The Voice Top 9 iTunes Rankings: Who's at Risk? Who's a Lock for the Finals?

You get the iTunes multiplier! And you get the iTunes multiplier! And you get the iTunes multiplier!

Indeed, eight out of the nine remaining contestants on Season 9 of The Voice cracked the Top 10 on the iTunes singles chart at the close of voting this week – multiplying their iTunes votes by 10.

Despite achieving said milestone, however, at least half of these vocalists will still be outfitted with cement shoes and sent into the sea of anonymity — from the standpoint of the competition, at least — during tonight’s brutal results telecast (8/7c on NBC).

The logjam at the top of the iTunes chart makes this a particularly difficult week for predictions — especially considering that only four singers will advance to next week’s finals.

For the uninitiated, during tonight’s show, the Top 3 vote-getters (based on online votes, iTunes sales and Voice app votes) will advance directly to next Monday’s performance show. The Bottom 3 will be axed immediately. That will leave the fourth-, fifth- and sixth-place contestants to perform one last time in hopes of scoring the season’s very last Twitter Save.

Based on her iTunes chart performance, it’s safe to assume Shelby Brown will be eliminated, but who will be on the chopping block next to her?

Despite finishing midpack on iTunes, I’m predicting Braiden Sunshine’s time is up. He landed in the Bottom 2 and needed the Twitter Save last week — an indication that his voting bloc is not especially strong — and he’s widely considered the weakest singer left in the competition.

I’m going to also predict that one member of Team Blake will also be an immediate cut — but it’s essentially a coin flip as to whether that’ll be Zach Seabaugh or Barrett Baber. Not only are they the two lowest-charting contestants in the Top 10, but they’re also likely going to suffer some vote-splitting among country fans — alongside Shelby and Emily Ann Roberts.

To figure out who’ll be participating in the sing-off, it’s prudent to try to figure out who’ll be automatically advancing to the finals.

Given his epic Queen cover, his end-of-episode performance slot and No. 1 chart position (even above the mighty Adele), Jordan Smith is a mortal lock. I’m also guessing that Emily Ann Roberts will ride her recent wave of strong iTunes performances to sail through into next week’s festivities. (Plus, it wouldn’t be The Voice without one country finalist, right?)

The fact that Jeffery Austin managed to rank second-highest of the Season 9 finalists — despite performing in the opening third of Monday’s telecast — is a good sign, but I wouldn’t count out Amy Vachal for the third automatic berth in the finale, either. Jeffery may be the stronger vocalist, but Amy’s pre-performance tears, her second-to-last performance slot and the power of Adam Levine could give her a shot at nosing out Jeffery.

In any event, the likeliest bet is a Twitter Save sing-off featuring Madi Davis Vs. Barrett OR Zach Vs. Jeffery OR Amy.

Ranking on iTunes Singles Chart at Close of Voting (Tuesday, Noon ET)
1. Team Adam: Jordan Smith, “Somebody to Love”
3. Team Gwen: Jeffery Austin, “Believe”
4. Team Blake: Emily Ann Roberts, “9 to 5”
5. Team Pharrell: Madi Davis, “Big Girls Don’t Cry”
6. Team Adam: Amy Vachal, “To Make You Feel My Love”
7. Team Gwen: Braiden Sunshine, “Amazing Race”
8. Team Blake: Zach Seabaugh, “The Climb”
9. Team Blake: Barrett Baber, “Ghost”
18. Team Adam: Shelby Brown, “Even God Must Get the Blues”

Who do you think will advance to the finale this week? And who should be the Top 4? Take our polls below, then hit the comments!

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  1. TK says:

    Here’s hoping Jeffery got a bit of the Blake-multiplier, I mean he said he should be number 1 on iTunes and then there’s that Gwen thing *fingers cross*

    • The Beach says:

      Every time Jeffery sings I find myself really hearing the lyrics of the song, even if it is one I’ve heard a thousand times. That says a lot to me.

  2. Braiden did not sing the theme song from The Amazing Race… it was Amazing Grace.

  3. Timmah says:

    I think Jordan, Jeffery, Emily Ann are shoo-ins and then it’ll be close between Amy, Madi and Barrett for the last spot.

    • Angie_Overrated says:

      From your lips to God’s ear. Not loving Emily Ann, but she is worthy of the third spot on a really weak season. I’m guessing Amy gets the 4th spot.

      • kevstar says:

        Emily will get the country vote. Barrett broke the cardinal rule of country fans. He did a pop song! And Zach, while cute, doesn’t have the voice.

        • Judith says:

          Zach and Barret deserved to b voted thru but do did Jefferey. Zachary will b a country singer no matter what. I will watch for him to make records. He has a great voice and will go on from this show😀

    • Rcharlotte says:

      I agree that Jordan, Jeffery, and Emily Ann should get the 3 top spots. However, I think Madi should get the fourth spot because while she was outstanding last night, Barrett was terrible. In-fact, I don’t think he’s a good singer. Barrett hit so many bad notes last night that I wanted to scream.

    • Myr says:

      Agree. Except it should be Madi instead of Jeffery. Too much Gwen attention. Let’s keep it real.

  4. Linda says:

    OMG Jordan has a unbelievable voice i could listen too always amazing

  5. Marianne Kozak says:

    Wow! The top 4 I voted for are good. It’s gonna be a close call. Good Luck to all and Good Job! Will be watching! It’s a cant and wont miss episode!

  6. Dan says:

    All performances were excellent last night. As a selfish viewer….:
    I wish they would just keep them all for next week – so we could see nine more amazing performances – before we acknowledge that Jordan is The Voice!
    If the show was “The Performer” then it would be Zach or Barrett or Amy or Emily or Madi (after last night!).
    But the show is The Voice, and nothing comes close to Jordan’s transcendent control and delivery. He is vocally flawless!

  7. carline thompson says:

    Jordan Smith should absolutely win the Voice!!!

    • Jay Gells says:


    • Cindy McArthur says:

      Totally agree!

    • Cindy McArthur says:

      Yes he should!

    • The Beach says:

      A very real problem that Jordan is going to face when he comes face to face with the real world of the recording industry is there is often someone that has already arrived who has a voice and singing style that is very similar to yours. In Jordan’s case, that person is Sam Smith.

  8. Bob says:

    I was following this season because of Amy, but I must admit that she was oversung last night by 4 singers who is leading on the iTunes chart. I still think Amy has a post-Voice career, a rarity among former contestants. But this program is getting bigger and Amy has a look and mystique to go with her artistry. Emily Ann has a star potential. I previously thought Jordan, despite his vocal, would have no pro career, but his performance last night was so ridiculous I am changing my mind. He can possibly sing on Broadway, or more.

  9. Shaun says:

    Which one is the tubby guy who looks like he was on Community?lol.

  10. Angie says:

    Jordan Smith all the way. He always gives me chills and his spiritual songs bring me to tears. I would love him to sing how great thou art. But he does well with queen. I predicted he would sing a queen song before the show. Good luck to all of them but my voice winner is jordan.

  11. Amy is the best. Such a unique style. Jordan has a great voice, but he ain’t no Freddie Mercury. Didn’t care for his Queen song last night. Like a lounge singer trying to be cool.

    • Jay Gells says:

      NY Ranger fans always have losing comments as well as records

    • Alex says:

      People will always hold an original as untouchable in their minds. But as someone who never heard Freddie’s original performance of this until last night, I have to say that I don’t think there’s any comparison. Jordan’s is better. His voice is stronger. He adds more tonal nuance that fits the lyrics. He adds melismas that actually add something to the song. And he shows off a stronger upper range, actually taking on the high Ab in mixed voice where Freddie only went up to an F and was already in falsetto. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying that Jordan is an equal or better singer overall. But his performance of this song would I think win most people if we were all hearing both renditions for the first time today. Jordan is a natural countertenor, and this song fits his range perfectly.

      • Stella says:

        As soon as Jordan finished singing, I played Adam Lambert’s version of the song to remind my husband how to define excellence. He told me he didn’t need reminding, but to go ahead and play Adam Lambert anyway. I played Adam twice! What’s better than Freddie Mercury and Queen? Adam Lambert and Queen.

        • kevstar says:

          What’s better than that? Adam Lambert as Queen! That boy can SANG.

        • NN says:

          I like Adam, but when it comes to the vocal range, there is no comparison between him and Jordan. Like Alex says above, Jordan hit the high high Ab with the mixed voice, which is almost an octave above where Adam usually transits to falsetto. The power is just not the same.

      • Terri says:

        For those of you who think that either Jordan or Adam can perform this song better than Freddie Mercury, then you have never seen this band live because if you had then you would never think such a thing. I will give both of them mad props because they both are awesome singers but there is nothing like the LIVE real thing!

    • Namju says:

      Chica are you tone deaf? That was spot on, amazing. Freddie Mercury will be proud. Lounge singers do not sound like that. By the way what lounge are you going to, I want to go.

  12. Rowlin says:

    I agree with the top 3 picks for the final, but I think Amy will get 4th before Madi, just on overall popularity. I think the wildcard that could surprise for the last spot is Zach, based on I think more women watch the show than men, and he undoubtedly has an appeal to women, he could get a lot of votes that want to see him perform more, plus his voice has improved a lot.

  13. Linda says:

    I feel like I’m the only one who likes Shelby.

  14. Donald hoppe says:

    It’s interesting the negative comments about the quality of talent this season. When you have someone like Jordan who is so much stronger than everyone else combined, let’s face it everyone else is in it for exposer and 2nd place. I would like to know the vote totals for each show, most likely a walk off home run every time.

    • Angie_Overrated says:

      No doubt there are two very talented singers this season: Jordan and Jeffery. But they only sing one song each per week and we have to suffer through some incredibly untalented singers to get through the show. Overall, the talent level this season was abysmal (probably worse than season 7), with the exception of those two outliers.

      • Lona says:

        I was thinking the same thing even though the coaches are saying just the opposite. What I dislike this time is, no phone voting since many older people don’t use Twitter or the Internet or Facebook, so you’re mainly getting just the younger vote. And I absolutely hate the save vote because I believe when the public votes that should be respected and not overturned by the save.o

  15. Patricia says:

    I went to same high school Emily Ann goes to I love her and Jordan !!!!

  16. Abbey says:

    My studio knows Zach and keeps using him as a publicity stunt so I’m kinda hoping that he gets eliminated so things go back to normal.

  17. Cindy McArthur says:

    If Jordan does not win…the show will need to change it’s name to The Look, instead of The Voice. This guy is amazing!

  18. sunny koenig says:

    I love the voice, watch and vote weekly via voice app. Feel Jordan should take all

  19. Rosie says:

    Do I think Jordan is a good singer? Yes, absolutely. However, the producers have basically guaranteed him a win by the manner in which he was introduced to all the viewers. I don’t approve of that method.

    • Nutt says:

      Which is exactly what they did with Sawyer last season. I wonder how many Sawyer fans, who had no problem with his early coronation then, are now complaining about the show apparently promoting Jordan more than others this season. What’s good for one is good for the next. And Jordan is a much better singer than Sawyer.

  20. Alyson says:

    I think Madi will get a spot no matter what she did an excellent job and she is 4th on ITunes, 3rd if you don’t count Adele

  21. I think this is the best season yet,Go Jorden and Emily Anne

  22. Ian says:

    Ridiculous that you had Barrett even close to the bottom 3. Nice call on that one.

  23. Kalen Ruffing says:

    I want Madi to win

  24. Tom sweeney says:

    Now I remember why I stopped watching the VOIICE, as the voting is rigged and all you have to look at the top 10 itunes.

  25. Kalen Ruffing says:

    everytime Madi thinks making me cry

  26. Sheryl says:

    Cannot believe who they sent home.they deserve to be there.Shame.

  27. Jean T. Duya says:

    Amy will win if we can vote here in the Philippines. Anyway, there are many Fil-Ams there that would make her to the TOP 4.

  28. PaoloAKhan says:

    other than his ability to sing in a high register, i just don’t get the appeal of Jordan Smith. Like, wtf, jeffrey almost got cut instead of jordan? i just don’t get it. But then again, the show is called The Voice, not the X Factor or Idol. That’s why this show produce so little star, while shows like the X factor has been birthing someone like One Direction, Olly Murs, Leona Lewis, Little Mix, Ella Henderson etc etc etc. The winners of the voice seem to always have the voice, but they just can’t sell! I dont know why America tend to vote someone like Jordan, javier colon, jermain, or craig wayne friggin boyd. You know they are not gonna chart. #teamEmilyAnn #TeamJeffrey #Teamthewholepackage #teamstar #okcurr

  29. Rick says:

    I would have never dreamed of Jordan singing a Queen song….he totally went 200% above and beyond!! . Phenomenal!!! Hope he sings You Raise Me Up in finals. Emily Ann was equally as great. My wife would buy Madi’s album immediately!

  30. Dee says:

    Who in the world is out there voting for Barrett Baber? The guy just can’t sing. He has good energy, but his voice is just not there. Who are you people? Do you not have ears to hear? I shake my head in unbelief every time he gets through. Biggest puzzle of the Voice in history.

  31. Linda says:

    Clearly there is ONE winner, it will be so Wrong if it does not happen!
    Jordan clearly deserves it, without a shadow of a doubt!

  32. Heather says:

    It is Jordan all the way!! I am a country music fan and have been for over 50 years and despite Blake’s talented team, Jordan has been gifted from above. I have heard no one that good in my life here on earth. .

  33. suem48 says:

    Not sure why everyone is on the Jordan Smith bandwagon this week as his performance wasn’t as good as the other two versions of this Queen song on the Voice (past seasons). I thought he wasn’t very strong in the lower registers for this song and this wasn’t one of his better performances.

  34. Heidi Hill says:

    I am a great fan of singing talents who delivers a unique and powerful voice, with wonderful range and I can immediately I recognize the singer such as Barbara, Celine Dieon and Adelle.
    Today most singers sounds the same. Than we get Jordan Smith who is so incredibily talented that I am positive he will be with a long, long time. He deserves to win The Voice.

  35. Arlene fields says:

    Barrett biggest surprise less than average vice versa. I and word has it alot of voting chex tvex ratings ssss going on big time fake emai all night long