Criminal Minds Aubrey Plaza

Criminal Minds: Aubrey Plaza Scores a Deadly Date With Reid — First Photo

Aubrey Plaza is coming to CBS’ Criminal Minds for a game of Cat and mouse.

TVLine has learned exclusively that the Parks and Recreation alum will guest-star in the 11th episode of Season 11, airing Jan. 13, as Grumpy Cat Adams.

In the midseason premiere, Reid (played by Matthew Gray Gubler) gets more than he bargained for during a date with Cat when she unexpectedly pulls a gun on him. The duo’s dinner becomes a game of wits when Cat discloses that she knows Reid is an FBI agent and then tasks him to think on his feet to save himself and a restaurant full of unsuspecting victims.

Plaza’s recent TV credits include Welcome to Sweden and voice work on Castle, Golan the Insatiable, Grumpy Cat’s Worst Christmas Ever and The Legend of Korra.

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  1. DL says:

    Reid just can’t catch a break. *sigh*

  2. Melody says:

    Sounds interesting but all I can think of is poor Reid. Will the writers ever let him find a nice girl?

  3. Steven says:

    Reid deserves better, but the premise reminds me of Frank and Gideon in the diner back in season 1. Very interesting.

  4. SoFla says:

    Wow, one day Spencer will get a story line that is worth something/meaningful and not just the deadly situations they put him in to get us all uproar as he is probably everyone’s favorite. So, when ratings slide lets put Spence in danger so everyone watches to make sure he is ok. Just leave him & Garcia alone, they should not be the scapegoat characters for all things wrong that happen IMO.

    • James says:

      He’s everyone’s favorite because they take pity on him and his relationship status. Once they give him a steady partner, most of the fan love will go away.

      • Autumn says:

        Actually, many of us like him for who he is regardless of relationship status.

      • Autumn says:

        Actually, a great deal of us like him for who he is, not his relationship status. :) posting this comment due to my other one not showing up-My device is wonky so it could be there and just not showing on mine. Regardless, sorry if this is a double post.

      • Angela says:

        Heck, no, I’d still adore Reid even if he were in a steady relationship. I loved watching things develop between him and Maeve, and I really, really wish that storyline had had a much happier outcome, because I thought they were adorable together. I would love to see him finally find the happiness he’s longing for.
        I will say this, though: I remember some of the nasty remarks people made about Dorian’s looks last season, and then I saw the way some people got all bent out of shape over mere rumors that had floated around this past summer saying Reid and Tara could have a thing. If fans really want to see Reid happy in the romance department, then not judging or scrutinizing his potential/rumored love interests would probably help a little in regards to that, no?

        • Sarah Stardust says:

          Ugh, I have to agree with you about the fan base. People can be so possessive and superficial.

          Honestly, I would like to see him happy because he’s the one I identify best with. It almost feels as if they’re saying people like him (and me) aren’t able or don’t deserve to have happy relationships… that goes both for the show writers and the crazy fans. A romantic partner doesn’t have to be on the same level or a carbon copy. I’ve been happily married to a fellow nerd for two years now, and while he’s not as book smart as me, he’s a sweet man and we get each other. So it is possible!

          That’s all Reid needs, too, just someone sweet who understands him, and I’d like to see him end up happy, too. Especially with the hints they throw in here and there about what a good dad he’d be, they really need to write in someone for him. Honestly, I think it’d be cute if he ended up with a librarian. With how many books he goes through on a regular basis, he must go to a library once a week (no way he could afford that many on government pay, haha), so that’d be a safe way to meet someone outside of work.

          Eh, just my random thoughts.

          • Patricia Chant says:

            Reid is a difficult character.to write a long term romance.story line. He doesn’t have the skills ( or so it would seem) to advance a romantic relationship. If a love interest is in the plan, the writers need to explore why love eludes Reed.

          • Sarah Stardust says:

            But that was exactly the point of what I said, it is entirely possible. I am intelligent (not quite on par with Reid, but I have been called Spock and Sheldon as if it were some kind of insult, so..), awkward, shy, and damaged like Reid, and for quite some time I was afraid I would end up alone forever, but I’ve been happily married for two years now. Saying it is difficult does not say it is impossible, and to entirely dismiss the possibility just feels insulting. I’m really hoping that this doesn’t make him give up on love, and given Gubler’s comments on how Reid is growing this season I suppose the outlook is good this will help him in some way.

      • Emma says:

        We love him because he Is nice even if he gets a nice girl he still be my favorite.

      • Laura says:

        Not true, not true at all. I had high hopes for him and Maeve. We all know how that worked out. Then there was Dylan, she was smart like him, and even laughed at his jokes. But she was in one episode and then disappeared. Seems like he can’t catch a break. What I would like to see, for him, it’s a proper love interest, with a cute girl who appreciates his sense of humour and intelligence. And he’d still be my favorite, because I like HIM, because he is SPENCER and not because I pity him or whatever. That makes no sense.

    • Steven says:

      I agree and poor Garcia has an army of assassin’s after her. But remember the other characters also get tortured too. Remember Hotch’s wife?

    • AvngAngl says:

      He’s not my favorite. I would prefer to see the show tie up all the loose plots for the cast members that have been left hanging since S1… Namely Hotch’s loose end’s.. Was he abused as was hinted at in Honor Among Thieves. Or what haver happened with Hotch’s Brother after Brother’s Hotchner… How about what may have happened after Mr. Scratch? Was his mother part of the abuse or was it just his father? There are so many loose ends that adding ‘another’ plotline to the series this late in the game is annoying.

      • Autumn says:

        Several of the characters have loose ends from early seasons as well, including Reid. It’s cool you like Hotch, but at least he has had a few semi-recent things. Reid really hasn’t had much of anything lately, unless you count the shot in the neck thing which was a plot device for Blake leaving or the silly fitness test thing, both things he shared with Garcia/Blake. Oh and he got to act sad because of Gideon’s death. Big whoop. Anyways, I’m glad you like Hotch, but Redi has been wallflowered lately too so it’s refreshing to see him get something. :)

        • Autumn says:

          ^Reid not redi

        • AvngAngl says:

          I agree Reid hasn’t had the most positive of storylines lately… Maeve comes to mind, and this sounding like another ‘Maevish’ date isn’t appealing… If going on a date was the objective then by all means give Reid that.. for heaven’s sake do they have to make EVERY ‘relationship’ angle on this show heartbreaking… Are the only ones who are in decent Relationships destined to be Morgan/Garcia & JJ???? I fear that to be the case as apparently those 3 are the writer’s and showrunner’s ‘favorites’… Fans opinions notwithstanding. Why not have him and this ‘Cat’ person at this restaurant and have ‘someone’ else hold them hostage and Reid take control and talks them down or for lack of a better term ‘save the day’… WHY have this Cat person (his date) be the one to wind up being the unsub?

          • Angela says:

            Well, considering this whole Dirty Dozen business going on with Morgan and Garcia now, I could see their close bond being deeply affected in a sad way in relation to that, especially if Morgan winds up being the team member who leaves this season, as some people have been theorizing.
            And JJ…if they’re unable to get Will back for any future guest appearances, it won’t surprise me if they eventually end that relationship in some fashion, either, via divorce or killing him off.
            Also, I think if Aubrey were able to make more than one guest appearance, the storyline with her probably would go a happier route.

          • AvngAngl says:

            I doubt they’d kill off Will or divorce them either.. Especially now with the 2nd child… If anything they will have the perfect marriage off screen, with mentions by JJ about how great he is every now and then…

            While the Dirty Dozen arc intrigued me… Not that they’ve gone and turned it into another Garcia soap opera, (and badly at that) it’s lost the luster for me… Having it now center on Garcia just isn’t working for me… and that whole “Protective Custody-Witness Protection” angle from the previous episode without ANY type of follow-up regarding that throughout the episode just seems like a badly done plot device.

          • Angela says:

            They could do that, sure, but at some point I imagine some viewers would ask where he is all the same, especially any who do like that relationship (and yes, they’re out there). If they ever did go that route, though, I think they’d be more likely to kill him off (he dies in the line of duty or something noble like that) over having them divorce. I can’t see Will up and leaving JJ with two kids, and she wouldn’t want to break up the family, either.
            I’m personally rather interested in seeing how the whole thing with Garcia being targeted goes. I agree it would’ve been nice to see them touch on the protective custody thing a little more last episode, but this storyline clearly isn’t over yet, it seems like it’s just starting to ramp up, so I suspect there’s going to be a lot more detailed follow-through with that situation as the episodes go on.

          • AvngAngl says:

            They don’t need to do anything… Look at the whole Hotch/Beth relationship…. it played out vis a ‘cell-phone’ in Route 66 and then in a comment to Rossi In Amelia Porter! hey didn’t have to kill her off or make her the bad guy… They just brought an end to it. With how favorited JJ is to the Showrunner I doubt they will do anything to show ‘angst’ for Superwoman….Also, keep in mind that they’ve already killed off THREE Bau partners on the show two of whom were unnecessary (Maeve and Strauss) To do that same scenario ‘all over again’ is just showing how unimaginative the writer’s are… They had their chance to kill Will off at the end of S7 when there was some angst in their marriage too. What we got instead was the Happy Wedding which led to Emily’s leaving…

          • Emma says:

            We love him because he Is nice even if he gets a nice girl he still be my favorite.

      • So nice to finally, finally have some Reid focus. I know Hotch has also seemed to disappear in the shadow of the Action Women but at least he has had some storylines in the last few seasons which is more than Reid. I also don’t trust them to pick up any loose plots as continuity is so hit and miss with these writers. I just wish it wasn’t another Reid in Peril scenario and I just hope he is shown as the competent agent he is and not as just someone for Morgan and the Action Women to storm in and rescue..

        • Lilly says:

          So true!
          Enough is enough of “Morgan the great” and “JJ the Super Mom” story!
          Besides their praising Shemar Moore and AJ Cook aren’t so popular as Matthew.
          Now ratings are doing justice to CBS, but still stupidest writers ignoring Reid and MGG who are the most popular ones.
          And this article has never tagged #MatthewGrayGubler WTF!

          I’m SUPER HAPPY if Shemar ugly centric Moore leaves the show FINALLY, but if CBS and its friends’ media stupid people keep on ignoring Reid and MGG, the show will be canceled in S12 with 12episodes or something.

          Liberal media must realize it’s viewers and fans who make the show continue, NEVER idiotic writers or unpopular self-centric third rated actors like Shemar Ew Moore.

          • Angela says:

            What in the hell does one’s political affiliation have to do with which characters get most focus on this show?
            Also, mocking people’s looks. Nice. You sound charming. I know many women who watch because they like him and find him attractive, and that goes for many other female viewers out there, too, so clearly he’s not THAT unpopular. All the men on this show have strong female fanbases.

        • gubloidno1 says:

          Seriously, I’ve never heard one single “real” “girl” find ugly Moore her favorite.
          And all the dramas are quite influenced with political belief of the network, which is called a COMMON SENSE.
          Shemar Moore has strong liberal supporter, that is called CBS, the far left media, and Hollywood has been putting priority on black.
          Why did CBS promote only SM when CLEARLY we know he isn’t that popular as Gubler was and why did they have to maginalize MGG (for promoting SM)?
          What’s wrong with Reid’s being overwhelming popular character, never Morgan the black?
          Why has Reid/MGG been IGNORED when he is the one most popular?
          Because SM is BLACK.
          That’s all.

    • Huh? says:

      You want Garcia and Reid to have nothing bad happen to them, no drama or suspense. on a suspense drama about serial killers? SERIOUSLY? What do you want, to see Garcia knitting sweaters for kittens, and Reid teaching himself how to speak Swahili? Give me a break. They get danger and drama BECAUSE they are the most popular, and BECAUSE that’s what this show is about.

      • Autumn says:

        We have said NOTHING about wanting nothing bad to happen to them, just that they have had A LOT of bad things happen to them and it would be nice if something GOOD happen to them for a change! :)

    • Pandahobbs says:

      I am just gonna let you know the whole season is filmed before it actually premier on tv so that really isn’t how it works

  5. I find this entertaining on so many levels. First off, Aubrey is good friends with Matthew, so I imagine this was fun for them to shoot.Having seen a tiny portion of what happens from Shemar posting some scenes, it will be interesting. And yes, of course, poor Reid is incapable of having just a normal date with a woman that goes well. She either is a victim of a serial killer, killed in front of him, or she pulls a gun on him. I think he has the greatest romantic bad luck of all the characters on Criminal Minds. *sighs*

    • Autumn says:

      I’m beginning to think that Reid has the worst romantic luck of almost all current TV characters. lol

      • That is probably true. Think of all the other characters like Reid on TV, and they are doing better than him romantically. McGee and Delilah on NCIS are living together and happy. Sheldon on TBBT is about to punch is V card (likely before Reid does). Oliver on HTGAWM is in a hot relationship with Connor. There are probably others I can think of, but poor, poor Reid. Maybe he will become Cat’s prison pen pal. :) :) :)

  6. Angela says:

    Well. This sounds like quite an intriguing episode. I’m hoping that perhaps there’ll be a twist of some sort with her character, proving she’s not as bad as she appears, ’cause I do agree with the others that it’d be really nice to see Reid get a break in the romance department.
    But considering he asked that Dorian out on a date last season, and is going out on a date in this episode, that’s a great sign of seeing him continuing to move forward, so perhaps this could inadvertently be a good buildup to a proper romance developing later in the season for him, too. Whatever happens, I’m looking quite forward to this episode.

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      It does sound fun! Love when Reid gets to wield his smahts.

      • Angela says:

        Agreed :D.

      • AvngAngl says:

        BUT, if the ‘video’s’ Shemar Moore posted on his Instagram mean anything then it’s not Reid using his ‘smahts’ to get out of this situation…. It’s Morgan who apparently is needed to ride to his rescue….
        I agree with other’s apparently Spencer Reid has THE worst luck when his comes to women and dating…

        • Angela says:

          It also sounds like he’s arguing with Reid, though, in the video you mentioned, so that has me wondering if either Reid’s got his own plan he’s playing out that Morgan’s just not aware of at first, or perhaps he and Morgan are putting their heads together somehow. A small video snippet doesn’t necessarily tell the whole story, after all.

        • Autumn says:

          I am holding on to hope that Reid figures it out and plays her (perhaps figuring out her true intent and acting like he’s on her side) and he and Morgan work together to stop it-even if it seems like Reid is a victim.

  7. robandco says:

    They are friends in real life, so this should be fun. I love Audrey Plaza, she was great in Parks.

  8. Seriously? Can’t the boy have ONE date that goes well? Enough is enough!

  9. KC says:

    Sounds like a great episode – too bad Reid can’t get a real romance.

  10. cat says:

    can they give him 1, just ONE date with a non crazy, alive girl who likes him and is in no sort of danger? no? ok

    • amber says:

      Well he did have a date with JJ in season 1 that we’ll never know anything about because of the writers backtracking. But yeah I agree.

  11. Mohamed says:

    Is it real

  12. Jake says:

    Don’t watch the show, but Plaza does psycho well, so she should fit right in.

  13. Kalli says:

    I am glad Reid will be back soon – the last few episodes have been strange without him.

  14. McOBUBBA says:

    I seriously wish they would bring back Lila. Her and Reid seemed to like each other a lot, and they got along great. I think that would be a fantastic relationship for Reid, even if it doesn’t go on for the whole show, it would be nice for Spencer to have a steady relationship and something to look forward to.

  15. Callie says:

    Where has Reid been the past two weeks? I mean, I know he’s visiting his mother, but why is MGG not on the show?

    • Angela says:

      MGG had other projects he was working on. He was directing a Killers music video and was in some short film or something, too.

      • In reality, the only piece of work we know he was working on, was The Killers video, and that only took two days at the tail end of his vacation. We have seen no indication he was working the previous weeks, so his absence looks to be more for personal reasons than professional ones.

  16. sally says:

    my favorite show on TV,,, best cast on TV. I watch the reruns on ION TV A&E etc

  17. mo says:

    Where is Reid? He has t been on any episodes? I must have missed an episode where they explained it but they barely even make reference to his character. I only watched the show because of hima and miss his character.

    • Mo says:

      Alsp dont forget he had great success in the pool with the femail movie star he was protecting!!! I thought that was a good story line. They should bring her back into his life!!!

  18. jim d says:

    where has Spencer Reed been the last 2 episodes ?

  19. Carol Frazee says:

    We are not impressed with the woman who has replaced Spencer Reid character on Criminal Minds. Will his character return to new episodes or do we forego new episodes or just watch old episodes with his character intact?

    • Angela says:

      She hasn’t replaced him. MGG just had other commitments during filming of the last few episodes, so the show wrote Reid going to see his mom during that time to explain his absence for that brief time. But he’s coming back when the show returns from holiday break next month.

  20. John says:

    Bring back pagent

  21. Laura says:

    11 season in and Reid still doesn’t have a proper love interest? That’s what I call BS. The only things that happen to him personally are bad. JFC, give him a break.