Post Mortems

Empire EP Talks Mimi's OMG Reveal, Lucious' Murderous Threat, Rhonda's Fate and Anika's Crazy-Train Ride

Oh, splat! There was more than one ugly fall on Empire‘s fall finale — but while some had dire physical consequences, other victims suffered injuries to their egos, their psyches and/or perhaps their bank accounts.

We grilled showrunner Ilene Chaiken about all of the wildest twists in “Et Tu, Brute?” — but first, let’s roll the highlight reel:

* Lucious decides to announce Empire’s acquisition of SwiftStream on the same exact day of the American Sound Award nominations, but as he passes the mic to his “business partner in crime” Mimi, she flips the script, calling her wife to the stage. I’m not sure about you, but I let out a 30-second whoop of shock and delight as the woman in question turns out to be Naomi Campbell’s Camilla (AKA the ex-girlfriend of Lucious’ son Hakeem, who fled the country late in Season 1 thanks to Papa Lyon’s ugly bribes and threats).

* Uh-oh, Mimi’s been secretly recording her conversations with Lucious, and reveals to the Empire board of directors his utter disdain for following the rules of a publicly traded company. She calls for an emergency vote later that night to oust him from his perch as chairman and CEO.

EMP-S2_210-sc30-ch_0224R_hires1* Cookie and the ASA-snubbed Hakeem are off the grid, performing at Family Day at Wallace Correctional Facility’s Family Day, until Andre tracks them down with news of Mimi and Camilla’s takeover bid. Cookie decides she needs to stay behind to reconnect with a prison buddy who’s just received a life sentence for killing her cellmate — girl, she’s not going anywhere! — and passes her proxy power to Hakeem.

* In the boardroom, Hakeem goes against his family’s wishes and votes with Camilla — who is immediately installed as Empire’s head honcho. But instead of a congratulatory Champagne toast, she gets a brutal load of Cookie’s spit directly in her face as the takeover plan is finalized.

* Lucious winds up shooting up his study as Jamal and Andre sit downstairs — and it’s Cookie who intervenes, offers perspective and tells him that he needs to pull it together to protect the family legacy.

* Meanwhile, Rhonda’s pregnancy hormones are clearly dulling her usually vicious instincts, and she allows a wild-eyed Anika to hang out at her house and practically hiss with rage about her one-time-almost-future-daughter-in-law-then-sister-in-law’s fab life. Later, an intruder breaks into Rhonda and Andre’s house — and pushes Rhonda down her epic staircase in epically horrifying fashion. If she or her fetus survive the fall — and hours laying without medical attention — it’ll be a miracle on par with Tiana’s awful new song being viewed as a viable single.

Emp_210-MD_0588R_hires1* Oh, in other news, Skye figures out that her one night of passion with Jamal isn’t going to bloom into a full-fledged romance, since at the end of the day, he identifies as gay. This doesn’t stop Lucious from declaring him “fixed” (ugh, GROSS) by a woman’s love — or spreading the word to Jamal’s wealthy gay David Geffen-y patron.

On that note, let’s cut right to Chaiken’s insights Empire’s wild, gasp-inducting, final hour of 2015.

TVLINE | I did not see that twist of Camilla being Mimi’s wife — and returning to take control of Empire… which I guess puts me in good company with Lucious, Cookie and everyone else. How early on did you plot that? Did you know the minute you introduced Mimi that she was in cahoots with Camilla or did that come later?
We didn’t know it initially. We knew that Mimi was going to play that role of the usurper, that Lucious was getting in bed with the enemy, and that she would take his company away from him. And we also knew that we were going to bring Camilla back — and that she was back for retribution. And we realized pretty early on that those two stories needed to be married — quite literally — to one another.

EMP210_sc40_0194R_hires1TVLINE | Given how homophobic Lucious has been throughout the series, it’s kind of delicious that the lesbian character brings him down. Did you appreciate the poetry of that?
I certainly enjoyed it in a personal way. [Laughs]

TVLINE | You’d told me several episodes ago that Marisa Tomei’s Mimi arc would end in Episode 8 — and would end with a comeuppance. I had just assumed the comeuppance would be hers. Now that she’s gone off to continue her cancer treatments, can we assume Camilla will take over the role of the thorn in the Lyon family’s side?
What we’re saying essentially is that the baton has been passed to Camilla; Mimi has been a shill for her. And as Mimi goes off to get treatment, Camilla steps into that role in a much more vengeance-minded way, as you can imagine.

TVLINE | The moment where Hakeem looks out from the boardroom and sees Camilla and Cookie — these two crucial women in his life who are lobbying him to go in completely different directions. Did you ever think about having Hakeem side with Cookie?
We knew Lucious was going to lose his company in the mid-season finale. Really, the question for the writers was who would be the one to play that fateful vote that loses the company for Lucious Lyon, something previously unthinkable. We discussed whether it would be Hakeem — and at a certain point, as we moved through the season, it became clear that this was Hakeem’s story, that it should be him.

EMP-S2_210-sc38-ch_0540R_hires1TVLINE | Cookie’s not dumb. When she signed over the proxy, saying to Hakeem he knew what the right move was, there had to be a small piece of her that knew Hakeem might wind up voting to strip Lucious of his CEO position, no?
No. I don’t think that Cookie ever would have done it if she even had a moment of doubt. In the Lyon family, there’s a code — and it’s a complex, twisted code. They go at one another pretty viciously. They’ve all done some pretty unsavory things. But they protect the company at all costs. They come together when the company is threatened. But there are lines they don’t cross with regard to family members. And Cookie doesn’t ever think Hakeem would cross that line. It’s an unredeemable transgression. And Hakeem doesn’t go there thinking he’s going to do this. When Cookie signs over her proxy, it’s not about “Are you going to go and betray your father?” It’s about “Can I trust you to go and do what needs to be done?” And the decision to betray his father is so impulsive and impetuous and momentary, I don’t think he knew necessarily that he was going to do it. It’s a decision he made in the moment. I hope we conveyed that in the scene where Hakeem places his vote and we run through his mind and see the thought process. We see that it’s something he just decides to do in a momentary, rash, impulsive gesture.

TVLINE | You can’t blame him. Although maybe better the devil you knpw. Not like they’ve been communicating. How much will he regret this. Will this decision bear fruit of regret?
It’s going to bear some fruit. And like I said, it’s a rash decision. It’s not thought through. And if Hakeem had had the time to think about it, he might not have made the decision, or at least done his due diligence.

TVLINE | He’s got his own label. Camilla is asking him if he’s ready to go to the next level as she reaches below the belt — so to speak — but what does this mean in terms of Lyon Dynasty?
That’s all what Hakeem is now going to have to contend with. What happens to Lyon Dynasty? How much of a complication is it? Where does this leave Cookie in everything they built together? All of that is now what he’s going to have to sort through based on this one rash moment.

EMP-S2_210-sc4.5-ch_0106_hires1TVLINE | Speaking of rash moments, we also have Lucious falling into Cookie’s arms and saying “I want to kill Hakeem.” That was a pretty dark threat from a guy who rarely makes idle ones. And also, Cookie didn’t slap him in the face after he said it — which surprised me, too. Can Hakeem even be in the same room as his parents going forward? This seems dire.
It’s certainly dire for Hakeem and the whole family. Lyon Dynasty is one thing, but as Cookie said to Hakeem, “Empire is our legacy.” Empire is their lifeblood — and Hakeem has just given it to the enemy, so at the very least it’s at least understandable that Lucious would have a moment of wanting to kill his own son. And we live in a Shakespearean world where fathers do contemplate killing their sons.

TVLINE | Is there ever a fear of painting yourself into a corner — where you have a rift so deep among core characters that the audiences likes to see interacting?
It scares us — and it’s where Empire goes and it’s what drama is about. This is not timid drama. We can be scared, but we can’t be daunted to go to those places.

TVLINE | Cookie spitting in Camilla’s face: Was that scripted or was it a Taraji P. Henson improvisation?
That was scripted, and it was conceived by Lee Daniels. Lee isn’t always in the room – he’s got a lot going on — but he comes in and I sit him down and tell him what we’re doing. He knew Camilla had married Mimi, and they were about to take back the company — so I said, “This is the mid-season finale and it’s all going down now, and he started riffing, “And Cookie turns to Camilla and spits in her face!” He spat the scene at us, beat by beat. Not everything he envisioned ultimately got in there, because we couldn’t do it all — being pure Lee Daniels it was harsh and pretty intense.

I have a thing about spitting. I don’t like spitting. I don’t like seeing spit. So when I heard him describe that scene I said, “Oh God, no. I can’t do it.” I asked the writers I work with that I really know and trust: “Is this what Cookie would do?” And they all said, “Yeah.” And I always know that when it comes down to it, if Taraji says she’s not going to do it, it’s because it’s not right. And if Taraji does it, it’s because she knows it’s what Cookie would do. I was waiting. I was waiting to see if Taraji would take issue with it. But no, she went right for it.

TVLINE | The other huge incident of the fall finale was Rhonda falling to what might be her death. From the moment early in the episode where you had Rhonda walking down the staircase with Andre, I knew she was destined to take the plunge — but I didn’t want to believe it.
[Laughs] We had to foreshadow! You can’t see a staircase like that in a show like Empire and not know that someone’s gonna fall down it.

TVLINE | That fall was one of the nastiest I’ve ever seen on network TV.
You should’ve seen the first cut!

TVLINE | Was it worse?
Oh, God! [Laughs] It was a spectacular piece of filmmaking by Sanaa Hamri — a beautifully choreographed stunt — and it was really hard to pull it back so that there was a possibility that Rhonda survives the fall.

EMP210_sc48_0144_hires1TVLINE | Your next episode is called “Death Will Have Its Day” — and I know you were casting for a grief counselor for the second half of Season 2. Can we infer from that that Rhonda is definitely dead?
I want you to come back hoping Rhonda is alive — and thinking that she could be.

TVLINE | Why Rhonda?!! Rhonda and Andre are maybe the healthiest relationship on the show? She’s ride or die? She helped him bury — and then dig up — Uncle Vernon’s body! Why did she have to go down those stairs?!
It’s so desperately sad that she did have to go down those stairs. And how she wound up at the top of that staircase — and then at the bottom of that staircase — is another thing I want you to come back wondering about.

TVLINE | We know Anika is a full plate of crazy at the moment — but you did not show us the face of the person who pushed Rhonda. I’m guessing that was a deliberate decision, but did you want to leave us questioning or were you giving yourself an out in case you decided to change your mind and make the guilty party someone other than Anika?
We didn’t show you a face. We know, but the world — Andre, Rhonda, the Lyons family — don’t know how Rhonda wound up at the bottom of that staircase. And we want to experience this from their point of view. I’m well aware that Anika would be the prime suspect in the minds of the audience. We know we’ve given her some motive, but it’s not an inevitable conclusion that she did it.

TVLINE | I love-love-loved when Anika put on her chauffeur outfit and a blonde wig and picked up Laura, but there were TVLine readers who objected to the idea of her going crazy. And they have a point: Anika is educated, she comes from wealth, she’s a woman of means. Why make her lose her mind after getting pregnant with Hakeem’s baby and then being rejected by him?
A couple of thoughts… First, it’s something we’ll explore a lot more in the second half of the season. Anika is more grounded than she might have appeared in that moment, but she was pushed and pulled in so many directions by the Lyon family, she was hurt, she was mistreated. And after behaving generously toward them and believing in various relationships, it’s enough to make anyone a little crazy. And our hope for Anika is that she’ll be able to come back from this. We’ll explore that with her and see her struggling to come back from that. Hopefully, the audience will be there with us and believe in the journey she’s been on, and the one on which she’s about to go forward. I’m certainly aware some fans of the show have been upset by this turn, while others have relished it. My observation — without making any kind of gender-bias assumptions — but anecdotally, men have loved the crazy and women have been offended by it. And as a woman, I still related to Anika. She’s not a lost cause.

EMP210_sc47_0080_hires1TVLINE | The other thing that divided our readers was Jamal kissing Skye. When Lucious says to him this week, “She fixed you,” you can see Jamal wince. Talk to me about what prompted you to explore that territory — and the way you used the Jamal-Skye collaboration to explore themes of raceand sexual orientation, among other things. Did you debate whether to go there at all? Will there be a fallout?
Yes and yes Thematically, the conversations we love having on Empire are about identity, labels, fluidity. Those are core issues for us — and really interesting, provocative stories to tell. Plus, the story of gay identity has been told on television. We felt ready to push beyond, to talk about all of the nuances of experience and not be bound by the conventional script. And with the number of gay people involved in the creating and writing of this show, we talked about all of our experiences. There’s a spectrum of gay identity, behavior and attraction. And we wanted to talk about it in a provocative way based on experiences we all had. And Lee Daniels and Jussie Smollet come at it from certain points of view — and I’m very interested in hearing what actors have to say about the characters they play. There are gay men and gay women who, at least on occasion, have found themselves at least fleetingly attracted to someone of the opposite sex. And Lee and I have discussed how as artists, especially, when you’re creating. how exciting and sexual that can be. It felt like a great story to tell for Jamal — if he really connects with an artist who happens to be a woman, and they have this momentary spark — what could stop that from happening. And why shouldn’t we tell that story?

What did you think of Empire‘s fall finale? Grade the hour in our poll below, then expand on your thoughts in the comments!

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  1. Al says:

    I like the twist with Camille but not so much the rest-the cliffhanger lacked impact for me

  2. Mrs. Rance says:

    Worst episode of a very lackluster season. They have wasted far too much time on guest stars all season. What was the point of Alicia Keys having such a meaty storyline knowing that they weren’really going to d

    • Sally McLinn says:

      Hey Lucious — how’s that IPO and going public working out for you??? LOL

      I think the writing still needs tightening up. If it weren’t for Henson and Howard, this show wouldn’t be so interesting. I notice that Lee & co. seem to be borrowing from the “Hand that Rocks the Cradle” movie with (apparently) Anika being the one that knocked Rhonda down the stairs.

    • coneyro says:

      The show was pretty suspenseful and I liked it for the most part. However, two points got me upset. I’ll be frank. That “poor me” attitude at the prison. I don’t feel sorry for their troubles. If you didn’t do wrong, you wouldn’t be there. It wasn’t society, but the wrong choices that got you there. The other thing is the anti-white sentiment. Nice way to alienate viewers. The woman wasn’t black enough, or felt the same pain because she was half Caucasian.? Give me a break. Like a half Jew couldn’t have the same feelings for Hitler? Get real. Glad to see the villian at the end was Camille and not Mime. Hope Rhonda and the baby survives, but probably not the case. Their mixed-race marriage was the healthiest and happiest. Believe me, I am not a hater. Just keeping it real.

  3. Mrs. Rance says:

    Worst episode of a very lackluster season. They have wasted far too much time on guest stars all season. What was the point of Alicia Keys having such a meaty storyline knowing that they weren’t really going to dive into it? Even introducing another twist by having Charlemagne senseless lyrics antagonize her at the end of her run. And what was that dumb mess with Da Brat. Meanwhile the real story of the Lyons suffers. Fans have been complaining about the guest stars all season. I hope the network and producers are hearing us.

  4. tony says:

    everything was good except watching andre wife falling down the stairs. by being envy or jealous . lost it after that. the babys dead wow guys. should of lefted that one out

  5. Al says:

    Anyone else wish Anika was involved in the takeover instead of Naomi Campbell? It would have been the perfect way to write her character as strong again

  6. junebug says:

    camille deserved a bullet to the head

    • Jax&Juice's Girl says:

      Ahahaha…..yes! That bitch. Booboo Kitty she’s crazy as hell, poor Rhonda losing her baby Andre is gonna go insane! I really like the ep. even tho. the season so far has been a bit of downer.

  7. Tiffany says:

    Hakeem performed at the prison not Jamal

  8. laurelnev says:

    Cookie theoretically could have burst in to revoke her proxy, sending the vote the other way. But we all knew Lucious was going to get dethroned, and I’m actually not all that surprised that Camilla was behind it all. And I’m not so sure it was Anika that pushed Rhonda down the stairs. My bet is that she survives but her baby don’t, and it’s all part of someone’s thug life revenge against Papa Lyon come back to haunt him. I liked the episode, but that Jamal kiss was just stupid and out of character. And this whole “He has a GF” thing–just dumb!

    • COLLIN sewell says:

      I totally disagree because I think it brings about a twist which keeps us the views interested in watching.I personally loved the kiss.

      • Annie says:

        I think the problem is the same one that they have had with all of the celeb centered storylines. Since Alicia Keys was only around for two episodes, they really didn’t not have the time to tell a soapy and interesting story. Give the lack of time, the story was pointless. It was more about shocking people than telling a good character driven story. This is a main problem of the show.

    • Mrs. Rance says:

      I could have enjoyed the Jamal/Skye liason if they had fleshed it out a little more. Of all the yucky love scenes they have shown us they left out the most interesting one.

      • laurelnev says:

        Yup… had it actually been CHARACTER DRIVEN, it might have worked. And even THEY could not figure out how to accurately depict a gay man having a non-drunken hook up with a straight girl…OR how Jamal could gracefully exit while girl was thinking they were now an item instead of a mistake. ;)

    • Sally McLinn says:

      Alright, how many times has Lucious lost his CEO seat? I count now. Maybe 3.

  9. Aishah Brown says:

    I was truely disappointed! This whole season was a disappointment! I was hooked first season,plots, twists and waited with excitement for season two. Then can the let down. I waited every week for it to get better,but nothing,flat!He’ll,I can do better!

  10. le says:

    Will Empire rerun the finale?

  11. When Cookie signed-over her proxy to Hakeem, I knew that second he was going to vote against his father. After spending so much of the season with Terrence sharing his scenes with other family members (I thought Empire & the Dynasty “re-teamed” at one point, but apparently not), & then Hakeem quite literally knocking-out his surname at the battle with Freda, Stevie Wonder, Ray Charles, & everyone else saw that coming!

    On the other hand, I had no clue who Camilla was until she went back & re-introduced herself to the son.

  12. Rebekkah newligton says:

    Omg is the words that came out of my mouth at the end of the finale. The twist and turns were lets just say kind of scary. Jamal and Skye are good together but he doesn’t engage in the relationship like he did with Michael. Poor Rhonda and Andre I’m so sorry for them. Hakeem betrayed Lucius I mean I know what happend and stuff but come on Lucius fought for empire. Cookie is amazing as always. Mimi and camellia didn’t see that coming. Good show! #RhondaMustLive #AnikaNeedsHelp

  13. Collin Sewell says:

    Just questioning why Rhonda? Of all all the persons she is one of the most loving and caring one whobsticks with her husband no matter the situation,it was rather hurtful to see her fall down that stair case in her pregnant state,it’s rather unpredictable, however I am looking forward to the next episodes because my curiosity is now sky high, tobknow what will happen next.

  14. Bigdede says:

    So Anika went to college, graduated top of her class just to work at Empire? This woman with a Master’s degree can’t get a job anywhere else? What are the writers doing to her! Anika should’ve been secretly involved in Mimi’s takeover. Anika knows that company like the back of her hand.

    So Camille found Mimi, nursed her through her cancer, married her, convinced her to put money into Empire just to get revenge on Lucious? And she did it all in one year? Was Jamal’s Pepsi commercial suppose to be wack? Jamal’s bisexual? What was the point of Skye? What awards show takes a whole day to announce their nominees? So Tianna is still on the show? Last season Hakeem had a proxy in the company so why did Cookie have to sign hers over? Did we really need that scene with Thirsty in the elevator? I’m sorry but Empire is not must see tv anymore. It’s all over the place and makes no sense.

  15. CK2 says:

    That was an enjoyable mess. I’d personally give it a C. While some of the twists/plot lines were pointless/expected, it was so soapy that I couldn’t help myself, but laugh throughout the episode. I gave up on Empire being thought provoking and coherent around episode 3 so as long as it’s some good ridiculous fun, I’m fine with it being so ridiculous. I can do without the guest stars though.

    • Mrs. Rance says:

      I just read an interview on Deadline where Danny admits that they went overboard with the guest stars. He said they will be scaled substantially going forward. The show will go back to being about the Lyons.

  16. Annie says:

    It was a good episode. While I liked Camilla, I think that the writers missed the obvious choice of making Anika the brains behind the takeover. It’s the type of thing that season one Anika would have done.

    I wish that Andre had a bigger role in the episode. They need to stop wasting Trey Byers’ talents. I hope that after the break that both Andre and Jamal return as stronger characters with stronger storylines, especially since there is no way that anyone with any sense would sit by as Hakeem is a CEO of a major company.

  17. abz says:

    I understand their reasoning, but I still absolutely despise this Jamal/Alicia Keys detour storyline. Seeing Lucious’s smug face and hearing him say “She fixed you.” was disgusting. The whole storyline felt unnecessary. Leave Jamal alone.
    And I’d much rather it have been Anika be part of the takeover than Camilla.

  18. Syd says:

    So when does the empire return since this was the fall finale?

  19. Verj says:

    Empire is the best ..I enjoyed the season finale. …can’t wait until March..we will miss everyone of you..what a beautiful and wonderful cast..Thanks Empire for letting the world see on tv what the real world is..i love you all…hurry back!!

  20. The Truth says:

    I liked Camilla twist. I thought that was smart and didn’t see it coming at all. But I didn’t like what happen to Rhonda. I mean she was smart and cunning in season one. Plus she pregnant, how can she not realize Anika was to pregnant to. Yeah, I agree the Anika thing going crazy in another bit of the season 2 slump
    I thought the whole Jamal thing on how he slept up with Skye was sloppy and easy way to have an out for a gay character because people like 50 cent complaining there to much gay stuff

  21. DJ says:

    Camilla coming back and married to Mimi is the Empire of season 1 I’m used to but everything else about season 2 has been a disappointment and been done before. Rhonda falling down the stair not surprised. She is one of the few character that are expendable on the show. Jamal sleeping with Skye has been done before. Not the first time that a show pull back on a gay character. They did it better on Days of our lives. So far I see why the ratings have been going down. I think this was the first time there was a omg moment this season and that was with Camilla

  22. Stephlauryn says:

    All I can say is Explosive!!!!. Had me on the edge of my seat, shouting at the TV!! Love love love Empire!!!! Can’t wait to see what’s next. P.S. praying that Rhonda and the baby are OK. She deserves that child. The family deserves the baby as well.

  23. Sally McLinn says:

    Hey Lucious — how’s that IPO and going public working out for you??? LOL

    • Mrs. Rance says:

      I always thought going public was a bad idea for Lucious. He was already extremely wealthy so what reason would a control freak, criminal have to sell off control of his company?

  24. Alex says:

    Showrunners obviously hate wealthy good educated women. First they turned Anika into a crazy bitch, then Rhonda fell from that stair and Mimi has cancer. And this comes from people who supposedly “fight stereotypes” and so on. Well, you can fight stereotypes but you can’t go against your Fox DNA.

  25. TVFan says:

    I felt that Marisa Tomei’s character ruined Empire for me. The minute she decided to join forces with Lucious instead of Cookie, and tearing apart the Lyon family in the process, was when the show started going downhill. That was a horrible way to set up season two as “Mimi” added nothing to the show. She only made it worse. Rosie O’Donnell was more effective than Marisa in one episode.

  26. GG says:

    Loved the cliff hanger episode!! Thought it was fitting that Rhonda fell down the stairs and probably lost her baby. She is the person that killed Vernon…karma! Loved the twist of Camilla coming back and creating all kind of havoc on Lucious. Best line of the night.. “She fixed you” that was hilarious!!

  27. Enrique says:

    Poor Rhonda got pushed down the steps. Can you blame Hakeem his dad did him the worst his dad’s had Freda gats calling him a little girl and punched him in the mouth and stole one of his singers so can you blame Hakeem for voting against his dad ???

  28. Relaxxx says:

    I enjoyed the episode and the season! I’m looking forward to Empires return! Nice to see Da Brat this episode, that was a throwback!

  29. Troy Hines says:

    On last nights season episode a scene with the Brat rapping in the prison concert was deleted… The Brat was on TMZ tonight talking about her getting the part and her new cd…I wonder why it was deleted?

  30. Ginger Grey says:

    A little too over the top: Camilla married to Mimi and then coming on to Hakeem? Rhonda being pushed down the stairs (by Anika?) possibly to her &/or the soon to be born son’s death? Lucious being ousted made sense compared to those plots. Jamal dabbling in an opposite sex fling made sense. They just tried to cram too much into this half season finale.

  31. TV JUNKIE says:

    I really enjoyed the season finale! I REALLY hate that I have to wait for March 30th to see what is going to happen next!!!!
    I can’t wait to see if Rhonda is going to die (please no!) or if rhe greif councilor is for her and Andre to be able to deal with the death of their baby. I am upset with Anika if she really did take it upon herself to push like her only Lyon friend down the stairs because of jealousy. Little harsh. I am worried about how Andre is going to handle any of it. I hope he is able to stay strong and not go back down the rabbit hole.
    I hope that Hakeem kinda finds out how he has been played for a fool with this whole thing. I really don’t think Camilla will deliver on her offer to take him to the next level.
    Seriously though I really hope that the family can come together and force Camilla out. I think when they want to, they work really well as a family. I just hope Lucious can eventually forgive Hakeem for his hasty vote.
    Anyway, well done! A great hour on TV! As always, Thank you!

  32. kayla says:


  33. Smokey The Cat says:

    Only Luscious can take something that could of been sweet and interesting, Like Jamal exploring bisexuality, albeit briefly since yes he is gay and still in love with Michael, and ruin it. I was totally digging Jamal & Skye until luscious uttered his “she fixed you” comment.Thought Skye added a unique fluid dynamic, until Jamal and Michael find their way back together.

  34. I really hope Rhonda survives

  35. JosiahBartlet4President says:

    IMDB has Kaitlin Doubleday listed for episodes 11-18 of this season. So, either Rhonda isn’t dead or she’s in flashbacks or hallucinations (Andre going off his meds) the rest of the season.

  36. dhorllapor says:

    Havent watched the latest episode but did jamal sleep with skye?

  37. LAKEE says:

    I wonder about Rhonda’s baby? The fall was quite dangerous looking and I’m worried if the baby is ok or not. Or the baby might be ok but become mentally crazy from the fall when it’s delivered or something. I think Rhonda will survive in my opinion but I’m worried about the baby.

  38. Jaharie says:

    I like Rhonda I hope she’s alive

  39. dhorllapor says:

    @Lakee i’m worried about the baby too though I havent seen the last episode. people are jamal slept with skye? Is that true?

    • coneyro says:

      Yes, Jamal and the girl were talking, and it was stated that they slept together one time. Then she acknowledged that it was a one time only thing, and that he IS truly gay. How unfortunate. They make such a gorgeous couple.

  40. The writer depiction of Jamal’s issues with being gay is a complete misrepresentation of the truth about gay men and it is misleading and deceptive. I have known many individuals who are in the LGBT community who say its not about only loving one gender. Its about having a sexual attraction to the same sex. I was friends with two guys in college who were gave through out college. Both of which fell in love with women, married and had families. An activist for LGBT made a comment at Roosevelt University. She said, we just want to ______ whomever we want to. Its not about the same sex! If this be true then Jamal Lyon’s character at the show should have the capacity to fall in love with a woman too. However, the writer would serve TRUTH best by showing the struggles, setbacks, battles with honesty that occur when men who have been in the gay lifestyle fall into love happen and not ATTEMPT TO BRAINWASH ANOTHER GENERAL OF YOUNG BLACK MEN INTO BELEIVING THEY CAN ONLY LOVE THE SAME SEX. This is the biggest LIE I HAVE EVER SEEN!!! If the writer is willing to tell the whole truth. and stop putting Jamal’s character in a BOX.. THE WRITER NEEDS TO FIX THIS DECEPTION!

  41. dhorllapor says:

    @coneyro thanks. I love him and Micheal together though

  42. Zarinah Johnson says:

    I’m not happy with what the writers are doing with Anika or Cookie! Cookie is slipping, that’s why she didn’t see the concert promoters crap coming. Cookie Should have been more sympathetic with Anika. Luscious hurt them both badly. Time to combine their efforts permanently. Everyone one knows when it comes down to it; Luscious only cares for himself! I also don’t like the story line of Making Anika go crazy; she’s to intelligent for that! The writers need to regroup and rewrite the script.

  43. Kyem says:

    Anita push her flat hair under scull

  44. Lottie banks says:

    I believe Rhonda and her baby should survive the fall. Just think of the story and think of viewers,they would eat that story line up. The normal would to let Rhonda and or baby die.

  45. Nicole says:

    I want to know who pushed her down the stairs I believe it was Ankia she is crazy and jealous of everythimg

  46. Zahra'u Oyibo Musa says:

    i so wanna kill hakeem right now? What’s gonna happen between Jamal and Lucious? i just hope they won’t fight. Can’t wait for season 3

  47. Takala says:

    I think anikia pushed her down the stairs

  48. Nasra says:

    Its crazy good i luv your mess go on

  49. Stewie says:

    guys let me say this first remember in the beginning of the series when Camilla said she would show Hakeem the 48 laws of power. well Camilla prob read the prince prince from Nichole makaveli if i spelled it right and did as he did “disappeared” she has shown characters or tricks from a lot of these books. also she disappeared and watched from a distant didn’t make her presence known until it was the right time. i knew she would do something like that also for rhonda in this episode rhonda didn’t want anika to say something. I’m thinking of a few things first being is the old man she hooked up with or something other then that. what ever it was we will find out soon. as for hakeem i think he’s a bitch and i think he can’t get over his pops doing him wrong. also chris rock we haven’t seen him die so i think he might come back. also i think the baby form rhonda will survive and i think the person who did it was either hakeem, anika or another person. well i got a lot of theres and spoilers but i leave it for another time lol.

  50. chowchow says:

    I think that Camille pushed her down the stairs to occupy the Lyons while she adapts to taking over their company.