Castle Missing LokSat

Castle Mystery Twist: Is Rick's Missing Time Actually Connected to Kate?

Never a show to juggle just one piece of vexing mythology, ABC’s Castle is poised to revisit the mystery of Rick’s months-long vanishing — and quite possibly add a wrinkle that will hit very close to home.

Having spent some of Season 8’s first eight episodes circling the LokSat mystery — Who was Senator Bracken’s high-powered accomplice in murderous drug-running? — “We’re going to go to Castle’s missing time next,” co-showrunner Alexi Hawley tells TVLine. “Not right away [when the season resumes Feb. 1], but definitely in the middle third [of the season].”

When last touched upon in April, Rick’s disappearance — which (ahem) famously began just prior to his wedding — was due to an old prep school pal, Bilal Khan, breaking away from Al-Qaeda to turn himself over to American intelligence. Thing is, after nearly dying the first time around, Bilal this time demanded to surrender himself to trusted classmate-turned-high profile author Rick Castle, whose presence in Thailand was thus needed ASAP.


After stepping in (and in turn helping his country dodge a terrorist attack), Castle’s memories of Bilal and the covert op were erased, leaving him unable to account for his absence when he was found months later, adrift on a boat.

The Bilal situation, however, would only seem to account for a fraction of Rick’s missing months. So, maybe the next chapter will fill in new blanks and periods of time, possibly involving Rick’s wife in unexpected ways? After all, there was talk over the summer that the new showrunners hoped to explore a greater “cosmic” connection between Rick and Kate.

“We haven’t nailed the story down for it,” Hawley says, “but we do like the idea that something that Castle came across during his missing time is actually why his memory was wiped — and it wasn’t necessarily about the reason we showed in Season 7. And it does have something to do with Beckett. But we haven’t nailed it all the way down yet.”

Git your thinking caps on, people, and start speculating about how Kate might (might) have unwittingly been connected to Rick’s vanishing.

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  1. sigh says:

    Well if they haven’t nailed it down yet, I’m not going to help them LOL

    • MissEllys says:

      I think I skipped almost all the episodes this season…the Kate-Rick split was so poorly done and illogical… was almost as terrible as how they handled Rick’s disappearance last season….this isn’t a spy show…it’s a detective show. Sigh.

      • sigh says:

        But wait, there’s more! More chances to poorly handle every lame story arc and even try to combine them all into one. Can’t wait (not) :\

    • Just one thing says:

      It really is bizarre. Why would they even talk about something they “haven’t nailed down yet.” And with at least episode 15/16 broken down or scripted, it’s not like they have a lot of time…

      • sigh says:

        I’d cry if I didn’t laugh, it’s definitely bizarre! Maybe they can just have a contest and we can all send in our ideas and the winner’s script will be the series finale. :]

      • Joey says:

        That has never stopped them before talking about things that they have not nailed down. Start up date after the hiatus, Feb 1st moved to Jan 4th because of low ratings now back to Feb 1st.Now the biggest polarizing thing that has happened was Rick’s disappearance at the end of season 6,NOT. The biggest was the split at the end of episode 2 of this season, the SPLIT. And after 8 episodes they are still split.Maybe they should change episode 9 from tone deaf remove the music and change the name to FAN DEAF, because the runners still are not listening to the fans. After episode 7 Tvline floated the question on 11/21 did Rick and Kate make a Baby? After episode 8 on 11/24 the show runners answer that question, runner Winter said it not off the table, while show runners Hawley just said NO because he did not know what the show would look like if Kate was pregnant, she being pregnant would not be kick ass enough. Does he think when a woman gets pregnant she to weak to be boots on the ground? He also stated they did not know what the story would look like, maybe they do not have enough talent in the story writes and runners to do that. Even Tv Guide agrees with that in the Nov 9-22 issue on page 88, Jeers to Castle. Somewhere the runners are to have to believe that Fans do matter, and that is all in the rating numbers.

    • Sam says:

      They are starting back in Feb with an ode to season 5, so it makes sense that after they finish recreating season 5 they recreate another season and bring back the disappearance story-line. Clearly the showrunners want to re-invent the entire show. I wonder if people are going to watch the “new season 5” of Rick and Kate hiding their relationship – again – or if the numbers will just keep on dropping. You’d think ABC would not be happy with how this season is going…

  2. Dee says:

    Tv Line must really be in need of Castle fan clicks if you’re recycling quotes from October to make a story.

  3. Brad says:

    Didnt they mean there cosmic version on why Beckett and castle came together

  4. Alex says:

    Hmm an awful storyline + an awful storyline = ???

  5. I Give Up says:

    Never has the phrase “making it up as we go along” been more apt LOL!

    • KT says:

      I wish they had “like” buttons here, because I couldn’t agree more! I’m also ready to give up on this show and my tolerance for nonsense is pretty high!

    • prish says:

      I cringe that they admitted it. They need a drop box for fans to give suggestions. just saying

    • Annie says:

      Right?? Im starting to wonder if an errant LOST writer found their way into the Castle writing room and took over.

  6. Audrey says:

    Thanks for keeping us updated during this long, unbearable hiatus. Do you think RC uncovered that Loksat existed during his disappearance? Maybe he had his memory wiped so he could keep her safe and not keep secrets from her…and so he would not pursue it….let her go on believing that her mother’s murderer had been caught.

  7. Waleed says:

    It will be the 15-16 ep as it always has been for major plots . but ever since castle & Beckett came together (s5) writers make them work alone in the major plot lines.
    And Beckett has only 1 thing to say ” I am so glad your okay”. also, this show has become far far away for anything real. Worse than #Castle 📚 🙈

  8. Vanessa says:

    I’m sure whatever it is they’ll make it ALL Beckett’s fault, that whatever it is that made him want to wipe his memory was about something so bad about Beckett that he wanted to forget it forever. I’m sure it’ll be just as poorly thought out and written as this season’s disastrous story arc.

  9. John Z says:

    Please God, no more of this stupid crap in Season 8. Why keep going back to the “poison well”. Cause nothing will make the few remaining fans happier than revisiting 623 and the great wedding bait and switch.

  10. ndixit says:

    Not much of a story here since the writers haven’t nailed it down yet but I don’t get why they have to link Castle’s disappearance back to Beckett. Seems kind of random. I was expecting this though, given Stana had said that the season would show how Castle and Beckett were cosmically linked.

  11. David4 says:

    I’m so glad I stopped being invested in this show after the non wedding finale mess. How many show runners ago was that?

  12. Sam says:

    A. Bunch. Of. BS! The s/l that began the death of this show for me (6×23) is being revisted a.k.a re-written w this latest batch of crap. A.k.a Beckett’s s8 arc.S*MH*

  13. ... says:

    So we’re going to find out this was Beckett’s fault too ? 😩

  14. I’ll keep an open mind (for now), but I am always leery of any TV show that is basically making it up as they go along, with no grand story plan. Sometimes it works out fine and it all comes together, and other times, it ends up being an incoherent mess. They really didn’t seem to have any grand plan when they had their wedding finale shocker with a missing Castle, but were just going for shock value. Just like I am currently wondering if they have any planned story arc that lead to the “breakup”. All signs point to no right now, but maybe they can make all the story threads cohere into one. Hmmm…

  15. annek says:

    The first part of the season was “nailed down” and it turned out terribly, with no promised pay off. If this part is not figured out yet by the powers that be, i can just imagine how this “cosmic” mess will play out. My good will has long died somwhere around 8 x 03.

  16. Linda Giza says:

    Here we go again….Kate is going to take another hit.Making it up as they go along?
    What happened to Alexis having an adult romance ,Martha having her own place and we actually get to see it,when I first heard of this storyline I thought they were going to show how cosmically they were meant to be together,I thought ok maybe it will be fun……ok Linda you were wrong,how would she be linked other than he came across this Loksat crap and decided he did not want to pursue it to keep her safe….what a concept.
    I hope the next two months are not filled with”let’s throw this against the wall and see what sparks another Castle fandom frenzy.”I really want to watch but just how crazy is it going to get?
    It’s bad enough that are not living together and “faking a split”,I see disaster big time,does it include fake dating,etc.Disaster.

  17. Dgregg says:

    Well, this confirms my theory for how they explained the beginning of Castle’s disappearance – they never had an explanation and just needed to make it up as they went along. I cannot wait to see how more unbelievable and convoluted the rest of the “explanation” is.

  18. John Monaghan says:

    The shows good there’s nothing like it on TV it’s about time people stopped getting carried away with the storylines they’re back P.S . Stana Katic is always talking and promoting the show on social media! So stop looking for things that are not there!

    • Maria says:

      I’m just looking for something watchable. But you’re right…it’s not there.

    • Yoa says:

      Stana long not endorse the series. Stana after their marriage does not endorse caskett.
      Stana actually speaks only the crew

    • Anonymous says:

      John, ever since Stana got married she really no longer promotes the show ,she only praises the crew not much else. S o there is nothing there or either in the show lately.

      • Trish says:

        Well Nathan promotes his other shows. At least Stana sticks with the show she is actually ON.

        • Teri says:

          You would never know Nathan was on a show called Castle.

        • Just one thing says:

          He even promotes “the competition” from time to time, often refusing to hashtag the show or even mention the show’s title on social media.
          But she doesn’t fall all over herself anymore promoting a relationship the show has systematically destroyed, so clearly something must be awry and obviously it stems from her unrelated marriage.

      • Just one thing says:

        What in the world does her marriage have to do with anything? Isn’t it more likely she’s not promoting story arcs that clearly don’t resonate with fans?
        It happened after The Wedding That Wasn’t and again during Castle P.I. All before she was married.

        • Linda says:

          She mentions the show praises her coworkers thats more than him.What has her marriage got to do with anything? Nathan has disconnected from Castle and thats the bottom line.No one is talking story line ….would you?
          I do not buy into gossip on who likes who and people fighting….its gossip plain and simple.If you like the show watch it….if you do not then don’t its that simple.If you like the show and its core than why do you want to kill off Kate? It makes no sense.You say let him date again….really? It would make him a three time looser in his forties chasing starlets….oh boy.
          If you want to get mad write to ABC and tell them.Writ to H&W also.
          I will see how it goes down in Feb.
          All the conspiracy theories have all been wrong so why get hot and bothered with them.
          You know what….the fan fiction on various sites are far more enjoyable of late.ABC take note.

  19. Maria says:

    I’ve seen more plausible “oops I’ve lost my memory” storylines on daytime soaps. Movin’ on…

  20. Maria a. says:

    I live the show some ep better than other but they are destroying a great show, I will like to see Castle back to writing and helping B.and the 12th in cases,I did enjoy the PI eps., but I don’t know him been a PI all the time,, please get a lock for Castle door at the loft and hope they stop Esposito interrupting there conversation.

  21. Luis says:

    I always expected the LOKSAT mystery to dovetail with Castle’s missing time, if only b/c it would be a convenient way to wrap the show at the end of Season 8

  22. JoAnn Biuso says:

    Sounds good to me. That’s just what we viewers need. That other ending was such a big – huge- let down….Can’t wait for the rest of it.Thank you !!!

  23. Boiler says:

    Look forward to it. As to the negative people who keep say they aren’t gonna watch. just stop already and quit posting here

  24. Dj says:

    I’m looking forward to this story line. They hinted that there was more to his missing time in that episode so exploring that sounds interesting. Maybe he ran into Rita during that time.

  25. lame says:

    Josh Davidson with his international rep is the director of narcotic shipments and a major player for Loksat. He used his romance with KB to open doors. This would ruin Beckett’s reputation, if leaked. To keep RC quiet jis memory was wipped
    Do i win the ”finish the season for us” contest

  26. gretchen thad says:

    Hey writers, was Rick’s memory getting erased based on fact? Because if it is, I want to get in line to get my memory of this awful season erased! But maybe we should wait until the season’s over because, it doesn’t sound as if it’s going to improve!

  27. Marci says:

    I haven’t watched this show since the split, and I’m not going to watch it until all of this peripheral nonsense is done with.

  28. Mary says:

    I had this idea for some time, that during his missing time Rick discovered something about Bracken and didn´t want to tell it to Kate and so he asked for his memory to be deleted in order to get back and not have to lie to her.
    Oh, and I won´t even scroll down to the comments, since I´m sure that, as always, there is a lot of negativity in them and I´m not interest in reading it! At least, not without giving a chance to the people that actually writte the show (even if I sometimes don´t agree with how they do it); as for the ones who think they can do better? Well, not interested…

  29. Christine says:

    So, they’re going to combine two of the worst conspiracy arc of the series into one but they don’t actually know where any of it is going.

    How is this supposed to inspire confidence in fans who have already lost confidence in the show this season?

  30. Kate says:

    I don’t know why I continue to read the comments after every article written about Castle!! It’s like I am torturing myself for no reason! It’s the same thing…people (fans they say) constantly complaining about the show, the writers, the stories, the actors, etc…why are you still watching it if you hate everything about it?? Honestly, what do you expect from a show that is in it’s 8th season? I’m not 100% thrilled with some of it either, but I’m not going to whine about it just because it doesn’t go my way. Do people really just want to see them running around chasing bad guys all day together, or everyone wants to see Kate pregnant. There would be nothing for them to do anymore if they were home watching a kid. She certainly wouldn’t be out running after criminals in her heels with a big belly. And then after all the moaning that they were separated, they (kind of) get back together in the winter finale and people are complaining because they didn’t like how they made up? I give up…what the hell do some people expect?? Either watch it because you love it no matter what, or change the freaking channel!!

  31. Jim says:

    It’s complicated. LokSat is a spy satellite over Central America that was thought decomissioned by the NSA but hijacked by the CIA/Drug Cartel for secure communication, intel and wire transfers. Beckett is not really involved except for the query just in the wrong place at the wrong time. The cartel is really after Vikram. Castle aka Alex Rodgers former NSA intelligence op. was the last person to use LokSat when it was still operational.

  32. Rich Brayer says:

    The show has jumped the shark

  33. Pam says:

    I wondered if Castle discovers that Kate’s mother is actually alive but in witness protection. He asks to have his memory erased because he wants to get back to her and could never keep that secret from his wife. Johanna must remain in witness protection until Loksat is found.

    • KLS says:

      I like this one!

    • lurker says:

      And whose body is under that gravestone at the cemetery? And whose funeral Beckett and her father attended almost 15 years ago? You mean the writers made Beckett look like a mental patient this year for laughs sake? So, instead of lying to his wife Castle chose his memory to be erased? What’s the difference? Sorry, I’m applying logic where it has no place, and I mean the show.

    • Annie says:

      This was my prediction for season 6’s finale. I hate it now only slightly less than I hated it then. Not nearly as much as I hate the current arc though.

  34. Gaby says:

    “Rick’s disappearance was due to an old prep school pal, Bilal Khan, breaking away from Al-Qaeda to turn himself over to American intelligence. Thing is, after nearly dying the first time around, Bilal this time demanded to surrender himself to trusted classmate-turned-high profile author Rick Castle, whose presence in Thailand was thus needed ASAP.”

    When you put it like that, it’s even worse than I remember that episode being. Why, oh why, can’t they just pretend that god awful story line never happened and just move on??? Please stop making me hate my favourite show! It really hurts me! D=

  35. Staci says:

    Does this have anything to do with the blind item mentioned earlier today?? Lol.. Hmm…

  36. skrable2 says:

    I’ve gone through so many stages of grief for what has happened to this show that I might be starting a third time through. They haven’t figured out the story yet, but they like the idea? Sure, heck, why not. At this point, they’ll probably end the series with Alexis sitting at a typewriter finishing another in her series of books about Beckett and Castle.

  37. Teri says:

    Hopefully, when they do nail it down, it will be truly Cosmic in bringing Rick and Kate closer together and make this whole disappearance and Locksat make sense. Don’t know why it has to be so convoluted. Castle and Beckett made it just fine when they were investigating the Mayor, Magicians, Mediums, Chefs, the Irish Mob, CopyCat killers and corrupt cops. The old, more mainstream cases were just wonderful and I miss them. Classic Castle, Beckett and the boys. Sometimes, less is more.

  38. Lorraine Brown says:

    well, actually I hate the story line that the writers have come up with!! It has taken a long time for the two of them to get together and when they do….you guys go and PULL THEM APART I mean REALLY what are you trying to do make everyone do quit watching the show!!! Get back to the core of the show and let Kate & Rick be a married couple as it should be I mean really they have hardly been married a YEAR and was separated before they were married a year!!! so yeah…I am very displeased with the show at this time even though I love all of the actors so I am saying WRITERS quit screwing things up!!!!!

  39. Teri says:

    The New Showrunners could right the ship very easily. Go back to the good old cases where Castle helps the 12th solve the cases with his thinking mind and helpful theories. Beckett adds Castle as a paid P.I. to her Department. Castle and Beckett are shown as a married couple going out on dates and spending time outside the precinct. Martha is more involved in the show. Ryan and Espo and Lanie interact with Castle and Beckett on a more personal level. Friends do go out together…perhaps at The Old Haunt. Finally have the benefit for Johanna Beckett. I want to be a CASTLE WRITER! Watch Seasons 1-3 and you will see some of the finest writing ever on a TV show…really stellar and unique.

  40. Matthew Weber says:

    Lets just say this: Whatever they come up with, it really can’t be as bad as what they’ve already written RE: his disappearance. The whole Castle disappearance arc was terrible when it could have been good. It could have been 3XK or Castle’s dad, or even a new terrifying villain out for world domination. If they can make it so that LokSTAT was actually behind it, and that the story they gave at the end of s7 was false, that’d make it all a lot better, AND make the LokSTAT arc better in the process.

    • Barry says:

      Well Matthew, I still think (and always have) that somehow it’s about his dad too — that Rick witnessed (or perhaps even participated) in something morally unacceptable to him — and now, here’s comes Rita telling Kate to not take Rick along for the ride. It seems so obvious to me. And while I’m on this rant, that little piece of crap Vikram is a mole and needs a bullet between his eyes. Based on the last episode — with the little punk keeping Kate away from Rick (even on their anniversary) as much as he can — there’s very little doubt that he’s a major problem for them.

    • L8wrtr says:

      I think you seriously underestimate the new runner’s abilities to write absolute crap. I have the utmost and complete confidence that not only can they match the levels of terribleness that 6.23 and it’s ‘resolution’ demonstrated, but I know in my heart of hearts that they can blow right past it and make us WISH it were only as bad as Rick’s disappearance turned out.

  41. lame says:

    The reason NF and SK aren’t promoting the show could be the ratings for season 8 were catastrophic from the start. No one in the cast and crew ever imagined numbers that low and the fact that those numbers have gone down weekly casts a pall over all their efforts , regardless of the sunny exterior the writers continually express.

  42. lame says:

    The site Crazy Days says the blind item is either Castle or Beckett will be killed off by season’s end. Which would mean KB should have listened to Mr Smith who predicted if she continued the search for Locksat she would be killed .

  43. mariateresa says:

    E’ stato rapito x vendetta (arresto del senatore) e durante il rapimento sicuramente ha riconiusciuto il socio del senatore il famoso locksat probabilmente sarebbe morto ma serviva in un altra operazione della cia percio’ gli hanno cancellato la memoria.secondo me e’ coinvolto anche vikram

  44. Beckstle says:

    They haven’t nailed it down yet…as in there never was a story to begin with. However, we’d already figured that out. So now they’re going to try and invent something out of that mess? Why? I don’t care what you add to crap – it doesn’t make it something you can swallow. The news this season just keeps getting worse. Just when you think they can’t possibly get more insane….

  45. lame says:

    This could explain the gradual shift from the 12th precinct to Castle’s PI office . Also the greater roll of Alexis and the into ducting of Haley into the investigation team.
    Does this mean ABC will attempt to continue the series after the death of Beckett . It does seem to be lining up that way.

    • lindag413 says:

      All good theories and comments.I like the idea of bringing the show back to its roots,everyone working together to solve cases ,being friends and having a life outside work.
      To me Rick and Kate are Castle’s heart and everyone else makes it complete,in that I mean Martha,Alexis etc.Why must it always land on Beckett to kill off,it is getting boring any blind item and Bam its her.I think Stana talks about Castle and bts goings on all the time,she knows it’s her job.Nathan is still in a time warp and thinks he is on Firefly,don’t kill the messenger here please I own the series but it was 15 years ago and he is not letting go.
      I was shocked he even said anything on Kimmel’s show about Castle….bad as it went down,he has addressed the negative hate going down without even saying it’s about Castle.Sad.
      I like them both but you have to take the blinders off and see what is in front of you.
      As for blind items…..I am not convinced it is not someone from Castle trying to keep up the chatter.
      I would love the old chemistry with new stories not rehashed season five.

  46. Me says:

    I wish these two clowns would stop speaking to the press. All about them just screams “amateur”. The Castle disappearance plot is probably the worst of the whole series (and certainly the one that provoked the serie’s downward spiral). I don’t want to hear about it any more! Just leave it alone – forget about it! I thought season 8 couldn’t get any worse, but I see a lot of potential for even more damage in this narrative line. And they don’t even know where they’re going.

  47. JImN says:

    Any way you cut it, if you don’t have Katic and Fillion standing next to each other doing the scenes you don’t have any chance for the live interaction that bred the chemistry we see in the early seasons. And, that is the major reason we come to watch. No Caskett (in everyday living and crime solving just not in the bedroom,) no Castle.

  48. Since the pilot, have liked fact Beckett was fan of his books, but hated having to work with him… Shipping is now TV shows’ excuse when writers want to take it easy during season.

    • Leslee Wagner says:

      I agree. I also miss all of the subtle looks/stares and flirty banter that took place between Castle and Beckett in the earlier episodes. It made it more fun to watch. I don’t see that chemistry between them too much anymore. Do the writers think they cannot still have the same dynamic, playful personality now that they are married? Also, stick with a story line that makes sense for a while. I hate that the last several episodes seem to be so disorganized. Almost like the writers are trying to cram too much into one episode in an attempt to leave the door open to go in any direction if needed. All that seems to do is take away from the details of the relationships between each character.

  49. Sandra says:

    How’s this for cosmically linked:
    Castle is an ex-agent recruited by his father. A writer is a perfect cover; he can talk with mayors, jewelry thieves and mobsters while under the guise of doing research for a book. He can even train (e.g. tying self to a chair) while pretending to do research. While investigating Lockstat, he runs across a linked case of Beckett’s mother’s death. He becomes intrigued with Beckett. She even shows up at one of his book signings and loves that she is a fan.

    During his investigation he slips up and his cover is almost blown. He realizes that he
    either needs to distance himself from his child like his dad did to keep her safe or hang up
    the business. He kills off Derrik Storm as a symbol of starting over and his memory is wiped clean. However, during the kidnapping of Alexis and the remeeting of his father, some of his memory, training and dark side starts to come back (e.g. the torture of the guy that took Alexis). Some of the knowledge of the Lockstat case slips out in his latest book and Lockstat takes notice. They ran him of the road before the wedding but he was able to escape and was on the run. With the help of his old CIA buddies he is able to cover his slipup with Lockstat and has his memory rewiped so he can rejoin his family.

    However, Lockstat is closing in on Castle. Beckett’s actions in D.C. resulted in reconnecting Castle with the case. Vikram has his suspicions that Castle is involved in the case somehow but he is not sure. This is why he has been convincing Beckett to exclude Castle from the case. But everything blows up when Beckett runs across an old surveillance photo involving Lockstat and Castle is in the photo. Dun, dun, dun…

    • KLS says:

      Except, Castle was dragged from his car when it went off the road. I do like the idea of there being an old photo of him and LokSat.

    • lurker says:

      Sorry, but R.Castle is not an agent material. If he was’adn his memories were erased, he wouldn’t have remembered Sophia Turner i.e. Clara Strike. Watch the ending of Linchpin or his behaviour in Deep Cover, that’s not how a trained agent behaves. So, if the past is the pretext, that story doesn’t hold water. “Richard Castle as a CIA agent using the writer persona as the cover” is an old fan-fiction trope. I can understand that the writer wants to be a part of something big, important. That’s been the subtext from the beginning of the show, but I don’t understand why some people find it very hard to accept him for who or what he is. Then again, since this season is all about the rewriting the past, why not. Wouldn’t be the first shark they’ve jumped.

      • Sandra says:

        Wow, I was just throwing a fun idea out there. Never read fan fiction in my life – don’t see the point of it. Didn’t know people analyzed the show so intensely. Lesson learned. New theory, Castle is a bumbling fool as always, gets captured by lokstat and Kate has to rescue him once again. The end. LOL

        • Anonymous says:

          Sandra,from what I am hearing this is the last season for Castle. I just hope the show runners end it on a high note but the way the writers are going it may end badly .So I am cautious about watching I DVR it so I can either not watch and or fast forward through the lame parts.

        • lurker says:

          Sorry if I sounded too harsh, Sandra. That wasn’t my intention. Some OCD (obsessive Castle disorder) maniacs like me feel every inconsistency in storytelling and characters’ behaviour. By the way, inconsistency in storytelling was very prominent in seasons 6 and 7. Season 8 is like a disaster in that sense. On the other hand, the type of stories in some fan-fictions are usually telling more about the fans than about the show and the characters. Would you believe me if I tell you that 90% of season 7 stories and plots have been already told in fan-fictions before season 7 has even started? On the funny side, your last theory has more ground in the show’s previous story with the added comment that Castle was never this clueless fool one moment and a deep psychoanalyst a moment later who can cure any disorder with just his words (The Nose) as he is depicted now. Funny, isn’t it? So, I’m joining you in laughing. This season any story will flow.

        • lame says:

          Except KB is now a psycho and would use RC as bait and get the both killed to end the series.

  50. ‘Oh hey, let’s mix in the absolute worst storyline of Season 7 with an incredibly worse one from Season 8. That’ll be awesome.” – Said no one ever.