Scream Queens Recap: For Pete's Sake

With all of the flimsy evidence pointing towards Dean Munsch being the killer, the ladies of Kappa Kappa Tau on Tuesday’s Scream Queens found themselves with but one option: Kill. Dean. Munsch.

After failing to poison ol’ Rug-Munch with a glass of Hester’s homemade apple cider (secret ingredient: puffer fish venom), the Kappas attempted to freeze the alleged killer via an extended (27-minute!) stay in a cryo chamber, only to be foiled yet again. Following a bananas brainstorming sesh, which included various theories about monk-training, the movie Teen Wolf and something about Rasputin, Chanel decided to “drown the bitch.”

Unfortunately, Chanel struck out a third time when her fellow Kappas were too busy arguing with a saleswoman — apparently it’s not store policy to put size-zero labels on size-four dresses — to join her by the pool. Thus, a super-awkward showdown occurred between Dean Munsch and Chanel, who all but disowned her “sisters” in the episode’s final moments.

Now for this week’s big revelation, which came courtesy of Pete “Coffee Donkey” Martinez, who told Grace he couldn’t have sex with her because — wait for it — he didn’t think her first time should be “with a murderer!” I know that doesn’t mean Pete is the killer — in fact, if this show has taught us anything, it’s that life at Wallace University is just one long red herring — but it would certainly explain his sketchy phone call about feeling “guilty” and getting off campus as quickly as possible. Seriously, who was he talking to?

Come to think of it, Pete did a lot of weird stuff this week, beginning with his porn-inspired — come on, we all thought it — showdown with Chad. During a reading of Boone’s will, we learned that Chad’s gay bro left everything to Pete, from his unassembled XBox Kinect to his bejeweled butt plug. Chad’s initial theory was that Pete and Boone were secret lovers (“You do not bequeath a box of lube to an acquaintance!”), but it turns out that Boone was merely Pete’s inside source during his investigation. I’m not sure if any of that is relevant, but it was damn entertaining.

Stray Observations:

* I’m having trouble deciding whether Wes’ sex talk with Grace was the best or worst speech he’s ever given. (“I fathered twins with a girl whose name I can’t remember, and those twins grew up to murder a bunch of people.”) Actually, never mind. It was the worst.

* Speaking of things that teeter between being the best and worst, I love that Denise Hemphill snagged the Chief of Police job after everyone on the force was fired for blowing all their money on ghost-hunting equipment. (Also, remember reading this sentence, and that I typed it: Denise Hemphill is 100 percent the killer.)

* If Boone and Gigi are both dead, how were there two Red Devils at the mall with the girls? Who else is working with this person?

* Lastly, I didn’t think I could appreciate a holiday more than Chanel-o-ween — until her twisted version of Black Friday came into my life. I mean, who even needs a festive parade when you can enjoy a full-blown “hippo stampede” at Wal-Mart? Ah, the holidays…

OK, your turn to talk: Did you enjoy Chanel’s Black Friday as much as I did? And who’s your final pick for the other Red Devil? Drop a comment with your thoughts and theories below.

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. bar says:

    I was also confused by there being two killers in the mall. I thought Boone and Gigi dying was a solution for the original multiple-murders faux pas. Denise, Zayday, and No. 5 are my prime suspects! Pete is too obvious (though he is a total creepazoid).

    • Paulo says:

      You…you do remember no5 was in the group when there was 2 killers…right?????? did she clone herself so she could be in the mall as the red devil + run with the girls? wow thats crazy!

    • Rook says:

      I don’t think there were two killers in the mall. There could have been a number of ways the red devil got in. Plus if there are two killers, then it can’t be any of the Chanel’s because that would make it a total of 5 killers. Boone, Gigi, other twin, other person, and a Chanel. That would just be total BS.

  2. VIc says:

    So all in all, there are four killers? Boone, Gigi and the two unmasked murderers? Hmm. I had a weird dream last night which reveals Grace as the killer. Funny but it’s a possibility.

    • Paulo says:

      I believe one was Pete. Someone killed the cop, (hes a murderer), he said that this was the last time (Was this the first time that he was requested to play a red devil?) AND he was running away. (Killing soome certain cop ;; ) )

  3. Steve says:

    Any chance Gigi is still alive and it was some kind of prosthetic served to them? Then she could’ve been one of the two at the mall?

  4. Brandi says:

    I think it is Hester

  5. Chris says:

    I think the red devil either forced pete or promised pete a story/interview or something to help him/her for one night at the mall. I think Pete was the red devil that was with the crossbow at the mall (hunting Chanel because of his hatred towards Kappa) and instead of murdering Chanel he was forced to murder the random cop and make an escape. Just a theory

    • bar says:

      That’s a great theory! Pete would take him up on the offer for sure!

    • Paulo says:

      I also think that!! That would explain why hes a murderer (the cop was deaaad) plus the phone call and why he was trying to run away (plus…that part when he was on bed with Grace…was i the only one a bit scared of his ‘the killer isn’t doing that much bad hings’

  6. VIc says:

    Can’t wait for the season finale! Hoping for a season two as well!

  7. Nick says:

    Did I miss something? I thought GIGI was working with two Red Devils. The Devils are related. I think there was only one at the mall, or did I miss it?. Gigi was not one of the Devils. Maybe its Nick Jonas in a dual role? Or is it a girl? Lol.

  8. Nick says:

    Also, Gigi said the Devils were siblings, say day and Deniae are out

    • von says:

      I say its chanel #5 for various reason like trying to kill chanel

      • Paulo says:

        Expect that…
        A) I think that after Boonie was killed (ok i might be wrong about this one) channel was chased by a certain red devil…wow! her clone sure do know how to stalk her!
        B) Did her brother really killed both her lovers? Wouldn’t one be enough…?
        C) Was her clone also in the mall? Bc two red devils were there + all the channels running. Unless she quickly changed herself to redevil and speedrun to behind them to yell …thats incredibly fast!

  9. Holly says:

    Please stop listing spoilers in the title of your articles. I wanted to look up when the episode would be airing in my country, which isn’t for about 10 hours after it aired in the US, and I had the entire episode ruined by your headline because that was google’s first result for my search. Not happy at all.

  10. Crystal says:

    This show got way more confusing and the season ends next week…

  11. West Cow says:

    Chanels Oberlin is clearly the killer , she manipulates Pete since the spray tan incident . And she is also the bath tub baby. She did everything on purpose .

  12. Melanie Dorkus (she’s severely scarred, which would explain why the Red Devil Killer wore the costume indoors with Gigi)

  13. sorude says:

    Recapped is flaw in not mentioning Hester’s Rasputin diatribe.

  14. Karen says:

    Ummmmmm am I the only one who remembers that there were 2 babies,Boone and his sister….the sister killed Gigi last week,and obviously Peter is involved so there’s how u get 2 people at the mall………..just saying

  15. Beisch says:

    I think Pete is the bathtub baby, not Boon. He proved that Wes is Boons father by DNA, but can’t prove he was one of the twins. I also have a hunch that Chanel 1 is the girl twin and orchestrated and financed the entire thing. The Devils lair is a rental paid in full cash monthly (someone with money), Chanel escapes being killed several times and finally she’s shot but not seriously injured, humm. Gotta admit this show has me hooked.

    • Sarah says:

      But, when the other red devil killed Boone, Gigi said something like “Sorry you had to kill your brother.” So if Wes is Boone’s father, he’s the other Red Devil’s father too. Could be Grace. Could be the other bathtub twin. Who knows.

  16. katedfw says:

    I know this show is pretty stupid BUT I absolutely love Chanel and her observations on life and love. Plus Chad Radwell is pretty much the new best character on TV.

  17. Tsubasa says:

    I’m so sure it’s Grace, there’s so much proof…

  18. Erica says:

    Okay so I honestly feel that Pete is the killer. I know it may be too obvious. but, if you remember Graces’s dad mentioned he fathered two twins. Boone left all of his stuff to Pete. Of course Boone was a source for Pete, they’re the twins!. Why do you think they showed the red devil costume in Pete’s closet twice? Idk but Pete is sketchy. What really got me, is when the entire time Pete played his role of getting close to Grace because he knew she would be investigating. That’s why he didn’t have sex with her. He’s her half brother lol

  19. shortyyy101 says:

    I think the killers left are me aline dorkuss (the previous kappa leader) and petes helping her.. obviously she blackmailed him or something because he doesn’t feel too good about what he’s doing.. the last episode is titled dorkus and it would make sense if her bodies melted and disfigured that’s why she always wears the costume the babies were just a rouse

  20. Ionut_B says:

    It’s simple. They are two bathtub twin babies. A boy & a girl. The boy was Boone, and the girl is indeed a girl and is THE KILLER.
    We know that Boone is one of the bathtub babies because when Gigi was talking with “the girl”, she told her that “you killed your brother for a greater purpose”. So, the boy from the bathtub is Boone & not Pete.
    So, we knew they were 3 killers: Gigi, Boone and her twin sister. Now we find out that Pete is also a murderer. This means, in total, they were 4 killers: The 2 babies in the bathtub, Gigi & somehow all of them managed to get Pete to help them.
    And now, the main question is ? who is the girl from the bathtub ?
    We know that Pete was talking with her on the phone in episode 11 telling her to stop calling him. So, we know for a fact that the girl is not Grace.
    Also we know for a fact that the girl is not Channel Number 3, because she was surprised and scared when she saw Boone in the campus.
    If they respect the actions that I described above, the girl from the bathtub, who is “The Killer”, it can only be of of these 4: most obvious pick would be Chanel Number 5, Hester or that girl Melanie.
    There are no other options except the ones I listed above: But my money is on Chanel #5 (Abigail Breslin)
    Also, i realy don’t think the real Chanel (Emma Roberts) is the killer.

    • Beisch says:

      Can’t be #5. She was driving away with the devil in her back seat. Couldn’t be boon he was at kappa killing earl grey. Besides I was hopping sh’ed get killed. Also how sure are you that boon is bathtub baby?
      No one ever said the killers were the twins born in the tub, only speculated.

      • Virginia says:

        Did you actually pay attention to the story about the hag of shady lane? It’s obvious that Gigi’s the hag. The second time that Grace and Pete went to the mental hospital, the woman who paints everything gave them one of the paintings. If you look at the painting, it’s clearly Gigi holding the bathtub babies (a boy and a girl). When Dean Munsch saw the painting, she noticed that the boy has the same smirk as Boone, so Boone is definitely one of that batbtub babies. When Earl Grey died, Boone revealed himself as one the red devils. When Boone was killed by the other red devil, Gigi said “your commitment to revenge is clearly greater than your brother’s”, so the killer is his twin sister aka the other bathtub baby.

        • Sandra says:

          That is exactly what I said, the second red devil is one of the girls.

        • Holly says:

          I’ve thought it was Chanel #3 from the start, and the only thing that possibly rules that out is her in the mall, but given the above theory about Pete being hired to pretend to be a killer and killing that cop, I am confident Mini Manson did it… sort of

          • Scott-Robert Shenkman says:

            I think the biggest problems here (a) we don’t actually know how many Red Devils are running around out there. A lot of people have a lot of motives and they could be copycatting to get rid of their own enemies. (b) the twins were said to be a boy and a girl. Someone may have lied (but on this show, who would do such a thing!).

    • reese says:

      If Chanel no. 3 is the girl twin, she could have been genuinely suprised to see Boone on campus that night because he was out in the open with very little disguise when he should have been in hiding. When hes trying to search for an explanation of why hes walking around campus basically as himself Chanel no 3 could have just thought of a “reason” first and said “a ghost!” To give him the excuse. While at the same time trying to play it off that she didn’t know he was actually alive in case someone was watching. Remember when boone is on the phone saying don’t worry he was in disguise? Well that wasn’t true so that’s why she was suprised. Has Chanel no 3 had any real close calls with the red devil(s)? And don’t forget the “I knew it was you” reveal before that one lesbian kappa died in the basement tub. Just a theory.

  21. robandco says:

    I only saw one Red Devil in the mall. It never occurred to me that there were two of them. But then again, they all wear the same generic outfit so who knows. But I strongly feel there only were one Red Devil.
    They dropped the name of the former Kappa House president that had her face burnt once again tonight, right before the big finale, how convenient if it turns out to be her.

  22. Reddevilkiller says:

    In episode ten, Thanksgiving addition when Gigi and the red killer were in the hotel room Gigi was talking to red devil killer and said “so you’re not going to talk.” I’m going out on a limb here but what if Pete knows the red devil killer and switched places and killed Gigi with the electric knife. Am I wrong or had anyone else thought the same?

    • reese says:

      Ooh I hadn’t thought of that! Good idea

    • Sarah says:

      I hadn’t thought of that either, but that’s interesting. Anyone could be under that costume at any given time. And Pete does have one because he was the mascot.

      I do believe Pete killed someone, but I don’t think he is THE KILLER. He may have killed someone out of self defense or who knows. And I think whoever he was talking to on the phone about feeling guilty had nothing to do with the murders. He was probably cheating on Grace or something. ;)

  23. Shannon says:

    I still think the last female killer and the bathtub baby is Chanel No. 4. She mysteriously got meningitis, but went home, and then died, so we never saw her, and we have no real proof she died. All the remaining Chanels have been cleared because they were all together while being chased by the 2 red devils in the mall. Pete clearly wasn’t speaking to Grace on that phone. Zayday isn’t Boone’s twin. What other girls are left? (It’s probably Pete in that pic above the title. Releasing that photo wouldn’t be giving away much now.)

  24. Gabriel says:

    Can’t wait for final eps. Had Chad challenged Pete 2 weeks ago I would have been oh yeah bring on the Scrabble boys, but now I’m really looking forward to a showdown of Pictogram – can’t wait to see who Dean Mensch must bow down to.

  25. Lala says:

    I feel some type of way about ZayDay talking about how delicious Gigi smelled. This reminds me of how Black people throughout the history of television have been depicted as cannibals. I have enjoyed the absurdity of the characters and plot, but, it’s 2015. Are we really still doing this? Are we really still perpetuating the stereotype that Black people are “violent, uncivilized animals”?

  26. Beisch says:

    Other chats said Jen the candle girl is the girl twin and killer. Little clues like boon on the table surrounded by candles, Jen surrounded by candles, the shady lane dead surrounded by candles…humm. Least likely but then again Gigi did lift the exclusive ban on kappa to get an all inclusive group of girls to join. Likely the misfits can be the killer.

  27. Scott-Robert Shenkman says:

    Good Lord, it’s Chanel #1. And Pete. And Grace. And Grace’s Dad. And Jamie Lee Curtis (because she’s never been a murderer before) and Hemphil and Chad Radwell, and not-dead-or-gay Boone, and well, pretty much everyone but Arianna Grande, and I think she’s in hell, right? They are all Red Devils and their copycats. The ultimate in-joke – like on AHS where pretty much everyone kills someone at least once on an episode.

  28. Sandra says:

    It has to be a girl because the twin bathtub babies were a boy and a girl according to Dean Munch. Boone is dead so the other devil is a girl I believe is Chanel Number (?) Charles Manson Daughter

  29. Sandra says:

    I don’t think Pete Martinez is a red Devil