Cancelled or Not

Cancelled or Not? Wayward Pines, SYTYCD, Community and More

Why is everyone so afraid of the C-word all of a sudden?

In what has become something of an exploding trend, the major TV networks are going out of their way to avoid slapping even the most struggling series with a cancellation label. As a result, viewers are given false hope that a show that’s essentially DOA has a shot at being renewed. Conversely, shows that are genuinely on the bubble are, in some cases, presumed dead.

Well, lucky for you, we’re not afraid to call a spade a spade (or a cancelled show a cancelled show). Of the 10 seres featured in the gallery below — click here for direct access — more than half have been quietly, stealthily, unofficially cancelled. And the others? There’s still hope!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Dana says:

    I loved Wayward Pines but the finale was billed as a series finale. So I would like more but don’t have high hopes

    • Dave says:

      Only because it was supposed to be a miniseries. But they cam expand

      • Simon Jester says:

        It was supposed to be a miniseries because it was an adaptation of a book trilogy. That having been concluded, I’d rather have it end than have it dragged out in an embarrassing quest for additional ratings and revenue, like UNDER THE DOME.

        • Jake says:

          I enjoyed watching the adaptation of the Wayward Pines trilogy, even with all the changes from book to teleplay. But I’m through with it now. I have no interest in the kids’ story, or however they plan to stretch it beyond the books.

    • Z says:

      The thought it was gonna be a dud, instead it was an unexpected hit. It may become what Under the Dome was to CBS, and several of the actors are free: Carla Gugino was on The Brink but It got cancelled, Hope Davis is on American Crime which is an anthology so no commitment past this season, Shammyn Sossamon is on Sleepy Hollow which is DOA so she’s free, Melissa Leo could be busy but they would work something out. If the younger actors can’t come back they can be replaced.

    • Sally McLinn says:

      I did too, but where could they take the story? It was already in the future about 100 years ahead.

  2. RedReddington says:

    I really hope Wayward Pines does come back, although it won’t be the same without Matt Dillon. If they do bring it back, the adults that were put back into stasis by the kids better make an appearance.

  3. Murica! says:

    The Player should have never been cancelled!! It should have aired somewhere else. I hate NBC!

  4. John Jacob says:

    Wayward Pines was always supposed to be 1 and done. The actors have already stated their contracts expired a while ago. Would love to see a 2nd season but I have little hope.

  5. Curly Girly says:

    When was Blood and Oil canceled? Is that the official word? Last I heard was that the season was cut short, but NOT an official cancellation (though it may as well be).

    • sanchopanza says:

      “Of the 10 seres featured in the gallery below — click here for direct access — more than half have been quietly, stealthily, unofficially cancelled.” Being the point of this article.

    • Allison says:

      I don’t think it has been, they just always assume that’s what’s going to happen when the original order is cut. I certainly won’t be devastated if it’s canceled but I do kind of like the show so I’d like to see it continue. Maybe it could come back as a summer show? I can’t stand reality TV so there isn’t much for me in the summer.

  6. Lyn says:

    Never watched any of these and there were several I hadn’t even heard of, so, buh-bye.

  7. Yoko Ono says:

    Truth Be Told really got better. Sucks. NBC has been awful at keeping comedies lately.

  8. Kelby Jackson says:

    Wayward Pines was only supposed to be one season. Nobody has said anything about a second season. Therefore it is cancelled.

    • Simon Jester says:

      Well, yes, someone *ha*s said something about a second season — Deadline reported back in June that Fox execs had requested meetings with the WP creative time to discuss it. But personally, I hope they don’t.

  9. Lisa says:

    Yes, I know it’s been cancelled but is there any HOPE at all that another cable channel or the web [Netflix, Amazon, Yahoo, etc,.] will pick up VH1’s Hindsight?

  10. herman1959 says:

    To support the point that Michael makes about shows being on the bubble being presumed dead, I’d use Minority Report as an example. It was a show that started out slow, picked up about episode 5, and was pretty good by the end of its 10 episode run. But, it didn’t get the time it needed to develop because the 10-episode thing was announced half-way through the 10.

    There are viewers who could have come to the show a little late and enjoyed it, but they didn’t because it appeared to be effectively cancelled. If anyone doubts this scenario, he/she only has to read a few days of tvline posts were people state that they are not willing to invest in a show that will be cancelled. In fact, some people now DVR a new series and wait to watch until they are sure its gong to survive…sad.

  11. Jasie says:

    Really enjoyed season 1 of Hand of God. I really hope it gets a season 2. The rest don’t much matter to me. Bkood and Oil was ok but with ratings, the writing was on the wall for cancellation and it wasn’t good enough for me to stick to thru the end. Wicked City was getting good but again yanked too soon to stay watching.

  12. Betty says:

    USA, please keep Playing House. I really love this little weird show.

  13. tk says:

    I hate that Playing House is even on this list. It is a gem! I hope it comes back, it is so funny and quirky!

  14. Jerry says:

    What about Yahoo’s “Other Space”? Have they officially cancelled that along with “Community” and other projects?

  15. Hamish says:

    What about Amazon’s Alpha House? I haven’t seen anything regarding a third season.

  16. Diz says:

    Blood & Oil is the only 1 on this list I really care about.

  17. Any word on a Jessica Jones renewal? Daredevil had already been renewed for a 2nd season after this same amount of time earlier in the year. Should I be worried?

    • Amanda says:

      “Jessica Jones” is a huge hit. I think they’re just taking their time as it’s 2nd season could impact the plan of how “Luke Cage”, “Iron Fist”, and the “Defenders” series is going to air. Plus, if the characters are finally going to be in the Marvel films they’ve got to be careful about the order too. So it’s more about them planning what to air next and it’s order.

  18. prish says:

    “Hope springs eternal…” holding my breath over Minority Report, in spite of all the signs. After all, there IS a minority report, right? Get it? Come on suits, have a sense of humor and renew the show!

  19. Dave says:

    Still waiting on an official cancelation of Whodunnit

  20. EB says:

    Bummed about Truth Be Told! I thought it was pretty decent, compared to some of NBC’s other recent “comedy” attempts. It was cute!

  21. Amanda says:

    Has anyone heard anything about Ed Burns’ show “Public Morals”? I know he was pretty confidant about a renewal but still no word from TNT.

  22. LeAnne Peters says:

    I went and bought the books because of the series. I want to see more. Don’t want to see it end like this!!! Been waiting!

  23. TamasK says:

    What about Hulu’s The Hotwives?

  24. what about the Other Space also on Yahoo screen?

  25. Kevin says:

    You know, I will go out of my way to avoid any article that has a gallery…aka a portal to post more advertising. It’s been getting a bit out of hand the last few months. So I clicked the “more” link yet go no further than to finish reading and post a comment.

  26. Sally McLinn says:

    The Player should continue @ Hulu or another streaming service.

  27. N says:

    I read HERE that Wayward Pines got a second season!!!!!!