Supernatural Season 11 Lucifer Returns

Supernatural Fall Finale Photos: A Hellish Comeback, Dean vs. Amara — Plus: Jared Padalecki Teases Twists

It’s double the trouble on the fall finale of The CW’s Supernatural (Wednesday, 9/8c), as both a fan favorite/former foe and the Winchesters’ current Big Bad return, as seen in these fresh photos.

Convinced that God wants him to make a trip to Hell, Sam turns to Crowley for help. And whatever potentially disastrous plan they come up with, it must work, because Mark Pellegrino is back in his cage as Lucifer.

Elsewhere, a grown-up Amara unleashes her power on a poor, unsuspecting town, while Dean tries to understand her hold on him.

Series star Jared Padalecki says he didn’t expect the Winchesters to go where they go in next week’s big installment “until at least the season finale, but we get right to it. And the brothers are very committed to fighting alongside each other, to getting rid of The Darkness and trying to figure out what it’s going to take and how to do it, going through all alleys and channels.”

“Episodes 9 (the fall finale) and 10 are my favorite episodes of Supernatural in a long, long time,” Padalecki continues. “I love the twists and turns — none of which I can probably say without getting out of here alive.”

Click through the gallery below for a preview, then hit the comments with your thoughts on Lucifer’s return.

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  1. Steve says:

    Wouldn’t their brother also be in the cage?

    • Robby says:

      In Appointment at Samarri (sp), Death said that Adam’s soul was basically destroyed. After six years in the cage, it must be almost gone.

    • I think his soul went to heaven when Castiel killed him with that Molotov when Michael was possessing him. Michael returned and killed Castiel wearing Adam’s body but his soul was gone. Am I wrong?

    • It’s been so long I don’t fully remember but I’m pretty sure Adam should be in the cage because in “Appointment in Samarra”, Death only agrees to retrieve one of the brothers from Lucifer’s Cage. Right? RIGHT!?! So much happens in this show and people keep coming back to life so it hurts my brain. But for me, I would love to see Jake Abel return as Adam. I’d love a third brother in a longer story arc, I don’t think they utilized it well enough.

  2. Elizabeth says:

    This season has been the best in a really long time. Whatever is going on in the writers room needs to continue. Can’t wait to see where the season goes.

  3. MJ says:

    When Lucifer went in the cage he was in Sam’s body. How would Lucifer be in Mark Pellegrino’s body in the cage?

    • Joseph Balaich says:

      The answer to your question is Supernatural is embracing visual storytelling. Obviously Lucifer tore Sam’s body in more ways than one and clearly Nick who was first possessed by Lucifer first wasn’t in the cage, but this is the embodiment fans remember Lucifer as. Because the writers of Supernatural didn’t want us to see the real vicersial look of their Angels on the show. Supernatural always has put a chunk of human Anatomy in their storytelling so you can grasp more of the narrative and less expensive visuals because their budget isn’t up to par with shows like Game of Thrones.

      • bck says:

        Whatever excuse they can come up with to have Mark Pellegrino back on the show I’m good with.

      • CyanaT says:

        Agree, ‘Nickifer’ is the vessel Sam and Dean are most familiar with. Technically Lucifer would be in pure angel form confined to the cage but as Zachariah said in S5 ‘humans are limited’. CagedAngelLucifer could appear as anyone from Sam’s past to hurt him more but a non-rotten Nick is the ‘human’ form Lucifer is choosing.

  4. Snakepr says:

    Favorite show ever

  5. Carrie says:

    This sounds really good. The show has been fantastic this season.

  6. It is going to be a great episode but then it is the midseason finale and would be to make everyone want to continue watching. Supernatural is a great show and I am impressed each season what happens and this season has been great. I hope it continues.

  7. ComeOn says:

    Its been a while but even if poor Adam’s soul has been destroyed, shouldn’t Michael be there with Lucifer? The cage is only so big!

    • Sara says:

      Michael? Who is Michael? Oh yeah, he was Dean’s(and Jensen Ackles’) connection to the big 5 season-long myth-arc- until he was replaced oh-so-easily in that role by Adam at the very last minute. Nice, Show. And this, by an actor who’d appeared on the show in two episodes out of over 100. Unbelievable. I wonder what excuse they will come up with this time to keep JA from that role.

  8. Smwinchester says:

    Im soo excited for lucifers return t supernatural !!! Yay cant waittt :):):)

  9. Rupi says:

    I want Adam back too! What happened to Michael anyway? Shouldn’t he be in the cage with Luci?

  10. Bradley says:

    What mouth is the finale off supernatural and when is it