The Voice Top 9 Results Recap: Slaughterhouse for Five

Now that the ugliest, bloodiest elimination in the history of The Voice is over, what the heck do we do? Take a collective, cleansing breath? Scream bloody murder at the top of our lungs? Or perhaps freeze-frame our DVRs and see who can correctly count the number of pennies stitched together to make Gwen Stefani’s coat of money colors.

Part of me just wants to sit at the bottom of Dolly Parton’s sheer pant leg and let her strum me into the calm, safe space I’m not sure I’ll ever occupy after an hour so stressful I’m feeling like the warning label on a pharmaceutical ad — suffering from nausea, night terrors, sudden loss of blood pressure, spontaneous migraines, white knuckles, exploding brain and instant death.But before you call me a hypochondriac, let me cut to the results.

Saved by America (AKA One of This Week’s Top 3 Vote-Getters)
Jordan Smith (Team Adam)
Emily Ann Roberts (Team Blake)
Barrett Baber (Team Blake)

Instantly Eliminated (AKA One of This Week’s Bottom 3 Vote-Getters)
Shelby Brown (Team Adam)
Amy Vachal (Team Adam)
Braiden Sunshine (Team Gwen)

Middle Three Vote-Getters (and Their “Save Me” Songs)
Zach Seabaugh (Team Blake), “Live Like You Were Dying” — Grade: C | Too many flat notes, not enough depth of feeling, and not enough life experience for a song with these lyrics.
Madi Davis (Team Pharrell), “Don’t Dream It’s Over” — Grade: D+ | Poor Madi completely (or at least her grasp of pitch) collapsed under the threat of elimination. :(
Jeffery Austin (Team Gwen), “Make It Rain” — Grade: A+| THIS IS WHAT WINNING SOUNDS LIKE. Pitch perfect. Emotionally raw. Ready to make his record.

Given that Jeffery won the Save-Me Sing-off — and has been the most consistently gorgeous, emotionally connected vocalist for the duration of Season 9 — I had only one option when the Twitter Save began:

For the first time all season, my efforts were not in vain!



Advancing to Next Week’s Finals
Emily Ann

OK, your turn. What did you think of Top 9 results? Did America get it right? Was the right artist saved? And who do you want to win the whole enchilada? Sound off in the comments!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Allie says:

    America almost got it right. Madi should have been there instead of Barrett but it isn’t a terrible top 4. SO GLAD jeffrey and Jordan made it through.

    • palmergalkat says:

      agreed. Madi should have been there…. ugh but on the plus side at least Braiden is finally gone

      • Zrider says:

        That is a Huge plus side. FINALLY. How many good singers got eliminated while 10 year old girls voted for Braiden.

      • Gabby says:

        Lets see you get up there as a 15 year old..

        • JM1 says:

          I don’t award singers points for trying on this show, unless they are good.

          • JM1 says:

            That said, I thought all of the eliminated singers really got the short shrift on their exits. A don’t-let-the-door-hit-you kind of night. Not nice!

          • Tyler says:

            Agreed. But I guess it’s better to leave with other people than by yourself.

            Anyone else think since Jeffery was saved that there is no way he is going to win this season. I guess it’s going to come down to Blake’s country mafia against Jordan. Does anyone really who wins at this point?

          • Kbella says:

            He is good, he’s just young.

        • Devin Lee says:

          I think a lot of people tend to forget that MADI was just 16 years old. Her voice was mature well beyond her age & her artistry so advanced & sophisticated for being just 16. People don’t deserve to be on the show just because they’re young, but if they’re young with a brilliant unique talent like Madi’s, they absolutely do. Some of Sunshine’s songs were seriously cringe worthy. I don’t even understand how he got to the semis. There were other young artists way better that left too early. Siahna being one of them.

          • glen says:

            People forgot Madi was only 17 because ,unlike with Braiden, they didn’t beat you over the head with it in every post-performance critique. The unrelenting “OMG! They’re only in their teens!” hysteria with artists like Danielle Bradbury and Sawyer Fredericks in years past gets very grating. It’s one of this show’s favorite manipulation tools to push the artists they hope to advance.

          • fiberlicious says:

            Agree wholeheartedly. She’s a talent worth developing.

        • suz says:

          Amen Gabby. So sick of these sorry haters who are probably doing nothing with their own lives.

        • Jo March says:

          That’s a silly response, Gabby. Because I can’t do something doesn’t mean I can’t judge someone in a competition. He put himself out there, and he was judged and found wanting.

      • Del Jones says:

        Agree that Madi should be in instead of Barret but really, really glad the Braden is finally gone, even if it is about a month too late.

      • Lizzie says:

        Braiden’s performance of Amazing Grace was just lovely, and his best performance of the show. You can dislike the kid for being 15 if you need to, but there’s a lot of voice there, and he really was the most unassuming, go-along-with-everything-Gwen-came-up-with guy. The kid will have a career. I don’t get all the dislike for him, he’s a sweetheart.

        • Jo says:

          NO ONE dislikes him personally and ESPECIALLY not “for being 15”. He was not a good singer. He had no idea who he was as an artist and that put his artistry in question. There were so many talented singers who went home before him, Evan, Korin and more.

    • I agree as well. Barrett and Zach were both pretty boring in my book. I am not that crazy about Emily Ann either, but she did pretty well with 9 to 5 (although the tempo was strangely a beat too slow – probably to allow Emily Ann time to spit out all the words.

      • akdar says:

        Emily Ann was pretty bad singing 9 to 5. It felt utterly fake. It was pretty obvious she has never ever worked nine to five.

        • Puzzled says:

          That was so bizarre! It’s just like Danielle Bradbury being given songs that are too mature for her. God help the Voice if they crown another DB2.0! Also, I seriously don’t understand how Barrett is still there! Have mercy!

        • Vish says:

          Akdar: I AGREE about Emily Ann, a very poor attempt from her. Pretty disappointed Amy Vachal didn’t qualify instead!

        • Keith says:

          Well she is a teenager so she probably hasn’t worked 9 to 5 and why does it matter, it’s just a song

      • Lizzie says:

        I love Zach. I hope Blake comes through for him, opens some doors to a recording contract. Maybe have him sing a couple of times on his new tour this spring.

    • Paulette says:

      Should have been Jeffrey, Madi, Amy and Jorden. I hate it that country and western fans always dominate these shows and not the most talented move forward

      • Vangie says:

        Totally agree with you!

      • Nancy says:

        That’s the line-up I would have liked.

      • Denis Vachon says:

        Absolutely based on the quality and unique artistry they preformed

      • davmon says:

        Yep…I’ll tip the grape to your Top 4 (mine too!)…Well, well. Of course Jordan got in. But neither Madi nor Amy in the top 4! And Jeffery had to be instant saved! He has been the most consistent the whole season! It was clear who the best four were; you nailed it! The only one close was Emily Ann, who was 5th best–so I am not surprised that Blake’s believers would push her through. But Barrett? Who was worst in show Delta Dawn night and again last night. Heck, Zach would have been a better choice. Even Braiden has been better the last month. I rest my case…it is the Blake Shelton Show….no way, Barrett is top four of this season, no way Meghan was 2nd best last season, no way CWB was better than Matthew and Chris the previous….Clearly, too many treat this as a competition between coaches rather than artists. I get that many would find Blake the most likeable. But I wish the coach thing was just good-natured banter not to be taken seriously; and we would consider each artist on merit…..Ah well, one has to have ideals even if they get stuffed in your face unendingly. Message to Self: This is just a stupid pseudo-reality show in tv land; so get a grip and remember to just enjoy the brief and joyful glimpses at real talent like Madi and Amy and Darius and last year’s Mia Z….And life is better for it!

        • lil says:

          I don’t think it’s the Blake show I think more country people watch and vote than any other group. Shelby would of had a better chance but Adam had her singing songs other than country. When Shelby sang country she did chart. Except for this past Monday night which landed her at 39. I thought it was a bad song choice. I do know Blake does more for his artist than any other coach. I know when he told Zach it was not the end he will follow through. My thought on that is why don’t the other coaches help their guys out. I know Blake was the one that got the Swon brothers on his label. Blake had Danielle open for him and then he had Miranda use her as an opener. All these singers that you love could have a chance if their coaches used their connections but they don’t. Remember when Adam promised he would sign Christina Grimme if she didn’t get a contract? Guess what he didn’t! Instead of complaining about Blake make these other coaches follow up help these guys. Look these coaches make over 12 million for this short season sitting. If they believed in their guys they would help them but they sit there and put on a good show then leave with their money. Blake keeps working for his guys. Now that all that is there who would believe in?

          • Lindsey says:

            Grimmie decided to sign with a different label. She came out and said that. She had several options after the voice and she decided not to go with adams label. You can’t blame him for her choice.

          • Lizzie says:

            Adam likely didn’t sign Christina Grimmie because she is not a good singer. Can’t stand her, but my very least favorite former voice singer is that horrible Cassadee Pope – what a witch,

        • Luana says:

          I totally agree with you!!! I could not believe my eyes when Emily and Barret went through and Jeffery needed to be instant saved. At least, Madi should be there instead of Barret or Emily.

          • fiberlicious says:

            The only good thing about Jeffrey having to be saved is that we got to hear him sing that incredible song. Best he’s ever done.

        • Kbella says:

          Exactly. It’s just a dumb reality talent show that really isn’t worth getting upset about. I was baffled at how CWB beat out Matt, but I didn’t let it bother me. It looks like Matt is doing just fine. I’m disappointed that Barrett beat out Madi for the final 4 but I’m not going to let it ruin my day.

          • Amy says:

            Matt reportedly got dropped by his label. In a recent interview, he said that he will be self-releasing his EP in 2016.

        • Blake was more annoying than usual this year in IMO.

        • Linda says:

          I agree with most of what Daymon said. It has become an I-Tunes dowload battle because each download gets 10 votes. NOT FAIR!!

          I think Jefferey should win – – Barrett is ok but he has a huge following because he is a teacher so all the teens in the school voted for him and downloaded his song- – there is something wrong with this voting system. Madi is beautiful and talented. I hope Pharell helps her become a well-known talent.

      • Lisa says:

        Exactly! Jordan, Amy, and Maddie for sure, with a vote off between Emily Ann and Jeffry.

      • Sally says:

        I’m a fan of country music and buy Blake Shelton’s albums. However, I voted for Emily Ann, Amy, Jeffrey and Madi for the final four. I do not believe Barrett or Zach earned being in the top three or six because their songs did not chart on ITunes like Amy, Jeffrey and Madi. I hope that Jeffrey or Emily pull an upset and beat Jordan. He is overrated and promoted by NBC.

      • 1humbleopinion says:

        Perhaps iTunes downloads should be recalibrate to count more, since that is a financial commitment to an artist? And may even out the heavy voting of the Country Contingent, when their artists songs ranked frequently way lower than folks like Amy Vachal, Madi Davis and Jeffrey Austin.

      • I love, loved Madi and liked Amy but they are a tad similar. I agree that Blake has an unfair advantage but I don’t know why. I don’t feel Barett at all

      • saucie says:


      • Elena says:

        My take exactly. Must be a lot of Blake fans. Maddi and Amy true artists. Emily another Carrie Underwood clone and Barrett another Blake crooner.

    • Sarina says:

      I agree Madi definitely earned a place

      • lin scherer says:

        Madi was the best talent on the show…poised ..unique ..beautiful…thought she was a shoo in…won’t watch any more….Pharrell to the rescue I hope!

        • Hso says:

          She’s incredibly talented, but she had no one to push her forward and pimp her from a TPTB standpoint and Pharrell doesn’t quite know how to play the Voice game. I seriously think she’s of too high quality for America’s taste buds.

    • Well, America got it’s all white top four. Not much of a surprise as nine of the top ten were white. These results make it seem like the year is 1965, not 2015. At least NBC had the fabulous Wiz Live on last week to showcase amazing black talent.

      • davmon says:

        Me paleface…but me agree! And I had to think real hard. Because Mark went out 12 to 11; he was the last African-American, sadly. You are talking Amy…our smooth jazz flavor out of Swarthmore from Brooklyn….I forgot that she is half Filipina. What a lovely voice. And a lovely tan….But too much melanin to make the top 6, apparently–at least this year….Well, she stays in my Top 4, regardless–along with Madi, Jeffery, and Jordan.

      • JoanieBlu says:

        I am really disturbed by the lack of diversity on the Voice. It would be one thing if all of the top 10 contestants were phenomenal. But they weren’t. Most were middling performers whose names will be forgotten in a year. To award two of the top four spots to country singers just shows that something is off with the voting mechanism. I wish NBC would at least be embarrassed. I wish that the coaches would make this an issue and agitate for a change in the ways the show is organized. The first season, every coach had a singer in the final four. Return to that? Meanwhile, we miss out. Every season, the most dynamic performers are voted off while the bland bland bland boring Cassady Pope’s prevail. I know … stop watching. Yeah.

        • JM1 says:

          The only thing about each judge getting a singer in the finale, if I recall, is that 1-2 judges did not have singers worthy of the finale and they got in by default. I thought that system was worse. To some extent, I think that if one judge does enough to get multiple singers in the finale – be it personal fan base, etc. – then so be it. Even though, when it works like that my faves pretty much never win. :-(

          • JoanieBlu says:

            I hear what you’re saying about the problem with worthy singers being forced off bca of arbitrary rules. On the other hand, they’re being forced of anyway! I suppose, as you suggest, that fan support of a judge is not the same as being bound by rules. But still … given what happened last night (and given last season’s Kimberly Nichole travesty from which I am still recovering), something seems broken and in need of a fix.

    • outsideplaying says:

      Agree with you. Madi should have made it and not have been forced into the sing-off. TG Braiden is gone.

    • Peggy Granbery says:

      I totally agree! And I would have traded Emily Ann for Jeffery! Jordan will win but I predict Jeffery will have the stronger and longer career. What an amazing talent he is. Unique voice, sincerity – a joy to watch and listen to!

    • Carolyn says:

      I totally agree with you, Madi should have been there instead of Barrett.

  2. Michael H. says:

    I’m going to miss Madi, but Jeffery deserved this…

    • JM1 says:

      Jeffery slayed that song. And was happy to see Adam stand for him and motion that the votes should go his way. Just think how good Madi may be when she figures out her way a little more.

    • Devin Lee says:

      Jeffrey’s save song was on point, while Madi had a bad song choice, coupled with nerves. They both belong in the finale, though. Boo to Barrett!! Ugh. His iTunes sold less than everyone but Shelby’s, while Madi’s sold 3rd most, yet he slides right through workout even having to sing for a save? I call foul.
      It’s a nightmare with this voting system.

      • Devin Lee says:

        I’m hoping Pharrell signs Madi, & turns her into a star! He definitely had that power. That’s my future prediction!

        • davmon says:

          Good idea. Along with Mia Z. Koryn Hawthorne. Maybe Sawyer, too. When they are all out of high school and can hit the road touring and singing their own songs….Sign me up! I’ll be a minimum-wage roadie, if I can hear them sing every night….And steal Amy back from Adam–she started with Pharrell. A great lineup for Pharrell’s new…let’s call it the Boho label.

      • PSCali says:

        I agree! Barrett?!? Is Blake buying votes again?

      • fiberlicious says:

        Making terrified people sing under the pressure of instant elimination guarantees shoddy singing. I was amazed by Jeffery’s ability to rise above it. I sure couldn’t.

      • Candace says:

        But doesn’t that tell you that it’s not all about the iTunes sales? If Barrett was lower than anyone else that was in the top 6 – that means that he got a heck of a lot of votes to overcome that iTunes deficit. I don’t think it’s foul, it’s a fan base and he has a huge one. The only way that gets changed is to take the decision away from America and give it to a panel of judges. Then you have American Idol.

        Opinions…everyone has them – but it seems like there are more C&W fans expressing them with their voting fingers.

  3. analythinker says:

    So… who said to me before that the votes don’t lean to country music? Come on, now. The facts should support my point. It’s not even my opinion, I just looked at the “numbers”.

    • Angie_Overrated says:

      Anyone who denies the Blake Shelton / country music advantage on this show is someone not comfortable with acknowledging reality.Yes, Jordan will still win, who is neither on Blake’s team nor is he country, but there’s no other way to explain Barrett. Literally, no other way to explain it.

      • analythinker says:

        EXACTLY. I was gutted when he went through and my heart stopped when they announced Zach’s name.

      • Utterly ridiculous that he is in the top four.

        • Russ N says:

          Barrett being in the final four may be a good thing. I thought Jordan, Jeffery, Emily, and Madi would be the final 4. Jordan is not unbeatable, and I thought Emily might pull a Craig wayne Boyd. Now with two Blake country artists in the final 4 the country vote should be split.

          • I hope your right because that just gave me some comfort.

          • Ah, Russ N, you are a strategist!

          • Jenks says:

            I like the way you think.

          • Patrick says:

            BUT, your strategy will be blown up when the final two is Jordan and Emily Ann. That’s where the country vote rolls into one, and it is possible she beats Jordan. I like them both and she will have a career no matter what. He might also, as a modern Christian artist. That’s what he likes anyway, being a member of the Lee College choir, which is a religious school associated with the Church of God.

          • Normandy says:

            Like how Danielle Bradbery and the Swon Brothers split the votes?

          • Kenny says:

            The top four sing on Monday and the vote begins. Therefore you are correct about the country Madia splitting the vote. The post after stipulates a top 2 vote. Not true. All four artists are voted for prior to Tuesday. No votes on Tuesday.

          • lil says:

            I remember reading a similar post like this when Danielle Bradbury and the Swon Brothers were in the top 4 and that worked out fine. Danielle first and the brothers third and because Blake follows through with his guys he managed to get the Swon Brothers a contract with his label.

      • Gailer says:

        Thank you! I like Blake, but come on, he almost had his whole team in the finals!

      • Seth says:

        I’d say it’s much more of a Blake factor than a country factor. Just so happens he’s had a significant number of country singers. Has a rocker made it further than Terry McDermott? Has an older r&b/diva type made it further than Sissaundra Lewis? Any artist picking a coach other than Blake isn’t paying attention. It’s not foolproof, but it provides he the best odds.

        • Normandy says:

          Blake is also the only coach to win with an African American R&B/soul/rock artist.

          • Nemma says:

            Nope, the first winner is also African American R&B singer and from Team Adam. But then, it was the 1st season and Blake wasn’t that popular yet.

          • Normandy says:

            Nemma, I didn’t realize the Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico were in Africa.

        • writerchick says:

          I’d say you’re absolutely right. Blake is the best coach. He doesn’t insult the other coaches and never hesitates to sing the praises of all the contestants when they deserve it. He is obviously a generous person. And he always helps all his guys after the show, whether they win or not. He’s a damn good coach and that’s why he’s won more than any other.

          • Luana says:

            I have to disagree. Blake once told Shakira was a crappy coach. This was so rude and a nasty thing to say!!!

      • Marilyn says:

        Huh? She’s always in tune and her range is wide.

      • vince says:

        Your absolutely spot on. But there are a lot of mediocre country singers and there always have been – particularly the men. But country fans vote.

      • davmon says:

        You are right! We had reason to expect Emily Ann to get in, because she was the fifth best singer left–and she was on Blake’s team. The question was whether Zach might get into the 6 and compete successfully for the last slot. In fact, he did, at least, get into the 6…But Barrett?! Nice guy; but he forgot how to sing over a month ago. This just a Blake love fest. Because he has not had a major talent all season! Yet, he is the only coach who ended up with THREE IN THE TOP SIX!!!!! –Only Pharrell and Adam began with enough talent to hold 3 of the last 6. This is a disastrous skewing away from talent and toward celeb worship….Surely, Jordan will still win this. (Well, we can only hope now. Since it clearly looks like Jeffery will end up 4th.) Jeffery, Madi, and Jordan should have been automatic top 3. Amy should have been competing with Emily Ann for 4th along with maybe Zach. And Barrett did not deserve to be get past 7th place.

    • TTorvo says:

      You are correct. No way Barrett should have been saved and not Jeffrey. Crazy system of voting, but at least Jeffrey got the “Twitter” save, deservedly so!

    • palmergalkat says:

      agreed. Madi should have been there she got a #4 on Itunes Barret got #10

    • spicegirl says:

      Blake has a massive fan base that supports his singers. Plus do not forget the Bible belt that loves country music and VOTES. Unless and until the support for other genre culminates in VOTES there will be a leaning towards country music on the VOICE. Next season be prepared to VOTE and not only listen and enjoy. VOTE and download the songs you like and this will send a positive support to the artist of your choice.

  4. kennz says:

    jefferys vocal was his best performance, obviously best of the three just wish it was made over barrett.

    • Jon says:

      SO true — he was superb — but why didn’t Jeffery sing like that Monday night?? He would have sailed into the top 3 instead of **gnashing teeth** Barrett!

    • Tyler says:

      I thought the same thing which made me wonder why didn’t Jeffery sing Make It Rain instead of that idiotic Believe song last night?! Then maybe he wouldn’t have found himself in that situation.

    • Jo says:

      They’re given a bank of song choices, it’s not completely open as they like to make it appear.
      They are PRODUCING a show and the REASON he got that song when he did was so that he would be in the finale.

  5. Efe says:

    If only Madi was there instead of Barrett.

    • davmon says:

      Indeed,Madi was so good…until tonight. And Amy? How is it that she was not in the top 6? At least Jordan and Jeffery are still in the mix…..The voting is not about artistry; it is all about getting our good ole celeb buddy Blake to the finish line. Two in the final 4!…And I am thinking of the many talented artists this season who did not make the Top 12 yet were better vocalists than either Emily Ann (who I like) or Barrett….Hmm…the twins Andi & Alex, Keith Semple, Regina Love, Viktor Kiraly, Ellie Lawrence, Celeste Betton, Darius Scott, Riley Biederer, Morgan Frazier, Siahna Im, Sidney Rhame, Nadjah Nicole, and Krista Hughes–that is 13. That does not count Amy and Madi who lost out tonight; or Mark and Evan who went out of the Top 12 and the Top 11. That adds up to 17 of the 48 who started, who I feel easily surpass the talent level of two of our final 4. An impressive list of talent….My question is: Is this any way to treat serious talent in this country?…This is just an exploitative dead end. It is all about ratings and making money for a huge corporation and its rich stockholders. It is not a serious attempt to find exceptional talent and elevate it to the level it deserves, so that we all receive the joy and blessings of it. No, just a cynical feed-the-people-pablum while the rich get richer….Well, I do hope some like Madi, Mia Z, Sawyer, Koryn, Darius, Amy, Jeffery, Jordan et al can enjoy some small ennobling success in this lousy business.

  6. rserad26 says:

    Jeffery shouldn’t have even had to sing in the first place. No idea how Barrett snuck his way in there with a sub-par performance last night.

  7. I feel very cross that: 1. Jeffery had to sing for the save; 2. Barrett got a spot in the top four; 3. Madi and Amy are gone (see #2). But damn, Jeffery had already earned a spot in the top four, but he earned it all over again tonight! What a beautiful performance!

    • analythinker says:

      I agree with everything you said.

    • Angie_Overrated says:

      Tried responding earlier, but it didn’t go through so I’ll try again.
      The only silver lining here is that we got to hear Jeffery sing again, for which I am grateful. That was some oustanding singing too.

      • Jon says:

        100% agree, Jeffery was fantastic tonight (and I Twitter voted for him). I know you hate Jordan, but you have to admit that Jordan, Jeffery and Emily Ann is a really good top 3 (I’m leaving out he-who-should-not-be-named, for obvious reasons). I just wish Madi had made it too…

        • Angie_Overrated says:

          Oh no no no. I don’t hate Jordan at all. If Jeffery were out of this, I’d be all for Jordan. I said on the other tvline article message board that my top three were Jordan, Jeffery, and Emily Ann, so I’m ok with this for the most part.

    • Nemma says:

      My top 3 (wishful thinking) were Jordan, Jeffery, and Madi, and I’m okay for either Emily or Amy to round out the top 4. Got 3 out of 4 so I guess that’s all right. But! Barrett over Madi? Why??? Of course I know why. Blake/country mafia, that’s why!!! I’d be pissed if Barrett does a Craig Wayne Boyd next week.

  8. Mary says:

    Braided went home….for this I am content….

    • Gabby says:

      Lets see you get up there as a 15 year old and sing in front of a ton of people…and learn to spell people’s names right **braiden**

  9. Andres says:

    I am sad that Madi is gone but at the same time we don’t have to see braiden attempt to breath during somg. Over all OK final 4. 3 out of the 4 in my dream final 4 were moving on. We should start a campaign to get jeffery.

  10. Jenks says:

    I am SO GLAD that Jeffery brought it. My fear was that another soulful (but great) ballad would not be enough to get him through, but he totally delivered an emotionally raw performance. Great top 3 — and Barrett.

  11. Audrey says:

    Blah! Really wish Madi or Amy made it over Baber. I don’t really care about the finale now because we know who’ll likely win but would be nice if we get surprised next week. Here’s to Jeffery or Emily (maybe).

  12. Young says:

    Totally confused – Jeffery Austin’s “Believe” was #3 on iTunes and Batrett Baber didn’t even make it on top 10 list if I remember correctly, how’s possible that he made it to top 3 and not Jeffery?

  13. Angie_Overrated says:

    I would have been done with this show for good had Jeffery not gone through. The fact that he even had to sing for his life when Barrett goes right through is infuriating. Blake needs a season off. The competition is too warped in favor of a very specific type of contestant and they need a way to shake this up to get back to the early seasons where any type of vocalist from any genre has a legitimate shot at the win.

    • analythinker says:

      Can we send some petitions or something? Including ones to eliminate non-suspenseful result announcements (and the Q&A during), extend the show’s length and reduce it to once a year, also to promote more contestant recognition.

      • kadyalsalaam says:

        Petitions don’t matter. Only money does.

        • Devin Lee says:

          Even money doesn’t matter apparently, because Jeffery sold 2nd most, & Madi sold the 3rd most on itunes! Yet they both had to sing for their life? While Barrett sold 8th only outselling Shelby. Ridiculous!

          • davmon says:

            I believe the money in question is that being made by shows producers (Burnett, Daly, et al) and the stockholders in Comcast which owns NBC Universal as well as in the multitude of companies adverstising to sell their wares…The formula works for them, so they are loathe to do more than tweak. They do little more than exploit the talent for their short-term profits; so they could care less if a talented person goes on to have a career. The producers reportedly make the artists sign an onerous 32-page contract that allows them to manipulate the artists, their talent, even their bios, however they see fit…..It is all for sake of a good show–and better profits.

    • Caitlyn says:

      All sorts of other genres have won this show. Far more than any country singers. Danielle and Craig are the only true country singers that have won the show in nine seasons. Could it possibly be that you just don’t care for that type of music?

      • analythinker says:

        I listen to a lot of good and heartfelt, emotional country music and I LOVE Chris Stapleton. But these “country” voters have a tendency to vote whoever the contestant is as long as they’re country and on Team Blake (they don’t vote as much for Amber Carrington or Shelby Brown, so I don’t think they vote for the music). I just wish they were more objective, that’s all. And before anyone says “musical preference” is subjective, let me remind you again, some of them are not about the music. Also, components like pitch is measurable.

        • Dusty Rose says:

          So let me preface this by saying I am a huge country music fan, however I also love other genres and am a professionally trained pianist in both classical and jazz music. Barrett aside, since I feel kinda eh about his performance (#Madi/Amy). Compare Emily to Shelby and the vocals are drastically different. Shelby has a great voice, but she’s nowhere close to having accurate pitch. Listen to Jodee Messina’s version of that song and you’ll see what I mean. The right female country artist went thru.

          • analythinker says:

            Um, that’s not even close to my point. If your argument is that Shelby wasn’t voted in because Emily performed better, I agree. But my point was, the number of votes (obviously I’m talking abt iTunes votes as it’s the only thing we can monitor) for Zach & Barrett way surpassed Shelby’s and I’d argue that she was better than them. So what were people voting for, if not the looks, moves, or coach?

          • Davey says:

            I found Shelby much more real and spirited. Emily Ann seems like a Carrie Underwood clone.

          • Dusty Rose says:

            analythinker… if we’re talking America in general…..I feel very strongly that the majority who vote are little teeny-boppers who vote for the cute guy no matter what. ….and for that I include country, city, and Martian . Lol

        • kadyalsalaam says:

          Carrington was #4, if I recall. At any rate, that year was won by the pitch-perfect freak of nature Danielle Bradbury, who dispatched everyone fairly easily.,

        • Lucie says:

          I can’t explain Barrett’s spot in the top four except that the way the votes are tallied may have something to do with it. In past years they counted all the votes towards the final few so as to reduce the damage of one bad performance, especially if the artist was unfortunate enough to have that bad performance heading into the semi-finals.
          I completely disagree with your assessment of country music fans and how the genre and Blake influence their vote. It is just an excuse that some use to justify their favorite not being chosen. One would have to be a die hard country fan to vote or purchase music only because it was country or performed by a Team Blake artist. If one were that much of a country fan then they would not be watching this show.

          • analythinker says:

            You’re welcome to disagree, but I wish you’d open your eyes and see the facts. You may not be one of the “country voters” I referred to, but they exist.

          • Seth says:

            Check out the Twitter accounts for Blake & his fan club. I haven’t looked at then in several seasons, but in the past there was alot of “rallying the base” going on. It seemed to start after season 1 when alot of folks felt Bieber tweeting to vote for Javier Colon swung the vote. The irony is that most of the other coaches have had more followers than Blake. Guess they just aren’t as loyal.

          • Kim Schulze says:

            If you go to Facebook or the YouTube videos, people are always saying “I’m voting Team Blake.”

          • JM1 says:

            Have to agree with Lucie. Sure, country fans will buy the country songs, but probably also a few non-country songs. Non-country fans almost certainly will not buy the country songs. So I don’t see how the “country voters” are ruining the show.

        • writerchick says:

          Except that both Amber and Shelby didn’t sing in their genre, thanks to their coach Adam, who had them exploring and experimenting with other stuff. Don’t you remember he had Amber sing Adele? Two things about Adam – 1 – he almost always sabotages his female contestants and he always influences the few country singers he gets to do something else. Had Shelby or Amber gone with Blake, things might have turned out differently. Just saying…

          • analythinker says:

            My point exactly. Had they chosen Blake, they would have gone further because it’s Blake, not Adam. I like it more when people show versatility, because this is a singing show where you’re expected to be able to tackle different types of music (if you watched Idol, remember when David Cook did Music of the Night or The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face, or Carrie Underwood with Alone and some Pat Benatar?). I get your point, but it shouldn’t be because of the genre. Amber singing Adele & Rihanna was impressive and memorable to me. On the contrary, it felt like Danielle was singing the same song each week.

          • Kbella says:

            My favorite Shelby performance was “You’re No Good.” Not exactly country. Ihope Shelby keeps singing because I think she could be great!

          • Luana says:

            I agree with Analythinker. In my opinion, Danielle was one of the most boring contestants ever. Maybe losing only to – guess who? – Emily Ann. When Emily sings, is my time to go to the toilet, drink water, etc.

      • Dusty Rose says:

        Exactly my thoughts!! I love country music, born and raised on it, but even I voted for Amy and Madi over Barrett. That being said, lots of genres have won this show, and while Emily’s near flawless vocals would deserve to win, I highly doubt anyone can take down the vocal god that is Jordan this season. Also a side point, lay off country fans….more often than not, country fans also listen to many other genres, it’s others that refuse to admit somethings a good song, simply if it’s country…just saying

      • Angie_Overrated says:

        It’s not just about who wins. It’s who has an advantage throughout the show. You can’t look at these results tonight and tell me that Blake / country didn’t have an advantage. There’s no way to talk around that one. There’s no other way to explain how Barrett got into the top three with his performance last night. Yes, Jordan will still probably win, but that still won’t refute the phenomenon I’m referring to.

        • Dusty Rose says:

          Results from one night don’t prove a theory. Look at the winners from the past 8 seasons.

          To be honest, I’m pleasantly surprised Zach didn’t make it. Normally all the teeny-boppers out there just vote for the cute guy (or is that just American Idol? ) lol. Anyways, I think we should expect less intelligence from the general public.

          • Angie_Overrated says:

            @Dusty — I tried posting earlier, but I guess it didn’t go through. I’ll try again.
            You’re right that one night doesn’t prove a theory. Luckily for me I’ve got more than one night. Look at the final three last season. Compare those final three to 4th, 5th, and 6th place. You can’t tell me as a trained musician that those results make sense. Every musician I know was putting their fists through the wall when they saw what was happening. There is absolutely a country mafia vote that dominates this show, whether you choose to acknowledge it or not.

        • JM1 says:

          That’s why I yell at my tv every single season when singers don’t choose Blake in the chair turns! They are just shooting themselves in the foot. He’s got a huge voting block, he takes care of his contestants, and he keeps up with them after the show. So what if he makes the non-country ones sing a country song or two? Totally worth it!

          • analythinker says:

            Then I’d suggest they make a Voice Country where everyone can choose Blake or other country artists. I’d watch it as long as it’s not too twangy.

          • JM1 says:

            No – I’d suggest that non-country contestants wise up and choose Blake more! It’s just common sense. . . he seems to support his artists post-show more than anyone else. Think back to early days of Dia, Xenia, etc. Not country singers but they chose Blake and he’s worked with both of them – and lots of his singers – since the show.

          • Angie_Overrated says:

            I guess the problem with that logic is Blake has shown a penchant for cutting his non-country artists. Yes, there’s the occasional Sisaundra who sneaks through, but for the most part, he assembles a very country or country-friendly team.

          • glen says:

            Angie hit the nail on the head- I yell at my TV every time a non-country artist picks Blake because you know 9 times out of 10 they will be matched up with a country artist in the battle rounds and quickly dispatched. The only chance a non-country artist on Team Blake has to advance far in the competition is if they get stolen.

      • palmergalkat says:

        how quickly you forget Cassadee Pope in that list….lol

      • Sarina says:

        I think Jake Worthington should’ve won. I don’t think Barret really earned his place other than being a country singer. He is mediocre and screams Catcha not very creative like Madi was. The Judds are one of my all time favs I just disagree with the vote. SMH

      • lil says:

        Yeah! Somebody that actually has an open mind! It’s funny if you sing country and get voted then there is some hidden mafia doing magic on voting machines to make you get into top. Nobody looks at the fact that country music artist were banking more money when CD’s were still being used because the fans bought more music. There is not a bunch of guys with guns forcing everyone to do something. In the last three weeks it has been posted here that the country mafia was running the show through Blake Shelton. All because Qwen made a joke about it in an effort to get a country singer. The truth is there are a lot of people that love country music and watch the show and they vote. I love country music but have all kinds of music I listened too and there are many on The Voice that I don’t care for but I don’t begrudge them a position if that is what the majority is voting for. Yes, Blake knows what he is doing and he knows exactly where his guys would fit in the country arena and he pushes that and it works.

    • Seth says:

      The trick is to enjoy the season for what you like, but divorce yourself from caring who ultimately wins. Only 1 of my favorites has ever won, so I just skip the finale now. Less frustrating.

      • davmon says:

        A good attitude and approach. I have to remind myself to not take it too seriously. Realize it is about making a lot of money for people already rich, not for the artists. And to just enjoy the small blessings of artists or songs that move us in the moment as do a needed rain, a pleasant breeze, a friendly smile, a touching comment.

  14. Caitlyn says:

    Tough night for me. I vastly prefer artist that just sing, don’t scream at me or look like they are giving birth in order to connect with the song. I will miss Any and Madi. Clearly Jeffery was the clear choice for the instant save. I think my winner this season is Emily Ann.

    • Audrey says:

      Agree on everything! I guess I won’t be mad if Blake wins this season (again) if it’s with Emily. Really wish Amy made it though.

    • Riley says:

      You country people would vote for her even if she held a microphone to her a$$ and f@rted a Carrie Underwood song.

  15. dj says:

    Oh my gosh, I couldn’t believe Barrett made it into the finale. What the heck? He must have some monster voting machine out there. I couldn’t believe he could go first and sing crappy and still make it in.

    Thank God Jeffery got the twitter save. It shouldn’t have had to come down to that. To me it was so obvious even if you were watching for the first time that he should win the save.

    I would’ve been happy if none of Blake’s people would make it for once. He’s kind of greedy, wanting all three of them in there.

  16. Sam says:

    Would it be so hard for NBC to have an additional 3 live shows per season so we can see more of these contestants?

    How Barrett got through in the first instant and Jeffery had to be in the sing-off is beyond me.

  17. Kathleen says:

    Would have liked Madison Davis to stay, awesome and different voice, but she lost her perfect pitch. To me, the rest are what I expected. But I’m still amazed that America chose a folk singer last time…

  18. amy says:

    They got it nearly right. Jeffery, Jordan & Emily Ann should be in the finals. But Madi or Amy should be there instead of Barrett. He’s not bad, but Amy & Madi are much more interesting artists, IMO.

  19. brenda lee says:

    I love amy wish she had a chance to move on.

  20. Polarvortex says:

    Make It Rain is officially my favourite song! I still can’t believe Barrett was chosen over Jeffrey, but I am now starting to wonder if the country singers do have some sort of advantage!

    • Jasper says:

      Or course they do! If anybody tries to deny the existence of the “Blake Multiplier,” then they are unwilling to acknowledge the truth. Barrett gave arguably his worst performance last night, he was first up, and he was in the bottom third on iTunes. And he STILL outvoted Madi, Jeffery, and Amy. It’s not even fair at this point.
      At least we got three out of four right, and I can live with the fact that there is no way Jordan/Jeffery/Emily Ann won’t be the top 3.
      I don’t hate Barrett, BTW. I just think that Madi had outperformed him at pretty much every stage in the competition. Just my opinion.

      • JM1 says:

        I’m not a country fan so I’m not saying this out of bias, particularly as to Barrett. But sometimes Madi was a little too liberal with changing up songs, and other times was too cutesy about songs. I’d have been fine with her advancing, but I’m also fine with her not advancing. She’s one that I think needs another couple of years to develop. I felt that way about Koryn last year.

        • Alex says:

          What you refer to as too cutsie I consider it her putting her own spin/take on the song. I’d rather hear someone’s original interpretation instead of a karaoke cover. Even if it doesn’t quite work it’s the artistry and effort that’s important.

          • JM1 says:

            I hear you and it’s fine if you like it. At times, it felt like she changed songs just to change them; the changes didn’t work for me. I for sure have nothing against her, just feel like – as talented as she is right now – with a little more time she will get even better.

    • Mlitt says:

      If another country singer wins it should be officially called ” The Blake Shelton Voice -Country”.

  21. Carol says:

    I just want to know how the producers (Music Inspectors?) find sooo much talent year after year…some of the finalists on other shows didn’t sound as talented as my late boxer when he passed gas……………but this show..this show..where do they all come from?

  22. Nancy says:

    Amy Vachal was the most versatile and interesting performer of them all. I’m so surprised she’s gone. I really thought she and Jordan were the top contenders and I hoped she’d win, then I hoped Barrett would make it to the end. I think Jeffery’s voice is good but I don’t think he’s particularly versatile. I think the whole Emily Ann and Dolly Parton angle will be a big one in the finals.

    • glen says:

      Sadly this show has a poor track record at recognizing and fostering the “interesting” voices out there.(just ask Melanie Martinez or Caroline Glaser) In all honesty I’m surprised Amy made it this far. Usually to advance on this show you need a voice that can shake the rafters or one with a nasal twang.

    • Jenna says:

      Really? I thought Amy was the most generic/bland of the performers. All she did was gimmicky “reworks” of nostalgia songs that didn’t even make sense slowed down (Hotline Bling? Bye Bye Bye? So cliché/cheesy) aimed at trying to get lots of ITunes votes based on the popularity of the songs, knowing people would buy them no matter how bad it was. My top 2 were Madi, who I thought was absolutely brilliant and an example of how to really change a song in an artistic and interesting way, and Jeffery, who just has an emotional tone that I really enjoy. Plus he sang Dancing on My Own which is one of my favorite songs ever. So go Jeffery!! :)

  23. Why are the gays so adamant about bringing Jeffrey to the finals, when he’s so absolutely out-shined by the others? There is no justice on this Earth if Jordan does not win this competition…we already have Sam Smith and a host of others like Jeffrey Austin. Nothing spot different about him. Nothing against outwardly gay performers, but just laying down the truth…

    • TTorvo says:

      Jeffrey is good and deserves to be in the finals.

    • SaraPo says:

      I’m a 33 year old straight married woman who just loves good music, which is why I voted for Jeffery. Has absolutely nothing to do with his sexual preference. I personally think all the others are outshined by HIM :)

    • Jules says:

      “Why are THE GAYS…..”?? “Nothing against OUTWARDLY GAY performers…”. Haaahaaa!!!!!!!!!! That DAMN GAY AGENDA!! How dare THEY want another one of THEM to have a successful singing career!!! They already have SAM SMITH, now THEY want another one???? One to win “The Voice” no less????? The absolute nerve!!!!!! As a straight female I say to you with all due respect, I will laugh my ass off if Jordan wins and proceeds to use that moment to come out of the closet, thanks to all of his new found confidence and support from fans like you. Just laying down the truth.

      • Patrick says:

        You are apparently unaware that Jordan has a girlfriend and is a “straight arrow”! Sorry to “poof” your dream.

        • Lucie says:

          Lots of gay men had girlfriends before they came out.

        • Jules says:

          I’m aware of Jordan and his “girlfriend”. And I’m aware of him being from a tiny, one stop light town in Kentucky. And I’m aware that he is religious and sings in the church choir. AND I’m aware that despite all of that, he could still be gay. AND, I’m aware that it would be amazing for him to come out on national TV and completely inspirational. AND I’m aware, that it would be doubly amazing if he and Jeffery are co grand-marshals at Gay Pride parades across the country, singing duets and making absolutely gorgeous music together. Amazing. Oh and you’re the one who put “straight arrow” in quotes. I don’t even think you believe it yourself. ;)

        • Angie_Overrated says:

          You don’t honestly believe Jordan is straight, do you? Are we forgetting Liza Minelli’s “husband” David Gest? Or her other “husbands” for that matter?
          Not passing judgment. I’m a hag and a half, but let’s face reality here.

      • fiberlicious says:

        He kinda did last week – talking about his mom accepting and loving him for “who I am.”

    • Polarvortex says:

      Straight people are pretty adamant about bringing Jeffrey to the finals as well ;)

    • analythinker says:

      Exactly what truth are you laying down here? That we already have Sam Smith so we don’t need another? There may not be not many famous “male Beyoncé” out there, who likes to belt their voice and show-off their runs, but they exist. The thing is, people have preference and the reason why Sam Smith is famous and those male belters are not is why Jeffery’s in the Top 4.

      Regardless, Jordan will win as he’s accumulated the Top 10 multipliers more than others, unless they’re doing a reset.

    • Bryna Turner says:

      ‘The gays’… bahahahahahaha….You sound so ignorant. Trust me, the gays aren’t the only ones voting for Jeffrey to make it to the finals…. just ‘laying down the truth’… hahahahaha…. thank you for making my day.

    • tvtjw says:

      Oh my god. Are you kidding me right now? Jeffery has made no point in bringing out that he is gay for votes. In fact, he mentions it rather off-handedly and hasn’t since he did Dancing on My Own. If you want the truth, I think it’s brave of him to tell America about his sexuality when there’s people like you watching. This guy is deep, passionate, and best of all, he DOES NOT put on ridiculous theatrics like crying, asking the cameras to take a break to collect himself, etc. He is real and he is doing this fairly, which is a lot to say compared to some of the others (i.e. everyone but Barrett now). Take your homophobic opinions elsewhere – and just letting you know, you do not have to be gay to vote for Jeffery.

      • Davey says:

        well said! Thank you.

      • Lizzie says:

        I think that Jeffrey spent too much effort making sure we knew about his sexuality, and if he had spent less time being the gay singer and more time being the great singer that we heard in the performance for the 4th spot in the finals, he would have not had to fight for his place at all. He’s kind of been phoning it in the last 3 or so performances, and I didn’t care about hearing him sing anymore – like ever. Then he sang last night, and I want to hear more from him. But yeah, the gay guy trying to win the Voice isn’t actually the name of the show.

        • Jules says:

          Bulls$&t!! So when Barrett talks about his wife and kids isn’t HE making an effort to let us know about his sexuality??? Stop being so judgmental and presumptuous! If YOU took it as he was too busy “being a gay singer” instead of a great singer then that says more about you than it does about him. He’s a great singer. Period.

    • tvtjw says:

      Also – maybe if Jeffery sang a gospel song, he’d get as many votes as Jordan, considering he likes to bring up his church background constantly.

    • JM1 says:

      You are so off base. And you say we have a “HOST of others like Jeffery” and then name . . . precisely ONE other gay singer? And that’s too many?

    • Chris Hippensteel, my husband (a straight man, or so I have always believed) said to me, “there’s Jeffery…and then there’s everyone else.” I guess it hasn’t occurred to you that Jeffery’s fans are not part of some vast gay conspiracy–though I suspect many of us, gay, straight and otherwise, do appreciate that he’s out and open about that–but are simply people who appreciate his talent.

    • fiberlicious says:

      The gays???? Seriously????
      I agree that Jordan should win…also gay, BTW…but Jeffrey’s performances have twice made me cry. I don’t cry at songs.

      Since it seems to matter to you: I am 100% straight.

  24. Dee Evelyn says:

    I can’t believe that Blake’s country army votes not based on the voice quality.
    By seeing the result, team Blake might win again this season.
    Really absurd. Amy should replace Barrett

  25. glen says:

    So who was it telling me a couple of weeks ago that there is no country mafia? It’s inexplicable that Barrett Baber made the final 3 and Jeff Austin had to sing for his life, while Amy Vachal didn’t even get the chance to compete for the twitter save.
    Putting aside Barrett’s consistently mediocre performances every week, both Amy and Jeff consistently outsold Barrett on I-Tunes almost every week of the lives, yet somehow Barrett makes it to the finals with room to spare. I was under the impression that the voting and sales throughout the competition contributed to who makes the finals- apparently not.
    I agree with the commenter who said Blake needs to take a season off to restore some semblence of balance to the show- at this point all you need to do to make the Finals is 1) be a country artist, 2) pick Blake as your coach and 3) make it to the lives. The rest gets taken care of by the blind ( and tone-deaf) voting of the country at large, who clearly vote for artists based on only one criteria ( and it clearly isn’t quality of performance).

    • Dee Evelyn says:

      Agree with you. And I’ve never seen Blake coaching his team, he only said “you’re good, you’re good”, unlike other coaches.

      • JM1 says:

        Well obviously Blake is doing something right. And why should HE have to take a break to restore balance . . . why shouldn’t the OTHER coaches have to step up and do better? I’m not even a fan of his artists, but I’m a fan of how he TCB on the show.

        • glen says:

          The only thing Blake has to do at this point to get his artists far in the show is show up. I don’t really see how he is some kind of coaching genius. He picks country artists, has them sing country songs, and the country voting block just piles on the votes, whether the contestant is good, bad or indifferent. Not sure how the other coaches can “step up” to combat this, as very, very few country artists ever pick a coach other than Blake, and the ones who do don’t get the support of the country voting bloc because they aren’t Team Blake. Do people really have any doubts that if Shelby was on Team Blake and performed the same songs the same way she did this season, that she would likely be in the Top 4 ( or darn close to it)?

    • Angie_Overrated says:

      Word to the mutha.

    • Seth says:

      I’d add Adam in there as well. A break from both would make for a refreshing season.

  26. Why are the gays so adamant about bringing Jeffrey to the finals, when he’s so absolutely out-shined by the others? There is no justice on this Earth if Jordan does not win this competition…we already have Sam Smith and a host of others like Jeffrey Austin. Nothing original or different about him. Nothing against outwardly gay performers, but just laying down the truth…

  27. Donna says:

    Can’t believe Zach was eliminated over some of the others. Jordan is no doubt the best Voice this season but Zach is my all around best entertainer.

  28. Donna Andrews says:

    I think the voice has become Team Country.

  29. kady says:

    Loss of Amy that way, bizarre that she didn’t poll high enough to have a chance to sing for her life.

  30. Laura says:

    Madi should have been there over Barrett but they go the rest right

  31. Mike says:

    Barrett sucks…more talented people have been cut weeks ago.

  32. Patrick says:

    Your true colors shown through bright and clear when you said Jefferey was “gorgeous and emotionally-connected”. You also said “THIS IS WHAT WINNING LOOKS LIKE”! No, MS, Jordan is actually what WINNING looks like! I knew you were in Jeffery’s corner “whole-hog” all season long, now it’s confirmed. Do you have to make it so obvious? Geeeezzzzzz! At least two of mine made the final four, Emily Ann and Jordan. It will come down to those two and I’m sure Jeffery will burst out in tears! Then MS will be thinking, “Oh how I wish I could console him” ! Go Emily Ann(the young cute clone of Dolly Parton)

  33. Lee says:

    It would be nice if we in the west coast could vote and not just half of the country. The voteing would be more fair.

  34. Diane says:

    Jefferey is the best.

  35. Gailer says:

    Aww, Blake and his voting block! Lol It’s too bad Amy wasn’t safe too,
    Thankfully Jefferey was saved!

  36. Timmac48 says:

    This love affair over Jordan’s voice has become ridiculously over hyped. The judges need to try to be objective & actually “JUDGE” the performances.

  37. Rose H says:

    People are voting for Blake, not the contestants. I would have been happy if none of Blake’s got through and I am a big country and Blake fan. But Jeffery should have definitely been in the top three and Madi also. So my votes will go to either Jeffery or Jordan.

  38. kevstar says:

    The only reason Barrett made it is due to the hick vote. Emily Ann deserved to make the cut. How Jeffrey didn’t get make the cut is beyond me. At least the Twitter Save didn’t go to waste.
    However, if they pull this stuff next season, I’m out. ( Hey, Mark Burnett, how about giving your artists more time to grow? Just when these people show what they can do, you cut the field from 9 to 4. Even Idol wouldn’t pull this.)

    • Patrick says:

      Could you possibly define “hick vote” for me, without sounding like a bigot?

      • tvtjw says:

        Hick Vote (n) – Blake’s insane voting block due to the fact that he is the only country coach. Usually results in contestants that absolutely should not be, being in the finale and ultimate (and unfortunately) winning.
        Example: Aw shucks! So glad that nice country boy Barrett Baber got into the finale, and it definitely wasn’t rigged by the hick vote.
        I probably sound like a “bigot” from the city, but I live in a small Midwestern town where country music is predominant, so you can’t say I’m biased…

        • JM1 says:

          Honestly, I think Blake gets votes from lots of demographics, not just country. He’s hilarious and is probably the best thing about the show. My mother has not listened to a country song on purpose once in her life, but she looooves her some Blake.

    • TStanton says:

      Jeffery’s performance of “Believe” stunk. He has consistently sung depressing songs. He has NO PERSONALITY. He stands there like a statue concentrating on singing his notes. His voice has the emotions, but he does not show them in his eyes, motions or face. That is why Barrett made it to the finals. He has a really good voice AND he sings like his heart and soul are in it.

      • Lizzie says:

        I thought Believe was performed poorly enough that he would end up in the bottom 3 and be out. Gwen isn’t a good coach, and whatever she says to her people, it doesn’t make them sing to their potential. Monday Jeffrey just didn’t cut it. He’s lucky he got a second chance.

  39. Efe says:

    Actually, I am glad that Jeffery got to sing for his life because that performance easily is the best moment of this season. I thought Amy was kind of a hot mess last night, so I wasn’t surprised she got cut right away. I actually think Barrett deserved to be in top 6, he has a better body of work than Braiden, Amy & Zach. Not Shelby, though. It should have been him against Madi with Madi winning.

  40. Jerry says:

    Jordan Smith has this one locked up! I don’t think anyone can beat him.

    • Jim says:

      Jordan has it locked up if Adam doesn’t go and play the “stupid” card like he did with another sure winner in Matt McAndrew. “Somewhere over the Rainbow” are you kidding me

      • Finally someone said it.I think about that at least once a week & I try somehow to inject some reason for it.Were Matts vocal chords tired & he had to do a soft song,Did the producers ask Adam to tank it so CWB could win ( Stun Factor+They Pay Adam 10 mill-Great).Im not a conspiracy thinking guy so I use any facts I have to come up with an answer.If I was paid 10 million dollars & all I had to do was ask somebody who trusts me implicitly to sing “Mary Had A Little Lamb” (Not the SRV Version) I would do it.Matt did get that record deal he so badly wanted after he left.

      • Matt didn’t win because of the WIldcard, not because of Somewhere, which only charted 2 spots below Craig’s second song.

  41. Tom sweeney says:

    Itunes should factoe the top 4 and not some other formulated rigged voting. Blakes ego is getting to big with his how rich he is comment.
    Jordan and Jeffrey are the only real vocalist left. Maybe Blake should take time off and put a real country ainger in there.

  42. In terms of my favorites from the top 10 (which I will name in a moment) that made it through to the final 4, Jordan is the only one.

    My favorites over-all?

    Shelby Brown
    Braiden Sunshine (yeah, I know – he faded, but before he did, I liked what he had to offer)
    Jordan Smith
    Madi Davis
    Evan McKeel
    Amy Vachal

    I feel like Jeffery Austin sounds the same in every song. Emily Ann has serious nasality problems. I was rooting for Shelby because she had much better tone than Emily, but last night, Shelby’s sound got really woolly – it was like she was trying to sing through an air conditioner filter.

  43. dbcollins says:

    Just my opinion…Jordan is a great singer and I was totally in his corner in the beginning. But since he started his smug attitude, I have not voted for him. Blake has won the most, but Adam has won several times too. I hope Jeffrey wins because he is more the total package. Jordan might have a great career on Broadway, but he will never make it as a solo artist. He’s not an entertainer and I really don’t think people will be buying his albums or paying to see him in concert. Emily will be great…in a couple of years…and Barrett won’t have the staying power. Blake might take him out on the road with him. Blake seems to follow his artists, after the season is over, more than the other coaches. Everybody really needs to vote, not depend on iTunes to get their artist through.

  44. Spikey says:

    I truly think Jeffery has a phenomenal voice but I would love to hear him sing something other than a ballad. I think he needs to sing something a little more upbeat and belt it out like I know he can-anyone have any suggestions?

    • Jules says:

      Something funky by George Michael would be awesome. I really wanted him to sing “One More Try” but that’s slow. I love that song. Or “A Different Corner”. Again slow but gorgeous!! He would kill both of those songs.

    • Davey says:

      I think next week he will sing an upbeat and a dramatic song.

  45. Lucie says:

    Dear TVLine, now that your recaps are getting hundreds of comments, could you please develop a better commenting system? It is so annoying to post a response to a comment towards the end of the comment list,and then be spit back up at the beginning of the comment thread. At least add a “sort” feature so we can read the newest comments first without scrolling through hundreds to get to new ones.

    • Kbella says:

      YES!!! There is a Disqus channel called, “RTV Fanatics Unite!” where over 2000 former EW commenters have defected to. There is a Voice recap after each show and the Disqus system is much more user-friendly. I wish more tvline folks would check it out.

  46. davesjunk says:

    It seems most folks are in agreement that Jordan is the top performer of this season and will probably win based on his immense talent, which is particularly fitting for The Voice. I liked Amy a lot, and agree that she has an interesting voice and a knack for putting a new twist on songs in adddition to being really good looking – none of which qualifies her for the Voice finals – interesing and good looking are not on the same level as Jordan’s talent. I am a Blake fan, but I have to admit that Barret and Jeffrey should have changed places in the results. Emily Ann has shown a lot of growth this season, but not enough to really challenge Jordon. However, this season it could have Blake’s whole team in the finals with Jordan and Jordan will still almost certainly be the winner. By the way, Jordan is from Kentucky and goes to school at Lee University in Cleveland, TN (about 2 1/2 hours from Nashville), and is right in the middle of country roots. Same for Maddie (Texas) and Shelby (Alabama).

  47. Jodie says:

    Michael, you are spot on with every descriptively delicious word about Jeffery’s talent you have shared since the blinds…if he would have went home it would have been the most tragic moment in Voice history. He showed America tonight what grace under pressure looks like and shined like the brightest star. There has never been a more obvious WINNER in my own experience of 9 Seasons of The Voice!

    • Dan D. Man says:

      Well, YESTERDAY he was awful. THIS CONTEST DEMANDS that you be at-least-good EVERY TIME on the road to the trophy. Jeffrey survived ‘yesterday’ on accumulated laurels in my opinion and it doesn’t bode well for ‘victory’, but, at least he’ll pick up a pickup…perhaps.

      • Angie_Overrated says:

        I’d hardly describe Jeffery’s performance yesterday as “awful.” And Jordan has had a few wonky performances himself, most notably his battle round with Regina Love (I do love the name Regina Love) where I honestly think Regina beat him pretty soundly. Yes, the same woman who butchered Adele’s Hello.

  48. safado says:

    Madi should have been there instead of Emily Ann–an average singer who happens to be gorgeous. She’s a female Zach. No wonder the two of them bonded.

  49. Frank Capito says:

    At some point, the people who vote on this show need to be reminded that this is a “singing competition”, not a popularity contest, not a he’s cute contest. Unfortunately the results of the past few seasons are not indicative of who actually had the best voice. The upside for this season, is that both Jordan, and Jeffrey have unique and amazing qualities in their skill sets, so I can only hope that one of them will be awarded with what they most certainly have earned…

  50. Kim Schulze says:

    Barrett over Madi? Tis the Team Blake voters. *sighs*