Scream Queens Season Finale Recap: The Red Devils Are Finally Unmasked

After 12 weeks of tricks, treats and long-winded monologues about boning dead people — thanks, Chad Radwell! — Scream Queens on Tuesday finally unveiled its shiny red killer. Wait, actually… make that killers.

Before we break down the fates of Chanel, Dean Munsch and the rest of Wallace University’s worst and dimmest best and brightest, how ’bout we discuss them reveals?

Killer No. 1: Pete | This one probably didn’t come as much of a surprise to viewers, especially since last week’s episode ended with Pete literally telling Grace that he’s a “murderer.” But at least the finale made sense of his convoluted backstory — Boone used Pete’s hatred for Kappa Kappa Tau to turn him into a killer — before Red Devil No. 2 (No. 3?) popped out of the closet and finished him off. (R.I.P., Coffee Donkey! Your flawless Matthew McConaughey impression shall live in infamy.)

Killer No. 2: Hester | Speaking of she-who-murdered-Pete, the surprise factor on this one pretty much depends on how invested you are in this show. Sure, there were a few subtle hints along the way — like Hester’s whole “mom” thing in Episode 2 — but for the most part, Lea Michele’s killer reveal came out of absolutely nowhere. (Also, that stiletto-in-the-eye thing? Barf.)

Scream Queens HesterThat said, you’ve got to hand it to ol’ Neckbrace; pinning all those murders on the Chanels — and getting them sentenced to life in a mental institution, where they (naturally) formed a new sorority — couldn’t have been easy. And how twisted is it that Munsch knew Hester was the killer all along? I would have loved this season to have been peppered with more scenes like the epic confrontation between Michele and Jamie Lee Curtis. I’d also love to know which Red Devil visited Chanel in the episode’s final moments. (I mean, I guess we can assume it was Hester, but at this point, who the heck knows?)

As for Grace and Zayday, they survived — much to the chagrin of Chad’s ex (and FBI Agent!) Denise Hemphill, I’m sure — and took the reins at KKT, welcoming a new, albeit way less exciting, crew of Kappas into their hallowed home.

We’ll post our full interrogation with Michele after the finale airs on the west coast, but for now, grade the episode and drop a comment with your thoughts on tonight’s killer reveals: Did you guess right? Were the answers satisfying? And what do you hope to see in (a potential) Season 2? 

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Al says:

    Ryan : “So only 4 will survive”
    What really happened: 10 of them are still living.

    • Hats says:

      Yeah once Hester was revealed, I was expecting one last cull but all the Chanels plus Zayday and Grace made it.

    • Ken says:

      I hope this show decides to go as an Anthology series like AHS and take place in a Summer Camp with a new killer and new characters. I think that’s what the majority of fans want.

      • Phlarg says:

        I agree with Pete. End this season the way it is. I PRAY for a season 2, but part of what I loved about season 1 was Chanel Oberlin, so I’m conflicted. If it doesnt get a season 2, I’ll just be grateful that season 1 was so great, and funny and enjoyable!

  2. Pete says:

    I thought it was funny finale if not very surprising. The girls really camped it up, Billie & Emma have great comic timing. Doubt it will be renewed given the ratings. Maybe Jamie Lee can jump over to Horror Story next year.

    • Phlarg says:

      Omg Billie was the MVP this year!! Loved #3 aka Sadie Swanson! Her Leia hairdo was all I was waiting for this season!!! Loved it! I’m sad at the thought of no season 2. Thanks for a great season SQ!!

  3. rcb918 says:

    Horrible. Murphy said before the season that only four would survive, instead we have the entire main cast survive outside of GiGi, Earl Grey, and Pete. The entire finale was a total bore, with the only actual death being a random pizza delivery guy. Grace and Zayday clearly thought it was Hester, why just let it go? Then again, I should have been surprised being that it was Ryan Murphy.

    IF it gets a season two, I do like the idea of it focusing on a summer camp. Other than that, I’d rather see a Denise Hemphill: FBI Agent spin-off.

  4. Jalahyacinth says:

    I don’t watch the show, just read the recaps, and even I called Hester as being the killer….

    • kitsunesaru says:

      I only read some recaps and also called it. It’s Ryan Murphy and he loves Lea Michele maybe almost as much as himself haha

      • Olivia says:

        I only watched the premiere out of curiosity and haven’t read the recaps but I had to read this one and see if Murphy was as predictable as I thought he would be. Well… he was.

  5. Alex says:

    Season 2: Asylum…sound familiar?

  6. Matt C. says:

    My feelings are kinda meh towards the finale. I got really excited at the end of the first half, when it seemed Chanel No. 5 was the killer, but then finding out it actually was Hester felt anticlimactic. I should have known Ryan Murphy would have plotted this big reveal for her since the very beginning. The Chanels ending was also a letdown. What is season 2 going to be about? The Chanels and a bunch of crazy women in an insane asylum? And so much for only “like 4 survivors”. Literally all of the series regulars survived except one Pete and Earl Grey, though he was mostly irrelevant.

    • Matt C. says:

      Also Gigi, forgot about her. But still, that’s 10 main characters surviving!

      • Lucie says:

        Maybe survive does not mean “live,” but survive to the next season or survive as regulars. Grace, Zayday and Hester are the only sorority sisters on the outside. Dean Munsch or Denise Hemphill could be the fourth.

    • I don’t think that a second season, however unlikely one might be, would involve the same characters. Same/similar cast but a reboot, like AHS.

  7. Kassy says:

    Way less exciting than promised. It had a good sprint out of the gate and then we had to know the entire time who the real killer was while getting the fake whodunnit a la Clue. They should have waited to reveal Hester until after the Chanel accusations. And a flat ending. :(

    • Kassy says:

      We also needed way more Chad and a big showdown. Chanel also should have killed the red devil. Total anti-hero win right??

      • ChrisGa says:

        Yeah, definitely not enough Chad or Denise; Glen Morgan and Niecy Nash are comedic geniuses. Also, loved the courtroom scene with Chanel no.3 and her Princess Leia buns; wonderful nod to portrayer Billie Lourd’s real life mother Carrie Fisher.

        • ChrisGa says:

          Yeah, definitely not enough Chad or Denise; Glen Powell and Niecy Nash are comedic geniuses. Also, loved the courtroom scene with Chanel no.3 and her Princess Leia buns; wonderful nod to portrayer Billie Lourd’s real life mother Carrie Fisher.

      • sorude says:

        The actor who played Chad asked to be off so he could film a movie. Ryan was nice enough to rework it for him.

  8. Hats says:

    I honestly didn’t see Hester coming. I suspected her, I suspected everybody really, but by the Thanksgiving episode I wrote her off and turned to Chanel #5 as the mos obvious suspect. Hester is insane and really, really smart. Lea Michele was very good, especially that scene with the Dean. I had a good laugh at Chanel Oberlin’s horrible personality cementing her asylum sentence just when they were about to let her off and Chad and Denise’s everything.

  9. Ian says:

    This finale was honestly so disappointing…I was so pumped since last week only to come to this…The 2 hour finale was mostly filled with longer dialogues and scenes to take up those 2 hours. And Hester? Really? Anyone but Hester. I don’t hate Lea or the character, i actually really liked her character but it was just so obvious. Having her obsessed with dead bodies and death, it was almost TOO obvious for her to be the killer…I thought the writers were just leading us on to thinking it was the girl obsessed with dead bodies, but the real killer was someone who we never suspected, like Grace. It’s a shame. SQ is my favorite show, but i found myself scrolling my phone instead of being hooked to the t.v.

  10. jmble says:

    I don’t understand your surprise that Hester was the killer. She’s been the most obvious choice for weeks now. The only thing surprising about it was that I thought they might just be using her as a red herring.

  11. anne says:

    Dissappointed in fox changed the time for finale and my carrier really didnt advertise that missed it after watching all season

  12. Simon says:

    That scene with Denise and Chad looked like it could have been a last minute addition. It just seemed out of place for some reason. Could Ryan Murphy had added it because those two characters were the best aspects of the whole show and now will be returning for season 2? If there’s a season 2?

  13. Simon says:

    That scene with Denise and Chad looked like it could have been a last minute addition. It just seemed out of place for some reason. Could Ryan Murphy had added it because those two characters were the best aspects of the whole show and now will be returning for season 2?

  14. tallsy says:

    Did any named character get killed in the final hour? Only Pete in the entire finale right? Was Ryan Murphy even aware that he was making a horror show?

    Crappy writing and mediocre performances. People will want to erase this from their resumes.

  15. I volunteer to help Oliver Hudson lose some of that extra weight he’s packed on!

  16. Dana says:

    Did anyone else notice Hester only admitted to killing Pete. So who killed predatory lez? Because it wasn’t boone. We didn’t get to see the face and she said I knew it was you. Perhaps the same person that’s at the end of this episod . Clearly there’s another killer or major plot hole.

    • sorude says:

      Boone killed Sam

      • Sailor V says:

        But if Boone killed Sam than why would Sam say “I knew it was you”
        Sam didn’t really know Boone like that and plus, everyone thought he was does all ready. Now, if it was Hester, or even GiGi, who killed Sam, it would have made more sense than Boone.
        Sorry but I think this is a major flaw.

  17. Beisch says:

    Absolutely the worst 2 hours ever.

  18. James says:

    So, can we call the Scream series better than Scream Queens now? And I’m aware the Scream series had MANY flaws, but at least the ending was cool.

  19. von says:

    It should have been number 5 and plus her parents did seem like they adopted her just the way they treat her and plus i like most was letdown with hester! Smh will there actually be a season 2 and if so hester should die!

  20. adam says:

    Just realized how dumb I am for forgetting it was a two-hour finale and only tuning in for the second hour, where it appeared that the episode began with the reveal that Hester was the killer. I’ve since been thinking “wow, what an anticlimactic episode structure” until I read these comments… Better luck next time, I guess.

  21. Cheryl says:

    soooooo disappointing. Ruined what had started out the season as a really entertaining show.

  22. Jay says:

    If Hester said she only killed Pete then who killed Gigi?

  23. ? says:

    Didn’t stick the landing. We were really owed some creative and satisfying deaths for at least half of these characters. Ah well, at least it was still pretty funny throughout.

  24. Lachlan Danny says:

    I Couldn’t Believe That Hester/Chanel Number 6 And I Really Hope There Is A Season 2 And Also I Think Their Might Be And Another Season Because They Kinda Left It Open For Another Season So I Hope There Is.

  25. HorrorFan66 says:

    Honestly, I knew Hester was a killer before Boone was revealed as alive. But the back story & all she did was hilarious. Although, did they all just forget DNA exists? lol The sex scene between the Dean & Grace’s Dad was FUNNY! All in all I enjoyed this campy fun show. I’ve seen negative comments, but this show was never meant to be serious. And I am REALLY gonna miss Chad Radwell!! Best performance on the show!

    So…was Chanel just imagining the Red Devil at the end, or is she dead now? lol

  26. HorrorFan66 says:

    Oh, forgot to add this… Ryan Murphy said from the beginning this would be an anthology series…each season independent from each other. I don’t believe he’ll pull an AHS & connect them, but they (each season) are all independent. New story/characters each year. (IF it gets renewed)

  27. Simone says:

    Back when we were all under the impression that it was just ONE killer, and that that ONE killer was a girl, I was tossing up between Chanel #5 and Hester. With Chanel #5 it was because she seemed almost unfazed by everything that was happening and for Hester, I thought it was because it was Lea Michelle and they had her in that neck brace, which screamed “nothing to see here” which automatically made me suspicious of her. And then when Boone was revealed, I honestly just thought Hester and Boone looked alike, so of course they’d be the twins. Hmm.
    Can’t imagine what a second season of these ridiculous show looks like, but I do know that season one was enough for me. I’m out. :D

  28. HeyThere says:

    Maybe ryan murphy meant ‘only 4 will move on to the second season’. But yes, it was misleading to say 4 will SURVIVE. My guess: skyler, lea, keke and dean munsch for second season, where skyler is the big bad A (wait that’s a different show)

  29. River says:

    To be honest, I think every single person could tell that it was Hester. She was just so weird and it was really easy to tell it was her because of how she spoke about things and what her actions where like. For example when she wanted to hear ghost stories and about death in them she seemed really excited and almost disturbing when she was listening to it. Yeah, some people may like ghost stories but she acted extremely weird. Also, when she wanted to call the girls “mom” it was weird as hell too. For my ending statement I’m just gonna say, the season finale wasn’t anything worth watching when most of us clearly knew it was Hester from the beginning.

  30. Kathy says:

    I loved Scream Queens and was excited to see the show each week and was still happy with the show until it got to the last hour and then I was very disappointed with the ending. I realize the show was supposed to be campy, but it actually worked really well until the last hour and then it just became ridiculous and made me regret the time I invested in the storyline just to have it end so horribly.

    • J.B. says:

      Honestly that is how I felt by episode 4 but I stuck with it since it was a short season and I thought Chad and Denise were the funniest characters on the show.

  31. J.B. says:

    Is it possible to make a Venn diagram of which Red Devil killed whom cause either Hester lied or Pete killed more people than I think he did.

  32. LilAngel says:

    The last episode was amazing and Lea Michele deserves an Emmy for her job on the show. She is so talented.

    • Jake says:

      The only way Lea will touch an Emmy this year is if she is asked to present and has to hand one over.

      The killer was clearly going to be Hester because she was the only weirdo pledge to stick around and she is Lea Michelle–you don’t have a name actress who was the lead on your last show come in and play a random character unless she turns out to be pivotal to the show.

      I tolatered a lot about this show and even excused some things but this ending was just so anti-climatic.

    • Joe says:

      Your kidding right?

  33. Personally as a whole I thought this show had the perfect mixture of comedy and horror although there were plenty ups and downs throughout. As for this 2hr finally after the killer reveal everything else just seemed like drag on filler. It got boring 45mins in. Not to mention the visual mistakes, for example in the Wes and Dean Munsch sex scene Wes had two different pairs of underwear. Also Hesters eye Patch was missing a jewel. Both things were easily spotted…

  34. chloe says:

    i enjoyed it, until about the last fifteen minutes. it annoyed me that the chanels were just content with being in an asylum for life. and the very end, was it hester? someone else? it annoys me when shows end on cliffhangers. i need answers, not more questions!

  35. katedfw says:

    The break-up scene between Chad and Denise was the best part of the show!! Seriously, give these 2 a spin-off!

  36. robandco says:

    I was surprised by the reveal. I am glad they didn’t went the #5 route because she was the worst part of the show IMO.
    Lea Michele sure plays crazy well. I am glad it was Hester. Killing (or not) Chanel Oberlin in that last scene was completely unnecessary.
    And PLEASE let FBI Special Agent Denise Hemphill work on next year’s case (should there be one). Or reboot the whole thing as an anthology.

  37. sq says:

    i wasn’t shock that hester was the killer and duh pete had the costume. any way can ‘t believe showrunners anyway aint 4 or 5 people suppose to live lies RM wasn’t the first showrunner to lie like MK wont be the last. its sound like he was too scared to kill off his favorites 10 people are still alive

  38. Chris says:

    Boooo! I hate that Hester got away.

    • J.B. says:

      It’s Lea Michele. Did you really think Ryan Murphy would kill her off or send her to jail? I mean, I rolled my eyes so hard reading her interview on EW’s website talking about RM I think I bruised them.

      • Amy says:

        Word. Hester will probably have her own TV pilot or starring role on broadway by season two.

        • J.B. says:

          Oh. My. Gods. That is effing hysterical! And I bet she’ll try to pitch the show based on the events that happened at the KKT house but cast herself as Chanel #1.

  39. Junior says:

    If they do have a second season Chanel Oberlin must have justice and restored to presidency

  40. boring says:

    The most boring ending ever!!, honestly when I saw the trailer I think that going to see one amazing show and blood and more others thinks, but the actor scream looked so fake or maybe the actor no try to work, and when this ending!!, please Ryan stop to make new shows, only work please in AHS, but this show was better that that scream MTv show

  41. Jessica says:

    Did I miss something? People are saying Pete killed Gigi, but why did he do it? And how/why would he put her head on the platter at Thanksgiving?

  42. You people are so rude.

    I was looking to see if this show was gonna be renewed for a second season and you rude people intentionally put the killers names on your title of this link.

    Whilst as I was looking to see if this show was gonna be renewed being as careful as possible to not RUIN THE SPOILER your site did just that…ruined it that is ! >:(

    The rest of the links were considerate enough to not pit the killers names right on the link but you people were just rude by doing exactly that.

    Now I have no reason to watch the final because you people already ruined it for me.

    Save me the predictable responses that I shouldn’t have looked or already watched it.

    DVRS exist for a reason and so does common courtesy.

    For anyone to think scanning Google for the question SCREAM QUEENS RENEWED FOR SEASON 2 would pop up the killers names and ruin the big reveal is incredibly stupid and illogical.

    Thanks a lot I’m a big fan of this show and was really looking forward to this episode but now it’s ruined so thanks for that.

    Maybe eventually these sites will be far more vague then flat out and INTENTIONALLY spoiling it for people who haven’t even watched the episode yet.

    Not everyone watches it automatically on the night it airs once again dvrs exist for a reason.