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Fargo Recap: Space Invaders

Just as the ninth episode of Fargo Season 1 first made reference to “The Sioux Falls Massacre,” the ninth episode of Season 2 allowed us to see the 1979 incident play out.

And yes, as future Lou would tell Lorne Malvo, you could climb to the second floor if you stacked the dead bodies.

The season’s penultimate episode opened on a much lighter note, with a bit of a jurisdictional squabble as the Sioux Falls troopers elbowed Minnesota colleague Lou Solverson out of the way, seizing control of the bananas Blumquist case. Finding the meek-turned-mighty marrieds in the remote shack with dead Dodd and a meet with Kansas City’s Mike Milligan on the menu, the Sioux Falls guys get the idea to wire Ed for his rendezvous with Milligan. It is when Lou strongly opposes that notion that he is shooed away.

On his way out, Lou stops at the filling station that played a pivotal role last week, where Ed would make his calls and where Hanzee got the 411 on the heavy-set red-haired man. Lou discovers the dead clerk that Hanzee dispatched with, but when he tries to loop in a local trooper, he is literally escorted to the state line — all the while unaware that the reason wife Betsy didn’t answer the phone when he called to check in is because she had collapsed in the kitchen :(

Meanwhile, Hanzee reports back to the Gerhardts that he “found” Dodd — in the custody of the Kansas City guys. Here, the narrator for the episode’s “True Crimes” framework shines a spotlight on Hanzee’s series of peculiar actions, starting with how he lied about Rye’s death. What is driving him, and how far will his duplicity go?

That in part is answered fargo-recap-floyd-dies-bear-dies when he leads the small Gerhardt army to the Motor Motel to descend upon the rooms Kansas City is allegedly holed up in — when in truth, they’re mostly occupied by the Sioux Falls troopers, save for Sheriff Larsson in one room and Duluth PD’s Lt. Schmidt guarding Ed and Peggy in another.

No less than a massacre indeed ensues, with Bear and his men charging into room after room, gunning down anything that moves. Amazingly, Schmidt gets the drop on the guys entering his room, while Larsson winds up taking a bullet to the belly but at last count was alive and kicking.

During the fracas, just as onlooker Floyd realized that her men had been duped into murdering a bunch of cops, Hanzee turns to the family matriarch and gutted her with a blade. Bear catches sight of what has happened but just as he heads toward “The Indian,” Lou shows up to distract him with a bullet. Lou gets off a couple more shots, but Bear still comes charging at the trooper, pinning him down and poised to choke him to death… until they are all transfixed by the lights of a UFO hovering right above the motel. Peggy and Ed use the out-of-this-world distraction to slip away, unscathed, for the umpteenth time (and with Hanzee on their heels, for the umpteenth time), while Mike Milligan arrives to catch a glimpse of the bloodbath and do a prompt 180!

What did you think of “The Castle”? And what do you think — other than being used and abused by some Gerhardts — is specifically driving Hanzee?

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  1. dave says:

    Matriarch not patriach lol

  2. Sheldon W. says:

    I was wondering when the UFO would show up after it appeared in the season premiere – and we saw all that UFO research in Hank’s home.

    It was fortuitous timing, but consistent with the old theater rule that if you show a gun in the first act it has go off in the third.

    I loved Peggy’s response to it, ‘It’s just a flying saucer Ed. We gotta go.’ She really does live in her own special little world.

  3. Eileen Auerbach says:

    It is so, so frustrating to have a long series of commercials interrupt the flow of this otherwise great show EVERY EIGHT MINUTES!! I don’t know if the network realizes how those long series of ads are making hash out of the show.

    • The hatchet job done with commercial breaks every five minutes for the first 45 minutes of air time is beyond irritating. It was literally 5 minutes of program and then 5 minutes of commercials. I suspect this will be the new model for quality programs of this sort that begin and conclude in one season.
      For those of us who have attention spans longer than a goldfish…it makes more sense to “forego” the regular season broadcast and rent it later and fast forward past the drek.

    • If you’re creative and technical enought maybe you’ll be able to subscribe to HBO Nordic here in Scandinavia. Shows this magnificent show without any commercial breaks a few hours after the US premiere.

  4. prish says:

    I hope Morgan Freeman plays Bokeem Woodbine’s Kansas City guy in Season 3.

  5. prish says:

    The husband thinks the Indian went nuts after the hard time he got by the guys in the bar, that he was never the same after that. I see PTSD at work. The clue is when the Indian said “You’re welcome.” to someone who was treating him nastily, after he had described his skills being used in Viet Nam, fighting for this country. Perhaps he then saw the treatment he received from Dodd and some of the other Gerharts was the same, and his loyalty shifted to stand up for himself, representing a dignity. Perhaps, Hanzee felt he had a duty to perform, being still connected via PTSD to doing-the-needful time in Viet Nam. I had an uncle who was blown out of a plane in WWII, as a navigator. It stayed with him, as just having happened, for 50 years. When Hanzee talked of them sending him, the Indian, through Viet Nam tunnels/rivers to kill people, it seemed as if he’d just experienced it.

  6. mike says:

    Great show. Fantastic show. Why ruin it with the UFO nonsense.

    • It is actually historically accurate for the time period in that area. One of the most famous UFO sightings was by a Sheriff in that area.

    • prish says:

      A lot of people, sprinkled here and there across the country, saw something. It never happened to me, and I don’t really believe all that stuff knowing some scientific thing was at play, but I’ve witnessed conversations among people who just met, from wildly and varied different backgrounds, who believed each other after just finding out the other saw something. It always did give me a moment of wondering.

    • The UFO was nonsense, not history, just crap. The first time it seemed like it was the northern lights being mistaken for a UFO, this time it was totally clear, seen by multiple people, and acknowledged, that’s just garbage and unnecessary. Great show otherwise.

  7. Kelly says:

    That was Martin Freeman narrating, right? From the first season?

  8. Manslick says:

    The whole season has been the snake tail dying after the head is cut off. Good TV and all, but still.

    • prish says:

      Great TV, it’s got the husband rivited. Worth paying the cable bill with this one, and he’s not seen season one, yet.

  9. clinging2thewreckage says:

    Did we hear a tip off as to the subject matter for season 3? In the midst of the gun fight, Lt. Schmidt muttered something to the effect that “this is just like Rapid City Massacre.”

  10. smartysenior says:

    I thought the flying saucer wrecked the show, it should have been lights in the sky stuff like people say they’ve seen and not a hovering freakin’ actual saucer. Up until that scene this has been my favorite show this season. I don’t understand why they did this corn ball scene in the midst of the major drama of the massacre.

    • Jack says:

      Because it is historically accurate…not cornball but factual. Open your mind to the possibilty that you don’t know everything that occurs in the world.

  11. Jax&Juice's Girl says:

    This episode was really good except the UFO part I don’t get it. It even showed up on the first ep too.

    • Jack says:

      And because you “don’t get it”, you are unable to enjoy it? I loved it…goes along with the quirky nature of Fargo. Cudos to the writers!

  12. Kevin M says:

    When the UFO showed up, I thought Russell Casse was returning from his probing

  13. Karen says:

    Am I wrong in thinking Martin Freeman was the narrator on this episode? – speaking in his native British, not Lester Nygaard.
    Pretty cool detail, if that’s right😊

  14. Adam says:

    After last nights UFO reveal, the show didn’t just jump the shark, it jumped the whole Marine ecosystem.

    I would even suggest that the creators have outright contempt for the viewers.

    Make room “True Detective” you have a new bunk mate!

  15. Doye W says:

    As the narrator said “his employers” they treat him like a slave or an invisible person. When Bear tried to chat Hanzee up about how he was part of the family and would always be at their table Hanzee knew better. He has reached a point of no return maybe he was the first one of the bunch to see they would not win this war. He has seen war before and was on the losing side so maybe he was using what he could to improve his odds. He may not survive this war but he’s not going down without taking as many racist white thugs with him that he can! Can’t help but hope he gets away.

  16. Johnny5 says:

    Such a good series. Almost ruined by this silly sci fi crap

  17. SloMo41 says:

    My theory is that anyone in the series

    who encounterd or saw the lights of

    the UFO was either badly hurt or had

    a near death experience, I can’t

    remember if the butcher was though

    While Peggy with her hallucinations I

    wouldn’t be surprised if she saw a flying saucer :)

    Thanks for the recap, best 2015 Drama series for me

    • Manslick says:

      I noticed that Hanzee lost 3 hours in the epi where he went to the diner and then found the piece of broken head light glass. I thought they’d explain that or revisit it somehow, but it never came up again.