Minority Report Finale Recap

Minority Report Finale Recap: The Future Is Fulfilled — But Are You?

The one thing the Minority Report Precogs didn’t see coming: the Fox drama’s quick demise — its cancellation is all but certain after a trimmed episode order — leaving Monday night’s unofficial series finale with the difficult task of wrapping up multiple mysteries — with varying degrees of success.

Before you chime in with your judgements, let’s recap: The Memento Mori terrorist plot escalates after Arthur and Agatha experience a vision of an attack. (You may have noticed Dash wasn’t mentioned in that last sentence. That’s because he has a rather unhelpful Minority Report glimpse of a playground instead.) Vega orders that the senate members/potential targets be whisked away to an underground shelter. Unfortunately, all the urgency and tension in the storyline is undermined by the detective repeatedly wondering aloud why the scientist in their custody keeps giving up information… until she finally realizes he’s trying to mislead the police. And unsurprisingly, Dash’s seemingly benign vision turns out to be the key to stopping Memento Mori after they discover the playground is right above the secret bunker.

Vega and Blake rush off to (successfully!) thwart the terrorist group from poisoning the senators via the ventilation system. But let’s be honest:  The threat never really feels too scary, since the targets are guest-stars-of-the-week and Memento Mori’s objective – to stop the passing of a law that would allow genetic modification – is pretty disconnected from the main characters.

What works somewhat better in the finale is the resolution of Agatha, Dash and Arthur’s story, which takes a dangerous turn after Blomfeld almost catches up to Agatha on Fiddler’s Neck. Vega warns them to get out of the city ASAP, but Agatha wonders if running away is futile. After all, no matter what they’ve done, her vision of Vega and the milk bath has stayed the same, she points out.

So when Blomfeld corners Dash at Wally’s home, Agatha and Arthur, along with his right-hand woman Andromeda, arrive with an offer: They will get in the milk bath to help prevent Memento Mori’s strike against the senate, but only on their own terms. That plan hits a complication when the Precogs get a new vision of Andromeda being killed. Seconds later, it becomes reality as Blomfeld’s men turn on them with the intent of capturing and selling the visionaries.

Arthur attacks Blomfeld, pulling him into the water as he shouts, “He killed her!” (Hmm, it seems like Arthur and Andromeda might have been more than just colleagues.) That’s when Agatha’s worrisome vision of Vega standing over the milk bath, declaring, “Put them in,” is revealed to be about Blomfeld and his cohorts, not the trio. Arthur wants to scramble the feds’ brains into a state of permanent amnesia. Dash argues that would make them no better than the murderers they see.

That leaves the Precogs with only one option: a life on the run. Vega vows that the authorities won’t find out where they’ve escaped to when they scrub her brain for info. Dash isn’t too happy about what that implies, but she assures him, “It’s the only way. Listen to your partner.”

As they prepare to take off, Arthur throws his siblings and Vega a curveball. “I can’t let them get away with that,” he declares, dashing back into the warehouse. But his desire for revenge is cut short by Wally, who has already fully submerged the bodies in the milk bath. “Run!” the Precog caretaker yells. (FYI: This episode is titled, “Everybody Runs.” Foreshadowing! Or just giving it away? Your call.)

Minority Report viewers, were you satisfied by the ending? Could you see a vision of Season 2? Hit the comments with your thoughts!

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  1. AdM says:

    I will miss this show. I’m still hoping against hope though that somehow this show is resurrected even in summer or another viewing platform. Yes it fell short on a lot of levels but it had alot of potential.

    • Jamilah says:

      Considering that the days of which comments are posted I figure I make my statement where it can be seen and not hidden away like most other grievances which didn’t make the deadline of posting before those who sugar coat the series for what it is. My post was aso of 12/3/15….

      I am highly upset this is going of the air. I absolutely loved the movie and the story line of the series was progressive had it been given its proper time and advertising. Regardless, it was a show that made you think outside the box and it’s being taken away. I’m tired of seeing good shows especially with Megan Good in them (deception) being scrapped when public percentage says they’d rather know what happens next. Considering that you guys are getting rid of the show, I feel more than obliged to stop watching this network and persuading others to do so as well

      • Nicole L says:

        You said it ALL. I so wanted this show to continue and I for one am still to this day upset about the cancellation of Deception. I just knew that Minority Report would not meet the same demise. I con not for the life understand why such good shows end abruptly while garbage shows continue on. And when it comes to FOX the have a bad habit of doing it i.e Touch. The show with Keifer Sutherland. I loved that show too.Ugh I was just hoping it was an early call but I guess its official.

        • I totally agree. It’s like FOX’s almost human, NBC’s Forever. Tv networks keep cancelling great shows way too soon, and rarely every release any kind of thing to wrap it up, giving fans some sort of closure. The best we can hope for is our own imaginations, or fanfics.

  2. Ellinaras78 says:

    Great ending. Wasn’t the best show on TV but it’s way better than some of this year’s other new shows that have gotten full season pickups. Different channels though.

  3. KayCeeCee says:

    I enjoyed Minority Report. It is one of the view shows this season for which I watched every episode. I hope that FOX keeps it around, but as they cancelled “Almost Human” and “Surviving Jack”, two shows that I also enjoyed, I am not too optimistic.

  4. APFW says:

    I wish they would keep this show as a midseason replacement with a short season. I believe it works this way. The show did come into its own and became a good sci-fi yarn.

  5. JO says:

    I sure hope they somehow keep this show alive. They are just not giving shows enough time to mature. Sad state of TV. Maybe Netflix can pick it up and run with it.

    • prish says:

      Jean Stapleton said All In The Family would not have survived, these days. It had low ratings until later in the first year.

  6. Priscilla says:

    I am going to really miss the show. I I wasn’t a big fan of FOX especially on Monday nights, but watching Minority Report reeled me in. I sincerely hope they decide to resurrect the show. Great Show with Great Potential.

    • Danielle says:

      I’m not a fan of Fox either. Before Minority Report the only show I watched on Fox was Gotham. Now that Minority Report is gone. . . Perhaps decisions like this is why I primarily watch CBS & NBC

  7. Felicia says:

    really hope FOX would pick up this show for a season 2. The cast is awesome and I love it featuring my favorite actress Meagan Good. I loved the show and want it to stick around.

  8. Justin says:

    I hope this show continues in some way. I have really enjoyed it.

  9. Amber says:

    All too often good shows are being cancelled before they’re given a chance to grow. It’s sad to see. Minority Report is a great show and I’ve enjoyed every episode – I am saddened to learn yet another had been sent to the chopping block while other programs that are pure trash remain.

  10. I love this show! Just as they start to develop the characters they cancel it, so wrong! Hope it comes back maybe Netflix or someone willing to invest in this fine cast and screenwriters.

  11. Zachary says:

    Loved the show truley will be hwart broken if it doesn’t return.

  12. herman1959 says:

    The show got so much better around the Episode 5 mark, but FOX cut the order. This was a show that needed a chance to grow, but it didn’t get it; FOX jumped the gun on this one. Oh well, at least we got a proper ending.

    • prish says:

      They jumped the gun on Terra Nova, too. The people who care and choose good shows to buy/develop are, obviously, not in charge. Here’s hoping they get the power.

      • Tera Nova, despite its cost, made Fox money. They cancelled it out of pure spite and laziness.

        Ban Fox from hosting scifi shows

        • Young pik says:

          I live in canada so these shows all show up on different networks up here but now that i know it was fox im not at all surprised. Those guys have a decades long track record of cancelling actually good shows prematurely. Back 10 15 yrs ago before the days of streaming and on demand and pvr i had countless vhs tapes wasted because the days and times would change every week and then i’d hear the show had been cancelled. It made no sense to me i thought of course the ratings suck. any potential fans cant watch it if no one knows when its on. Family guy did a joke about it when they first got reinstated listing off all the shows that would have to be cancelled for them to get another shot (all of which were piloted and cancelled in the time between family guy being cancelled and reinstated). Now i do understand a company like that has to make business descisions and gambling on a crazy or unique idea is not always a smart move. But fox is notorious for shutting down even sure fire hits after not seeing results in the first week or 2, without considering any of the hows or whys i dont understand why they bother to try them in the first place seems like they must waste more money than they’re scared of losing if they give something a chance

          I started watching minority report and another movie based show (limitless) and to be fair the characters on limitless entertained me a little more for whatever reason but minority report had more places to go, it played with a lot of ideas about the future and made some real predictions about what it might look like, factoring in a lot of the little things you dont consider, which is something i feel a lot of sci fi these days is lacking. Its too easy to make something that looks cool and futuristic visually so we get cgi blockbusters that happen to be set in the future instead. I also liked the fact that it was a typical crime proceedural with a very important twist that raised the same moral questions the original movie did, the fact that it was about prevention rather than “justice/revenge/punishment/retribution”

          Anyways this is a shame to hear. Fox shoulda never been trusted with something like this. But then again maybe they were the only reason we got as much as we did

      • Truescaper says:


  13. There is so much that could be said about this show. It struggled but really had its turning point after episode 4 and continued to improve, not just in writing but in acting and world-building. It breaks my heart for shows with such great potential to get shafted. Fox really dropped the ball on marketing and promotion. If it was promoted well like Blindspot was, it could’ve done much better.

  14. I totally enjoyed the Minority Report and frankly I’m ticked off its being cancelled. I would hope they would reconsider cancelling it and have a season 2

  15. Adam J Wise says:

    I saw FOX canceling this a mile awhile. Shame, If it had made it to season 2 I probably would have started watching it.

  16. TvPeong says:

    This show got better…. Is there a chance it will get a second season?

  17. danoregon says:

    For a short run show, it did a remarkable job of extending the story, adding layers and putting it in a place for a possible reboot/sequel down the road.

  18. Chris H. says:

    I’m going to Miss Minority Report. I’m praying for a second season! Its hard to find great TV shows that you can get invested in every week. I looked forward to every episode. It seems to be the common thing happening with TV lsyely a lot of new shows with great potential an never make it too a second season. Minority Report Delivered promise, storylines were interesting left us wanting more on every episode had the show developed. Yet it will be sad if this TV show is a past memory when it had so much more to give. Who makes these decesions? Does the viewers opinion count because at end of the day we the public pay for our cable an satellite services. Is every TV show based on a base number it has to score in order for it to earn a second season. How bout reaching out to the viewers an asking suggestions an opinions or surveying thepublic too see what we want for once. Fox is great Company but it has gotten this one terribly wrong. I guess now I have to reinvest my interest an time somewhere else. Minority report became my favorite TV shoe this year. My family an friends gossiped bout how great the storytelling was, how they took a chance looking into the future. There was a wow factor to the show. If I can bring support an a voice to this TV show to campaign for another season I’ll do just that. Let’s stop the nonsense horrible decisions to pull plug on this great TV show. Give the public wat were asking for. On social media I’m going to reach out to the actors an actresses of minority report an Thank Them for their great talent they have acting an given us’ great TV week in an week out. I’m a small voice in this world I wish my opinion mattered to the Fox network that has shot the future of this TV show down. Wat happen to being creative an making changes an given a 2nd chance so you know your making right decision. I’m passionate bout this TV show. Thank you to the supporting cast of minority report. Fox Reconsider your position on this TV show. Show the public you sincerely do care bout the TV shows you air that people fall in love with. I bet you it was a focus group or a group of executives to fox that made this decesion because they have no vision on wat we the public actual consider great TV. I took time to post my thoughts because I truly loved the TV show Minority Report.

  19. Emiteal says:

    This was the best new show of the season that nobody watched. It had so many good episodes for a freshman show. I rank it second-best out of the crop of new fall shows we had, after Limitless. The Player was Abysmal, Bastard Executioner was hit or miss, and Supergirl is predictable and pedestrian. Minority Report had great characterization and despite a few cringe-y moments, delivered overall. It was a great show and will be sorely missed. I’ll be buying the DVDs.

    • emiteal says:

      I forgot Scream Queens: good, fun show, but doesn’t really have characters you care about. I enjoy it, but it’s hardly the sort of TV show I spend the entire week looking forward to. I looked forward to Minority Report every week, so much so I always ended up watching it first when I had a choice of things to watch in my DVR. No matter how many shows were available to choose from, I always picked MR first.

  20. What in the world is wrong with fox? They finally had a mature tech savvy intelligent interesting show–it has everything! Good as a movie! Why did they cancel it?? Inam so sick of fox

  21. Very Disappointed Viewer says:

    Shows nowadays never get a chance to even get started!! Deciding their fate after 6-8 episodes is ridiculous! They have to have time to develop story lines, get is interested in each character and build up plots.
    This is the biggest reason that I’ve decided not to even bother with new shows! Sad really!
    TV sure isn’t what it used to be!

  22. Danielle says:

    I’m sad to hear of its potential cancellation. I love the episodes that aired & am quite confident in the potential of what it could have become given the chance. The story line in each episode was engaging & ended with a mysterious enough cliffhanger to get you excited and anxious for the episode to follow. This is the primary reason why I hate to “fall in love” with and get excited by new shows because many of my favorites are cancelled. I recently learned that recording shows on my DVR isn’t enough. I thought as long as I recorded a show I could watch it whenever I wanted (which is usually the next morning) & it still be counted towards ratings. I was disappointed when I learned recorded shows must be watched by 3:00AM (after it airs) in order to receive + ratings. So now I will most likely – reluctantly – have to say good bye to yet another show I really like.

  23. Danielle says:

    I’m really going to miss this show (“Minority Report”) if it is indeed cancelled. I really hope “the powers that be” change their mind and give this series another chance before calling it quits.

  24. CarmenO says:

    I really liked this show, too bad it was cancelled. At least we got some sort of ending. Of course I knew it’s chances were not very good because science fiction doesn’t do well. Almost Human was another show that I liked. Of course you have idiotic shows (especially cartoons for adults) that last forever and just show the mentality of the “normal” viewers. The US has been dumbed down and people don’t get it. They won’t until it’s too late.

  25. firehawk says:

    I don’t understand the networks anymore…. a tv season used to be 22 episodes. They keep making seasons shorter and shorter. They should go back to full seasons and stop giving all the shows that the majority of the people don’t watch. This show was one of the best of the new shows this fall. Fox would do better by taking into consideration the opinion of the people who are watching their channel, as we are the ones that are allowing them to make all the advertising dollars.

  26. Rahsaan says:

    Loved the show, kept me interested, hope it comes back

  27. v2blast says:

    It’s a shame Andromeda was killed off without her character ever getting much development. Reed Diamond is always great at playing villains (or at least morally questionable characters) – my first major exposure to him was his role as Laurence Dominic in Dollhouse.

    I loved the callback in Wally’s final words this episode to Agatha’s line in the original movie: “Run… RUN!” Honestly, Wally was probably definitely my favorite character on the show. Hopefully Daniel London gets some more big roles soon – his only other significant role since the film seems to have been a recurring role as J. Robert Oppenheimer in the show Manhattan.

    The show started out pretty disappointingly, but I thought it actually got quite a bit better over the course of the season. This episode was a pretty good finale – it does a good job of wrapping up the major arc of the season while leaving open the possibility of renewal (however unlikely that may be). I guess we’ll have to wait and see if it ekes out another season.

  28. I really liked this show, and I am sick of the networks cancelling good shows, while letting inane drivel remain season after season, it makes no sense at all

  29. leah says:

    Even though I know it is going to be canceled
    I still have a little hope that it might get a second season if not on fox then on hulu or netflix
    the storyline was the highlight of the show
    the plot kept me on the edge of my seat and waiting for the next installment
    the acting was not the best ever and some of the dialogue was awkward and cheesy
    but those can be improved the premise and plot have so much more potential

  30. Alex grace says:

    I would be very pleased to see a second season though I would agree a little thought and preparation should partake into the script but overall season finale was excellent . The writers needed that ” Wow” factor throughout the entire season.. Let’s try to do it again..
    I also think their is a lot of comparison to the Original Sci Fi Hit Movie and those series has some ” big boots to fill” So if someone does it again. Keep that it kind

  31. Keyair Samuel says:

    C’mon bruh this sucks the show was actually good and it’s not as bad as half the shows on tv.

  32. Bec says:

    I’m not sure who is making these decisions to cancel great shows (minority report/almost human/selfie) and keep pure tripe (the librarians/the royal family) but they need to seriously rethink their ideas on what makes a good show. It’s a travesty….

  33. Bianca says:

    This is so unfair. You get us interested in something just to take it away and leave it on a cliffhangEr ( as always), and what’s with the just ten episodes for seasons these days? What happened to the usual 22 to 23 episodes. You could’ve at least given us that. This was one of the good shows compared to the completely idiotic ones. Most people will only watch fox for bones and Hawaii five o now. People might stop watching fox completely from now on cause this is getting old.

  34. Rod says:

    They’ve renewed shows before that were complete crap. Why not let the viewers decide. It worked for American Idol.

  35. I don’t really get into Fox shows outside or Gothem but this show really had me interested and engaged. I’m sure that Fox will come to there senses. Or I will just continue my fox Boycott.

  36. MM says:

    feels like the cancellation is a disappointment on both ends; first for the show itself because a show has get a proper chance to grow, at least have 10 episodes aired, and secondly for the viewers. As a viewer it’s not easy giving a new show a chance or liking the show almost the first episode, i mean, a lot of new shows have great 1-3 eps but then fail. A viewer isn’t even given the time to start liking and they are cancelling here and there, this and that.
    It’s a shame that this is all about commercial and business interests more so than ever today. I’m starting to lose count these past 2 years how many great shows are axed for new shows to come along and be also axed.

  37. William says:

    I personally would love to see a 2nd season. BTW, is it true that Andromeda’s 2 dying words in this episode are the only lines she’s uttered? Kudos to Jennifer Cheon, who with just her expressions was able to speak pages of dialog!

    • Danielle says:

      Yes that is true. In the entire series that is the only time she spoke. Because of it, to me, that gave that moment a huge boost of mixed emotions.

  38. Bob76483164526383 says:

    This show was by far my favorite and I will be super disappointed if it cancelled. I never liked watching fox until I started watching this show. I hope they realize what a giant mistake they made. You certainly ruined my day. Thanks.

  39. Bob675 says:

    Why would you cancel the show? That show was amazing and I’m hoping you will somehow miraculously decide to right a wrong and put it back for next season. I don’t normally watch fox until this show, so you guys at fox, are now loosing a supporter. I don’t know how you sleep at night… Bring back the show please…

  40. Curtis says:

    Cancelling minority report is horrible. I was really enjoying the show. I would like to see a season 2

  41. Irv says:

    Minority Report season 2 please

  42. Patrick says:

    All of you people hoping and begging for “Minority Report’s return are delusional. Just take a look at the terrible ratings on you’ll know that there is absolutely no way this show is coming back. It is one of the most abysmally low rated shows in recent FOX history. There is NO way it gets anything but a cancellation, particularly since it’s first season order was cut by three episodes. I enjoyed the show, but it’s dead !!

  43. prish says:

    Brilliant. Total brilliance! This last episode was expert in all aspects. Even Agatha became as Agatha in the original film, tying things together. It was fun to watch, and it stands as a bookend to the movie. Fox should put these people, the ones who pulled this together, in charge of their station.

  44. Fox shouldn’t be allowed to carry science fiction. It’s no wonder every good scifi show they’ve ever tried to run has been cancelled; Fox IS a channel for the science and logic averse.

    • prish says:

      Then we never would have gotten Dark Angel, Firefly, Fringe, Sliders, Terra Nova, Almost Human, or Minority Report (for me) (plus X Files for the rest of the world). Bless them for limping along and giving us something. Let’s just hope for smarter suits.

  45. Samantha bob2 says:

    The show was amazing and I think it wasn’t a good idea for you to cancel it. Dishonor on you and your family and your cow. I looked forward to watching this show everytime it came out and now you’ve ruined my year. This show had plot twists, good actors and knew how to keep people ingaged. Reconsitier.

  46. Sad person! says:

    you guys have ruined people’s lives. I loved this show and now there’s nothing to watch. What made you decide to go through with canceling the show. Now how do we know what happened to them in the end?! Shame on you guys!

  47. Sad person says:

    Why would you cancel the show? I enjoyed watching that. You people are mean … :(

  48. Squishy lover says:

    Roses are red
    Violets are blue
    I loved this show
    Why didn’t you?
    Keep it on fox
    Or you shall live in a box

  49. Taco slayer 2000 says:

    Shame on you all for canning the show. I enjoyed watching them every Monday night. I only watched fox because of it. It was great and you should reconsitor

  50. Andrian says:

    I loved this show from the first episode! I was a little skeptic at first because I wasn’t a big fan of the movie. But then I got an awesome surpris… the tv series is Fantastic! I hate how I find a great show to watch and sadly they all get canceled 😞 fingers crossed….Netflix please try to get this series and bring it back to life!
    Thank you cast for an awesome experience!