The Voice Top 10 iTunes Rankings: Who's at Risk?

Surrender, Adele!

The British chanteuse is the only artist standing in the way of The Voice‘s Season 9 contestants completely dominating the iTunes Top 200 singles chart.

Otherwise, members of Teams Blake, Adam, Gwen and Pharrell held down the 2-5 slots, as well as Nos. 7, 8 and 10, at the close of voting today (noon ET).

The whopping success of the week’s seven most successful vocalists — who all qualified for the iTunes multiplier with their Top 10 chart positions — means there are only three likely options for the guillotine during tonight’s results telecast (8/7c on NBC): Zach Seabaugh, Korin Bukowski and Braiden Sunshine.

While Braiden’s been the low man on the iTunes totem pole before — and managed to avoid the Bottom 2 via his apparently large bloc of pitch-impaired fans — the fact that he ranked 86 positions lower than his nearest competitor indicates waning desire for his brand of high-school talent-show rock ‘n roll. Korin, meanwhile, has been forced to sing for her life two weeks running — and since she doesn’t have the almighty Blake behind her, it’s likely she (and not the hip-thrusting Zach) will also be at risk.

Is it possible that an epic “Save Me” song from Korin could make her a three-time Twitter Save champ? Perhaps. But don’t underestimate the power of a misty-eyed, quivering-lipped, 15-year-old Braiden sailing into the Season 9 semifinals on a wave of sympathy Tweets.

My prediction? Korin finally goes home — leaving Braiden to get axed during next week’s five-artist elimination.

Ranking on iTunes Singles Chart at Close of Voting (Tuesday, Noon ET)
2. Team Adam: Jordan Smith, “Hallelujah”
3. Team Blake: Barrett Baber, “I’d Just Love to Lay You Down”
4. Team Pharrell: Madi Davis, “Girls Just Want to Have Fun”
5. Team Blake: Emily Ann Roberts, “She’s Got You”
7. Team Gwen: Jeffery Austin, “Jealous”
8. Team Adam: Amy Vachal, “Bye Bye Bye”
10. Team Adam: Shelby Brown, “Go Rest High on That Mountain”
20. Team Blake: Zach Seabaugh, “Crazy Little Thing Called Love”
27. Team Gwen: Korin Bukowski, “Same Old Love”
113. Team Gwen: Braiden Sunshine, “Radioactive”

Who do you think is going home this week? And who should get his or her walking papers? Take our polls below, then hit the comments!

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  1. modo322 says:


    Will there be a twitter instant save next week? If so, would it be between 6 contestants? Cause what I’m getting at is, if the votes are spread out amongst several contestants, and all the tone deaf preteen girls and their mothers vote for Braiden – could he crack the top 4??

    Please no.

  2. maggie mae says:

    Jeffry Austin, is a breath of fresh air, he brings so much more to the table. Madi Davis, will always give you more. Emily Ann, is just another country singer, really nothing special.

    • Mike Mitrione says:

      I think Emily Ann is special and I see her as a young Carrie Underwood!

    • PaoloAKhan says:

      the fact that you think Emily Ann is just another country singer means that you’re a.) don’t know anything about country music b.)don’t know anything about the country music industry today. So your opinion is invalid. Country music nowadays is just crowded with average-sounding male singers whose music is a really bad combination of country and RnB. We need more great female country vocalists like Carrie Underwood! And that girl Emily Ann is the next country diva for sure!

  3. abz says:

    Please America, do the right thing and get rid of Braiden,

  4. Palpetine2 says:

    Zach Peen-bagh the fake Elvis impersonator is a no talent TT. The dude can’t finish a phrase without being out of breath from all of his hip thrusts and he routinely forget’s lyrics. If the show the Voice is truly about singing and the art of singing this no talent cannot sing hack needs to go home. He will not because he get’s the teenage girl popularity contest vote but the fact remains, this dool-ouche needs to be gone. No doubt the producers of this show will push this fraud to the top. Pre-teen girls will vote for both Peen-bagh and Braiden to stick around

  5. Sally says:

    Michael, your story is incorrect. Except for Adele, the Voice singers dominated the top 10, not the top 200. Also, on ITunes as of noon, Emily Ann is 4 and Madi is 5.

    I thought Shelby sang Vince Gill’s song beautifully and since this was the first time she even cracked the top 10, I tune record buyers thought so too.

    I am hoping that one singer from each of the coaches teams are in the top four so I will hope Jordan, Emily, Jeffrey and Madi all crack the top 10 again next week.

  6. Marilyn says:

    It’s really too bad that Braiden picked a song that will probably get him the least votes. He is such a classics singer-it would be a shame for him to go for choosing the wrong song this late in the game.

  7. Timmah says:

    I would really love to see Zach go home, but I don’t think Blake’s gang is any danger. I think it’s going to be Shelby or Amy.

  8. Sacha Comden says:

    I’d love to hear Jordan Smith sing Simon and Garfunkles Bridge over troubled water

    • Dave says:

      Please no. Because they would bring in a gospel choir and that will make me scream.
      Jeffery on the other hand would probably sing it well without a gospel choir.

    • KATE says:

      Do you know who Jordan sounds like ? EDDIE MERCURY. From “Queen”, and I mean it as a compliment. I don’t know if Jordan would ever “go there” as a singer but why not ?
      I can tell he could do it. I really like Jordan.

  9. CDJ says:

    With the exception of Jordan the contestants are of a poorer quality with their singing talents from all the previous episodes. Given a choice which is fair and based on performance last night I feel that Braiden and or Zach will more than likely be voted off tonight. I am not impressed with this season at all.

    • KATE says:

      I feel the same way, except for Jordan Smith, he’s interesting. He could sing so many styles if he wanted to. I thought I detected some “Freddie Mercury/Queen” singing ability ! I’m not saying he’s Gay, but I think he could sing like Freddie. If you really listen to him, you’d see what I mean.

    • CDJ, I have to disagree. I haven’t watched every episode of any previous season, but I am a classical singer, and when I would watch with my wife (who loves the show) in previous years, I would find both the coaching and the level of singing to be atrocious. I find the singers this year to be pretty good, and at least in the early rounds (before the public voting) there was some pretty good coaching. Now that it’s all praise, praise and more praise, I have no time for any of the coaches’ comments (we tape the show and then fast-forward through everything other than the performances).

      Anyway, I think they have some pretty good singers. Even Emily, whose nasally tone annoys me, has a good strong voice. If only someone would teach her not to go into her nose every time she sings a sustained narrow vowel like ee or oo…

  10. Jayla says:


    P.S. Idk who is even voting for Braiden…he’s not the typcial “cute guy” teenage girls vote for (ex. Dez Duron) and has no appeal to any group.

  11. KATE says:

    I admire Jordan a lot. Best of luck to him, what a powerful voice and nice guy too.

  12. david gibel says:

    i like amy she did really good job on pasty cline song.she better not go home

  13. Crystal says:

    I do not like Amy’s style of singing. She’s a tad bit above an average singer and does not seem to be able to sing outside her comfort zone. She can’t hit high notes and all of her songs sound the same. You know when she’s up that you’re in for the same low key performance while slinking around the stage trying to sound as sultry as she possible can. This contest is supposed to be about the voice not about how seductive you can sound when rearranging popular songs. Don’t get me wrong, she does have talent and is a beautiful girl but I think the problem is she cannot go outside the box she’s in because she can only sing with a limited capacity. Braiden is a bit too young and Korin seems like a sweet girl but is pitchy most of the time. I think Jeffry is falling into the same category as Amy with not going out of his comfort zone, same genre of songs, etc. All of the rest are fantastic and would be happy with any of them as potential winners.

    • francis says:

      Hey Crystal you don’t know what artistry means.. Amy has a unique voice and few artist like here exist int his music industry. We need to have a jazz artist. Only Amy has that type of voice. All of the contestant have the same voice with the current singers. They are just duplicate or karaoke singer.

    • Candi g says:

      Sad to say YOU ARE WRONG. ,,,,AMY Is the best !!

  14. claire says:

    I believe that someone marketable will be chosen probably Amy or Emily. That said the talent that has captured my greatest interest is Shelby Brown. perhaps a little too innocent . I hope that this experience gives her opportunities to follow her dreams. I would love to see one of Country music female super stars would take an interest in Shelby’s future. I would her music. I would buy Jeffrey, Madi and Korin’s music.

  15. I voted for the four for which I have the most regard – Shelby, Madi, Amy Vachal, Jordan – and then voted for Braiden for old time’s sake, recognizing that it is probably time for the little guy to go. But most of all I want to see Korin chopped – her Gwen imitation is creepy, and her talent has been stretched thin by the repeat exposure.

    Others that some seem to regard who I can’t stand: Emily and Jeffrey. The former’s nasal tone I find annoying, and the latter has a decent voice but everything he does sounds the same. No variety, no dynamics to speak of. Boring…

    As for Blake’s folks in general – it says something to me that the best country singer left in the competition is coached by somebody else! (by which I mean Shelby)

  16. carla says:

    Emily Ann should sing an Emmy Lou Harris song “one of these days”.

  17. pooki says:

    At least Braiden tries different genres. Most of the others sound the same every week, especially Amy and Korin. Boring.

  18. Cindy says:

    Barrett is so cocky and over confident. He acts as if he’s already won the competition. It is such a turn off. Makes me dislike country more than ever. I want to see someone win that will appreciate it and is actually talented.

  19. Helen says:

    The Voice is the best entertainment on TV next to NCIS.

  20. jr says:

    Shelby has the most beautiful voice. I hope this young lady gets a recording contract quickly as her voice should be share with the world!

  21. Annie Cain says:

    I just love Jordan Smith last night’s performance really made the hair stand up he’s really came a long way keep Jordan Smith I think he can win

  22. Jeffrey Austin’s song, “Jealous,” was the song that made Simon Cowell cry during an episode of BGT. Apparently, his Mother had just passed away and he said the song made him think of her. I guess the song’s meaning is different to everyone who listens to it. I think it is a really good song from a lyrics standpoint.

  23. gayle says:

    Zack had a bad night with the choice song

  24. Lumi says:

    Sunshine in shining our way

  25. turtle says:

    Sunshine has been carried by gwens mothering its time for him to go. If jeffrey keeps his smug attitude and singing horrible songs he needs to go next. Sorry gwen I loved your new song.

  26. jennifer says:

    I love the voice they have really pretty singers. And I think korin should win

  27. steven raye says:

    Jordan is not that special, but good. Braiden should go.

  28. donna says:

    Please do a kids version ending at age 17 and have it be 18 and up for this show voice. I am a psychologist and I would like to help them with a child version

  29. rich k says:

    I am glad coach Gwen chose radioactive for mr. Sunshine. It was bad at all levels and we get rid of him this week.

  30. TJ Diaz says:

    I think Amy would kill it singing Elvis can’t help falling in love

  31. Victoria Jolliffe says:

    Blake – would love to see some vulnerability in Zac – would love to hear him sing “I want you to live” originally sung by George Canyon.

  32. Temperance says:

    Jordan’s lame Halelujah was a total non-event. It was even middle of the pack of the billion or so versions out there. It’s not a gospel song, and it was dull as matte black paint. Ugh.

  33. Janice Stanford says:

    Madison needs to sing Joan baez

  34. Kim says:

    Sack zach- he does not come close to the other comtestants talent. The only thing he’s got going is his looks. He would probably do well on cruise ships. Just saying.

  35. Babs says:

    I would love to hear Amy sing ‘A soldier’s lullaby, from ‘The Anarchists’.

  36. Rose Hulker says:

    I just got chills listening to Jordan outstanding performance!!!Yep drop the Mic is right he just WON!!!!