

        I totally agree with you on this, Klaus and Cami have a true friendship. Whether anything develops from this only time will tell.

    • Mak says:

      Any pairing with Caroline I on’t ship…I don’t like her with Klaus or Stefan….hope Klaroline stays dead!

    • Jovana says:

      You say you stopped watching a long time ago, and yet, here you are, commenting about Klaurora.

    • Teresa says:

      I’m so sorry you don’t like the chemistry between Klaus & Cami – it’s s free country & you have the right to your opinion. That being said I think they’ve got some of the best chemistry I’ve seen in TV in awhile. She brings out the best in him – the sweet vulnerable side that only comes out for Hope. I don’t know who or what you feet to in the other show, but 1) – this isn’t that show & 2) not everyone knows who or what you’re talking about since they’ve never seen the other show. If they kill Cami, it would be horrible & take away so much.

  7. Sharon says:

    My Christmas wish is that Cami leaves town and we never have to see Klaus come to her rescue again.

  8. Dani says:

    A mistletoe!! I would love that. A klaus and Cami, a Elijah and Hayley and a Marcel and Rebekah kiss would be perfect

  9. Dani says:

    Awww soulmate element.

  10. @daiellebb says:


  11. May says:

    They have so much chemistry it’s astounding

  12. Lauren says:

    Please kiss under the mistletoe not enough shows do that!!!!

  13. Rachel says:

    Come one!!!! We’ve waited 2 and a half seasons for this!!!

  14. Stella says:

    This guys are tooo sweet, I love them.

  15. Izzie says:

    Cami and Klaus are so sweet, his so human with her and hope.

  16. Maria says:

    Leah and Jomo have chemistry off the charts, would love to see the unscripted kisses his given her but I’ll settle for one now.

  17. Maria says:

    Will Klaus top the “I would of found you” soulmate speech to Cami this season. I hope so.

  18. Mia says:

    I want admission though Leah!! Bring on Klamille.

  19. Shaz says:

    What a modern day beauty and beast.

  20. Lily says:

    Love klaus and Cami’s relationship more than anything on The Originals. I’m so invested, I hope they kiss soon. Their relationship is beautiful and the chemistry insane. Joseph Morgan and Leah Pipes always deliver in every Klamille scene. Now I’m even more excited for this episode

  21. Tara says:

    I love Cami’s gentleness it goes so well with the impulsiveness of Klaus

  22. Rose says:

    I’m always a sucker for romance. Love Klaus and Cami and Hayley and Elijah.

  23. Kristen says:

    I know there are some fans of this pairing, but I just don’t feel any chemistry between the 2. I think Cami definitely cares for Klaus, but it’s hard to imagine the hybrid ever falling for a human, especially one as bland and vanilla as Cami. I wonder why they keep forcing it. Usually when the writers try out a pairing and it doesn’t catch on (i.e. Emma and Baelfire, Arrow and Laurel) they course correct and drop it. Maybe they are trying to recreate Damon and Elena with Klamille with the “villain falls for the human girl that needs to be rescued.” I have no idea. Klaroline fans say that Klamille are a copy of that ship, but I don’t see that dynamic either.

    • Maryann says:

      There is absolutely nothing either bland or vanilla about Cami. She is totally my favorite female on The Originals. She is clever, fascinating, compassionate and heroic.

      • She is bland and vanilla. She is literally the most useless character on the show. All she does is babysit Hope.

      • morgan says:

        she´s a literal walking prob for klaus! if there ever was a prison groupie she´s it

      • She isn’t Caroline. And for that reason, some fans of that pairing are literally incapable of respecting Leah or acknowledging her contribution to the show. The relationship between Klaus and Cami is one of the best on the show. The writers have taken their time in establishing their connection and constructing their very real respect, admiration and closeness. I don’t know what “forced” means because 3 season in and they have not even kissed each other. Hayley and Elijah have had sex already.

        • Christina says:

          I agree. Klaus had a lot of more important family issues during the first two seasons to begin a romantic relationship with Cami. The timing wasn’t right. But their friendship and trust has only grown as the show has progressed. I love how the writers have done their storyline. Can’t wait to see where it goes.

  24. Vivian says:

    Dude I would love to see Klaus personally decorating the compound hilarious, Cami is a lucky lady

  25. Diane says:

    There is so much chemistry between these two. I blame Leah and Jomo for sucking me in.

  26. Elodie says:

    It’s almost 2016 and some people still hate on this show because of Klaroline trash? It was okay for him to become a cheesy lovebird for Caroline but 2 and a half years of a building romance with Cami is character assassination? Stop being hypocrites and accept your defeat, Klaroliners (there’s only two or three of you left anyway lol), everyone can see through your sh*t. I’m glad creepy, chemistryless Klarobore didn’t last two seconds.

    Joseph and Leah have breathtaking chemistry, can’t wait to finally watch Klaus and Cami’s first kiss!

  27. Jane says:

    I love Klaus and Cami’s story – it’s a slow burn complicated relationship and I think the 2 actors have great chemistry. I stopped watching TVD when they tried to turn Klaus into a love sick college boy – I just went off him. I get that they were trying to show his softer side because they’d already decided he would be the central character in the spinoff and they didn’t want him to be one dimensional. I just didn’t ‘feel’ Klaroline’ – there didn’t seem to be much love on her side, he was like her dirty secret that she kept from her friends. I began to love him again in The Originals and I do ‘feel’ Klamille. Anyhow I don’t expect any shippers will be happy with how it all ends – does anyone seriously believe that the writers will give Klaus a happy ending with anyone?

  28. Sherri says:

    I love the Originals I have been watching since the day it started I have season one and two on dvd and I record every episode which I have not missed one the chacters are all awesome the writing is amazing and hopefully it will continue so we can watch hope grow up and the Mikaelsons forever continue on with this I mortal life full of passion and mystery they love they fight they are the perfect twisted family and how ever it plays out I will continue watching faithfully and moving to Friday night for me works perfect this way I can still watch Monday and Thursday night football and not miss the end of the game thank you for The Originals

  29. Val M. says:

    So Klamille’s promotion was on Leah’s shoulders, good! So Joseph promotes what is really important Klaus, his family and maybe crossorvers.

  30. Thank you. Love #Klamille and Leah

  31. lorenza says:

    I love Leah! Cami and Klaus are so lovely together, They complement each other!

  32. Stefane says:

    The Originals foi desenvolvendo Klamille aos poucos, ao longo das duas últimas temporadas. É um dos poucos relacionamentos de séries de TV que me conquistou e me impressiona. Sempre que tem alguma cena entre eles no final fica o gosto de quero mais cenas deles. Klamille é real e verdadeiro. #Klamille

  33. Emflem says:

    Great interview with Leah Pipes. It makes me look forward to the episode even more even though she didn’t give away too much. I love that Cami is spending Christmas at the Mikaelsons, like she’s part of the family. Can’t wait for her & Klaus to kiss already. That last line from Leah, regarding the mistletoe has me in overdrive. Thanks for this!

    • Larkin says:

      Me too. Leah Pipes is my favorite actress and Cami is my favorite character…I cannot imagine The Originals or Klaus w/o her by his side, and i m all for this coming Xmas episode..:))

  34. Larkin says:

    I love Klaus and Camille beyond imagination, the kind of love, connection, that inspires poets, and i m all for it, Leah and JoMo make love with their eyes, so much chemistry, because Leah is a beautiful talented actress, duing a great job, and rather put pins in my eyes to watch Klaus reverted to the soulless monster he was before and end up with a shallow type of girl like Caroline was back then,Real romance is more than a prom dress and battle of wills, as Leah said is something very profound, the build up is magnificent, we are talking about The Originals, Klaus should never had slept w/Caroline shoved down our throat on TVD, now we all are paying for it, w/ the usual bunch of immature people hating on actors, writers and everyone who loves the show, and duing a great job.. JUST DO NOT WATCH IT FGS!!! Stop ruining the mood for us who enjoy it, refrain your sad horrible comments nobody cares to read! KLAMILLE IS TRUE LOVE that’s all that matters… Good job Leah <3 WE LOVE YOU <3

    • You do know that not every single person in that fandom sends hate to actors and writers. And to add to your don’t watch jab. They don’t and having fans tell you not to watch something just because you don’t like one aspect of the show is why TVD and TO have been moved to Fridays. So even if Klaus and Cami are soulmates, and you think 5×11 was a mistake. It was the most watched episode that year for TVD and TO ain’t even touched those rating yet. And will never b/c of people in the fandom, calling other people names and downing people for what they like. Klaus and Cami may not be my ship, but I don’t send hate and watch the show weekly because the story is more than that. Please let’s not use one bad apple or a bag to represent one fandom. It can go both ways.

  35. Valeria says:


  36. loving the klaus and cami interactions this season…

  37. I love Leah Pipes, her interviews are always great, you can tell she obviously has passion for her work and the show. I can’t wait for Klamille scenes! Her and Joseph Morgan always bring it during their emotionally epic scenes.

  38. Rachel says:

    Cami is trying make Klaus a better man, that’s what the family needs , that his daughter needs. I love these characters , the show is increasingly amazing ❤

  39. Bored says:

    Barf. No one wants to see Cami make out with Klaus. Yeah I dealt want to watch grandma make out with Klaus. Ew. No. Just drop Cami. Her character is only there to be a love interest. She has no real story line at all. It’s sad.

  40. Did I hear mistletoe? I really hope this is the week Klaus and Cami kiss. It’s time. I love them so much. My favorite romance from both TO and TVD.

  41. ChrisGa says:

    Love Leah Pipes and Cami–she’s my second fave on TO after Daniel Gillies‘ Elijah–but I’m surprised there’s so much love for her and Klaus here. It seems like when Cami‘s even brought up most posters seem inclined to see her go away; nice to know I’m not the only fan. Now if we could somehow just get rid of Davina…..

  42. Lee says:

    This is clearly a polarizing pairing. It doesn’t excite me, but I don’t hate it either. I’m just indifferent. Well, ultimately the ratings will show how popular this pairing really is. It will be interesting to see.

  43. Layla says:

    The most boring pairing on the show

  44. J says:

    I certainly hope that Klaus/Cami kiss is coming. We’ve been waiting long enough!

  45. Katie says:

    Okay, my first comment didn’t post so here goes..TO is the only show I watch consistently. I love the chemistry between all of the characters. I don’t ship and I don’t want to because that would take away the pleasure of watching it. I watch it because of the characters, their interactions, the plot lines and twists, the stories, etc. The hate for certain characters, the actors that play them and the shipping has gotten out of control and it’s completely immature and childish. It’s just a television show. Grow up. You don’t like the way the show is going, stop watching and stop spreading hateful words about the actors who clearly give their all and love their job. Now, I enjoyed the article; good interview and I like Leah. She’s a sweetie. I find the idea of mistletoe funny and awesome at the same time. That would be interesting to see play out.

    • Lisa says:

      I think that’s the problem. The producers kept telling TVD fans who didn’t like where the TO stories and “ships” were headed to stop watching and that is exactly what happened. All the goodwill from TVD fans hoping to see the original Originals, crossovers between the 2 shows, Kol/Nathaniel in present day NOLA, Claire Holt, and of course the Klaroline fans have all left. I still watch out of pure loyalty, but everyone else I know stopped once they realized the storylines were separate. Now the ratings have plummeted and TO is headed to the prime time graveyard despite only being in its 3rd season. It’s sad because I think the actors are great, but continuing to promote unpopular ships is only going to hasten its cancellation.

  46. emma says:

    lmao leah soulmates! he’s been using her from day one! and she being the ultimate prison groupie lets him!

    anywyas get the kiss out of the way then cami gets turned! blames klaus, turns into a crazy vamp and is the one who betrays klaus and end ship voila

  47. emma says:

    funny how only leah promotes it! Jomo never ever says anything about it, julie and narducci avoid it!

    hardly surprising since cami is and has been a prop for klaus since the start!

  48. Stacy says:

    Good to know that I can skip this episode. I just fast forward through all the Klamille scenes anyways. I really miss Season 3 and Season 4 TVD Klaus. They just like to reuse Klaroline scenes for both Klamille and Steroline, imo. All in all, Jomo and Candice have the best onscreen chemistry. You can hate all you want, but just watch those scenes with the two of them, they’re great.

  49. Jovana says:

    Great interview! Love Leah, Cami and Klamille!

  50. Andrea says:

    Can’t wait for tonight, hoping for a kiss.